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Saturday, 16 June


Ambassador of Madagascar to the United States: Who Is Eric Andriamihaja Robson? "IndyWatch Feed"

The new ambassador to the United States from the island nation of Madagascar is no stranger to the U.S. Eric Andriamihaja Robson was appointed on February 27, 2018, arrived in Washington, DC, by the middle of the month, and presented his credentials to President Donald Trump on March 28, 2018, in an Oval Office ceremony. According to a report issued by Andriamihaja Robson, in 2016, Chinese companies opened 154 businesses in Madagascar and U.S. companies just 12.


A native of Madagascars largest city and capital, Antananarivo, Robson is a graduate of the College of St. Michael Amparibe, an elite secondary school located in the Amparibe quarter of Antananarivo.


Robson journeyed to the U.S. for his postsecondary education. He earned a B.S. in Business Administration and Management in 1999, and an MBA with an emphasis on International Marketing in 2000, both at the University of South Carolina.


Robson joined the Economic Development Board of Madagascar (EDBM) in March 2007 as the representative of President Marc Ravalomanana. He later became the organizations director of facilitation and business. He was promoted to deputy director general in 2009, and was named director general and CEO in May 2015. EDBM promotes investment in Madagascar.


Robson has been affiliated with the African Infrastructure Development Partnership, a Swiss-based organization offering alternative approaches to African development, since 2015.


Robson teaches Business Administration at the Ecole Suprieure Sacr Coeur Antanimena (ESCA), a private college in Antananarivo, the University of Antananarivo, and at other schools in the area. He speaks fluent English, French, and Malagasy.

-Matt Bewig


To Learn More:

LinkedIn Profile

AFIDEP Profile (African Infrastructure Development Partnership)

De la promotion des investissements la diplomatie: Eric Robson Andriamihajamananirina nous reprsente aux Etats-Unis! (Madagascar Foreign Ministry)


Tropical Cyclone "Gaemi" hits Taiwan, heading toward Japan "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Tropical Cyclone "Gaemi" made landfall in Kaohsiung, a massive port city in southern Taiwan, between 07:00 and 08:00 local time (midnight UTC) on June 15, 2018, disrupting traffic and closing schools and offices. While Weather Forecasters in Taiwan and...... Read more

Stationary Tropical Depression Four-E to become tropical storm before reaching Mexico "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A new tropical depression formed June 14, 2018, on the same day Tropical Storm "Bud," the second named storm of the 2018 East Pacific hurricane season, was making landfall along the southern tip of Baja California Sur. This new storm is currently a...... Read more

The 5G network threatens to overcrowd the airwaves, putting weather radar at risk "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The new 5G network promises to revolutionize mobile telecommunications. But it could also push telecommunications companies onto the frequencies used by the Bureau of Meteorologys weather radars, indirectly putting the accuracy of weather information at risk....... Read more

Species recognition shifts into auto with neural networks "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

People love camera traps. Placed in the middle of a forest or savanna, their motion sensors trigger a photo when an animal or person passes by. They allow us to verify the presence of cool, cryptic animals at a given place and time, and grids of camera traps help us better understand site-level distributions and potential interactions among species. As image datasets grow to include millions of photos, project teams spend increasingly greater amounts of time manually extracting the desired information such as the presence and number of poachers or of rare and nocturnal wildlife from the images. In a study published last week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), a multinational team of scientists assessed the capacity of an advanced type of machine learning, called deep neural networks, to automatically recognize the number, species, and behavior of animals in the savanna ecosystem of Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. The studys artificial intelligence system says that in this camera trap photo there is a zebra, moving. He is really moving! Image by Snapshot Serengeti project/Norouzzadeh et al. 2018. PNAS . From image collection to analysis Analysis, rather than collection, of camera trap data has become a bottleneck to obtaining the desired wildlife information. Manually obtaining information from hundreds of thousands of camera trap photos has become an expensive, time-consuming process. Moving vegetation can trigger a motion-sensor camera to take a photo, resulting in many camera trap images with no animals. When animals that are

Trump verhngt 50 Milliarden Dollar Strafzlle gegen ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Trump verhngt 50 Milliarden Dollar Strafzlle gegen China.

Wie eine Motte zum Licht macht Trump immer genau die Sache, die ihm am meisten Aufmerksamkeit bringt.

In other news: Environmental stories from around the web, June 15, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Here are a few stories published this week by other news outlets. Tropical forests NASA now has three-dimensional views of the Amazon, and theyre helping scientists puzzle out the effects of El Nio (NASA/Phys.Org). Forest researchers are working to restore ecosystems in Mexico (CIFOR Forests News). Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo is now 80 years old (African Parks). Scientists have found a fungus, previously seen only in South America, in threatened amphibians in India (University of Plymouth/Phys.Org). Conservationists in Costa Rica are concerned that more isnt being done to keep wildlife safe from being electrocuted by power lines (Undark). Overfishing in South America could be damaging the continents forests (National Geographic News). Other news Scientists and conservationists are working with fishers in Greece to create new marine protected areas (News Deeply). Greener neighborhoods have healthier kids, new research has found (USDA/EurekAlert). The rules governing fishing arent keeping up with the shift of stocks in response to climate change (Rutgers University/EurekAlert). The Pope spoke with oil executives and enjoined them to move toward cleaner forms of energy (BBC News, Reuters). North Atlantic right whales need stronger protections if theyre going to survive the next 30 years (University of California, Santa Barbara/EurekAlert). Animals are ducking the light of day and becoming nocturnal to avoid humans (The Atlantic). If coral reefs disappear, flooding will get a lot worse, a new study finds (AFP/The Hindu). Climate change is threatening key archaeological sites (Pacific Standard). The most recent storm season in

Primate-rich countries are becoming less hospitable places for monkeys, apes and lemurs "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Our primate cousins have managed to colonize a broad swath of the planet, taking up residence in 90 countries. Still, the majority of monkey, ape, lemur, tarsier and lorisid species live in Brazil, Indonesia, Madagascar and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and a new study finds that 62 percent of those species face the specter of extinction due to hunting and the splintering and outright loss of their habitats. It came as little surprise to University of Illinois primatologist Paul Garber that these four countries, forested bulwarks of biodiversity that they are, have been fertile grounds for the rise of unique species. The sheer proportion of the worlds primates they contain, however, was telling, Garber said. The realization that these four countries harbor 65 percent of the worlds primate species made writing our current paper a priority, he said in an email to Mongabay. He and his colleagues report their findings today in the journal PeerJ. The four countries in the study are home to 65 percent of the worlds primate species, including this red leaf monkey (Presbytis rubicunda), found in Indonesian and Malaysian Borneo. Image by Rhett A. Butler/Mongabay. In 2017, Garber and 30 other primate researchers from around the world concluded that 60 percent of all primate species could be wiped out soon by human activity. It was during the research and writing of that manuscript that I first realized how critically important Brazil, Indonesia, Madagascar and DRC were to avoiding a mass primate extinction crisis, he


Former Central Banker: Oil Pipeline Protesters Will Be Killed. So Be It. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Oil Pipeline Protesters(CD)  As Canadas controversial Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project faces ongoing opposition, the former governor of the Bank of Canada said that protesters may die but that the government should push the project through anyway. Speaking at an event Wednesday, David Dodge said, Were going to have some very unpleasant circumstances, the Edmonton Journal reported. There are some people that []


Podcast: One Year After The Baseball Shooting, Steve Scalise, And Race For Speaker "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Elania Plott, staff writer at The Atlantic, reports on Majority Whip Steve Scalise after attending his first baseball practice since the shooting exactly one year ago.

On this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour, Mary Katharine Ham and Plott discuss Scalises miraculous recovery and the tension surrounding the race for the next Speaker of the House.

People started seeing the Steve Scalise thats always been there, Plott said. The thing about House Republicans is for the most part they dont have high profilessuddenly hes this national icon of resilience in such a fractured American political moment.

Listen here:


Candidato del PRI habra desviado 18.5 mdp para comprar de terrenos "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Claudio Cetina, candidato del PRI, a la Alcalda de Campeche, est acusado de desviar 18.5 millones de pesos para comprar siete predios en Mrida.   Regeneracin, 15 de junio de 2018. Otro priista est involucrado en el desvo de recursos pblicos para comprar propiedades, se trata del candidato del PRI a la Alcalda de Campeche, []

La entrada Candidato del PRI habra desviado 18.5 mdp para comprar de terrenos se public primero en Regeneracin.


Annual Wool and Mohair Buy on Navajo Nation -- Fairer Prices for Dine' "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sorting through wool to pull out any debris before its washed. Photo by Angelo Baca Annual Wool and Mohair Buy on Navajo Nation -- Fairer Prices for Dine' By Samuel Tunick Black Mesa Water Coalition Censored News This summer, Black Mesa Water Coalition, in partnership with Din College and the Land Grant Office, is hosting the 7th Annual Wool & Mohair Buy. This event brings


Video Exposes Border Patrol Running Over Tohono O'odham in Topawa Today "IndyWatch Feed War"

. Video exposes U.S. Border Patrol agent intentionally run over young Tohono O'odham man in Topawa community on the Tohono O'odham Nation on Thursday, June 14, 2018. The Border Patrol agent fled the scene in this hit and run, and the O'odham victim is in the hospital. Watch video on Facebook:


Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement Endorses the Prison Strike "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement Endorses the Prison Strike appeared first on It's Going Down.

The Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM) endorses the historic #August21 prison strike.

People incarcerated in the United States, suffering some of the worst abuses in the world, are calling for a nationwide prison strike on August 21st. We at the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement stand with these brave individuals and support their demands for better conditions and revolutionary action, as they risk their lives and health, not only for themselves but for the millions incarcerated nationwide.

The impetus for this call arose from the shameful loss of life recently at Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina. The problem, prison organizers argue, stems from greed and a lack of respect for human life that is embedded in our nations penal ideology. From racist policing practices, harassment of families, and routine methods of torture, we have a system that is one of the most barbaric in the world. While reforms are desirable, we all are aware that total abolition of this system is what is necessary.

Since the civil war, the US government has been committed to ensuring the system of slavery continued. Black people were to remain policed, surveilled, controlled, and held captive. The struggle for black liberation reached unparalleled heights with the Black Panthers, and the states response was to make the largest prison population in the world, criminalize the black populace, and destroy the fragile social programs that existed. Slavery in the US was never primarily about free labor, but about controlling, owning and ultimately denying black humanity. The plantations of the past, like Angola plantation in Louisiana, transformed into Louisiana State Penitentiary. The same modes of control on the plantation exist in the prison. The prison system then, like the slave system of the past, is not a social phenomenon to debate, but to totally destroy.

The risks people inside are taking to regain their humanity and dignity stand as a model for all abolitionists and revolutionaries. Our actions outside must amplify their voices and match their commitment.

We call on all abolitionists and revolutionaries in this country, and those abroad, to stand with the prison strikers resistance. This is the struggle of our day. From inside the walls to the streets we will abolish slavery, the prisons, and all the institutions that make such a barbaric world possible.


Facebook Defies Congress and Hires Even More Censorship Agents "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Congress was previously reviewing Zuckerbergs Marxist-Communist style of censorship on Facebook. After prolonged scrutiny, Zuckerberg left the Congressional hearings and made an unbelieveable and outrageous statement. Despite being raked over the coals for Facebook censorship, Zuckerberg has announced a new army of Facebook censorship agents havebeenhired. Here is the story.





The Babchenko False Flag Exposed The Deep State-Journalist Nexus "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Self-exiled Russian journalist Arkady Babchenkos false flag assassination in Kiev is one of the most scandalous media stunts in recent memory. Most people are already aware of his dramatic stunt in appearing at a live press conference about his reported killing and then admitting that the whole thing was staged in order to capture what he claimed []

The post The Babchenko False Flag Exposed The Deep State-Journalist Nexus appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


Jaynes Day Out, Part 2. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Click for full size.

C. Ford, all rights reserved.


Grassroots O'odham Deliver Third Load of Emergency Food to O'odham on Border "IndyWatch Feed War"

Grassroots O'odham Deliver Third Load of Emergency Food to O'odham on Border Photos and article by Ofelia Rivas Censored News O'odham Land -- Thank you for your generous donations, collected supplies and food for O'odham in need. In 108 degree heat, we loaded up food for delivery. Donations are needed for repair of a community truck used for hauling water and firewood.  Donate to


Re: CVE-2018-12356 Breaking signature verification in pass (Simple Password Store) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Jakub Wilk on Jun 15

* Marcus Brinkmann , 2018-06-15, 16:43:

Thanks for doing this. I didn't mean to imply that you were not diligent

I was hoping somebody else would take care of this.

Please do! :-)


Cold Case Christianity For Kids reprise "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

My ten-year-old daughter and I, both atheists, are teaming up to review J. Warner Wallaces childrens apologetics book Cold Case Christianity For Kids. Links to all posts in the series are collected at the end of this introductory post.

This was originally meant to be the second post about Chapter Five. Then, as part of the segue into the main bit, I went back to talk about the end of Chapter Four and started writing some explanatory bits about why there was a problem with Jeffries last statement there. Several paragraphs later, I looked at this and thought Actually, I seem to have just written a post. So here is that post. Following this, I will get back to Chapter Five.

Chapter Four ended with Jason asking this excellent question:

and Jeffries assuring him that he would help him answer that question in the next session.

Which is interesting, because one thing we do know for sure is that the story of Jesus was changed over time.

For one thing, Bible scholars have ascertained that the four gospels were written at different points in the first century, running from Mark as the earliest to John as the latest which gives us a chance to compare how the stories change over time. Of course, its important to remember that we can expect some differences between them regardless; when four different people with four different perspectives each write their account of a particular set of events, youre going to end up with four different accounts, due to peoples different memories and different opinions on whats important enough to put in. It is, however, noticeable how much more remarkable the miracles seem to get in the later gospels compared to the gospel of Mark. For example, the gospel of Matthew tells us about dead people coming out of their graves and speaking to other people at the time of Jesuss death; the gospel of John tells us that Jesus restored a man whod been dead for four days to life. Even allowing for differing perspectives, its very odd that the other gospel writers wouldnt have wanted to include stories as amazing as those unless, of course, those stories were added as part of a natural process of embroidery and exaggeration as the account...


