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Saturday, 16 December


The inner lives of queer comrades in early Soviet Russia "IndyWatch Feed"

At the dawn of Soviet power, LGBT people found a language to express their identity. 

A drag ball in the 1920s. Photo courtesy of Irina Roldugina.
The annual Side by Side Lesbian and Gay International Film Festival took place in St Petersburg from 16-25 November, and included not only feature and documentary films but public discussions as well.

One of the participants in these discussions was historian and Ira Roldugina, a DPhil student at the University of Oxford who has been studying the lives of Soviet queers for many years. Roldugina is specifically interested in those changes in society that were nipped in the bud by the beginning of the homophobic politics of the Stalinist era. Journalist and cultural historian Artyom Langenburg talked to her about her research.

Artyom Langenburg: As a historian, you chose to study homosexuality in the Soviet Union, which was criminalised and treated as psychologically abnormal for most of the period. What drew you to this theme? Have others investigated it before you?

Ira Roldugina: There were two main factors the personal and the political hardly original! I was interested in the sociology of gender, Foucault, and so on. I then discovered Dan Healys book, Homosexual Desire in Revolutionary Russia, long after I got interested in the subject. First came the stigma of being seen as abnormal myself, and my experience of that. My academic research became a kind of sublimation I dont know what Id have done if I hadnt been a history student. And of course its always interesting to study more obscure topics. Theres quite a buzz when you find archival resources that no one has ever looked at before.

I was also stimulated by the subjects political dimension. The agglomeration of fears and prejudices, the explicit and implicit repressive mecha...


Dollars and desperation: how Russias financial crisis hit foreign currency mortgage-holders "IndyWatch Feed"

Three years on from Russias 2014 financial meltdown, people with foreign currency mortgages are still suffering and are only getting more radical in their struggle. RU

Single pickets of the VDVZ participants near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.Dmitry Yurin, a member of the National Movement of Foreign Currency Mortgage Holders from St Petersburg, does his best to survive on 200 roubles (2.50) a day. Officially, Dmitry is unemployed and has no means to cover his monthly mortgage payment for the studio apartment he purchased: his wife left and now wants him to pay child support. But Dmitry, one of thousands of Russians in peril due to having taken out a foreign currency mortgage, has big plans for the future.

By the beginning of March next year, I intend to either win back my apartment or go to jail, Dmitry tells me. Itll be the election, and Putin most probably will be running. Right at that very moment I plan to go into a bank with an anti-Putin poster, in order to draw attention to my problem. Ill become a political prisoner like Ildar Dadin. And then Ill leave Russia. Why would I want to live in this country?

Dmitry bought his 290 square-foot bedsit in 2007. The apartment was meant to be a starter home and Dmitry planned to pay off the mortgage in seven years. He was employed by a regional Panasonic office as a marketing expert, and was paid in U.S. dollars, which is why he decided to take out a mortgage in U.S. currency.

At the time, everybody thought that financial crises and market crashes belonged to the past in the era of primitive accumulation of capital. Then a true man of the people came to power, everything was on the rise, the country was reborn. I was a patriot back then. I supported the government right up until 2014, Dmitry says.

Borrowers backed into a corner



Security company Fox-IT reveals, details MitM attack they suffered in September "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Dutch IT security consultancy/service provider Fox-IT has revealed on Thursday that it has suffered a security breach, which resulted in some files and emails sent by the companys customers to be intercepted by an unknown attacker. The attack On September 19, the attacker accessed the DNS records for the domain at their third party domain registrar, modified them to point to a server in their possession, and intercepted and then forwarded the traffic to More


Our smart future and the threat of cyber-kinetic attacks "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A growing number of todays entertainment options show protagonists battling cyber-attacks that target the systems at the heart of our critical infrastructure whose failure would cripple modern society. Its easy to watch such shows and pass off their plots as something that could never happen. The chilling reality is that those plots are often based on real cyberthreats that either have already happened, are already possible, or are dangerously close to becoming reality. Cyber attacks More


Consumers are ready to say goodbye to passwords "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A new survey of 1,000 Americans exploring awareness and perceptions of biometric authentication confirms that consumers continue to have a strong interest in new biometric technologies that make their lives easier. New forms of authentication, such as fingerprint, facial, and voice recognition, can make unlocking accounts and payments much easier and more convenient than traditional passwords or PINs which are difficult to type onto tiny keyboards, easy to forget, and can be stolen. For More


Beneath the illusion of a temporary occupation lies apartheid (Fady Khoury) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

15/12/2017 - By claiming that its control over Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza is temporary, despite lasting longer than South African Apartheid by any measure, Israel is able to justify a regime that denies ...

Friday, 15 December


Fedora Linux Had Another Innovative Year "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Fedora Linux this year picked up support for more multimedia codecs, continued innovating on both the Linux desktop/workstations and servers, the Fedora/RedHat developers continued a lot of upstream improvements throughout the Linux landscape, their Wayland support continues to be solid, and they continued shipping the latest and greatest packages in their distribution releases...


Tom Fitton Should We Shut Down the FBI for Corruption?, 1943 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

- - Denas Pair Relief Store - exclusive importers of the Denas PCM 6 portable pain relief device. Call Coach Jimmy at 503-395-4142, or check the website: Good afternoon, Im still reporting on: Tom Fitton Should We Shut Down the FBI for Corruption?, 1943 Synopsis: Well, the coup is starting to come unraveled. Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch one of the best-informed people in Washington on this matter appeared on Shannon Breams show on Fox late last night. [insert] Understand what this means, that Fusion GPS was getting at least some of their information directly from Department of Justice sources, and possibly not the Russians at all. Sad to say, but t is possible that this entire fake scenario was cooked up inside the walls of the FBI and DOJ. [insert] Not when you add in the fact that 75% of the U.S. mainstream media is colluding with this anti-Trump Mafiosi. This is just what the ministry of propaganda does for the KGB. If it were not for Fox News, we would know absolutely NOTHING about this. If it were not for Fox News backstopping folks like me, I would have been kicked off of YouTube years ago. Thats the sad and scary situation we are in. We are hanging onto our Republic by a very slender thread. [insert: Look, the FBI cannot] Understand what that means. Everything that came out yesterday all the texts all the collusion with the Clintons and the now in-your-face conspiracy against Donald Trump - was all known to the top government lawyer, Mr. Rosenstein since July. They have had 5 months to figure out how they were going to spin this. They have also had 5 months to destroy the worst of it yes, shocking, these guys would actually destroy evidence of crimes because they are the perpetrators of those crimes? Why not? [insert: Well, Ok, on to the point about .] Support Our Sponsors: - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - Nobel Gold: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 877-646-5347 - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 - Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - SeaShell Diamond Gallery, Custom Fine Jewelry Made in Hawaii. 808-338-9988; - PrepareWithBill - Food Storage You Can Depend On. 888-756-8727 - Kangen Water, ionized, alkaline water, website: - Rugged Reserves, home of the solar-powered tactical flashlight with a 100% lifetime guarantee. Call 800-621-7902. Website: - - Denas Pair Relief Store - exclusive importers of the Denas PCM 6 portable pain relief device. Call Coach Jimmy at 503-395-4142, o...


GOP Finally Defeats Moore, Fire Mueller, Economic Danger Signs "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

GOP Finally Defeats Moore, Fire Mueller, Economic Danger Signs by Greg Hunter USA Watchdog Looks like the GOP finally defeated its own candidate for Senator in the Alabama Special Election. The GOP could not stop Moore in the primary...

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Text Proves Anti Trump Conspiracy Within the FBI , 1942 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

- Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 Good morning, Im still reporting on: Text Proves Anti Trump Conspiracy Within the FBI , 1942 Synopsis: Yesterday, Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General, the guy who appointed his boss, Robert Mueller to go after President Trump to distract from the glaring fact that there has been no visible investigations of Hillary Clinton, or the entire Clinton cabal - was the polished government attorney/bureaucrat until he got to the really tough questions. [insert] Whoah! Hold on there. Stop the music. If I were in charge of this hearing, I would bring it to a full stop until Mr. Rosenstein told the American public what he knew. And the truth is I dont even care much about whether they did or not. That question is minor compared to the next logical question: Were the contents of the so-called Trump Dossier presented to the FISA court as evidence that allowed the FBI to bug the Trump campaign? If thats true, then everyone in the FBI and DOJ who knew about that would instantly be under indictment in my world. [insert Jay Sekulo] There is no other way to get the truth. Muller is not there to investigate. Hes there to minimize the damage of exposure of the coup, and to try to get something on Trump. Disbanding the Special Counsels investigation as fatally compromised and mount a real investigation is the only way forward. Its going to be hard for Mueller to dismiss charges of a biased investigation because of one text revealed yesterday outright ovidence of an anti-Trump conspiracy among the top brass of both the FBI and the DOJ shown by the following text. Ed Henry of Fox explains: [insert] Support Our Sponsors: - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - Nobel Gold: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 877-646-5347 - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 - Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - SeaShell Diamond Gallery, Custom Fine Jewelry Made in Hawaii. 808-338-9988; - PrepareWithBill - Food Storage You Can Depend On. 888-756-8727 - Kangen Water, ionized, alkaline water, website: - Rugged Reserves, home of the solar-powered tactical flashlight with a 100% lifetime guarantee. Call 800-621-7902. Website: - - Denas Pair Relief Store - exclusive importers of the Denas PCM 6 portable pain relief device. Call Coach Jimmy at 503-395-4142, or check the website: Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4...


