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Saturday, 23 June


Growing Mushrooms and Micro Greens "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Chris Nuss and Ella McHenry from Little Bunyip Farm in Watervale are the teachers for this workshop.

They will be sharing their knowledge in this hands-on, practical workshop which is also filled with technical information. Participants will be constructing a mushroom bag and micro green tray during the workshop as well as taking a 2nd kit home to start the process off at home without having to buy materials.

The workshop will cover the oyster mushroom growing process, substrate preparation, making and looking after your oyster mushroom bag.

Introduction to Microgreens, the how to of growing, substrates, trays, seeds, harvesting and more. Note: Bookings for this course close on Fri June 8th

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IndyWatch World News All Topics Summary Today.

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Tuesday, 15 May


Careless researchers expose millions of Facebook users sensitive data "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If you needed another reason to stop sharing intimate information with apps on Facebook or Facebook itself, consider this newest revelation: academics at the University of Cambridge have been using the data harvested through myPersonality, a popular personality app, as a basis for a tool used for targeting adverts based on personality types. Access to the tool was reserved for those who paid for it but, by now, were all used to companies earning money More

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Hackers can jump from passenger Wi-Fi to train control networks "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Setting up a Wi-Fi network for passengers to use is practically a must for railway companies these days. Unfortunately, that welcome add-on for travelers can become a means for attackers to gain access to other networks and systems. To those skeptical about these possibility, Pen Test Partners researcher Ken Munro shared the results of his colleagues most recent pentesting efforts. In both exercises, there was an exploitable lack of segregation between the passenger and the More

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Historic flooding hits British Columbia after record snowpack starts melting, Canada "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Record snowpack, temperatures as high as 30 C (86 F) and 2 days of intense rain have caused historic floods in parts of British Columbia over the past couple of days. In Grand Forks, the flood is worst since 1948. Things are not over yet, officials said,...... Read more

Scientists highlight 9 new reef fish species off West Papua "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Scientists in Indonesia have found nine stunning new reef fish species in the protected waters off the countrys largely untouched province of West Papua. They collected samples of the species from 12 sites at two marine conservation zones, Berau Bay and Nusalasi Van den Bosch Bay, in the coastal district of Fakfak during a two-week field survey in March. Map of West Papua province (turquoise). Image courtesy of Hayat Indriyatno/Mongabay. The discovery of these species highlights the high potential of biodiversity in Fakfaks waters where some of the species are endemic, said Viktor Nikijuluw, senior marine program director at the NGO Conservation International Indonesia, who was involved in the research. The new species include a pipefish from the genus Choeroichthys; two damselfish from the genuses Pomacentrus and Chrysiptera; three gobies from the genuses Amblyeleotris, Eviota and Myersina; a wrasse from the genus Halichoeres; a sand-diver from the genus Trichonotus; and a blenny from the genus Ecsenius. Some of the new reef fish species found in West Papua, Indonesia: a pipefish from the genus Choeroichthys, top; damselfish from the genus Pomacentrus, middle; and shrimpgobies from the genus Amblyeleotris. Images courtesy of Conservation International (CI) Indonesia. Viktor said maintaining the waters where these species were found as marine conservation areas would support the protection of the local biodiversity. He also called for effective management of the area to support sustainable fishing and tourism. The survey was part of a study into the vast and pristine waters of West Papua. In Fakfak, the

War ja klar. Kaum bin ich mal nen Tag nicht da, geht ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

War ja klar. Kaum bin ich mal nen Tag nicht da, geht gleich PGP kaputt. So jedenfalls liest sich die Panik-Panik-Webseite zu dem Bug. Und dann war ein "man muss im Client das Laden von verlinkten Resourcen ausschalten" dahinter, und ein Krypto-Problem, das Enigmail+GnuPG nicht betrifft, wenn ich Werner Koch hier richtig verstehe? Weil er vor 16 Jahren fr einen anderen, hnlichen Bug einen Fix eingespielt hatte, den Enigmail ordentlich umsetzt?!

Also so langsam hab ich echt keinen Bock mehr auf diese stndige Terrorpanikmache bei Securitybugs. Heise besteht ja gefhlt auch nur noch aus Spectre-Geraune. Kommt mal bitte alle wieder runter. Unglaublich.


Look what you made me do! "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Wow, the New York Times opinion pages keep reminding me of what a craphole theyve become. The latest entry is by Gerard Alexander, an associate professor of politics at the University of Virginia, who appears to wag a finger at those dang liberals who keep pointing out that the electorate that voted Trump into office were mostly conservative white folks who were driven by racial bias.

Racist is pretty much the most damning label that can be slapped on anyone in America today, which means it should be applied firmly and carefully. Yet some people have cavalierly leveled the charge against huge numbers of Americans specifically, the more than 60 million people who voted for Mr. Trump.

In their ranks are people who sincerely consider themselves not bigoted, who might be open to reconsidering ways they have done things for years, but who are likely to be put off if they feel smeared before that conversation even takes place.

Consider themselves not bigotedwell, now Im convinced. They dont believe the things they do and say, or that Trump does and says, are bigoted, therefore they arent. You know, thats not how the universe works.

And worse, hes arguing that if we point out the racist/sexist awfulness of the Trump administration, theyll then become even more racist/sexist out of spite. Please stop. This isnt how people operate. You dont become something you despise because people call you a mean name you might exaggerate what you really are, but you dont become the antithesis of your beliefs.

All Alexanders complaints are is a litany of abusers cliches: You made me do hit you! Its all your fault if you did the things I told you to do, I wouldnt be angry! I dont like smacking you around, but how else will you learn? Im not the bully, you are!

Look at the horrible things liberals do.

Pressing a political view from the Oscar stage, declaring a conservative campus speaker unacceptable, flatly categorizing huge segments of the country as misguided these reveal a tremendous intellectual and moral self-confidence that smacks of superiority. Its one thing to police your own language and a very different one to police other peoples. The former can set an example. The latter is domineering.

Yes, we can disagree with conservatives, and we can say so. Dont you believe in free speech?

Its true, some speakers are unacceptable. If they want to come to campus and declare that lesbians, or Republicans, need to be murdered, we ought to shut that poison right down.



My Home is Beit Daras: Our Lingering Nakba "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Ramzy Baroud | American Herald Tribune | May 14, 2018 When Google Earth was initially released in 2001, I immediately rushed to locate a village that no longer exists on a map, which now delineates a whole different reality. Although I was born and raised in a Gaza refugee camp, and then moved to []


Prayer and Meditation for Tuesday, May 15, 2018 The High Priestly Prayer of Jesus "IndyWatch Feed War"

I served the Lord with all humility and with the tears and trials that came to me . if only I may finish my course

Image result for High Priestly prayer of Jesus, art

Tuesday of the Seventh Week of Easter
Lectionary: 298

Reading 1  ACTS 20:17-27

From Miletus Paul had the presbyters
of the Church at Ephesus summoned.
When they came to him, he addressed them,
You know how I lived among you
the whole time from the day I first came to the province of Asia.
I served the Lord with all humility
and with the tears and trials that came to me
because of the plots of the Jews,
and I did not at all shrink from telling you
what was for your benefit,
or from teaching you in public or in your homes.
I earnestly bore witness for both Jews and Greeks
to repentance before God and to faith in our Lord Jesus.
But now, compelled by the Spirit, I am going to Jerusalem.
What will happen to me there I do not know,
except that in one city after another
the Holy Spirit has been warning me
that imprisonment and hardships await me.
Yet I consider life of no importance to me,
if only I may finish my course
and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus,
to bear witness to the Gospel of Gods grace.But now I know that none of you
to whom I preached the kingdom during my travels
will ever see my face again.
And so I solemnly declare to you this day
that I am not responsible for the blood of any of you,
for I did not shrink from proclaiming to you the entire plan of God.

