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Tuesday, 16 January


Burkina Fasos Ambassador to the United States: Who Is Seydou Kabor? "IndyWatch Feed"

Seydou Kabor, an economist, was appointed Burkina Fasos ambassador to the United States on September 14, 2016, and officially assumed his responsibilities in the post on January 18, 2017. He is also accredited to Mexico.


Kabor attended secondary school at Lyce Technique of Abidjan, in neighboring Cote dIvoire and graduated in 1980. He returned to Burkina Faso and earned a bachelors degree (in 1983) and masters (1984) in business administration from the University of Ouagadougou.


The following year, Kabor started at the Bank for the Financing of Trade and Investments as a corporate customer service manager. In 1992, he was named deputy commercial credit manager and in 1995 Kabor was made senior manager.


Later that year, Kabor left the bank to serve as director general of Faso Baara, a project management and construction company. Faso Baara builds buildings, roads, hydro-agricultural projects and other infrastructure for the Burkina Faso government with an eye toward creating jobs.


In 2008, Kabor was named Burkina Fasos minister of infrastructure and road development under Tertius Zongo, who was then prime minister of the landlocked West African nation. In 2010, Kabor signed a deal to borrow the equivalent of $12.7 million to finance infrastructure repairs needed after a 2009 flood dropped 300 millimeters of waterabout a footon the country in 10 hours.


In May 2012, Kabor dedicated a mosque he had financed in his native village of Tanghin-Dassouri, near Burkina Fasos capital of Ouagadougou.


Kabor left the cabinet in July 2012 for a brief stint as human resources and community affairs manager for Belahourou Mining Company. The following September, Kabor set up a consultancy on public works projects. He also founded Alunet Sarl Co., a window and door manufacturer, and in 2016 created the African Agency for Public Works and Energy in Africa, which specialized in transport, hydro-agricultural infrastructures and energy sector projects management.


Kabor speaks French, English and his native language of Mor.

-Steve Straehley


To Learn More:

Meet the Ambassador (Embassy of Burkina Faso)


Google removes 60+ fake game apps displaying porn ads from Google Play "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Google has removed some 60+ game apps from Google Play, as they were found to contain code that either delivered inappropriate and pornographic ads, attempted to trick users into installing fake security apps or into signing up for (paid) premium services. About the apps The offending apps have been first flagged by Check Point researchers, who named the threat AdultSwine. The threat posed as different game apps Drawing Lessons Angry Birds, Temple Crash Jungle More


The role of trust in security: Building relationships with management and employees "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Massive data breaches have become the new reality, and they confirm that one of the biggest challenges companies face when it comes to security: a companys biggest shortcomings are often not apparent until data breaches or other emergencies occur. As a result, adequately preparing for the worst and getting employees at every level of the company to give security the attention that it needs remain the key priorities for chief security officers. Bridging the gap More


CISOs are feeling less confident than ever about cyber risk and data security "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Chief Information Security Officers are feeling less confident than ever about cyber-risk and data security this year, according to a survey conducted by Ponemon Institute in late 2017. As todays climate of high-profile data breaches continues, 67% of respondents believe their companies are more likely to fall victim to a cyberattack or data breach in 2018. And, 60% are more concerned about a data breach from a third party, such as a partner or vendor. More


Thunderstorms, hail and summer snow in parts of Tasmania and the Australian Alps "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A series of thunderstorms moved through the eastern half of Tasmania on Friday, January 12 and Saturday, January 13, 2018, producing notable amounts of hail on its southeastern coast. At the same time, Tasmania's highest peaks and parts of the Australian Alps...... Read more

Floods and landslides leave 4 dead, 3 missing in Philippines "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A tail-end of a cold front produced heavy rain over Eastern Visayas and Eastern Mindanao, Philippines over the weekend, killing 4 people and leaving 3 missing. Three people in their 60s were killed in Lanao del Norte when flooding struck the towns of Pantar and...... Read more

In der Kommentarsektion unter dem Mark-Lilla-Artikel ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

In der Kommentarsektion unter dem Mark-Lilla-Artikel hat jemand dieses Essay empfohlen, und der Empfehlung schliee ich mich an. Es geht um Richard Rorty, einen Philosophen, der 2007 gestorben ist, aber vorher sehr interessante Vorhersagen gemacht hat. Er leitet Identity Politics so her:

For if you turn out to be living in an evil empire (rather than, as you had been told, a democracy fighting an evil empire), then you have no responsibility to your country; you are accountable only to humanity. If what your government and your teachers are saying is all part of the same Orwellian monologue if the differences between the Harvard faculty and the military-industrial complex, or between Lyndon Johnson and Barry Goldwater, are negligible then you have a responsibility to make a revolution.
Mit anderen Worten: Der Staat und seine Institutionen werden grundstzlich komplett abgelehnt, und als nicht rettbar korrupt betrachtet, und damit fallen auch alle pragmatische und auf Zusammenarbeit und Kompromissfindung basierenden Manahmen weg, die man so machen knnte, und es bleibt nur noch die Revolution.
From his perspective, the problem was the total rejection of pragmatic reform. The belief that there was nothing in America that could be salvaged, no institutions that could be corrected, no laws worth passing, led to the complete abandonment of conventional politics. Persuasion was replaced by self-expression; policy reform by recrimination.


DOJ's IG Report May Explode on Monday, 1979 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

- Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. Good morning, Im still reporting on: DOJ's IG Report May Explode on Monday, 1979 Synopsis: According to several reports, the long-awaited report of the Justice Department Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, on the corruption inside the Justice Department is about to explode across the Washington, DC swamp. Horowitz, perhaps the most feared man in Washington by the swamp dwellers, that is was appointed by President Obama in April of 2012. Horowitz announced exactly one year ago that the Inspector Generals office would examine evidence related to allegations of misconduct by then FBI Director James Comey regarding his handling of Hillary Clintons email practices, and whether Justice Department employees leaked information improperly during the run up to the 2016 presidential election. According to Dr. Dave Janda, the Horowitz report will cover much more than originally announced: [insert] Support Our Sponsors: - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - Nobel Gold: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 877-646-5347 - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 - Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. - SeaShell Diamond Gallery, Custom Fine Jewelry Made in Hawaii. 808-338-9988; - PrepareWithBill - Food Storage You Can Depend On. 888-756-8727 - Kangen Water, ionized, alkaline water, website: Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the Still Report, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still: https://t...


Pese a guerra sucia AMLO es el ms mencionado y visible en redes sociales "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Respecto a la medicin anterior, el panista Ricardo Anaya y Jos Antonio Meade del PRI se disputan el segundo lugar de este apartado. Lpez Obrador acumula 42.3% de las menciones totales, mientras Meade tiene 23.8% y Anaya 23.6%.Regeneracin, 15 enero 2017.- El precandidato presidencial Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador, es el puntero en cuanto a la []

El post Pese a guerra sucia AMLO es el ms mencionado y visible en redes sociales apareci primero en Regeneracin.


More Than 100 Are Dead As The Worst Flu Epidemic In Years Sweeps Across The United States "IndyWatch Feed Economics"


More Than 100 Are Dead As The Worst Flu Epidemic In Years Sweeps Across The United States by Michael Snyder The Economic Collapse Blog This flu season is already off to a record-setting beginning, and many believe that it...

The post More Than 100 Are Dead As The Worst Flu Epidemic In Years Sweeps Across The United States appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Stricken Iranian oil tanker sinks off Chinese coast "IndyWatch Feed World"

Chinese authorities are struggling to contain what may be the worst environmental disaster of its kind in history, after a stricken Iranian ship finally sank over the weekend.


Philippine President Duterte Allowed China More Extensive Research Rights in South China Sea, Pacific Ocean Near The Philippines Chinese Chicanery in the Palace Who Gains the Most? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: sky, ocean, outdoor and water

Chinese research vessel Kexue is seen in the South China Sea. How do we know China is not stealing Philippine oil, fish and other natural resources?

MANILA (Reuters) Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte personally made a decision to let China conduct scientific research off the Philippines Pacific coast, his spokesman said on Monday, despite concern among critics about threats to maritime sovereignty.

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said that as chief architect of foreign policy, Duterte allowed China to work with the University of the Philippines in Benham Rise, an area roughly the size of Greece and believed by some scientists to be rich in biodiversity and tuna.

The United Nations declared Benham Rise, off the Pacific coast, part of the continental shelf of the Philippines in 2012. Manila last year renamed it the Philippine Rise.

Though China does not lay claim to the area, the lingering presence of its vessels for several months in late 2016 triggered concern about its intentions.

The Philippines granting of the permission to China was not announced and was revealed a few days ago by a lawmaker who has been fiercely critical of Dutertes close ties with Beijing.

The Philippines and China have a long history of maritime squabbles over sovereignty in the South China Sea, but there has been no disagreement about waters off Manilas Pacific coast.

Roque said anyone opposed to the joint research project should go to Congress and raise the issue there.

Image may contain: sky, ocean, cloud, twilight, outdoor, water and nature

Filipino fishermen have long complained about their Chinese overseers.

If this is not a wise move of the president, then a law could be enacted to prohibit it, he said.



UK Refuses to Grant Assange Diplomatic Status Foreign Office "IndyWatch Feed World"

(Sputnik) The government of Ecuador recently requested diplomatic status for Mr. Assange here in the UK. The UK did not grant that request, nor are we in talks with Ecuador on this matter. Ecuador knows that the way to resolve this issue is for Julian Assange to leave the embassy to face justice, the spokesperson was quoted as saying by The Guardian newspaper.

The news comes in wake of the El Comercio news outlets report published on January 10, regarding the number of an identity document, registered in the Ecuadorian Civil Registration System under Assanges name.

However, the reports circulating in media have been insisting that the whistleblower could be expelled from the embassy because he drove President Lenin Moreno over the edge.

The South American country has been seeking a third party to resolve the situation around Assange, this position was voiced by Ecuadors Foreign Minister Maria Fernanda Espinosa on January 9, who stressed that Ecuador would continue providing support to the whistleblower.

Image Source: Surian Soosay, Flickr, Creative Commons
WikiLeaks Julian Assange

Assange has been living in Ecuadors London since being given political asylum in 2012. In 2010, Swedish authorities began an investigation into rape allegedly committed by the whistleblower, who resisted being questioned in Sweden for fear that he might be extradited to the United States over his whistleblowing organizations exposure of classified documents.

Originally published by Sputnik

The post UK Refuses to Grant Assange Diplomatic Status &...


If Dr. King Were Alive Today, Hed Be Arrested and Called an Anti-Police Thug "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

As most Americans drink their beer and enjoy the day off, the thought that Martin Luther King Jr.'s struggle lives on is but a fleeting memory.


Mike Pence Rescues Iraqi Christians, 1977 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

- Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: Good morning, Im still reporting on: Mike Pence Rescues Iraqi Christians, 1977 Synopsis: According to the Washington Free Beacon, Vice President Mike Pence has caused State Department money to be shifted around to bring much-needed relief to persecuted Christians in the Iraqi city of Nineva after being devastated by the ISIS terror army. In an October speech, Pence promised that the administration would stop the State Departments ineffective relief efforts that gave all money to the U.N. to distribute in Iraq. The United States will work hand in hand from this day forward with faith-based groups and private organizations to help those who are persecuted for their faith. This is the moment, now is the time, and America will support these people in their hour of need. ISIS deci mated the Christian population in Iraq. There were 1.4 million Christians in Iraq. That has now dropped to below 250,000. The new money will go towards restoring basic services, such as water, electricity, sewage, health and education. The Knights of Columbus, one of the largest Catholic charities, has sent millions of dollars in donations to the Catholic archdiocese in Northern Iraq, one of the few groups on the ground providing relief to Christians and Yazidis and help to rebuild their homes. Support Our Sponsors: - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - Nobel Gold: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 877-646-5347 - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 - Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. - SeaShell Diamond Gallery, Custom Fine Jewelry Made in Hawaii. 808-338-9988; - PrepareWithBill - Food Storage You Can Depend On. 888-756-8727 - Kangen Water, ionized, alkaline water, website: Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, a...


Outlook 2018: Energy Prices "IndyWatch Feed War"


Oil prices have recovered from their 2014 nadir, as evidenced by the fact that after years of painfully low prices for energy producers, oil prices at the Brent crude global oil benchmark are now well over $60, briefly reaching $67.84 a barrel recently for a three-year high. Of course this is a far cry from the days when market pressure had forced the price of oil to over $100 a barrel, but it marks a return to market balance, allowing sellers to rid themselves of the excess oil inventories which they had accumulated since the dark days of 2014.


The post Outlook 2018: Energy Prices appeared first on Geopolitical Monitor.


The great unravelling: Why we must break to make ourselves whole "IndyWatch Feed World"

I unknit all the loops. Am a mountain of yarn piled on the floor. What was once shaped and formed is now an indistinguishable blob. I've destroyed myself again. I could lament the undoing. Curl shoulders inward. Heave with great sobs. Grieve for the loss of an identifiable thing. Struggle with what was. Get entangled. Cease to move forward. I've crafted that pattern before. Know it well. Know, too, that the time approaches when the winding mass of unkempt fibers will cry out to Become. Can feel the first stirrings of the desire to Be. No longer content to gel amoeba-like on the floor, the mass shudders with intention.


Deneuve apologizes to sex assault victims but does not distance herself from previous letter she signed "IndyWatch Feed World"

A legendary French movie star issued an apology to women who became victims of sex assaults and who took offense with the letter critical of the #MeToo campaign that she signed along with some 100 others. In a letter published by French newspaper Liberation, Catherine Deneuve explained that while she did sign an open letter that decries #MeToo, she does not necessarily support the opinion of its other signatories.


Retpoline Backported To Linux 4.9, Linux 4.14 Kernels "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Retpoline support for mitigating the Spectre vulnerabilities will soon be present in the Linux 4.9 and 4.14 stable kernels...


Bathing Jay, Part 4. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

From Giliell, click for full size!

Giliell, all rights reserved.


Dog figures out how to sled downhill, again and again "IndyWatch Feed"

Let no so-called scientist ever tell you that animals act only on instinct, but not by intent and deliberation. This dog figured out how to have fun by himself sliding downhill on a sled, again and again. H/t FOTMs CP. Continue reading


Ethereum Goes Parabolic AGAIN in only a few weeks?!! Why? (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Ethereum Goes Parabolic AGAIN in only a few weeks?!! Why? Video Wall St for Main St Ethereum prices have gone parabolic (again) in just the last few weeks. Why do you think this has happened? According to a recent...

The post Ethereum Goes Parabolic AGAIN in only a few weeks?!! Why? (Video) appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Why You Should Consider Going Organic "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Which Produce Has the Most Pesticides? Here are the 14 Foods You MUST Buy Organic

By Dr. Mercola

Many people want to lead a healthier lifestyle but arent sure where to start. In the realm of diet, in fact, most Americans (52 percent) believe its easier to calculate their income taxes than figure out what to eat to stay healthy.1 It shouldnt feel this hard, which is why I want to give you one tangible step you can take to overhaul your diet, and lifestyle, for the better: Go organic.

A survey by the Organic Trade Association revealed that, in 2017, Americans bought more organic foods and household products than ever, with sales reaching $47 billion in 2016 an 8 percent increase from 2015.2 Katherine Paul, associate director of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), said in a news release, I think you are looking at a better-educated population that is connecting the dots between what they eat and their health.3

This is true, indeed, and organic products are now available in close to 20,000 natural food stores and 3 out of 4 conventional grocery stores in the U.S. Even the U.S. Department of Agriculture acknowledges their staying power in the marketplace, noting Organic products have shifted from being a lifestyle choice for a small share of consumers to being consumed at least occasionally by a majority of Americans.4 But despite the gains in popularity, organic sales account for only about 4 percent of total U.S. food sales.5

Avoiding Pesticides Is the No. 1 Reason People Buy Organic

Polling shows the No. 1 reason people go organic is to avoid pesticides, chemicals and all of those things that are not allowed in organics, Paul said,...