Tucker Blasts Strzoks Emails, 1941 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

- SeaShell Diamond Gallery, Custom Fine Jewelry Made in Hawaii. 808-338-9988; Good evening, Im still reporting on: Tucker Blasts Strzoks Emails, 1941 Synopsis: Tucker Carlson tonight blasted the revelations of Peter Strzoks emails of this morning. He believes that no matter what happens from here on, any conclusions the Muellers probe comes to will not be trusted by the American public. Support Our Sponsors: - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - Nobel Gold: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 877-646-5347 - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 - Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - SeaShell Diamond Gallery, Custom Fine Jewelry Made in Hawaii. 808-338-9988; - PrepareWithBill - Food Storage You Can Depend On. 888-756-8727 - Kangen Water, ionized, alkaline water, website: - Rugged Reserves, home of the solar-powered tactical flashlight with a 100% lifetime guarantee. Call 800-621-7902. Website: - - Denas Pair Relief Store - exclusive importers of the Denas PCM 6 portable pain relief device. Call Coach Jimmy at 503-395-4142, or check the website: Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the Still Report, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still:


Roy Moore Loses in a Close Race, 1939 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

- Rugged Reserves, home of the solar-powered tactical flashlight with a 100% lifetime guarantee. Call 800-621-7902. Website: Good evening, Im still reporting on: Roy Moore Loses in a Close Race, 1939 Synopsis: Well, I was wrong. Roy did not win the Alabama special election for US Senate in a landslide. He lost in a close one by 1.7%. But guess what? Had certain Republicans not encouraged the Republicans of Alabama to write in the names of other people Roy Moores total would come to 673,255 a healthy 2,104 votes more than the Democrat. But there were other factors at work. 1. Blatant race baiting by the Dems, resulting in a record black turnout. 2. Strong RINO opposition initiated by Jeb Bush aide Tim Miller and Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell. 3. A very effective hit-and-run sex smear campaign which the MSM enabled and regurgitated day after day. 4. This led to low turnouts in the Monster Trump vote. 5. Moore had a record of high unfavorable and very close elections in the past. He also made frequent missteps, like comments on slavery and no need for amendments beyond the 10th amendment to the US Constitution. 6. Moore pulled a Hillary by taking off for the final few days of the campaign, probably due to overconfidence. 7. Bottom line: this was a very special election with a very special candidate, significantly hobbled by his past then exaggerated effectively by the Dems. Support Our Sponsors: - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - Nobel Gold: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 877-646-5347 - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 - Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - SeaShell Diamond Gallery, Custom Fine Jewelry Made in Hawaii. 808-338-9988; - PrepareWithBill - Food Storage You Can Depend On. 888-756-8727 - Kangen Water, ionized, alkaline water, website: - Rugged Reserves, home of the solar-powered tactical flashlight with a 100% lifetime guarantee. Call 800-621-7902. Website: - - Denas Pair Relief Store - exclusive importers of the Denas PCM 6 portable pain relief device. Call Coach Jimmy at 503-395-4142, or check the website: Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE!...


Greek bond yields fall to levels of 2006 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Greek state bond yields fell to 2006 levels in the domestic electronic secondary bond market on Friday, with the 10-year benchmark bond yielding 4.065 pct, very close to the 4.015 pct level recorded in March 2016 as low as in 2008. This development pushed the yield spread against the 10-year German Bund below the

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Documentary: The Antifascists (2017) "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Antifascists is a documentary about antifascists in Sweden and Greece. Subtitles are available in CC (Click at the 4th button on the right at the bottom of the video player, at the third button from the right you can choose your language).


Submitted to Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Read all our reports about antifa; here.

Documentary: The Antifascists (2017)

The Antifascists is a documentary about antifascists in Sweden and Greece. Subtitles are available in CC (Click at the 4th button on the right at the bottom of the video player, at the third button from the right you can choose your language).



White House: Mideast Peace Initiative Could Face Temporary Cooling Off, but Still Moving Forward "IndyWatch Feed War"

Some sources in Trumps administration say that once talks resume, the presidents recognition of Jerusalem as Israels capital will help achieve peace

Noa Landau and Amir Tibon Dec 14, 2017 11:39 PM


White House senior advisers Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner sit behind U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House in Washington, U.S. December 6, 2017.

White House senior advisers Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner sit behind U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House in Washington, U.S. December 6, 2017. JONATHAN ERNST/REUTER

In light of the strong statements from Palestinian officials about their lack of trust in the American administration as a fair mediator in the peace process, European diplomats who have been in touch lately with the Trump administrations peace team told Haaretz that they sense the Trump peace initiative is stuck.

The White House strongly denied these claims, stating that while a temporary cooling off period was possible, the Trump administration was still working on its peace plan, which enjoys strong support from the president.

We have said what we have said all along  the President remains as committed to peace as ever and we are not surprised by reactions which have the potential to result in a temporary cooling off period, a senior White House official told Haaretz, in response to claims made by the European diplomats, which the White House characterized as not accurate.

The official added that work on the peace plan is still moving forward: In the meantime, we will remain hard at work putting together our plan, which will benefit the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.

The White House has been briefing the media ever since Trumps speech last week that the peace initiative could indeed go into a cooling off period but has nonetheless emphasized that the peace team, led by Trumps son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, sees this as a temporary development, and believes that the talks will be resumed.

Some sources in the administration have added that once talks are renewed, the presidents statement on Jerusalem will in fact increase the chances for significant diplomatic progress.

Israeli and American officials said Thursday that Vice President Mike Pences visit to Israel has been delayed by approximately 48 hours. The official reason for the delay is that Pence is staying in Washington to help pass the Republican tax reform, which is currently facing danger in the Senate, as some Republican lawmakers have expressed doubts about their ability to sup...


Russiagate and the collapse of Barack Obama's war on Syria "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Russia-gate" is the scream of a wounded U.S. empire - a military colossus that can destroy the planet many times over but was defeated in its war of regime change in Syria, despite killing half a million people and displacing a third of its population. Barack Obama was packaged as a "peace" candidate, but his real objective was to reverse the humiliation of his predecessor's forced withdrawal from Iraq and thus maintain the image and substance of U.S. "primacy" in the world. U.S. public opinion, however, would not tolerate another massive mobilization of American ground forces in the region. Instead, Obama and his secretary of state and would-be successor, Hillary Clinton, partnered with the monarchies of the Persian Gulf, the most backward regimes on the planet, to transform the various flavors of al Qaida into a pro-western foreign legion: foot solders of imperialism. The nature of the obscene alliance -- although impossible to fully conceal, and rooted in U.S. policy since Jimmy Carter's presidency -- could not be spoken. Americans are conditioned to hate and fear all things Arab and Muslim (and, indeed, all people's not sufficiently "white"). How could a U.S. administration align itself with the same forces that were blamed for 9/11? The same people that the CIA claimed had been harbored by Saddam Hussein? The same madmen that, we are told, want to kill Americans because they hate "our freedoms"? That's way too much boggling for most American minds.


Professor VU university: "Chidda's renter, Koole Maritime, doesn't comply with chain clause of ADM terrain" "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

De toekomstplannen voor het ADM-terrein worden ten onrechte omschreven als scheepsbouw. Verhuur aan bergingsbedrijf Koole Maritiem moet wel stuklopen op de claim die de gemeente Amsterdam heeft op het gekraakte haventerrein.


2017 was a bad year for Facebook, 2018 not looking much better "IndyWatch Feed World"

Facebook is projected to boost sales by 46 percent and double net income, but make no mistake: It had a terrible year. Despite its financial performance, the social media giant is facing a reckoning in 2018 as regulators close in on several fronts. The main issue cuts to the core of the company itself: Rather than "building global community," as founder Mark Zuckerberg sees Facebook's mission, it is "ripping apart the social fabric." Those are the words of Chamath Palihapitiya, the company's former vice president of user growth. He doesn't allow his kids to use Facebook because he doesn't want them to become slaves to "short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops." Palihapitya's criticism echoes that of Facebook's first president, Sean Parker: "It literally changes your relationship with society, with each other ... God only knows what it's doing to our children's brains." Facebook has reacted nervously to Palihapitya's accusations, saying he hadn't worked at the company for a long time (he left in 2011) and wasn't aware of Facebook's recent initiatives. But I can't see any practical manifestations of these efforts as a user who has drastically cut back on social networking this year for the very reasons cited by Parker and Palihapitya. To outsiders and regulators, Facebook looks like a dangerous provider of instant gratification in a space suddenly vital to the health of society. It's also making abuse and aggression too easy -- something the U.K. Committee on Standards in Public Life pointed out in a report published on Wednesday. Sounding one of the loudest alarm bells on social media yet, the panel urged the prime minister to back legislation to "shift the balance of liability for illegal content to the social media companies."


