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Saturday, 13 January


U.S. Ambassador to Chile: Who Is Andrew Gellert? "IndyWatch Feed"

Andrew Gellert was nominated January 4, 2018, to be the United States ambassador to Chile. Gellert has no diplomatic experience, unlike Carol Z. Perez, the career Foreign Service officer hes set to replace, but he does run a company that is involved in real estate ventures with The Kushner Companies, owned by the family of Donald Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner. And his own company does business in Chile.


Gellerts father, George, took over Atalanta Corp., a food import firm, from his father-in-law. Andrew Gellert graduated from Cornell Universitya family traditionin 1989 with a B.S. in food marketing and joined Gellert Global Group, the family holding company, the following year.


In 2006, Gellert was made president of Gellert Global, a post he held at the time of his nomination. He is also treasurer of Atalanta, now the largest privately held food importer in the United States, and is senior vice president of another family company, Camerican International, for whom he was given credit for developing the juice division.


George Gellert is a good friend of Charles Kushner, Jareds father. Referring to the elder Kushner, the elder Gellert said, Weve done many billions of dollars of business together, and everything is always on a handshake. Hes never read a legal document Ive given him, and its the same with me. Gellert Globals partnership with Kushner includes an interest in the troubled 666 Fifth Avenue building in New York. The building has a 30% vacancy rate, according to Vanity Fair, and the Kushners are in danger of losing control of the property.


In 2014, Andrew Gellert joined the board of New Jerseys Regal Bank. He also has an interest with other family members in Five Guys burger restaurants, as well as other fast-food operations, cheese and seafood companies, warehouses and private equity funds. Gellert has business interests in Chile, including a raisin drying facility and the supply of cranberries and prunes. In 2013, the North American-Chilean Chamber of Commerce declared George Gellert its Distinguished Corporate Leader of the Year.


Andrew Gellert married Stacy Tamares in 1996. They have three children: Samantha, Ben and Adam.

-Steve Straehley, David Wallechinsky




IoT malware targeting zero-day vulnerabilities "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Once it became evident that IoT devices can be relatively easily enslaved in botnets and that even their limited power can be used for a variety of nefarious purposes, it was open season for malicious actors. First, they targeted IoT devices with default or weak passwords, and manufacturers and users began changing them. Then they used known vulnerabilities, and IoT vendor increased their efforts to push out patches. Now, some of the botmasters are making More


Anxious Dog Hated Being Left Alone So Her Mom Got Her A Kitten "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

When Samantha Kreisler visited a Miami animal shelter in 2014, she decided to adopt the skinniest, saddest-looking puppy there but the staff tried to talk her out of it.

They urged me multiple times that she would be a lot of work due to malnourishment and a mystery skin condition on her back legs, Kreisler told The Dodo.

But Kreisler insisted. We had an immediate connection, she said. She was so sad and quiet in her cage all alone. The second we took her out for her test walk, she started wagging and kissing and jumping.

Credit: Samantha Kreisler

Later that day, Kreisler walked out of the shelter with the sickly puppy, whom she named Lady.

I took her straight to the vet and they did some tests and found that she had ringworm that was causing her loss of hair and oozing skin, Kreisler said.

Lady also had diarrhea and she needed to gain a lot of weight. Her biggest issue, however, was anxiety.

Credit: Samantha Kreisler

I saw from an early age that she had anxiety whenever I left her alone, Kreisler said. She would literally get physically sick whenever I left her.

At the time, Kreisler was a student at the University of Miami, and she was often away at class but she figured out a solution.

Credit: Samantha Kreisler

With the approval of my really chill marine science teachers, I took her to every single class for the rest of my college career, Kreisler said. She was always so well-b...


Skype users are finally getting end-to-end encryption "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The move was announced on Thursday by Open Whisper Systems, the software organization behind the open source Signal Protocol, which has been implemented by Microsoft to offer the feature. Private Conversations The option, named Private Conversations, is currently being tested by Skype Insiders and has some temporary limitations. Firstly, it can be used to protect audio calls, text messages, and files (images, audio, videos), but not video calls. Secondly, Private Conversations are limited to one-on-one More


Intel AMT security issue gives attackers complete control over a laptop "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

F-Secure reports a security issue affecting most corporate laptops that allows an attacker with physical access to backdoor a device in less than 30 seconds. The issue allows the attacker to bypass the need to enter credentials, including BIOS and Bitlocker passwords and TPM pins, and to gain remote access for later exploitation. It exists within Intels Active Management Technology (AMT) and potentially affects millions of laptops globally. The simple yet dangerous security issue The More


Top 3 Linux Distributions That Just Work "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Top 3 Linux Distributions That Just Work


Very loud explosion at Stromboli volcano, Italy "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Intense activity continues at Italy's Stromboli volcano with a very loud and bright explosion around 20:00 UTC on January 11, 2018. Yesterday's event follows several powerful explosions recorded over the past 3 months. Friends of Volcano Discovery, who are...... Read more

Indonesias Aceh extends moratorium on new mining sites "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia The government of Indonesias Aceh province will reject applications for new mineral and coal-mining projects in the region for another half year, in a bid to protect some of Sumatras rich rainforests and natural resources. Aceh Governor Irwandi Yusuf last month signed off the freeze on new mining deals until June this year, after the previous moratorium ended last October. The province has maintained a series bans on such permits since 2014. The administration said it would continue to review and improve the management of the mining sector in Aceh during the ban. This is also to keep protecting our environment as a source of life for our people, and to prevent any disasters from happening, said provincial administration spokesman Edrian, who, like many Indonesians, goes by one name. We hope everyone will support the governors policy. New applications for mineral and coal exploration activities will also be denied by the administration; however, it will process and evaluate requests for extensions up to three months before an existing exploration permit ends. Rainforests in the Mount Leuser ecosystem, which straddles the provinces of Aceh and North Sumatra. Photo by Rhett A. Butler/Mongabay. Askhalani, an activist with the anti-corruption NGO GeRAK, welcomed the renewal of the moratorium, saying it had saved hundreds of thousands of hectares of forests in Aceh, home to some of Indonesias last biodiversity and natural resources hotspots. The government of Aceh must keep evaluating all permits and check in person whats happening on the

Natures frontline: Environmental news for the week of January 12, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Tropical forests Virgin Atlantic has stopped buying REDD+ carbon credits from a conservation project in Cambodia (Phnom Penh Post). Orangutans use plants to treat pain (Borneo Nature Foundation). Elections seem to spur tropical deforestation (American Geophysical Union). Law jeopardizes biodiversity hotspot in the Amazon (Current Biology). Scientists investigate elephant decline in Indonesia (The New York Times). Soy farming slows in Brazil (Reuters). Moratorium reins in expansion of soy in the Amazon (Bloomberg). Myanmar state pledges to halt illegal charcoal trade (Myanmar Times). WWF opposes large-scale deforestation in Malaysia (The Sun Daily). Other news China aims to cut emissions by ceasing production of 500 automobile models (The New York Times). Baby sea turtles have the endurance for their run across the beach (The New York Times). Chinas forestry department plans new forest thats the size of Ireland (Thomson Reuters Foundation). Climate change saddles Madagascar with drought (Thomson Reuters Foundation). Nearly all of Chinas regions follow through on 2016 carbon reduction targets (Thomson Reuters Foundation). ExxonMobil fights climate change charges from San Francisco and other governments (The San Francisco Chronicle). New York City sues oil giants for climate change impacts (Bloomberg). Florida a no-go for Trumps offshore drilling plans after pushback from governor (The New York Times). CO2 causes problems in freshwater ecosystems (Current Biology). Banner image of an orangutan by Rhett A. Butler/Mongabay. FEEDBACK: Use this form to send a message to the author of this post. If you want to post a public comment, you can do that at the bottom of

Kleines Update zum Bankgeheimnis: Wir haben keines ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Kleines Update zum Bankgeheimnis: Wir haben keines mehr.

Dank "Payment Services Directive" knnen Banken jetzt Dritten Zugriff auf eure Kontodaten geben. Bald gibt es also wahrscheinlich nur noch Kreditkarten oder Online-Bestellungen, wenn man sein Konto offenlegt. Oder so. Sie erwhnen explizit Paypal als Beispiel.

Die EU meint das natrlich alles nur gut!1!!

Mit dieser von ihr erlassenen Richtlinie verfolgt die EU hehre Ziele: Der Verbraucherschutz soll verbessert werden, zugleich sollen Innovationen und Wettbewerb unter den Finanzdienstleistern gefrdert werden.
Ja aber echt mal! Daten sind das Erdl des 21. Jahrhunderts! Da sollen alle mitschrfen drfen!1!!

Ich denke mal, da die Dummheit der Menschen unendlich ist, dass wir demnchst Cloud Computing 2.0 mit Kontodaten haben werden. Alle Leute werden ihre Daten an zig Unternehmen weitergeben, und sich dann wundern, wenn was wegkommt. Bisher kommen nur Kreditkartendaten weg, in Zukunft dann auch gleich die Transaktionen der letzten paar Monate. JA SUPER, liebe EU! Schon toll, wie die fr uns kmpfen.

Oh und das ist noch nicht alles. Auch bei Geldanlagen gibt es "Reformen":

Zudem verlangen die neuen Vorgaben, dass eine Bank jedes Telefonat eines Kunden mit einem Wertpapierberater aufzeichnet und fr mindestens fnf Jahre archiviert.
Wisst ihr, was wir bisher noch viel zu wenig haben? berwachung!!

OK, also werden bald nicht nur eure Kontodaten wegkommen, sondern auch eure Gesprche ber Kreditanfragen mit der Bank. Ganz gro.

Update: Ich zitiere mal Ahoi Polloi dazu:

Bankberfall heit in Zukunft auch "das lukrative Monopol der Banken beim Zugriff auf Kundenvermgen wurde gebrochen".

Israel hat eine innovative Lsung fr ihr Flchtlingsproblem:Israel ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Israel hat eine innovative Lsung fr ihr Flchtlingsproblem:

Israel to Pay $9,000 to Any Civilian Willing to Help Deport Asylum Seekers by Force
Besonders geil finde ich ja den Euphemismus dafr:
100 inspectors will be hired over two years, some to work for the voluntary repatriation program and others to enforce laws against asylum seekers and their employers

Penguins are also enthusiastic supporters of Israel : Netanyahu at UN (TLAXCALA ) "IndyWatch Feed World"

12/01/2018 - Excerpts from Netanyahus speech at UN, Sept. 19, 2017. No comments necessary                     ...


Software Design Patterns for Real Hardware "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Here on Hackaday, were generally designers of hacks that live in the real world. Nevertheless, Im convinced that some of the most interesting feats are at the mercy of whats possible in software, not hardware. Without the right software, no 3D printer could print and no quadcopter could fly. The source code that drives these machines may take months of refinement to flesh out their structure. In a nutshell, these software packages are complicated, and they dont happen overnight.

So how do they happen; better yet: how could we make that happen? How do we write software thats flexible enough to coexist peacefully on all sorts of hardware variations?

What separates the big open-source software projects like ROS, LinuxCNC, and Multiwii from the occastional hackathon code are the underlying principles that govern how theyre written. In object-oriented programming, these principles are called design patterns. In the next couple posts, Im going to crack the lid on a few of these. Whats more, Ill package them into real-world examples so that we can see these patterns interact with real hardware. The next time you pop open the source code for a big open source hardware project, I hope you can tease out some of these patterns in the code. Better yet, I hope you carry these patterns into your next robot and machine project. Lets get started.

For readability, all of the examples run in Python3. The snippets below are truncated for brevity, but the real examples in the repository will work if youve got a similar hardware setup.

Software Prophets of Yore

Before jumping in, I need to promise you that these design patterns arent mine. In fact, most of them are decades old. If youre curious, check out the book: Design Patterns, written by a group of authors whos names are so hard to remember that we shall collectively refer to them as the Big Four. For many software engineers, this book stands as the feature-complete reference for object-oriented design patterns, and its rock solid. I thought about delivering this post as a book review where Id drool over all the swanky software patterns that you could put in your next blinky project. The problem? No blinkies! In fact, the entire book builds examples around writing a graphical document editor. For us hardware monkeys, thats boring and bordering on unacceptable!

With that in mind, Ill be presenting the words of the wise embellished with the proper treatment of real-world hardware.

Getting the Most from these Examples

Now for the unanswered question: who...


UFOs Generals, Pilots & Govt On The Record, 1975 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

- Nobel Gold: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 877-646-5347 Good morning, Im still reporting on: Synopsis: Tucker Carlson tonight interviewed Leslie Kean, a lady who Tucker called the preeminent expert on the subject. That ignores THE preeminent UFO investigative organization, MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, which has been in existence for nearly 50 years. However, the incident mentioned is new at least to me and incontrovertible. [insert] Support Our Sponsors: - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - Nobel Gold: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 877-646-5347 - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 - Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. - SeaShell Diamond Gallery, Custom Fine Jewelry Made in Hawaii. 808-338-9988; - PrepareWithBill - Food Storage You Can Depend On. 888-756-8727 - Kangen Water, ionized, alkaline water, website: Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the Still Report, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still: Consider becoming a cherished sponsor:


Tucker Carlson Tonight 011118 (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Tucker Carlson Tonight 011118 Video Fox News Video Source

The post Tucker Carlson Tonight 011118 (Video) appeared first on The Daily Coin.


PackageKit-Qt Updated With Qt5 Port, Offline Updates & Performance Improvement "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The PackageKit-Qt project that provides Qt bindings for PackageKit has simultaneously released versions v0.10 and v1.0...


On reading, thinking, copying "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by halfdog on Jan 12

Hello list,

After getting home from work (and after fixing my emulated server
that could not handle the SSL handshakes any more), I was quite
amused reading the references around yesterday's CVE-2018-1000001.

Derived from that, here some hints to improve quality in security
information handling:

1) The first link in an article usually is not the most important
one. This is due to probability theory and correlates with the
number of...


UN Agenda 21 is Now RESILIENCE . . .After the Fires and Deconstructing Humanity - Deborah Tavares "IndyWatch Feed World"


UN Agenda 21 is Now RESILIENCE . . .After the Fires and Deconstructing Humanity - Deborah Tavares
At 10 mins she describes where she has been...


Trump Dossier Allowed FBI to Spy on Trump, 1974 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Good morning, Im still reporting on: Trump Dossier Allowed FBI to Spy on Trump, 1974 Synopsis: This just in from Sean Hannity. It has now been confirmed that the fake Trump dossier was the primary thing that got the FISA court to allow the FBI to spy on the Trump campaign at Trump Tower in New York in the weeks running up to the 2016 election. This is way bigger than Watergate, and I was intimately involved in Watergate. As this unravels, lots of people are going to jail. Heres Hannity: Support Our Sponsors: - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - Nobel Gold: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 877-646-5347 - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 - Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. - SeaShell Diamond Gallery, Custom Fine Jewelry Made in Hawaii. 808-338-9988; - PrepareWithBill - Food Storage You Can Depend On. 888-756-8727 - Kangen Water, ionized, alkaline water, website: Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the Still Report, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still: Consider becoming a cherished sponsor:


Torrent Links Return to Torrentz2 After Mystery Disappearance "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

When the original Torrentz site shut down during the summer of 2016, several copies jumped in to fill its shoes.

The most successful alternative, in terms of traffic, was the elegantly named Unlike many others, Torrentz2 has always been upfront with its users and never claimed to be an official resurrection.

This approach worked, as millions of users were drawn to the site. However, just before Christmas the site suddenly removed all links to external torrent sites. Instead of a metasearch engine, it turned into a database of torrent metadata, and traffic started to drop off.

The message on the sites homepage changed as well. Instead of claiming to be a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines, it turned into is a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine.

As the weeks rolled by, many people thought that the links would never return. While the homepage was updated briefly to promote a freelancer ICO, not much happened. Until this week.

Just as abruptly as the torrent links disappeared last month, they were added again, returning Torrent2 to its former glory. At the time of writing, the site list links to 61,111,077 torrents on 82 domains.

Torrentz2 with links

So what happened here?

TorrentFreak reached out to the operator of the site to find out more. He replied, but at the moment he prefers not to comment on the disappearing links incident or the sites future.

That leaves us with nothing else than speculation really. Perhaps there was a technical error, an operational change, a simple mistake, or outside intervention? We simply dont know.

The only real conclusion we can draw is that, at least for the casual observer, Torrentz2 appears to be back where it used to be. For now

Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and more. We also have...