WATCH: Cops Raid Park, Arrest a Dozen People, Including a ChildFor Helping the Homeless "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

To "protect" society from the likes of "criminals" who'd dare to help out the homeless, police raided a park Sunday and arrested more than a dozen people.


Tunnels under the Berlin Wall "IndyWatch Feed"

Wonderful article in the Times by Christopher Schuetze and Palko Karasz about the old tunnels under the Berlin Wall:
About 75 tunnels were built under the wall during its three-decade existence, many of them around Bernauer Strasse. Residential buildings nearby provided handy shelter for digging and for entering the passages.

One escape that received widespread attention was filmed by NBC in 1962. The network provided money for an effort by students in West Berlin to connect two cellars on either side of the wall. The resulting documentary, called The Tunnel, related the escape of 29 men, women and children, and it raised questions about the journalistic ethics involved.

In the autumn of 1964, 57 people from the East escaped through a tunnel that started in a disused courtyard bathroom [shown above]. But this escape marked a turning point. An East German border guard was killed in a gunfight between the security forces and those helping the escape on the Western side. The 21-year-old guard, Egon Schultz, became a hero in the East after his death, leading many in the West to question the wisdom of promoting such crossings.
The story focuses on the archaeological discovery of a tunnel dug for a failed crossing attempt in 1962. After the Wall fell Germans seemed determined to erase every trace of its existence, but these days there is some interest in commemorating the Wall and preserving bits of it, perhaps including this tunnel.


Liberal Prof Declares Meritocracy a Sign of White Supremacy (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Lets be honest.

The Democrat Party is now openly pushing Communism on US campuses.

English professor Reshmi Dutt-Ballerstadt put together a checklist for white supremacy.

Dutt-Ballerstadt tells students that if you believe in meritocracy or awarding people according to their accomplishments or excellence is a sign of white supremacy.

Of course, this is an openly Communist idea that Democrats are pushing on college campuses.

Its not the first time a liberal professor pushed this Communist nonsense.

Angela Putman proposed the same idea last year at Penn State.

Campus Reform reported:

An English professor at Linfield College has developed a checklist that is intended to help individuals determine whether they are white supremacists.

In a Friday op-ed for Inside Higher Ed, professor Reshmi Dutt-Ballerstadt explains that after many years of contemplation, she created a list of qualities and attributes of those that overtly or covertly support or contribute to a culture of mundane and everyday white supremacy within our institutions.

The academic then goes on to outline 15 of her core troubles that she identified to help others in academe recognize your (un)conscious contributions to white supremacy.

The first item on the lengthy list of transgressions is working in a position of power in a predominantly white institution and doing nothing to change the white supremacist power structures within your departments, committees and institutional decision-making process.

Likewise, another sign of aiding white supremacy is thinking that marginalized colleagues who complain about oppressive work conditions are difficult, and saying I am so sorry. This is unbelievable to colleagues and students who claim that they experienced microaggressions, Dutt-Ballerstadt claims.

The checklist further asserts that wanting to nominate stellar (mostly men) and obviously white colleagues for leadership positions and awards is also a sign of aiding white supremacy,...


North Korean women band want to play at South Korean Olympics "IndyWatch Feed World"

This music video is called Moranbong Band My country is the best! [North Korea].

That all-women North Korean band wants to play at the February 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongcheang.

Dutch NOS TV reports that today North and South Korean delegations are again talking about North Koreans going to Pyeongchang. One northern delegate is Ms Hyon Song-wol, the leader of the Moranbong Band. She wants her band to play during the games.

Trump emphasises hostile stance on North Korea: here.


On-card biometric for contactless payments tested in first commercial pilots "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Visa has initiated pilots with Mountain America Credit Union and Bank of Cyprus of a new EMV dual-interface (chip- and contactless-enabled) payment card, making these the first commercial pilots to test an on-card biometric for contactless payments. With biometric authentication gaining momentum and the EMV migration well underway, the biometric payment card pilots will test the use of fingerprint recognition as alternatives to PIN or signature to authenticate the cardholder. The world is quickly moving More


Back Into the Chill- Last Extreme Cold Snap Can't be Blamed on Climate Change "IndyWatch Feed War"

Before we get to the main topic of this post,  I'd like to remind everyone that other cold snaps which were sold as being attributed to man made global warming, as they were occurring,  we're later clarified to be not connected to AGW- It's always wash, rinse, repeat for the lies.
March 29/2015:  AGW/Global Warming DOES NOT CAUSE EXTREME WINTERS!

Cold snaps like the ones that hit the eastern United States in the past winters are not a consequence of  (global warming AGW) climate change. Scientists at ETH Zurich and the California Institute of Technology have shown that global warming actually tends to reduce temperature variability
 Repeated cold snaps led to temperatures far below freezing across the eastern (central) United States (and Canada & parts of Europe etc...) in the past two winters.
 Obviously warming cannot equal cooling unless one has cognitive dissonance. In 2015, despite two frigid winters- the carbon cult was initially claiming that warming would cause cooling. But scientists stated very clearly and quite sensibly that warming would reduce temperature variability.
Apparently Mother Earth didn't get the memo!
Presently- We are in the freeze again- For how long? I don't know. Hopefully just a couple of days? We had a very brief thaw. Less then a week
 Friday January 12/17 "Rain has changed to snow and temperatures are expected to plummet behind the front" Tonight - 11 C or 12 F 
Saturday's temps were :  Max: 14.0F / Min:1.8F  Max: -10.0C Min: -16.8C
Lowest  same day temperature in the past ten years occurred in 2015: (2006-2017) -10.3F 2015...


1,000 teens under 18 charged with child porn distribution via Facebook "IndyWatch Feed World"

More than 1,000 Danish young people have been charged with child pornography offences for sharing a sex video involving two 15 year olds on Facebook Messenger. The charges followed an extensive, co-ordinated police effort that dates back to March 2015, when the video was widely shared online and gained national attention as "one of the worst sexual violations recorded on camera in Denmark."


The Daily Bird #591. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Blue Tits from Charly, click for full size!

Charly, all rights reserved.


2018: The Wrong Lesson on Gold Investing "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

2018: The Wrong Lesson on Gold Investing by Adrain Ash Bullion Vault Gold investing can wait til the crash. Right? SO EVERYONE thinks the stock market is about to pull back or even crash, but no one is doing...

The post 2018: The Wrong Lesson on Gold Investing appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Erasing women from media "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Its very strange. There are people out there who just hate other people for their sex and sexuality. Its a sad sick world with people like that in it.

Here are the editors change notes. They say so much about him.

The Last Jedi: De-Feminized Fanedit (aka The Chauvinist Cut)

Specs: 1280720, x264, 46 minutes, MP3 2.0 audio

Basically The Last Jedi minus Girlz Powah and other silly stuff.

It would probably be easier to make a list of things that were kept instead of things that were changed. Hardly any scene got away without cuts.

The resulting movie is (wait for it ) 46 minutes long.

Yeah I know, its not ideal. Its made from a CAM source (the most recent HDTC one with the Asian hard subs, which is pretty watchable). It has issues. But it had to be done.

You will probably enjoy it most when you view it less as a blockbuster movie and more as some kind of episode from some non-existent mediocre Star Wars series.

Heres a short rundown of changes (spoilers! full list in description.txt):
No whiny/reluctant/murderous psycho Luke.
NO HALDO! She simply doesnt exist. Her whole subplot doesnt exist. The Kamikaze is carried out by Poe. ( = Poe dies.)
Leia never scolds, questions nor demotes Poe.
Lea dies. Kylo kills her.
Kylo is more badass and much less conflicted and volatile.
Kylo takes on more of Snokes guards, Rey struggles with a single one.
No bomber heroism by china girl in the beginning.
No Canto Bight.
No superpowered Rey.
Luke is not a semi-force-ghost and is smashed by the first laser cannon shot. (sorry, I just had to!)
Phasma is finished after the first blow by Finn. (Women are naturally weaker than men, she isnt force-sensitive, and we know nothing about any exo-skeleton in her suit)
Asian chick speaks less, doesnt bully Finn, Finn doesnt try to escape, she is never formally introduced. She is just there and occasionally smiles at Finn or screams Finn!. She has no sist...


FBI Baffled by Encryption, 1978 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

- PrepareWithBill - Food Storage You Can Depend On. 888-756-8727 Good evening, Im still reporting on: FBI Baffled by Encryption, 1978 Synopsis: New FBI Director Christopher Wray, speaking on Tuesday at a cyber-security conference in New York, said that powerful encryption tools now becoming widely available are frustrating his agency. Surprise, surprise; last year, the FBI was unable to access data from 7800 devices thats over 50% - despite having legal authority to do so i.e. a legitimate warrant from a real judge. Wray warned the audience of cyber-security experts from around the world: This is an urgent public safety issue. [The solution] is not so clear cut. The FBI has been trying to require manufacturers to provide backdoors into their devices for law enforcement who obtain a warrant. However, the public is demanding more security from the government, not less, especially in light of the fact that the latest batch of cyber criminals were a literal cabal within both the FBI and Justice Department to attack the current President and help cover the crimes of his opponent and her husband, a past president. Just a few months ago some wondered if the FBI was not playing a deceitful game by pretending not to be able to break through current encryption techniques. However, it has recently come to light that utilizing the best commercially-available security practices can stop government snooping cold even one level of technology above that level currently available to the FBI. Yes, this is a huge problem for law enforcement, but one that is self-generated. Therefore, this is an impossible time for Mr. Wray to effectively make this case due to his own Bureaus recent and ongoing illegal activities. Wray could, at any moment, throw open the doors of complete transparency to the FBIs involvement with the Clinton Crime Cabal. Instead, he has chosen to continue to use the immense power of the Bureau to stonewall Congressional investigations and obstruct justice at every step of the way. Support Our Sponsors: - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - Nobel Gold: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 877-646-5347 - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 - Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. - SeaShell Diamond Gallery, Custom Fine Jewelry Made in Hawaii. 808-338-9988; - PrepareWithBill - Food Storage You Can Depend On. 888-756-8727 - Kangen Water, ionized, alkaline water, website: Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 d...


Erdogan vows to strangle US 'terror army' in Syria and invade Kurdish enclave "IndyWatch Feed War"


Turkish president slams US-organised 'border force', and says preparations are complete to attack canton of Afrin


SOTT FOCUS: Why is The Trump Administration Selling Weapons to Ukraine? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Last month, the Trump administration approved the largest US sale of lethal weapons to Ukraine since 2014 by approving a commercial license authorizing the export of sniper systems to Ukraine for $41.5 million. A few days later, the antitank Javelin missiles that the Ukranian government requested were added to the sale - the total package is now valued at $47 million. Although the US State Department announced the measure as providing Ukraine with "enhanced defensive capabilities as part of our effort to help Ukraine build its long-term defense capacity", Russia has rightly suggested it will exacerbate the conflict. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov stated that the US has become an accomplice in the war and that the sale makes it impossible for Russia to remain "indifferent". Writer Daniel Larison calls Trump "a fool" for arming Ukraine, as Russia will respond more aggressively and will always outmatch whatever support the US gives, because it has far more at stake. The situation will lead to a "fruitless and unnecessary competition with another major power" - a power that Trump promised barely a month earlier to seek a good relationship with. Likewise, Professor Stephen Cohen is right when he says it doesn't make any geopolitical or strategic sense.


Canadian Community Works With Elders To Learn Traditional Remedies To Treat Cancer Patients "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

By Alanna Ketler

When you take care of the land, the land will also take care of you. Melinda Laboucan

Melinda Laboucan is the community cancer co-ordinator for Goba in Fort Good Hope, Northwest Territories. Goba is a a group of volunteers for those who aim to raise awareness about cancer and traditional treatment methods.

I lost my mom back in 2011 and seeing how other people had stepped out to come support us, Ive always wanted to return that favour back, Melinda says.

She now spends her time out on the land with the elders collecting spruce gum, buds and chaga mushrooms to assist those suffering with cancer in her community and utilize traditional remedies that have tremendous healing capacity.

The elders of this community teach about more than just remedies. Laboucan explains, Before we pick it, the elders mentioned to us that we have to make an offering to the land.

She said they would offer tobacco, food, tea, coffee or anything they had really to the land to show respect and to honour it.

When you take care of the land it will also take care of you.

The elders showed the group how to prepare the medicine. They make salves and teas and the main ingredients that the elders use to treat cancer patients are chaga mushrooms and spruce.

Spruce gum can be turned into a cream and be used to treat cuts, burns and many other skin irritations and can be especially helpful after radiation treatment.

Its very good for keeping the burns from getting any more worse, and to soothe the pain, said Roger Plouffe, a member of Goba who has a background in science.

Spruce buds can be boiled down into a liquid that can treat coughs, sore throats and colds.

Chaga mushrooms, which are typically found on birch trees are of much better quality when grown in more Northern climates than the ones that are found in warmer temperatures, according to Plouffe.

Chaga mushrooms can be used on cancer patients to reduce swelling and also to build up the immune system. The elders make tea from the hard, woody mushrooms, but are careful not to b...


The Truth About Hawaii? Plus Hollywood Hypocrisy Gone Crazy (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The Truth About Hawaii? Plus Hollywood Hypocrisy Gone Crazy Video We Are Change In this video, Luke Rudkowski and Jason Bermas give you the latest breaking news on Aziz Ansari, Hawaii alert text, Haiti, Hillary and the Clintons getting...

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Pirates Target Transnational Shipping off of Nigeria "IndyWatch Feed War"



It has been all too common to reduce Nigerias security outlook to the Boko Haram terrorist insurgency in its northeastern states. But the country is wracked with insecurity across its vast territory, with everything from clashes between Christian farmers and Muslim herdsmen in Nigerias central belt to a brewing Biafra separatist movement in the southeast. Meanwhile in the countrys south, saboteurs in the oil-rich Niger Delta region have long caused problems for oil and gas companies and thousands of Nigerian citizens have been caught up in a renewed trans-Saharan slave trade. More recently, a new threat has emerged offshore: a series of pirate attacks in the Gulf of Guinea off of Nigerias coast. While not all of the attacks originated from Nigerian territory, many of them are connected to the very same criminal and militant groups who have long operated out of the Niger Delta, generally preying on river traffic.

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Monday, 15 January


FBI, DOJ argue for dismissal of suit about their foreknowledge of Garland, Texas jihad attack "IndyWatch Feed War"

This case should not be dismissed. I was co-sponsor and co-organizer of this event and spoke at it, and was there when the jihadis began firing. And this case is bigger than Bruce Joiner, which is not to say that his case is not of cardinal importance. The FBI clearly knew the attack was coming []


Chinese Rocket Booster Crashes To Earth, Erupts In Massive Fireball "IndyWatch Feed World"


"IndyWatch Feed Europe"

mak_1.jpg , ,
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( , 1797)


Why (And How) EVERYONE Should Make a Survival Shelter Plan (+ Printable Checklist) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Why (And How) EVERYONE Should Make a Survival Shelter Plan (+ Printable Checklist) by Daisy Luther The Organic Prepper The false alarm in Hawaii yesterday should be an enormous wake-up call. It should inspire everyone, everywhere to make a...

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US Carrier Strike Groups Locations Map January 15, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed War"

This is the newst update of the U.S. Carrier Strike Groups Locations Map exclusive series showing the approximate locations of U.S. Carrier Strike Groups on a weekly basis. SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence tracks locations of U.S. aircraft carriers using the available open-source information. No classified information was used in production of the map.

US Carrier Strike Groups Locations Map January 15, 2018

Click to see the full-size map

Carrier strike group (CSG) is an operational formation of the United States Navy. It is centered on an aircraft carrier and a carrier air wing (CVW) of 65 to 70 aircrafts. Its composed of roughly 7,500 personnel, an aircraft carrier, at least one cruiser, a destroyer squadron of at least two destroyers and/or frigates. A carrier strike group also, on occasion, includes submarines, attached logistics ships and a supply ship. Carrier strike groups comprise a principal element of U.S. power projection over the worlds oceans.