A Balanced Portfolio Approach Where Gold And Silver Fit | Golden Rule Radio (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

A Balanced Portfolio Approach Where Gold And Silver Fit | Golden Rule Radio Video McAlvany Financials A balanced portfolio approach where gold and silver fit will be covered in todays golden rule radio. Gold and silver bounce...

The post A Balanced Portfolio Approach Where Gold And Silver Fit | Golden Rule Radio (Video) appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Meryl Streep: Its difficult to be political during Trumps presidency "IndyWatch Feed"

Life is difficult when you have TDS.  And I wont take her suggestion for the next president, actor Tom Hanks, seriously. After all, she supports a convicted rapist and serial sexual harasser. Her admiration of these characters speaks volumes about Continue reading


Examining attitudes towards confidential data "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Industry analyst firm Quocirca surveyed 500 IT decision makers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Japan, examining attitudes towards the value of confidential data including: personally identifiable information (PII), payment card data, intellectual property (IP) and email. Trustwave Vice President of Security Research Ziv Mador said, Today, data is one of the most valuable commodities possessed by any business. Whether that data belongs to the organization itself, its employees, suppliers or customers, More


8 Worst Defenses Of FBI Agents Anti-Trump Insurance Policy Texts "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In investigating Donald Trumps alleged collusion with Russia to steal the 2016 election, the media have found no story too small, no detail too minor to cover. Each leak that can be even remotely tied to the narrative of Russia harming America with the Trump campaigns help is exploited and hyped for round-the-clock attention. To give just one example, CNN ran a report in May dramatically headlined First on CNN: AG Sessions did not disclose Russia meetings in security clearance form, DOJ says.

The story said Sessions failed to note at least two meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak on his security clearance form. CNN alleged the form requires him to list any contact he had with any foreign government or its representatives. The new information from the Justice Department is the latest example of Sessions failing to disclose contacts he had with Russian officials, the story alleged, driving the Russia-Trump collusion narrative.

Many other media outlets followed CNNs lead, including the Washington Post, Politico, ABC News, and others.

Earlier this week, more than six months after the initial worrisome report ran, CNN ran a brief update noting that, well, it turns out Sessions never had to disclose those meetings as part of official government work, and was told that at the time he filed his clearance form. The weirdest part was that the Department of Justice told CNN that originally, but the breathless report was filed and hyped in any case.

Many media outlets have pursued the Russia-Trump collusion narrative with such wild abandon that its almost comical, even though more than a year into the conspiracy investigation, there remains no evidence that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election. In fact, the lack of any evidence is itself becoming a story, as people try to figure out more about why the FBI was investigating the Trump campaign in the first place, and why there were so many selective leaks hinting at a broad conspiracy that has yet to materialize.

So how do...


Venezuelan first ladys Narco Nephews jailed for drug trafficking "IndyWatch Feed War"


Statue of Justice. Photo by sebra/Shutterstock

Dec. 14 (UPI)  Two nephews of Venezuelas first lady were sentenced to 18 years in prison in the United States for drug trafficking.

Franqui Francisco Flores de Freitas, 32, and Efraoin Antonio Campo Flores, 31, were accused of conspiring to smuggle 1,700 pounds of cocaine from South America to the United States via Honduras.

Prosecutors sought a sentence of 30 years for both men who were given the moniker of Narco Nephews by Venezuelan media but U.S. District Judge Paul Crotty said that would be excessive, as neither had a criminal record and sentenced them to 18 years.

They had previously denied the charges saying the trafficking plot could never actually have been executed, and requested a shorter sentence.

Ive always been a good person, Flores de Freitas said. Even in jail I tried to help those who were in a worse psychological situation than I find myself in.

The two nephews of Venezuelan President Nicols Maduros wife, Cilia Flores, were arrested in 2015 by undercover U.S. Drug Enforcement agents in Haiti, where prosecutors said they were making arrangements to smuggle the cocaine.

Image result for Cilia Flores, Venezuela, photos

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (R) and his wife Cilia Flores (L)

While in Haiti they told the agents, posing as representatives of a Mexican cartel, they would ship 800 kilos of cocaine purchased from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia guerrillas to Honduras, where the presumed cartel members would move it to the United States.



Why Criminalizing Sexual Harassment Fosters Witch Hunts "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Are you exhausted with sexual harassment allegations? Their noise and strut are turning into one of those chronic conditions that we schlep around with, like athletes foot. Or a hangnail.

As I write this, Tennessee State University announces that it considers whistling in a suggestive manner to be sexual harassment. Depending on the tune, it may lead to suspension or expulsion. The College Fix explains:

In sum, there are at least 20 different ways students and employees can be found guilty of sexual harassment, according to the policy. Campus officials state they will consider the totality of the circumstances before deeming whether an act is sexual harassment.

In the expanding reach of sexual harassment, 20 ways today is a down payment on 30 ways tomorrow. Did this-or-that fellow do what a snowballing list of accusers claim he did half a lifetime ago? Are starlets-in-waiting gullible enough to go to a Hollywood moguls hotel room to watch a video? Do such naifs actually exist, or are they mythical creatures, like bread-and-butter flies? How many women posting on #MeToo are telling the truth?

There is a kind of baroque grandeur to the chorus of high dudgeon. But how much of it is bandwagon hysteria? How much free-floating animus?

A Vague Crime with Accusations Sufficing to Convict

Forgive me for wondering if there might be some gravy in the feedbag for women willing to cooperate with efforts to bring down men targeted for their politics. Or simply their authority. Harassment accusations are a handy tool for spite, jealousy, or retaliation for assorted grudges. In a widening pool of indicters, there are bound to be women channeling George Washington Plunkett: I seen my opportunities and I took em.

Which ones are they? None of us know. Not really.

What we do know is that something called sexual harassment is an imprecise but stubborn old nuisance sharpened into a crime by Catherine MacKinnon in the late 70s and codified by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). As first introduced, the term referred to a loose chain of workplace irritants never to be confused with sexual battery, rape, or attempted rape. By now it has expanded into an all-purpose indictment, a universal solvent for turning radical feminist choler into a blunt object.

Like that shapeless thing in the old sci-fi movie, The Blob, the concept of sexual harassment swallows everything it meets. It digests a degenerate thug like Harvey Weinstein together with a college student who makes an awkward pass at a girl, an office worker who tells a risqu joke, or a well-intentioned boss who compliments a woman on her dress. MacKinnons devouring blob is...


How Christmas Baptizes Norse Mythology Into Powerful Christian Archetypes "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Every Christmas we all take a tree that otherwise doesnt die and we kill it. Then we place it inside our homes and cover it with a bunch of chintzy nonsense. As Jim Gaffigan says, this sounds like the actions of a drunk man.

In his Christmas tree bit, a wife wonders why theres a pine tree in the living room, and Jim answers with slurred speech saying that theyre gonna decorate it, for Jesus. Indeed, that is exactly why we have Christmas trees: Not drunk people, but Jesus the Messiah.

The Christmas tree is a perfect symbol of Christian theology. It depicts the complete good news of Christ. But to see this we need to understand what the tree means and where it comes from. Lets look at the trees origins. That begins with Norse mythology.

The Tree Upon Which the World Hangs

Norse mythology centers upon a tree. This is not exactly novel. Trees are sacred in almost every culture and religion to varying degrees. This makes sense for several reasons: trees represent immortality because they can live for thousands upon thousands of years. They also are often a source of life either by their fruit or the shade they provide, or because humans have learned how to craft almost anything from their flesh.

But the tree at the center of Norse mythology is unique. It is called Yggdrasil. Modern people tend to think of and depict it as a gigantic ash tree where the nine realms of gods, elves, dwarfs, etc. sit in the branches and roots. Ancient Norse people wouldve probably seen these renditions and known what was meant, but to them the tree didnt actually exist in that way at all. Yggdrasil was existence itself. The world itself was the tree.

By world, I dont mean earth. Earth was a realmMidgard, or, as J.R.R. Tolkien called it, middle earth. Our realm of Midgard was small within the world of this cosmic tree.

The cosmic tree was most clearly seen and understood only after the sun went down. Then the universe is laid bare before mans eyes. In a world without city lights, the naked eye can see the universe of stars that surrounds us in shocking detail. Billions of stars explode across the night sky like a Jackson Pollock painting.

In the middle of all that splendor was the Bifrost, what we call the Milky Way. Weve discovered this white path through the night sky is actually an arm of our spiral galaxy. But to the Norse the Bifrost was a bridge between Asgard and Midgard. Asgard was the home of the Aesir, the greatest Norse gods, Odin of course being their chief.

So what does Yggdrasil mean? It is often translated as Odins horse. But that is actually a theological interpretation of the true meaning of the word. The word literally means The Awesome Ones Gallows. To say it is Odins horse is therefore not false.



The Federalists Notable Books of 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

We know youre busy pulling the decorations out of the attic and getting all the last-minute shopping out of the way, but its best that we not let the hectic nature of the holiday season overcome us. To that end, we suggest lighting a fire, heating up a warm, spiced drink, and finding some quiet time to curl up with a good book.