The Last Zero-Sum Game: Planet or People? "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

CJ EAC OCT TML FIRE-EARTH Presentation: The Last Zero-Sum Game: Planet or People? Humans final zero-sum game has a major twist. [Prepared by FIRE-EARTH Science Teams.] Presented via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS. . . . . . Advertisements


Do People Care When We Died?: Foreign Policy Under Trump "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Do People Care When We Died?: Foreign Policy Under Trump appeared first on It's Going Down.

In this episode of the Its Going Down podcast,we again speak with long term journalist Abby Martin, host of The Empire Files. In this discussion we again cover lots of ground, but largely discuss US foreign policy under Trump. As Martin points out, while Trump ran as an isolationist and stated that he wanted to keep the US out of interventionist wars, in fact, air strikes has actually doubled and US intervention and manipulation in various countries only continues.

As Axios wrote:

Since President Trump took office, the U.S. has carried out more airstrikes in more places, expanded its use of drones and been increasingly willing to risk civilian casualties.

Towards this end, Martin discusses her recent work in Columbia, Venezuela, and Palestine, and talks about the struggle to not only bring this news to the US, but also staying safe while covering it. Throughout our conversation, she tells stories of running from right-wing hit squads on the streets of Venezuela, to hearing the frustrations of Palestinian journalists who ask if people in the US simply do not care when Israeli soldiers shoot them dead.

We also discuss some of Martins recent work that touches on domestic issues, including the various corporations that are making a killing off of the opioid crisis, and the Christian fundamentalist backed attacks on transgendered people.

More Info: Abby Martin on Twitter and Empire Fires


Media watch Saturday "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

16 June 2018 Media Watch is a focus on New Zealand media, blogs and social media. You can post any items of interested related to media. A primary aim here is to hold media to account in the political arena. A credible and questioning media is an essential part of a healthy democracy. A general []


Breaking: Paul Manafort Sent to Jail to Wait for Trial "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Paul Manafort Jail(ZHE Op-ed)  It seems Special Counsel Robert Mueller finally has Paul Manafort right where he wants him behind bars. The judge overseeing the case against the former Trump campaign executive has ruled that the witness tampering charges levied against Manafort a week ago are serious enough to justify canceling his house arrest terms. Manafort will []


ISIS Video Simulates Terror Attack By Drone Upon Russias Sochi Stadium Depicting Mobs in Flames "IndyWatch Feed War"

Pro-ISIS Video Threatens Attacks on World Cup, Shows Russias Sochi Stadium in Flames

On June 13, the pro-ISIS media outlet Al-Adiyat released a short video threatening attacks on the 2018 World Cup soccer tournament in Russia. The video consists mainly of a compilation of combat footage from ISIS videos documenting battles in Mosul, Iraq, with a segment from a 2016 video released by the organizations Caucasus branch in which operatives issue threats to Russia. The final scene is an animated clip of a drone with an ISIS logo surveilling the Olympic village in Sochi and the stadium where the World Cup games are to be held, followed by animated explosions.

Man 1: Nobody knows that we are mujahideen and that we are operating here in the city not our families, not our friends, not our work colleagues, and not even our brothers. It is only these few people, and they have been working together for many years. You have been arresting us and you have been afraid of us just because of our beards, even though we have not done anything. You were afraid of what we would do today, and you wanted to postpone it, but today, Allah willing, we will not postpone fighting you anymore. Nobody knows that we are setting out today. We have been lying in wait for you, just like predators do with their prey. I say to the tyrannical rulers: If this group does not get you,...


General chat "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Is there any way we could have a thread for the more lightweight stuff like music and general chat? Do it here. Please no personal attacks or bickering. Anything abusive, provocative or inflammatory may be deleted.


Trump Administrations Policy of Separating Children is Reminiscent of Indian Boarding Schools "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Remembering the 227 American Indian students who died while attending Mt. Pleasant Indian Industrial boarding school last week in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Native News Online photo by Levi Rickert


Published June 15, 2018

There is a lot of news these days about the Trump administration separating children from their parents at the U.S. border to Mexico. On Thursday, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions even invoked the Bible to bolster the federal governments justification of its zero-tolerance immigration policy that uses the tactic to separate children from their parents by placing them in holding units.

In a speech yesterday, the attorney general cited the Bible:  I would cite you to the Apostle Paul and his clear and wise command in Romans 13, to obey the laws of the government because God has ordained the government for his purposes.

Historically, Romans 13 has been used to justify man-made laws of Jim Crow in the South, apartheid in South Africa and even by Adolf Hitler after he had laws enacted so that he could commit his evil deeds in Nazi Germany.

Children are taken into custody of border patrol agents. PBS photo

Last evening, former Senator Barbara Boxer said on MSNBC that the zero-tolerance tactics that separate children from their parents are sinful and wondered about the lifelong...


Open Forum Saturday "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

16 June 2018 This post is open to anyone to comment on any topic that isnt spam, illegal or offensive. All Your NZ posts are open but this one is for you to raise topics that interest you.  If providing opinions on or summaries of other information also provide a link to that information. Bloggers []


Mir 0.32 Is Inching Close To Release With Many Improvements "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Canonical's developers working on the Mir display server are putting the finishing touches on the Mir 0.32 release...


After Two-Week Review, St. Lukes in Houston Reopens Its Heart Transplant Program "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Baylor St. Lukes Medical Center said Friday it has reopened its storied heart transplant program, two weeks after suspending it to conduct an internal review of two recent deaths.

In a written statement, the hospital said its review of the deaths did not identify systemic issues related to the quality of the program but that it had nonetheless reorganized its transplant surgery team, refined the criteria for which patients it would accept for heart transplants, and made other improvements to strengthen the program. It did not provide details.

After reviewing two recent cases and taking steps to strengthen the heart transplant team, we are confident that the program is ready to move forward and serve the critically ill patients and their families who have placed their trust in us, Doug Lawson, CEO of Catholic Health Initiatives Texas Division, which owns St. Lukes, said in the statement. Our unwavering focus is always to ensure our patients receive the best possible medical care, and in ways that reflect our core values of reverence, integrity, compassion, and excellence.

The decision to temporarily halt the program came after an investigation by ProPublica and the Houston Chronicle found that it had performed an outsized number of transplants resulting in deaths and had lost several top physicians in recent years.

Fridays decision means that the program will once again be in a position to accept hearts donated for the 88 patients on its waiting list. As of Thursday, a half dozen were listed as Status 1A, meaning they were in urgent need of a new organ and could receive an offer any day. Twenty-five of the patients on the list are currently inactive, meaning that they are not eligible to receive donor hearts, due to illness or other factors.

Although the program is reopening, St. Lukes is continuing its efforts to fill several key positions related to the heart transplant program, including a surgeon to replace one who left last month and a vice president to oversee all of the hospitals transplant operations. The hospital has posted openings for several nursing p...


Entreg Sindicato de la CDMX 2 mil 500 a 250 agremiados para que consigan votos para el PRD "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

El lder de la seccin 21 del Sindicato nico de Trabajadores del Gobierno de la CDMX entreg dinero en efectivo a sus agremiados.   Regeneracin, 15 de junio de 2018.- El PRD est manipulando al Sindicato nico de Trabajadores de la Ciudad de Mxico para que los agremiados consigan votos en favor del PRD. En []

La entrada Entreg Sindicato de la CDMX 2 mil 500 a 250 agremiados para que consigan votos para el PRD se public primero en Regeneracin.


AMLpolis, el plan de Morena para las ciudades "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Romn Meyer, eventual titular de la Secretara de Desarrollo Agrario, Territorial y Urbano (Sedatu) en el gobierno de Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador, anunci AMLOPOLIS, el plan de desarrollo territorial del pas de los prximos seis aos. 15 de junio del 2018.-Romn Meyer, encargado del plan de gobierno de Sedatu en la posible administracin de Andrs []

La entrada AMLpolis, el plan de Morena para las ciudades se public primero en Regeneracin.


US Navy to Bring Back the Warrant Officer-1 Rank for "Cyber Sailors" "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In a short article, the US Naval Institute reports that the Navy will bring back the Warrant Officer-1 rank for certain specialists:

After a 44-year absence, the rank of warrant officer-1 will return to the Navy in 2019 for cyber specialists, a move signifying the great lengths the service must take to retain talent and fill leadership roles in an increasingly tight labor market.

The return of warrant officer-1 (W-1) discontinued by the Navy in 1975 is both a Navy bid to keep highly sought-after computer technicians and is indicative of the greater challenge facing the service as it seeks to meet growing recruiting and retention targets.

[...] Only a small number of enlisted personnel will qualify for W-1, the pay still will not match what the private sector offers, and the Navy will still face tough recruiting and retention challenges. However, those sailors who do qualify for W-1 will be the ones the Navy hopes will consider remaining in the service longer because [the] rank offers something the private sector can't as easily match a quicker path to management positions.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Terrifying new strain of bird flu that kills over a THIRD of those who contract it "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A new strain of deadly bird flu which kills 38 per cent of those infected and could spark a global pandemic has been identified in China.

Scientists around the world believe the new pathogen, dubbed Disease X, could be as lethal as 1918 Spanish flu which killed up to 100million people.

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, deputy chief medical officer for England, told The Telegraph that virus H7N9, which is circulating poultry in China, could cause a global outbreak.

He said: [H7N9] is an example of another virus which has proven its ability to transmit from birds to humans.

Its possible that it could be the cause of the next pandemic.

In China, the deadly pathogen has killed 623 of the 1,625 people which have been infected.

The post Terrifying new strain of bird flu that kills over a THIRD of those who contract it appeared first on Intellihub.


Books You Should Read: Sunburst and Luminary, an Apollo Memoir "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The most computationally intense part of an Apollo mission was the moon landing itself, requiring both real-time control and navigation of the Lunar Module (LM) through a sequence of programs known as the P60s. Data from radar, inertial navigation, and optical data sighted-off by the LM commander himself were fed into the computer in what wed call today data fusion.

The guy who wrote that code is Don Eyles and the next best thing to actually hanging out with Don is to read his book. Dons book reads as if you are at a bar sitting across the table listening to his incredible life story. Its personal, hilarious, stressful, fascinating, and more importantly for those of us who are fans of Hackaday, its relatable.

Don epitomizes 1960s counter-culture. He has been featured in Rolling Stone magazine, credited with saving Apollo 14 by a creative software hack to bypass the faulty abort switch on the LM, in the article entitled Don Eyles: Extra! Weird-Looking Freak Saves Apollo 14!.  Don is also a well known photographer in Boston area. If you want to meet him show up to one of his exhibits.

I met up with Don recently at a talk he presented at the MIT Museum on his book: Sunburst and Luminary; An Apollo Memoir.



Debian Is Looking For Help Coming Up With The Artwork For 10.0 Buster "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If you are more the artistic type than a software developer, Debian is looking for your help. They are soliciting proposals for the artwork/theme for next year's Debian 10 "Buster" release...


Can Detroit's Suburbs Survive the City's Rebirth? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Friend of Strong Towns Pete Saunders grew up in Detroit and blogs at The Corner Side Yard. The following story is republished from his site with permission.

I've written quite a bit about Detroit's recent history, particularly the Motor City of the last ten years: Kwame Kilpatrick and the aftermath of his corrupt administration, the subsequent bankruptcy and emergence from it, the binding of local government, business and nonprofit forces in creating a new template for leadership, and the very real rebound that Detroit is currently experiencing.  Detroit is indeed booming, but it's not growth generated by external forces.  The city is in the process of regaining favor by losing its stigma

 Downtown Detroit is coming back to life. What does that mean for the rest of the region? (Source: Johnny Sanphillippo)

Downtown Detroit is coming back to life. What does that mean for the rest of the region? (Source: Johnny Sanphillippo)

Detroit's not gaining in population; in fact, it's still losing people, albeit at some of the lowest year-to-year levels seen over the last 60 years or so.  The Detroit metro area isn't gaining people either.  In 1970 Metro Detroit had 4.5 million people.  In 2016 it had 4.3 million.  But the metro area is nearing the completion of a major economic transition as it moves from a manufacturing-dominant economy to a more mixed modern economy, and the transition is bearing fruit in gains in metro gross domestic product.  Neighborhoods near downtown are showing improvements hardly imagined in my lifetime, as the Detroit Reclamation Project continues to gather momentum. 

And that's exactly it: in a city and region that aren't gaining new residents, there's a transfer taking place.  Suburban offices that left the city are returning downtown, and former suburban youth are pining for the Midtown/Corktown/Riverfront urban lifestyle.  ...

There is Hope for Every Child Ever Born "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Wardley Barry at work
Ward Barry - master poet


There is hope for every child ever born
under city lights or kerosene lamps.
God is fair, our paths with dreams he adorns.

The homeless, recruited young to be tramps,
children scavenging among rubbish bins,
sheltering under drains or shanty camps;

the child spotting its mums eyes and dads chins,
cradled in white gossamer blankets,
garbed and magnified in lustrous satins.

Each child, at birth, was welcomed with trumpets
sounded by angels of the sacred choir,
whether they were born of saints or strumpets,

love bestowed upon us savage desire
and a long train of unspeakable dreams;
that give us wings to navigate the fire.

Our Father records every labour screams,
there is hope for every child ever born.
So smile when everything is gone, it seems.
God is fair, our paths with dreams he adorned.


FIRE-EARTH Alerts: KMTR, HNGW 061502 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

CJ IGE OCT TML FIRE-EARTH Alerts: KMTR, HNGW 061502 ALERTS issued by FIRE-EARTH Science. Details available via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS. Alerts 061502 . . . . .


Manafort To Go To Jail; Why It's Significant Beyond Manafort "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A judge has revoked Paul Manafort's bail and ordered that he be put in jail. Manafort had put up a $10 million bond. After he was found to be violating the terms of his bail by attempting to influence two government witnesses, the judge took away his freedom. This is good news in a number of ways that go beyond Manafort.