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Mongoose: American Psychiatric Association Warns Doctors Diagnosing Our President Could Lose Licenses If They Continue to Violate Established Protocols "IndyWatch Feed War"


American Psychiatric Association warns left-wing psychiatrists to stop diagnosing President Trump without a medical examination a total violation of medical ethics

Should Trump-hating doctors who issue fake diagnoses about the president lose their medical licenses?

Phi Beta Iota: The claims that the President is mentally unstable, like the attempts to subvert the Electoral College, the lies about Russians hacking the election, and the seditious #RESIST cells funded by George Soros and organized by the Anti-Defamation League, are criminally negligent at best, and treason at worst.

See Especially:

Robert Steele: Book Review Essay UNHINGED? Donald Trump, His Family, His Appointees, and Everyone Else

See Also:

Trump Revolution Series


Amnesty International USA Demands Release of Ahed Tamimi "IndyWatch Feed War"



Spectre/Meltdown patches had a significant impact on SolarWindss AWS infrastructure "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Analysis conducted by SolarWinds on the impact on the performance of the Spectre/Meltdown patches on its own Amazon Web Services infrastructure revealed serious performance degradation.

SolarWinds, the vendor of IT Management Software & Monitoring Tools, has analyzed the impact on the performance of Meltdown and Spectre security patches on its own Amazon Web Services infrastructure.

The results are disconcerting, the company has graphically represented the performance of a Python worker service tier on paravirtualized AWS instances.

The CPU usage jumped up to roughly 25% just after Amazon restarted the PV instance used by the company.

As you can see from the following chart taken from a Python worker service tier, when we rebooted our PV instances on Dec 20th ahead of the maintenance date, we saw CPU jumps of roughly 25%. states the analysis published by SolarWinds.


The company also monitored the performance of its EC2 instances noticing a degradation while Amazon was rolling out the Meltdown patches.

AWS was able to live patch HVM instances with the Meltdown mitigation patches without requiring instance reboots. From what we observed, these patches started rolling out about Jan 4th, 00:00 UTC in us-east-1 and completed around 20:00 UTC for EC2 HVM instances in us-east-1.  continues the analysis.

CPU bumps like this were noticeable across several different service tiers:



Vietnam upholds jail term for dissident amid crackdown on activists "IndyWatch Feed War"


HANOI (Reuters) A court in Vietnam upheld a five-year prison sentence on Monday for a dissident convicted of anti-state activities who violated the terms of his probation, state media said, the latest ruling in a series against activists.

Nguyen Van Oai, 36, a prominent human rights activist and blogger who has been publicly critical of the Vietnamese governments handling of human rights and environmental issues had been sentenced to four years in jail in 2013 for activities aimed at overthrowing the government.

Image may contain: 10 people, people standing

Nguyen Van Oai,

He was released in January 2017 after serving his term but arrested days later for violating the terms of his probation and resisting arrest.

The Supreme Peoples Court of Vietnam said on its website that Oai had insulted and beaten two security personnel who were monitoring his probation.

He was then sentenced to another five years in jail last September and a further four years on probation.

Following an appeal, Oais jail term and probation were both upheld on Monday, the state newspaper Vietnamplus reported.

The verdict was unfair and not objective, Oais lawyer, Ha Huy Son, told Reuters by telephone.

The Peoples Court, which held the trial in the central province of Nghe An, did not respond to a request for comment outside office hours.

Despite sweeping economic reforms and growing openness to social change, communist Vietnam retains tight media censorship and does not tolerate criticism.

In November, a court upheld a 10-year jail sentence for another prominent blogger, Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, known as Me Nam, or Mother Mushroom, who was jailed for publishing propaganda against the state.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people sitting and people standing

 Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh before her arrest

Human rights groups have expressed alarm over Vietnams biggest crackdown on activists and dissidents for years.

This is more proof that Vietnams appeal process is a charade for international consumption, with its kangaroo courts only acting positively when the government indicates the convicted individual has been highly cooperative, said Phil Robertson, Human Righ...


Two New Lawsuits Against Makers of "Pirate Streaming Devices" "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Netflix, Amazon and Hollywood Sue Kodi-Powered Dragon Box Over Piracy

Several major Hollywood studios, Amazon, and Netflix have filed a lawsuit against Dragon Media Inc, branding it a supplier of pirate streaming devices. The companies accuse Dragon of using the Kodi media player in combination with pirate addons to facilitate mass copyright infringement via its Dragon Box device. [...] In recent months these boxes have become the prime target for copyright enforcers, including the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), an anti-piracy partnership between Hollywood studios, Netflix, Amazon, and more than two dozen other companies.

After suing Tickbox last year a group of key ACE members have now filed a similar lawsuit against Dragon Media Inc, which sells the popular Dragon Box. The complaint, filed at a California federal court, also lists the company's owner Paul Christoforo and reseller Jeff Williams among the defendants.

According to ACE, these type of devices are nothing more than pirate tools, allowing buyers to stream copyright infringing content. That also applies to Dragon Box, they inform the court. "Defendants market and sell 'Dragon Box,' a computer hardware device that Defendants urge their customers to use as a tool for the mass infringement of the copyrighted motion pictures and television shows," the complaint, picked up by HWR, reads.

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


'The children can not concentrate' Dutch Pediatricians call for ban on sale of energy drinks to kids "IndyWatch Feed World"

Pediatricians in the Netherlands are calling for a ban on the sale of energy drinks to children under the age of 18. According to the doctors, many children and teenagers suffer complaints like restlessness, fatigue and cardiac arrhythmia due to energy drinks. "This is not an innocent soft drink. We are seeing more and more children with symptoms that are ultimately caused by energy drinks", pediatrician Brita de Jong-Van Kempen said to NOS. "It is also increasingly noticed at schools. With the result that in many schools the energy drinks have already been removed from the vending machines, because the children can not concentrate."


UN calls for probe into Israels Terror "IndyWatch Feed War"

UN calls for probe into Israels 

use of lethal forces in West Bank


ADATA XPG SX6000: Benchmarking A ~$50 USD 128GB NVMe SSD On Linux "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

While solid-state drives have generally been quite reliable in recent years and even with all the benchmarking I put them through have had less than a handful fail out of dozens, whenever there's a bargain on NVMe SSDs, it's hard to resist. The speed of NVMe SSDs has generally been great and while it's not a key focus on Phoronix (and thus generally not receiving review samples of them), I upgrade some of the server room test systems when finding a deal. The latest is trying an ADATA XPG SX6000 NVMe SSD I managed to get for $49.99 USD.


Deutsche Bank: A Global Bank for Oligarchs American & Russian, Part 2 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Editors Note: Part II of this in-depth, technical piece by a former IRS investigator raises more questions than it answers. But WhoWhatWhy believes this is a very useful service, particularly in relation to a complex topic of considerable public import one that may be a key component for special counsel Robert Muellers ongoing Trump-Russia investigation. We hope in the coming weeks to explore many more of these questions in greater depth. And we welcome reader comments.

Martin J. Sheil is a retired branch chief of the IRS Criminal Investigation division.

See Part I here.

On March 10, 2017, US Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), the ranking Democratic member on the House Committee on Financial Service, wrote a letter to US Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX), the committees Republican chairman. In it, she requested that the committee conduct a formal assessment of the Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation into Deutsche Banks Russian money laundering schemes.

This assessment would include a review of Attorney General Jeff Sessionss role in continuing the investigation. It would also involve determining the nature of Russian money laundering, including who participated in the arrangement, and whether violations of US law beyond failure to maintain anti-money-laundering (AML) controls may have occurred.

Waters made note of the various civil fines issued against Deutsche (covered in Part I). She called attention to the media reports that indicate the DOJ is investigating the matter, but then went on to express concern with the integrity of this criminal probe and whether senior bank officials will be held accountable given the presidents ongoing conflicts of interest with Deutsche Bank.

The letter further goes on to note that the suspicious ties between President (Donald) Trumps inner circle and the Russian government raise concerns that the Department may fail to implicate those who benefitted from Deutsche Banks trading scheme.

Waterss letter also reminds the chairman of Trump and his companies estimated $360 million in outstanding loans from Deutsche Bank. It raises the question of whether t...


Fire and Fury: The Psychodrama of a Very Stable Genius "IndyWatch Feed War"

Human Wrongs Watch

Credit: Max Pixel/Free Great Picture. CC0.

The release of Michael Wolffs book Fire and Fury has heightened concerns about Donald Trumps mental fitness for office. In her review of the book for the Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin says that it shows Trump to be an unhinged man-child utterly lacking in the skill needed to be presidentdespite Trumps assertion that in fact hes a very stable genius.

In the Guardian, Jonathan Freedland writes that...


Justice, Judge Jeanine Pirro 011318 (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Justice, Judge Jeanine Pirro 011318 Video Fox News Video Source

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Openly gay Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon says he wont visit White House "IndyWatch Feed"

Be careful what you say, Mr. First Openly Gay Figure Skater. Remember what happened to skier Lindsey Vonn after proclaimed she wouldnt attend the White House? From Yahoo: In these tumultuous political times, many famous athletes have begun using their Continue reading


Graham Hancock Explains Why His Viral TED Talk The War On Consciousness Was Banned "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

By Arjun Walia

Who is Graham Hancock?  He is the author of multiple international bestsellers, like The Magicians of the Gods, and Fingerprints of the Gods, among others. His books have sold multiple millions of copies worldwide, and are available in more than 25 languages. Obviously, with so many people, including many scholars who are into his work, when you go against the grain of conventional wisdom youre going to receive harsh criticism from the mainstream. This is especially true if youve accumulated and presented evidence in a credible way which challenges the current framework of knowledge.

Grahams specialty, apart from being a tremendous critical thinker and researcher (which is evident if youve read his work), is more so focused on ancient civilizations. Not just standard ancient civilizations, but lost ancient civilizations that are not commonly recognized in mainstream history. His works show that many of these civilizations were extremely advanced in multiple ways, and, in some cases, more intellectually, and possibly, technologically advanced.

Its truly fascinating to say the least. Graham has written for us in the past and the article linked below is authored by him if you want to get a taste of his work and his sources of information:

Gobekli Tepe, Noahs Art & Lost Atlantis

A couple of years ago Graham gave a TED talk that went viral titled The War on ConsciousnessIts an interesting title, and the first thing that comes to my mind when reading the title alone is the idea that yes, there is a war on our consciousness, in several different ways.

One would be through mass media, and the manipulation of information. Our external world is constantly beaming us with how we should think, what we should do, how we should live our lives and what is considered real or not.

Another would be through the...


Crime Imprisons and Kills "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

the most disadvantaged people have gained the most from the reduction in violent crime.

Though homicide is not a common cause of death for most of the United States population, for African-American men between the ages of 15 and 34 it is the leading cause, which means that any change in the homicide rate has a disproportionate impact on them. The sociologist Michael Friedson and I calculated what the life expectancy would be today for blacks and whites had the homicide rate never shifted from its level in 1991. We found that the national decline in the homicide rate since then has increased the life expectancy of black men by roughly nine months.

The everyday lived experience of urban poverty has also been transformed. Analyzing rates of violent victimization over time, I found that the poorest Americans today are victimized at about the same rate as the richest Americans were at the start of the 1990s. That means that a poor, unemployed city resident walking the streets of an average city today has about the same chance of being robbed, beaten up, stabbed or shot as a well-off urbanite in 1993. Living in poverty used to mean living with the constant threat of violence. In most of the country, that is no longer true.

Thats Patrick Sharkey writing in the New York Times.

More police on the street is one cause, among many, of lower crime. Its important in the debate over better policing that we not lose sight of the value of policing. Given the benefits of reduced crime and the cost of police, its clear that U.S. cities are under policed (e.g. here and here). We need better policingincluding changes in lawsso that we can all be comfortable with more policing.

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Future of Revolutionary Field That Targets Aging to Increase Life Span "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The future of lifespan extension science by the head of US research, Felipe Sierra.

Summary: These scientists aim to increase life span in humans. This report provides a glimpse into the future of a revolutionary scientific field called geroscience that seeks to slow down the chronic diseases of aging to increase life span and health span. Part 4 of a 4-part essay titled Geroscience by Felipe Sierra. [With an introduction by Brady Hartman. ]

Scientists in the geroscience field aim to slow down the chronic diseases of aging and increase life span in humans.

In fact, theyve already done it in lab animals.


Nigeria: Abducted Chibok girls say we wont return Terror Group Boko Haram Releases Video When Tweets and Hashtags Fail To Change The World "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP | The mass abduction sparked a global campaign Bring Back Our Girls to press for their return


Islamist militants Boko Haram on Monday released a new video purporting to show at least 14 of the schoolgirls abducted from the northeast Nigerian town of Chibok in April 2014.

At least three of the group were seen carrying babies. One of the students said: We are the Chibok girls . By the grace of Allah, we will not return to you.

The 20-minute-long video is the first since May last year when a woman claiming to be one of the 219 schoolgirls was seen holding a gun and also refusing to return to her parents.

It was not clear when or where the latest message was recorded or whether those who appeared on camera were under duress.

But the woman speaking, her face covered by a veil, said they had all been married by Boko Haram factional leader Abubakar Shekau.

Image result for Abubakar Shekau, photos

We live in comfort. He provides us with everything. We lack nothing, she added.

Shekau is also seen in the video, firing a heavy machine gun and making a 13-minute-long sermon.

The jihadists seized 276 students from the Government Girls Secondary School in the mostly Christian town in Borno state on April 14, 2014, triggering global condemnation.

Fifty-nine of them managed to escape in the hours that followed.

A total of 107 girls have now been either found, rescued or released as part of government negotiations with the Islamic State group affiliate.

On January 4, the Nigerian army said it had rescued one of the girls classmates in the remote Pulka region of Borno, near the border with Cameroon.

The Chibok abductees are among thousands of women, girls and boys kidnapped during the conflict, which began in 2009 and has killed at least 20,000 people and displaced more than 2.6 million.



Why Do We Age? The Disposable Soma Theory Answers the Riddle "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Summary: Why Do We Age? Scientists answer the question with the latest evolutionary theory of aging, the disposable soma theory, which supports the longevity benefits of calorie restriction. With commentary by leading geroscientist, Tom Kirkwood. [This article first appeared on the website Author: Brady Hartman. ]

The process of aging, or growing old, presents an apparent contradiction to people who believe in Darwins theory of evolution. Aging increases the vulnerability of an organism, which ultimately leads to its death. How could evolution favor a process that gradually increases mortality and decreases the ability to reproduce?

Leading scientists have found an answer to this puzzling contradiction and offer us new theories to explain why we age and die using evolutionary theory the idea that aging confers an evolutionary advantage.


Virtual Reality, Language, Self Hood and God Consciousness "IndyWatch Feed World"


Language is the programming code of the consciousness of this reality. The mind is the awareness before it is shaped by cognition.

If we can understand the language we can overcome distortions that are inherent to the collective belief or what has been called 'social constructs' in the past. 

Technology can be used to better understand reality both metaphysically through allegory and through direct examination of conscious experience, physics and matter, and biology. 

Illusion is built into the distortion of consciousness through corrupted or double-speak through multi-faceted language. There are multiple uses and meanings to derive and at the highest contrast there is one language used for one world which is entirely controlled within a false paradigm and there is the true meaning of what is happening which unveils reality as it truly is which, when understood, frees the mind from the spiritual enslavement system.


Do Americans Still Believe In Martin Luther King Jr.s Dream? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

On August 28, 1963, my father and grandfather arrived at Union Station and walked to the National Mall to attend the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. They had travelled from New Jersey, where my grandfather was a teacher and member of his local chapter of the Congress of Racial Equality. He simply told my father that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be a giving a speech, and they had to go.

Throughout my childhood, my father spoke of the event often. I have no doubt that in many ways it helped shape him and his beliefs. His stories about the integrated crowd of 200,000 singing, hugging, and sharing food have always stayed with me. Although active in the civil rights movement, my grandfather was far from a hippie. Before the march he had served in the U.S. Army in Korea, and after would serve in the Air Force Reserve in Vietnam.