This is The Federalists third annual list of notable books, as judged by The Federalists esteemed staff and contributors. Bear in mind that, once again, our reading habits dont follow calendars, so this is not necessarily a list of books that came out this year. Rather its a list of books that, for one reason or another, Federalist writers happened to read in 2017 and judged worthy of recommending.

Kyle Sammin

Grant by Ron ChernowIn this sweeping biography, the author responsible for reintroducing the masses to Alexander Hamilton delivered what is possibly an even better volume on our eighteenth president, Ulysses S. Grant. Grants reputation, both as a president and a general, has seen greater ups and downs than any major American historical figure. A century ago, he was reviled as a drunkard and a mediocrity, a butcher in battle, a bumbler in office. Over the years since Grants historical standing reached its nadir, he his risen in the eyes of his biographers and their readers. In Chernows readable and thorough book he may, at last, be properly appreciated.

That said, the book is not a hagiography. Chernow addresses Grants greatest weaknesshis drinking problemhead-on, with a more modern, sympathetic eye than earlier biographers, or Grants own contemporaries. In doing so, he relates the tale of a man overcoming his personal faults and some unfortunate turns of luck to become the triumphant military leader of the Civil War. The transition to civilian life and politician leadership held its own pitfalls, some of which Grant avoided, others of which he returned to again and again. At the end of his life, Grant served up another improbable twist, becoming (posthumously) a bestselling author. Chernow guides the reader though the meanderings of Grants uniquely American life in a well-researched, engagingly written biography.

Margot Cleveland

Do I Make Myself Clear? Why Writing Well Matters by Harold EvansThe former editor of The Sunday Times and The Times of London penned this entertaining guide to writing, which was released......


No, Lifting Net Neutrality Doesnt Hurt Gay People "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Among the remarkable overreactions to the repeal of net neutrality rules, one of the most bizarre claims asserted that the decision placed LGBT people in harms way. I do not pretend to fully understand all the aspects of this topic, but I am certain that how an Internet service provider (ISP) coordinates traffic online is not a threat to me as a gay man. The loudest voice on the LGBT Left came from GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), the largest LGBTQ media advocacy organization in the world.

Back in July of this year, they released a call to action titled Join the Internet-Wide Day of Action to save Net Neutrality, with this premise: Without net neutrality, internet censorship that harms the LGBTQ community is not only possible, but inevitable.

The article quoted, Lucas Grindley, editor in chief of The Advocate, a gay publication: The Advocate has long benefited from absolutely free speech that doesnt come with a bill owed to the very people were protesting. The forces of intolerance are scared by a loud and organized resistance, and now theyre proposing weakening one of the tools it fears most the internet. Creating an internet for the privileged and another for the rest of us is worse than losing neutrality, its about losing equality.

The article asserted, ISPs could make it more difficult for users to access political coverage they dont like, or resources for marginalized groups, like the LGBTQ community and we could see network owners charge a premium for community spaces, like chatrooms, message boards, and social networks. This means that LGBTQ teens, or people in isolated areas, who depend on the internet as their primary source of information and community will suffer. GLAAD listed a series of concerns, including claims larger corporations threaten LGBT organizations for media attention, marketing, Google placement, and other forms of visibility.

On the day of the decision, GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis tweeted out: Stripping away net neutrality is the latest attempt by the Trump Administration to silence voices of already marginalized communities and render us invisible. There are many layers of profoundly ludicrous assumptions made by all parties involved here.

Guys, Its Not the 1890s Anymore

To begin with, the underlying assertion is that somehow LGBT media is the target of censoring efforts from major online sources only held back by the federal government. It goes without saying that this is manifestly absurd. Hundreds of major, worldwide companies, including nearly every recognizable br...


If Youre Sick Of Pointless Holiday Songs, Hymns And Carols Has You Covered "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In approaches to Christmas music, many suggest youre either Buddy the Elf or the Grinch. If the former, then you consider that open Christmas carol season begins the minute you finish the Thanksgiving turkey. If the latter, then you spend the entire holiday season stuffing your fingers in your ears to avoid having to hear anyone who sounds remotely like Alvin and the Chipmunks.

But theres a third category of people, which is probably the most common: you want to go all-in on Christmas music, but youll scream if you have to hear some wailing pop diva moaning about a lost love only tangentially related to Christmas, one more time.

In this season of singing, it can seem like theres a real dearth of good songs. Rare is the festive ditty that can really call to mind the surprising intervention of a holy God in our real, human world. If youre desperate for an alternative to the thin musical gruel that Simon malls calls a holiday playlist, then the hymns and carols of Advent offer a remarkable and lovely respite of truth and preparation.

Unleash the Grace of Music

Music, in the church, is often instrumental in pointing our hearts in the proper direction for worship and holy living. The hymns of Advent offer a different and a richer approach to our celebration of Christs nativity. In the music of this forgotten church season, the earthly looks heavenward, and begs for the light to dawn. In the subsequent songs of Christmas, the star appears. But will we be ready to see that light if we have not yet practiced the discipline of looking heavenward?

If youre not from a liturgical Christian background, then the season of Advent may not be familiar to you. In the most basic sense, the term refers to the comingin Latin, adventusof Christ to this world as a human baby, laid unceremoniously in a manger in a backwater town. In both Catholic and Protestant tradition, Advent precedes Christmas as the first season of the ecclesiastical year. It encompasses four Sundays, starting in very late November or early December and leading up to Christmas Day.

If the phrase Advent songs just doesnt inspire warm feelings of instant recognition in you, then youre not alone. But its worth making a tour through these underappreciated gems to see what they have to offer to the modern church, particularly because they can enrich our eventual celebration of Christmas.

Ironically, one of the more broadly popular sacred Christmas carols is actually a song of Advent: the great Veni, Veni Immanuel. Its also one of the oldest, traceable to the eighth century. The lyrics are familiar to most people in the church, yet they deserve another look: O come! O come! Emmanuel! / And ransom captive Israel; / That mourns in lonely exile here, / Until the Son of God appear.



Dutch military base becomes nature reserve "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 2014 drone video is about the now abandoned military airbase Soesterberg in Utrecht province in the Netherlands.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

Soesterberg warplane base becomes a natural landscape: it has to stay green

There are roe deer, pine martens, badgers, foxes, almost all birds of prey species in the Netherlands and many other animals at Soesterberg airbase. To prevent it from ever being built over, the [conservation organisation] Utrecht Landscape Foundation has purchased the 375-hectare plot. The foundation will manage the area from today on. The goal: an area that will stay green and will maintain its heritage.

We have paid 4.7 million euros this week, we are now very poor but at the same time much richer, says Saskia van Dockum, director of Stichting Utrechts Landschap on NPO


Read The #MeToo Article By A Rape Survivor That A Texas Attorney Was Fired For Posting On Facebook "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A top lawyer resigned from his job at the Office of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Thursday just hours after posting a Federalist article criticizing aspects of the #MeToo movement. In a since-deleted Facebook post, on Wednesday Associate Deputy Attorney General Andrew D. Leonie shared an article authored by Federalist Senior Contributor D.C. McAllister.

Arent you also tired of all the pathetic me too victim claims? Leonies wrote, according to The Dallas Morning News. If every woman is a victim, so is every man. If everyone is a victim, no one is. Victim means nothing anymore.

The next morning, Dallas Morning News published an article about the attorneys post. Several hours later, Leonie resigned.

The views he expressed on social media do not reflect our values, Paxtons Director of Communications Marc Rylander wrote in a statement released Thursday afternoon. The OAG is committed to promoting and maintaining a workplace that is free from discrimination and harassment.

Leonies Facebook post linked to an article entitled Can We Be Honest About Women? authored by McAllister, who is a survivor of sexual assault. 

Heres a little secret we have to say out loud: Women love the sexual interplay they experience with men, and they relish men desiring their beauty, McAllister writes. Why? Because it is part of their nature.

As a society, we need to encourage both sexes to become comfortable with who they are naturally and all the messy, uncomfortable, stumbling, tantalizing, and glorious twists and turns that come with it, she continues. Men and women need to show each other grace and respect as they engage as sexual beings in whatever sphere they interact.

The article explicitly condemns sexual assault, but argues that what some call sexual assault doesnt deserve that label and expanding its definition into innocent behavior hurts both men and women. In the past, McAllister has written about how our society has emboldened men in positions of power to think they can get away with sexually harassing or assaulting women.

In a post entitled Its Not Up To Women To End Sexual Harassment, she explai...


Why Americans Are In Love With The Crown "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Monarchy is a calling from God, says Queen Mary, grandmother of Queen Elizabeth, in the first season of The Crown, which has just debuted its second season on Netflix. The ancient woman gives the acting monarch a speech explaining that mankind needs nobility: examples of living statues, more or less, to which to aspire.

Mary observes the monarch is crowned in church in accordance with the will of God. She displays something we need now: the courage of her prejudices. The dialogue insists on showing a lack of respect for other nations, whose monarchies are modern and unserious, in her defense of the Church of England. She has dedicated herself to England and privileges it unstintingly. She has no doubt it is better than other places.