THere's a new interview up with Canada's king of sonspiracy, Richard Syrett:



Cartoon Trump: Extremist Publisher Fires Top Cartoonist for "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor Rob Rogers spent 25 years as a cartoonist at the Pittsburth Post-Gazette until being fired by John Robinson Block, a known Trump enabler. Block owns the Toledo Blade as well along with nearly everything else in Toledo and is famous for personal vendettas, sometimes right, but always personal, always vengeful []


Laguna Larga: otra tragedia por el desplazamiento forzado en Guatemala "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Nos engaaron, la primera vez nosotros hablamos con COPREDEH y con la PDH y les preguntamos cmo va la situacin de Laguna Larga? Un da nos dijeron tranquilos no va a haber desalojo y al otro nos dijeron, s va a haber desalojo.

El gobierno de Jimmy Morales desplaz de manera forzada a ciento once familias que habitan en la Laguna Larga en Petn, comunidad asentada mucho tiempo atrs, previo a la reglamentacin de ley de reas Protegidas. Las familias tuvieron que huir de su comunidad a causa de un desalojo autorizado en 2017 por el juez Sharon Emilio Orozco Lpez, promovido por el CONAP y por la fiscala  Delitos contra el Ambiente del Ministerio Pblico.

A un ao, las familias viven el desarraigo en condiciones precarias, desplazados en la lnea fronteriza con Mxico, el mismo xodo que tuvieron que vivir muchas comunidades durante la guerra. La Comunidad Laguna Larga A Un Mes Y 13 Das Del Desplazamiento Forzado: Una Crisis Que Va En Aumento 

Las Naciones Unidas definen as el desplazamiento forzado: Personas o grupos de personas obligadas a huir o abandonar sus hogares o sus lugares habituales de residencia, en particular como resultado de un conflicto armado, situaciones de violencia generalizada, violacin de los derechos humanos (ONU, 1998, 4).


Guatemala la justicia no existe para los pobres

Las familias no tuvieron derecho a un juicio justo, ya que nunca supieron que en su contra se discuta la autorizacin del desalojo, la justicia nunca llega para los pobres.

Para detener el desalojo, el 29 de mayo de 2017, la Organizacin Comit Central de Laguna del Tigre present un amparo en contra de dicha orden argumentando que el desalojo no cumple con el debido proceso ni estndares internacionales en materia de desalojos y de derechos humanos, pero el mismo fue denegado 11 meses despus por la Corte de Constitucionalidad CC-.

El pasado 2 de junio de 2018, se cumpli un ao de haberse realizado el desalojo de los habitantes de Laguna Larga. Por este motivo, ms de 21 comunidades de Laguna del Tigre y Sierra del Lacandn, organizaciones de derechos humanos de Guatemala y Mxico, en solidaridad, hicieron presencia al lugar donde se encuentran las familias en la lnea fronteriza entre Guatemala y Mxico cerca de un poblado Mexicano llamado El Desengao.

A casi un ao del desalojo forzado que oblig a la comunidad de Laguna Larga, Guatemala, a desplazarse a la lnea fronteriza con Mxico, el gobierno de Guatemala de nuevo incumpli acuerdos mnimos para el dilogo, lo que obliga a ms de cien familias a permanecer en condiciones crticas. Equipo Indign...


Credit Due "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Pat Parker is a particularly awesome poet, although its true that we all tend to value most highly those things we cant do ourselves, and whatever talent I have with language, it certainly doesnt include a gift for brevity. So maybe I overvalue Parker because shes able to make a point much more succinctly than I?

Hmm. Lets see:

For Willyce

When i make love to you

i try

with each stroke of my tongue

to say

i love you

to tease

i love you

to hammer

i love you

to melt

i love you


and your sounds drift down

oh god!

oh jesus!

and i think

here it is, some dudes

getting credit for what

a woman

has done



Nope! No overvaluing. Parker is pure awesome. She deserves all the credit.




Facebooks Screening for Political Ads Nabs News Sites Instead of Politicians "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

One ad couldnt have been more obviously political. Targeted to people aged 18 and older, it urged them to vote YES on June 5 on a ballot proposition to issue bonds for schools in a district near San Francisco. Yet it showed up in users news feeds without the paid for by disclaimer required for political ads under Facebooks new policy designed to prevent a repeat of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Nor does it appear, as it should, in Facebooks new archive of political ads.

The other ad was from The Hechinger Report, a nonprofit news outlet, promoting one of its articles about financial aid for college students. Yet Facebooks screening system flagged it as political. For the ad to run, The Hechinger Report would have to undergo the multi-step authorization and authentication process of submitting Social Security numbers and identification that Facebook now requires for anyone running electoral ads or issue ads.

Help Us Monitor Political Ads

ProPublica needs your help holding Facebooks political ad system accountable. Please download our tool to catch ads Facebook is missing.

When The Hechinger Report appealed, Facebook acknowledged that its system should have allowed the ad to run. But Facebook then blocked another ad from The Hechinger Report, about an article headlined, DACA students persevere, enrolling at, remaining in, and graduating from college. This time, Facebook rejected The Hechinger Reports appeal, maintaining that the text or imagery was political.

As these examples suggest, Facebooks new screening policies to deter manipulation of political ads are creating their own problems. The companys human reviewers and software algorithms are catching paid posts from legitimate news organizations that mention issues or candidates, while overlooking straightforwardly political posts from candidates and advocacy groups. Participants in ProPublicas Facebook Political Ad Collector pr...


High Level Seattle Cop Found Guilty of Repeatedly Raping His Own Children "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


A 21-year veteran police sergeant from the Seattle police department has been convicted on numerous accounts of rape an incest for unspeakable crimes against his own daughters.

The post High Level Seattle Cop Found Guilty of Repeatedly Raping His Own Children appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


The Quran says the highest dignity man can attain is that of making war in person against the enemies of his religion "IndyWatch Feed War"

Ramadan Day 30 thought for the day from my new book The History of Jihad: Sharaf ad-Din Ali Yazdi, a fifteenth-century Persian who wrote a biography of the Mongol Muslim warrior Tamerlane, observed that the Quran says the highest dignity man can attain is that of making war in person against the enemies of his []


The Bilderberg Plan to Force Us on the Digital Grid "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Truthstream Media Outside of their obvious geopolitical influence and machinations, the Bilderberg Group is firmly entrenched in the push by global tech elites toward...


Vulnerability in GnuPG allowed digital signature spoofing for decades "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A vulnerability affecting GnuPG has made some of the widely used email encryption software vulnerable to digital signature spoofing for many years. The list of affected programs includes Enigmail and GPGTools. About the vulnerability (CVE-2018-12020) CVE-2018-12020, dubbed SigSpoof by Marcus Brinkmann, the researcher which found it, arises from weak design choices. The signature verification routine in Enigmail, GPGTools 2018.2, and python-gnupg 0.4.2 parse the output of GnuPG 2.2.6 with a status-fd 2 option, which More

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Meghan McCain Schools Joy Behar On Immigration After Ridiculous Nazi Germany Comparison "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Once again, Meghan McCain was the lone voice of reason on The View this week, this time as the ladies were discussing immigration. She is one courageous woman to hold the only point of rationality in a room full of agitated ignorance. To breakout applause, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Whoopi Goldberg were opining on the Trump administrations policy of separating children and families at the border in order to discourage illegal immigration and groundless claims for asylum.

Behar called the policy of separating children from their parents vicious and likened it to Nazi Germany, although it is completely within the bounds of asylum law in this country. When a family requests asylum at a port of entry, they must demonstrate a credible fear of harm if they return to their home country. Many do. But Border Patrol officers say migrants are being coached to use magic words  so they will fall within the statute of credible fear.

More and more migrants are using magic words to gain entry. In the past three years, the number of asylum applications from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras increased 234 percent, from 7,723 to 25,801. More individuals sought asylum from the Northern Triangle Countries in 2014, 2015, and 2016 than in the preceding 17 years combined.

Magic words arent the only tip migrants are getting. According to at least one former immigration judge, parents know to bring children with them to the border so they will be released as a family pending their asylum hearing. The number of families apprehended at the southern border increased by 435 percent in May of this year compared to last.

The reason the children are there to begin with is this belief [among immigrants] that a parent with a child will not be detained, says Andrew Arthur, a resident fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies.

Compounding the problem, asylum hearings can be scheduled as far as two years out due to the backlog of applications. This fact gives the released migrant family ample opportunity to disappear into the shadows and forget all about that hearing.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently said:

Not surprisingly, many of thos...


Four children who died at Indian boarding school being return to families "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Four students who died at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Pennsylvania are being returned to their tribal families.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

FDI: A Breath of Fresh Air for the Job Market
15 JUN, 2018 - 00:06

President Mnangagwa officially opens the $30 million Pepsi plant in Harare on Wednesday. At least 600 people have already been employed at the plant

Victoria Ruzvidzo
In Focus
Zimbabwe Herald

Zimbabweans are looking for jobs so they can enjoy a better quality of life. Their hope has been rekindled by the new dispensation that is operating in overdrive to ensure the economy begins to function normally again.

Decades of under-performance have drowned employment opportunities as economic activity almost ground to a halt.

Therefore, jobs have been long in coming but such projects as the $30 million Pepsi plant launched on Wednesday are sweet music to the ears of the many that have been waiting for years, if not decades to be gainfully employed.

At least 600 people have already been employed at the Varun Beverages Plant while its chairman, Mr Ravi Jaipuria, yesterday said their potato project would generate an additional 600 direct jobs to farmer families. This means many more indirect jobs will be created through this project.

This is arguably the whole essence of investment. Creating jobs for the people, generating wealth and other sweeteners that will contribute to the countrys Gross Domestic Product.

Thousands of people have been laid off over the past decade or so as firms succumbed to economic challenges and had to shut down or scale down operations significantly.

Thousands of graduates from universities and other tertiary colleges have also found the going tough in terms of securing employment or resources to start income-generating projects. Hence the demand for employment is quite high.

President Mnangagwa was quite apt on Wednesday when he said the entrance of more foreign companies is aimed an upgrading peoples standard of living and creating a middle income economy by 2030.

Certainly the majority have had to make do with very little, with many living below the Poverty Datum Line but increased investments by both foreign and local companies will bring a better qua...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

ED Mulls Tax Incentives to Lure Investors
15 JUN, 2018 - 00:06

President Mnangagwa (right) on tour of the Pepsi plant accompanied by RJ Corp Group head Technical Rajinder Bagga and other dignitaries during its official opening in Harare on Wednesday. - Picture by Justin Mutenda

Ishemunyoro Chingwere
Business Reporter
Zimbabwe Herald

PRESIDENT Mnangagwa has implored Finance and Economic Planning Minister Patrick Chinamasa to consider tax incentives and tax holidays for foreign investors to encourage investment and grow the domestic economy.

The President said this on Wednesday while officiating at the commissioning of a $30 million Varun Beverages plant in Harare. Varun Beverages is a subsidiary of global conglomerate RJ Corp and produces Pepsi products.

Tax holidays and incentives, the President said, will help attract more attract foreign investment into the country, which will go a long way in creating decent jobs for the populace and help the country to attain the Governments agenda of making Zimbabwe a middle income state by 2030.

When I arrived (at Pepsis plant) I saw Patrick Chinamasa, Minister of Finance (and Economic Planning), I said why are you here, said the President.

He said I just wanted to see whether this is a taxable entity and I think he is smiling, but Minister (Chinamasa), such investments also require incentives.

I know he (Minister Chinamsa) will agree with me. As Government we will have more companies coming here if we give them incentives, tax breaks. . .

While this investment (by Varun Beverages) attests to the steadily increasing attractiveness of our business climate to investors from far and wide, my Government is continuously monitoring our investment climate to ensure that it remains conducive and open for business to grow and succeed, he said.

Minister Chinamasa on his part has previously conceded that Zimbabwe had high taxes compared to other international destinations, pointing out Government was working on a framework to reduce as an incentive to grow the cake.

Taxation, I...


NASA is about to launch astronauts into space again and a massive business for big companies "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Its been seven years since astronauts launched into space from U.S. soil.

From idolized to anonymous, what it means to be an American astronaut is changing once more.


UN sides with Hamas against Israel over Gaza clashes, ignores Palestinian violence "IndyWatch Feed War"

This is no surprise, given the UNs ongoing targeting of Israel, but it is inexcusable. The UN should be defunded and expelled from New York City. After all, what good does it do? UN sides with Hamas against Israel in Gaza clashes, World Israel News, June 14, 2018 (thanks to Inexion): The United Nations General []


US Fake Freeze In Spending Is Over $6.6 Million Goes To The White Helmets "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Brandon Turbeville Only months after the U.S. governments spending freeze and review of money allocated to the al-Nusra Front propaganda wing known as the...


Dance Of Death: Physician and Cripple. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Click for full size. Text translation in comments. Is it just me, or does the urine-inspector* look like Sam Harris? (*See translation.)


Jaime Dunaway // The Fight Over Whos a Real Indian "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

The Fight Over Whos a Real Indian: [] Since the earliest recorded instances of tribal disenrollment in the late 19th century, researchers believe nearly 80 tribes across 20 states have engaged in the practice that has affected up to 10,000 people, said David Wilkins, who co-wrote the book Dismembered: Native Disenrollment and the Battle for Human Rights. Although disenrollment is a relatively modern phenomenon among the 567 federally recognized tribes, its causesgreed and government corruptionare familiar.

The success of the gambling industry brought newfound prosperity to tribes as they looked for ways to alleviate poverty and improve living conditions on reservations. According to the most recent data from the National Indian Gaming Commission, gaming revenue increased more than 4 percent in 2016 to $31 billion, spurring economic development and supplementing federal funds with per capita payments to tribal members. It was the seventh-consecutive year of growth in gross gaming revenues for the tribal market as a whole. Critics say that wealth is exactly what caused disenrollment to reach epidemic levels. The logic is simple: Reducing the number of tribal members means more money for those who remain.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Presidential Race Breaks Record 23 Vie for Zimbabwe's Highest Office Its Biggest Number Since 1980
15 JUN, 2018 - 00:06 
Tendai Mugabe
Senior Reporter
Zimbabwe Herald

A record 23 people yesterday successfully filed nomination papers to contest as presidential candidates in the July 30 harmonised elections. The record figure, the highest since independence in 1980, has been described by political analysts as a sign of mature democracy and the opening up of political space by President Mnangagwas new dispensation.