What to Expect in 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

As we slosh into 2018, it's clear that while there are some negative carryovers from 2017, there's a lot that has changed for the positive over the past 12 months. We're still stuck with predator Trump and the associated madness. On the other hand, there has been a huge wave forming for -- lacking a better term -- a new women's movement. That bodes well for 2018.


Trump official says he expects new penalties to be imposed on Iran "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Independent

President Donald Trump is making a decision on whether to extend sanctions relief agreed to under the nuclear deal

By Mythili Sampathkumar New York

Portraits of US President Donald Trump were burned during a demonstration in the capital Tehran on 11 December 2017 ATTA KENARE/AFP/Getty Images

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said he expects new sanctions on Iran as US President Donald Trump was expected to decide on whether to extend sanctions relief to the country under the 2015 nuclear deal.

Mr Mnuchin said during a news conference at the White House:  We continue to look at [the sanctions]. Weve rolled them out and I think you can expect there will be more sanctions coming.

In October, the President decided not to re-certify the historic deal, signed by Iran and six world powers a signature foreign policy achievement by predecessor President Barack Obama.

It opened the door for harsher economic sanctions to be placed on the country, the mitigation of which was a key inducement for Iran to comply with the deal.

Tehran had pledged to rein in its nuclear program in return for some easing of those economic restrictions imposed on it by the US, the United Nations, and European Union.

European allies have urged the President to extend the sanctions relief in order to save the deal.

Mr Trump also spoke to French President Emm...


Jon Rappoport: The Matrix Revealed -- My Interviews on Space-time Manipulation "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Matrix Revealed: My interviews on space-time manipulation

by Jon Rappoport
January 12, 2018

In my collection, The Matrix Revealed, I include interviews with retired propaganda master, Ellis Medavoy, and another set of interviews with brilliant hypnotherapist Jack True.

The total of these 71 text interviews is 610 pages.

Jack and Ellis provide startling insights into how space and time are manipulated in the Matrix, in order to produce mind-control effects that go deeper than deep.

At the same time, understanding how time and space are engineered leads to breakthroughs and revelations about how the individual can liberate himself from this labyrinth.

In that sense, The Matrix Revealed is really about consciousness and its operations---in a shacked and limited condition, and freed from limitations.

Everything I've written as a reporter for the past 34 years feeds into this exploration and discovery.

Eventually, all roads lead to mind control and mind freedom.

As a reporter, I've always kept my eye on the goal: liberation of individual power.

Space and time are elastic. The illusion that they must be accepted as they appear to be creates a self-defeating structure. That structure can be cracked and nullified.

Here are the complete contents of The Matrix Revealed:

Let me start with the nuts and bolts of this product. It is enormous in scope and size


Project Veritas catches Twitter engineers explaining how they censor conservative viewpoints (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed World"

In the latest undercover Project Veritas video investigation, current and former Twitter employees are on camera explaining steps the social media giant is taking to censor political content that they don't like. This video release follows the first undercover Twitter expos Project Veritas released on January 10th which showed Twitter Senior Network Security Engineer Clay Haynes saying that Twitter is "more than happy to help the Department of Justice with their little [President Donald Trump] investigation." Twitter responded to the video with a statement shortly after that release, stating "the individual depicted in this video was speaking in a personal capacity and does not represent of speak for Twitter." The video released by Project Veritas today features eight employees, and a Project Veritas spokesman said there are more videos featuring additional employees coming.


DBD::mysql and SSL/TLS "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Danil van Eeden on Jan 12


I have some serious concerns about the state of SSL/TLS in DBD::mysql.

Issue 1: CVE-2017-10789 isn't fixed

Issue 2: Using DBD::mysql with MariaDB 10.0 or higher or MySQL 8.0 or
higher provides a false sense of security

SSL_LAST_VERIFY_VERSION is set to 50799.

This can lead to unencrypted...


Trump makes 'veiled threat' at Amazon's Jeff Bezos, renews call for internet tax "IndyWatch Feed World"

President Donald Trump repeated an earlier call for an internet tax, in a thinly veiled shot at Amazon's Jeff Bezos, who owns The Washington Post. "The internet - they're going to have to start paying sales tax because it's very unfair what's happening to our retailers all over the country that are put out of business," Trump said Wednesday. Trump also reiterated concerns about Amazon's effect on the U.S. Postal Service as it struggles to keep up with online orders.


Sitara: Times Up... Me Too "IndyWatch Feed World"

Times Up. . . Me Too

January 12, 2018
By Sitara

Be a lady they said.

Remove your body hair. Shave your legs. Shave your armpits. Shave your bikini line. Wax your face. Wax your arms. Wax your eyebrows. Get rid of your moustache. Bleach this. Bleach that. Lighten your skin. Tan your skin. Eradicate your scars. Cover your stretch marks. Tighten your abs. Plump your lips. Botox your wrinkles. Lift your face. Tuck your tummy. Thin your thighs. Tone your calves. Perk up your boobs. Look natural. Be yourself. Be genuine. Be confident. Youre trying too hard. You look overdone. Men dont like girls who try too hard.

Be a lady they said.

Wear makeup. Prime your face. Conceal your blemishes. Contour your nose. Highlight your cheekbones. Line your lids. Fill in your brows. Lengthen your lashes. Colour your lips. Powder, blush, bronze, highlight. Your hair is too short. Your hair is too long. Your ends are split. Highlight your hair. Your roots are showing. Dye your hair. Not blue, that looks unnatural. Youre going grey. You look so old. Look young. Look youthful. Look ageless. Dont get old. Women dont get old. Old is ugly. Men dont like ugly.

Be a lady they said.

Save yourself. Be pure. Be virginal. Dont talk about sex. Dont flirt. Dont be a skank. Dont be a whore. Dont sleep around. Dont lose your dignity. Dont have sex with too many men. Dont give yourself away. Men dont like sluts. Dont be a prude. Dont be so up tight. Have a little fun. Smile more. Pleasure men. Be experienced. Be sexual. Be innocent. Be dirty. Be virginal. Be sexy. Be the cool girl. Dont be like the other girls.

Be a lady they said.

Dont talk too loud. Dont talk too much. Dont take up space. Dont sit like that. Dont stand like that. Dont be intimidating. Why are you so miserable? Dont be a bitch. Dont be so bossy. Dont be assertive. Dont overact. Dont be so emotional. Dont cry. Dont yell. Dont swear. Be passive. Be obedient. Endure the pain. Be pleasing. Dont complain. Let him down easy. Boo...


Cheap Waiting Room Chairs "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

81y j74ckRL SL1500

Cheap Waiting Room Chairs - You are able to tell when your church seats are due for replacement. It is no secret that worn chairs out is not comfortable. They so are unappealing, not to mention structurally unsound and reflect on a church. Structurally compromised seating can give way at any moment, potentially embarrassing or damaging a congregation member.

When buying church seats, quality is non-negotiable; it is always preferable to invest in a few pops of quality chairs that will last for many years to come instead of purchase a space full of inexpensive seats that will begin to fall apart at the seams by the moment they're first used. You get exactly what you purchase in regards to seating. As they will last longer than lower quality seats while great quality seats might not be economical, they provide a value. Investing in good chairs will provide your congregation an enhanced worship experience and a more comfortable, attractive surroundings.

It can be challenging if the church is overwhelmed by other financial obligations, to acquire church chairs. Luckily, there are a couple ideas which you can use even in the face of a church budget that is tight to make sure that you are able to buy quality church chairs to your congregation.


Will Chinese Dragon Boost or Devour Gold? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Will Chinese Dragon Boost or Devour Gold? by ARKADIUSZ SIERO , PHD Sunshine Profits China may slow down its U.S. debt buying. Will gold rally or plunge, then? Dragons Love Hoarding Gold and Not Only Dragons love gold. In...

The post Will Chinese Dragon Boost or Devour Gold? appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Breaking: Militant group that attacked base in Syria liquidated Russian MoD "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Leith Fadel   12/01/2018   According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the base was attacked from the Idlib province.   The Russian Defense Ministry has announced that the group of militants that conducted a massive attack targeting the Russian Hmeymim base in Syria on December 31 were eliminated in the course of a special operation. []


Insane Cop Smashes Mans Car Window with His Gun, Accidentally Shoots Him No Charges "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

gunAn irresponsible and reckless cop tried to use his gun as a hammer and in the process, he shot an unarmed man for no reason.


24 Powerful Images Portray The Lonely Process Of A Spiritual Awakening "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

BLuke Miller Truth Theory

The process of spiritual awakening is often depicted as smiles and rainbows scattered with organic juice and yoga classes. It has often been portrayed as 100% positivity and the renunciation of all darkness- the truth can often be very far from this perception.

When we open up spiritually, it can start off smiley and euphoric, but as we peel back the layers of the metaphorical onion we often see parts of ourselves we didnt know existed and the darkness we have is brought to light.

This can often be a lonely process as many of our friends and family can be in a completely different space, and this is beautifully portrayed by Instagram artist @casualtyofcool showing the lonely process of being initiated into a different level of understanding that many are not used too.



Scary But Deceiving Climate Statistics "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

How many times do you see a headline or read an article about climate change, where you are told that threat of some scary extreme event (flood, heat waves, cold wave, etc.) has increased five or ten or 100 times due to global warming?

It can be really disturbing, and quite honestly, it is meant to be.

But as we will see, such scare statistics may not mean as much as the headlines suggest.  In fact, they can be quite deceptive.  Let me explain.

Many of the scary stories talk about the frequency of exceeding some extreme threshold, such as the number of times temperatures exceed 90F in Seattle during the summer, or the frequency of daily precipitation exceeding 20 inches during the winter in the Cascades--that kind of thing.

The nature of extremes is that they are unusual.  So a very small increase of their numbers can result in the number of occurrences above some threshold increasing radically.

So if there are normally one day a year with temperatures over 90F during the summer and there is two one year, the frequency has DOUBLED.   A 100% increase!  Huge.

Let me do this a bit more quantitatively.  The climatological distribution of temperature is often Gaussian (also called the normal and bell-shaped distribution).

Below is an example of such a distribution, whose mean and most probable value is 75F.  The x-axis is temperature and the y-axis is frequency.   A measure of the spread or width of the distribution is the standard deviation (greek letter sigma is often used to denote it).  67% of the observations should be within one standard deviation of the mean (I have assumed a 3F  standard deviation in the figure below)



Lightning kills man in Zimbabwe "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Karoi man was struck by lightning while seated under a tree during a thunderstorm. Mashonaland West police spokesperson Inspector Clemence Mabgweazara said Mr Tatenda Hotel (22) died on Tuesday afternoon at Vuka Farm after being struck by a lightning bolt. Mr Hotel was in the field with his friend Mr Peter Golden (24) when he sought refuge from the rain under a tree. While seated under the tree, Mr Golden decided to continue with his work in the field, while Mr Hotel stayed behind. "Golden left Hotel sitting under the tree as he commenced his work, but immediately Hotel was struck by a lightning bolt and died on the spot," said Insp Mabgweazara. After noticing what had happened, Mr Golden rushed and informed the owner of the farm, Mr Godfrey Musaniwa, who made a report at Karoi rural police station.


Beautiful birds at Panama webcam "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video says about itself:

11 January 2018

The Thick-billed Euphonia and Crimson-backed Tanager are just a couple of the colorful songbirds that youll see perusing the selection of fruit on the Panama Fruit Feeder Cam.

Watch LIVE 24/7 with highlights and viewing resources here.

The Panama Fruit Feeder Cam is a collaboration between the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Canopy Family.


Huma Abedin Lied to FBI About Her Emails, 1972 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

- Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 Good morning, Im still reporting on: Huma Abedin Lied to FBI About Her Emails, 1972 Synopsis: It looks like Huma Abedin, is in big trouble. Abedin, who was Sec. of State Hillary Clintons deputy chief of staff, told the FBI that when she left the State Department she did not take a copy of her emails with her. However, recently released emails showed that backup copies were created apparently from Abedins Blackberry onto Anthony Weiners laptop, who was then her husband. The backup was created using a Blackberry archiving program called BBB Backup and LoaderBackup from a Blackberry Bold 9700. The FBI discovered the emails on Weiners laptop after it was seized in 2016. At least 5 of those emails were marked Classified. According to a tech expert hired by the Britains Abedin had to activate the backup, probably by plugging her device into the laptop. This directly contradicts her sworn testimony in court and during interviews with the FBI. The emails were released just days ago as the result of a successful lawsuit mounted by Judicial Watch. Abedin started working for Hillary Clinton as an intern in the White House in 1996 when Bill Clinton was President. From 1996 to 2008 she was an asst. editor of the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs. When Clinton became Senator from New York, she was Hillarys personal advisor. During Hillarys unsuccessful run for the 2008 Democratic nomination for President, Abedin was her traveling chief of staff and body woman. Support Our Sponsors: - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - Nobel Gold: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 877-646-5347 - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 - Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. - SeaShell Diamond Gallery, Custom Fine Jewelry Made in Hawaii. 808-338-9988; - PrepareWithBill - Food Storage You Can Depend On. 888-756-8727 - Kangen Water, ionized, alkaline water, website: Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States...


Israeli soldiers shoot 3-year-old Palestinian child in the head during West Bank military training exercise "IndyWatch Feed War"

Army shoots a child in the head during training
IMEMC 10 Jan Israeli soldiers shot, Wednesday, a Palestinian child with a live round in the head, during military training near Tubas, in northeastern West Bank. The Palestinian Health Ministry said the child, only three years of age, was shot with a live round in the head, and is currently in a stable condition. It added that the child was rushed to Tubas Turkish governmental hospital, and is currently at the Intensive Care Unit. The child was shot by Israeli soldiers who were conducting live-fire training near Palestinian communities in Tubas. The Israeli military frequently conducts training in Palestinian communities in Tubas, the Jordan Valley of the occupied West Bank, Hebron, and several other areas. In many incidents, Palestinian families are ordered to leave their communities during the military drills, and later return after the army is done with its live-fire  training, including the use of explosives, which are sometimes left behind, leading to casualties, including fatalities. In several incidents, many Palestinians, including children, were injured and even killed, when explosives dropped by the soldiers during training went off near them.

Israeli forces to open new road for settlers near Tubas
TUBAS (WAFA) 9 Jan Israeli forces embarked on opening a new road on Tuesday to serve Israeli settlers from Rohei settlement, illegally built to the east of Tubas town in the Jordan Valley area, according to local sources. Mutaz Besharat, who monitors settlement activities in the Jordan Valley, told WAFA that Israeli authorities embarked on construction of the road, which will link the settlement with nearby agricultural lands. Israel is planning to transform the Jordan Valley, which makes up one third of the occupied West Bank, into a completely Israeli area, primarily in agriculture, which some speculate to prevent a territorial contiguity between a future Palestinian state and the rest of the Arab world.

Violence / Detention West Bank / Jerusalem



5G Wireless Broadband to Compete "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Dems Partner with GOP to Empower Trumps Surveillance (Dan)

Many Democrats who claim to be part of the #Resistance such as US Representatives Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi shot down reforms to a major surveillance bill, effectively granting to Trump the powers the opposition says he abuses.

Pennsylvania Governor Declares Opioid Emergency (Jimmy)

Philadelphia city officials say that last year the number of fatal opioid overdoses in the city may have reached 1,200.

Another Brexit Vote? (Dan)

Its common knowledge that the so-called Brexit negotiations between Britain and the European Union are not going well. So much so that many of the UKs top politicians, including lead Brexit apologist Nigel Farage, are campaigning for a second referendum.

NYC Plans to Divest $5bn From Fossil Fuels and Sue Oil Companies (Jimmy)

The author writes, City officials have set a goal of divesting New Yorks $189bn pension funds from fossil fuel companies within five years in what they say would be among the most significant divestment efforts in the world to date. Currently, New York Citys five pension funds have about $5bn in fossil fuel investments. New York state has already announced it is exploring how to divest from fossil fuels.

A Democrat 2020 Hopeful Joins Russia Probe (Russ)

Kamala Harris, one of the Democrats potential candidates for a 2020 presidential run, joins Dianne Feinstein and other top party leaders in the Senates Trump-Russia probe.

More Than One in Ten Amazon Employees in Ohio Is on Food Stamps (Trevin)

After receiving $17m in tax breaks to open two distribution centers in the state and being heralded as a job creator, the retail giant responded by not paying its workers a living wage. Just one example of how Jeff Bezos became the richest person in history.