So why should America, by vocation and war a republic, love a show about the British monarchy? It is not merely the great success of the show, but the alternative, too, that we should consider. There is not a show about Ike, nor Reagan. These men had achievements incomparable to monarchs of recent centuries, yet we cannot seem to memorialize them or praise them well in our culture.

This bears directly on the show. The great politician in the show is Winston Churchill, a man of republican pugnacity and unparalleled reputation among politicians, long loved among Americans and still the most well-spoken man we can imagine. Movies are still made about him.

On this show hes a very old man, and portrayed in an unflattering light. Thats because politicians, however much admired, must also be loved and hated. The future of the world as it impinges on our everyday hopes and fears is involved in their actions and lives. They are perishable, because our need of them is great.

The Monarchy Is a Point of Steadfastness Amid Change

During the long reign of Queen Elizabeth II, about 13 prime ministers have come and gone in Britain, and about a dozen presidents in America. In fact, the current British PM is just now in danger of his party throwing him out. Thats how the executive behaves in a country where politics allows decent lives to be lived reasonably quietly.

In the lifespan of a man, there is so much striving for authority, and so many ambitions that seem world-spanning come and go, most of them unfulfilled and soon forgotten. The monarchy of England is so admired in America not because of pretty babies and attractive marriagesalthough these things make for great publicitybut because it is one unchanging thing in a world always in motion.

This is the object of the show, to display what it means for someone to dedicate himself for life to being classy. This was most famously stated by the Victorian journalist and political theorist Walter Bagehot: government requires an efficient element, to get the work done, and a dignified...


In Wake Of NYC Bomber, How Can The U.S. Better Identify Domestic Terrorists? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

At 7:20 a.m. EST on Monday, the suicide vest worn by 27-year-old Akayed Ullah detonated at a Port Authority bus station in Manhattan. This increased the pile of radical Islamist terror attacks that have hit the United States this year.

While Ullah was badly injured and three other commuters sustained non-life-threatening injuries, countless other rush hour commuters around the scene at the time of detonation were thankfully spared. Former New York Police Department Commissioner Bill Bratton confirmed on MSNBCs Morning Joe that Ullah had acted in the name of ISIS.

Ullah is a Bangladeshi man who has been in the United States for approximately seven years. He joins the ranks of domestic terrorists radicalized within U.S. borders before carrying out attacks inspired by the Islamic State terrorist group. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo described Ullah as disgruntled, and confirmed that Ullah taught himself how to make the deadly low-tech device with wires, a pipe bomb, and a battery pack.

While radical Islamic terrorists continue to set their sights on intimidating the western world, the question remains as to what traits domestic terrorists who are radicalized within our borders share and howif at allclearer trends are helping identify potential threats.

Building a Profile of Domestic Terrorists to Predict Threats

Former assistant secretary of state Kim Holmes confirms that these traits exist, and that many terrorists radicalized in the United States are young men born overseas and brought over by chain immigration or through the gravely flawed visa lottery. Many more, he says, are the product of Muslim parents born overseas who emigrate to the United States but refuse to assimilate, fostering feelings of alienation and resentment and making them prime targets for radicalization.

Many of these guys are being recruited online and by radical clerics. Like we saw with Ullah in New York, they dont even need elaborate support structures, Holmes says. These are alienated, frustrated, and violent young men who are looking to belong to something, and that makes them prime targets.

Holmes said we can look to Europe for data showing the threat of radical Islamic terrorism increases year by year, with a total of 15 plots or attacks in 2014, 38 in 2015, 59 in 2016, and 30 by May of this year. That number is even more daunting when you look at global statistics: between January 2014 and May 2017, there were a grand total of 142 radical Islamic terrorist plots recorded across 15 different countries in Europe alone.



Deutsche Bank Had Flagged Manafort-Related Transactions "IndyWatch Feed War"

Transfers reflect banks role as global money conduit

Dec. 14, 2017 8:14 p.m. ET

Deutsche Bank AG earlier this year flagged around $30 million in potentially suspicious transactions as part of an internal investigation into its role as a conduit for money involving Paul Manafort or people and entities connected to him, according to a person briefed on the matter.

The findings, which were discussed inside Deutsche Bank in late spring and early summer, primarily concerned cash flows tied to Mr. Manafort, who for about five months was President Donald Trumps 2016 campaign chairman, and Mr. Manaforts former business partner Richard Gates III, the person said.

Image may contain: 1 person

Deutsche Bank is a major correspondent bank for U.S. dollar transactions around the world. Correspondent banks serve as middlemen in international transactions, facilitating transfers for other banks into countries where they have limited or no operations. Banks can label transactions as suspicious based on origin of funds, specific concerns about parties involved or other reasons.

The discussions at the bank coincided roughly with the appointment in May of Robert Mueller as U.S. special counsel to probe Russias meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, according to people familiar with the matter.

As scrutiny around several of Mr. Trumps former advisers was heating up, Deutsche Bank executives were assessing the banks role in handling hundreds of transactions that might have involved people in Mr. Trumps orbit, have originated in Russia, or both, said some of the people familiar with the matter.


  • Mueller Sought Emails of Trump Campaign Data Firm
  • ...


Trump Admin To Remove Climate Change From List Of National Security Threats "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The Trump administration will reverse course from previous Obama administration policy, eliminating climate change from a list of national security threats. The National Security Strategy to be released on Monday will emphasize the importance of balancing energy security with economic development and environmental protection, according to a source who has seen the document and shared excerpts of a late draft.

Climate policies will continue to shape the global energy system, a draft of the National Security Strategy slated to be released on Monday said. U.S. leadership is indispensable to countering an anti-growth, energy agenda that is detrimental to U.S. economic and energy security interests. Given future global energy demand, much of the developing world will require fossil fuels, as well as other forms of energy, to power their economies and lift their people out of poverty.

This matches President Trumps vision, sometimes shared using his trademark hyperbole, that the United States needs to emphasize national security and economic growth over climate change.

During his successful campaign, Trump mocked Obamas placement of climate change in the context of national security. Heres a sample of his approach from a campaign speech in Hilton Head, South Carolina, in late 2015:

So Obamas always talking about the global warming, that global warming is our biggest and most dangerous problem, OK? No, no, think of it. I mean, even if youre a believer in global warming, ISIS is a big problem, Russias a problem, Chinas a problem. Weve got a lot of problems. By the way, the maniac in North Korea is a problem. He actually has nuclear weapons, right? Thats a problem.

Weve got a lot of problems. Weve got a lot of problems. Thats right, we dont win anymore. He said we want to win. We dont win anymore. Were going to win a lot if I get elected, were going to win a lot.


Were going to win so much were goin...


Liberals Suddenly Rediscover Federalism Over Obamacare. Will Conservatives? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

On Thursday, a series of liberal groups sent a letter to the nations insurance departments, asking them to effectively undermine President Trumps October executive order on health care. In so doing, the Left suddenly rediscovered the virtues of federalism in setting an independent policy course from Washington, particularly when governed by an executive of the opposite party.

Unfortunately, however, because Congress has yet to repeal Obamacares federally imposed regulationsas I noted just yesterdaylegislators in conservative states will have little such recourse to seek freedom from Obamacare unless and until Congress takes action.

Liberals Want to Thwart More Affordable Coverage

The letter, signed by the liberal Center for Budget and Policy Priorities and Families USA along with patient groups and insurer trade associations, asked states to thwart Trumps efforts to broaden insurance offerings.

For instance, the Trump administration likely will revoke an Obama administration rule prohibiting short-term insurance policieswhich need not comply with any of Obamacares statutory requirementsfrom offering plans of longer than 90 days in duration. In such a circumstance, the liberal groups want states to act swiftly if the federal rulemaking allows these plans to last beyond a reasonable short termin other words, reimpose the 90-day limit on short-term plans, currently codified via federal regulations, on the state level.

The liberal groups also asked states to consider ways to protect against potential harm from other elements of the executive order, including association health plans (AHPs) and health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs): If the proposed federal rules are weakened for short-term plans, AHPs, or HRAs, we urge state insurance regulators to take action to protect consumers in your states.

In this case, as in most cases with liberal groups, consumer protection means protecting individuals from becoming consumerspreventing them from buying insurance plans that liberals do not approve of.

One-Way Federalism, In the Wrong Direction

As a supporter of the Tenth Amendment, while I might not agree with state actions designed to prevent the sale of more affordable insurance options, I respect the rights of states to take such measures. Likewise, if Congress...


Why Attacking Christmas Is Bad For America "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Its once again holiday season, so we can expect the American Civil Liberties Union to be back working the courts as the Grinch to steal Christmas. Not content with tearing from public venues innocent and reassuring nativity scenes, the ACLU seems determined to eradicate any public reference to Christmas as an American holiday.

In 2005 in Covington, Georgia, for example, the ACLU filed suit against a public school district for having a calendar referring to December 25 as Christmas. Its legal wrecking crew would have us believe this is advancing religion, whereas sanity dictates that this is merely a routine calendar designation, just as July 4 is commonly inscribed as Independence Day. Certainly non-Christians are not being denied their freedom of religion by a calendar stating a well-known fact.