Responsorial Psalm  PS 68:10-11,...


Why Commerce Secretary Ross and his Russian ties may be next in Mueller's investigation "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Is Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Jr. in special counsel Robert Mueller's sights? Though mostly under the radar among the Trump chaos, Ross has found himself in the news recently, thanks to President Donald Trump's insistence on trade standoffs. That media footprint may now change. Ross's labyrinth of Russian bank ties may have paid off Trump's five bankruptcies when no U.S. bank would.


Role players hired for Massachusetts-New England homeland response force National Guard training exercise "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

CAPE COD, Mass. (INTELLIHUB) A company named Human Domain Solutions (HDS), LLC has hired a troupe of role players to participate in this weeks National Guard training exercise which simulates a response to a disaster which could occur at a future time and date in the New England area this Tuesday and Wednesday (May 15-16).

The rather unusual casting call for role players was posted on, where details of the exercise and employment requirements were explained.

[The exercise] will be conducted by the Massachusetts National Guard and New England CERFP as an emergency response to a simulated manmade or natural disaster including a structural collapse and/or nuclear, biological or chemical incident. The CRPs will go through triage, decontamination, and medical treatment at least 3 times during each day of the exercise. CRPs will be provided cut-away prop clothing.  CRPs will be moulaged (injury make-up and fake blood) to portray various physical and emotional conditions.  Arrival time will be early morning and will be provided once individuals are accepted as CRPs.  The exercise will last between 6-10 hours.

This is an excellent opportunity to give back, and show appreciation, for these brave men and women of the National Guard.  Those who have participated in past National Guard disaster preparedness exercises have found it very rewarding:  you get to support this important State and community service and get paid to have FUN while doing so.

There is no security clearance requirement for role players but criminal background and U.S. employment eligibility checks are a must, the website states.

Priority will be given to those with previous role-playing, acting, military/wounded warrior, or EMT/first responder/disaster response experience. We are also looking for diversity among our CRPs, including gender, ethnicity, age, body types, disabilities, and foreign language abilities. American Sign Language speakers are also desired. Due to potentially stressful medical/decontamination processes and possible extreme outdoor temperatures, anyone having a known life-threatening or serious medical condition is ineligible for participation.

New hires will be paid $120 for one day and $250 for two, and lunch, snack, and drinks will be provided.

H/T: @Tabertronic on Twitter
2018. INTELLIHUB.COM. All Rights Reserved....


Six 3D Printing Companies Changing the Future of Humans in Space "IndyWatch Feed Tech" lists some of the most exciting companies that are using 3D printing to take humans into space.


Did Our Backstory Foreshadow Trump-Pence? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

We need own our past and define ourselves aligned with the Golden Rule to avoid crater being dug for America by Trump/Pence Administration.


Massive Cookout Thrown In Park Where Cops Were Called On Black Family BBQ "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The celebration followed an April 29 incident in which a woman ordered a black family grilling along the waterfront to pack up and leave because their charcoal grill was in a grilling area where charcoal wasnt allowed. After the family refused to leave, the woman called the police and later accused one woman at the park of harassing her, video shows. Oakland City Councilmember Lynette Gibson McElhaney was one of many who decried the incident as blatant racism. Police are not private security for any white person thats offended by the presence of black folks in our public spaces, she told HuffPost. Police did not cite the family that was grilling, though they were detained and questioned for an hour over the incident, McElhaney said. This is only one of the latest public examples of the cops being called on black people doing everyday things.


Why Saying I am Sorry is Vital to Trust "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

An essay in response to the trend against apologizing and owning ones mistakes.


The Healing Arts: Les Sangsues, La Gourmandise, La Felicit Parfaite, & Les Ivrognes. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Still with Louis-Lopold Boilly. Click for full size!

Les Sangsues, Louis-Lopold Boilly, Lithograph,1827.

Les Sangsues, Louis-Lopold Boilly, Lithograph,1827.

La Gourmandise, Louis-Lopold Boilly, Lithograph,1824.

La Gourmandise, Louis-Lopold Boilly, Lithograph,1824.

La Felicit Parfaite, Louis-Lopold Boilly, Lithograph.

La Felicit Parfaite, Louis-Lopold Boilly, Lithograph.

Les Ivrognes, Louis-Lopold Boilly, Lithograph, 1828.

Les Ivrognes, Louis-Lopold Boilly, Lithograph, 1828.


Video: Clinton, George W. Bush, Obama promise to recognize Jerusalem as Israels capital, Trump delivers "IndyWatch Feed War"

Why did Clinton, Bush and Obama promise and not deliver? Because they were convinced by foreign policy experts that if they moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, Palestinians and other Muslims would riot and murder innocent people. They were bowing to naked intimidation, which only encourages and enables those who are doing the intimidating. President []


Trump White House Quietly Cancels NASA Research Verifying Greenhouse Gas Cuts "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In recent years [...] satellite and aircraft instruments have begun monitoring carbon dioxide and methane remotely, and NASA's Carbon Monitoring System (CMS), a $10-million-a-year research line, has helped stitch together observations of sources and sinks into high-resolution models of the planet's flows of carbon. Now, President Donald Trump's administration has quietly killed the CMS, Science has learned.


Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Alemania seala irrupcin de Rusia en independentismo cataln "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Segn el presidente de la inteligencia interior de Alemania, una campaa de informacin previa al referndum, fue la participacin de Rusia.   Regeneracin, 14 de mayo de 2018.- A meses del referndum sobre la Independencia de Catalua, medios espaoles resaltan que la inteligencia alemana, encontr pruebas de la injerencia rusa, a travs de campaas de []

La entrada Alemania seala irrupcin de Rusia en independentismo cataln se public primero en Regeneracin.


Geert Mak en Zijn Belofte Aangaande Gaza "IndyWatch Feed War"

Beste Geert,

Maandag 20 april 2018 spraken wij elkaar in de regen op de Amsterdamse Nieuwmarkt over wat in onze jeugd 'de toestand in de wereld' heette. Jij vertelde mij ondermeer dat je je inmiddels zelfs wilt uitspreken over de Isralische terreur tegen de Palestijnse bevolking in Gaza. Vandaar dat ik nu als oude vriend van je een beroep op je doe: spreek je luid en duidelijk uit tegen het zionistisch fascisme dat alleen al vandaag heeft geleid tot het vermoorden van tenminste 40 Palestijnse burgers. Laat me s.v.p. zo snel mogelijk weten hoe jij als vooraanstaande Nederlandse opiniemaker je tegen deze terreur zal uitspreken.
Vriendelijke groet,

Geert, ook jij kunt je nu uitspreken, aangezien Amnesty het volgende heeft verklaard:


Syrian War Report May 14, 2018: Battle For Southern Damascus Enters Its Final Phase "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

from SouthFront Following a full liberation of Beit Sahm, Babbila, Sidi Miqdad and Yelda in southern Damascus, Syrian government forces have focused their efforts on combating ISIS in the Yarmouk refugee camp, Taqaddom and in the northern part of al-Hajar al-Aswad. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), Liwa al-Quds, the Palestinian Liberation Army and other pro-government []


Will The US Fight Another War-Quagmire For Israel In Iran? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In mid-May, super-war hawks Donald J. Trump (worried about the Mueller investigation), John Bolton, Trumps new unconfirmed national security advisor, and new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, are likely to pull out of the Iran nuclear accord. This would open the way for Israels Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his Congressional allies to push for armed conflict with Iran. Dont do it, declare our allies, Britain, France, and Germanysignatories to the Iran accord along with China and Russia. Dont do it, say former secretaries of state and secretaries of defense from both Republican and Democratic administrations. Dont do it, says Trumps own Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis, and Trumps chief of staff, General John Kelly. Dont do it, say outspoken former top Israeli national security and intelligence officials berating Netanyahu.