Government Forces Repelled Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Counter-Attack, Liberated 19 Villages (Maps) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Government Forces Repelled Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Counter-Attack, Liberated 19 Villages (Maps)

Click to see the full-size map

On January 12, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Tiger Forces, backed by the Russian Aerospace Forces, resumed their operations around the strategic Abu Duhur airbase in the eastern Idlib countryside and captured the villages of al-Hamidiyat, Hamidiyat al-Shadad and Aljakia east of the airbase, according to the pro-government blog al-Masdar News.

Earlier, the SAA and its allies were able to fully repel an attack by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) on their positions in southeastern Idlib. Pro-government sources confirmed that the SAA recaptured the villages of Mushayrifah, Umm Khalakhil and Ard al-Zurzur from the militant groups on January 12.

Government Forces Repelled Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Counter-Attack, Liberated 19 Villages (Maps)

Click to see the full-size map

Meanwhile, the Hezbollah media wing in Syria reported that the SAA continued its advance in the Mount Hass area in southwestern Aleppo and captured the villages of Umm Ankash, Jubb Intash Fawqani, Burj Hussain Daher, Tell Suma, Jubb Intash Tahtani, al-Suhur, al-Hardanah, Rasm al-Amaysh, al-Salihiyah, Hawayir al-Hass, al-Assadiyah, al-Nibaui and Jubb al-Ama.


Marina tortur y vincul a joven con Los Zetas por tener tatuaje: CNDH "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Carlos tena 19 aos cuando fue detenido ilegalmente por marinos que lo presentaron ante los medios como uno de los escoltas del Z-50. Regeneracin, 12 de enero de 2018.- En septiembre de 2012, Carlos tena 19 aos y era estudiante en su ciudad, San Luis Potos, pero fue presentado por la Secretara de Marina como uno []

El post Marina tortur y vincul a joven con Los Zetas por tener tatuaje: CNDH apareci primero en Regeneracin.


Farmer killed by lightning strike in Cambodia "IndyWatch Feed World"

A 56-year-old farmer died and another was injured on Tuesday when lightning struck them in Pursat province's Krakor district as they farmed in the rain. Yo Soleang, 56, died from his injures, while On Sokheoun, 27, survived and is recovering. Both are from Tnot Chum commune. Chap Sokheoun, Tnot Chum commune police chief, said the victims were harvesting cassava on their farm when they were struck by lightning. "One man died immediately," he said. "Villagers rushed to send the other victim, a woman, to the hospital. She survived and is recovering."


Asbestos Found In 17 Makeup Products Thanks To One Womans Persistent Concerns About Child Safety "IndyWatch Feed World"

Parents have a seemingly never-ending list of things to worry about, particularly when it comes to their childrens health. Even if youve done your best to ensure your kids eat healthy foods and you go out of your way to avoid toxic vaccines and medications, there are still ways that your children could inadvertently be []


New Intel AMT Security Issue Lets Hackers Gain Full Control of Laptops in 30 Seconds "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It's been a terrible new-year-starting for Intel. Researchers warn of a new attack which can be carried out in less than 30 seconds and potentially affects millions of laptops globally. As Intel was rushing to roll out patches for Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities, security researchers have discovered a new critical security flaw in Intel hardware that could allow hackers to access


Army Finds $830 Million In Missing Helicopters As First Ever Audit Begins "IndyWatch Feed World"

money cash

After several decades of nation-building and trillions of dollars missing or improperly recorded, the long-awaited audit of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has finally begun. On Wednesday, the Defense Department Comptroller David Norquist told lawmakers in Washington that the DoDs first-ever department wide audit will cost about $367 million in 2018 and an additional $551 million to fix the problems.

Norquist, who testified before the House Armed Services Committee, said Defense Secretary James N. Mattis and Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan are in full support of the audit. Back in May 2017, President Trump appointed Norquist to finally put the militarys financial house back in order after many years of delays.

What is surprising, if only in retrospect, is that according to the World Economic Forum, U.S. Department of Defense has been named the largest employer in the world with some 3.2 million members on its payroll and $2.4 trillion in assets but has never administered a full audit. .

This is the first time the department will undergo a full financial statement audit,he said. A financial statement audit is comprehensive and occurs annually and it covers more than financial management, Norquist explained to Lawmakers.

The purpose of the audit will document military equipment and real property along with condition and location. It tests the vulnerability of our security systems and it validates the accuracy of personnel records and actions, Norquist said.

DoD News says that 1,200 auditors are currently working on the project to assess the books.

The department will have 1,200 financial statement auditors assessing the books and records to develop a true account of the state of the department, the comptroller said. It will take time to pass all the process and system changes necessary to pass the audit and get a so-called clean opinion, he said. He noted that it took the Department of Homeland Security a much smaller and newer agency 10 years to get a clean audit.

But we dont have to wait to see the benefits of a clean opinion, Norquist said. The financial statement audit helps drive enterprise improvements to standardize our business practices and improve the quality of our data.

DoD News made an interesting observation how the audit will...


Trump Is Turning the State Department into a Global Weapons Dealer "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Haley Pedersen and Jodie Evans, January 11, 2018

From Alternet

The Trump administration will soon announce its next move in the ongoing assault on diplomacy and human rights currently taking place in the United States. Through a plan dubbed Buy American, the administration is calling for U.S. attachs and diplomats to play a larger role in the sale of U.S. weapons, effectively solidifying their role as lobbyists for the arms industry rather than agents of diplomacy.

This means the State Department, the agency that is meant to foster diplomatic relations and maintain peaceful engagement with other countries, will now openly operate as a weapons dealer. The administration is essentially forcing the State Department to undermine itself, as seeking out and expanding opportunities for increased weapons sales are certainly not conducive to fostering peaceful global relations.

The Buy American plan will increase U.S. officials involvement in facilitating weapons sales, while simultaneously easing rules that limit U.S. weapons sales to governments with poor human rights records. The move displays an increasingly undeniable truththat the United States government views human rights not as the foundation of human dignity but as an impediment to corporate profits.

More Riches for the Merchants of Death

Though it has long been the case, U.S. officials around the world will now officially serve as salespeople for U.S. military corporations. Embassy staffers will now be charged with promoting weapons sales and briefing visiting senior U.S. officials so they can help finalize pending arms deals.

This move by the Pentagon and the U.S. State Department to advance the interests of the arms industry will increase profits for the merchants of death that are already thriving thanks to U.S. involvement in perpetual warfare around the globe. Shares of the five biggest military corporationsLockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and General Dynamicshave more than tripled over th...


German coalition talks reach breakthrough: A look at what comes next "IndyWatch Feed War"

Angela Merkels CDU and the SPD have agreed on a blueprint for formal grand coalition negotiations. The left wing of the Social Democrats appears to have been forced into the most concessions.

Coalition talks Merkel and Schulz (Reuters/H. Hanschke)

The all-nighter appears to have focused minds: Germanys two biggest political parties the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Social Democratic Party (SPD) announced on Friday morning that they had made a breakthrough in their exploratory talks, paving the way to formal coalition negotiations and, if all goes to plan, another iteration of the grand coalition.

The new agreement represents an important stage victory in the marathon negotiations for Chancellor Angela Merkel, who would certainly prefer a grand coalition to the other two options currently on the table: heading an unstable minority government, or a new election.

Should the negotiations with the SPD fail, a new election could well usher in the end of Merkels time in office, as her CDU attempts to revive its fortunes following its worst election results ever. Her party took 32.9 percent in Septembers election, a drop of 8.6 percentage points on the 2013 result. This has resulted in much self-reflection in the party, along with speculation that Merkels era was drawing to a close and even debate about potential successors.

Winners: CSU conservatives, losers: SPD leftists

A 28-page paper was drawn up overnight, after five full days of talks, that contained a list of agreed policies that the two leaderships now have to sell the proposals to their respective party bases. That task is likely to prove much more difficult for SPD leader Martin Schulz, whose party is to convene a special conference on Sunday, than for Horst Seehofer, the leader of the Christian Social Union (CSU), CDUs Bavarian sister-party, which of...


Who or What Is Feeding the Unrest in Iran? "IndyWatch Feed War"

PHILIP M. GIRALDI | 11.01.2018 | FEATURED STORY Who or What Is Feeding the Unrest in Iran? There are two general theories about the protests that are taking place in Iran. One, unfavorable to the Iranian government and establishment, is that the widespread discontent and rioting is over mismanagement of the economy that has particularly hurt poorer []


Thousands of starfish wash up on beach at Edinburgh, Scotland "IndyWatch Feed World"

Thousands of starfish have been found washed up on Portobello beach in Edinburgh. They were spotted on Sunday by local residents who were out walking in the coastal suburb. Edinburgh-based Susan Tomes, who was on the beach with her family, told BBC Scotland: "It was the strangest thing I have ever seen on Portobello beach. "We saw this pinkish drift before realising with horror that they were starfish - thousands of them. "People were looking at it and wondering what had happened to them.


*Rare* 1967 Record Exposes the illuminati (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

*Rare* 1967 Record Exposes the illuminati Video Light of Life Productions Myron Coureval Fagan October 31, 1887 May 12, 1972, was an American writer, producer, and director of film and theatre and a red scare figure in the...

The post *Rare* 1967 Record Exposes the illuminati (Video) appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Lost in the Sh*thole Sh*tstorm: State Department Issues Level 3 Travel Warning to Haiti This Week "IndyWatch Feed"

On Thursday afternoon President Donald Trump asked a group of pro-amnesty senators why the US should welcome migrants from sh*tholes like Haiti, Central America or African nations.

It was a good question.

But Democrats, liberal media and global community were outraged that the president would use such an offensive term to describe the global communitys failed states.

The presidents remarks made headlines around the world.

What was lost in the sh*thole sh*tstorm discussion was the facts.

Haiti has been a failed state for centuries now.

And on Wednesday the State Department issued a level 3 travel warning to sh*thole Haiti.

Via Jack Posobiec:

The post Lost in the Sh*thole Sh*tstorm: State Department Issues Level 3 Travel Warning to Haiti This Week appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


South Sudan: In Search of a Path to Peace "IndyWatch Feed War"


After nearly four years of famine, displacement, and economic disintegration, the civil war in South Sudan remains one of the worlds most vexing geopolitical quandaries. Sparked by a 2013 political dispute between President Salva Kiir and his deputy, Riek Machar, the crisis has since taken on the explosive overtones of ethnic tribalism to morph into a contest between Dinka-dominated government forces and a range of increasingly fragmented ethnic militias. To date, over 60,000 lives have been claimed by the war while four million have been displaced by fighting and famine. Meanwhile, half of those displaced have spilled over South Sudans borders into neighboring Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Sudan, threatening further regional strife. In the wake of the failed 2015 Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (ARCSS), and in the face of deepening refugee and food security crises, its clear that future peacemaking efforts must draw upon the influence of regional and international actors while incorporating incentives for all sides of the conflict to come to the table in search of nonviolent solutions.

According to Payton Knopf of the United States Institute of Peace, there are currently five civil wars unfolding within South Sudans broader conflict: (1) a war of resistance against President Kiirs regime in Juba by the population of the surrounding Greater Equatoria region; (2) a land contest between the Dinka and the Shilluk in the Upper Nile; (3) an intra-Nuer war in Unity State; (4) a drive to establish Dinka primacy in Greater Bahr el Ghazal; and (5) diversionary crises of convenience in Lakes and Jonglei that have been exploited by Kiir and his allies. Such varied and widespread conflict, which includes the destruction or takeover of key infrastructure elements, has sent South Sudan into an economic spiral, with hyperinflation, a weak exchange rate, and soaring food prices dimming an already bleak humanitarian picture. Stripped of more conventional means of livelihood, many South Sudanese have turned to petty theft or gang activity to survive. Yet despite a surge in crime, law enforcement salaries have all but ground to a halt, setting off a vicious cycle. Without strong financial incentives for officers to enforce the rule of law and often without the necessary equipment or fuel needed to do so a vital civic institution has been compromised, promising a further cascade of criminal activity and fewer means of combating it.

A similarly vicious cycle has emerged in the realm of humanitarian aid. As the most vulnerable areas of the country have been thrown into varying states of lawlessness, humanitarian organizations have begun to reconsider operations in parts of South Sudan. This has been especially true following incidents of violence against aid workers, the most notable of which involved the death of three World Food Progr...


10 Short Artistic Clips That Bring The Psychedelic Experience To Life "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

BLuke Miller Truth Theory

Taken from the artists facebook page: In the summer of 2012 Pat quit an awful job to do what he loves. Now he works happily as a full time artist. Certainly something we encourage and love to see more of! The artist in question is Patrick Ennis and his art merges the psychedelic and the universal, in a beautiful blend of magical imagery.

Much of his art is in collaboration with animator @theglitch.og which brings to life the art in beautiful looped psychedelic artistry. Below are 15 of these mind blowing shorts.  



U.S. Core Inflation Accelerates "IndyWatch Feed War"


By Katia Dmitrieva

January 12, 2018, 8:30 AM EST Updated on January 12, 2018, 8:57 AM EST
  • Investor expectations increase for Fed rate hike in March
  • Retail sales data indicate robust holiday-shopping season
The Marriner S. Eccles Federal Reserve building stands in Washington, D.C.

Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

The underlying pace of U.S. inflation unexpectedly accelerated in December amid increased housing costs, reinforcing the outlook for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates several times in 2018.

Excluding food and energy, the so-called core consumer price index increased 1.8 percent from a year earlier after a 1.7 percent advance, including a 0.3 percent monthly gain that topped analyst projections and was the most in almost a year. Including all items, the broader CPI showed a smaller gain in December in line with estimates, as energy prices declined, a Labor Department report showed Friday.

Investors already-firm expectations rose for a Fed interest-rate increase in March, as the data could help calm an increasingly heated debate among central bank officials over why inflation has stayed relatively placid despite solid economic growth and the lowest unemployment rate since 2000. Fed policy makers have penciled in three rate hikes in 2018 following three last year



9 Things Youll Never Catch A Narcissist Doing "IndyWatch Feed World"

When Dealing With A True Narcissist, Plenty Of Their Behaviors And Habits, Schemes And Fetishes Might Shock You. Their controlling and manipulative natures, their constant need to be the center of attention, their assertions of power and dominance. Unfortunately, there are also a handful of things narcissists will never doand theyre the things we all []


The Same Democrats Who Denounce Trump as a Lawless, Treasonous Authoritarian Just Voted to Give Him Vast Warrantless Spying Powers "IndyWatch Feed"

Leading Congressional Democrats have spent the last year relentlessly accusing Donald Trump of being controlled by or treasonously loyal to a hostile foreign power. Over the last several months, they have added to those disloyalty charges a new set of alleged crimes: abusing the powers of the Executive Branch including the Justice Department and FBI to vindictively punish political opponents while corruptly protecting the serious crimes of his allies, including his own family members and possibly himself.

The inescapable conclusion from all of this, they have relentlessly insisted, is that Trump is a lawless authoritarian of the type the U.S. has not seen in the Oval Office for decades, if ever: a leader who has no regard for Constitutional values or legal limits and thus poses a grave, unique and existential threat to the institutions of American democracy. Reflecting the severity of these fears, the anti-Trump opposition movement that has coalesced within Democratic Party politics has appropriated a slogan  expressed in the hashtag form of contemporary online activism that was historically used by those who unite, at all costs, to defeat domestic tyranny: #Resistance.

One would hope, and expect, that those who genuinely view Trump as a menace of this magnitude and who view themselves as #Resistance fighters would do everything within their ability to impose as many limits and safeguards as possible on the powers he is able to wield. If resistance means anything, at a minimum it should entail a refusal to trust a dangerous authoritarian to wield vast power with little checks or oversight.

Yesterday in Washington, Congressional Democrats were presented with a critical opportunity to do exactly that. A proposed new amendment was scheduled to be voted on in the House of Representatives that would have imposed meaningful limits and new safeguards on Trumps ability to exercise one of the most dangerous, invasive and historically abused presidential powers: spying on the communications of American citizens without warrants. Yesterdays amendment was designed to limit the powers first enacted during the Bush years to legalize the Bush/Cheney domestic warrantless eavesdropping program. The Intercepts Alex Emmons on Wednesday detailed the history and substance of the various bills pending in the House.

Although the Trump White House and a majority of House Republicans (including House Speaker Paul Ryan and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes) favored extension (and even an expansion) of the current laws spying powers and opposed any real reforms, a substantial minority of GOP lawmakers have long opposed warrantless surveillance of...