The ACLUs war against Christmas reared its head a few years back in a different suit, this one against a public parking lot setting aside spaces near a Roman Catholic church in Pittsburgh to display a nativity scene that people travel from afar to behold. The locality, in Chamber of Commerce fashion, simply accommodated visitors for a popular and admired local attractionin this case a religious, seasonal one. The ACLUs insistence that common courtesy and civic accommodation be forbidden bespeaks their antagonistic and mean spirited agenda. It smacks of vengeance: If I dont celebrate or enjoy Christmas, neither can you.

There is something un-neighborly, stingy, and mean-spirited by ACLU legalists plotting to deny Americans the comforting and good-willed seasonal greeting Merry Christmas.

All Cultures Derive From Religion

Obviously, the ACLU is animated by hostility to Christianity, certainly in the context of American public life. But America needs Christmas as a public expression: not only for its magic and delight, but as a testament to the Judeo-Christian roots upon which this country was founded. Our historic way of thinkingthe American ethos and its laws and liberties do not come from bubbles or by accident, but are direct outgrowths of the Founding Fathers understanding of the Judeo-Christian ethic.

Since Christmas represents this, its linkage to American public life is crucial. President Grant affirmed this when he codified it for, in a sense, it all began with Christmas. Politics is influenced by culture, and all cultures derive from religion, even if time obscures the initial religious source and impetus.

I would venture that other societies have not attained Americas present-day success and opportunity precisely because they have drawn their culture and behavior patterns from religious beliefs less conducive to productivity, fair play, inventiveness, and individual liberty than that implanted in the unique Judeo-Christian outlook. A holiday directly tied to the...


Irish Border Not Yet Set, But EU and Britain Move Ahead with Brexit "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Philip BlenkinsopRobin Emmott

On the second day of a summit in Brussels, leaders will agree that sufficient progress has been made after a deal on citizens rights, the Irish border and Britains outstanding payments, giving negotiators a mandate to move onto the main phase of talks.

We will give the mandate for preparation for the Commission and ourselves for the negotiations for the future of our relations, Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite said, seeing those talks formally starting in March.

 Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

A day after she suffered a defeat in parliament over her blueprint for quitting the EU, Prime Minister Theresa May won applause from her peers on Thursday evening. She said she was on course to deliver Brexit and urged them to speed up the talks to unravel more than 40 years of members...


Interstate Banking & Changes to the Federal Reserve "IndyWatch Feed World"


Hi Marty,
You say, The one-size-fits-all policy of central banks with regard to interest rates pits East v West in both Canada and the United States. Farmers, oil producers, and miners are forced to pay higher interest rates when their economies are declining because of speculative booms in Toronto or New York.
I can see how regional Central Banks could have supplied different stimulus in different regions back in the time of the Feds formation when the mediums of communication were not what they are today, but how would that work now. With the ability, today to borrow money electronically from where ever it is cheapest, wouldnt people in the high-interest regions simply borrow in the regions where the money was cheapest defeating that strategy?


ANSWER: About 70% of small business are routinely turned down for business loans. The small farmers, miners, and oil producers cannot simply borrow from the cheapest source. I myself always found banks calling me asking if wanted to borrow money when things were great and I never needed it. If you are watching your business model decline, nobody will lend to a ship taking on even a little water. There is a huge difference between a consumer loan on credit cards and a small business.


Consumers already pay interest rates set by a bank which are usually covering various regions. It is true, after the collapse of 9,000 banks with the Great Depression, thereafter banks were prohibited from Interstate Banking. Indeed, Interstate Banking allowing banks across state lines became widespread in the mid-1980s, when state legislatures passed legislation that allowed bank holding companies to acquire out-of-state banks on a reciprocal basis with other states. I had been on the board of a regional bank in the early 1980s. After Interstate Banking was allowed, a New York bank came down and put in a bid for Capital State Bank. It was sold and everyone cashed-in on their shares.


The main point is that there remain regional lending problems. The banks will lend to a market that is booming and will shun away from the regions in trouble. Today, a major bank in New York goes down and it impacts the ent...


Parliament House of Lords Dental Health: Children:Written question - HL3911 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Q Asked by Lord Turnberg
Asked on: 05 December 2017
Department of Health
Dental Health: ChildrenHL3911

To ask Her Majesty's Government what assessment they have made of the incidence of childhood dental decay in (1) those regions where the water supply is fluoridated, and (2) those where it is not.

A Answered by: Lord O'Shaughnessy
Answered on: 14 December 2017

Public Health Englands Water fluoridation Health monitoring report for England 2014 compared a range of dental and non-dental health indicators in fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas.

The report concluded that, when deprivation and ethnicity were taken into account, five year-old children in areas with a fluoridated water supply were 28% less likely to have tooth decay than those in non-fluoridated areas, and 12 year-old children in areas with a fluoridated water supply were 21% less likely to have had tooth decay in permanent teeth than children living in non-fluoridated areas. A copy of Water fluoridation Health monitoring report for England 2014 is attached.
Water fluoridation (PDF Document, 1.5 MB)

Who would believe them after their involvement  in the Southampton fluoridation scheme debacle.

This video shows how they manipulate reviews if they don't agree with the findings. Now a bit old as SHA's no longer exist. It's the council who have to ask for a feasibility study.



"IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Stiepan on Dec 15

Nice job! By the way, when is back-porting of the fix to the current stable version(s) envisioned? (I doubt most oss OS
distributions use the "HEAD of the VLC master branch", nor that most Windows or Mac users use the latest bleeding-edge
build, leaving a potentially large window for exploitation if former versions don't get fixed; knowing VLC's
popularity, I think that the question should be seriously considered)
And is...


Canada Home Values Hit First Quarterly Decline since Q1 2009 as Household Debt Binge Hits New High "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Canada Home Values Hit First Quarterly Decline since Q1 2009 as Household Debt Binge Hits New High by Wolf Richter wolf Street How exposed are over-indebted household to rising interest rates? Household debt in Canada rose to a new...

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Spain beefs up border security as it fears Carles Puigdemont may stage surprise return "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Telegraph


Spains security forces are reinforcing the borders to prevent a possible surprise return by ousted pro-independence leader Carles Puigdemont ahead of next weeks crucial elections in Catalonia, it was reported on Thursday.

Mr Puigdemont is campaigning to be re-elected president from Belgium, where he fled with four cabinet members to avoid sedition and rebellion charges following Catalonias unilateral independence declaration in late October.

Despite facing arrest the moment he steps on to Spanish soil, Mr Puigdemont insists he will take office if he is victorious.

But he has also eyed the possibility of returning before the December 21 election a move which could boost his poll numbers to secure a win.

Faced with that prospect, the Interior Ministry is deploying extra security agents to points of entry, in particular the Spanish border with France, across which Mr Puigdemont made his dramatic escape.



Western civilization documentaries: Kenneth Clarks Civilisation "IndyWatch Feed World"

The British and American spelling of civilization is different  Anyway, when I first started /r/darkenlightenment a few years ago one of the earlier posts I

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Outrage in Spain after man murdered for wearing colours of Spanish flag "IndyWatch Feed War"


Outrage in Spain after man murdered for wearing 'colours of Spanish flag'

Outrage in Spain after man murdered for wearing colours of Spanish flag
A man holds an umbrella at a recent pro-unity demonstration in Barcelona. Photo: AFP

Catalonias election campaign has been shaken up by the murder of a man wearing the colours of the Spanish flag by a far-left supporter who had previously been jailed for a vicious assault of a policeman.

The assault came amid simmering tensions over Catalonias independence drive, with many supporters of Spanish unity alleging they are the target of a hate campaign by secessionists.

Some separatists, meanwhile, say they have been assaulted by their opponents.

A 55-year-old man, Victor Lainez, died on Tuesday four days after he was hit on the head with a metal bar outside a bar in the northeastern city of Zaragoza, the capital of the region of Aragon, which neighbours Catalonia.

Lainez, who was wearing suspenders bearing the red and yellow colours of the Spanish flag, got into an argument with the alleged attacker, Rodrigo Lanza, and three other people, a police spokesman said.

Witnesses told local media that Lanza and the three others began yelling at Lainez and calling him a facha, or fascist, because of his suspenders.

When Lainez left the bar, Lanza, 33, allegedly ran after him and hit him from behind with a metal bar before running away, leaving him unconscious, according to local media reports.

The Falange, a far-right party that was dominant under dictator Francisco Franco, said later that Lainez, who was from Catalonia, was a supporter.

READ MORE: Is Spain still living under Francoism

His death comes just days ahead of a knife-edge election in Catalonia on December 21st which will chart the course of Spains secession crisis, and it has sparked angry denunciations on the campaign trail from across the political spectrum.

Gabriel Rufian, a member of Spains parliament for the far-left, pro-independence ERC party, said the murder was intolerable, adding that people should be free to think and wear whatever they wanted.

Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido of Spains conservative Popular Party, said I want to live in a country where nobody is assaulted or insulted for wearing a flag.



Why We Should Worry About China "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

By: Daniel Lacalle

Many of our readers might remember the late 80s. There were hundreds of movies, songs and books about the inevitable Japanese economic invasion. The ones of you that did not live that period can see that it did not happen.