Where the Heck is Nauru? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

...and why should you care?

Essentially, it's an island near Australia which declared its independence. The island was covered in guano (bird crap) which was strip mined. Nauru boasted the highest per-capita income enjoyed by any sovereign state in the world during the late 1960s and early 1970s. When the phosphate reserves were exhausted, and the island's environment had been seriously harmed by mining, the trust that had been established to manage the island's wealth diminished in value. The birds shat elsewhere and it would take 10,000 years or so of flocking there to restore what had been removed. 

To earn income, Nauru became a tax haven and allowed money laundering activities. Banks popped up along the main street in Meneng.  Between 2001 to 2008, and again from 2012, it accepted aid from Australia in exchange for hosting the Nauru Regional Processing Centre. In essence, that's where Australia ships the illegal aliens that show up on its shores. Not a bad solution but the place can only host so many Iranians, Somalis and other Mohammedans. 

President Obama generously offered to take them all. President Trump put the brakes on that (more about that here), and Australia doesn't know what to do.



41 Palestinians killed as US opens embassy in Jerusalem "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

At least 41 Palestinians were shot dead by Israeli forces as thousands protested against the inauguration of the US embassy in Jerusalem. More than 1,000 people were wounded, the Gaza health ministry said, as Israel deployed two extra brigades to join at least 100 snipers and other troops along the frontier with the strip. Protesters []

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Do your kids think wi-fi is magic? Do you? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Many people dont know that Wi-Fi (Wireless Frequency) is Wireless Radiation or Microwave Radiation like what cooks food in a microwave oven.

In June 2008, the University of California, Irvine provided a statement about Wi-Fi safety concerns and research.

In their statement, they recommended that small children not be exposed to Wi-Fi for long periods.  This is also sometimes referred to as The Precautionary Principle.  They listed cell phones and laptops as sources of Wi-Fi.  They also cautioned about children being exposed to multiple sources of Wi-Fi at the same time. 

Since 2008, more research has been done and released to the public about health risks from exposure to Wi-Fi and other sources of Electrical Pollution (Electrosmog).  There have also been many warnings (see list below).

Despite this, there STILL has been no safe level of wireless Wi-Fi radiation exposure scientifically determined for children or pregnant women.  

Since Wi-Fi is almost everywhere now, small children and everyone else are being exposed to individuals, businesses, medical facilities, schools, etc. operating and using multiple sources of Wi-Fi almost all the time.

Children growing up now probably think Wi-Fi is magic.  Most young adults probably think the same.  Why wouldnt they?  Many older adults probably think Wi-Fi must be safe or there would be more warnings.

Since 2008, Wi-Fi warnings have been published by many medical professionals and media outlets but they always get lost in a sea of marketing campaigns and legal obstacles

Of course, tech inventors including the late Steve Jobs  must have been p...


Computer scientists made a chip that processes information like neurons, but works with light "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

These types of chips push the boundaries of artificial intelligence even further.

Intelligent Machines.

Silicon Photonic Neural Network Unveiled.

Neural networks using light could lead to superfast computing.


    Why the Discovery of Room-Temperature Superconductors Would Unleash Amazing Technologies "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Superconductors are among the most bizarre and exciting materials yet discovered. Counterintuitive quantum-mechanical effects mean that, below a critical temperature, they have zero electrical resistance. This property alone is more than enough to spark the imagination.

    A current that could flow forever without losing any energy means transmission of power with virtually no losses in the cables. When renewable energy sources start to dominate the grid and high-voltage transmission across continents becomes important to overcome intermittency, lossless cables will result in substantial savings.

    Whats more, a superconducting wire carrying a current that never, ever diminishes would act as a perfect store of electrical energy. Unlike batteries, which degrade over time, if the resistance is truly zero, you could return to the superconductor in a billion years and find that same old current flowing through it. Energy could be captured and stored indefinitely!


    Its crimes in Gaza are increasing Israels isolation "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

    Today the Trump administration moves the US embassy to Jerusalem, one more step in dispossessing the Palestinian people and solidifying Israels apartheid rule over them, aided by the US. Charles Glass writes about a new book by Norman Finkelstein titled Gaza: An Inquest Into Its Martyrdom that takes a critical look at the crimes that Israel has committed using its Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), focusing on the people who are the worst affected, those living in Gaza.

    During the battle over the land between 1947 and 1949, the IDF expelled three-quarters of the indigenous population. Of the 750,000 Palestinian Arabs who fled, 250,000 took shelter in Gaza, a tiny pocket of southwest Palestine then occupied by the Egyptian army. The destitute and traumatized refugees were three times more numerous than the 80,000 Gazans who took them in.

    The United Nations passed but did not enforce annual resolutions calling for the refugees return. Israel invaded the territory in 1956, withdrew under American pressure in 1957, and invaded again in 1967. As its population grew to nearly 2 million souls packed into a pocket five miles wide and 40 miles long, Gaza has become a byword for misery. Former British Prime Minister David Cameron, no advocate of the Palestinian cause, called it an open-air prison.

    [Finkelstein] dissects three major Israeli military actions against Gaza Operation Cast Lead in December 2008, Operation Pillar of Defense in November 2012, and Operation Protective Edge in July 2014 as well as the Israeli commando raid on a Turkish aid flotilla in May 2010. His blistering critique encompasses the international response to those events and the prolonged siege of Gaza by Israel and Egypt. The book makes for harrowing reading, replete with exhaustive research and detailed analysis to explain Israeli objectives in Gaza. Summarizing the IDFs use of Gaza, Israeli journalist Gideon Levy in the New York Times last April called it Israels training field, a giant lab for gauging the reactions of the nearly two million people it keeps under siege there, and for testing its innovating weapons, as well as the limits of what the world will let it get away with.

    Recent history indicates that Israel can get away with a great deal. It long ago closed Gazas port, airport and land border. The Palestinians traditional supporters in the Arab world, especially Saudi Arabia and Egypt, ignore them. Russia and China express sympathy while doing nothing. Nominal aid comes from Iran in the form of mostly ineffectual weapons for Hamas, a rare instance of the Shiite theocrats arming Sunni fundamentalists. Former Israeli Prime Mi...


    Rohr Release 30-Man Provisional World Cup List "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

    The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has released the provisional list on Monday. Apart from the usual suspects, Junior Lokosa, Kano Pillars and Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) highest goal scorer, was included in the list. SUPER EAGLES 30-MAN PROVISIONAL WORLD CUP SQUAD Goalkeepers: Francis Uzoho, Dele Ajiboye, Daniel Akpeyi, Ikechukwu Ezenwa. Defenders: William Troost Ekong, []

    The post Rohr Release 30-Man Provisional World Cup List appeared first on Newtelegraph.