In the 2002 presidential elections, there were five candidates Messrs Robert Mugabe (Zanu-PF), Morgan Tsvangirai (MDC), Wilson Kumbula (Zanu Ndonga), Shakespeare Maya (National Alliance for Good Governance) and Paul Siwela (Independent).

In 2008, the number of presidential hopefuls declined to four Messrs Mugabe (Zanu-PF), Tsvangirai (MDC-T), Simba Makoni (Mavambo Kusile Dawn) and Langton Towungana (Independent).

In 2013, there were five presidential candidates Messrs Mugabe (Zanu-PF), Tsvangirai (MDC-T), Dumiso Dabengwa (Zapu), Weshman Ncube (MDC) and Mr Kisinoti Mukwazhe (Zimbabwe Democratic Party).

This year, the number rose by more than 500 percent to reach 23.

Among those who successfully filed nomination papers yesterday were President Mnangagwa (Zanu-PF) and Messrs Nelson Chamisa (MDC-Alliance), Peter Gava (United Democratic Front), Hlabangana Kwanele (Republicans Party of Zimbabwe), Divine Mhambi (National Alliance of Patriotic and Democratic Republicans) and Blessing Kasiyamhuru (Zimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity).

Other candidates were Dr Thokozani Khupe (MDC-T), Professor Lovemore Madhuku (National Constitutional Assembly), Messrs Noah Manyika (Build Zimbabwe Alliance), Bryn Mteki (Independent), William Mugadza (Bethel Christian Party), Evaristo Chikanga (Rebuild Zimbabwe) and Joseph Busha (FreeZim Congress).

Ms Violet Mariyacha (United Democracy Movement), Joice Mujuru (Peoples Rainbow Coalition), Dr Nkosana Moyo (Alliance for Peoples Agenda), Messrs Johannes Chiguvare (Peoples Progressive Party), Daniel Shumba (United Democratic Alliance), Elton Mangoma (Coalition of Democrats), Peter Munyanduri (...


Shujaat Bukhari Murder: Suspect Who Picked Up Gun After Shujaat Bukhari Killing Arrested "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Shujaat Bukhari Murder: Suspect Who Picked Up Gun After Shujaat Bukhari Killing Arrested: [] Zubair Qayoom, wearing a white kurta and sporting a beard, can be seen in the photo checking on the bodies in the car, not long after Mr Bukhari was shot dead. As someone pulls out one of the bodies from the car, the suspect is seen picking up a pistol and leaving. The gun has been recovered from him.

"The pistol has since been recovered and he is being questioned about his presence at the scene of the crime. So far, he has not been able to give any convincing answers," SP Pani, Inspector General Kashmir, said.

The police have also formed a Special Investigation Team or SIT to probe the murder.


How YOU Can Undermine The Evil Cabal "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Dylan Charles Over the years, the description of the tyrants and psychopaths that so often occupy positions of power in our world has evolved,...


Herd-Mediocrity and The Meta-Narrative of Bourgeois-Capitalism "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Enlightenment meta-narrative of bourgeois-capitalism is committed to mediocrity. In fact, the Enlightenment meta-narrative of bourgeois-capitalism celebrates it. Everywhere the meta-narrative of bourgeois-capitalism reigns supreme, mediocrity follows, due to the fact mediocrity is the order and the criterion of any type of hierarchy founded on the Enlightenment meta-narrative of bourgeois-capitalism. Indeed, as Nietzsche states, under such rubric one and all [is] adjustedto the most dubious mediocrity.1, as the meta-narrative of bourgeois-capitalism concerns itself, foremost, with the propagation, the celebration, and the production of mediocrity, in and across, the stratums of everyday life and socio-economic existence. The reason is due the fact that mediocrity is most profitable and the most obdurate socio-economic substance any socio-economic formation or narrative can fashion for itself.  Meaning, mediocrity increases capitalist profit and the chances of duration, longevity, and resilience, pertaining to any ruling power.

Mediocrity is a congealed, unyielding, mass of citizens, intolerant to social change, novelty and liberty in the sense that mediocrity wants its own suppression, enslavement, and homogenization, which any ruling power can readily accommodate easily. Mediocrity is a herd, according to Nietzsche:

It is a bulbous mass stringently against [differences] of all kinds. [That is,] conservativepar excellence, slow to adopt, reluctant to let go, and [highly] enduring in the midst of tremendous change and mixture of elements. Mediocrity [is] consolidated and solidified [around a grounding] truth. [Its herd is always mediocre and solid.2

In this regard, for Nietzsche, herd-mediocrity is inertia[where] the middle is considered the highest and most valuable3 in the sense that this middle-of-the-road herd mentality is forever directed towards sta...


Israeli Army Wants to Shoot People in Gaza Preparing to Fly Kites and Balloons "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Fly Kites(ANTIWAR.COM)  The Israeli military is reporting that they are in the process of studying the legal implications of legally defining kites and balloons as weapons. This would be done so that they would have a legal pretext for shooting people in the Gaza Strip preparing to fly either. A series of incidents have occurred on the Israel-Gaza []


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

ED Commissions $30m Pepsi Plant
14 JUN, 2018 - 00:06

President Mnangagwa unveils the plaque while commissioning the $30 million Varun Beverages plant, which produces Pepsi products, in Harare yesterday. (Picture by Justin Mutenda)

Tendai Mugabe
Senior Reporter
Zimbabwe Herald

President Mnangagwa yesterday commissions a $30 million Varun Beverages plant in Harare and called for more foreign companies to be part of the countrys new economic drive aimed at upgrading peoples living standard and creating a middle class economy by 2030.

Varun Beverages is a subsidiary of global player RJ Corp.

The firm produces Pepsi products, among other beverages like Miranda and Mountain Dew.
It has operations across Africa.

The state-of-the-art plant worth commissioned by President Mnangagwa has capacity to produce 600 000 bottles of soft drinks daily.

Since it started operations locally, Varun Beverage Group aggressively penetrated the market, forcing competitors in the same industry to slash their prices.

Officially opening the plant, President Mnangagwa urged Zimbabweans to partner foreign investors to strengthen their business aptitude.

Let me once again invite more companies, both local and foreign to join us in this journey of progress and a new wave of prosperity for all the people of Zimbabwe, said the President.

While this investment attests to the steadily increasing attractiveness of our business climate to investors from far and wide, my Government is continuously monitoring our investment climate to ensure that it remains conducive and open for business to grow and succeed.

Meanwhile, I urge prospective local and foreign investors to form partnerships and joint ventures in order to strengthen their business aptitude and enhance their competitive edge.

We are indeed confident that this investment will be an important contributor to the economic development of our country through the creation of both upstream and downstream employment opportunities which will impact on the standard of living of numerous fa...


Jordan Shows Gratitude For Saudi Gift By Planting Fake News "IndyWatch Feed War"

Politicians like to manipulate news outlets for their purposes. Below is a nice little example of how this works. Today the Saudi owned fish-wrap Al Arabiya tweeted this: Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng - 11:12 AM - 15 Jun 2018 #Jordan...


Perceptin's Under-$10K Self-Driving Vehicle "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It's a slow-driving pod, but that should be good enough for corporate campuses Photo: Perceptin

A self-driving vehicle can avoid a lot of problems by just going slowly. A slow bot hurts a lot less when it hits you, and cheap sensors are good enough when you dont have to see far to avoid a collision.

And cheap is more than a feature, its a strategy. Make a costly product cheaply, and its not the same productjust look to the supercomputer in your pocket that calls itself a phone. 

Thats the idea behind Perceptin, a little startup founded in 2016 by Shaoshan Liu, who got a Ph.D. from the University of California at Irvine and then worked for a decade at the U.S. branch of Baidu. Liu asked himself just how much robocar he could build on a shoestring, and made the task easier by specifying a top speed of 20 kilometers per hour (12 mph). 

Our manufacturer in China can make these EV cars for under US $5,000, says Liu. Throw in the software and other necessities, he adds, and the total manufacturing cost should stay below $10,000.

And what do you do with slow bots that cant manage street traffic, let alone highway speeds? You fence them within the sheltered parks of university and industrial campuses, where nobody minds if you brake for squirrels. Its a narrow market niche, but big enough for a startup.

Look through China and theres thousands of campuses, for universities and companiesprobably a million-unit market, Liu says. 

Perceptin now has five bots serving its first customer, ZTE. Yep, thats the Chinese telecom company thats lately been at the center of U.S.-China trade disputes. ZTE has an enormous campus in Shenzhen. 

Each bot packs four high-definition cameras, four midrange radar sets, and 10 ultrasound sensors, as well as GPS and sensors for wheel autometry. Thats a fancy name for counting how many times the wheels go round, and by itself it can locate the vehicle to within about 20 centimeters. The radar can see up to 50 meters ahead, and the ultrasound is good out to five meters. Those capabilities wouldnt be nearly good enough for the likes of Waymo, but theyre fine at campus speeds.

The cameras work in stereoscopic pairs to provide a three-dimensional point clou...


Massachusetts: Public high school hosts anti-Semitic all-day event featuring Palestinian propaganda "IndyWatch Feed War"

This blood libel, said Jacobs, the Jew-as-Nazi lie is the narrative that drives Jew-hatred around the world and here you are teaching this to our children. Yes, and its based on Palestinian victimhood propaganda that all too often features manufactured IDF atrocities that never actually took place. Jewish Parents Outraged at anti-Semitic All-Day Event at []


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Were Satisfied With Nominations: ZEC
15 JUN, 2018 - 00:06 

President Mnangagwas election agent, Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi, fields questions from journalists after filing the Presidents nomination papers in Harare yesterday. (Picture by Innocent Makawa)

Herald Reporters

THE Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) yesterday said it was satisfied with the way the nomination process proceeded, despite incidents of violence by the MDC Alliance. In an interview at the Harare Magistrates Courts where she visited to assess the process, ZEC chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba, however, said there were reports violence.

It is quite satisfactory. I just want to reiterate that ZEC has availed copies of the provisional voters roll. We are assisting aspiring candidates, those who might not know if those who have nominated them are in the voters roll, said Justice Chigumba.

She said the announcement of candidates would be done by end of day yesterday since the Nomination Court would only have one sitting.

From the reports that have come through, we have few issues of intra party violence where people tore each others papers, but that has since been addressed, she said.

MDC-T national deputy treasurer Mr Charlton Hwende confirmed that some of their candidates had their papers torn by disgruntled party members in Manicaland Province.

He said they signed new nomination papers for the affected candidates.

Some MDC Alliance members complained that the MDC-T had declined to sign their papers at the eleventh hour.

They took our nomination papers in the past three days only to tell us that they could not sign them, said Zanu Ndonga spokesperson Mr Reketayi Semwayo, who was due to contest in Chipinge Central.

The Herald understands that the MDC Alliance refused to sign nomination papers for all Zanu-Ndonga candidates and the Multi-Christian Democratic Party led by Mathias Guchutu.

It is also further understood that MDC-T unilaterally reduced the number seats it had allocated to other political parties in the alliance, affecting the Welshman Ncube-led MDC and Transfo...


Ramadan in Nigeria: Muslims hack to death two Christians returning from church service "IndyWatch Feed War"

Kill them wherever you find them, says the Quran (2:191, 4:89, 9:5), and what better time than during Ramadan, the month in which Muslims try all the harder to obey Allah? Two Christians Ambushed, Killed in Central Nigeria, Morning Star News, June 14, 2018: JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) Muslim Fulani herdsmen on Sunday []


STUDY: Left-wing Aussies are anxious about expressing political views online "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

STUDY: Left-wing Aussies are anxious about expressing political views online: According to new research, almost half of Australians are worried about what their friends, family and colleagues will think of them if they express their political views on social media. This is an important contribution to understanding the changing nature of the Australian public sphere and the way citizens moderate their behaviour in different media settings.

The finding is contained in the latest Digital News Report: Australia 2018, released by the University of Canberra yesterday.


720m Large Hadron Collider upgrade could upend particle physics "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Collider will be far more sensitive to anomalies that could lead to entirely new theories of the universe.


Trump and Kim Defied the Odds for Successful Summit "IndyWatch Feed War"

Strategic Culture Foundation | June 15, 2018 Who would have guessed it? US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un achieved a stunning success this week when they met face-to-face in Singapore. It was the first time a sitting American president ever met a leader of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. Seven []


Smart Robots Are the Secret to Spaceflights Future "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A spacecraft, spinning in Earths orbit, reaches inside itself. One of its four arms pulls out a length of polymer pipe that has been 3D-printed inside the body of the machines. All four of the spacecrafts arms are securing pieces together as it builds a new space station right there in orbit.

This surreal project, called Archinaut, is the future vision of space manufacturing company Made In Space. The company promises a future of large imaging arrays, kilometer-scale communications tools, and big space stations all built off-planet by smart robots.


Brain Aging Correlates with Aortic Stiffness and Low Fitness "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In case we needed more evidence that staying fit is good for you

A study to be published in the Journal of Alzheimers Disease shows a correlation between low fitness, aortic stiffness, and the cognitive decline typically observed during brain aging [1].

Study abstract


AMLO llama a defender casillas; sugiere inscribirse en oficina de Morena (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Record que la fecha limite para inscribirse como representante de casilla ante el INE, es el lunes 18 de julio.  Regeneracin, 15 de junio del 2018.-Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador, public un video, donde invita a todos los ciudadanos a defender el voto el primero de julio, da que se llevaran a cabo las elecciones a []

La entrada AMLO llama a defender casillas; sugiere inscribirse en oficina de Morena (VIDEO) se public primero en Regeneracin.