Why? Because the Japanese growth miracle was built on a massive debt bubble and, once it burst, the country fell into stagnation for the better part of two decades. It still has not recovered.

China presents many similarities in its economic model. Massive debt, overcapacity and central planned growth targets.

Many economists and investors feel relieved because China is still growing at 6.8%. They should think twice. On one side, that level of growth is clearly overestimated. By any realistic measure of growth, Chinas Gross Domestic Product annual increase is significantly lower than the official figures show. Patrick Artus, global chief economist at Natixis Global Asset Management, as well as other economists have noted that there has been a significant decoupling since mid-2014 between the governments official growth reading and more reliable indicators. On the other hand, even if we agree with the official readings, this growth has been achieved using a worryingly high level of debt.

Chinese growth of 6.5% per annum came with more than 14% annual growth in money supply. Total debt has quadrupled since the financial crisis, and official messages of measures to curb indebtedness have shown a different reality. China has added more debt in 2017 than the The European Union, the US, UK, and Japan combined. The IMF estimates debt as a proportion of Gross Domestic Product may rise from 235% to almost 300% by 2022.

This increase in debt would not be a concern if it yielded solid economic returns, but the latest figures show that more than 40%of the Hang Seng Index components are adding debt to repay interests, and China needs now four times more debt to generate the same growth as in 2007. Now bond yields are soaring, which triggered a rise in bond cancellations. Companies postponed or canceled a total of 71 bond issuances worth a combined $13.42 billion in November, according to Reuters. Although bond yields are not at excessive levels, with the Chinese 10-year bond still below 4%, most companies and households cannot absorb a modest rise in yields due to the weak returns and revenues they have. A massive housing bubble has made high-risk debt rise.

Overcapacity has soared, and industries face the impossible task of keeping capacity and jobs as...

Molly Parker on Growing Up in Southern Illinois "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Courtesy of Molly Parker

I grew up in a town called Simpson. Its a little bitty town in Johnson County. I think the sign says Population: 60 but Im pretty sure thats an exaggeration. Our house was right outside the city limits, on a gravel road. I always tell people we had more cows than people.

There were people in my classes growing up that I knew had some pretty harsh economic conditions right outside my doorstep. It didnt strike me as something that was dramatic. People know their economic situation. People can also be very resilient and provide very happy upbringings for their children. But its always been troubling.

After college, I left and was gone for 10 years. I worked at newspapers in North and South Carolina and Mississippi. They were closing my bureau in Raleigh, North Carolina, and I had a Come to Jesus moment and I thought, I wonder if my local newspaper would have an opening? [The Southern Illinoisan] brought me back here eventually.

It took me a good year to reimagine reporting here and start to see what the issues were. I definitely saw it with different eyes than I did growing up. Over the last few years covering politics and elections and just getting out and talking to people, I feel that economic angst is increasing.

Weve had prison closures. The deep southern Illinois counties have continued to suffer from when I was a kid and continue to get worse. Theres never been anything to come in and...

A Mass Incarceration Mystery "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Why are black imprisonment rates going down? Four theories.

Modernizing Puerto Ricos Grid "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

After two massive hurricanes impacted Puerto Rico three months ago, the island was left with extensive damage to its electrical infrastructure. Part of the problem was that the infrastructure was woefully inadequate to withstand a hurricane impact at all. It is possible to harden buildings and infrastructure against extreme weather, and a new plan to restore Puerto Ricos power grid will address many of these changes that, frankly, should have been made long ago.

Among the upgrades to the power distribution system are improvements to SCADA systems. SCADA allows for remote monitoring and control of substations, switchgear, and other equipment which minimizes the need for crews to investigate problems and improves reliability. SCADA can also be used for automation on a large scale, in addition to the installation of other autonomous equipment meant to isolate faults and restore power quickly. The grid will get physical upgrades as well, including equipment like poles, wire, and substations that are designed and installed to a more rigorous standard in order to make them more wind- and flood-tolerant. Additional infrastructure will be placed underground as well, and a more aggressive tree trimming program will be put in place.

The plan also calls for some 21st-century improvements as well, including the implementation of micro grids. These micro grids reduce the power systems reliance on centralized power plants by placing small generation facilities (generators, rooftop solar, etc) in critical areas, like at hospitals. Micro grids can also be used in remote areas to improve reliability where it is often impractical or uneconomical to service.

While hurricanes are inevitable in certain parts of the world, the damage that they cause is often exacerbated by poor design and bad planning. Especially in the mysterious world of power generation and distribution, a robust infrastructure is extremely important for the health, safety, and well-being of the people who rely on it. Hopefully these steps will improve Puerto Ricos situation, especially since this wont be the last time a major storm impacts the island.

Filed under: Repair Hacks ...


Trump/Russia From 30,000 Feet "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Every day, efforts are being made to take us down the proverbial rabbit hole of the Trump/Russia connection. The media digs deep into the lies told by each inhabitant of Planet Trump, and we are regaled with the backstory of every Russian who ever made contact.

Certainly, to make the legal case for conspiracy, treason, or obstruction, this kind of in-depth focus is needed. Its not by accident that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has reportedly amassed almost half-a-million documents on Paul Manafort alone.

However, if we pull back and widen the focus, the real Trump-Russia story comes into plain sight. This is the story that Guardian foreign correspondent Luke Harding writes about in his book Collusion: Secret Meetings, Dirty Money and How Russia Helped Donald Trump Win and that he spells out for Jeff Schechtman in this weeks WhoWhatWhy podcast.

Some 40 years ago, back in the days of the Soviet Union and the KGB, Trump went and married Ivana Zelnickova and the KGB noticed.

Harding, a former Moscow bureau chief, tells us that, at the time, the Soviets were looking for Americans they could work with. According to a memo from a KGB operative, Soviet intelligence wanted people who were corruptible, vain, narcissistic, or unfaithful. Trump checked off all of their boxes. So its hardly surprising that Trumps first trip to the Soviet Union, in 1987, was fully paid for by the Soviet government.

When Trump only a real estate developer at the time returned from that first trip to Moscow, he took out a full page ad in the New York Times, criticizing President Ronald Reagans foreign policy.

While it seems the original Project Trump was mothballed as the Soviet Union collapsed, the facts show that, when Trump got into his most serious financial trouble in 2008, he once again turned to Russia.

Harding is careful to point out that this was not necessarily some grand plan by Putin. Just two very transactional and cynical guys, engaged in a corrupt and mutually beneficial relationship.

When Trump took his Miss Universe pageant to Russia in 2013, Putin saw new ways that the American entrepreneur could be of use.

Harding, who met twice with Christopher Steele and has faith in the veracity of Steeles famous Trump dossier, talks to Schechtman about the bonds Trump forged in Putins Russia, and how those connections impact everything that has happened since.



Almost 5 million Americans default on their student loans "IndyWatch Feed World"

Student loan defaults hit nearly five million in the third quarter, a doubling from four years ago, The Wall Street Journal reported, or about 13 percent of outstanding loans. While the overall U.S. economy has enjoyed steady growth and notched its quickest pace in three years, according to Reuters, there has been a sharp decline in payments made towards federal student loans among those leaving schools in the past three years. Data released by the Education Department shows that the number of students who have not made payment in the last year has grown by nearly 274,000 in the third quarter alone, the Journal said. The statistics mark a reversal of half a decade's worth of decline in new defaults, with 580,671 reported defaults among the five million people from 6,173 schools who began repaying their student loans in Oct. 2013, The Washington Post said. The Journal said that by the end of the quarter defaulted student loans totaled $84 billion - which is around 13 percent of the reported $631 billion required to be paid back.


How to enable and start services on Alpine Linux "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

How do I add or delete service at boot time on an Alpine Linux? How do I enable service such as Nginx/Apache at boot time on an Alpine Linux? How do I start/stop/restart services on an Alpine Linux?


Clashes in Jerusalem's Old City as Palestinians rage against Trump "IndyWatch Feed War"


Israeli security forces on horseback charge at protesters near Damascus Gate as Palestinians gather for second 'day of rage'


Hear that Nikki? ISIS got a powerful missile the CIA secretly bought in Bulgaria "IndyWatch Feed World"

A new report on how ISIS built its arsenal highlights how the US purchased munitions, intended for Syrian rebels, that ended up in the hands of the terrorist group. A guided anti-tank missile ended up in the hands of ISIS terrorists less than two months after the US government purchased it in late 2015 - highlighting weaknesses in the oversight and regulation of America's covert arms programs, according to information published Thursday by an arms monitoring group called Conflict Armament Research (CAR). Though the report says the missile was purchased by the US Army using a contractor, BuzzFeed News has learned that the real customer appears to have been the CIA. It was part of the spy agency's top secret operation to arm rebels in Syria to fight the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The missile ended up in the hands of ISIS fighters in Iraq, according to the report.


Rewilding Minelands "IndyWatch Feed World"


A contractor for Green Forests Work plants native hardwood and evergreen seedlings on a reclaimed mine site in Dorton, Kentucky. GREEN FORESTS WORK

Thanks to Yale 360 for this story about Green Forests Work, in a part of North America that is often considered lost, from an ecological perspective:

Reclaiming Appalachia: A Push to Bring Back Native Forests to Coal Country

Previous efforts to restore former coal mine sites in Appalachia have left behind vast swaths of unproductive land. Now, a group of nonprofits and scientists are working to restore native trees to the region even if it means starting the reclamation process from scratch.