    This Weekend: Hackaday x Tindie Meetup At Bay Area Maker Faire. "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Maker Faire Bay Area is this weekend, and the Hackaday and Tindie crew are getting ready to jack some cupcake cars. The Bay Area Maker Faire is one of the greatest gatherings of all the cool people we know, and five years ago we started host a meetup. This Saturday, were blowing the roof off our favorite joint in San Mateo yet again. Join us at ONeills Irish Pub for the 5th annual Hackaday x Tindie BAMF Meetup!

    This meetup is a well established tradition its all the cool kids at Maker Faire, hanging out in a bar. Well, all the cool 21+ kids that is. There will be blinky, there will be bring-a-hack, and there will be the people who build stuff and make things happen. This is the mixer for everyone who is passionate about hardware, and a refreshing escape from the heat and the five dollar bottles of water.

    Want an idea of whats in store for the Hackaday x Tindie Bay Area Meetup? Last year it spilled into the streets. We cajoled [Josef Prusa] to head out, we had tiny 3D printers in action, [Ben Heck] made an appearance, and someone brought a HoloLens. the MOnSter 6502 was there, slowly increasing its program counter. If you want to see the coolest DIY hardware without the dealing with the masses at Maker Faire, this is the event you want to hit up.

    But wait, theres more: HDDG is Thursday!

    Are you heading to San Fransisco early? Awesome, because were also hosting the Hardware Developers Didactic Galactic on the Thursday before the Faire! The HDDG is our monthly expand-your-mind gathering for hardware developers in the Bay Area. We have some amazing guests that will be talking about the latest hardware theyve been developing.

    On deck for this installment of HDDG is [Tanya Fish] who has been working at Pimoroni for the past couple of years. Shell be discussing the invisible magic of electronics and how to explain electrons to the uninitiated. Also on board for HDDG is [Roy Jui Liang Hung], the founder of Perknas Studio, one of the most renowned 3D printing experts in Taiwan. Hell be talking about 3D sculpture. Also on board is [Jason Kridner], co-founder of, who will be talking about simplifying hardware design with the BeagleBone On A Chip.


    Israeli Protesters Rally Against US Embassy Move To Jerusalem "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

    At least a hundred Israelis marched through downtown Jerusalem Saturday night to protest what they described as politically volatile moves next week that would increase tensions with Palestinians. The demonstration organized by various left-wing groups specifically denounced the US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem, as well as the annual Jerusalem Day celebrations which includes a politically charged march through the Old Citys Muslim Quarter. The protesters called to stop escalating tensions, spreading hatred, and provocations that undermine a chance for peace. Were fed up with cynical politicians who are trying to gain political capital at our expense. Whoever really loves Jerusalem, fights for its education and infrastructure, not transfer the US embassy here, which will only lead to violence, one of the protest organizers, Sof Pitishi, said in a statement.


    Slaughter in Gaza, 43 Dead in Ritual Killing for Jared and Ivanka "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

    Editors note:  The opening of the embassy in Jerusalem is a dramatic on behalf of a satanic death cult at the center of the US presidency.   If you think this statement is conspiratorial or extreme, I assure you it is only an observation of what too many of us have turned our backs on for []


    Will Ecuador Exit Assange from its London Embassy? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

    Ecuadors Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mara Fernanda Espinosa, confirmed in a briefing with a small group of journalists in Quito last week that a permanent dialogue with the United Kingdom and Julian Assanges lawyers seeks to resolve his status of asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

    We are looking for a way out, but that exit has to be framed within international human rights law, Espinosa said.

    Whether that will actually happen as Ecuadors foreign minister suggests remains to be seen especially since the U.S. State and Justice departments are counting on the British government to assist them in arresting and extraditing the Wikileaks founder to America.

    Writer Stephen Lendman says if Assange and WikiLeaks are silenced, itll be another blow to truth-telling on vital issues at a time its vitally needed. Read his new article below.

    Former CIA director and now current Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, accused Assange of causing great harm to our nations national security.

    By Stephen Lendman

    In August 2012, Ecuador granted WikiLeaks founder, director and editor-in-chief Julian Assange asylum in its London embassy granting him citizenship in December 2017. Hes been there since June 2012.

    If he steps out of the embassy, Washington wants him arrested and extradited to America.

    Whistleblowers exposing government wrongdoing are endangered in the US. Anyone exposing its high crimes and/or other dirty secrets is vulnerable.

    Challenging the nations policies, no matter how heinous, risks severe punishment.

    As CIA director, neocon extremist Mike Pompeo falsely accused Assange of causing great harm to our nations national security.

    He lied calling WikiLeaks a non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia.

    In 2012, a secret grand jury convened. A sealed indictment followed, allegedly accusi...


    Syria Imposes New Rules of Engagement on Israel "IndyWatch Feed War"

    by Sayed Hasan translated for the Saker Blog May 12, 2018 Source : On Thursday 10th May 2018, an unprecedented exchange of strikes happened between Israel and Syria. The mainstream media, as well as some alternative media like Russia Today, were quick to relay the Israeli army version, according to which the Zionist entity retaliated to an Iranian attack []


    Robert Spencer in The Federalist: Ending The Iran Deal Is The First Step Toward Addressing Irans Aggression "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Iran is a breeding ground for terrorist activity, funding and controlling a global network of jihad terror organizations. Their containment cant end with the Iran deal. My latest in The Federalist: President Trump has withdrawn the United States from the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, and vowed the rogue regime will never get its hands on []


    Israeli US Embassy Moves to Jerusalem While Protests Ensue "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

    On Monday, May 14, 2018, the United States Embassy was moved to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. This was marked by the 70th anniversary of the formation of Israel. Many Israelis celebrated the relocation of the American Embassy; however, the Palestinians were enraged. The Palestinians made a mass attempt to cross the border fence that separates []

    The post Israeli US Embassy Moves to Jerusalem While Protests Ensue appeared first on Guardian Liberty Voice.


    Jacks Walk "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

    voyager, all rights reserved

    We went to the park again today and I cant get over how much the goslings have grown in just a few days. Theyre at a sort of homely cute stage with beaks that look too big for their heads, fuzzy hairdos that stick out in all directions and the beginnings of eye marks that make them look sleepy. I think theyre adorable. The parents keep a careful watch, but dont seem to mind us being around. These are park geese who live here all year and are very used to people and dogs. Of course, Jack is also pretty laid back and usually lays quietly on the grass while I take  photos.


    University Of California Workers Start 3-Day Strike Over Pay "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) Thousands of custodians, security guards, gardeners and other service workers at University of California campuses started a three-day strike Monday to address pay inequalities and demand higher wages. Strikers gathered at sunrise on the 10 campuses throughout the state, wearing green T-shirts and carrying signs that call for equality, fairness, respect. The strike was called last week by American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 3299, which represents 25,000 service workers, after the union and the university could not agree on a new contract and mediation efforts failed. Another 29,000 nurses, pharmacists, radiologists and other medical workers heeded the service workers call for a sympathy strike and will join the walkouts Tuesday and Wednesday, which is expected to disrupt thousands of surgeries and other appointments.


    A Look at the Future of 5G "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Emerging 5G Applications

    5G report logo, link to report landing page

    Now that 5G is getting closer to deployment, what are the killer apps going to be that push 5G forward into broad deployment? Will 5G be influential enough to push the technology to the elite status of a general purpose technology? This article aims to explore some of the hottest emerging 5G technologies and the potential impact of 5G.



    • A Look at the Future of 5G

    • Emerging 5G Applications: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

    • Autonomous Vehicles

    • The Industrial Internet of Things

    Download the white paper.