He was deeply patriotic and proud of his country, and saw in King someone who could help make his nation better for all men. The idea that all men are created equal in the eyes of God burned in him, and he always saw it as not only compatible with the idea of America, but central to it.

Weve Moved from Equality to Identity Politics

On that hot summer day in 1963, King delivered what is arguably the finest speech ever given on American soil. One trembles while reading it, and upon hearing its delivery so many years later, one gets chills. As a piece of rhetoric, it is simply astounding. It is sweeping and grand, yet also boils down to a four-word phrase that shook the world: I have a dream.

But as we once again celebrate King and his dream today, we must ask ourselves, do we still share it? For the first time in decades we have a president whom serious people accuse of outright racism, and not without reason. His recent remarks about Haiti and Africa led even Republican Rep. Mia Love to label the commander in chiefs alleged words racist. Of course, these arent the first of his statements to come under such fire.

What became clear through Trumps campaign and presidency is that the rules governing how we talk about race, forged in Kings civil rights struggle, no longer hold. Trumps supporters, who include more blacks and minorities than many like to consider, simply do not find his statements disqualifying.

But this tolerance of questionable racial rhetoric is larger than Trump and predates him. Over the past two decades, we have moved away from Kings dream in significant ways. King said, I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of the character. This does not appear to be the goal of our nations efforts against racism today.

Rather, in our troubled time, calling out the inherent and implacable racism o...


If Women Want A Family, They Need To Prioritize Marriage Above Their Careers "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In 2012 I wrote an article at Fox News entitled The War on Men in response to a Pew Research finding that showed women ages 18-34 believe having a successful marriage is one of the most important things in their lives and that fewer men were voicing this same opinion. The takeaway? Women want to marry as much as ever, but men increasingly do not.

That isnt the end of the conversation. The same month, a different Pew finding fell under the radar. Despite valuing marriage, women have also become laser-focused on careermore so than men. Two-thirds (66%) of young women ages 18 to 34 rate career high on their list of life priorities, compared with 59% of young men, write Eileen Patten and Kim Parker.

So while its true that men overall are less interested in marriage, it is equally true that more women than men are prioritizing career over marriage. That creates a gap between women and the men who do want to marry.

Although we rarely hear about them, there are many marriage-minded men whove carved out career paths and are ready to settle down. Problem is, their girlfriends arent. In a stunning reversal of traditional gender roles, it is women, not men, who are now reluctant to walk down the aisle.

A Career Focus Can Mean No Family

It seems that whenever we talk of work and family, we pretend these two domains move seamlessly together, melding their way toward an invariably fulfilling future. In fact, they are often incompatible.

While the Pew studies show young women value both marriage and career, these two goals can clash. (Consider the number of couples today who must decide which partners career to follow.) When they do, one always gives way to the other. For many women today, that something is marriage.

Take Bill and Sarah. Both are 31, and enmeshed in their respective careers. They live together and earn roughly the same income. Their plan is to eventually marry, which Bill is anxious to do, but Sarah keeps putting it off. She knows that when she does marry, her career will no longer be her number-one priority, and this makes her uneasy. Time is marching on. While theres talk of nuptials, no plans have been made.

Bill and Sarah are stuck.

The Career-Focused Woman

Like many women today, I always knew Id have both work and family in my life. But when I envisioned my future, family was always at the center. From the time I was in college, I was thinking, planning, and talking about...


After State Deduction Cut, Blue States Panic To Hide Spending Binges With Crazy Tricks "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Democrats have been running around with their hair on fire since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 was enacted last month, but some of the latest ravings in high-tax states show the damage may be penetrating to their brains.

In Democratic-majority states across the nation, state legislators are flailing blindly to find a way around the reduced federal tax deduction for state and local taxes, a tax code provision that previously masked the effects of the high taxes those same legislators have enacted.

They have mulled all manner of half-clever workarounds, schemes that look, maybe, if you squint, like a way to make a tax not a tax, but still something that everyone has to pay to the state government. State legislators often do not represent the highest strata of intelligence in a society, but some of these so-called fixes are so absurd that even the dimmest bulb in the state house could not have offered them with a straight face. What these fake solutions are, instead, is a sad attempt for state legislators to dodge accountability for having made their states taxes so high.

Give to CharityOr Else!

The most ridiculous idea along these lines comes out of Sacramento, where a Democratic supermajority controls Californias legislature. That state, which has some of the highest taxes in the country, will find its residents particularly aggrieved once they have to pay all of them without a federal deduction. The solution, according to State Senate leader Kevin de Len, is to pretend a tax isnt a tax. Instead, its a charitable donation to the state government. Problem solved!

De Len, who hopes to bring ideas like this to the U.S. Senate in 2019, proclaimed in a recent statement that our hard-earned tax dollars should not be subject to double-taxation, especially not to line the pockets of the Trump family, hedge fund managers and private jet owners. You might think he was proposing that one of the two income taxes (federal or state) be repealed. You would be wrong.

Instead, he wants only to restore the deduction from one tax for the amount levied by the other. Your dollars would still be taxed twice, but some people would reduce the federal tax they pay by a fraction of the amount paid to the state. (To actually avoid paying taxes on income used to pay state taxes, you would need a credit, not a deduction. The deduction only saves the marginal rate on the income devoted to state taxesthe fraction of the fraction.)

Although he chooses to hide it, de Len probably knows the difference between a credit and a deduction. He also probably knows that pretending a tax is a charitable donation will not fool anyone. But no one ever got far in politics by telling people hard truths, even when math is involved. Instead, we get magical thinking and willful blindness....


If It Werent For The Constitution, America Would Be A Sh-thole Country, Too "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

This article quotes vulgar language.

President Trumps remark last week about shithole countries was widely decried as racist and offensive, and although his phrasing was crude and unnecessary, Trump wasnt wrong about the actual countries in question. Haiti, El Salvador, and many countries in Africaand all over the world, for that matterare indeed a horrible mess by any objective measure.

But theyre not this way because of their people. Theyre this way because of their corrupt rulers and shitty governments. Its not really about America at all. Any country without constitutional, limited government will end up a shithole, no matter who lives there.

Trump is probably incapable of articulating that distinction, but it needs to be made. America isnt great or exceptional because Americans are uniquely virtuous or somehow better than people from poor countries. America is exceptional because of our system of government and the constitutional order our Founding Fathers bequeathed us. Thats it. We have that system because everything aligned at just the right moment for the Founders, who brought forth a new nation, conceived in liberty. In that sense, we Americans are especially fortunate. Time and circumstance, not the singular virtue of the American people, conspired to make America uniquely free.

When we talk about American exceptionalism, thats what were talking about. Americans, like every other people, are subject to the vicissitudes and weaknesses of human nature. Were not special in that regard. Writing about the character of Americas young democracy, Alexis de Tocqueville saw that Americans were different than the peoples of Europe, who arrived at democracy through violent revolution that lead them to shun each other and perpetuate in a state of equality the animosities that the state of inequality created. The great advantage of the Americans is that they have arrived at a state of democracy without having to endure a democratic revolution, and that they are born equal instead of becoming so.

Although America was burdened by the evil of slavery from the beginning, it was spared the baggage of aristocracy. We were born equal in the sense that our republic was founded on a candid assessment of human nature. Most American presidents have understood thiseven ones like Calvin Coolidge, who was no progressive on immigration (he signed off on the National Origins Act of 1924, which was specifically designed to keep Italians, Slavs, and Eastern European Jews out of Amer...


Do Mass Protests In Tunisia Mark The Start Of A New Arab Spring? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Yesterday marked seven years since protests in Tunisia ousted its corrupt authoritarian leader, sparking the Arab Spring and setting the Middle East on fire. As if by some cosmic irony, Tunisia is once again being rocked by mass protests and its government, once again, is cracking down.

Thousands have taken to the streets since demonstrations first began early last week. This kind of political unrest has a habit of spreading fast, not just within a country, but, as history shows us, throughout a region. Is the Middle East seeing the early days of its second Arab Spring?

Demonstrations began in the capital city of Tunis as a small gathering to protest a hike in taxes on things like cars and phone calls, which took effect January 1. But the protests quickly spread throughout the country over the next few days, sometimes turning violent and destructive. Protesters have reportedly burned down dozens of state buildings, including a national security building in the city of Thala, near the border with Algeria, and there are reports in multiple cities of looting.

On Thursday, the government arrested hundreds of people in an attempt to tamp down the mass demonstrations and discourage protests planned for the weekend. The army has even been deployed to several cities after police retreated. But, while the government claims that its only arresting looters and criminals, human rights advocates insist that police are detaining individuals who havent broken the law and are indiscriminately cracking down on Tunisians.

So far, the police have arrested 778 people, many of whom are accused of rioting, according to the Ministry of the Interior. Of those detained, 16 were classified as Islamist extremists. Some opposition leaders were also arrested, accused of setting a government building on fire. One protestor has died and, reportedly, dozens of police officers have been injured. Protests continued over the weekend with thousands pouring into the streets of Tunis on Sunday and violen...


The First Trans Murder Of 2018 Was Not A Hate Crime "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A homicide in Massachusetts during the first week of the new year has caused a great deal of anxiety. The murder, the first in the town of North Adams since 2013, occurred at the victims home. Mark Steele-Knudslien, the husband of 42-year-old Christa Leigh Steele-Knudslien, confessed to murdering Christa. He was arrested after turning himself in at the police station.

No motive has been released. A detail in the case has, however, made it stand out far more prominently than it otherwise would have: Christa was transgender. The Human Rights Campaign tweeted out on the murder, stating, A tragic start to the new year. We mourn the loss of Christa Leigh Steele-Knudslien, whose death is now the first reported murder of a trans person in 2018.

The comments to the tweet included pleas to end hatred and ignorance and the hope that 2018 will be less dangerous for transgender Americans than 2017 was. 2017 has been labeled the deadliest year for transgender people due to its 28 murders of transgender individuals. But like the above case, the persons gender identity was not a known factor in any of the murders. The killings were an assortment of homicides ranging from random acts of violence to robbery to domestic violence. In the same way, Christas murder appears to be domestic violence.

In a strange interpretation of community identity, LGBT media and advocacy groups connect all violence or insult towards anyone LGBT as a direct attack on all LGBT people, regardless of the motive. If a transgender person is murdered, it is presented as a hate crime and collected with other transgender murders. The list becomes evidence of an overall threat, to transgender people specifically and LGBT people generally, requiring awareness and action.

If Disparity Is the Issue, Why Ignore Domestic Violence?

The HRC is well aware of the effects of tweeting the first reported murder of a trans person in 2018, as LGBT people have become accustomed to outrage and anxiety over anti-trans violence. Taken at face value, it appears some LGBT advocacy groups consider even the most remote possibility of a hate crime important enough to rally around. They believe in an outside threat with such conviction that they report any evidence that can be construed to support this belief.

From their perspective, it is vital these murders are well-known and widely reported to highlight what they believe are ongoing problems of equality and safety. Thus it becomes relevant to ask why much larger concerns of violence within the LGBT community do not receive the same attention.

The rate of domestic violence for LGBT people is...


When Mental Health Professionals Lose It Over Trump, Everyone Gets Hurt "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Dr. Elliot S. Valenstein details the intriguing and terrifying history of psychosurgery over the past century his book Great and Desperate Cures, and theres a lesson here to be applied to the phenomena of mental health experts speculating about President Donald Trumps mental health.

Valenstein critiques the era that gave us the lobotomy in his book, and its a good reminder to exercise extreme caution when listening to the professional opinions of experts. It is indeed all too easy to look back on the past and wonder complacently how prefrontal lobotomy could have been so readily accepted, he writes. Oblivious to the similarities between past events and present practices, we draw no lessons as though, for a brief period, psychiatry, responding to unique circumstances and the influence of a few zealous, if not malevolent, physicians, had run amuck.

The critique might sound harsh, but his cynicism is not completely unfounded. Consider for a moment that the lobotomy won a Nobel Prize in 1949, and in some parts of the world is still practiced today. Valensteins comments arent really suggesting that psychiatry risks a return to the bygone era of excessively applied lobotomies, but that any professional culture unchecked by ethical, intellectual, and philosophical criticism is absolutely capable of terrible judgments. So we should exercise extreme caution when listening to the professional opinions of a handful of emotionally charged psychiatrists and psychologists regarding the dangerousness of Trump someone theyve never once personally examined.

It goes without saying the vast majority mental health practitioners are outstanding professionals who do their jobs with the utmost consideration, and care for welfare of their patients. So its all the more troubling when leaders in the field, who should be the standard bearers of measured thinking, and ethical behavior start making extraordinary statements about the presidents mental fitness.

In a recent article in the Boston Globe, The Ethics of Warning the Public About a Dangerous President, authors, Dr. Bandy Lee, Dr. Leonard Glass, and Dr. Fisher argue:

In spite of widespread concern regarding Donald Trumps ability to execute his office, the psychiatric establishment continues to enforce silence on its members, depriving the public of their expertise. Hampering the professions ability to warn about danger needs reconsideration

Extraordinary situations may require an extraordinary response, i...


Will The Obama Administration Ever Be Brought To Justice Over Its Iran Scandals? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

When the jaw-dropping details of the Obama administrations alleged decision to spike Project Cassandra emerged late last yearquashing a multi-agency investigation of a cars-for-cocaine terrorist financing schemeit raised questions about just how far Team Obama was willing to go in appeasing Iran to pursue its nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

As dumbfounding as it may have been for the Obama administration to supposedly knowingly permit a multi-billion-dollar terrorist-subsidizing drug ring to operate on U.S. soil so as not to scuttle Iran deal negotiations, 2018 began with the conclusion of a high-profile court case illuminating illicit Iranian financing schemes executed during the Obama years of even greater magnitude. The Obama administrations related actions raise questions regarding its tolerance for Irans flouting of laws during Iran deal negotiations, without any apparent consequence. These questions demand answers.

Paying Jihadis in Violation of U.S. Laws

A former U.S. Treasury official and current senior vice president at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), Jonathan Schanzer, with his colleagues extensively researched and briefed federal officials on these Iranian activities. He explores the case in a gripping article in The Atlantic aptly titled The Biggest Sanctions-Evasion Scheme in Recent History.

The trial focused on sanctions-busting schemes crafted by gold-trading Iranian-Turkish national Reza Zarrab that not only lined the pockets of Zarrab and high-ranking Turkish politicos with millions of dollars, but filled the Khomeinist Iranian regimes coffers with potentially upwards of $100 billion, both as the United States ratcheted up sanctions in the run-up to Iran deal negotiations and contemporaneous with the negotiations themselves.

As Schanzer reports, Zarrab

helped Iran evade sanctions with the help of Turkish banks in 2013 and 2014, yielding Iran an estimated $13 billion [via a sanctions-violating Iran...


How Mormon Leaders Taught Me To Forgive Media For Bungling Stories About Religion "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Let me tell you about my friend, Ron. For 52 years, with the exception of an 18-month mission to Australia, Ron has visited a neighbor family at least monthly. He quietly helps with yardwork and sometimes negotiates family issues. He delivers religious messages and prays with families, some of whom have not shared his faith.

He watched over a family when the father died, when the mother lay in a hospital bed, and when a relative sat in. I have seen him break down in tears describing his affection.

Ron is a good neighbor and may well have done much of this service regardless. Believing in Jesus Christ has that kind of effect on people. But Ron also did it because those decades ago, he received a home-teaching assignment.

Home-teaching is a remarkable program of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Mormon church. All men receive assignments to each minister to a handful of families each month. They deliver spiritual messages and attend to temporal and spiritual needs. Women also receive assignments to visit other women in the congregation monthlythey visit-teach.

To be sure, most dont serve one family for 52 years, as Ron has done, and many dont fully follow the expectation of monthly visits in busy lives. But in many units around the church the most vulnerable, such as widows and the poor, receive visits from a caring, competent church member each month.