The 1968 Student Revolt in France: A Fifty Year Retrospective "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A retrospective view of the French student revolt in 1968


Ramadan in Egypt: Muslims screaming Allahu akbar pelt Christians with bricks and stones, loot their properties "IndyWatch Feed War"

Ramadan is the month in which Muslims strive ever harder to fulfill Allahs commands. And Allah commands: O you who have believed, fight those disbelievers who are near to you, and let them find in you harshness. (Quran 9:123) Copts homes attacked after they protest Muslim men swimming naked in front of them, World Watch []


Why Are the Poor Patriotic? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

We should be very grateful to Francesco Duina for his new book, Broke and Patriotic: Why Poor Americans Love Their Country. He begins with the following dilemma. The poor in the United States are in many ways worse off than in other wealthy countries, but they are more patriotic than are the poor in those other countries and even more patriotic than are wealthier people in their own country.


5 Moments From Steve Scalises Congressional Baseball Game Comeback To Make You Smile "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

One year ago yesterday, a gunman opened fire on a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia. He had scouted the area for a month,  and found congressional Republicans were practicing there for the annual congressional baseball game. He double-checked with two members of Congress about the party affiliation of the men on the field before firing off some 70 rounds. He hit two staffers, two Capitol Hill police officers, and Majority Whip Steve Scalise before being taken down by Capitol Hill Police.

Members credit the police, there as part of Scalises leadership security detail, with saving all of their lives. Scalise and others wounded were tended by Rep. Brad Wenstrup, a doctor and combat vet with experience in Iraq. His quick action is also credited with keeping the injured alive.

But the road back wasnt easy for those who fell at the hands of 66-year-old James Hodgkinson. Scalise was in the hospital for months, sometimes threatened by infection as much as his original injury, and had to relearn to walk. Here are some moments from his triumphant return to make you smile.

1. Thursday night, he walked onto Nationals field and got the first out in the congressional baseball game, scooping a groundball from his knees and throwing to first.

You can see the progress hes made from the clip of his moving comeback to Congress in September.

2. Before that, he announced his own comeback via Twitter:


Worlds Millionaires and Billionaires Now Control Half the Worlds Personal Wealth "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Billionaires(CD)  Millionaires and billionaires own nearly half of all the worlds personal wealth, which reached $201.9 trillion last year, according to a new report from Boston Consulting Group. The share of global wealth held by millionaires increased to almost 50 percent in 2017, compared with just under 45 percent in 2012, driven mainly by higher-wealth individuals investing []


Smoothing PLA with Two Paints "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

There was a time when most 3D printers used ABS plastic. It stinks, is probably bad for you, and tends to warp unless printed in a heated enclosure. So most people have gone to something else, mostly PLA. But ABS also dissolves in a readily-available solvent, acetone, and this is useful for smoothing the layer artifacts from a 3D print. [3DSage] has a technique that works for PLA or he says probably any filament. You can see what hes doing in the video below.

The video starts out with a recap of things most Hackaday readers will already know. But hang in there because at about 1:20, he reveals his method.

The technique involves using plastic-compatible paint and fast-drying polyurethane. He quickly sprays a thin coat of paint and then a thin coat of polyurethane on the part and uses a fan to rapidly dry the mixture before it can run. The two sprays merge to form a coating. He does apply several coats, leaving half an hour to dry between layers, and waits overnight before applying the final coat.

The results look pretty good. This is more like a coating than truly smoothing, but it does fill in the gaps and ridges nicely. As [3DSage] points out, you can print with a larger layer height, and you can change the final color by just changing paint colors.

It certainly looks easy enough to try out. A trip to a big box store and a fiver should put you in business. Our own [Donald Papp] has done something similar with UV resin. The paint method does seem safer than torching your prints.


Re: CVE-2018-12356 Breaking signature verification in pass (Simple Password Store) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Marcus Brinkmann on Jun 15

Thanks, fixed.

Yes. I did two weeks of due diligence on the important package managers,
Git, and anything I could think of that is critical. But I am not saying
what I looked at, because there might be something I missed, and I want
everybody to join in and have a fresh look. It is too much for a single

I didn't know about Debian code search, so thanks for the tip.

You reporting these? If not, I can do it.


Something's Coming "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A new democratic vision is emerging and will not be stopped by the old and dying system. It is a time to re-empower the ordinary citizens to understand that they do not need the old system leaders to give them permission.


Re: Intel FP security issue "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Anthony Liguori on Jun 15

Hrm, I'll check with the reporter but I just sent it myself. Should
appear shortly.

Yes, phone email client :-/


Anthony Liguori


Protesting Irans headscarf rule "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Ever since the Islamic revolution in 1979, Irans women are required to wear at least a headscarf when out in public and this rule apparently applies even to visitors to that country. Now an Indian woman chess grandmaster has withdrawn from the Asian chess championship to be held in that country because she refuses to follow the rule.

Indian chess champion Soumya Swaminathan has pulled out of an Asian tournament in Iran over the countrys compulsory headscarf rule.

The 29-year-old Woman Grandmaster said the rule was a violation of her personal rights.

When asked if the All India Chess Federation (AICF) should have protested against the decision to shift location, she told the Times of India: I cant expect everyone to be of the same opinion as me. Its a subjective issue.

But in her Facebook post, Ms Swaminathan said she was disappointed to see that players rights and welfare are given such less importance while allotting and/or organising official championships.

She wrote that athletes often made adjustments for the sake of sport, but enforceable religious dress should not be one of them, adding that some things simply cannot be compromised.

This is not the first time an Indian athlete has withdrawn from a tournament over the same issue. Heena Sidhu, a top shooter, pulled out from the Asian Airgun meet in Iran in 2016 for the same reason.

American chess player Nazi Paikidze also drew international attention when she refused to attend the Womens World Championship in Iran in 2016. In an Instagram post, she wrote that it was unacceptable to host the tournament in a place where women do not have basic fundamental rights.

An international chess tournament hosted in Saudi Arabia last year also prompted controversy when a double world champion said that she would boycott the event. Ukrainian chess player Anna Muzychuk said that she did not want to wear an abaya, the full-length, loose-fitting robes women are required to wear in public in Saudi Arabia.

Irans headscarf rule was always ridiculous. The rule in places like Saudi Arabia where women have to be completely covered up is far more oppressive but has its own perverse logic, to make women pretty much indistinguishable, like penguins. Covering with a headscarf serves no functional purpose at all and Iran is coming under increased pressure to have the rule eliminated, with some Iranian women openly defying it in public, risking rebukes from the ubiquitous...


CVE-2018-3665 Lazy FPU Context Switching Information Leak "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Anthony Liguori on Jun 15

Affected Software / Hardware:
All operating system kernels / hypervisors using Lazy FPU context switching
running on Intel CPUs
(more details below)

The FPU register state (legacy/MMX/SSE/AVX/AVX-512 registers) can be
leaked across process or virtual machine boundaries using speculative execution
on Intel CPUs when the hypervisor or operating system kernel uses lazy FPU
context switching.

Any information in the above registers...


Traumatic Memory Study Reveals How Our Darkest Fears Can Be Rewritten "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Deep-seated fears, like the memory of a death or war-time trauma, can be crippling. Theyre also notoriously hard to study and treat, says neuroscientist Ossama Khalaf, Ph.D. But finally, were making progress: In a Science paper published Thursday, Khalaf and his team show new evidence suggesting that fearful memories that dwell deep in the brains neural circuitry dont have to be a burden forever. Its possible, the paper suggests, that they can be rewired.

The paper is rooted in the science of engrams the idea that memories leave a physical trace in the brain. In this case, Khalaf, a researcher at cole Polytechnique Fdrale de Lausanne, and his team traced deep-seated fear memories in rats back to the activity of specific neurons. They found that the way those neurons fire and thus the fearful memory they encode can be reprogrammed.

In our study, we are providing the first experimental evidence that fear memory attenuation is mediated by the re-engagement of the original fear re-writing it towards safety, Khalaf tells Inverse via email.


Stephen Hawkings Voice Will Be Broadcast Into Space "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Hawking is being interred at Westminster Abbey on Friday, with a thousand members of the public (selected through a lottery system) present for the ceremony. The physicists remains will be placed between those of Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.

His voice will be broadcast into space after the service honoring his life.

Hawkings words have been set to an original score by composer Vangelis, most famous for his Chariots of Fire film theme, the BBC reports.


Spinlaunch has $40 million to fund development to first centrifuge space launch by 2022 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

SpinLaunch Inc. has closed a $35 million Series A funding round with a powerhouse syndicate of investors. Investors include Airbus Ventures, GV (formerly Google Ventures), and Kleiner Perkins. This syndicate joins institutional investors including Lauder Partners, ATW Partners, Bolt, and Starlight Ventures to total $40 million. Investment funds will be used to scale the team and technology, through first launch by 2022.

SpinLaunch is revolutionizing access to space by developing a kinetic energy launch system designed to provide the worlds lowest-cost orbital launch service for the rapidly growing small satellite industry. Their environmentally responsible approach is unmatched in the industry. SpinLaunch is currently considering four different states for potential launch sites within the United States.

Spinlaunch use large centrifuges to store energy and will then rapidly transfer that momentum into a catapult to send a payload to space at up to 4,800 kilometers per hour (3,000 mph). If successful, the acceleration architecture is projected to be both lower cost and use much less power, with the price of a single space launch reduced to under US$500,000.


Starts Testing Smallest Spin Qubit Chip for Quantum Computing "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Intel researchers are taking new steps toward quantum computers by testing a tiny new spin qubit chip. The new chip was created in Intels D1D Fab in Oregon using the same silicon manufacturing techniques that the company has perfected for creating billions of traditional computer chips. Smaller than a pencils eraser, it is the tiniest quantum computing chip Intel has made.

The new spin qubit chip runs at the extremely low temperatures required for quantum computing: roughly 460 degrees below zero Fahrenheit 250 times colder than space.

The spin qubit chip does not contain transistors the on/off switches that form the basis of todays computing devices but qubits (short for quantum bits) that can hold a single electron. The behavior of that single electron, which can be in multiple spin states simultaneously, offers vastly greater computing power than todays transistors, and is the basis of quantum computing.


Lluvias pegarn en todo el pas; sern muy fuertes en el Valle de Mxico "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Todo el territorio nacional presentar lluvias y cielo nublado por la presencia del cicln tropical Bud y la Depresin Tropical 4-E.   Regeneracin, 15 de junio de 2018.- Las lluvias en la Ciudad de Mxico y todo el territorio nacional seguirn por la presencia del cicln tropical Bud y la depresin tropical 4-E, que absorber []

La entrada Lluvias pegarn en todo el pas; sern muy fuertes en el Valle de Mxico se public primero en Regeneracin.


'Progressive' Democrats need to reconnect with the American people; regain their trust "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

We need to see a new breed of Democrats step up to energize and motivate their party to reconnect with the American people by regaining their trust. We might say that the "Blue wave" that seems to be gathering momentum is a sign of what is referred to as "Out with the old and in with the new."


Mexicanos envan mensaje a Alemania, en honor a Zague en Rusia 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Mexicanos envan mensaje a Alemania en honor a Zague Regeneracin, 15 de junio del 2018.-Hace algunos das, un video ntimo del exfutbolista y actual comentarista de TV Azteca, Luis Roberto Alves Zague se hizo viral en redes sociales. Esto, despert la creatividad de los mexicanos y algunos que se fueron a Rusia para seguir a []

La entrada Mexicanos envan mensaje a Alemania, en honor a Zague en Rusia 2018 se public primero en Regeneracin.


Cuando Fidel Castro conoci al Che Guevara "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Fidel Castro y Ernesto Che Guevara se conocieron en julio de 1955 por intermedio de Ral Castro, a partir de ese momento se convirtieron en hermanos de lucha por un mundo de igualdad y justicia.

Con respeto, Fidel recuerda cmo fueron esos primeros encuentros. En el libroFidel y la Religin, de Frei Betto, expresa:

() as que cuando nos encontramos con el Che, ya era un revolucionario formado; adems, un gran talento, una gran inteligencia, una gran capacidad terica. () A todo eso se unan tambin condiciones humanas excepcionales, de compaerismo, desinters, altruismo, valenta personal.

Desde que estbamos en Mxico y se incorpor a nuestro movimiento, afirm Fidel me hizo prometerle que despus de la victoria de la revolucin en Cuba, se le autorizara a volver a luchar en su patria o por Amrica Latina. As estuvo varios aos trabajando aqu en importantes responsabilidades, pero siempre pendiente de eso. Al final, lo que nosotros hicimos fue cumplir el compromiso contrado con l, no retenerlo, no obstaculizar su regreso.

En las conversaciones con el intelectual y periodista Ignacio Ramonet, recogidas en el libro Cien horas con Fidel, el lder cubano tambin rememora varias vivencias y explica cmo fue el inicio de aquella hermosa amistad.

() Uno de los primeros que sale hacia Mxico es Ral. Estaban ya acusndolo hasta de poner bombas, y yo mismo le digo: Tienes que salir. Va para Mxico y all conoce al Che por intermedio de nuestros compaeros que ya estaban all. Bueno, an no era el Che, era Ernesto Guevara, pero como los argentinos les dicen a los dems Che!, los cubanos empezaron entonces a llamarlo a l Che, y as se le fue conociendo

Yo me retardo un poco porque yo era un muerto un poquito ms pesado, pero lleg el momento tambin en que tuve que salir para Mxico. Durante esas semanas despus de nuestra salida de prisin, habamos desarrollado una intensa campaa de divulgacin de nuestras ideas y propsitos, habamos estructurado nuestra propia organizacin revolucionaria el Movimiento 26 de Julioy habamos demostrado la imposibilidad de proseguir la lucha por vas abiertas y legales, por lo que salimos hacia Mxico con la intencin de preparar desde fuera la siguiente etapa de esa lucha.

En Cien horas con Fidel, Ramonet cuenta:

Usted se da cuenta, cuando lo encuentra por primera v...


Republican leaders derail bipartisan immigration reform legislation "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Republican leaders derailed an attempt to force a vote on a bipartisan package of immigration reform bills, drawing outrage from Democrats.