Putin: Drone Provocateurs Known, Turkey Uninvolved. Intercepted Ship Update "IndyWatch Feed War"

I'd noticed a couple of days ago- there was an alternative media push suggesting Turkey had been behind the drone attack. The claim was the impetus for my use of translate for the Kommersant article.. which was linked to an alt site claiming Turkey was behind the attack. Except when I read the kommersant article ,'cause that's the way I do things here, there was nothing to substantiate this claim.

Drone Attack Russia/Syria- US Spy Aircraft Present During Attack


 Putin said. And I'm quoting, large sized and in red:

While speaking about the recent drone attack on Russian Hmeymim base in Syria, Vladimir Putin said that he believed Turkey had nothing to do with the issue amid the reports that alleged, the drones had been delivered from Turkey.
"There were provocateurs there but they were not Turks, we know who was that We know, how much and whom they have paid for this provocation," Putin said.
The attack was a provocation, aimed at undermining Russia's relations with partners, including Turkey, Vladimir Putin said, adding that Russia had taken additional measures to protect its military facilities in Syria.
"Firstly, these are provocations aimed at the collapse of the earlier reached agreements. Secondly, that is also an attempt to destroy our relations with partners  Turkey and Iran. We clearly understand that and therefore we will show solidarity," Putin said.
 The Russian leader also said that the attacks had been thoroughly planned....


Greek authorities seek safe transport for 410 tons of explosive seized from Andromeda in Crete "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Greek authorities are seeking the safest option for the transport and storage of 410 tons of explosives seized from vessel Andromeda, described as a moving time bomb. In Irakleio, Crete, where the vessel has been impounded, locals are concerned about the presence of some many explosives and thus outside a military camp. While a development

The post Greek authorities seek safe transport for 410 tons of explosive seized from Andromeda in Crete appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Thousands of starfish wash up at Skegness, UK "IndyWatch Feed World"

The beach at Gibraltar Point was tinted orange after thousands of starfish washed up during strong winds. The striking image here was captured by Boston and Skegness MP Matt Warman during a walk along the beach. He tweeted the image last week with the caption: "Huge numbers of starfish washed up at a very chilly Gibraltar Point this morning." But depite the odd sight, experts at Skegness Aquarium and Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust say it is a fairly common occurrence.


Saudi warplanes keep killing Yemeni civilians "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video from Yemen says about itself:

13 July 2017

Three children were injured on Wednesday by a cluster bomb left behind by the Saudi-American aggression in Saada province.

A local source in the province said that three children (two boys and a girl), including a child in a serious condition, were wounded by a cluster bomb explosion, remnants of aggression in Al Abuest district, Department of Sohar.

It is noteworthy that children are the main victims as a result of the explosion of cluster munitions delivered by the US-Saudi aggression on various Yemeni provinces.

Since its inception on 26 March 2015, the aggression has thrown thousands of internationally banned cluster bombs on Saada province and several Yemeni provinces, leaving thousands of unexploded bombs.


Shahab Saleh Hamoud Massad 3 years.
Yasser Ahmed Hassan Massad 8 years.
U M Matir 12 years.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:

YEMEN: A Saudi-led coalition air raid on a marketplace has killed 11 people, including a child, the health director for northern Saada province said on Wednesday night.

Hassab al-Azay said an 11-year-old boy was among the dead and that five others were injured.


Israel Approves 1,122 New Settlement Homes in Occupied West Bank "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

(ANTIWAR.COM The Israeli militarys Civil Administration, which enforces policy in the occupied West Bank, has on Wednesday approved 1,122 new housing units across 20 different settlements across the occupied territory, according to NGO Peace Now.

Tenders for some 651 of the units were published Wednesday, including in Emanuel, Ariel, Adam, Maale Adumim and Beitar Illit. Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman says planning to advance 2,500 more homes in also to be approved this week.

Peace Now warned that yet further expansion of the settlements risks doing more harm to the peace process with the Palestinians, expanding deeper into lands that would ultimately need to be part of an independent Palestine.

The timing of the move is also raising questions, coming after a terror attack in the West Bank that had many settlers calling for revenge. Such revenge tends to come in the form of new restrictions on the Palestinians and new expansions of settlements.

By Jason Ditz / Republished with permission / ANTIWAR.COM / Report a typo

This article was chosen for republication based on the interest of our readers. Anti-Media republishes stories from a number of other independent news sources. The views expressed in this article are the authors own and do not reflect Anti-Media editorial policy.


Philippines: Legal Battle Aims To Keep Records of 3,800 Drug War Deaths From Supreme Court "IndyWatch Feed War"

Solicitor General Jose Calida said that the documents on the thousand deaths under investigation are irrelevant from the petition challenging President Rodrigo Dutertes drug war.

Facebook/Presidential Communications, File

By Kristine Joy Patag ( January 12, 2018 7:01pm

MANILA, Philippines The Office of the Solicitor General said that the voluminous police records on the thousands of deaths under the polices anti-drug war are not relevant to the current petition challenging the campaigns constitutionality before the Supreme Court.

Solicitor General Jose Calida filed a motion for reconsideration, asking the SC to recall its earlier directive to the OSG to submit documents relevant to the petition filed by the kin of drug war victims and residents of San Andres Bukid, Manila.

Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio said he wants documents on the 3,800 deaths related to the drug war that are under investigation of the Philippine National Police.

The SC also ordered Calida to submit the following documents:

list of persons killed in legitimate police operations from July 1, 2016 to Nov. 30 2017
list of deaths under investigation from July 1, 2016 to Nov. 30, 2017
list of Chinese and Filipino-Chinese drug lords who have been neutralized
list of drugs involved whether shabu, cocaine, marijuana, opoids, etc.
comparative tables on index crimes
statistics of internal cle...


Dominic Raab is a liar "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The new Tory housing minister Dominic Raab is a liar. He appeared on BBC Question Time on January 11th 2018 and told a glaring lie to the British people.

His lie was an absurd claim that the NHS has more beds than ever.

Anyone who has paid the remotest attention to the Tory vandalism of the NHS that has been going on since 2010 will have been aware of the dozens of NHS facilities that have been shut down and downgraded under their so-called cost-cutting measures.

How could there be more beds than ever as Raab claimed when the Tories have been closing and stripping back so many NHS services you may well ask.

The answer is that Dominic Raab was lying th...


Atlanticus Hubert Smeets Gedwongen Anti-Rusland Propaganda te Dimmen "IndyWatch Feed War"


Barley & Beans Awesome Fresh Water Initiative: No Plastic, Free Water! "IndyWatch Feed World"

The world has a major problem with too much waste. Lebanon is no different, in fact, with the ongoing garbage crisis with no meaningful solution in sight, reducing our waste drastically is a major necessity. Thats why Barley & Beans Fresh Water initiative got me really excited and glad to see local businesses stepping up and making a difference.

Barley & Bean decided to ditch paper and plastic cups, and instead use ceramic mugs to serve their coffee and beverages. They also stopped selling plastic bottles, and instead, hand out free water to their customers using re-purposed glass syrup bottles.

This is awesome because first, theyre reusing items instead of sending them to a landfill or haphazard site. Second, they stopped using single-use plastic, which is a major issue Lebanon faces. Third, theyre not charging their customers for water, which is quite rare in Lebanon, a country that is supposedly rich in water, but customers get charged up to 10,000 LL a liter in some establishments unfortunately.

They key to solving the garbage crisis, and reducing our impact on climate change, is to change our habits and behavior, and Barley & Bean are setting a great example that I hope more businesses and households will follow their lead soon!

For customers who subscribe to their loyalty card, Barley & Bean will gift them one of the glass water bottles with their names engraved on them too.


A closeup look at the Mandalay Bay windows "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Were the windows in Stephen Paddocks hotel room broken with a hammer as the authorities suggest?

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) Blackstone Intels Jake Morphonios reports from the Mandalay Bay, the thickness of the windows and their strength which suggests that the alleged gunman Stephen Paddock may have had some trouble using a hammer. as authorities reported.

The windows are hurricane rated, according to Morphonois.

Featured Image: Screenshot via Blackstone Intelligence Network
2018. INTELLIHUB.COM. All Rights Reserved.

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Innovation Versus Time and Culture Bound Normality "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Scott Alexander at SlateStarCodex riffs off my post on how we laugh at Oregonians afraid to pump their own gas while not looking at our own absurd restrictions on cutting hair, for example, and adds a few of his own:

There are way too many discrepancies in approved medications between countries to discuss every one of them, but did you know melatonin is banned in most of Europe? (Europeans: did you know melatonin is sold like candy in the United States?) Did you know most European countries have no such thing as medical school, but just have college students major in medicine, and then become doctors once they graduate from college? (Europeans: did you know Americans have to major in some random subject in college, and then go to a separate place called medical school for four years to even start learning medicine?) Did you know that in Puerto Rico, you can just walk into a pharmacy and get any non-scheduled drug you want without a doctors prescription? (source: my father; I have never heard anyone else talk about this, and nobody else even seems to think it is interesting enough to be worth noting).

Scott then strikes at the heart of the issue:

So maybe the scary thing about Oregon is how strongly we rely on intuitions about absurdity. If something doesnt immediately strike us as absurd, then we have to go through the same plodding motions of debate that we do with everything else and over short time scales, debate is interminable and doesnt work. Having a notion strike us as absurd short-circuits that and gets the job done but the Oregon/everyone-else divide shows that intuitions about absurdity are artificial and dont even survive state borders, let alone genuinely different cultures and value systems.

This is part of what I meant by collective action kills innovation. I wasnt saying that DARPA cant work but rather that by subjecting everything to collective action we subject it to debate. discussion and legislation and that slows down innovation, in part because our notions of what is normal are so time and culture bound.

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Another Trump classic: "Why are we having all these people from s***hole countries come here?" "IndyWatch Feed World"

President Donald Trump, frustrated with America's continued responsibility for immigrants fleeing Third World natural disasters, asked members of Congress Thursday in vulgar terms why the United States had to shoulder such a burden. 'Why are we having all these people from sh*thole countries come here?' Trump said, according to two people who were briefed on the meeting and then leaked the comment to The Washington Post. Trump was reportedly speaking about Haitians and citizens of various African nations. 'Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out,' he told people in the meeting, according to CNN. The comments have caused outrage around the world, with the United Nations calling President Trump 'racist'.


UN Human Rights Spokesman Slams Trumps Sh*hole Countries Comment as Racist "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

UN Human Rights Spokesman Slams Trumps Sh*hole Countries Comment as Racist from Sputnik News TDC Note So far, Donald has been close to being a teflon Don, will he recover from this situation? Spokesman for the UN Human Rights...

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Back Supports for Chairs "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

71CvPjYarRL SL1000

Back Supports for Chairs - A patio is all about relaxing. At least that's what I believe. My wife might have other ideas, like how good the patio space may be to establish a card tables because of her kisses club. But mepersonally, I think that it's good tom have some pace to be silent and think.

And the very best portion of that time for me is my favorite patio chair. Different people have their own thought on how best to decorate their very own patios, although I enjoy my teak patio recliner. But no matter what style your terrace is, chairs are an essential part of anybody's patio decor.

And there are so many styles to select from. You will find the elegant looking Adirondack style seats with their high springs seat and armrests; for resting a cold drink on, perfect. Sometime it is possible to get these with matching ottomans to present your feet a break. My neighbor has his favorite lounge that his wife got for their anniversary. I've seen him on many an evening sitting outside on his deck.


Crows on the Railing. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

From Ice Swimmer: These crows were relatively unconcerned of being photographed. The place is the bridge to the island Seurasaari, home to an open-air museum in which there are traditional wooden buildings transplanted from all over Finland, which would have been demolished otherwise. Click for full size!

Ice Swimmer, all rights reserved.


MSM Fake News "IndyWatch Feed War"

FAKE NEWS: Media mislead public on 

Ecuador, Julian Assange developments



German Engineering Yields New Warship That Isnt Fit for Sea "IndyWatch Feed War"

Navy refuses to commission frigate after it failed sea trials; critics cite fiasco in conception and execution

Image result for Germany's Baden-Wrttemberg frigate, photos

Germanys Baden-Wrttemberg frigate, the first of its new F-125 class, failed sea trials last month. CARSTEN VENNEMANN/BUNDESWEHR

BERLINGermanys naval brass in 2005 dreamed up a warship that could ferry marines into combat anywhere in the world, go up against enemy ships and stay away from home ports for two years with a crew half the size of its predecessors.

First delivered for sea trials in 2016 after a series of delays, the 7,000-ton Baden-Wrttemberg frigate was determined last month to have an unexpected design flaw: It doesnt really work.

Defense experts cite the warships buggy software and ill-considered arsenalas well as what was until recently its noticeable list to starboardas symptoms of deeper, more intractable problems: Shrinking military expertise and growing co...


New Orleans adopts divestment measure proposed by BDS campaigners "IndyWatch Feed War"

New Orleans adopts divestment measure proposed by BDS campaigners

US Politics 
 on January 11, 2018 2 Comments
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Worn Out Souls A Story of Soul Contracts and Synchronicity "IndyWatch Feed World"

January 13th, 2018 By Cortland Pfeffer & Irwin Ozborne Contributing writers for Wake Up World There are no coincidences in life. A coincidence is defined as a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent connection or significant meaning. Again, these do not exist because all coincidences have meaning which is what Carl Jung defined as a []


This Alt-Right Life, Episode 1: Cultural Marxist Takeover with Davis Aurini "IndyWatch Feed"

This Alt-Right Life is a podcast I hosted for the website Right On from May 2016 to January 2017, focusing on interviews with newsmakers and prominent figures across the Internet. Following Right Ons merger into, This Alt-Right Life was discontinued and the episodes deleted from the Internet. Because of this, I will be re-releasing all 38 episodes of the show on my website, with one episode per week.

On this episode, I talk to Canadian author and filmmaker Davis Aurini about his new movie Immersed in Subversion, a documentary about how cultural Marxists are subverting Western culture. In the first segment, we discuss the psychology of Leftists, the hypersensitivity and narcissism of young people in the West, how Donald Trumps campaign is helping turn back the tide of Leftism, the war that Google is waging against the Right, and much more.

In the second segment, Davis and I discuss his most recent documentary Charisma for Introverts, a primer on how introverts can navigate an increasingly moronic world. We discuss the nature of identity, how technology is crippling social interaction, self-improvement, and more. This episode originally aired on May 10, 2016.

Listen and download the MP3 below:

To listen to the show on YouTube, click here.

To subscribe to The Matt Forney Show, check out the following links:

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This A...


President Trump Tweetstorm on DACA and Immigration: Because of Democrats DACA Has Now Taken a Big Step Backwards "IndyWatch Feed"

Guest post by Joe Hoft

President Trump went on a tweet storm this morning concerning immigration.  In all there were five tweets from the President on this subject


Red To Poo "IndyWatch Feed"

After the odious Debbie Wasserman Schultz chaired the DCCC's Red-to-Blue program in 2008-- while endorsing 3 Republicans in seats neighboring on her own-- the program lost all credibility and the name faded. It's back to its former glory, acting as an arm of the Republican wing of the Democratic Party as it pushes Blue Dogs, New Dems, "ex"-Republicans, EMILY's Listers and assorted other garbage candidates. The DCCC likes to loudly proclaim that it doesn't interfere in primaries, but the Red to Blue program does nothing but interfere in primaries. On Wednesday it announced it was endorsing 7 more shitty candidates, most of them in competitive primaries. There are 18 now. Not one is an anti-Establishment reformer or a progressive. Basically, all 18 are corporate shills from the Republican wing the party, embodiments of why the best anyone can say about the House Democrats is that they're the lesser of two evils. The 7 new ones:
FL-26- Debbie Mucarsel-Powell
MN-03- Dean Phillips
NE-02- Brad Ashford
NC-13- Kathy Manning
NJ-11- Mikie Sherrill
NY-11- Max Rose
UT-04- Ben McAdams
Worst on the list, as we've...