I have been blessed through this program. When my father died when I was 10, Bud Johnson rarely missed a month and helped me on my Scouting trail. In adulthood, I have met struggling immigrants in large cities and prayed with poor and ill folks in rural America. I am no Ron, but I have tried to serve, and the humility and humanity I experience in these visits has changed me.

Most Media Dont Cover This Kind of Thing

Why am I writing about home-teaching? Because my guess is most Americans have never heard of it. I think most Americans dont know a lot of things about Mormons. They seem to miss what I really believe and how I really live, even as I would share those things.

Strike up another complaint about the nations news mediathe disappointing ways it distorts religion and neglects the inner life of religious believers in America. I am well aware this journalistic affliction applies well beyond my faith. Those distortions affect how Americans see and understand one another.

For several years as a journalism professor at Brigham Young University-Idaho, I have studied the relationship between the news media and religion. Through observation and systematic research, Ive wondered: What have media taught people about Mormonism? How well have they done covering my faith?

Here is what I saw: Media teach that Mormons used to believe in polygamy,...


Its Time To Call A Truce In The Outrage Wars, Or We All Lose "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Spare a moment to remember Brendan Eich. He was the techie forced out of Mozilla a few years ago for opposing same-sex marriage. At the time, the Left rejoiced in the burgeoning power of online outrage mobs. They were going to stick it to the Right and drive us out of public life. However, in the outrage wars there will be no winners, only losers.

Left-wing mobs, boycotts, and sanctions are still rolling along, but now the Right has adopted many of these tactics, especially the deployment of Internet outrage mobs to make people unemployable (as, among others, a NFL quarterback and a string of non-tenured radicals in higher education can attest).

President Trump has gotten in on the action, calling for NFL owners to fire players who protest during the national anthem, and for fans to boycott games. Mass NFL firings will not happen, but an intensifying culture war over and within sports will.

Such domestic economic and cultural warfare is not entirely newremember the Dixie Chicks?but it has escalated dramatically in recent years as technology made it incredibly easy to select targets and bring self-righteous Internet wrath down upon them. In the world of social media, nearly all intemperate and offensive remarks pass unmarked, but a few lead to ruined lives as the outrage mob descends in force.

Everyone is a potential target, from the famous to an ordinary person who publishes a tasteless Twitter joke or a foolish Facebook rant. Like Eich, some victims of online outrage frenzies do not even say anything obnoxious, but are targeted simply for quietly adhering to the wrong political or religious views.

Adopting Cruel Tactics in Revenge Is a Win for Nobody

Is it any wonder that Trump has flourished in such a vindictive and intolerant environment? He would likely be calling for firings and boycotts even if leftists had never used these tactics, let alone used them as promiscuously.

However, many on the Right only reluctantly decided to use such methods. They made a deliberate choice to try to force the Left to live by its own rules, such as the precept that those arousing the wrath of Internet mobs should be fired. The level-headed Jim Geraghty of National Review recently argued that conservatives can live with toleration or with outrage mobs, but that what we wont accept is a world where the rules on...


Meet Triplets Saved Just In Time From Chinese Abortion Threat "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Even at first glance, itd be hard not to fall in love with Landon, Winston, and Audentriplets born December 22 in Miami. The more you find out about the boys journey into the world, however, the more remarkable they become.

Currently recovering in a Miami neonatal intensive care unit, baby Landon was born at just over two pounds, while his brothers each weighed in at three pounds, five ounces at birth. While the boys and their parents face a prolonged stay in the hospital to start their life outside the womb together, the fact the boys were born at all may be a miracle.

Thats because the boys parents, Mensheng, and her husband, Zhang, were in the process of relocating from their home in China to the United States when they got pregnant, and didnt realize they were expecting until shortly after they arrived in Miami.

Had the couple stayed a few monthsor even a few weekslonger in China, Mensheng and the boys may have been prime targets for a totalitarian regime that has aborted more than 400 million babies since it instituted its one-child policy in 1979.

China Still Forces Parents to Abort

While the government announced a change to the radical policy in late 2015, forced abortion still remains a significant factor under the so-called Two-Child Policy in effect. Enforcing the policy is delegated to the local level, leaving the lives of preborn twins and triplets in the hands of local family planning officers. They enforce the policy arbitrarily and in secrecy, noted Womens Rights Without Frontiers President Reggie Littlejohn, an expert on forced abortion in China.

The fact that Mensheng and Zhang were in the United States before finding out they were pregnant was an act of God, says Martha Avila, president of Heartbeat of Miami. Heartbeat is a group of five locations, including four pro-life medical clinics offering free ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, peer counseling, post-abortive support, and material aid.

The Lord rescued these babies even though they were conceived in China, Avila said. God allowed them to come here in time so that these babies could live. They were fearful about being alone. They had no one at all in the States, but they found love and support at our clinic, and they saw the love of Jesus in action.

In June 2015, Avila traveled to China with Rev. John Ensor, who founded Heartbeat of Miami and PassionLife Ministries, an international agency focused on helping churches with pro-life work in China and...


WDDTY - Researchers downplayed safety concerns about new vaccineand was tested on 3,000 children "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

About the author: 
Bryan Hubbard
Nearly 3,000 children were given a new TB (tuberculosis) vaccine after researchers had reassured parents it was safe and effectivebut neither claim was true, and was based on falsified data.

Researchers from Oxford University had 'cherry-picked' data from animal studies to give a positive spin to the new vaccine in order to win extra funding. As a result, 2,800 infants in South Africa were given the MVA85A TB vaccine when there was no evidence that it was safe.

The researchers had dismissed any results from four animal studies that hadn't been positive about the new vaccine, which was designed as a booster for the standard BCG jab. The researchers were granted a further 8m ($10.9m) funding and, in 2009, tested the vaccine on small children in South Africa.

But a 2015 review of the original trials discovered that the data had been 'cherry-picked'; worse, it seemed the MVA85A vaccine impaired the effectiveness of the BCG. Some of the animals given the two vaccines were dying quicker, but this was not reported in the trial results.

(Source: BMJ, 2018; 360: j5845)


Military Situation In Damascus Eastern Ghouta On January 15, 2018 (Map Update) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Government troops have recaptured Tell Farzat from Jaish al-Islam in the southern part of Damascus Eastern Ghouta. Clashes between Jaish al-Islam and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) were also reported in Hazrama and Hush al-Duahra.

Meanwhile, fighting is still ongoing in teh area of the Armoured Vehicles Base where Ahrar al-Sham continues its attempts to achieve some progress against the SAA.

Military Situation In Damascus' Eastern Ghouta On January 15, 2018 (Map Update)

Click to see the full-size map

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New Mirai Okiru Botnet targets devices running widely-used ARC Processors "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The cybersecurity threat landscape has never been more extensive and is most likely to grow exponentially in 2018. Although the original creators of Mirai DDoS botnet have already been arrested and jailed, the variants of the infamous IoT malware are still in the game due to the availability of its source code on the Internet. Security researchers have spotted a new variant of infamous Mirai


Bond Market Smells Inflation, Begins to React "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Bond Market Smells Inflation, Begins to React by Wolf Richter Wolf Street Inflation expectations now exceed the Feds target. The 10-year US Treasury yield breached 2.5% on January 9 and hasnt looked back since, closing on Friday at 2.55%....

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Philippines Shuts Down News Site Critical of Duterte Is Democracy, Free Speech Lost? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Regulator said Rappler violated foreign-ownership rules

Maria Ressa, one of the founders of Rappler, speaks at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation CEO Summit in Da Nang, Vietnam, on Nov. 8, 2017.
Maria Ressa, one of the founders of Rappler, speaks at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation CEO Summit in Da Nang, Vietnam, on Nov. 8, 2017. PHOTO: SEONGJOON CHO/BLOOMBERG NEWS

MANILA, PhilippinesA popular news website that has been critical of the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte was shut down by the countrys securities regulator, a move the company called harassment.

The nations Securities and Exchange Commission said in a statement published on its website Monday that it had found Rappler Inc. liable for violating constitutional requirements on foreign-ownership limits and revoked the companys certificate of incorporation.

The case against Rappler has been highly contentious in the Philippines, where Mr. Duterte and his supporters have hit out repeatedly against mainstream media companies he says have unfairly covered...


Tunisians keep fighting austerity "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 13 January 2018 video is called Youth brandish baguettes in Tunisia to protest austerity.

By Alex Lantier and Kumaran Ira:

Thousands march to mark anniversary of Ben Alis overthrow in Tunisia

15 January 2018

On Sunday, thousands marched in Tunis to mark the anniversary of the toppling of President Zine El Abedine Ben Ali on January 14, 2011. That event began the so-called Arab spring as only 11 days later a revolutionary movement of the working class erupted in Egypt and toppled another imperialist-backed dictator, Hosni Mubarak. Seven years later, the Arab bourgeoisie has proven incapable of resolving any of the issues that drove workers to rise up in Tunisia and in Egypt.

The Middle Eastern bourgeoisie and its imperialist backers are still consumed by fear of social revolution. Yesterdays march came after worker protests in Iran and a week of insurrectionary clashes of working-class youth with police, beginning in the old mining belt of southern Tunisia, where the 2011 uprising began.

The new wave of protests was prompted by anger over mass unemployment, corruption and the 2018 finance law. The Tunisian regime responded by sending in the army and jailing 800 people in an effort to crush the movement and ensure that yesterdays anniversary not lead to a new insurrection.

The official march took place under conditions of a police lockdown. It included the pro-government General Union of Tunisian Labor (UGTT) trade union, a key ally of the ruling Nidaa Toun...


'Aesthetic' intimate surgery on the rise in Finland "IndyWatch Feed World"

Finland has seen a rise among women seeking intimate cosmetic surgery for reasons that aren't strictly medical. The Finnish Gynecologist Association is highly critical of the new trend, which involves operations such as labial rejuvenation, vagina tightening and hymen restoration. Finnish gynecologists have sounded the alarm over a surge in operations on the lower abdomen carried out for aesthetic reasons, at women's requests. According to the Finnish Gynecologist Association (FIGO), methods involving laser treatment, among others, are not scientifically proven and may result in serious damage.


Trump Sends Bad Signal by Waiving Iran Sanctions "IndyWatch Feed War"

Clarion Projects Shillman Fellow, National Security Analyst and Director of the Clarion Intelligence Network  Professor Ryan Mauro discusses President Trumps decision to waive sanctions on Iran and give a 120-day deadline for the deal to be fixed or abandoned.



Iran Sanctions: The Next Necessary Step

Siavash Safavi: An Iranian Dissident Speaks Out

5 Quick Facts About the Uprising in Iran


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Gaza: Economy, Infrastructure on Verge of Collapse, Israeli Security Officials Say Do Palestinian Leaders Purposefully Neglect The People and Then Blame Israel? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Officials are worried about possible consequences of continued military pressure on the Strip, as deteriorating conditions raise the risk of an uncontrollable flare-up

By Amos Harel Jan 15, 2018 8:43 AM

Palestinian children walk in a street on a rainy day in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip January 6, 2018.

Palestinian children walk in a street on a rainy day in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip January 6, 2018. IBRAHEEM ABU MUSTAFA/REUTERS

Senior defense officials one meets these days not only members of the Government Coordinator of Activities in the Territories unit, but officers in uniform, and to some extent even the Shin Bet security service are voicing surprisingly similar opinions about the situation in the Gaza Strip. The economy in the Strip is on the verge of total collapse, like from zero to below zero, as one official put it, and so is civilian infrastructure.

Hamas weak position, both economically and politically, makes it easier for Israel to take the necessary steps to destroy its tunnel project. As reported Saturday, Israel demolished a fourth tunnel in the Gaza Strip in less than three months (and in one incident a Hamas man was injured in Lebanon in an explosion by entities unknown). But politicians in Israel are acting as if military pressure can continue on the Strip, ignoring the worsening economic situation, and that has experts worried. In the long term, continually deteriorating infrastructure brings the risk of an uncontrollable blow-up in the Strip.

About two weeks ago, Haaretz reported that the number of trucks passing through the Kerem Shalom crossing between Israel and Gaza has been cut in half due to the decline in purchasing power of Gazas people. The latest statistics say the number of trucks is down a third, to between just 300 to 400 trucks a day.


About 95 percent of Gazas water is undrinkable. Hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of sewage flow into the Mediterranean daily, reaching Israels shores as well. Theres a bit more electricity available now up to six or seven hours a day, thanks to a decision by the Palestinian Authority to go back to funding some of the power, which is purchased from Israel. Experts warn of the outbreak of infectious diseases.

Unemployment in the Gaza Strip is inching toward 50 percent and is even higher among young people. The more than two million people now living in Gaza are trapped between the harsh Hamas regime and the almost total impossibility of leaving the Strip because of the closed crossings into Israel and Egypt.

When Israel began buil...


Garry Kasparov on Artificial Intelligence, Technology and Politics, and AlphaZero Chess "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Former world chess champion and human rights activist Garry Kasparov discusses artificial intelligence and the political and social implications of it.

Drawing on his recent book Deep Thinking, Kasparov outlines what he considers the potential of new technologies built on machine learning. Kasparov explains why free societies must prioritize technological progress and embrace the challenges associated with innovation. Finally, Kasparov considers the new artificial intelligence chess program, AlphaZerowhat we can learn from it about chess, as well as the relationship between humans and machines.

Conversations with Bill Kristol.


Main Pillars of Research in Revolutionary Geroscience Field "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Part 2 of a 4 part article titled Geroscience written by Felipe Sierra the US head of research in aging biology

Part 2 of the 4-part essay Geroscience by Felipe Sierra. This segment explores the main pillars of aging biology research.


Revolutionary Geroscience Field Targets Aging "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Part 3 of a 4 part article titled Geroscience written by Felipe Sierra the US head of research in aging biology

How the field of geroscience aims to slow down the chronic diseases of aging. Part 3 of the 4-part essay Geroscience by Felipe Sierra.


Syrian de-mining 'urgently needed', says MSF "IndyWatch Feed World"

MSF teams in the Syrian city of Raqqa treated 33 patients with blast-related injuries in the first week of 2018, including 13 who were under 18.


Em seu ltimo ano de vida, Martin Luther King passou a ser detestado pela elite liberal dos EUA "IndyWatch Feed"

Dr. Martin Luther King on platform talks to thousands of demonstrators on United Nations Plaza on April 15. 1967 in New York City.


10 MLK Day Reads "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

My Martin Luther King Day reads:  A Racist in the Oval Office (New Yorker) see also Donald Trumps long history of racism, from the 1970s to 2018 (Vox)  How To Meditate (Daily Stoic)  China bets on facial recognition in big drive for total surveillance (Washington Post) Stoking Fears, Trump Defied Bureaucracy to Advance Immigration Agenda (New York Times)  A

Read More

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Serious Question "IndyWatch Feed"

Ever wonder what the end of the world will look like? The people of Hawai'i can tell you now. They just had a trial run.


Casual Observation "IndyWatch Feed"

I don't particularly care about Melania Trump one way or the other, but I don't like to see her humiliated publicly. I take Trump's infidelity as a given, and I guess the fact that he continues to lie about it should be a mark against him, but the state of his marriage isn't something that interests me or that I think should be used as cudgel against him. On the other hand, the fact that he paid a ransom to keep this affair secret does have relevancy to whether or not he is subject to blackmail and in the habit of giving things of value to people to keep his secrets.



Frdric Bastiat and the Hubble Telescope "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

By: Patrick Barron

A few days ago my wife and I watched a fascinating program on PBS. The long running Nova series featured the history and accomplishments of the Hubble Space Telescope. The program was titled Invisible Universe Revealed. This episode was composed of three parts.

The first third of the program explained how the astronomers secured funding for the space telescope and successfully built and launched it. Senator William Proxmire, Democrat from Wisconsin, had the space telescope in his sights. From 1975 to 1988 the senator awarded his monthly Golden Fleece Award for egregiously wasteful spending. According to Nova, funding for Hubble was secured when Nancy Roman, Chief Astronomer-to-be, pointed out, apparently to the satisfaction of Congress, that for the cost of a night at the movies, every American would enjoy fifteen years of astronomical revelations. Hubble was launched by the Space Shuttle on April 24, 1990 and deployed a day later. That's when the real problems began.