Two Critical U.S. Dams at High Risk From Insider Cyber Threats "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A new report by the Interior Department's Inspector General highlights several basic cybersecurity issues Photo: iStockphoto

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, a part of the Interior Department, operates more than 600 of the some 100,000 dams in the United States, five of which are considered part of the national critical infrastructure. This means that the incapacitation or destruction of either the Glen Canyon Dam in Arizona, the Shasta or Folsom Dams in California, the Hoover Dam in Nevada, or the Grand Coulee Dam in Washington State would, in the Department of Homeland Securitys words, have a debilitating effect on security, national economic security, national public health or safety, or any combination thereof.

The Interior Departments Inspector General released a report (pdf) this week stating that two of the dams industrial control systems, while seeming secure from being attacked remotely, operate at high risk from insider threats. The report, which does not identify the two dams in question due to security concerns, lists a number of rudimentary cybersecurity practices that were not being followed. These included limiting system administrator access to the control systems and conducting rigorous background checks on individuals granted system privileges.

Dams have been a national security concern (pdf) for years. The importance of the cybersecurity aspect was highlighted in 2016 when the Justice Department indicted seven Iranians for not only conducting cyberattacks against American banks, but trying to compromise the small Bowman Dam north of New York City in 2013. A successful cyberattack on a major dam like the Hoover Dam could be devastating to tens of millions of people.



Russias HIV/AIDS epidemic is getting worse, not better "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Almost anywhere in the world, an HIV-infected woman who has an uninfected partner and wants to have a baby would be first in line to receive ARVs. The challenges Katia faced in getting treatment amid Russias epidemic highlight the countrys faltering response, which critics have blasted as misguided, lackadaisical, and downright dismissive. Some federal health officials even question the term epidemic. This is a very large and very serious epidemic, and certainly one of the few epidemics in the world that continues to get worse rather than get better, says Vinay Saldanha, the Moscow-based regional director for the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. This is a public health crisis.

The government has begun to confront its shortcomings, but critics want more aggressive change.


Science Reveals The Face Of God And It Looks Like Elon Musk "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Be prepared to freak out.

Once you see them side by side, the resemblance is so obvious. Put an aggregated vision of what God looks like next to a head shot of Elon Musk and prepare to be freaked out.


Suicide? No. Society Is Murdering Us. But There Is a Way Out. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Life in the United States has become vicious and brutal, too much to take even for this nation founded upon the individualistic principles of rugged libertarian pioneers. Children are pressured to exhibit fake joy and success on social media. Young adults are burdened with gigantic student loans they strongly suspect they will never be able to repay. We don't have to live this way. It's a choice.


The WSWS, Irans economy, the Basij & Revolutionary Shiism: an 11-part series "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Ramn Mazaheri for The Saker Blog In February the WSWS published a three-part series in response to my criticism of their inflammatory coverage of the protests last winter in


Van 90 das sin respuestas: Polica brasilea no sabe quien mat a Marielle y Anderson "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Luego de tres meses de la ejecucin de la quinta concejala ms votada de Rio de Janeiro en 2016, el crimen sigue sin respuesta. Marielle Franco, del Partido Socialismo y Libertad (PSOL), se hizo conocida por su historia de defensa de los derechos humanos y por hacer poltica articulando diestramente las cuestiones de gnero, raza y clase.  Das antes de su asesinato, fue nombrada relatora de la comisin creada en el Concejo Municipal para monitorear la intervencin federal en la seguridad pblica de Rio de Janeiro.

La maana de este mircoles (13), familiares de Marielle acompaaron la accin realizada por Amnista Internacional frente al edificio del Ministerio Pblico (MP) de Rio. Renata Neder, coordinadora de investigacin, polticas y advocacy de la entidad clasific el silencio de las autoridades sobre el hecho como preocupante.  Segn ella el acto que culmin en la entrega de oficio pidiendo actuacin ms firme del MP es un reclamo necesario.

Amnista Internacional tambin espera que el Ministerio Pblico ejerza su papel de control externo de la actividad policial, acompaando y monitoreando la actuacin de la Polica Civil en las investigaciones., dice Renata. Para ella, el MP precisa reafirmar su compromiso y la prioridad del caso.

El ministro extraordinario de la Seguridad Pblica, Raul Jungmann, afirm en audio divulgado por medio de su equipo de comunicacin, que el camino de la investigacin seala, sin dudas, la responsabilidad de las milicias.

Ese caso tambin tuvo impacto internacional. Lo que pasa es que este es un crimen complejo de develar. Por lo menos hasta donde se, y debo volver a Rio esta semana, no se tena informacin del motivo. Cul fue la amenaza? Cul fue el conflicto en el que Marielle se involucr para que aconteciera esa tragedia con ella? Evidentemente hay indicios que sealan con claridad a las milicias, afirm el ministro.

La sofisticacin del asesinato corrobora esa versin, por la premeditacin del crimen y el profesionalismo de los ejecutores. Ahora la Polica Civil investiga si Marielle era blanco de escuchas. Segn informaciones divulgadas por el peridico O Globo, personas vinculadas al gabinete relatan se cambiaron las planchas del techo despus del receso de fin de ao.

Vicecoordinadora de la comisin externa de la Cmara de Diputados, creada para acompaar las investigaciones sobre los asesinatos, la diputada federal del Partido Comunista de Brasil (PCdoB) Jandira Feghali afirma que tambin encuentra extraa la demora en la resolucin del crimen.

Hasta ahora no tenemos noticias concretas y objetivas sobre las investigaciones, ya hicimos reuniones varias veces con autoridades policiales y de la i...


Primer simulacro del PREP en el Edomex tuvo fallas, denuncian partidos "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

El primer ensayo del Programa de Resultados Preliminares (PREP) en el Edomex tuvo fallas, lo que pone en duda su confiabilidad, dijeron representantes de partidos.   Regeneracin, 15 de junio de 2018.- El primer simulacro del Programa de Resultados Preliminares (PREP) en el Edomex tuvo fallas, reportaron representantes de Mornea, PRD, PAN y PT en []

La entrada Primer simulacro del PREP en el Edomex tuvo fallas, denuncian partidos se public primero en Regeneracin.


Do People Really Get Promoted to Their Level of Incompetence? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Three authors at the Harvard Business Review briefly discuss the Peter Principle by dealing with a quantifiable data set. That principle is the one which states that people are promoted to rise to their particular level of their incompetence. At the end they propose several possible solutions or work-arounds.

The Peter Principle problem arises when the skills that make someone successful at one job level dont translate to success in the next level. In these cases, organizations must choose whether to reward the top performer with a promotion or to instead promote the worker that has the best skill match with a managerial position. When organizations reward success in one role with a promotion to another, the usual grumbles ensue; the best engineer doesnt make the best engineering manager, and the best professor doesnt make the best dean. The same problem may apply to scientists, physicians, lawyers, or in any other profession where technical aptitude doesnt necessarily translate into managerial skill.

[...] While the Peter Principle may sound intuitively plausible, it has never been empirically tested using data from many firms. To test whether firms really are passing over the best potential managers by promoting the top performers in their old roles, we examined data on the performance of salespeople and their managers at 214 firms. Sales is an ideal setting to test for the Peter Principle because, unlike other professional settings, its easy to identify high performing salespeople and managers for salespeople, we know their sales records, and for the sales managers, we can measure their managerial ability as the extent to which they help improve the performance of their subordinates. The data, which come from a company that administers sales performance management software over the cloud, allow us to track the sales performance of a large number of salespeople and managers in a large number of firms. Armed with these data, we asked: Do organizations really pass over the best potential managers by promoting the best individual contributors? And if so, how do organizations manage around the Peter Principle?

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


On vacation "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Maine flag

Starting tomorrow Ill be on vacation in Maine for two weeks, so posts are likely to be few and far between. The week of June 24, Ill be completely unreachable, so if youre a first-time commenter, your comment wont get approved until around July 1.

Wow, thats really Maines flag. Its not the worst, but its pretty bad.


Voters to Decide on Splitting California Into Three New States "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Defense Contractors Cashing in on Immigrant Kids Detention (Celia)

It is mind-blowing that those types of industries would be even considered with respect to the care of children. Theyre not equipped to be able to do it. Would you want your child to be dropped off in their hands? I know I wouldnt. Immigration Attorney Matthew Kolken in this Daily Beast article.

Democrat Senators Introduce Bill Preventing US From Removing Troops From South Korea (Jimmy)

The author writes, A pair of Senate Democrats introduced a bill Wednesday that would prevent President Donald Trump from unilaterally drawing down the American troop presence on the Korean peninsula not necessarily because hes said he will, but because they dont want to rely on his word that he wont.

North Carolina Becomes First State to Adopt $15 Minimum Wage for State Employees (Reader Luke)

The author writes, The change applies to most jobs in state agencies and in the University of North Carolina system, but does not apply to temporary workers, or public school or community college employees who make less than $15 an hour.

Hundreds of Israelis Demonstrate Against Home Sale to Arab Family (Jimmy)

The author writes, Former Afula Mayor Avi Elkabetz and Deputy Mayor Shlomo Malihi participated in the protest. Elkabetz said that the residents of Afula dont want a mixed city, but rather a Jewish city, and its their right. This is not racism.

McDonalds to Replace Plastic Straws With Paper in the UK (Reader Luke)

The author writes, It is the latest company to...


[$] Toward a fully reproducible Debian "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It's been a little over one year since we last covered Debian's reproducible builds project. The effort has not stopped in the interim; progress continues to be made, the message has sharpened up, and word is spreading. Chris Lamb, speaking about this at FLOSS UK in a talk called "You may think you're not a target: a tale of three developers", hinted that the end may be starting to come into sight.


Localizan a candidato de Morena en Coahuila "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Localizan a Ismael Aguirre Rodrguez, candidato de Morena a la alcalda de Nadadores, Coahuila Regeneracin, 14 de junio de 2018.- El candidato a la alcalda de Nadadores, Coahuila por Morena, Ismael Aguirre Rodrguez, ya fue localizado en Tijuana, Baja California. El secretario de Derechos Humanos del partido, Carlos Figueroa Ibarra, anunci que el aspirante fue encontrado []

La entrada Localizan a candidato de Morena en Coahuila se public primero en Regeneracin.


Israeli lawmaker proclaims supremacy of Jewish race "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Likuds MK Miki Zohar says Jews are the smartest in the world, so know Netanyahu isnt corrupt by Stuard Winer for the Times of Israel A lawmaker from the ruling Likud party said


Security updates for Friday "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security updates have been issued by CentOS (plexus-archiver), Fedora (chromium, kernel, and plexus-archiver), Mageia (firefox, gifsicle, jasper, leptonica, patch, perl-DBD-mysql, qt3, and scummvm), openSUSE (opencv), Oracle (kernel), Red Hat (kernel), Scientific Linux (kernel), SUSE (gpg2, nautilus, and postgresql96), and Ubuntu (gnupg2 and linux-raspi2).


Morena aventaja en preferencias en la delegacin Benito Jurez "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Akabani aventaja con 37 por ciento en las preferencias electorales sobre el candidato del PRD, Santiago Taboada Regeneracin, 15 de junio del 2018.-Fadlala Akabani, candidato de la coalicin Juntos Haremos Historia, a la Alcalda de Benito Jurez celebr que la mayora de las encuestas, coloquen a MORENA arriba de las preferencias, en la demarcacin gobernada []

La entrada Morena aventaja en preferencias en la delegacin Benito Jurez se public primero en Regeneracin.


Joining Some Dots on the Skripal Case: Part 5 An Educated Guess "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Rob ASlane | The Blog Mire | June 14, 2018 I want in this piece to start joining some dots together on this case, using some of the facts, clues and suppositions that I have set out in the previous parts. I said at the end of Part 4 that there would be one []


5 Commands for Checking Memory Usage in Linux "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

5 Commands for Checking Memory Usage in Linux


Epics Fortnite Copyright Infringement Claims Need Work, Court Says "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Frustrated by thousands of cheaters who wreak havoc in Fortnites Battle Royale, game publisher Epic Games decided to take several to court.

The game developer isnt trying to bankrupt these people financially. It is mainly interested in preventing them from cheating in the future.

The main strategy thus far has been to settle the cases. Several accused cheaters have signed consent judgments, promising not to cheat or engage in any copyright infringing activity going forward.

This tactic doesnt work in all cases. One of the accused, a man from Russia going by the name of Konstantin Vladimirovich Rak, has failed to respond to the allegations in court.

This failure prompted Epic Games to file for a default judgment, requesting an injunction that would prevent the defendant from using Epics copyrighted works to develop cheats, as well as other infringing activity.

Without Rak being able to put up a defense, one might expect an easy win for Fortnites developer, but thats certainly not the case.

In an order published this week, United States Magistrate Judge Laurel Beeler notes that the balance currently weighs against granting the default judgment.

Judge Beeler is specifically concerned with the merits of Epics claims and the sufficiency of the complaint. This includes the copyright infringement accusations, which need work.

One of the claims is that Mr. Rak engaged in direct copyright infringement. This requires Epic to show that the alleged infringer violates its exclusive rights, but thats not the case here,

Epic alleges that users can download Mr. Raks cheat and then inject the cheat into Fortnite code, but it does not allege that Mr. Rak himself injected the cheat into Fortnite code or created an unauthorized derivative work, Judge Beeler notes.

In addition, the defendant allegedly displayed the cheat in action by posting gameplay on YouTube, thereby violating its exclusive right to perform the copyrighted work publicly. However, without further details, the court is not convinced that this is copyright infringement.

Epic does not allege what exactly Mr. Rak publicly performed or address whether its copyright extends to that performance. On this issue, Epics complaint says only that the Rak Video showed full-screen gameplay using the cheat, without more, Judge Beeler writes.

Then, there is the issue of whether posting gameplay mat...


World Cup: Moroccan and Tunisian fans take long road to Russia "IndyWatch Feed War"


Some football fans from the North African countries have spent their life savings to follow their national teams to the World Cup


Hacia el aborto legal en Argentina: las grandes y las pibas hicieron juntas historia "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Foto: La Vaca

La pantalla colocada en la esquina de la plaza desde donde un milln de personas, casi todas mujeres, siguieron la votacin, prendi la llama. El Congreso dijo s al proyecto de ley que despenaliza el aborto en Argentina, tras un debate de ms de veinte horas y en una ajustada votacin que se resolvi con 129 votos a favor, 125 en contra y una abstencin. All estbamos toda saltando, llorando, abrazndonos fue un grito colectivo y un momento de felicidad en el que no podamos parar de saltar, resume Flavia Medici.