Gobierno federal castiga a Chihuahua con entrega de recursos, pero premia a Edomex "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Hasta septiembre pasado, al Edomex se le otorgaron 5 mil 291 millones de pesos mientras que a Chihuahua solo le dieron 61 millones del Fondo para el Fortalecimiento Financiero (Fortafin).Regeneracin, 12 de enero de 2018.- Mientras el gobierno federal consinti al Estado de Mxico en el reparto de recursos del Fondo para el Fortalecimiento Financiero (Fortafin) []

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New infosec products of the week: January 12, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Code42 enhances data security and recovery solution Code42 announced enhancements to its data security solution. The Security Center helps detect and mitigate insider threat incidents and data exfiltration events by setting data movement thresholds, tracking file activity patterns and sending alerts to IT or security administrators when data transfers to cloud storage or removable media exceed typical limits. Identity management gives IT administrators the added flexibility to choose from a variety of identity management applications, More


Mueller Gave McCabe a $35,000 FBI Parting Gift, 1973 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

- PrepareWithBill - Food Storage You Can Depend On. 888-756-8727 Good morning, Im still reporting on: Mueller Gave McCabe a $35,000 FBI Parting Gift, 1973 Synopsis: According to the usually reliable True Pundit, as Robert Mueller was headed out the door for the last time as head of the FBI in 2013, he gave his old friend, Andrew McCabe a $35,000 performance bonus. You see, the FBI has their own little slush fund to provide performance bonuses to people who do an extraordinary job. There are two different levels of the award one is the Meritorious award which provides a cash prize of 20% of the winners base pay; and the Distinguished award, which provides the lucky winner with a cash prize of 35% of their base pay. No one knows how many of these awards have been given out over the years. Why? Because the law governing the awards system allows the recipient to remain private. True Pundit says that they have seen FBI documentation showing that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was given the $35,000 award just before Robert Mueller retired from the FBI. Is this yet another of the long, long string of never-listed conflicts of interest attached to Mr. Mueller? Support Our Sponsors: - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - Nobel Gold: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 877-646-5347 - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 - Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. - SeaShell Diamond Gallery, Custom Fine Jewelry Made in Hawaii. 808-338-9988; - PrepareWithBill - Food Storage You Can Depend On. 888-756-8727 - Kangen Water, ionized, alkaline water, website: Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the Still Repor...


British Government Speaks Out on the Arrest of Ahed Tamimi "IndyWatch Feed War"

[ Ed. note Another sign of Israels growing pariah status ] The British government has responded to the arrest of Palestinian teen activist Ahed Tamimi saying that the Israeli occupation forces should not have been in Nabi Saleh in the first place. In oral questions yesterday, Labour MP Julie Elliott asked Alistair Burt, minister of state for the []


Despite Racist Policies & Corruption Scandals, Netanyahu Holds on to Power in Israel "IndyWatch Feed War"

Finkelstein: Despite Racist Policies & Corruption Scandals, Netanyahu Holds on to Power in Israel



Fauda: An Israeli Netflix Series that Makes Oppression Sexy "IndyWatch Feed World"

JERUSALEM (Opinion) Palestinian resistance is legitimate and sanctioned by the inalienable right that all oppressed people have to resist their oppressors and occupiers, even with the use of arms. Israeli violence is raw and unchecked brutality intended to keep Palestinians from raising their heads. But the conventional wisdom is that Palestinian resistance is terrorism and Israeli violence is counterterrorism.

From time to time equivalency is drawn between the two, pointing out that both sides are human. While this can be misconstrued as progress, it is actually an insult to the cause of justice because there is no equivalency to be drawn between oppressor/occupier and the those fighting for their freedom.

In early 2017 a friend asked me whether I had watched the Netflix series Fauda. I said no, and this was the beginning of several weeks of persuasion, at the end of which I succumbed. Fauda is an Israeli-produced series about an Israeli paramilitary unit that is called in Hebrew Mistaarvim. The word Mistaarvim is a cross between the Hebrew word for camouflage and the word for Arabs.

While regular soldiers in the field wear uniforms and camouflage so that they will not be spotted by enemy forces, these are armed, undercover units that wear civilian clothes but dress and talk like Arabs.


The Mistaarvim

An Israeli policeman disguised as a Palestinian protester raises a pistol in air as he arrests a Palestinian demonstrator during protests against U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, in the West Bank city of Ramallah, Dec. 13, 2017. (AP/Nasser Shiyoukhi)

An Israeli policeman from a Mistaarvim unit disguised as a Palestinian protester raises a pistol in air as he arrests a Palestinian demonstrator during protests against U.S. President Donald Trumps decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, in t...


Statement by Former Nuclear Launch Officers "IndyWatch Feed War"

From Global Zero, January 11, 2018

In the final weeks of the presidential election, we sounded our alarm over Donald Trumps fitness to serve as commander-in-chief, with absolute authority over the nations nuclear arsenal. Joining hundreds of leaders across the political spectrum in questioning Trumps temperament, judgement and indifference to expert advice, we warned that Trump should not be allowed to have his finger on the proverbial Red Button.

One year into the Trump presidency, our alarm has only intensified and we must raise our voices again. The president has had ample opportunity to educate and humble himself to the grave responsibilities of his office. Instead, he consistently shows himself to be easily baited, stubborn in his ignorance of world politics and diplomacy, and quick to brandish nuclear threats. The reality of this presidency is worse than we feared.

Trumps inflammatory rhetoric has put the United States on a collision course with North Korea. The most recent back-and-forth with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un over the size of their nuclear buttons is dangerous and risks catastrophic miscalculation. Threats of fire and fury and total destruction of the Kim dictatorship undercut diplomatic efforts and increase the likelihood of stumbling into conflict. Worse, it appears the president is operating under the belief that these threats of nuclear war are working; we can only expect this behavior will continue.

Every one of these episodes points to a flaw in the nuclear launch process that poses a clear and present danger to the country and the world: Every American president has absolute authority to order the first use of nuclear weapons. No one not the secretary of defense, not the attorney general, not Congress can veto that order. There are no reliable safeguards in place to contain this power.

As former nuclear launch control officers, it was our job to fire nuclear missiles if the president so directed. Once the president orders a launch, we could have missiles leaving their silos in several minutes. They cannot be recalled. The missiles would reach their destination whether Russia...


Outraged CNN Expert: Im a Proud Sh*tholer! (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Its settled.
CNN terror expert comes out as proud sh*tholer.

Thanks for sharing.

On Thursday afternoon President Donald Trump asked a group of pro-amnesty senators why the US should welcome migrants from sh*tholes like Haiti, Central America or African nations.

It was a good question.

But the Democrats, liberal media and global community were outraged that the president would use such an offensive term to describe such poor and corrupt failed states.

CNNs terror expert delivered the most startling response to the presidents remarks telling the Situation Room panel, Im a Proud Sh*tholer!

It was the most honest CNN segment in years.

Thanks for that, Phil.
Does anyone have anything theyd like to add?

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President Trump denies shithole comment, slams outrageous DACA proposal "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

After reports that Trump referred to shithole African nations in a meeting (that was not denied by The White House), the president has tweeted this morning that this was not the language used.

His tweet, denying the shithole comment follows an earlier series of tweets that slammed the proposed DACA proposal:



Even the Warthog: US Air Force Grounded Dozens A-10s After Hypoxia Incidents "IndyWatch Feed World"

(Sputnik) Two of the three episodes occurred in November in the air, during flights out of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona, according to Air Force spokesman Capt. Josh Benedetti. In both cases the A-10s backup oxygen system kicked in allowing the pilots to return safely to base. A third pilot suffered from hypoxia symptoms while he was still on the ground.

The root cause of the incident that took place in the sole aircraft outfitted with the older liquid oxygen system (LOX) was later successfully diagnosed and fixed  the Warthog had issues with the oxygen regulator and cabin pressure systems. But investigators havent yet determined the cause of the problem on the aircraft equipped with the newer Onboard Oxygen Generation System (OBOGS).

The whole fleet of 28 OBOGS-equipped A-10s assigned to Davis-Monathan had to be grounded for about a week, Aviation Week & Space Technology reported.

All combat aircraft generate oxygen for their crews while flying at altitude. The problem of pilots coming down with hypoxia symptoms has plagued US military aircraft, with similar incidents reported in recent years on the F-22 Raptor, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, F/A-18 Hornet, the US Navys T-45 Goshawk training jet fleet, and even the Air Forces T-6 prop-driven trainers.

Root causes of many of these incidents remain unsolved; they can vary from engines to the oxygen-generating capability of the aircraft itself.

Originally published by Sputnik

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China Debt Threat, Iran No Deal, Economic Update "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

China Debt Threat, Iran No Deal, Economic Update by Greg Hunter USA Watchdog China threatened to stop buying U.S. Treasury debt. The main stream media is ignoring this story, but former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts once...

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The Empires Lefty Intellectuals Call for Regime Change. The Role of Progressives and the Antiwar Movement "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, January 09, 2018 What is now unfolding in both North America and Western Europe is fake social activism, controlled and funded by the corporate establishment. This manipulated process precludes the formation of a real mass movement against war, racism and social injustice.   The anti-war movement is dead. The war on Syria []


Khaled Al Khateab: The Death of a Hero for his Family and People in Salamiyah "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The author with Lydia, Khaled Al Khateabs mother in their hometown of Salamiyah, Hama. 

Vanessa Beeley
21st Century Wire

What you have written is the fire which burning our hearts because of losing Khaled. He was such a perfect young man fill of life and energydeath does not look like him ..this unfair destiny has pull him off from us in a very early time. Dear Vanessa, thanks so much for putting this spotlight on Khaleds life and work. Thank you for sharing our pain and sorrow. We, Khaleds family and friends will be sure to continue his dream to help the vulnerable people. ~ Nuwar Farha Afara

When in Salamiyah, Hama,  I met with the beautiful and courageous family and friends of murdered RT journalist, Khaled G. Alkhateb

Taken from the RT report of 1st August 2017:

A journalist working with RT Arabic, Khaled Alkhateb, has been killed in shelling from Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) side in the eastern suburb of Homs, Syria.

The journalist was filming a report on the Syrian Armys operations against IS terrorists.

He and a Syrian Army official, who has not been identified yet, were killed in a rocket attack by Islamic State militants near a village called Bghailiyah, in Homs province, according to the head of RT Arabics office in Damascus, Abdelhameed Tawfiq.

Khaled Alkhateb was just 25 years old and had recently started to work with RT.



New explosion hinders rescue efforts in Iranian tanker fire "IndyWatch Feed War"



TRANSPORT MINISTRY OF CHINA/AFP | A Chinese firefighting vessel sprays foam on a burning Iranian oil tanker on January 12, 2018
TEHRAN (AFP)  Iran said Friday that a fresh explosion on a stricken oil tanker was complicating rescue efforts as Japan reported the vessel had drifted into its exclusive economic zone.If it had not been for an explosion this morning, maybe the fire would have been extinguished by now, said Hadi Haghshenas, deputy director for Irans Ports and Maritime Organisation, in an interview with state broadcaster IRIB.

The Sanchi, carrying 136,000 tonnes of light crude oil from Iran, has been in flames since colliding with the CF Crystal, a Hong Kong-registered bulk freighter, 160 nautical miles east of Shanghai on Saturday.

One body has been found but 31 sailors mainly Iranians remain missing with officials in Iran hoping they have found sanctuary on an unaffected part of the vessel.

Haghshenas said a 12-member elite rescue team had been dispatched from Iran but was waiting in Shanghai for conditions that would allow them to land on the vessel.

The tanker is moving from the site of the accident, which was about 155 miles from Shanghai port, to Japanese waters and right now is about 135 miles from Okinawa Island, he said.

Japan said it had provided a patrol boat because the tanker was now in its exclusive economic zone, while Iran requested helicopters and planes to help put out the fire.

A Japanese coastguard spokesman said: We offered support for efforts to deal with the accident but the Chinese side said they will handle the case by themselves.

Iranian officials have criticised Chinas rescue efforts, but the Chinese transport ministry said Thursday that terrible weather conditions and toxic gases from the burning oil were hindering operations.

A Chinese foreign ministry spokesman told AFP the government had put a high degree of emphasis on the rescue work and maintained a welcoming and open attitude towards other countries coming to participate.

Haghshenas said two fire emergency consultants from the Netherlands and Germany had also been hired who are now at the scene giving advice to the Chinese.

The 21 Chinese crew member of the Crystal, which did not burst into flames, were all rescued.


Trump Denies Sh**hole Comment, Slams Outrageous DACA Proposal "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Trump Denies Sh**hole Comment, Slams Outrageous DACA Proposal from ZeroHedge TDC Note Anything and I mean anything, to avoid actually addressing real issues, doing real work or representing the people. These idiots, clowns, degenerates in Washington DC all...

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AMD CPUs Are Potentially Vulnerable To Spectre / Variant 2 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Last week in light of the Spectre disclosure. AMD believed they were at "near zero risk" to Variant Two / Branch Target Injection. But now the company confirmed last night that's not the case: they are at least potentially vulnerable...


Western Journalists Threaten Venezuela "IndyWatch Feed World"

Whitewashing a vile opposition leadership for decades makes military invasion a possibility.



In a meeting on immigration, President Trump referred to Haiti, El Salvador, and some African nations as "shithole countries" -- and now some in the media want you to believe that he's received across-the-board condemnation.

This is from The New York Times:

... the presidents vulgar language on a delicate issue ... drew a backlash from Republican and Democratic lawmakers, many of whom called Mr. Trumps utterances unacceptable at best and plainly racist at worst.

Representative Mia Love, a Republican of Utah who is of Haitian descent, demanded an apology from the president, saying his comments were unkind, divisive, elitist, and fly in the face of our nations values.

This behavior is unacceptable from the leader of our nation, Ms. Love went on in an emotional statement that noted her heritage and that said her parents never took a thing from the government while achieving the American dream. The president must apologize to both the American people and the nations he so wantonly maligned.

As an American, I am ashamed of the president, said Representative Luis V. Gutirrez, Democrat of Illinois. His comments are disappointing, unbelievable, but not surprising. He added, we can now say with 100 percent confidence that the president is a racist who does not share the values enshrined in our Constitution or Declaration of Independence.

The reactions were extraordinary bipartisan rebukes to a sitting president...
And here's Scott Detrow on NPR's Morning Edition:
So there was broad condemnation. Many Democrats had reactions very similar to what Steny Hoyer, the #2 Democrat in the House, said. His quote was that "President Trump's comments are racist and a disgrace. They do not reflect our nation's values." Many Republicans critical as well. Utah Republican Mia Love, who has Haitian roots, put out a statement saying, "The president's comments are unkind, divisive, elitist, and fly in the face of our nation's values."
(Emphasis added.)

But the condemnation wasn't "broad" or truly "bipartisan." There are 292 Republicans in the House and Senate, I've found only these mild rebukes from white congressional Republicans:
Sen. James Lankford, R-Oklahoma, ... called the reported comments "disappointing."

"If these comments are accurate, they are disappointing." Lankford said. "I would not talk a...


Nancy Pelosi Scoffs At Crumb Bonuses By U.S. Companies As A Result Of Tax Cuts "IndyWatch Feed"

Crumbs that Nancy wouldnt bend over and pick up. Via Washington Times: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said businesses across the United States are handing out crumbs to employees as part of recent tax reform legislation signed by President Trump. Walmart joined a growing list of companies on Thursday that are passing along the economic []


Filibuster Threat Means Trump Needs Senate Democrats to Pass Spying Bill "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The House of Representatives passed legislation Thursday that would extend a controversial government spying power known as "Section 702" for another six yearswithout new privacy safeguards that had been sought by civil liberties groups.

Debate over the legislation now shifts over to the Senate, where it faces a filibuster threat from both Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.).

"If this Section 702 bill comes to the Senate, I will filibuster it," Wyden wrote in a tweet shortly after the House bill passed.

Wyden opposes the legislation because he believes that it offers too few protections for Americans' privacy rights. The powers granted by Section 702 are only supposed to be used against foreigners on foreign soil. But an American's communications can get swept up in the NSA's surveillance dragnet if they communicate with people overseas. Privacy advocates have championed an amendment to impose new privacy safeguards on the use of Section 702. But it was voted down by the House on Thursday.

[...] There isn't much time for the Senate to act. Section 702 expires on January 19, a little more than a week away.

Original Submission

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Hot Water for Twitter and Assange Almost Free? (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Hot Water for Twitter and Assange Almost Free? Video We Are Change Video Source

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Ashley Furniture Paisley Chair "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

91fzMBjVVoL SL1500

Ashley Furniture Paisley Chair - A patio is all about relaxing. At least that's what I believe. Like how good the terrace area may be to set up a card tables to get her hearts club, my wife may have other thoughts. But me, I think that it's good tom possess some speed think and to be silent.