The second part of the program was devoted to the thrilling repair conducted by astronauts on the orbiting telescope. Construction faults in the giant reflecting mirror made the telescope unusable. Incredibly these faults were not discovered until the telescope was in earth orbit. Nevertheless, the telescope was fixed, and this is the best part of the program. From diagnosing the problem, agreeing upon a feasible fix, to astronauts practicing the repair in a giant water tank (20 months of training!), and finally conducting the repair in space, the viewer is astonished at the knowledge, dedication, and skill of everyone associated with this NASA program.

RELATED: "Government Spending on 'Innovation': The True Cost Is Higher Than You Think" by Peter Klein

The third part of the program attempts to sell the results of the Hubble program to the viewers. In my opinion, this is the weakest part of the program. The astronomers do their best to get the viewer excited about the things that they themselves feel are important, explaining difficult concepts in lay terms and showing beautiful pictures taken by Hubble. But for this viewer, it just didn't work. And here is where my economist side started thinking about Frdric Bastiat's timeless ess...

Watching the Watchers: Are You The Star Of an Encrypted Drone Video Stream? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Small aircraft with streaming video cameras are now widely available, for better or worse. Making eyes in the sky so accessible has resulted in interesting footage that would have been prohibitively expensive to capture a few years ago, but this new creative frontier also has a dark side when used to violate privacy. Those who are covering their tracks by encrypting their video transmission should know researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev demonstrated such protection can be breached.

The BGU team proved that a side-channel analysis can be done against behavior common to video compression algorithms, as certain changes in video input would result in detectable bitrate changes to the output stream. By controlling a targets visual appearance to trigger these changes, a correlating change in bandwidth consumption would reveal the targets presence in an encrypted video stream.

The idea demonstrated here is early and share challenges common with every side-channel attack: teasing signal out of noise. The signal may be misinterpreted resulting in a false positive, or the technique can be circumvented by adding more noise. Future research will surely pursue both fronts, just as surely as some FPV equipment makers will work to evade detection (careful what frequencies you use) and some people will take a more direct approach to deterrence.


[via Wired]


Cop Caught on Video Smashing Handcuffed Womans Face to the FloorNo Charges "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A Michigan cop was allowed to quietly leave the department with no charges after video showed him smashing a handcuffed woman into the concrete.


The Carillion collapse is a textbook example of Tory economics "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The collapse of the construction and outsourcing giant Carillion is a textbook example of the Tory privatisation ideology in action.

We now have 43,000 workers worrying over their jobs; hundreds of public services at risk (including hospitals, schools, prisons & other public infrastructure); a government in chaos because they carried on handing out billions in contracts to this stricken company even after three profit warnings; and a pension fund with a 600 million black hole in it (which will be bailed out by the taxpayer).

Meanwhile executives at the company stand accused of rewriting their bonus rules in 2016 (when the company was already in huge trouble) so that they could keep all their bonuses, even in the case of corporate collapse.

A bunch of private profiteers has walked away with stacks of cash, leaving the public to pick up the bill for sorting out the chaos they've created.

However, the problem is that the Tories are pro-privatisation extremists. There's no way they'd bring the services back in house to protect jobs and public services. Their fanatical hard-right ideology prevents them from doing that, so they'll scrabble around trying to get other private sector profiteers to take over Carillion's contracts, and likely pay extortionate inflated prices, because other private sector companies know that the Tories need them to take over the contracts more than they actually need the contracts themselves.


Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day "IndyWatch Feed World"

Have a safe, thoughtful and peaceful holiday, folks.


Removing Trump Will Require New Activists; The Old Ones Wont Do It "IndyWatch Feed War"

By David Swanson, January 15, 2017, Lets Try Democracy.

It was convenient for the teaching moment that James Risen just recounted the New York Times refusal back in 2004 to report on George W. Bushs (secret and criminal) warrantless spying prior to Bushs re-election for fear of costing Bush votes, at the same time that a harmoniously bipartisan Congress was just now voting to empower Donald Trump to (openly and legally) spy on everybody without any warrants.

How did a crime become a policy? Nobody, not even the Constitutional law professor who committed the same crime for the 8 years before Trump, re-wrote the Fourth Amendment. So, what transformed Bushs crimes into Trumps respectable policies was exactly what we said would do that: the failure to impeach Bush and remove him from office. The powers of the imperial president to spy, imprison, torture, and murder increased under Bush, and under Obama, and under Trump. And if we survive Trump, that trend will continue.

Not only will presidential powers expand, but the odiousness of the individuals occupying the office will increase. Those who say thats impossible also said it was impossible under one or the other of the previous two presidents, depending on partisanship.

Thankfully, a large and growing percentage of the public tells pollsters that Trump should be impeached and removed from office. Millions sign a petition or two. But they do little else. Most activist organizations do nothing at all. And most seasoned activists dismiss the very idea of ever impeaching anyone out of hand. Virtually none of them have ever heard anything about the frequency and potency of impeachment through U.S. history. Every last one of them imagines that a Trump impeachment is about Russia fantasies or nothing, as if the reasons that they themselves despise and fear Trump just dont exist. And youll not find a single activist anywhere who believes their activism can change society in such a manner that following a successful impeachment, the next office holder will be expected to behave better or face impeachment too.

Thus, when you ask a random person if Trump should be impeached and removed from office, as often as not they will shout Hell, yeah! (And I strongly suspect that pattern would hold outside of the United States as well as here within it.) But if you ask an activist at a politically e...


Martin Luther King Jr. Spent the Last Year of His Life Detested By the Liberal Establishment "IndyWatch Feed"

Dr. Martin Luther King on platform talks to thousands of demonstrators on United Nations Plaza on April 15. 1967 in New York City.


The Migrant Crisis The Engineered Cultural War and the Destruction of Europe "IndyWatch Feed World"


Why The Migrant Invasion of Europe?

Truth Unveils Treason by European Leaders to Genocide White People

Greetings to the readers who desire to know why Europe is under duress of invasion by the foreign peoples that seek to sack, ravish, pillage and plunder the cities, towns and villages.

Read More


LAST STEP IRAN: What Our Recent Protests Were Really About "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Hamed Ghashghavi
21st Century Wire

TEHRAN, Iran Two weeks ago, the first demonstration was held in Mashhad and the main reason was peoples total dissatisfaction of credit institutions and banks, which took their money as a hostage for several months.

Some months ago, I witnessed myself people protesting peacefully in front of Irans Parliament and Central Bank. Actually, banks in Iran have effective powers (sometime more than European banks), and the interest rates are between 15 to 25%, invested in boondoggle building projects and other matters that normally they should not! We see similar situations the world over.

We can never deny that citizens, including myself, are facing financial problems due to the situation of the country. Essentially, after president Rouhanis government has invested most of its time and energy on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) Iran nuclear deal, he had promised the public that Irans economic and financial crisis will be resolved after that deal, however, this crisis is still escalating.

President Hassan Rouhani

Of course the American and European embargoes have partly influenced that economic crisis, but it seems that this has been exacerbated by the inefficiency of the Rouhani Administration. For years, the Supreme Leader has been speaking about the Resistive Economy (Economy of Resistance), and the importance of the internal economy (an indigenous one based on nations production and employment) while many officials, particularly in Rouhani government, believe the best solution is to be more in touch with European and American economies.

So after the Supreme Leader Sayed Ali Khamenei issued the principles of that Economy of Resistance, authorities began to repeatedly use that expression in their interviews and speeches which urged the Supreme Leader to choose Economy of Resistance: Production and Employment as the name of current year in Persian calendar.

Since that deal, many European companies such as Peugeot, Citroen, TOTAL and other leading Europe-based trans-national corporations have come to Tehran an...


Greyerz Governments And Central Banks Are About To Totally Lose Control "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Greyerz Governments And Central Banks Are About To Totally Lose Control, Ushering In $10,000 Gold, $667 Silver And Global Panic from King World News As we continue to kickoff the new year, today the man who has become legendary...

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Death of leading opposition negotiator is further blow to Syrian peace talks "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image result for Mounir Darwish, photos, syrian peace talks

U.N. Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura, second from right, at a meeting last year with a Syrian government delegation in Geneva. (Xu Jinqual/Pool/AP)
 January 14 at 12:31 PM
The Washington Post
 The death of a leading Syrian opposition figure who was wounded in a hit-and-run outside his Damascus home has left his allies shaken and appears to have poisoned an already fractious peace process.

Mounir Darwish, 80, was a leading member of Syrias internationally backed opposition movement and a familiar figure at peace talks brokered by the United Nations. He was struck by a car Thursday and died Friday night after surgery on his ankle. Friends who visited him after the operation said he appeared to be recovering well and was looking forward to going home the next day.

The U.N. special envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, called for those involved to be identified and brought to justice, apparently referring to the hit-and-run and not Darwishs treatment afterward. No official cause of death was announced.

De Mistura said late Saturday that Darwish had stayed in Damascus, rather than seek exile, as he sought peace and a better future for his country.

The death did not appear to have been mentioned in pro-government media, and a representative of the Information Ministry could not be reached for comment.

Colleagues said friends and family members who had visited the dissident in the hospital on Friday reported that he had been in good spirits and had been awaiting discharge.

He even called me to tell me that hed need to stay in bed for a month but that he was ready to receive any documents I needed him to read, said Firas al-Khalidi, who heads the Cairo section of Syrias political opposition, of which Darwish was a part.


The destruction of Paris: How the city of light became the city of garbage "IndyWatch Feed World"

Last year more than 100,000 migrants requested asylum in France, an increase of 17 per cent compared with 2016 and the highest ever recorded

France is a large country and its ability to temporarily house migrants shouldnt be a big problem, in theory.

Read More


Medical research using animalsa scandal exposed "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Medical research using animalsa scandal exposed

A TB vaccine-booster ineffectiveand the vaccine raises the risk of getting TB

By Jon Rappoport

Dont expect major media to cover this story with any fervor. Dont expect mainstream reporters to dig down below the surface of the story. If they did, a huge pillar of the medical cartel would crack and collapse

In the 1990s, I met several researchers who opened my eyes to the fallacies involved in animal research.

This wasnt only about the intense cruelty against lab animals. It was about fake science. It was about wrongly assuming studies on animals could be translated to humans.

Now, the edges of a scandal are coming to light.

From An investigative report, published late Wednesday in The BMJ, raises new concerns about the overall quality of animal research and the misrepresentation of findings from animal studies.

The investigation focused on animal studies which led to the 2009 phase IIB clinical trial of the tuberculosis vaccine booster MVA85A.

Nearly 2,800 infants in South Africa got the booster, which failed to increase the effectiveness of the conventional anti-TB Bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccine.

Tuberculosis experts told The BMJs Deborah Cohen that the researchers who conducted the infant trial, from Oxford University, cherry-picked results from their MVA85A animal studies to gain approvals and funding, and downplayed negative results from a small trial in rhesus macaque monkeys which suggested that the booster actually reduced the effectiveness of the BCG vaccine.

A 2015 independent systematic review of eight MVA85A animal studies published from 2003 to 2010 concluded that the data did not provide evidence to support MVA85As efficacy as a BCG booster.

Paul Garner of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, who was a co-author of the systematic review, told Cohen that the macaque study gave a strong signal that the MVA85A vaccine was hastening development of TB in the animals.

Heres the capper: In an editorial published with the BMJ report, Merel Ritskes-Hoitinga, PhD, of Radboud University Medical Center, The Netherlands, noted that the translational success rate from animal to human studies has been shown to be low, with the non-reproducibility of preclinical studies ranging from 51% to 89% in one review.

Animal studies dont translate to the same results in humans, 51% to 89% of the time.

Of course, conventional researchers attribute this massive failure to poor design of animal studies, rather than the obvious differences between animals and humans.

Admitting the latter r...


"More Than 100 Dead As The Worst Flu Epidemic In Years Sweeps Across The United States" "IndyWatch Feed World"

Click image for larger size.
"More Than 100 Dead As The Worst Flu Epidemic 
In Years Sweeps Across The United States"
 By Michael Snyder

"This flu season is already off to a record-setting beginning, and many believe that it could ultimately be the worst that we have seen in decades. In fact, it has been reported that if we stay on this current pace that this could truly be the worst flu season in more than 50 years.  As you will see below, the CDC is reporting widespread flu activity from coast to coast, and the death toll has already crossed 100.  Here in the United States, flu season usually begins in October and ends in May, and so we still have a long way to go before it is over.

Normally the mainstream media tries very hard to keep the public calm about these things, but even the ...


Coreboot 4.7 Released With 47 More Motherboards Supported, AMD Stoney Ridge "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Coreboot 4.7 is now available as the latest release of this free and open-source BIOS/UEFI replacement...


June 11th International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason & All Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Over the years, June 11th Day Of Solidarity with Marius Mason and All Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners has supported and highlighted dozens of prisoners. More recently we have been trying to include more prisoners from outside the U.S. to avoid falling into the easy path of U.S-centrism and to more faithfully represent the rich, expansive anarchist and anti-authoritarian struggles across the globe. (You can find out more at

It is with this in mind that we are asking for your help to translate and spread this short message.

We know there are many prisoners whose stories have not made it to us, or with whom it has been difficult to establish contact. While June 11th focuses on anarchist and long-term prisoners, these are not strict qualities. We are eager to support anti-authoritarian prisoners of many stripes and from many struggles. June 11th aims to keep on our lips the names of comrades who are locked away from many years, long after many have otherwise drifted into the background as there are always new struggles, new emergencies, and more friends being targeted by the state. We generally use about a ten year sentence as a bench mark, but are currently supporting some prisoners who are serving 6 or 7. We dont make this distinction to diminish the experience of comrades being removed from their communities and tortured for fewer years, but as an acknowledgement that more has to be done to sustain support and solidarity for those who will be locked up through many cycles of struggle.

We are asking you to get in touch with us if you know prisoners who would be a good fit and would like to be included with June 11th. When possible, we desire a dialogue with supporters so we can more deeply explore how we can support them and keep their voices in our activities.

Please help us to translate and disseminate this message as far as possible. We want to hear from you:

Yours in Struggle,
June 11th Committee

In Italian /...


Libyan capital's airport shut as nine killed in fighting "IndyWatch Feed War"


All operations suspended at Mitiga airport as rival groups battle for control amid claims of thousands being held in secret prison


Peace In Syria? Kurdish question hangs over Sochi conference "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

A member of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) walks through debris in the old city center on the eastern front line of Raqqa, Syria, on September 25, 2017. Credit AFP Bulent Kilic

By Yasar Yakis | Published  Monday 15 January 2018

Three issues come to the fore in Syria at the beginning of 2018: The Astana-Sochi process, Idlib and the Kurds. Russia decided to convene, on Jan. 29 in Sochi, the Syrian Peoples Congress, but the US, UK and France are opposed to this meeting because it might consolidate Russias already strong leading role in the solution of the Syrian crisis.

Russia is trying to accommodate Turkeys insistent objection to the participation of the strongest Kurdish political party in Syria, the Democratic Union Party (PYD). They will eventually participate under the name of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria and the delegation will include some non-Kurds, such as Arabs, Turkmens, Armenians, Syriacs, Assyrians and Chechens, as well as the Kurds who support Kurdish political parties other than the PYD.

This scenario falls short of Turkeys expectations but, when it is presented as an innocent package, it becomes more difficult for Turkey to reject, because that would be perceived as Turkey being opposed to the representation of around 10 percent of the Syrian population and a military force that controls a quarter of Syrias territory, including almost all of its oil, gas and water resources.

The Sochi conference has to be linked one way or another to the work conducted under the UNs auspices, because Russia wants the UN to endorse the entire process, including the withdrawal of forces from the US and Turkey.