Activista por la despenalizacin y colaboradora de la radio Latribu, Mdici destaca la sororidad y el encuentro entre diferentes movimientos que se vivi ayer la la Plaza del Congreso de Buenos Aires, un ambiente que ha acompaado a la campaa. Las histricas, mujeres grandes, abuelas, vean a las pibas, a las chicas, a las de los colegios secundarios, siguiendo, apoyando y aplaudiendo el trabajo de tantos aos creo que lo ms fuerte no pas dentro sino en la calle.

Cecilia Palmeiro, del colectivo Ni Una Menos, tambin subraya la fortaleza de las pibas: feministas muy jvenes que estn imparables. Como ejemplo del giro que ha supuesto la irrupcin de las adolescentes y jvenes al movimiento feminista en argentina, valga este ejemplo de cmo ha evolucionado la consigna clsica para defender el derecho al aborto: el educacin sexual para decidir, anticonceptivos para no abortar, aborto para no morir...


'I grow food for survival': Indigenous women farm for their families "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Threatened by a mining company, indigenous women in the remote highlands of Guatemala are marching, increasing productivity, and planting trees.


How Area 51 became the center of alien conspiracy theories "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The history of Area 51 stretches back to the 1950s.

Area 51 has been the focal point of alien conspiracy theories in America for decades. The remote military base in the Nevada desert has a lot of history, and has been associated with aliens almost since its inception. Heres why. Following is a transcript of the video:

In the early 1950s, US planes were conducting low-flying recon missions over the USSR. But there were constant worries of them being spotted and shot down.

So in 1954, President Eisenhower authorized the development of a top secret, high-altitude recon aircraft Dubbed Project Aquatone. The program required a remote location that wasnt easily accessible to civilians or spies. Area 51 fit the bill perfectly.


Islamicize Me Day 30: The End of the Halal Heroes "IndyWatch Feed War"

On Day 30, Dennis, Giovanni, and Jamal fulfill their oath to follow Muhammads teachings. To visit Vocabs channel: To visit Jons channel: PATREON: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: MINDS: WEBSITE: Thanks to everyone for watching Islamicize Me, starring Vocab Malone, Jon McCray, and David Wood!


Dog Hoarders -the Woodleys "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

As long as I live, I will not be able to understand people like the Woodleys who cared not one iota re the suffering they were causing innocent dogs and puppies.


The Military Industrial Drain "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Since 2001, the Pentagon budget has soared from $456 billion--in today's dollars--to $700 billion, including the costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and other national security expenses. When you include spending on the military and war, veterans' benefits, and homeland security, military-related spending now eats up 67 percent of all federal discretionary spending.


What Will We Do To Resist? an Editorial in the Santa Fe New Mexican, plus NY Times Editorial on Detentions "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The policy of the U.S. government to separate parents and children caught on the border will be viewed with disgust. Sessions has instituted the family separations as part of his zero tolerance policy of stopping illegal entry, dismantling the system that grants asylum to people seeking a safe refuge. This affects not just new asylum-seekers, but tens of thousands of people here; many will face death if they forced to return.


WATCH: Cop Kills Shirtless Man as He Walks Away from Him With One Hand in Cuffs "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Cell phone video from a witness shows the moment a Phoenix police officer pulled his gun out and shot a shirtless shoeless man who had one hand already cuffed.

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Fancy Bear Exposed Showing the People Behind the Hacking Group "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

While finding out who the Fancy Bear hackers are could be/should be the biggest story of 2018, it is going to pale against what is coming because we are going way past it.


China responde a EU, le impondr aranceles equivalentes "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

China anunci el viernes que impondr en represalia aranceles a los productos estadounidenses equivalentes a los que Washington decidi infligirle, anunci el ministerio chino de comercio. Vamos a tomar inmediatamente medidas en materia de derechos de aduana, de una magnitud equivalente indica en un comunicado divulgado en su sitio internet, en el que llama a []

La entrada China responde a EU, le impondr aranceles equivalentes se public primero en Regeneracin.


Weekend long read "IndyWatch Feed War"

1) NGO Monitor has published a study of The Latin American BDS Network.

Anti-Israel campaigns in Latin America, specifically in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico, have grown in recent years. For decades Latin American governments generally had strong ties with Israel, but this shifted during the 2000s when many governments demonstrated solidarity with Palestinians by recognizing a Palestinian state and condemning Israeli actions in Gaza. Still, countries such as Mexico and Argentina have substantial trade with Israel and have called for greater economic cooperation with the State. Furthermore, several of the Latin American countries that unilaterally recognized a Palestinian state chose to abstain in the UN vote on the US decision to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem demonstrating ties to Israel.

In contrast to the strong economic and diplomatic ties with Israel, many local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are active in promoting BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions), lawfare, and various other delegitimization campaigns against the State of Israel. These campaigns are often accompanied by demonizing and antisemitic rhetoric. These organizations appear to receive no government support and therefore rely on international BDS groups, as well as American, European, Israeli, and Palestinian NGOs for assistance in their campaigns.

2) At the Fathom Journal Dr Simon Waldman discusses the urgent need to rethink UNRWA....


US Media Pundits Worry Threat of Nuclear War Is Being Reduced "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Nuclear War Threat(FAIR)  Media outlets dont want America to negotiate with North Korea; they want the US to hold  North Korea for ransom. On MSNBCs Rachel Maddow Show, the host was aghast (6/12/18) that the US says it will halt the annual war games it conducts with South Korea on North Koreas doorstep, because doing so is an absolute jackpot []


Flora & Fauna, Part 2. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

From Giliell, click for full size!

Giliell, all rights reserved.


Illegal Immigration supremacism the new Fake News con "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Jim W. Dean - It has already been published that the children of those arrested are released to the family members of those who have relatives here, which is most of them.


Mxico es el caso ms grave de desigualdad territorial de Amrica Latina: Rimisp "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

A pesar de que la pobreza se redujo en 60 por ciento de los municipios mexicanos entre 2005 y 2010, el pas es el caso ms grave de desigualdad territorial de Amrica Latina al registrar aumentos considerables en el resto de los niveles de marginacin, seal el Centro Latinoamericano para el Desarrollo Rural (Rimisp) en el Informe Latinoamericano sobre Pobreza y Desigualdad 2017.

El documento indica que, a causa del aumento de la desigualdad aparejado de crecimiento econmico, en el pas se mezclan los municipios de altos estndares de vida y aquellos en los que sus pobladores no cuentan con las condiciones mnimas de bienestar, generalmente en zonas aisladas y principalmente comunidades indgenas.

Al actualizar los datos de algunos de los pases e incorporar a Mxico y Guatemala, se puede visualizar que los avances recientes en equidad no han sido tan unvocos como para creer que los pases latinoamericanos y sus territorios avanzan de forma clara, seala el informe.

Entre los registros para enfatizar la desigualdad en Mxico, Rimisp public que, mientras en algunos municipios se registra menos de una muerte por cada 100 mil nacidos vivos, hay otros donde las tasas de mortalidad infantil rebasan los 100 por cada 100 mil.

Adems, en ms de mil 100 municipios no hay un mdico por cada mil habitantes y en ms de 30 municipios las tasas de malnutricin infantil rebasan 95 por ciento, seala el informe.

El documento agrega que en equidad de gnero la desigualdad tambin es visible, pues hay un conjunto de municipios, donde, en la prctica, la mujer no tiene participacin en el mercado laboral formal, por lo que slo en tres municipios, de los 2 mil 456 que existen, las mujeres tuvieron una mayor presencia en el mercado laboral que sus pares masculinos.

Finalmente, en cuanto al analfabetismo, resalt la brecha al ejemplificar con la delegacin Benito Jurez, de la Ciudad de Mxico, donde la tasa de analfabetismo es menor a 1 por ciento, mientras que en el municipio de Cochoapa El Grande, uno de los ms pobres de la La Montaa de Guerrero, ms de 56 por ciento de las personas mayores de 14 aos no sabe leer ni escribir.

La entrada Mxico es el caso ms grave de desigualdad territorial de Amrica Latina: Rimisp aparece primero en Desinformmonos.


You can no more be a socialist Zionist than you can be a meat-eating vegan "IndyWatch Feed War"

Gideon Levy is a lonely voice of sanity in an Israel that has veered to the lunatic far-right.  In a recent article Levy described the terminal decline of the Zionist left as represented by Meretz, the Civil Rights Party.[1]  Also worth reading is an article by Ron Calili on the same theme. [2]

In an interview with Arutz Sheva, the settlers radio station, the then Leader of the Israeli Labour Party Shelly Yacimovich complained that calling the ILP a left-wing party was a historical injustice.  Yacomovich protested that Labor has always drawn its power from being a centrist party. [3]

It is difficult to disagree with Yacimovich. It would indeed be an injustice to pretend that the Israeli Labour Party has ever been a left-wing, still less a socialist party. Unfortunately fools and liars[4] in parties like the British Labour Party, such as its Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry, pretend otherwise as a way of defending the idea that Israel is just a normal western democratic state.

As Holocaust survivor and Hebrew University Professor Zeev Sternhell showed in his book The Founding Myths of Israel the ILP was never a socialist party.  In 1930 the two existing Labour Zionist parties, Ahdut Haavodah and Hapoel Hatzair united to form Mapai, the Israeli Labour Party.  Ahdut was the direct descendant of the right-wing of the Marxist Poale Zion and Hapoel Hatzair was an avowedly non-socialist party of Zionist labour and Yosef  Trumpeldor.  It preached constructivism. Hapoel Hatzair only agreed to the merger when it was satisfied that the socialism of Ahdut was purely verbal and secondary to its Zionism. The class unity of Jewish workers with the Jewish bourgeoisie was a sine qua non of Zionism and far more important than ideas of class struggle and unity with Arab workers.

Poale Zion and Ahdut were bitterly opposed to any idea of class unity with the Arab working class.  This came up repeatedly because there were some Jewish workers who genuinely believed that they could reconcile socialism and Zionism and who didnt understand that Zionism was about class unity with the same Jewish bourgeoisie who were financing the kibbutzim.  This issue of class solidarity with Arab workers had split Palestinian Poale Zion before World War I, indeed at its first Palestinian conference in 1906.

The appeal of Zionism to the European ruling class was that it diverted the Jews away from socialism and communism.  No less than Winston Churchill wrote that:



Veterans Applaud Progress For Peace In North Korea "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Veterans For Peace congratulates the Korean people, who cried out for peace and unity, and we applaud their leaders, who listened and acted courageously.  The joint statement from the historic summit between President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un is a hopeful departure from hostile relations between the United States and the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK).  Just months ago, the two leaders were threatening nuclear war. The world can breathe much easier today.


Lo mejor y lo peor "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Foto: Campaa Nacional por el Derecho al Aborto Legal, Seguro y Gratuito

La media sancin de la legalizacin del aborto es un logro emocionante de la sociedad civil, de las mujeres movilizadas, de las chicas del pauelo. El Senado es un desafo, pero todo est por verse: la marea verde se extiende como un tsunami. El debate en Diputados, en tanto, mostr por momentos lo peor y lo mejor de los que llamamos nuestros representantes. Hubo un trabajo colaborativo de legisladores de distintos bloques tras un objetivo, una conquista. No se trata de abjurar de la disciplina partidaria ni de los partidos. Pero, en este caso, fue notable la unidad y el respeto transversal. Hubo abrazos, lgrimas, felicitaciones y buenos discursos en todas las bancadas. Y legisladores en la calle. Se modific el proyecto original de la Campaa Nacional por el Derecho al Aborto Legal, Seguro y Gratuito para sumar adhesiones. Y hubo diputados que cambiaron de posicin como consecuencia del debate, de la opinin de expertxs y de mujeres  que relataron sus experiencias, que explicaron lo que significa la clandestinidad en los cuerpos. Otros que se vieron interpelados por sus hijas, integrantes de la generacin que protagoniza esta revolucin. Eso fue lo mejor.

Luego, lo peor. Hubo que escuchar a diputadxs que mentan, injuriaban, ofendan y a unxs cuantxs con serios problemas de comprensin de textos. Muchos compartimos la sensacin de perplejidad, de no saber si son o se hacen. Cuando una perrita queda embarazada no pedimos un aborto, regalamos los perritos, dijo la diputada Estela Regidor. Hubo comparaciones con marsupiales, se habl de trfico de cerebros, de cementerios de embriones, se dio a entender que se descartaran todos los fetos con sndorme de Down. La diputada Elisa Carri asegur que si las mujeres ramos dueas de nuestros cuerpos podamos vender partes, que la multitudinaria manifestacin en las afueras del Congreso era indigenismo urbanista y que votara en contra aunque saba que los abortos clandestinos provocaban la muerte de mujeres.

Hubo al menos dos menciones al terrorismo de Estado. El diputado Jos Fernando Orellana provoc a los legisladores que nacieron durante el cautiverio de sus madres secuestradas. Muchos que tienen pauelos verdes hablaron de la ESMA, pero si las mujeres que parieron all hubieran abortado varios diputados que estn ac no estaran. El razonamiento no tiene ni pies ni cabeza, es simplemente una canallada. Pero tambin durante las audiencias en las comisiones se mezcl a la ESMA con el aborto. Las mujeres secuestradas embarazadas cuyos hijos fueron apropiados queran tener a sus nios. La diferencia entre querer ser madre y no querer es lo central en esta discusin. Por eso duele un embarazo deseado que no llega a trmino y es tortura tener que llevar uno a trmino si no se desea.

Antes que Orellana, al inicio de la sesi...


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Patricia Armendriz, de los tiburones del Shark Tank ve bien sustentado plan econmico de AMLO "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

La empresaria social y una de los conductores del reality Shark Tank Mxico, revis la propuesta de AMLO y lo considera bien sustentado.   Regeneracin, 15 de junio de 2018.- Entre los empresarios dudosos por la propuesta econmica de Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador, la empresaria social Patricia Armendriz Guerra, una de los conductores de Shark []

La entrada Patricia Armendriz, de los tiburones del Shark Tank ve bien sustentado plan econmico de AMLO se public primero en Regeneracin.