And the very best part of that relaxing time for me personally is my patio chair. Different people have their own thought on how best to decorate their very own patios, although I like my teak patio recliner. But regardless of what style your terrace is, chairs are a vital part of anybody's patio decor.

And there are simply so many styles to select from. You will find the elegant looking Adirondack style seats with their high backs, sloping seat and armrests that are oversized; for resting a drink on, ideal. Sometime it is possible to get these with matching ottomans to provide your tired feet a well deserved rest. My neighbor gets his favourite lounge that his wife got for their anniversary. I've seen him on many a night sitting out on his deck having a glass of iced tea.


Natures Climate Article Excels in Acronyms "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

By Renee Hannon The more the acronyms, the more respected the peer-reviewed article? I typically enjoy reading about climate science, oceanography and extreme weather. However, some of the technical articles are becoming overloaded with acronyms. One of the recent articles in Nature by Bereiter, and colleagues is a good example. Heres a few of their


Tiger Forces Isolating Abu al-Duhur Airbase From Eastern Flank (Map) "IndyWatch Feed War"

On January 12, the Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army and other pro-government factions continued their operation against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in the area of the Abu al-Duhur Airbase. Following the previous failed attempts to capture the airbase, government forces changed the strategy and started an operation in order to isolate the base from the rest of the militant-held area.

Recently, army troops expanded their zone of control near Hamidiyat ash-Shadad, on the eastern flank of the Abu al-Duhur airbase. According to pro-government sources, the Tiger Forces and their allies are aiming to capture Tabarat al-Khashir in order to establish a full fire control over the base and to force militants to withdraw frm this strategic site. MORE ABOUT SITUATION IN SOUTHERN IDLIB

Tiger Forces Isolating Abu al-Duhur Airbase From Eastern Flank (Map)

Click to see the full-size map

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The Daily Bird #588. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A Jay having a bath, part 1, from Giliell, click for full size!

Giliell, all rights reserved.


The Clinton Foundation swamp is inching ever closer to the drain "IndyWatch Feed World"

Things are going downhill fast for the Clinton crime family. Weeks ago, a Trump administration Executive Order imposed immediate sanctions and asset seizures on the world's most wicked crooks and warlords, implicating countless individuals in the immediate orbit of Bill and Hillary Clinton. President Donald J. Trump followed the EO with a letter instituting a National Emergency to facilitate the EO's enforcement, and a proclamation naming January National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Since the December 21st EO, it has come to light that the FBI has for months been engaged in an ongoing criminal investigation into the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. Under the guise of philanthropy, the Foundation has served the Clintons as a vehicle to enrich themselves while engaging in extensive political corruption; immediately after taking an oath to serve the American people in 2009, Clinton proceeded to use the Foundation to advance her personal interests in anticipation of the 2016 election, abusing the authority of her office the entirety of her tenure serving as America's top diplomat during President Barack Obama's first term in office. The Hill reports: FBI agents from Little Rock, Ark., where the foundation was started, have taken the lead in the investigation and have interviewed at least one witness in the last month, and law enforcement officials said additional activities are expected in the coming weeks. [...] The probe is examining whether the Clintons promised or performed any policy favors in return for largesse to their charitable efforts or whether donors made commitments of donations in hopes of securing government outcomes. The probe may also examine whether any tax-exempt assets were converted for personal or political use and whether the foundation complied with applicable tax laws, the officials said. One witness recently interviewed by the FBI described the session to The Hill as "extremely professional and unquestionably thorough" and focused on questions about whether donors to Clinton charitable efforts received any favorable treatment from the Obama administration.


FOX Host Jesse Watters on Trumps Sh*thole Remark: This Is How The Forgotten Men and Women Talk (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

On Thursday afternoon President Donald Trump asked a group of pro-amnesty senators why the US should welcome migrants from sh*tholes like Haiti, Central America or African nations.

It was a good question.

But the Democrats, liberal media and global community were outraged that the president would use such an offensive term to describe such poor and corrupt failed states.

Haiti even formally summoned a US official to come before the government and explain what Trump meant by sh*thole.

But the more the shock of the statement wears off the more Americans agree with President Trump.
FOX News host Jesse Watters defended the president saying, This is how the forgotten men and women talk.

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10 Friday AM Read "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

My end of week morning train reads:  CEO Buckley On Whats Next For Vanguard (  The Strange Brands in Your Instagram Feed (The Atlantic) How robo-callers outwitted the government and completely wrecked the Do Not Call list (Washington Post)  Facebook Cant Be Fixed. (NewCo Shift)  The mathematicians who want to save democracy (Nature) Be sure to check out

Read More

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Friday Funnies! "IndyWatch Feed"

Okay, that last one is more scary than funny. So heres one that is sure to put a smile on your face! ~Eowyn


Tiger shark Andys long travels "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 31 August 2017 video is about tiger shark Andy.

From Nova Southeastern University in Florida, USA:

Tagged tiger shark proving unstoppable

January 11, 2018

Summary: For more than a decade, researchers have been tagging and tracking sharks in order to study their migratory patterns and more. One tiger shark Andy is now the longest-ever tracked tiger shark, providing years worth of data for researchers.

Not freezing temperatures or noreasters or Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose or Maria can stop Andy, a tiger shark tagged in Bermuda by scientists from Nova Southeastern Universitys (NSU) Guy Harvey Research Institute (GHRI) in 2014. Travelling approximately 37,565 miles off the eastern coast of the United States and around Bermuda, the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos, Andy is now the longest tracked tiger shark on record and shows no sign of slowing down. Hes been going for more than 1,240 days.

We are delighted with how long Andy has reported data, which has tremendous value for us as researchers, said Mahmood Shivji, Ph.D., the director of NSUs GHRI and a professor in the universitys Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography. This amazing, nearly three and a half year track is revealing clear repeated patterns in the sharks migrations between summer and winter.

More than 150 sharks, including tigers, makos and...


Yoda: Crypto 2018 10 Predictions "IndyWatch Feed War"

Ten cryptocurrency predictions for 2018 from the co-founder of the Blockchain Research Institute

1. The value of cryptocurrencies continues to grow
2. The cryptocurrency craze broadens to embrace blockchain business transformations
3. The new platform for value creation emerges
4. The $10 billion ICO, as ICOs shift towards equity tokens
5. Cracks in the walls of digital feudalism
6. The digital conglomerates wade in
7. The implementation of fiat cryptocurrencies (finally)
8. Regulation feverThe good, the bad and the ugly
9. The social impactbreakthroughs on energy and climate change
10. A year of growing crypto resilience

Read full article with many links.


Magento Connect T1 - (Claim) Persistent Vulnerability "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Vulnerability Lab on Jan 12

Document Title:
Magento Connect T1 - (Claim) Persistent Vulnerability

References (Source):

Release Date:

Vulnerability Laboratory ID (VL-ID):

Common Vulnerability Scoring System:

Vulnerability Class:
Cross Site Scripting -...


My Financial Road Map for 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

My Financial Road Map for 2018 by Nomi Prins Happy New Year to all of you! In last years roadmap, I forecast that 2017 would end with gold prices up and the dollar index down, both of which happened.  I...

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A flaw in macOS High Sierra allows to unlock the App Store Preferences without password "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security expert discovered a new vulnerability in macOS High Sierra that could be exploited by users logged as admins to unlock the AppStore Preferences in System Preferences by providing any password.

Security expert discovered a new vulnerability in macOS High Sierra that could be exploited by users logged as admins to unlock the AppStore Preferences in System Preferences by providing any password.

The steps to reproduce the issue and grants access to change the AppStore preferences are:

  1. Log in as a local admin;
  2. Open App Store Prefpane from the System Preferences;
  3. Lock the padlock if it is already unlocked;
  4. Click the lock to unlock it;
  5. Enter any bogus password;

macOS High Sierra

Holtam highlighted that the issue doesnt affect other system preferences panel (i.e. system preferences).

The flaw has a limited impact because it can only be triggered by admins, anyway, anyone with a physical access to a machine that was left unattended by a user logged as admins can exploit the vulnerability.

In November, an authentication bypass issue was publicly discl...


Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 - Limited Access Permission Bypass Vulnerability "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Vulnerability Lab on Jan 12

Document Title:
Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 - Limited Access Permission Bypass Vulnerability

References (Source):

Release Date:

Vulnerability Laboratory ID (VL-ID):

Common Vulnerability Scoring System:

Vulnerability Class:


Magento Commerce - SSRF & XSPA Web Vulnerability "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Vulnerability Lab on Jan 12

Document Title:
Magento Commerce - SSRF & XSPA Web Vulnerability

References (Source):

Release Date:

Vulnerability Laboratory ID (VL-ID):

Common Vulnerability Scoring System:

Vulnerability Class:
Server Side Request...


Lebanese Cabinet Wants to Expand Costa Brava Landfill "IndyWatch Feed World"

Few days ago, I was arguing that we dont need McKinsey to clear garbage from the streets and recycle, we need competent ministers who are convinced that burning garbage is bad for our health and dumping garbage in the sea is a crime and Im just reading now that the Lebanese Cabinet has approved a plan to manage the solid waste crisis, which involves the expansion of the Costa Brava landfill near Beirut!

Instead of closing the Costa Brava landfill once and for all, and keeping garbage away from the sea, theyre planning to expand both the Costa & the Tripoli landfill. Theyre claiming that a new reprocessing plant will be established at Costa Brava and the sorting plants in Amrusiya and Karantina will be improved but the landfills will only be getting bigger until these are put in place.

Its quite unbelievable that an Environment minister would propose such a plan, especially after what weve been going through since 2015. Were ruining our coast and our mountains and instead of saving whatever is left, were expanding the landfills!!

On another note, the Lebanese Minister of Health, Ghassan Hasbani, issued an order calling on district physicians to inspect municipal garbage dumps and immediately take appropriate measures if any violation is found, and stress the fact that they should not be burnt in light of the serious health risks associated with these practices according to the HRW Press, but Im not sure how this will help as garbage will end up in a way or another burned or buried in the sea.


[SECURITY] [DSA 4084-1] gifsicle security update "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Sebastien Delafond on Jan 12

Debian Security Advisory DSA-4084-1 security () debian org Sebastien Delafond
January 12, 2018

Package : gifsicle
CVE ID : CVE-2017-1000421

It was...


Feminicidio 2 en Puebla: hallan a mujer degollada y semienterrada "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

El cadver fue hallado este jueves, semienterrado en terrenos de cultivo, con las manos atadas a la espalda, una mordaza y una herida en el cuello. Regeneracin, 12 de enero de 2018.- El cuerpo de una joven mujer de entre 20 y 25 aos de edad fue hallado este jueves, semienterrado en terrenos de cultivo en los []

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MagicSpam 2.0.13 - Insecure File Permission Vulnerability "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Vulnerability Lab on Jan 12

Document Title:
MagicSpam 2.0.13 - Insecure File Permission Vulnerability

References (Source):

Release Date:

Vulnerability Laboratory ID (VL-ID):

Common Vulnerability Scoring System:

Vulnerability Class:
Privacy Violation...


3rd Saker interview with Bonnie Faulkner for her show Guns and Butter on Pacifica Radio "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Dear friends, Here is my latest interview with Bonnie Faulkner for her show Guns and Butter on Pacifica Radios KPFK.  Bonnie had some connectivity problems, so the sound is not


Commission on Pedophilia: Reflections on 8 Milllion Children a Year "IndyWatch Feed War"

8 million a year 22,000 a day is our provisional number. Death within two years of entering the system is our provisional assumption.

From a Commissioner with direct experience interviewing both survivors of pedophilia and satanic rituals, and those imprisoned for these practices.

In regard to putting a number on missing children worldwide here are just some of the challenges:

1. In developed countries the missing childrens database is essentially a collection of filed police reports from across the country.  In order to generate a police report a family member must walk into the police station and say my child is missing.  In many cases of missing children the adults in question wont do that because they themselves are the abusers and the reason the child ran away.

2. The offenders you are talking about are not looking for children who come from loving homes where the parents will most certainly march into a police station to report their child missing.  These offenders target children who are much more vulnerable than that, who ran away long ago, never had a missing childrens report generated and have been lost to the system for some time.

3. The missing childrens system is sure to have infiltrators from the very groups you want to reveal who ensure that red flags quickly get squashed the system will be set up this way.

4. Most countries around the world still dont have a missing childrens register, an online centralized police database for missing children, investigators who could look into something that smells fishy, bosses who would support them if they did start to go down a rabbit hole, families who would be willing to walk into a police station and file a missing childrens report even if the officer they were talking to cared, had such a form to fill out, had a computer and ink in the printer, had a filing system, had a budget and the resources to go out and investigate, had a boss who supported that, had the ability to reveal a cover up or mafia involvement, had the ability to sidestep their boss and report it up higher in the event that it wasnt being taken seriously, had a budget to run a missing childrens search or media campaign, had connections to international law enforcement and other agencies...


One in five healthcare pros have experienced patient data breaches "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

According to a recent University of Phoenix College of Health Professions online survey of 504 registered nurses and administrative staff, only a quarter of registered nurses have seen changes in the way their companies handle data security and patient privacy over the past year, despite increased data breaches across all industries. The survey found that 20 percent of registered nurses (RNs) and 19 percent of administrative staff indicated that their facilities have experienced a breach More

Friday, 12 January


Can Steve Womack bring balance to the Budget Committee? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Steve WomackUncle Sam is now $20.5 trillion in debt, or about $62,700 for every American man, woman and child. This year, Arkansas congressmen, particularly Rep. Steve Womack, have an outsized influence regarding how quickly that debt grows.

Lets play a little Q and A to explain why. Read the rest

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SBC: Silence is Golden, Dave "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

SBC: Silence is Golden, Dave

  • an In My View article by NIGEL WARD, sharing with the public an unanswered question Is the tale wagging the dog. David KITSONs silence on the subject indicates an affirmative answer.


On 15th December 2017, I emailed the Scarborough Borough Council Deputy Monitoring Officer, Mr David KITSON.

I received a read-receipt informing me that Mr KITSON acknowledged opening my email as follows: 18th December 2017 11:23:01 (UTC) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London.

Before reproducing that email, readers deserve an insight into my purpose in making a fundamental and, in fact, straight-forward enquiry.

Since mid-November, as I am sure regular readers are certainly aware, several Enquirer contributors have addressed the matter of the interception and censoring of emails from (we are told) certain members of the public to Councillors and ranking Council Officers.

Opposition Councillors notably, Councillor Tony RANDERSON [Lab.] and Councillor Janet JEFFERSON [Ind.] have expressed their anger and disbelief that their Officers have been standing between them and the people they represent.

Curiously, Conservative Councillors have been conspicuously silent on the subject, with the exception of the Leader (in his Queens Speech, which I have deconstructed elsewhere) and Councillor John NOCK [Con.], whose response to Councillor RANDERSON bore all the hallmarks of having been drafted or dictated by some obliging soul in the Legal & Democratic Services department. It concludes with the tired old mantra, The overarching reason for the current practice is to Protect Officers and Members from unreasonable stress, abuse and inappropriate conduct. I will not trouble to repeat the many reasons why this is nonsense.

That the current practice may be undemocratic, unreasonable and unjustifiable as well as illegal has clearly not entered Councillor NOCKs purview. Such things pass over his head, obscured by the Tory diktat of solidarity within the Conservative group.

The Leader returned to the topic in his Christmas Address, reiterating the party line, which bears repetition here (along with my deconstruction):

DB: The cou...


Malware infected fake Telegram Messenger app found in Play Store "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Waqas

The Google Play Store is home to more than 3.5

This is a post from Read the original post: Malware infected fake Telegram Messenger app found in Play Store


TFC to Showcase Student Writers "IndyWatch Feed World"

(TFC)  The Fifth Column has always strived to bring as many viewpoints to our readers as possible. Until now, an entire demographic has been left out of our coverage: youth. Due to the legal, logistical, and liability issues involved with working with minors, it was out of reach despite years of attempting to establish our own program. In the process of researching for yet another attempt, we stumbled upon a collective of sorts already engaging in what we envisioned. In many ways, its even better than what we planned. Youth Voices brings students and teachers from schools all over the country together. In their own words, they are:

a school-based social network that was started in 2003 by a group of National Writing Project teachers. We merged several earlier blogging projects. We have found that there are many advantages to bringing students together in one site that lives beyond any particular class. Its easier for individual students to read and write about their own passions, to connect with other students, comment on each others work, and create multimedia posts for each other. Further, its been exciting for us to pool our knowledge about curriculum and digital literacies.