    Margarita Zavala seala a Anaya de ser un copin de propuestas "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

    Margarita Zavala seal a Anaya de ser un copin, segn esto por las propuestas tan parecidas que ha planteado el candidato en materia de seguridad y lucha contra el crimen organizado. Regeneracin, 14 de mayo de 2018.- La candidata independiente a la Presidencia, Margarita Zavala seal a Ricardo Anaya, de la coalicin Por Mxico al []

    La entrada Margarita Zavala seala a Anaya de ser un copin de propuestas se public primero en Regeneracin.


    R Is For Redstart and Rabirruivo. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

    A young black redstart, Phoenicurus ochruros, kind enough to let me get very close. It has many common names in Portuguese, the most common are pisco-ferreiro, literally meaning blacksmith robin, and rabirruivo-preto, literally meaning black redtail.

    A stunning shot, click for full size!

    Nightjar, all rights reserved.


    Western leaders betrayed Palestinians 70 years ago. There is no sign thats about to change "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Israel has been crafting a dishonest counter-narrative ever since the Nakba, one that historians scouring the archives have exploded The National May 13, 2018 On Monday and Tuesday, Palestinians will commemorate the anniversary of the Nakba, or catastrophe, their mass expulsion and dispossession 70 years ago as the new state of Israel was built []


    Neuroscientists see a new way to manipulate minds "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Is it possible to exercise the same kind of control over the most complex network we know of: the human brain?

    Rewriting Life.

    How network neuroscience is creating a new era of mind control.

    It might come down to the same network theory that rules computer science and economics.


      Despite Efail, the sky is not falling "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

      Despite Efail, the sky is not falling

      The Efail attack on encrypted emails is sneaky, but it doesnt seem to be all that its hyped up to be.


      Trumps Withdrawal From Iran Nuclear Deal Gives Europe A Choice: Become Vassals Or Be Independent "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

      May 13, 2018 "Information Clearing House" -  Donald Trumps trashing of the Iran nuclear deal this week was not just an attack on Iranian sovereign interests. The US president was also poking European allies in the eye. In abruptly withdrawing the US from the international nuclear treaty, Trump warned that his administration was preparing to re-impose harsh sanctions on Tehran, and that those sanctions would also hit European commercial interests in Iran. The American presidents high-handed manner was to be expected towards Iran. He has constantly denigrated the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), signed in July 2015 by his predecessor Barack Obama, along with other members of the UN Security Council, Britain, France, Russia, China plus Germany. Trumps contempt for Iran as an alleged state terrorism sponsor has also been relentless.


      US Child Marriage, Israel Bombs Gaza, US Yemen Hypocrisy, Cop Detainee Sex & Facial Recognition Lie "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

      Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (5/13/18). A point not often discussed, is that the US actively employees for-profit hires otherwise known as contract killers or mercenaries to bypass standard military norms []

      The post US Child Marriage, Israel Bombs Gaza, US Yemen Hypocrisy, Cop Detainee Sex & Facial Recognition Lie appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


      'We do not go away': Native community protests racism and aggression "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

      Native people are continuing to call for justice following a series of incidents they say demonstrate racism and aggression in Nebraska.


      Victory! Fourth Circuit Rules That Border Officials Cant Subject Electronic Devices To Suspicionless Forensic Searches "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

      Back in 2014, the Supreme Court ruled in Riley v California, holding that border guards do not have unlimited authority to search our personal electronic devices when we cross the border, requiring individualized criminal suspicion before a search can take place. Now, in U.S. v. Kolsuz, the first appellate ruling since Riley, the Fourth Circuit appeals court has held that it is unconstitutional for US border officials to subject visitors devices to forensic searches without individualized suspicion of criminal wrongdoing. The Fourth Circuit didn't rule out the possibility that manual searches were also unconstitutional, but did not rule on the matter, and the ruling also suggests that warrants may be needed before border guards can undertake forensic searches of electronic devices.


      IBM employees banned from using portable storage devices "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

      In an attempt to minimize sensitive data loss, IBM will try out a worldwide, company-wide ban on the use of removable portable storage devices such as USB sticks, SD cards, and flash drives. The introduction of the new policy is scheduled for the end of May, and coincides whether intentionally or not with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becoming enforceable. An expansion of an existing policy According to The Register, some IBM More

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      Bill Andrews, President & CEO at Sierra Sciences, joins our Life Extension Board. "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

      Bill Andrews, President & CEO at Sierra Sciences, joins our Life Extension Board.


      Kano to spend N345million for Ramadan feeding "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

      Kano state government has earmarked 345 million for this years Ramadan feeding programme. The state Commissioner of Information, Youth and Culture, Malam Muhammad Garba who is also the state chairman Ramadan feeding monitoring committee disclosed this while flagging off this years Ramadan feeding programme at the premises of kano printing press. The commissioner stated the []

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      JOHESU Strike: NMA decries attacks on doctors, patients "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

      Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), Enugu State branch, has decried incessant attacks of its members and some patients by striking members of the Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU) in the state. The state chairman of NMA, Cajetan Onyedum, made the disclosure in Enugu on Monday while addressing journalists on the lingering strike by the union. The []

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      .. "IndyWatch Feed War"

      2018-05-14  . . []


      Detecting Cloned Cards at the ATM, Register "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

      Much of the fraud involving counterfeit credit, ATM debit and retail gift cards relies on the ability of thieves to use cheap, widely available hardware to encode stolen data onto any cards magnetic stripe. But new research suggests retailers and ATM operators could reliably detect counterfeit cards using a simple technology that flags cards which appear to have been altered by such tools.

      A gift card purchased at retail with an unmasked PIN hidden behind a paper sleeve. Such PINs can be easily copied by an adversary, who waits until the card is purchased to steal the cards funds. Image: University of Florida.

      Researchers at the University of Florida found that account data encoded on legitimate cards is invariably written using quality-controlled, automated facilities that tend to imprint the information in uniform, consistent patterns.

      Cloned cards, however, usually are created by hand with inexpensive encoding machines, and as a result feature far more variance or jitter in the placement of digital bits on the cards stripe.

      Gift cards can be extremely profitable and brand-building for retailers, but gift card fraud creates a very negative shopping experience for consumers and a costly conundrum for retailers. The FBI estimates that while gift card fraud makes up a small percentage of overall gift card sales and use, approximately $130 billion worth of gift cards are sold each year.

      One of the most common forms of gift card fraud involves thieves tampering with cards inside the retailers store before the cards are purchased by legitimate customers. Using a handheld card reader, crooks will swipe the stripe to record the cards serial number and other data needed to duplicate the card.

      If there is a PIN on the gift card packaging, the thieves record that as well. In many cases, the PIN is obscured by a scratch-off decal, but gift card thieves can easily scratch those off and then replace the material with identical or similar decals that are sold very cheaply by the roll online.

      They can buy big rolls of that online for almost nothing, said Patrick Traynor, an associate professor of computer science at the University of Florida. Retailers weve worked with have told us theyve gone to their gift card racks and found tons of this scratch-off stuff on the ground near the racks.

      At this point the cards are still worthless because they havent yet been activated. But armed...


      DARPAs XAI Future "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

      The popular scenario has AI deploying autonomous killer military robots as storm troopers. The mission of DARPA is to create the cutting edge of weaponized technology. So when a report contends that the Pentagon now using Jade Helm exercises to teach Skynet how to kill humans, it is not simply a screenplay for a Hollywood blockbuster.