Taken: Defense Contractors Cashing In On Immigrant Kids Detention "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Separating refugee and immigrant children from their parents isnt just an emotionally wrenching policy. Its an enterprise that is benefiting intelligence and defense contractors. Those contractorsincluding one with a history of scandalshave advertised a flurry of jobs in recent weeks to support the infrastructure surrounding undocumented children whom the Trump administration has taken from their families. []


Israeli Lawmaker Proclaims Supremacy of the Jewish Race "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Miki Zohar Jewish Race(MEMO)  A lawmaker from the ruling Likud party said Wednesday that the Jewish race is the smartest in the world and possessing of the highest human capital, which is why, he said, the Israeli public did not buy into the allegations of wrongdoing by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, reports The Time Of Israel. MK Miki Zohar made the comments during []


Syrian War Report June 15, 2018: Russia, Turkey Reportedly Reach Agreement On Tell Rifaat "IndyWatch Feed Europe" Russia and Turkey have reached an agreement on the situation in the town of Tell Rifaat in the province of Aleppo, the London-based newspaper al-Araby al-Jadeed reported on June


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Space catapult startup gets $40 MILLION investment "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A Silicon Valley startup has devised an ingenious way of sending rockets into space.

Dubbed SpinLaunch, the firm wants to blast tiny payloads into orbit atop miniature rockets.

But instead of using propellants like a typical launch would, SpinLaunch would slingshot them into space using a novel catapult technology.


Israeli outpost is evacuated without a shot, even as settlers throw stones "IndyWatch Feed War"

There is a big difference between how Jewish-Israeli settler outposts are evacuated, and how Israelis imagine a Palestinian outpost being evacuated, if it ever came to be.

Lets start with the Jewish-Israeli settler outpost. On Tuesday, 15 homes in the West Bank settler outpost called Netiv Haavot were evacuated, following a 21-month old ruling from the Israeli High Court of Justice, affirming that they were built on privately-owned Palestinian land. Under international law, all Israeli West Bank settlements are illegal and considered a flagrant violation under international law but Israel has a selective view of what is legal in this respect, and considers some settlements to be legal if they are built on land that the state has confiscated.

Times of Israel reports how some 2,500 Border Police officers were deployed to ensure the demolition of the homes was carried out peacefully. And it is important to note, these officers are almost all unarmed. Its worth looking at those pictures. Officers in t-shirts, backpacks, caps really look more as if theyre geared up for a hike in the hills south of Jerusalem, rather than prepared for any sort of violent confrontation. Its very clear, that they are dressed up in order to give a signal: we are not here to fight with you.

But look what happened. After fourteen of the 15 buildings were cleared for demolition relatively peacefully, when the officers came to the last house, they were met by some 200 teenagers who had barricaded themselves inside, on the roof, in the basement and in the entryway. To prevent police entry, they used wire fencing, wooden planks and boulders. At this point in the early afternoon, Jacob Magid tweeted:

Things beginning to get violent as officers begin trying to clear the final house. One soldier hit in the head with a paint ball and another hit in the head with a rock.

He finally states:

Eight officers have been injured, at least two of whom were taken to a hospital. Police said they were violently attacked by the protesters, who hurled rocks, bottles, paint balls and other objects at the security forces. Dozens of demonstrators on the roof of the building also harassed police and threw paint and water on them, as hundreds of others watched the clashes from outside the structure. The police statement said two officers were treated for head injuries, and another was lightly injured in the leg. According to police, a number of the protesters on the roof were also seen carrying cement blocks and glass bottles.



Retrotechtacular: Voice Controlled Robot from 1961 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

We like to think that all these new voice-controlled gadgets like our cell phones, Google Home, Amazon Echo, and all that is the pinnacle of new technology. Enabled by the latest deep learning algorithms, voice-controlled hardware was the stuff of science fiction back in the 1961s, right? Not really. Turns out in around 1960, Ideal sold Robot Commando, a kids toy robot that featured voice control.

Well, sort of. If you look at the ad in the video below, youll see that a kid is causing the robot to move and fire missiles by issuing commands into a microphone. How did some toy company pull this off in 1961?

Watch the video below carefully. The eyes are on their own motor and just move on their own. The drive train and the missile launchers are subject to the voice control. If you cant get the scale from the video, the robot stood an impressive 19 inches tall.

The remote has a rotary switch (marked arrow knob in the instruction booklet) and a thick cable (control wire) coming out of it and connecting to the robot. Turns out the wire isnt a wire at all. It was a Bowden cable. This is the original kind of Bowden cable like you find on a bicycle, not a 3D printing feed mech...


A new Meltdown-like flaw tracked as LazyFP affects Intel CPUs "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A new vulnerability involving side channel speculative execution on Intel chips, known as LazyFP, has been announced and assigned CVE-2018-3665.

A new vulnerability tracked as LazyFP (CVE-2018-3665) involving side channel speculative execution affects Intel CPUs, like previous ones it could be exploited by hackers to access sensitive information from the affected system.

The vulnerability was discovered by Julian Stecklina from Amazon Germany, Thomas Prescher from Cyberus Technology and Zdenek Sojka from SYSGO AG.

The vulnerability resides in the floating point unit (FPU) that is used by the operating system when switching between processes. It is used to save the current context (state of the current process and registries) and restores the context of the new process.

System software may opt to utilize Lazy FP state restore instead of eager save and restore of the state upon a context switch. Lazy restored states are potentially vulnerable to exploits where one process may infer register values of other processes through a speculative execution side channel that infers their value, reads the advisory published by Intel.

There are two types of switching, Lazy FPU and Eager FPU, the former has better performance on older systems.

Security researchers discovered recently that if the Lazy method if vulnerable to attacks that could expose FPU state data, which can contain sensitive information such as cryptographic keys.

The register state of the floating point unit (FPU), which consists of the AVX, MMX and SSE register sets, can be leaked across protection domain boundaries. This includes leaking across process- and virtual machine boundaries. reads the analysis published by Thomas Prescher, Julian Stecklina, Jacek Galowicz

The FPU state may contain sensitive information such as cryptographic keys.

According to the expert, the CVE-2018-3665 vulnerability is similar to Meltdown  Variant 3a.

Intel confirms the CVE-2018-3665 vulnerability affects Core processors, but it claims the issue has been addressed by operating system and hypervisor software developers for many years, Intel urges vendors that still havent fixed the issue to do it as soon as possible by releasing necessary security updates.

Lazy FPU doesnt affect systems using AMD or ARM processors, while Microsoft confirmed that Lazy restore is enabled by de...


The 3 percent rules "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Arkansas Legislature, Arkansas Works, Jeremy HutchinsonBy Steve Brawner,  2018 by Steve Brawner Communications, Inc.

Ninety-nine percent of this body are good, honest people, said Sen. Bill Sample, R-Hot Springs, and I think his estimate is not far-fetched. But only 97 percent of the members of the 2013-14 Arkansas Legislature are not going to prison, and that percentage could shrink before all is said and done. Read the rest

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An Ice Age Is Near According to Hyperdimensional Physics "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Nikola Tesla (1857-1943) American inventor.  

The premise of this paper is that there exists a science which can explain the increased seismic and volcanic activity on the planet and how it is a precursor to an impending and catastrophic ice age.

 Greatest Scientist of All Time

Tesla discovered the-so-called  unified theory principle which explains catastrophic volcanic and earthquake activity across our planet in which the central power source is coming from the 19.5 latitude on the planet. The 19.5 latititude is the key grid line on every celestial body. The grid line even runs through our solar system and across the galaxy.

Essentially, the Earth is presently going through a geological upheaval which has uprooted past ancient civilizations on our planet. For example, the past ice age on earth, well over 10,000 years ago, interacted with the pyramids. The British and the Egyptians repaired the Sphinx for water erosion damage at least three different times. The problem in believing that the Egyptians built the pyramids along with the Sphinx, is that climate experts tell us that there has not been enough water in the Nile River Valley to achieve that kind of water erosion that high up on the Sphinx and the pyramids since the last ice age. That kind of leaves the Egyptians out of the equation doesnt it?

This paper is not about who built the pyramids in Egypt. However, understanding how ice ages occur explains why we can conclusively say that the Egyptians merely inhabited and incorporated the pyramids into their culture, but they had no...


How Many Times Must The Pentagon/CIA Claim To Have Just Killed Terrorist Leader Fazlullah? "IndyWatch Feed War"

[In keeping with the constantly repeating pattern set by the Pentagon/CIA in the beginning of the drone assassination program, we are once again, handed another bit of fake news on an alleged successful execution of another infamous Taliban leader, in this instance, the third reported kill of the notorious Radio Mullah (Fazlullah), some secret nefarious purpose must be served by this latest distortion of historical fact in the terror war. ]


[May 27, 2010, the FIRST TIME that Radio Mullah was reportedly killed, this time by Afghan ground forces (TTP Swat chief Fazlullah killed in Afghanistan).]

[Dec. 21, 2014, the SECOND TIME that Fazlullah was reported to be killed, but the first time that...


New Music "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Music Ive bought this month.

jukebox.php?image=micro.png&group=The+Ex&album=27+Passports jukebox.php?image=micro.png&group=Breathless&album=After+All+These+Years jukebox.php?image=micro.png&group=Joe+Jackson+Band&album=Afterlife jukebox.php?image=micro.png&group=Breathless&album=Always ...


The Most Remote Island in the World is Home to Seals, Seabirds, and an Internet Top-Level Domain "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Bouvet Island's most valuable resource might be its untapped .bv country code Image: Jesse Allen and Robert Simmon/NASA Earth Observatory Ice covers about 94 percent of Bouvet Island year-round.

Bouvet Island has little to offer. The most remote island in the world is fewer than 20 square miles in size, and its almost entirely covered by a glacier. Long ago, it was an active volcano, but those fiery days have long since passed. Now, its home to hundreds of thousands of seabirds, a Norwegian research station, and its own top-level internet domain.

Top-level domains serve as part of the Internets architecture. Aside from generic domains like .com and .edu, every country has a specific two-letter domain assigned to it. The United Kingdom, for example, uses .uk; Japan uses .jp. The United States has .us, though its not widely used. The original idea was that each country could manage the websites registered by individuals and organizations within its borders by issuing them websites that use their country-specific domain.

An animated gif zooming out on Bouvet Island to give a sense of it's location in the world. Gif: Google Maps/Google Earth/IEEE Spectrum Where in the world is Bouvet Island?

But heres the weird thing about Bouvet Island having its own top-level domain: Its uninhabited. Its always been uninhabited. Located in the southern Atlantic, the closest land to Bouvet Island is the coast of Antarctica, 1,100 miles to the south. The closest inhabited land is the island Tristan da Cunha, a British overseas territory located 1,400 miles to the north (Interestingly enough, Tristan da Cunha does not have its own top-level domain).

So how did Bouvet Island end up with the .bv domaina domain which is not in use and not open to registration?

It starts with the United Nations. The UNs Statistics Division maintains a publication called the Standard Country or Area Codes for Statistical Use. Published since 1970 and also known as the M49 standard, the UNs primary intention is to use its three-digit codes to group nations and geographic regions for statistical analysis.

Since 1974, the International Organization for Standardization, an international standards body just as unaffili...


Intel Icelake Bringing New MIPI DSI Controller, Linux Driver Patches Posted "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

While Intel Icelake hardware is quite a ways out from making its debut, the open-source Intel Linux developers working on the hardware enablement for its "Gen 11" graphics continue working dilligently on this hardware enablement...


Syrian War Report June 15, 2018: Russia, Turkey Reportedly Reach Agreement On Tell Rifaat "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

from SouthFront Russia and Turkey have reached an agreement on the situation in the town of Tell Rifaat in the province of Aleppo, the London-based newspaper al-Araby al-Jadeed reported on June 14. Under the agreement, units of the Turkish military will allegedly be deployed in Tell Rifaat side by side with the Russian Military Police, []


White House turns to job fair because no one wants to work for Trump "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The flailing Trump White House, which has set modern-day records for departures and firings, is being forced to host job fairs because it's having so much trouble getting people to work for the administration. Working for Trump has simply become toxic for lots of Republicans.


Donald Trump, Russian Agent "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

511 days into the Trump presidency it's clear that Donald is the most destructive US President in recent history. He's divided the nation, alienated our historic allies, and made worse the planet's most pressing problems. Although there are several possible explanations for Trump's disastrous behavior, it's likely that he is acting on behalf of Russia.


US Conference of Mayors Urges Trump To Diligently Pursue Korea Peace "IndyWatch Feed War"

Mayors for Peace

At the close of its 86th Annual Meeting in Boston, the United States Conference of Mayors (USCM), unanimously adopted a sweeping resolution Calling on the Administration and Congress to Step Back From the Brink and Exercise Global Leadership in Preventing Nuclear War.

In the resolution, the USCM welcomes the dramatic diplomatic opening between the U.S. and North Korea and urges President Trump to patiently and diligently work with North and South Korea for a formal resolution of the Korean War and normalized relations with a denuclearized Korean peninsula.

The USCM also reaffirms the importance and efficacy of the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action negotiated by Iran, the U.S. and 5 other nations to limit Irans nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief, and calls on [the] U.S. Administration to pursue diplomacy and normalized relations with Iran with the goal of establishing a zone free of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons in the Middle East.

The resolution notes that tensions between the United States and Russia have risen to levels not seen since the Cold War and warns that this is only one of many nuclear flashpoints, from the Korean Peninsula, to the South China Sea to the Middle East and South Asia, where all of the nuclear-armed states are engaged in unpredictable conflicts that could catastrophically escalate out of control.

The resolution also warns that the February 2018 U.S. Nuclear Posture Review manifests a commitment to an increasing and long-term reliance on nuclear arms, lowers the threshold for use of nuclear weapons, proposes new warheads and missiles, and endorses current plans to sustain and upgrade existing nuclear forces and infrastructure projected to cost well over a trillion dollars over the next three decades.


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