Theyre an informal organization, much like TFC. Were very happy to help expand the reach of this project and, effective immediately, TFC will begin showcasing pieces written by students involved with this network. The articles will certainly add a new flavor to our network.

Frankly, most of the journalists involved with TFC are jaded, cynical people, many of whom are simply waiting for the whole house of cards to collapse. Aside from opening the door to a new demographic, the young writers are bringing something blatantly missing from our network: hope. Hope for a future. The hope to realize that change doesnt happen immediately, for it takes time to change an entire population.

The articles will be available in our new Youth Voices section and will be shared on our social media. The articles will be presented as received, without editing or influence from TFC staff. As time progresses, we hope to expand this endeavor to include mentoring and other opportunities for the students. These students will be the next generation of writers, you can start reading them today:

The Achievement Gap

Times Up

Equality for All



Piwigo v2.8.2 & 2.9.2 CMS - Multiple Cross Site Vulnerabilities "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Vulnerability Lab on Jan 12

Document Title:
Piwigo v2.8.2 & 2.9.2 CMS - Multiple Cross Site Vulnerabilities

References (Source):

Release Date:

Vulnerability Laboratory ID (VL-ID):

Common Vulnerability Scoring System:

Vulnerability Class:


Sometimes, you have to visit a shithole to see whats in it "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The simplest explanation is usually the correct one. ~ Occams razor Shithole (noun): An extremely dirty, shabby, or otherwise unpleasant place. Changing the name, does not change the problem. Its simply a matter of  political correctness being forcefully abused at the moment. Make America Mexico Again and other Stories Large sewage spill in Tijuana, Mexico, []


Tommy Bahama Lounge Chair "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

71lRNZfduoL SL1200

Tommy Bahama Lounge Chair - There are a number of essential pieces of furniture that each company wants: a great office chair to sit down in, reception chairs for your guests to wait in, a table to meet in, and conference seats to sit in during meetings. Whether you are working at a fortune 500 company or a small startup company, just about every business requires a pair of conference chairs to finish their meeting area. A meeting room or A conference room is a location where both employees and customers meet to go over plans and ideas for your small business, and occasionally these meetings can last for long periods of time. When it's your employees or your customers that will get the maximum use from your seminar chairs, you would like to be certain that they're comfy while seated. You are also given the opportunity to present your meeting room a appeal and also the capacity to express the culture of your company through layout by seminar chairs. As with every other piece of furniture, the time and consideration ought to be given to what sort of conference chair will be great for your business.

The first point to remember when buying a pair of conference chairs is the total atmosphere of your pre-existing furniture and your company. Does your office already have a style or is it more conventional in look? It's important to fully understand the essence of your company too, for example if you're a law office that is famous for its professionalism and traditionalism, then you would not want to purchase a pair of modern looking conference chairs to your meeting area. Instead you would wish to go for a seat with leather that is real and a wood trim to finish your traditional appearance. Make certain to match your office with a similar styling, if your furniture and style are mismatched that can come off as simple and affordable. Furniture has the capability to shape the way so it's important for them to leave with a positive impression your own company is perceived by your guests.

The next thing to do is to select, after finding out the design you will want for your seminar seats in. Leather is possibly the most popular option has the broadest choice of styles and to choose. It's also an extremely durable option, simple to wash, and gives off a feeling of professionalism. The only disadvantage to leather is that it's expensive; infrequently it might be best to go for a leather alternative that is less expensive, if you will be using your seminar room. Vinyl is another choice that is selected because it's generally a little cheaper in cost than its own leather counterpart looks a...


Venezuelas Congress declares petro cryptocurrency illegal "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Venezuelas Congress declares petro cryptocurrency illegal from Reuters TDC Note It seems the Venezuelan Parliament sees El Petro in a different light than President Maduro. Maduro is attempting to hold on to power. I ask where he came up...

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Palestinians to meet to discuss Trump Jerusalem response "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP/File / by Nasser Abu Bakr | US President Donald Trumps recognition of Jerusalem as Israels capital has infuriated the Palestinian leadership

RAMALLAH (PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES) (AFP)  Senior Palestinian leaders will meet in Ramallah on Sunday to debate responses to US President Donald Trumps controversial recognition of Jerusalem as Israels capital.Among the options to be considered is the potential suspension of the Palestinian Liberation Organisations (PLO) recognition of Israel, delegates said.

Such a move could call into question a founding principle of the peace efforts between Israel and the Palestinians and threaten decades of agreements with Israel, including on security.

Scepticism is widespread that the leadership will follow through with such an unpredictable step, but the fact that it is being discussed will be taken as a measure of the level of anger towards the Trump administration.

The two-day meeting of the Palestinian Central Council will begin late Sunday, with Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas expected to open with a brief address.

The 121-member council is a high-ranking arm of the PLO, the internationally recognised representative of the Palestinian people, and includes members of different parties.

Trumps December 6 recognition of Jerusalem as Israels capital has infuriated the Palestinian leadership, who see at least the eastern part of the city as the capital of a future state they have sought to gain through American-led negotiations.

His administration has also not publicly committed to the idea of an independent Palestinian state, and the PLO office in Washington was briefly closed down.

Abbas has said after the recognition the Americans can no longer play a role as mediator, and is expected to shun Trumps Vice President Mike Pence when he visits Israel on January 22-23.

Redefining the relationship

Ahmed Majdalani, a senior PLO official, told AFP that a committee created to formulate responses to Trumps announcement would recommend redefining the Palestinian relationship with Israel.

Among the options, he said, was suspending recognition of Israel, accusing the Jewish state of failing to abide by agreements.

It is not possible for the Palestinian side to remain the only one committed to the agreements signed while the other side (Israel) is not committed to...


Kentico CMS v11.0 - Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Vulnerability Lab on Jan 12

Document Title:
Kentico CMS v11.0 - Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

References (Source):


Release Date:

Vulnerability Laboratory ID (VL-ID):

Common Vulnerability Scoring System:...


Id rather not have my meals spiced with bullshit, thank you very much "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

I rather like cooking. I make no claims to being a great cook, but I can enjoy throwing together something tasty, and I can appreciate a good recipe and fresh ingredients and all that basic stuff. I do not like fad cookbooks, which are usually about some agenda other than enjoying good food, and are often coupled to some weird new pop mania that will change next year. Give me healthy and flavorful food first telling me that its diet food to make you lose weight is like telling me that heres a recipe for food youll want to eat in very small portions and that you probably wont want to eat at all, which is contrary to the spirit of good cooking. Portion control and variety and exercise are fine ideas for losing weight, but dont try to live on a diet of cardboard.

I have found a kindred spirit in The Angry Chef, who reviews a recent set of cook books.

All I want to see is a book about eating well, getting some variety, and making food that warms the soul. Where nothing is demonised, there are no strict rules, and there is no need for guilt and shame. I would love to see simple accessible recipes that appreciate how not everyone can afford three avocados a day, or grass-fed organic beef each evening. Something that considers how damaging the demonisation of foods can be for peoples mental health, and understands that telling people they can lose weight if they just try harder, actually does more harm than good.

Most of all, next January, I would like to see a book on the shelves that cares only about how healthy we are, instead of how much we weigh.

Thats what I want, too!

Unfortunately, at the same time I found my guiding angel, I also found his antithesis. Its Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder and owner of Moon Juicethe Los Angeles destination that serves beautifying herbal powder blends, tonics, and treats to A-list fans like Gwyneth Paltrow and Shailene Woodley. You will be disappointed to learn that in spite of her name, she doesnt start her day with a side of bacon. No, she has listed her eating habits for a typical day, and it soundsunpleasant.

At 8am, I had a warm, morning chi drink on my way to the school drop off, drunk in the car! It contains more than 25 grams of plant protein, thanks to vanilla mushroom protein and stone ground almond butter, and also has the super endocrine, brain, immunity, and libido- boosting powers of Brain Dust, cordyceps, reishi, maca, and Shilajit resin. I throw ho shou wu and pearl in as part of my beauty regime. I c...


Pastor Shares Sexual Incident with Teen, Church Claps "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Tennessee pastor who publicly confessed to having a sexual incident with a high school student in 1998 received a thunderous standing applause when he asked to be forgiven. Andy Savage, the megachurch pastor, sat on a wooden stool on the stage at Highpoint Church in Memphis on Sunday and admitted that he was guilty of sexual activity with a teen before asking for forgiveness, according to video footage of the event.


Berto Jongman: A Typical Pedophile (not a Satanic Murderer) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Berto Jongman

Barry Bennell abused boys hundreds of times, court told

Former Crewe coach told young footballers that if they reported him he would stop them becoming professionals, jury hears


Greek police fire teargas at protesters after Athens march "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: one or more people, night, fire and outdoor

A petrol bomb explodes next to riot police during clashes following an anniversary rally marking the 2008 police shooting of 15-year-old student, Alexandros Grigoropoulos, in Athens, Greece, December 6, 2017. REUTERS/Costas Baltas Reuters

ATHENS (Reuters) Greek police fired teargas at protesters in Athens on Friday after a march of about 20,000 people against reforms parliament is set to approve on Jan. 15 including restrictions on the right to strike.

After the end of the march, which was largely peaceful, police fired a round of teargas to disperse a group of protesters who tried to break through a police cordon outside parliament. The unrest was short-lived.

Reporting by Lefteris Papadimas


New "emotional" robots aim to read human feelings "IndyWatch Feed World"

The robot called Forpheus does more than play a mean game of table tennis. It can read body language to gauge its opponent's ability, and offer advice and encouragement. "It will try to understand your mood and your playing ability and predict a bit about your next shot," said Keith Kersten of Japan-based Omron Automation, which developed Forpheus to showcase its technology.


SonicWall GMS v8.1 - Filter Bypass & Persistent Vulnerability "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Vulnerability Lab on Jan 12

Document Title:
SonicWall GMS v8.1 - Filter Bypass & Persistent Vulnerability

References (Source):

Release Notes:

Release Date:

Vulnerability Laboratory ID (VL-ID):



UN says Trump slur on shithole countries is shocking and racist "IndyWatch Feed War"

Spokesman Rupert Colville says US presidents comments open the door to humanitys worst side, go against universal values

From agencies
The Times of Israel

The United Nations on Friday slammed US President Donald Trumps reported description of African nations and Haiti as shithole countries as shocking and shameful, and racist.

Trump on Thursday questioned why the US would accept more immigrants from Haiti and shithole countries in Africa rather than places like Norway in rejecting a bipartisan immigration deal.

Rupert Colville, spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, said that you cannot dismiss entire countries and continents as shitholes.

Colville said that the comments, if confirmed, were shocking and shameful and Im sorry, but theres no other word one can use but racist.

Image may contain: 1 person, suit

US President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting on prison reform in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, DC, January 11, 2018. (AFP PHOTO / SAUL LOEB)

He also took issue with Trumps reported suggestion that the United States should welcome immigrants from places like Norway, whose population is overwhelmingly white, instead of from African countries and Haiti.

The positive comment on Norway makes the underlying sentiment very clear, Colville said.

He said Trumps reported comment could endanger lives by potentially fanning xenophobia.

Like the earlier comments made vilifying Mexicans and Muslims, the policy proposals targeting entire groups on grounds of nationality or religion, and the reluctance to clearly condemn the anti-Semitic and racist actions of the white supremacists in Charlottesville all of these go against the universal values the world has been striving so hard to establish since World War II and the Holocaust, he said.

This is not just a story about vulgar language. Its about opening the door wider to humanitys worst side, about validating and encouraging racism and xenophobia that will potentially disrupt and destroy the lives of many people.

This is perhaps the single most damaging and dangerous consequence of this type of comment by a major political figure, he added.


Flash Operator Panel v2.31.03 - Command Execution Vulnerability "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Vulnerability Lab on Jan 12

Document Title:
Flash Operator Panel v2.31.03 - Command Execution Vulnerability

References (Source):

Release Date:

Vulnerability Laboratory ID (VL-ID):

Common Vulnerability Scoring System:

Vulnerability Class:


U.S. State Department Issues New Crime Warning for the Bahamas "IndyWatch Feed World"

The United Stated State Department issued a new crime warning for the Bahamas. You can read the new warning issued on January 10, 2018 here.

The crime warning states, in part:

Exercise increased caution in The Bahamas due to crime.

Violent crime, such as burglaries, armed robberies, and sexual assault is common, even during daylight hours and in tourist areas. U.S. government personnel are not permitted to visit the Sand Trap area in Nassau due to crime. Jet-ski operators are known to commit sexual assaults Nassau Port Cruiseagainst tourists, including minors. As a result, U.S. government personnel are not permitted to use jet-ski rentals on New Providence and Paradise Islands.

The warning refers to the U.S. State Department's Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) whose 2017 Report for the Bahamas characterizes crime in that country as "critical.

The OSAC report states that the majority of reported violent crimes were against local Bahamians and mostly occurred in areas of saturated criminality not typically visited by tourists; however, New Providence (Nassau), where around 250,000 Bahamians live, has witnessed "violent crimes in locations more commonly frequented by U.S. citizen tourists. In some instances, these incidents resulted in fatalities. Criminality and violent crime has increased on Grand Bahama island, notably crimes involving the use of machetes."

"Many criminals carry firearms, machetes, or knives, and these weapons are commonly brandished . . . there were reports of firearms used in the commission of armed robberies, where the assailant assaulted the victim after the victim resisted. Many of these armed robberies were snatch-and-grabs involving purses, jewelry, cell phones, and cash. Should you be confronted by someone demanding money/valuables, you should comply with their demands and make the encounter as brief as possible. If confronted, try to remain calm, clearly display your hands and do not make any sudden moves that could be interpreted as resistance.

Armed robberies, property crimes, purse snatchings, theft, fraud, and sexual assaults remain the most common crimes perpetrated against tourists."

The OSAC report further documents that "in 2016, numerous incidents were reported that either involved tourists or occurred in well-known tourist locations. Crimes occurred near popular tourist areas adjac...


Tropical Cyclone "Joyce" makes landfall near Wallal Downs, Western Australia "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Tropical Cyclone "Joyce" made landfall near Eighty Mile Beach, west of Wallal Downs in Western Australia just before 10:00 UTC on January 12, 2018 as Category 1 cyclone on the Australian tropical cyclone intensity scale. The system is expected to continue...... Read more

Benutzt hier jemand Juniper-Router? Die haben CVE-2018-0001 ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Benutzt hier jemand Juniper-Router? Die haben CVE-2018-0001 abgegriffen, und zwar mit 9,8 Punkten in der B-Note:

Kleines Bullshit-Bingo-Update: Cisco kann jetzt von ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Kleines Bullshit-Bingo-Update: Cisco kann jetzt von auen in einer TLS-Verbindung Malware erkennen. Ohne sie aufzubrechen, weil das geht ja nicht. Und wie machen sie das? Kommt ihr NIE drauf!

Those devices cant do the job alone: users need to sign up for Ciscos StealthWatch service and let traffic from their kit flow to a cloud-based analytics service that inspects traffic and uses self-improving machine learning algorithms to spot dodgy traffic.

Why has Israel banned Jewish leftists but not members of Nazi-linked groups? (Natasha Roth) "IndyWatch Feed World"

12/01/2018 - Israel has banned leaders and key activists from Jewish Voice for Peace, the American Friends Service Committee, and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, among other groups that support BDS, from entering ...


ICE raids 100 7-Eleven stores: Trump Admin says its just getting started "IndyWatch Feed"

Works for me. From Yahoo: Federal immigration agents stormed into nearly 100 7-Eleven stores nationwide in an unprecedented search for undocumented workers illegal aliens under President Donald Trump, the Associated Press reported on Wednesday. And Immigration and Customs Enforcement says it is Continue reading

Yuri Bezmenov: Guru for Our Times "IndyWatch Feed War"

Other longer videos below the fold.


Strong security simplifies compliance for French operators of vital industry "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In 2014, Frances National Agency for the Security of Information Systems, or ANSSI, issued two detailed cybersecurity guidance documents for Industrial Control Systems: Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems Classification Method and Key Measures; and Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems Detailed Measures. This guidance was and is still today seen as the most comprehensive, clear, and sophisticated industrial control system (ICS) security best practice in the world. In 2016 and 2017, on the tails More


In Run-up to Karnataka Elections, Siddaramaiah Consolidates His Political Mantle "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

With populist development and humanist Hinduism, a confident Siddaramaiah is now holding sway on an electoral campaign that seeks votes for another term.

Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah arrives in Nagavalli village for his speech. Credit: C.R. Venkatramu

As the countdown to Karnatakas assembly election begins, the Congress has started an undeclared election campaign. Supposedly meant to be a Sadhana Sambrama (celebration of achievements) of the government and to inaugurate a slew of development projects, chief minister Siddaramaiah and his entourage arrived by helicopter to Nagavalli village, Chamarajanagara district on December 10, 2018, and in a dazzling display of political acumen, aided by high-tech audio and video systems, proclaimed his achievements and threw challenges to his main political rivals.

As the constituencys legislators said in their speeches, this was Siddaramaiahs 23rd visit to the district and credit was owed to him for erasing the myth that Chamarajanagars curse would lead to visiting chief ministers losing their power. Have I lost power? Siddaramaiah asked, as he drew on a mix of colloquialisms, humour, facts, sarcasm and rhetor...


Switzerland targets refugees by rejecting citizenship bids of residents who have been on welfare in past three years "IndyWatch Feed World"

A new civil rights act has come into force in Switzerland that prevents residents who have been on welfare in the past three years from becoming citizens unless they pay back the money they received to the state. The new regulations will make it impossible for asylum seekers and migrants who have lived off state handouts in the last three years to become citizens even if they have lived in Switzerland as permanent residents for the required time to make a citizenship application, Kronen Zeitung reports. The previous law allowed migrants to apply for citizenship as long as they were not on state benefits at the time of their application.


Ahed Tamimi Speaks of Her Struggle: All I Wish Is for Palestine to Be Free "IndyWatch Feed World"

NABI SALEH, PALESTINE The struggle for Palestinian human rights and children abused under Israeli occupation has burst into the international spotlight with the help of 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi. Tamimi is no stranger to the Palestinian struggle or the spotlight she has faced off with her oppressor far too many times in her short life.

Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi has come to age under Israeli occupation, bestowing a unique and distressing childhood experience. Her family participates in weekly protests in Nabi Saleh the small village, threatened by illegal settlements, in which they live. Tamimis family has repeatedly found itself the target of Israels violence as a result of its commitment to resisting occupation forces.

Tamimi, along with her family, has not bowed to the pressure, run from the persecution, or faltered, even after relatives have been injured and killed. Instead, they continue to stand up in the face of their oppressors, with Tamimi herself fighting back both verbally and physically on multiple occasions such as when she fought off soldiers attempting to arrest her brother or when she was caught on video telling off a soldier who hurled a concussion grenade near her.

In late 2016, while in the West Bank, investigative journalist Abby Martin had the opportunity to interview Tamimi for the Empire Files, a documentary series airing on Telesur. The two discussed the hardships of living under Israeli occupation as well as Tamimis future aspirations. It quickly becomes apparent why her oppressors are attempting to silence the teen and her family.


Tamimis recent arrest

Ahed Tamimi Is escorted to a military court near occupied Jerusalem, Dec. 20, 2017. (AP/Oren Ziv)

Ahed Tamimi Is escorted to a military court near occupied Jerusalem, Dec. 20, 2017. (AP/Oren Ziv)

Moments before Tamimi was shown on tape attempting to physically force Israeli forces off her familys land, her...


North Koreas army of beauties set to invade South "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: 13 people, people smiling, outdoor

North Korean women hold national flags to cheer at the Daegu University Games in Daegu, South Korea, in August 2003, during a rare visit to the South. | AP


JAN 11, 2018

With their good looks and sharp moves, North Koreas female cheerleaders are a marked contrast to the regimes menacing nuclear ambitions.

Dubbed the army of beauties in South Korea, the young North Korean women mostly in their late teens or early 20s have attracted huge publicity whenever they have been sent to the South.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Uns wife-to-be wife Ri Sol Ju was among the group who attended the 2005 Asian Athletics Championships in Incheon.

The cheerleaders are set for their fourth appearance in the South after Pyongyang agreed this week to send a delegation to next months Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, just 80 kilometers (50 miles) south of the Demilitarized Zone that splits the peninsula in two.

North and South have been totally separated since the end of the Korean War in 1953, with no direct telephone or postal links between them.

Any North Korean delegations to its neighbor are carefully chosen by Pyongyang, and their movements are tightly controlled in the South. According to reports, the Winter Olympics group could be accommodated on a cruise ship moored in Sokcho, making it easier to monitor them.

An Chan-il, a defector researcher who runs the World Institute for North Korea Studies, said the cheerleaders are cherry-picked by the regime based on tough criteria.

They must be over 163 centimeters tall and come from good families, An said. Those who play an instrument are from a band and others are mostly students at the elite Kim Il-Sung University.

The Koreas separation makes citizens of the North an object of some fascination in the South.

The cheerleaders made their first appearance at the 2002 Asian Games in Busan, hitting the headlines when nearly 300 of them arrived on a ferry dressed in colorful hanbok  traditional Korean dresses and waving so-called unification flags, a pa...


Gaming Chair X Rocker "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

814SEuQ2 7L SL1500

Gaming Chair X Rocker - When someone walks into an area, their eyes goes to a eye catching piece inside the room. When they walk in, people comment on pieces in a room. This spikes a dialog about the item, in which you bought it at, and whats exceptional about that item, how you have it. A rocking chair can do just that for any room in your house.

1st Decide on a theme and color: Redecorating a space could be entertaining and a little time consuming. Figuring out just how to redecorate a room begins with a great idea or item. People use the world wide web to discover unique items when redecorating any room. This is a great alternative to driving around for hours looking at items in different stores, spending weeks and months looking for items.

Individuals have themes for decorating a kid's room. When you have a girls who loves princesses, or ballerina or dancing or certain colors, they're lots of rocking chairs that fit. In case you have a boy that loves race cars, bikes, farms, trains, fire engines, sports, their are lots of rocking chairs that fit that theme. Some children and many children simply adore animals and horses, respectively and a terrific piece for a child's room could be a rocking horse or rockers. Rockers are similar to a horse but rather than a horse its own a cow, lion, dog, bear, elephant, or giraffe. Whats also searching on the web for accent pieces or themes, is after you find something about a website or ecommerce store, they sometimes have other things relating to that thing or theme. You purchase online and pay shipping in some instances rather than gas, although an ecommerce shop is a store online selling items like Walmart or even Meijers does.


China objects to Vietnams call for Indian investment in South China Sea Outsiders impair regional peace and stability Who owns the sea? "IndyWatch Feed War"

PTI | Updated: Jan 11, 2018, 19:07 IST

China has been opposing ONGC exploring oil in wells claimed by Vietnam in the South China Sea for years China has been opposing ONGC exploring oil in wells claimed by Vietnam in the South China Sea for years .
BEIJING: China on Thursday objected to Vietnams invitation to India to invest in oil and natural gas sector in the disputed South China Sea + (SCS), saying it is firmly opposed to infringement of its rights using development of bilateral ties as an excuse.
Vietnams Ambassador to India Ton Sinh Thanh on Tuesday had told an Indian news channel that his country would welcome Indian investments in the South China Sea.Responding to remarks, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said: China does not object to the development of normal bilateral relations of relevant countries in our neighbourhood.

But China firmly oppose relevant party to use it as an excuse to infringe upon Chinas legitimate rights and interests in the SCS and impair regional peace and stability, Lu said.

Certainly, China also needs to construct necessary defense facilities for its own territory, which are not directed at any country, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said.

Ton had also said defence cooperation is one of the important and effective areas of cooperation between India and Vietnam and India can be helpful in expanding Vietnams defence capabilities.


China has been opposing Indias Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) exploring oil+ in wells claimed by Vietnam in the SCS for years. India has been asserting that the ONGCs exploration is a commercial operation and not connected with the dispute.



Xen Security Advisory 254 (CVE-2017-5753,CVE-2017-5715,CVE-2017-5754) - Information leak via side effects of speculative execution "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Xen . org security team on Jan 12

Xen Security Advisory CVE-2017-5753,CVE-2017-5715,CVE-2017-5754 / XSA-254

Information leak via side effects of speculative execution


PV-in-PVH/HVM shim approach leaves *guest* vulnerable to Meltdown
attacks from its unprivileged users, even if the guest has KPTI
patches. That is, guest userspace can use Meltdown to read all memory
in the same guest....


Southern leaders ask FG to declare herdsmen terrorists. "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Leaders of the South-East and South-West, on Thursday in Enugu, asked the Federal Government to declare Fulani herdsmen as terrorists. More


Stephen F. Cohen: The US betrayed Russia, but neither NY Times nor Washington Post have reported it "IndyWatch Feed World"

New evidence that Washington broke its promise not to expand NATO "one inch eastward" - a fateful decision with ongoing ramifications - has not been reported by The New York Times or other agenda-setting media outlets John Batchelor has a very popular political talk show on America's largest radio network, WABC. He has Stephen Cohen on live in the studio almost every week for a full 45 minute segment, the only guest he gives that much time to. Why? Because Cohen's appearances are killing the ratings. America seems to be thirsting for an alternative and critical view of Obama's Russia policy. See below for a summary of this program courtesy of The Nation.


The 2018 Stock Market Bubble vs. Gold & Silver "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The 2018 Stock Market Bubble vs. Gold & Silver by Steve St. Angelo SRSRocco Report The U.S. Stock Market is reaching its biggest bubble in history.  When the price of the Dow Jones Index only moves in one direction...

The post The 2018 Stock Market Bubble vs. Gold & Silver appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Trump Takes His White Supremacy to Eleven "IndyWatch Feed"

I often hear people say that its hard to call someone a racist because you never know what is in a persons heart. But I think you can tell a person is a white supremacist when they say things like this:

President Trump reportedly referred to immigrants from Haiti and African countries as coming from shithole countries on Thursday.

Trump made the comment in an Oval Office meeting with lawmakers during a discussion of protections for immigrants from several countries, according to The Washington Post.

Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here? Trump said, according to multiple people briefed on the meeting.

He reportedly suggested that the U.S. should bring in more immigrants from countries like Norway.

Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) were present at the meeting, and were surprised by the comments, according to the Post.

Trump has been quoted criticizing immigrants from these countries in the past. The New York Times reported in December that he once suggested that Haitian immigrants all have AIDS, and that Nigerian immigrants would never go back to their huts if granted entrance to the U.S.

When he says we shouldnt have people coming to our country from Haiti or Africa but should instead should have more people immigrating from Norway, thats not even code anymore. Thats precisely what any Nazi would say. But even more remarkable is that most Nazis would realize this and if they were somehow serving as the president of the United States, theyd know enough to be a lot more subtle about their preferences.

That Trump would spout out such clear Nordic/Aryan supremacy in the midst of so many witnesses, including members of the opposing party, suggests that hes either insane or completely indifferent to how he is perceived about racial matters. Maybe, like when he suggests we should steal Iraqs oil, he simply has no idea how that sounds to most people.

I dont know, but whether hes evil, insane or stupid,...

Steve Bannon Shivved Himself "IndyWatch Feed"

In an editorial in todays USA Today, Republican consultant and commentator Cheri Jacobus tells us that we should be concerned about how quickly and efficiently Steve Bannons professional life and prospects were ruined once he went on the record about defects in the president and his family.

It doesnt matter who is the target, or that our disgust toward the likes of Bannon is appropriate and well-earned. The swiftness and robot-like precision with which Trumps allies dislodged their lips from Bannons MAGA derriere, so they could effectively reach for their shivs upon orders from Trump, is chilling.

Her worry is not that there is some kind of injustice here, but that it sends a warning to any other would-be truth-tellers or whistleblowers. And thats a fair point, as far as it goes.

But the defenestration of Steve Bannon was something earnestly desired by most elected Republicans, especially in the U.S. Senate. Bannons Breitbart News earned its audience not just by catering to deplorables but by pushing primaries against insufficiently deplorable lawmakers. For this reason, Bannons elevation to campaign manager in Trumps campaign was met with revulsion and his placement at the right hand of the president was met with dread. He had few allies on Capitol Hill, and many of the people who acted like allies were really just protecting their right flank.

This is one of the reasons why it was so easy for Trump to cut him off at the knees. He was really the only person propping him up in the first place. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell not only applauded Bannons downfall, he could barely contain his glee.

Another point thats worth making here is that Bannon wasnt guilty of mere whistleblowing. He made personal attacks on the presidents family, calling Ivanka dumb as a brick, for example. I dont imagine that David Axelrod would have had much of a future in Democratic politics if hed said something like that about Sasha or Malia. In that sense, Bannon committed a form of career suicide.

So, yes, its troubling to think that anyone considering telling the truth about Trump from within his inner circle will now have Bannons sad fate to deter them, but hes not exactly the best example to use for this purpose.

Besides, I dont really believe the last chapter has been written about Steve Bannon. He will be back.



Casual Observation "IndyWatch Feed"

Do you remember when I said that Rep. Duncan D. Hunter was doing it wrong? Well, my money is on him going to jail. And Darrell Issa is retiring six years late. That follows Ed Royce announcing his retirement on Monday. So, I guess the extinction of California Republicans is proceeding apace.


Lying vs. Obstructing Justice "IndyWatch Feed"

Does this strike you as the tweet of an innocent man?

If, as he keeps telling us, there was no collusion between his campaign and the Russians, and the Steele Dossier is a made-up hatchet job, then he shouldnt be worried about the release of Glenn Simpsons testimony. If hes confident that Diane Feinstein agrees that there was no collusion, then he shouldnt question her motives. And if hes legitimately worried, he shouldnt let us know hes worried.

On every level, this tweet is a mistake. It demonstrates a complete consciousness of guilt and reveals open irritation that his efforts to misconstrue the dossier have been so solidly undermined. It shows that he was depending on Chuck Grassley to keep the testimony hidden from the public even as he and Sen. Lindsey Graham made a criminal referral against Steele to the Department of Justice.

One way of looking at this is that an obvious effort to obstruct the public from knowing the facts of this case has failed. Thats somewhat different from trying to prevent the FBI or the special counsels investigators from learning the facts of the case, but its the same basic instinct. There doesnt seem to be a clear dividing line for Trump between these two things, which was obvious from the outset of his administration. When Acting Attorney General Sally Yates informed White House Counsel Don McGahn that Michael Flynn had lied to Vice President Pence about his conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, McGahn initially did not understand why it should concern the FBI when one member of the administration lied to another member of the administration. For McGahn, if the vice president was giving bad information to the public, that was just politics and not a legal matter. Yates had to explain that the Russians knew...

Why Did the FBI Go After Clinton Before Trump? "IndyWatch Feed"

The most confounding thing about the Trump-Russia affair is the behavior of the FBI, including its former director, James Comey. Specifically, the FBI did two things in the last weeks of the campaign that badly hurt Hillary Clintons chances. On Friday, October 28th, 2016, after a series of long grueling meetings with top FBI executives, Comey decided that he needed to reopen the investigation into the private server Hillary Clinton used while serving as Secretary of State. He also decided that he needed to make this public, so he sent a letter to eight Senate and House chairmen, who are Republicans, and copied the ranking Democrats on their panels. This assured that the last eleven days of the election would be dominated by doubt about Clintons legal status.

The second thing that happened could be seen in a New York Times article that was published on Halloween: Investigating Donald Trump, F.B.I. Sees No Clear Link to Russia. The article amounted to a complete clean bill of health for the Trump campaign:

For much of the summer, the F.B.I. pursued a widening investigation into a Russian role in the American presidential campaign. Agents scrutinized advisers close to Donald J. Trump, looked for financial connections with Russian financial figures, searched for those involved in hacking the computers of Democrats, and even chased a lead which they ultimately came to doubt about a possible secret channel of email communication from the Trump Organization to a Russian bank.

Law enforcement officials say that none of the investigations so far have found any conclusive or direct link between Mr. Trump and the Russian government. And even the hacking into Democratic emails, F.B.I. and intelligence officials now believe, was aimed at disrupting the presidential election rather than electing Mr. Trump.

Given how close the election turned out to be, its not a stretch to suggest that these two decisions by the FBI were decisive in changing the outcome. It certainly corresponded with a late collapse for Clinton in the internal polling of the campaigns.

This might not be confounding at all if we could conclude that the leadership of the FBI actually wanted Donald Trump to win the election. But other than a faction in New York with close ties to Rudy Giuliani, theres no evidence to support that the FBI preferred Trump, and plenty of subsequent evidence that the prevailing view in the leadership was tha...

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