France is not happy to see that the Astana and Sochi processes are dominated by Russia. President Emmanuel Macron voiced his discontent during a press conference held last week at the end of his talks with Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

As the opposition is defeated in many places in Syria, Idlib has seen a concentration of various groups fighting against the regime. The Syrian army, on Jan. 7, carried out attacks in Idlib, mainly aimed at the opposition group Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham, and captured several villages in south Idlib, clearing the way to the rebel-held air base at Abu Al-Duhur.


Turkey-opposed efforts to create an autonomous Kurdish zone in the no...


Violence Against Dalits in Maharashtra Is Not New, but Dalit Reaction to It Is Changing "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

While the states approach in dealing with Dalit protest has not changed, the success of Dalits in pitching their issues at the centre stage of the national agenda has created new political and social possibilities

Members of the Dalit community shout slogans as they block a road during a protest in Mumbai, January 3, 2018. Credit: Reuters/Shailesh Andrade

The commemoration of the battle of Bhima-Koregaon and the events that have unfolded since new years eve became national news after the violence on Dalits. The mainstream media did not initially cover the grand celebration that began on new years eve to mark the 200th year of the end of Brahmin Peshwa rule in which the Mahars (Dalits) fought together with the British. It...


Benjamin Fulford: Tensions rise between bloodlines and Illuminati as final showdown looms for U.S. corporate government "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

By Benjamin Fulford

Global tensions are rising visibly, as the petrodollar-funded U.S. corporate government faces a January 18th start of gold-backed yuan-denominated oil trading, even while its still-unfunded January 31st payment deadline looms.

One sign of this extreme tension came last week when a missile from a cabal submarine was stopped from hitting Hawaii and the submarine was sunk, Pentagon sources say.  Media outlets around the world have reported that Hawaiian residents all received the following warning on their mobile phones:  BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII, SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER, THIS IS NOT A DRILL, but later this was reported to be a false alarm.  It was notit was an attempt by the cabal to blame the attack on North Korea and use it as a trigger for their long-desired World War III, CIA sources say.

The attack was followed by an increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity which may be an attack on potential submarine bases in Chile, Peru, Papua, New Guinea, or underwater, the Pentagon sources continue.  U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency official Paul Laine has previously told this writer that numerous underwater bases exist.  These bases now appear to be under systematic attack.

Meanwhile, as this report was being written, a person claiming to be His Excellency His Royal Highness (H.E. HRH) Ernest Rauthschild, Royal Prime Minister of The United States of North America contacted this writer to claim, The Federal U.S./USA comes under the USNA.  He went on to state that the galactics were now arriving to enforce his claim.  He provided extensive documentation to back his claims, to which we have linked below without comment other than to note that the address provided is just a virtual office in Washington, DC.

James Gilliland: We Have To Ask Ourselves: How Is This Working For Us? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

James Gilliland

By James Gilliland

Every new year most party late into the night, get intoxicated by various methods, make resolutions only to break them within the week.

Are we a blessing to life?

Or are we empty seeking outside of ourselves for love, joy, bliss, abundance etc.

Many relationships are splitting during these times for various reasons, some couples just cant do another year of dysfunction and the exponential increase in energies just wont allow it.In the macrocosm our dysfunctional relationship with society and the planet also is coming up for healing.

The uncovering, chaos, changes on every level are the symptoms of a planetary awakening.

The manifestation time between cause and effect is happening much quicker going into the days of instant karma. What took years is happening in days, what took days is happening in hours.

We have talked about Universal Law, The Quickening, and the 9th wave. This is all having a major impact on humanity and the Earth, how we flow with these energies is up to us and the choices and actions we take. Some will try to continue business as usual, live in denial, project and blame refusing to be accountable or heal their own victim patterns. They will not fare well in the days to come because the manifestation time between cause and effect is happening much quicker going into the days of instant karma. What took years is happening in days, what took days is happening in hours. Where ever you go there you are and though it might require some space to process the processing and releasing of the past cannot be avoided.

This new year I would strongly suggest finding the quite time to ask yourself, am I creating heaven on earth?

This new year I would strongly suggest finding the quite time to ask yourself, am I creating heaven on earth? Am I operating under Universal Law which in its simplest form is Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. They say there are the haves and the have nots. The haves need to ask themselves how can I help the have nots and the have nots need to ask themselves what am I doing to better myself.

The Republic and the Constitution are based primarily on Universal Laws

The separation game between the democrats and republicans is still separation. Both parties need to adapt Universal Law as first and foremost in their agendas. The Republic and the Constitution a...


Belize imposes offshore oil moratorium to protect reefs "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The government of Belize halted all exploration for oil in its territorial waters from Dec. 29, becoming one of the first developing countries to turn away from oil in favor of protecting the ocean environment. This is truly The Peoples Law, Janelle Chanona, vice president of the NGO Oceana in Belize, said in a report by teleSUR. Belizeans have remained steadfast in their opposition to offshore oil since they became aware that marine assets were at risk of irreversible damage from the offshore oil industry. That opposition began in earnest when the government shared its plans for oil exploration near the Belize Barrier Reef. At that point, WWF started a campaign during which 450,000 people emailed the government about offshore drilling, according to an article at Quartz. Belize is a small country making a mighty commitment to putting the environment first, Nadia Bood, a WWF reef scientist, said in the Quartz article. A stingray in Belize. Photo by Rhett A. Butler/Mongabay. The Belize Barrier Reef System Reserve has been a UNESCO world heritage site for more than two decades. The 300-kilometer (186-mile) stretch of coral in the Caribbean Sea is part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, second in size only to Australias Great Barrier Reef. It is home to turtles, crocodiles and manatees among the roughly 1,400 species found in Belizes reefs. Such wildlife is a huge draw for tourists, who contribute about 10 percent of the countrys gross domestic product, according to Quartz. The Guardian reports that 50 percent of Belizes


Myanmar Says Temporary Camp Will House 30,000 Rohingya Targeted for Repatriation "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

A Rohingya refugee walks next to a pond in the early morning at Balukhali refugee camp near Coxs Bazar, Bangladesh January 10, 2018. Credit: Reuters/Tyrone Siu

Yangon: Myanmar is building a camp to temporarily house 30,000 Rohingya Muslims targeted for repatriation after fleeing violence in Rakhine State, state media reported on Monday, as Myanmar and Bangladesh meet to discuss how to implement a repatriation deal.

More than 650,000 Rohingya have headed across the border to Bangladesh after a sweeping Myan...


Palestine: Abbas slams Trump's 'deal of the century' as a 'slap in the face', Israel's 'killing' of Oslo Accords "IndyWatch Feed World"

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has stated he will never agree to the US-championed peace plan in which Jerusalem is "taken off the table." He accused Israel of "killing" the historic Oslo Accords on mutual recognition. Speaking at the Palestinian Liberation Organization's (PLO) Central Council meeting on Sunday, Abbas lashed out at US President Donald Trump, denouncing his decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and a reported proposal by Washington to make a tiny West Bank village a future Palestinian capital. "We told Trump we will never accept his [peace] plan. His 'deal of the century' is the slap in the face of the century, and we will not accept it," Abbas said, vowing to "slap back," as cited by Arutz Sheva.


UAE says Qatari fighter jets intercept passenger plane "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP/File | The United Arab Emirates accused Qatari fighter jets of intercepting a passenger plane en route to Bahrain, in an ongoing row over alleged airspace violations

ABU DHABI (AFP)  The United Arab Emirates accused Qatari fighter jets of intercepting a passenger plane en route to Bahrain on Monday, in an ongoing row over alleged airspace violations.Qatari fighter jets intercept an Emirati civilian aircraft during a routine flight to Manama in a flagrant threat to civil aviation safety and in a clear violation of international law, the UAE General Authority of Civil Aviation said.

This is a routine flight that has all the required paperwork, it said in a statement published by the state news agency.

Four UAE-based airlines Emirates, Etihad, flydubai and Air Arabia operate flights to Bahrain.

Spokespersons for the airlines contacted by AFP could not immediately confirm or deny the news.

The United Arab Emirates is one of four Arab states that cut all relations with Qatar in June, accusing it of supporting Islamist extremists and of being close to Shiite Iran. Doha denies the accusations.

No further details were immediately available.


Gilad Atzmon and Islam "IndyWatch Feed War"

January 14, 2018  /  Gilad Atzmon Introduction GA: In the following book review Jay Knott suggests that  Being in Time scores a very high mark on many fronts, however, the text fails to attack Muslims and Islam. In the last two decades I have been accused of many things but this is the first time I am criticised []


Letter from Charlottesville to Ukraine "IndyWatch Feed War"

By David Swanson, January 15, 2017, Lets Try Democracy.

Nazi rallies in the news in recent years have most prominently been held here in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, and in Ukraine. I want to send thoughts of solidarity to those in Ukraine resisting fascism. And I want to let you know that some of us are urging our government in Washington, D.C., to stop supporting fascism both in the United States and in Ukraine. In addition, we are pointing to the examples being set by so many shithole countries around the world that are 100% free of fascist rallies.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Brandenberg v. Ohio in 1969 that advocacy directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action . . . likely to incite or produce such action is not protected by the First Amendment. Sheriff Shithole has said these things: If you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them. I promise you, I will pay for the legal fees. Maybe he should have been roughed up, because it was absolutely disgusting what he was doing. See, in the good old days this doesnt happen, because they used to treat them very, very rough. And when they protested once, you know, they would not do it again so easily. You know what I hate? Theres a guy, totally disruptive, throwing punches, were not allowed to punch back anymore. I love the old daysyou know what they used to do to guys like that when they were in a place like this? Theyd be carried out on a stretcher, folks. See the first group, I was nice. Oh, take your time. The second group, I was pretty nice. The third group, Ill be a little more violent. And the fourth group, Ill say get the hell out of here! Id like to punch him in the face, I tell ya. You see, in the good old days, law enforcement acted a lot quicker than this. A lot quicker. In the good old days, theyd rip him out of that seat so fast but today, everybodys politically correct. He was swinging, he was hitting people, and the audience hit back. Thats what we need more of.

Numerous incidents of violence followed these comments. John Franklin McGraw punched a man in the face at a Trump event, and...


Blockchain Bonds? Struggling German Telco Joins Bandwagon "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

But to no avail for its crushed shares.

Telefonica Deutschland, the struggling German subsidiary of the struggling Spanish telecom giant Telefonica S.A., announced that it issued 200 million of bonds, including a small tranche of undisclosed size, maturing in about one year, with blockchain technology:

For the first time, the transaction will demonstrate the capabilities of the Blockchain technology in combination with a traditional financing process and a larger number of investors. With the innovative use of this digital technology, all participants are promoting the development of more efficient and transparent processes in the German economy.

The company lost 178 million in the first three quarters in 2017 after losing 1.76 billion in 2016. Its shares the portion that is publicly traded  at 4.10, are down 30% since October 2015. The shares of its Spanish parent, Telefonica S.A., at 8.20, are down 40% over the same period.

The company could certainly do with attracting more shareholder interest.

The company enthused that blockchain technology allows for direct and secure financial transactions in real time by blocks of data that are stored and encrypted on multiple servers. It hopes that the new technology will lower servicing costs and diversify its financing strategy.

But if the plan was to levitate the firms shares by adding blockchain to the press release, it hasnt quite worked. Telefonica Deutschlands shares continue to decline, and the Spanish parent saw its shares close on Friday at the same level as three days ago. It cant have helped that on the same morning, Spains second biggest bank, BBVA, reported that it booked a capital loss of 1.12 billion on its 6.7% stake in Telefonica SA for 2017 over 300 million more than the bank had provisioned for. Not exactly good PR

Continue reading the article


Secure Power without Batteries (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Secure Power without Batteries Video Engineer 775 SMAs Secure Power Supply does something that no other grid-tied solar inverter without added storage can: provide power during a grid outage. Solar professionals have been talking about this amazing feature since...

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"IndyWatch Feed War"

15, 2018 ! ..! []


Syria Vows To End US Military Presence In Its Country "IndyWatch Feed World"

Syria has said it is determined to end US military presence in its country after Washington announced plans to build a border force that Russia says could lead to Syrias partition. On Monday Syrias Foreign [...]


Samba 4.8 RC1 Released, Samba 4.9 In Development On Git "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The first release candidate of Samba 4.8 is now available for this popular open-source project implementing the SMB/CIFS protocols...


Notes From the US: A gulf in green expectations "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Louis Further rounds up the latest happenings in US politics from an anarchist perspective. Environment: The oncoming Gulf storm In early December the Center for Biological Diversity filed a formal notice of intent to sue the Trump gang for its plans to further wreck the ecology of (marine) life in waters in the Gulf Coast


German state TV series features woman teaching boy how to pray to Allah "IndyWatch Feed War"

When was the last time a German state TV series featured instructions on Christian prayer? My bet is never. Multiculturalism = Islamic supremacism. German state TV is working to prepare the German people for their future. Is this what it looks like? Brutal German state propaganda to encourage children to be muslims?, by Eeyore, Vlad []


The Iceman Checks Out, Scientifically "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Wim Hof first caught the attention of scientists when he proved he was able to use meditation to stay submerged in ice for 1 hour and 53 minutes without his core body temperature changing. Since then, he's climbed Mount Everest in his shorts, resisted altitude sickness, completed a marathon in the Namib Desert with no water and proven under a laboratory setting that he's able to influence his autonomic nervous system and immune system at will.

Almost everything Wim has done was previously thought to be impossible - but he's not a freak of nature.

To demonstrate that any human can learn his methods, Wim offered to teach Matt Shea and Daisy-May Hudson to climb a freezing cold mountain in their shorts without getting cold.

Buddhist breathing techniques repackaged for westerners? There's an app for that.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


World watch Tuesday "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Monday GMT For posting on events, news, opinions and anything of interest from around the world.


Maduro Urges Latin American States to Join Oil and Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency Project "IndyWatch Feed War"



How Free Radicals Damage Our Bodies "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Free radicals are costly.

Summary: Heres what researchers have discovered about stopping the destruction caused by free radicals, including DNA damage, macromolecular damage, and damage to mitochondrial DNA. [This article first appeared on the website Author: Brady Hartman. ]

Scientists widely believe that DNA damage and macromolecular damage caused by free radicals generated by our mitochondria is the principle cause of aging.

However, they may have found a way to stop it.


Breakthroughs in Diabetes and Prediabetes Treatments (Our Best of 2017) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Summary: A brief review of the top reports in 2017 on prediabetes and type 2 diabetes treatments, including new ones and those in the pipeline. [This article first appeared on the website. Author: Brady Hartman.]

A paper published in the Lancet shocked the public last year when they reported that 40% of Americans walking around today would develop type 2 diabetes. While type 2 diabetes is a leading cause of premature death, the World Health Organization (WHO) upset even more people when they announced that prediabetes the precursor state to diabetes kills far more people.

Heres a look back at the reports in 2017 on the ways to prevent type 2 diabetes and prediabetes and the promising treatments in the pipeline for these two forms of diabetes.


3 Things You Learned In Elementary School "IndyWatch Feed War"

Illustrative Picture. (Photo: Creative Commons/Johannes Thiel)Illustrative Picture. (Photo: Creative Commons/Johannes Thiel)

Elementary school! Our memories include recess, minimal work and crayons. But there were some vital lessons you learned in that place. Yet, in all the hustle and bustle of adult life, you may have forgotten some of the most important lessons.

Heres a reminder, and what those lessons mean for the struggle against radical Islam.


1.No Take-sie Back-sies

This is one of the most important life lessons of all. You cant take anything back. No one can. For better or worse, Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq, Osama Bin Laden ordered the terror attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11 and Hillary Clinton failed to reinforce the embassy in Benghazi.

The past cannot be changed just because we dont like something that happened. We have to come to terms with the reality of the world and move forward proactively, not waste time arguing about whether or not the current instability in Pakistan is really the fault of British imperialists who have been dead for nearly a 100 years.

Accepting what has happened is the first step to deciding how you want to react to it.