      Simply AI quantum computing technology that can produce the holographic battle simulations and, in addition, has the ability to use vast amounts of data being collected on the human domain to generate human terrain systems in geographic population centric locations as a means of identifying and eliminating targets insurgents, rebels or whatever labels that can be flagged as targets in a Global Information Grid for Network Centric Warfare environments.

      While this assessment may alarm the most fearful, Steven Walker, director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in DARPA: Next-generation artificial intelligence in the works, presents a far more sedated viewpoint.

      Walker described the current generation of AI as its second wave, which has led to breakthroughs like autonomous vehicles. By comparison, first wave applications, like tax preparation software, follow simple logic rules and are widely used in consumer technology.

      While second-wave AI technology has the potential to, for example, control the use of the electromagnetic spectrum on the battlefield, Walker said the tools arent flexible enough to adapt to new inputs.

      The third wave of AI will rely on contextual adaptation having a computer or machine understand the context of the environment its working in, and being able to learn and adapt based on changes in that environment.

      Here is where the XAI model comes into play. The authoritative publication Janes states that  DARPAs XAI seeks explanations from autonomous systems. According to DARPA, XAI aims to produce more explainable models, while maintaining a high level of learning performance (prediction accuracy); and enable human users to understand, appropriately, trust, and effectively manage the emerging generation of artificially intelligent partners.

      Mr. David Gunning provides an insight that Explainable Artificial Intell...


      OpenCL 2.2 Sees A Maintenance Update With Document Clarifications, Bug Fixes "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

      The Khronos Group has today announced a new maintenance release to OpenCL 2.2...


      Reason Fight Aging! blog and Repair Biotechnologies "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

      An interview on rejuvenation science, advocacy, and more with Reason from the blog Fight Aging!.

      Most people interested in rejuvenation and life extension are familiar with Fight Aging!, one of the very first rejuvenation advocacy blogs dating back all the way to the early 2000s; if youre one of them, then you certainly are familiar with Reason, the man behind FA!.

      Over the years, Reason has been a patient yet relentless advocate, acting not only as an information provider for the public but also helping out innumerable organizations and companies in the field of rejuvenation biotechnology in financial and other ways. Back in the day when SRF didnt exist yet, Reason was a volunteer for Methuselah Foundation; eventually, he helped fund companies such as Oisn Biotechnologies, CellAge, and LysoCLEAR; and, earlier this month, Reason and Bill Cherman co-founded Repair Biotechnologies, a company focused on gene therapy for rejuvenation, as announced on FA!.

      Bill Cherman is an investor in the rejuvenation community who, just like Reason, has contributed to development of many ventures in the field. He is a holder of a gold medal in the Brazilian Mathematics Olympiad, a BA in economics, and a candidate in the Master of Biotechnology Enterprise and Entrepreneurship program at Johns Hopkins. He founded Front Seat Capital, a venture capital firm looking to invest in startups with the potential to change the world.


      Shoshone Protest at Main Gate of Yucca Mountain, Photos by Bad Bear "IndyWatch Feed War"

      Photos by Western Shoshone Carl Bad Bear Sampson Censored News Saturday, May 12, 2018 Buck Sampson, Paiute elder, said, "The Shoshone Runners and Walkers went to the main gate of Yucca Mountain today to protest the way this government has been storing used nuclear fuel rods, and carrying out detonations underground and nuclear


      How Durham, NC Became The First U.S. City To Ban Police Exchanges With Israel "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

      Durham, North Carolina became the first city in the country to ban local police exchanges with Israel on April 16, when the city council unanimously passed a resolution opposing any international military-style training for police officers. During a heated discussion at City Hall, opponents of the resolutions expressed confusion over the policys relevance to Durham, or said they opposed what they saw as unfair targeting of Israel. There are real problems facing this city, and the Palestinian situation is not one of them, Richard Ford of Durhams Friends of Durham political action committee said during the public comment period. Durham Mayor Steve Schewel also expressed dismay at what he said were false rumors that Durham had plans to send its police to Israel for training. But Southern solidarity with Palestine has deep precedent. Three years after the famous student Freedom Summer actions in Mississippi in 1964...


      The Transport, Part 8. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

      This is the end of the mural! From Kreator, Click for full size! Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7. Click for full size!

      Kreator, all rights reserved.


      Israeli Army Kills 52 People, Injures Over 2,400 in Terrible Massacre at Gaza Border "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

      Gaza BorderUpdate: At least 52 people killed at the Gaza border. (MEE)  At least 43 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip on Monday as thousands of Palestinians took to the streets across the occupied territory to mark the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, with tensions running high in Jerusalem, Gaza, and the West []



      Ambient or Outdoor Air Pollution Standards Set for Rollback per Industry Playbook   Washington, DC The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is quietly forwarding plans to weaken national ambient air quality standards designed to protect public health, according... Read More

      The post EPAS NEW DIRTY AIR PLAN HATCHED BEHIND THE SCENES appeared first on Global Justice Ecology Project.


      Did Roman Book Burning Conceal The Pagan Origins Of Christianity? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

      by Luke Miller Truth Theor

      In the times of the Roman empire they had created different sects of Christianity, condemning mystical teachings. Had information contradicting this came out, it would have been seen as a threat to their empire.

      In approximately A.D. 389 Alexandrias library was burned down at the order of Roman Emperor Theodosius the Great. Within this library it is believed there were  700,000 books on subjects such as health, science, astronomy mysticism and magic. Within these secret doctrine, it is believed that there could have been information on the Origins Of Christianity and the missing time in which the life of Jesus has remained a mystery.

      Manly P Hall States in The Secret Teachings Of All Ages:

      There are persistent rumors that Jesus visited and studied in both Greece and India, and that a coin struck in His honor in India during the first century has been discovered. Early Christian records are known to exist in Tibet, and the Monks of a Buddhist monastery in Ceylon still preserve a record which indicates that Jesus sojourned with them and became conversant with their philosophy.

      Although early christianity shows every evidence of Oriental influence, this is a subject the modern church declines to discuss. If its ever established beyond question that Jesus was an initiate of the pagan Greek or Asiatic Mysteries, the effect on the more conservative members of the Christian faith is likely to be cataclysmic.


      This is the subject of the video below entitled: Why Men with Dark Intentions Destroyed the Library o...


      Security updates for Monday "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

      Security updates have been issued by Debian (tiff and tiff3), Fedora (glusterfs, kernel, libgxps, LibRaw, postgresql, seamonkey, webkit2gtk3, wget, and xen), Mageia (afflib, flash-player-plugin, imagemagick, qpdf, and transmission), openSUSE (Chromium, opencv, and xen), SUSE (kernel), and Ubuntu (firefox).


      Siria, el patio trasero de las guerras "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

      Un nuevo ataque de Israel sobre territorio sirio confirma que este pas se ha convertido en el patio trasero de las guerras contemporneas. Bloques de pases encabezados por Estados Unidos y Rusia ataquen y construyen frente militares sobre un pas devastado y dominado por el dictador Bachar al Asad. Hasta cunto durar este situacin en el Medio Oriente?

      A lo largo del siglo XXI, Siria se ha convertido en el patio trasero de los grandes ejes de poder blico a nivel mundial. Por citar un claro ejemplo, el bombardeo realizado por un grupo de pases encabezados por los Estados Unidos hace unos meses fue un claro ejemplo de una respuesta militar y poltica a las acciones emprendidas por Rusia en el Medio Oriente.