2.Finders Keepers Losers Weepers

One of the more brutal facts of life, this one underscores the unfairness of the world. The Gulf States have the oil and therefore they have the money. They found it and they kept it. The fact they have used that money (in part) to fund extremism worldwide is what they chose to do with it.

The same goes for the current borders of countries. Pretty much every state on the planet has committed war crimes at least once. The breakup of the Ottoman Empire was a complete mess that saw many groups disenfranchised.

But today it doesnt necessarily make sense to alter national borders and radically restructu...

"The Fascinating Psychology of Blowoff Tops" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"The Fascinating Psychology of Blowoff Tops"
by Charles Hugh Smith

"Central banks have guaranteed a bubble collapse is the only possible output of the system they've created. The psychology of blowoff tops in asset bubbles is fascinating: let's start with the first requirement of a move qualifying as a blowoff top, which is the vast majority of participants deny the move is a blowoff top.
Exhibit 1: a chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJ-30):
Is there any other description of this parabolic ascent other than "blowoff top" that isn't absurdly misleading? Can anyone claim this is just a typical Bull market? There is nothing even remotely typical about the record RSI (relative strength index), record Bull-Bear ratio, and so on, especially after a near-record run of 9 years.

The few who do grudgingly acknowledge this parabolic move might be a blowoff top are positive that it has many more months to run. This is the second requirement of qualifying as a blowoff top: the widespread confidence that the Bull advance has years more to run, and if not years, then many months.



Chasing Breakthrough Cures for Parkinsons Disease "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Scientists are searching for an effective Parkinsons treatment.

Summary: A disease-modifying drug for Parkinsons disease remains the goal of researchers as they develop promising treatments using gene therapy, autophagy upregulators, and brain mapping. [Author: Brady Hartman. This article first appeared on LongevityFacts.]

Parkinsons, Alzheimers and other forms of dementia are diseases of aging, and the incidence of these conditions rise with each passing year. Doctors expect these disorders to ramp up with increasing life expectancies.

Researchers arent just focusing on treatments for Alzheimers disease. Fortunately, scientists throughout the world are developing promising treatments for Parkinsons disease as well.


US Anti-Aging Chief Updates Geroscience Research Progress "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Part 1 of a 4 part article titled Geroscience written by the US head of research in aging biology Felipe Sierra.

Introduction to the essay Geroscience by Felipe Sierra, both provides a glimpse into the future of the longevity field which targets aging.


Turkey vows to 'eliminate any threat' after US announces Syrian 'border force' of 30,000 that includes terrorists and Kurdish militia "IndyWatch Feed World"

Ankara has slammed the plan to create a 30,000-strong force from the Kurdish-dominated SDF militias on its border with Syria, accusing its NATO ally of presenting its "unilateral" move as a joint decision of the US-led coalition. The Turkish government perceives the so-called Syrian Border Force, that may be stationed along the Kurdish-controlled parts of the Syrian border with Iraq and Turkey, as well as in the Euphrates River Valley, as a threat to its national security, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in the statement on Sunday. "Turkey is determined to eliminate any threats against it, and has all possibilities to do this," it said, denouncing what it called "the persistence of the United State in this erroneous approach" of cooperating with the Kurdish militias.


GCC 8.0 Moves On To Only Regression/Documentation Fixes "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The GCC 8 compiler is on to its last stage of development...


January 16 in history "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

27 BC  The title Augustus was bestowed upon Gaius Julius Caesar Octavian by the Roman Senate.

1120 The Council of Nablus was held, establishing the earliest surviving written laws of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem.

1362 A storm tide in the North Sea destroyed the German city of Rungholt on the island of Strand.

1412 The Medici family was appointed official banker of the Papacy.

1492 The first grammar of the Spanish language, was presented to Queen Isabella I.

1547  Ivan IV of Russia (Ivan the Terrible) became Tsar of Russia.

1556  Philip II became King of Spain.

1581 The English Parliament outlawed Roman Catholicism.

1605 The first edition of El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha(Book One of Don Quixote) by Miguel de Cervantes was published in Madrid.

1707  The Scottish Parliament ratified the Act of Union, paving the way for the creation of Great Britain.

1853  Andre Michelin, French industrialist, was born (d. 1931).

1853  Gen Sir Ian Hamilton,  British military commander, was born  (d. 1947).

1874  Robert W. Service, Canadian poet, was born (d. 1958).

1883 The Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act, establishing the United States...


Poll Results: Should We Give Medical Treatment to Jihadis? "IndyWatch Feed War"

A wounded soldier in Iraq awaits evacuation and treatmentA wounded soldier in Iraq awaits evacuation and treatment (Illustrative photo: AHMAD AL-RUBAYE/AFP/Getty Images)

Recently, we reported on the decision by Austrias interior ministry to refuse entry to a suspected ISIS fighter from Georgia who required emergency surgery. The 19-year-old fighter, who was suspected to be connected to Chechen jihadi kingpin Akmad Chatayev, was shot in the head in a special forces operation and was in a coma.

Citing security concerns as the primary reason, the ministry also said the fighters entrance to Austria would increase the risk of a possible rescue or a blackmail attempt.

We then polled our readers about whether or not they agreed with Austrias decision. Here are the results of the poll:

  • 89.7 percent said, Yes, why should resources go to people who want to kill us?
  • 10.3 percent said, No, refusing treatment poses serious questions about medical ethics and opens the way to a slippery slope of government control over medical treatment.


Here is a sample of some of the many comments we received:

Once the terrorist is healed, he will return and continue to kill us. So this is a self defense.

[The terrorists] want to destroy our way of life. They want to destroy other religions. They choose theirr way and then want their enemy to save you. Sorry

If you treat an enemy combatant like this, their way of thinking still remains the same. Why then would I want treat such a person?

The 19-year-old should be treated medially and then put on trial for his crimes. I would in no way defend ISIS, but it is a tough question. As an individual I would want to treat this person as I would like to be treated if I was in his shoes. The only way to change people is by changing their hearts. Love is the greatest force that can overcome evil. This is what this young man needs to experience in order to have his heart chan...


Egypt: Muslim gunmen shoot and kill Christian in Sinai "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Either al-Sisi cannot stop this ongoing Muslim persecution of Christians, or he will not. If he cannot, then he is a weak and ineffective ruler. If he will not, it may be that he is practicing steam control, as did Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak before him. That is, despite his affirmations of support for the []


Prayer and Meditation for Tuesday, January 16, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed War"

Tuesday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time
Lectionary: 312

Reading 1 1 SM 16:1-13

The LORD said to Samuel:
How long will you grieve for Saul,
whom I have rejected as king of Israel?
Fill your horn with oil, and be on your way.
I am sending you to Jesse of Bethlehem,
for I have chosen my king from among his sons.
But Samuel replied:
How can I go?
Saul will hear of it and kill me.
To this the LORD answered:
Take a heifer along and say,
I have come to sacrifice to the LORD.
Invite Jesse to the sacrifice, and I myself will tell you what to do;
you are to anoint for me the one I point out to you.

Samuel did as the LORD had commanded him.
When he entered Bethlehem,
the elders of the city came trembling to meet him and inquired,
Is your visit peaceful, O seer?
He replied:
Yes! I have come to sacrifice to the LORD.
So cleanse yourselves and join me today for the banquet.
He also had Jesse and his sons cleanse themselves
and invited them to the sacrifice.
As they came, he looked at Eliab and thought,
Surely the LORDs anointed is here before him.
But the LORD said to Samuel:
Do not judge from his appearance or from his lofty stature,
because I have rejected him.
Not as man sees does God see,
because he sees the appearance
but the LORD looks into the heart.
Then Jesse called Abinadab and presented him before Samuel,
who said, The LORD has not chosen him.
Next Jesse presented Shammah, but Samuel said,
The LORD has not chosen this one either.
In the same way Jesse presented seven sons before Samuel,
but Samuel said to Jesse,
The LORD has not chosen any one of these.
Then Samuel asked Jesse,
Are these all the sons you have?
Jesse replied,


A Forgotten Memorial That Gives Indian Soldiers of Yore Their Due "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

We have an obligation to those whose valour and heroism deserves recognition even if they fought and died as part of a war that was not Indias.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu attend a ceremony at the Teen Murti Memorial in New Delhi to mark the formal renaming of Teen Murti Chowk as Teen Murti Haifa Chowk on January 14, 2018. Credit: PTI

Cavalry officers have always felt that brief surge of extra pride in the month of November, when traffic on Delhis busy Teen Murti roundabout pauses, halts and gapes at them in awe as they pay homage at the famed Imperial Service Cavalry Brigade Memorial in their ceremonial finery.

This memorial commemorates the valour of soldiers of princely armies namely Hyderabad, Jodhpur and Mysore Lancers which formed part of the famed 15 Imperial Service Cavalry Brigade. These troops were later co-opted into 61 Cavalry, the only mounted regiment besides the famed Presidents Body Guard (PBG), which is largely officered by 61 Cavalry. Imperial Brigade is known for its exploits in the First World War in Megiddo and most notably for the liberation of Haifa on September 23, 1918. The brigade was part of the British Indian Army fighting the Ottoman Turkish forces in the Middle East.

After independence, and in keeping with the natural desire to discard imperial baggage, the memorial and circle were rechristened Te...


UN Boss Says US Should Be Celebrating Mass Migration Into the United States "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The United Nations Is positioning for the takeover of the United States. First, they are trying to dilute the culture and the Constitutional rule of law by massive illegal immigration.



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Military Situation In Syria On January 15, 2018 (Map Update) "IndyWatch Feed War"

This map provides a general look at the military situation in Syria on January 15, 2018. The main military developments are taking place in three areas:

  • Syrian government forces are clashing with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in the area of the Abu al-Duhur airbase in the province of Idlib.
  • Ahrar al-Sham and other militant groups are still attempting to capture the Armoured Vehicles Base in Eastern Ghouta from the Syrian Army. However, all attempts of the militants have resulted in no result so far.
  • US-backed forces are developing their effort to establish a full control over the easter bank of the Euphrates and to force ISIS members to withdraw from the area.
Military Situation In Syria On January 15, 2018 (Map Update)

Click to see the full-size map

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Catholicism is the One True Faith "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Creation of Adam, as depicted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, by Michelangelo. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)The Creation of Adam, as depicted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, by Michelangelo. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Catholicism is the one true faith. You might think thats a pretty odd thing for a Jew to say. But in a Western context, we treat it as if its true.

Everything in the West is oriented around the Catholic church. Sunday is the day of rest. Even if contemporary corporate culture has largely abandoned the idea of resting as a concept, government offices and banks and other such things are more often than not closed on Sundays. We even use the Catholic calendar, created by a pope and dating the years from the birth of the Catholic savior, Jesus Christ.

The other major western branch of Christianity (in all its myriad fractions) defines itself relationally to the Catholic Church. Its called Protestantism because they were protesting against the papacy.

Catholic terminology and ideas are embedded into our culture.We say talk about things being sinful or pure and mutter Jesus Christ when we swear. The way God is traditionally depicted, as an old, white man sitting on a throne with a long beard comes from Catholic iconography and art.

The history we learn centers the Catholic church, for a long time the most powerful religious institution in Europe, and then later on the planet. We talk about separation of church and state because the historical norm was the opposite (they were fused under Catholic rulers for hundreds of years).

The very way Western culture conceives religion makes Catholicism the default, with other systems defined as how they compare to Catholicism. This has been imprinted over a 2,000-year period of social conditioning. Why else would we talk about the Old Testament or Eastern spirituality? Both of those terms define their...


Germany: Muslim migrant teens attack couple after wife refuses to show respect "IndyWatch Feed War"

As police announce, Friday, just after 4 PM, a 51-year-old and his 43-year-old wife from Cottbus wanted to visit the Blechen-Carr on Karl-Liebknecht-Strae, when they were attacked by three Syrian youths aged 14, 15 and 17. They demanded precedence, says police spokesman Ines Filohn. They also demanded that the woman should show respect to them. []


Top 5 Top Veterans Stories in Todays News Jan. 15, 2018 - Veterans Today "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

We encourage you to browse our list so that you can take what you want and keep what you need.


Debt Rattle January 15 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Elliott Erwitt Jack Kerouac 1953   Nearly 40% May Default On Their Student Loans By 2023 (Brookings) 3 Years After Currency Shock, Swiss Central Bank Cant Get Back To Normal (R.) China Vows to Toughen Rules on $38 Trillion Banking Industry Bitcoin Not Even In Top 10 Of Crypto Worlds Best

The post Debt Rattle January 15 2018 appeared first on The Automatic Earth.

Philippines: Chinas acceptance or rejection of South China Sea arbitral ruling irrelevant (Both nations ignore international law) Philippines becomes a victim of Chinas ways. "IndyWatch Feed War"


Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque Jr. announces during a press briefing at the New Executive Building (NEB) in Malacaang on January 8, 2018. Presidential Photo/Yancy Lim

By Patricia Lourdes Viray ( January 15, 2018 2:25pm

MANILA, Philippines  Whether or not Beijing accepts the July 2012 ruling of a United Nations-back tribunal on the South China Sea is immaterial under international law, Malacaang said Monday.

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque stressed that the international tribunal had already invalidated Chinas historic claims to the contested waters and that their artificial islands were located within the Philippines exclusive economic zone.

What is material under international law is its there Thats the unique feature of international law. You cannot deny what is there, Roque said in a televised press briefing. The Philippines has declined to press China on the decision, preferring instead to focus on other aspects of ties between the two nations.

Roque made the statement in response to Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, who said that the Philippines should reject Chinas request to conduct marine research in Benham Rise, which is now officially called Philippine Rise.

READ: Alejano: DFA approved Chinese think tank request to study Philippine waters

In a statement sent to CNN Philippines, Carpio said that the Philippines would be dumb to grant Chinas request following its refusal to accept its obligation under the arbitral award.

Dutertes spokesman, on the other hand, said that there is a difference between international law and domestic law.



Will It Be an Epidemic or a Pandemic? Alabama Declares a Health Emergency "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Alabama became the first state to declare a health emergency. IS this declaration giong to be considered an epidemic, or a pandemic?




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Barry McElduff resigns I do not wish to be a barrier to reconciliation and healing "IndyWatch Feed"

At ten oclock this morning, Barry McElduff released a statement to announce that he is resigning as MP for West Tyrone.

It is with great sadness that, after more than 30 years as an active Sinn Fin member and public representative I am tendering my resignation as MP for West Tyrone. The reason I am doing so is because of the consequences of the Twitter video which has caused such controversy over the last week.

But the deep and unnecessary hurt this video caused the families of the victims of Kingsmill is my greatest regret. I again offer my profound apology to those families and to the wider victims community. Had I been conscious of the connection to the terrible atrocity at Kingsmill I would certainly not have posted that tweet. I genuinely did not make that connection, not for a second did I make that connection in my mind.

Kingsmill was wrong, unjustifiable and sectarian. It should never have happened. There was no intended reference to Kingsmill in my tweet. But I do accept that there are many people who do not believe this to be the case. I accept also that this view of what happened is deeply damaging to the reconciliation process that is so important to consolidating the peace process and to healing the pain and hurt of the past.

I cannot undo the pain caused but I know that my continuing role as MP for West Tyrone will compound that sense of hurt and impede any reconciliation process. I wish to wholeheartedly thank my family and friends for their steadfast personal support during this difficult time, and the people of West Tyrone whom I have had the privilege to serve as their public representative for over 20 years. I have a deep gra for my native county and its people.

I am an Irish republican and believe whole heartedly in the reunification of our country and an agreed Ireland in which we heal the wounds of the past together. Reconciliation is essential, but that message is not being heard at this time. I do not wish to be a barrier to reconciliation and healing and in that spirit I again offer my sincere apologies to the survivors and families of those murdered at Kingsmill.

Hell have to submit a letter of resignation to the House of Commons Speaker, whereupon he will be appointed to as the Crown Steward and Bailiff of the Chiltern Hundreds, a position which disqualifies the holder from serving as an MP. A by-election will be triggered at some point in the future whenever an MP (from another part...

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