      Sin embargo, el reciente bombardeo arbitrario realizado por Israel la ltima noche en Siria, ha reabierto el debate sobre la crisis humanitaria que vive Siria. Segn el Ejrcito Israel, los ataques de esta noche diezmaron las fuerzas de Irn presentes en Siria. Una vez ms un pas del eje occidental que encabeza Estados Unidosejecuta una agresin sobre el pueblo sirio.

      Los ataques constantes del rgimen sionista (Israel) en suelo sirio, que se hicieron bajo pretextos inventados y sin fundamento, constituyen una violacin de la soberana nacional y la integridad territorial de Siria y son contrarios a las normas internacionales, denunci el portavoz de Exteriores de Siria, Bahram Qasem.

      Segn el rgimen del dictador sirio Bachar Al Asad, el desequilibrio actual en su pas se debe a que Israel y Estados Unidos financian grupos terroristas para desestabilizar a su rgimen. Es ello lo que afirma el mandatario sirio lo llevara a buscar aliados en Rusia e Irn. Como consecuencia el pueblo de Siria sufre los embates de una guerra que parece no tener fin.

      Alianza alternativa

      Lo cierto es que el panorama en Siria parece ir de mal en peor. En los ltimos meses Irn ha afianzado efectivamente su presencia en dicho pas, algo que ya haba iniciado luego de que ayudara al dictador Bachar al Asad a sofocar a los grupos rebeldes que intentaban derrocarlo y en la lucha contra el Estado Islmico (ISIS).

      Teniendo a Israel como enemigo comn, Irn y Siria vienen forjando un frente militar compuesto principalmente de chitas. Como se sabe adems ambos bandos cuentan con una potencia poltica, econmica y militar que los respalda que son respectivamente Rusia y los Estados Unidos, ambos con voto en el Consejo d...


      #Hambacher Forest: UPIIIs extrajudicial 2nd month detention with no mail "IndyWatch Feed War"

      So-called Germany: UP III who was arrested during the Anti-Specist week continues to be detained as a flight risk, pending trial, with really shabby evidence against them which is being covered up by not giving defense access to it.  Their mail is being severely cut off with UP  III only receiving 2 letters after a month and a half of imprisonment with at least 50 having been sent.   There is no legal ground for withholding the mail all together so instead it is being send for translation, then forwarded to a Aachen districts court from Cologne for approval, resend back to persecution and only then forwarded back to jail. This delay could take as long as two months altogether with mail being lost at any point in this biurocratic chain isolation and psychological repression.

      Originally published by Hambi Bleibt.

      Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

      Hambacher Forest: UPIIIs extrajudicial 2nd month detention with no mail

      serveimageSo-called Germany: UP III who was arrested during the Anti-Specist week continues to be detained as a flight risk, pending trial, with really shabby evidence against th...


      Chinas Determined March Towards The Ecological Civilization "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

      May 09, 2018 "Information Clearing House" -  There is no time for long introductions. The world is, possibly heading for yet another catastrophe. This one, if we, human beings will not manage to prevent it, could become our final. The West is flexing its muscle, antagonizing every single country that stands on its way to total domination of the Planet. Some countries, including Syria, are attacked directly and mercilessly. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people are dying. Political and potentially military disaster is simultaneously complemented by the ecological ruin. Mainly Western multi-national companies have been plundering the world, putting profit over people, even over the very survival of the human species.


      New Commissioner Says FTC Should Get Tough on Companies Like Facebook and Google "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

      Declaring that the credibility of law enforcement and regulatory agencies has been undermined by the real or perceived lax treatment of repeat offenders, newly installed Democratic Federal Trade Commissioner Rohit Chopra is calling for much more serious penalties for repeat corporate offenders.

      FTC orders are not suggestions, he wrote in his first official statement, which was released today.

      Many giant companies, including Facebook and Google, are under FTC consent orders for various alleged transgressions (such as, in Facebooks case, not keeping its promises to protect the privacy of its users data). Typically, a first FTC action essentially amounts to a warning not to do it again. The second carries potential penalties that are more serious.

      Some critics charge that that approach has encouraged companies to treat FTC and other regulatory orders casually, often violating their terms. They also say the FTC and other regulators and law enforcers have gone easy on corporate recidivists.

      In 2012, a Republican FTC commissioner, J. Thomas Rosch, dissented from an agency agreement with Google that fined the company $22.5 million for violations of a previous order even as it denied liability. Rosch wrote, There is no question in my mind that there is reason to believe that Google is in contempt of a prior Commission order. He objected to allowing the company to deny its culpability while accepting a fine.

      Chopras memo signals a tough stance from Democratic watchdogs albeit a largely symbolic one, given the fact that Republicans have a 3-2 majority on the FTC as the Trump administration pursues a wide-ranging deregulatory agenda. Agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Interior are rolling back rules, while enforcement actions from the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice are at multiyear lows.

      Chopra, 36, is an ally of Elizabeth Warren and a former assistant director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. President Donald Trump nominated him to his post in October, and he was confirmed last month. The FTC is led by a five-person commission, with a chairman from the presidents party.

      The Chopra memo is also a tacit criticism of enforcement in the Obama years. Chopra cites the SECs practice of giving waivers to banks that have been sanctioned by the Department of Justice or regulators allowing them to continue to receive preferential access to capital markets. The hab...

      "Urban Acupuncture" Offers Struggling Neighborhoods a Better Future "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

      Dan Reed is an urban planner and writer sharing today's guest article on strategic investment to uplift low-income neighborhoods. For more stories and resources on small scale development, visit this page.

      "Most of Portland is shotgun house, shotgun house, shotgun house," Gill Holland says of his home base.

      Its a riverfront community on the far west side of Louisville, Kentucky that may have the nation's largest collection of these 19th century, one-room-wide houses outside of New Orleans. For over two centuries, the neighborhood  once its own city  was a port of call for Americans traveling west: Lewis and Clark stopped there, as did Abraham Lincoln, Aaron Burr, and Henry Clay. Hollands office is in a converted Boys and Girls Club where Muhammad Ali used to play.

       Shotgun houses in need of some love in the Portland neighborhood of Louisville

      Shotgun houses in need of some love in the Portland neighborhood of Louisville

      It was a working-class community, whose residents walked to work at warehouses along the water, but after two catastrophic floods in 1937 and 1945, people and investment sought higher ground. Today, the area has some 1,400 abandoned buildings, many of which are shotgun houses.

      So far, Holland's Portland Investment Initiative (Pii) has renovated 80 abandoned shotgun houses, which hes renting out as affordable housing. He's also working with locally renowned architects to build new shotgun houses nearby.

      I talk a lot about urban acupuncture, Holland says. The one strategic investment that takes away the negative effect and adds a positive ripple effect.

      The typical urban redevelopment story goes like this: the city decides it wants to "revitalize" a downtrodden neighborhood; assembles a massive piece of land, sometimes by displacing existing residents or businesses; and invites an equally large user to put something there like a sports stadium, a convention center, or a shopping mall.

      But in cities and towns around the United States, investors big and small are taking a different path: one house, one block at a time, in neig...

      3D-Printing Saves Collectible Lures from a Fishy Ending "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

      Give a man a fishing lure, and he catches fish until he loses the lure. Give a fisherman a 3D-printer, and he can print all the fishing lures he wants, especially replicas of those that are too valuable to actually use.

      It may seem strange that some people collect fishing lures rather than use them, but when you look at [Hunter]s collection, its easy to see why. Lures can be very artistic, and the Heddon River Runts in his collection are things of beauty and highly prized. Theyre also highly effective at convincing fish to commit suicide, so rather than risk the originals, he and his dad 3D-printed replicas.

      After modeling the body of the lure in Blender, they modified it with air pockets for buoyancy and located holes for attaching the treble hooks and lip spoon, which was fabricated from a scrap of brass from a rifle casing. The finished lure lacks the painted details and some of the charm of the original River Runt, but it has something Mr. Heddon couldnt dream of in 1933 when he introduced it it glows in the dark, thanks to the phosphorescent PLA filament used. That seems to be irresistible to the bass, who hit the lure so often that they got sick of taking pictures. See it in action in the video below.

      [Hunter] and his dad have been busy exploring what 3D printing can do, replicating all sorts of Heddon lures. Theyve even got plans to design a...

      Gaza killings: The names of people shot dead by Israeli forces on Monday "IndyWatch Feed War"


      Youngest among those confirmed killed in Gaza is 14-year-old Ezz Eldin on deadliest day since Israeli assault on enclave in 2014


      Police explain Enugu Church bomb scare "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

      The Enugu State Police Command on Monday denied report of alleged bomb explosion at an Enugu church on Sunday. The Command Spokesman, Ebere Amaraizu, said there was no bomb blast in any church in the state as being speculated by a local tabloid. The command wish to make it categorically clear to the members of []

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      The Worlds Only Code That Has Not Been Deciphered: The Mysterious Voynich Manuscript (Documentary) "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

      by Luke Miller Truth Theor

      The Voynich manuscript is a handwritten illustrated book, which has left codebreakers absolutely baffled, as thus far no one has been able to make any agreed upon sense of it. The manuscript is named after Wilfrid Voynich, a Polish book dealer who purchased it in 1912, in Villa Mondragone, Italy.

      The manuscript has many illustrations of plants, images and what could be interpreted as astrological symbols. There have been many theories on the manuscript- ranging from Wilfrid Voynich being a fraud, to it being the childhood works of Leonardo Da Vinci, all of which have been debated and challenged by experts.

      Another theory is it could have no code in it at all, or part code and the rest just nonsense that makes the code very hard to detect. These are some of the theories discussed in Voynich Code The Worlds Most Mysterious Manuscript:

      Get free copy of our 33 Page Illustrated eBook- Psychology Meets Spirituality- Secrets To A Supercharged Life You Control! 

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      #JUECES POR LA PAZ "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"


      A casi 5 meses de la apresurada y cuestionada aprobacin de la Ley de Seguridad Interior por el Presidente de la Repblica y un Congreso que ignor las voces nacionales e internacionales que advirtieron los riesgos de su aprobacin, y sin existir informacin pblica sobre sus actos de aplicacin, ha comenzado la defensa judicial de la constitucin frente a una ley que la violenta y amenaza los derechos humanos de las personas en Mxico.

      Mediante 3 sentencias de amparo, los jueces federales (Fernando Silva Garca, Juez Octavo de Distrito en Materia Administrativa y Karla Mara Macas Lovera, Juez Novena de Distrito del Estado de Guanajuato) afirman que la Ley de Seguridad Interior -por el slo hecho de existir- amedrenta los derechos de las mexicanas y los mexicanos y les inhibe en el ejercicio de sus derechos, an sin que exista un acto concreto de aplicacin.

      Como bien explica la Juez Macas Lovera Los efectos de las normas que se impugnan se desprenden de la alegada naturaleza ambigua, equvoca, vaga e imprecisa de dichas normas, que generan un efecto inhibidor al ejercicio de los derechos de acceso a la informacin, libertad de expresin, reunin, asociacin, privacidad , proteccin de datos personales.

      Adems, una consideracin del Juez Silva Garca confirma lo que este colectivo haba alertado sobre la puesta en marcha de Ley sin necesidad de emitir alguna Declaratoria de Proteccin a la Seguridad Interior: [] el precepto 26 de la Ley de Seguridad Interior al establecer que las Fuerzas Armadas pueden llevar acciones de seguridad interior para atender riesgos de seguridad interior, es evidente que para ello no se requiere la emisin de declaratoria alguna, pues en trminos del art...


      Tomgram: Michael Klare, The Road to Hell in the Middle East "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

      With Donald Trump's decision to shred the Iran nuclear agreement, announced last Tuesday, it's time for the rest of us to start thinking about what a Third Gulf War would mean. The answer, based on the last 16 years of American experience in the Greater Middle East, is that it won't be pretty.


      Buhari launches N9 billion irrigation scheme in Jigawa "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

      President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday launched the N9 billion Hadejia Valley Irrigation Scheme (HVIS) rehabilitation project in Auyo Local Government Area of Jigawa. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the project will be executed under the Transforming Irrigation Management in Nigeria (TRIMING) programme, which is supported by the World Bank. Even though the []

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      Waymo Filings Give New Details on Its Driverless Taxis "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

      California's DMV has also received an application from the startup JingChi to test fully autonomous vehicles Image: Waymo

      Waymo CEO John Krafcik announced last week that the company would be launching a driverless taxi service in Phoenix later this year. An application Waymo filed with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for driverless testing, obtained by IEEE Spectrum using public record laws, reveals more about how that service might work.

      Waymo is already operating a fully driverless pilot test in Arizona, where companies do not have to seek permission for self-driving cars, with or without human safety operators, or report on their progress. Its a different matter in California, where many self-driving companies are based. In April, the states DMV started accepting applications for fully driverless testing. So far, the DMV has received two applicationsone from Waymo, an Alphabet company, and the other from U.S./China startup

      Waymos application seeks permission for 52 fully driverless vehicles, 27 registered in California and 25 with Arizona plates. All are Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivans, similar to those currently deployed in Arizona. Waymo intends to test its vehicles in an intensively mapped geofenced area of about 50 square miles near its Mountain View offices. Passengers cannot select a destination outside that area, and Waymos software will not create a route that travels outside the geo-zone.

      Photo: Photo: The startup JingChi is developing autonomous vehicles it hopes to test in California.

      JingChi is being much less ambitious. The startup, which has been embroiled in a trade secret dispute with Baidu, received a DMV permit to test autonomous vehicles with safety drivers only last June. The new application requests permission to test a single driverless 2017 Lincoln MKZ hybrid.In a heavily redacted application, the company told the DMV that it will initially test the driverless [vehicle] at low speeds in parking lots and on public roads with little traffic and no bystanders, in a non-residential area near its Sunnyvale headquarters.

      Manufacturers also have to inform the DMV of the operational...


      Iran And Syria: Why Regime Change In One Means Regime Change In Both "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

      Probably the weirdest, dumbest, most annoying thing about writing on US foreign policy right now is the fact that regime change in Iran and regime change in Syria have been falsely spun into the illusion of two separate issues along partisan lines. People who are more aligned with Americas Democratic Party are a lot more opposed to the overthrow of the Iranian government and a lot more sympathetic to the idea of getting rid of Assad, and with those who are more aligned with the Republican party its the exact opposite. Partisan politics turn people into such drooling idiots. Democratic Party-aligned Americans oppose Trumps withdrawal from the Iran deal because it was Obamas baby, while Republican-aligned Americans support it for the exact same reason.


      Uninstall PGP? PGP and S/MIME protected emails prone to exposure "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

      By Waqas

      PGP and S/MIME protocols are used to ensure that emails

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      As US relocates embassy to Jerusalem, al Qaeda leader condemns international system "IndyWatch Feed War"

      Long War Journal, by Thomas Joscelyn, May 14, 2018: On the eve of the opening of the US governments embassy in Jerusalem today, al Qaeda released a new message from its leader Ay