Unemployment decreases, yet 580K workers earn just 407 per month "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Unemployment in Greece decreases, part-time jobs and low wages increase and a government minister with a monthly salary of several thousands euros says better bad paid than not be paid at all. Greeces jobless rate fell to 20.2 percent in July-to-September from 21.1 percent in the second quarter, data from the countrys statistics service ELSTAT

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China: Minority Region Collects DNA from Millions "IndyWatch Feed World"


(HRW) Chinese authorities in Xinjiang are collecting DNA samples, fingerprints, iris scans, and blood types of all residents in the region between the age of 12 and 65, Human Rights Watch said today. This campaign significantly expands authorities collection of biodata beyond previous government efforts in the region, which only required all passport applicants in Xinjiang to supply biometrics.

For all focus personnel those authorities consider threatening to regime stability and their family members, their biometrics must be taken regardless of age. Authorities are gathering the biodata in different ways. DNA and blood types are being collected through a free annual physical exams program called Physicals for All. It is unclear if the participants of the physicals are informed of the authorities intention to collect, store, or use sensitive DNA data.

Xinjiang authorities should rename their physical exams project Privacy Violations for All, as informed consent and real choice does not seem to be part of these programs, said Sophie Richardson, China director. The mandatory databanking of a whole populations biodata, including DNA, is a gross violation of international human rights norms, and its even more disturbing if it is done surreptitiously, under the guise of a free health care program.

The biometric collection scheme is detailed in an official document called The [Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous] Region Working Guidelines on the Accurate Registration and Verification of Population (, The Population Registration Program), available in full on the government website of Aksu city in Xinjiang (an unofficial translation is available below).

The guidelines are undated, but the Aksu governments notice distributing it to lower-level offices was dated July 2, 2017. According to state media reports, the Xinjiang government authorized the Population Registration Program in February 2017, and specified that it would be carried out in stages. A county government in Tacheng prefecture, for example, has a timetable that states it began collecting biodata around mid-June and completed it by end of November 2017. The Xinjiang-wide Physicals for All progr...


Are You Ready For The Next Rally? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Are You Ready For The Next Rally? by Craig Hemke Sprott Money Each of the last three years have begun with gold rallies of over 10%. The stage is set for another such move in 2018. Are you prepared?...

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Does Chinas J-20 Rival Other Stealth Fighters? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Has the People's Republic caught up?

The Chengdu J-20 marks the first entry of a multirole stealth fighter into China's armed forces. According to the Department of Defense (DOD), China views stealth technology as a core component in the transformation of its air force from "a predominantly territorial air force to one capable of conducting both offensive and defensive operations." Designed for enhanced stealth and maneuverability, the J-20 has the potential to provide China with a variety of previously unavailable air combat options and enhance its capability to project power.

As an advanced multirole stealth fighter, it is speculated that the J-20 can fulfill both air-to-air and air-to-ground combat roles for the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) and the aviation branch of the People's Liberation Army Navy (referred to as either Naval Aviation or the PLAN-AF). According to PLAAF Senior Colonel Shen Jinke, the J-20 will enhance the overall combat capability of China's air force. A 2016 report by the DOD states that the J-20 represents a critical step in China's efforts to develop "advanced aircraft to improve its regional power projection capabilities and to strengthen its ability to strike regional airbases and facilities." In 2014, the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission described the J-20 as "more advanced than any other fighter currently deployed by Asia Pacific countries."

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


The Dow & Trump Tax Reform "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Trump Tax Reform reducing the corporate tax to 21% and taking effect January 1st, 2018 rather than being delayed until 2019, will be one of the biggest positive catalysts for US equities in decades. This is very interesting because it is now fundamentally validating what our computer has been projecting for highs going up to the 40,000 level on the Dow back in 2009.

Many of the domestic and institutional investors overseas are NOT in this market. They will now be forced to reposition their portfolios once the bill is passed. How to Trade a Vertical Market is absolutely critical at this point in time. This is by no means going to be easy.

We are already above the top of the Upward Channel and this will be 21,017.30. Our projections for 2017 stood at 25,648.40 and this rises to 28,045.71 for 2018. This is the next area of resistance. Once we push through that projection, the market will come back to test it. That will be the start of the slingshot upward.

The same model produced the projection at 195.97 for 1928. The year 1928 opened above the projection at 203.40, fell back to retest it dripping to 194.50, and then entered the slingshot running to 301.60 intraday and closed that year at 300.00. Keep in mind our project model gives us 25,648.40 so we are not yet through that level.

This is why I have always warned AGAINST fundamental analysis. The fundamentals ALWAYS unfold to validate what our computer forecasts to start with. Our forecast that BREXIT would win and Trump back in 2016 was possible ONLY because the computer was picking up the change in public sentiment which is driven by economics. The Trump Tax Reform is a reflection of the discontent underlying the economy. The Democrats will naturally vote in block against it because they simply like the higher taxes even if it produces fewer jobs and lower economic growth. They cannot change their color now.

NOBODY could have forecast this back in 2009. Barrons...


Transnational Mobilization for the Rights of Migrants & Against Fascism on Dec 16: Humanity Welcome! "IndyWatch Feed War"

Gorizia Saturday December 16th, 3pm, Casa Rossa/Rusa hia
Transnational mobilization for the rights of migrants and against fascism.


Originally published by Rete Solidale Pordenone Facebook event page.

Transnational Mobilization for the Rights of Migrants & Against Fascism on Dec 16: Humanity Welcome!

Gorizia Saturday December 16th, 3pm, Casa Rossa/Rusa hia. Transnational mobilization for the rights of migrants and against fascism.

Gorizia is by its nature a crossing point in the centre of a common territory, which was always, and is nowadays more than ever, transnational, multilingual and multicultural. It is not a coincidence that diverse nations in this city stood together to stop the rise of Nazi after the fall of the Fascism in September 1943. For the same reasons, Gorizia is also under constant pressure of nationalisms, of racism and fascism. A hundred years ago in its surrounding area there used to be the most bloody battles of the First World War, which left hatred and false divisions behin...


NAB will no longer fund new coal projects "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

National Australia Bank (NAB) has become the first of Australia's 'Big Four' to have a formal policy to stop lending to new coal mining projects. Climate campaigners have welcomed this, but say NAB needs to exit coal power stations too.


Family of Murdered Maltese Journalist Facing Same Fate? "IndyWatch Feed War"

[Journalist Behind Panama Papers Leak, Blown Up in Her Car In Malta]

Enemies of the State Ranier Fsadni

Photo: Mark Zammit Cordina

Photo: Mark Zammit Cordina

In its response to the Caruana Galizia familys legal demands, the government has stopped just short of declaring the Caruana Galizias to be enemies of the State. It has accused the widower and sons of the murdered journalist of a one-sided contemptuous attack on the Maltese State, intended to undermine its sovereignty, credibility and authority nationally and internationally.

Which is rather close to what enemies of the State like to do, at least when getting started.

At the heart of accusation and counter-accusation lies the court case begun by the Caruana Galizias two days ago. The family want Deputy Police Commissioner Silvio Valletta removed from the investigation into the assassination. The family says his involvement could prejudice its chances of obtaining justice.

In the sights of the government, however, is a much longer charge sheet drawn up by the familys British legal advisors, the major firm of Doughty Street Chambers. Its a 22-page document that declares the familys human rights have been systematically broken: Daphne Caruana Galizia had insufficient police protection in the last period of her life; her familys rights have been given scant attention by the police since th...


'Wunderkinds' Kushner and Saudi Crown Prince wreak havoc "IndyWatch Feed World"

Donald Trump's rash declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is so out of whack with global opinion and decades of international legal rulings, one has to surmise that the initiative stems from dubious inspiration. Turns out that the likely authors of the harebrained idea are Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner (36), and 32-year-old Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MbS). Kushner, a dodgy property dealer with no diplomatic experience, is Trump's unelected top aide, assigned to seal the "deal of the century" - meaning bring peace between the Palestinians and Israelis.


Russia"s Victory and the Western Denial Habit "IndyWatch Feed War"

Its hard to overstate the historic significance this week of Syrias victory against foreign-backed mercenaries. We can dismiss Western official narratives that the nearly seven-year was some kind of pro-democracy uprising. The conflict was nothing of the sort.


Spain: Solidarity with Imprisoned Comrade Rodrigo Lanza, Accused of Killing a Nazi in Zaragoza "IndyWatch Feed War"


14.12.17: Rodrigo Lanza was arrested in 2006, accused of attacking a cop on February 4th of that year after the eviction of a party in a squatted house in Barcelona. During the riot that followed, somebody threw a pot from the upper floors, leaving a bastard of the urban guard wounded and quadriplegic.

The cops decided to look for scapegoats and after a long judicial process sentenced Rodrigo Lanza to 5 years, during which he suffered various tortures, beatings and mistreatment from the police due to him being Chilean.

After these long years in prison, Rodrigo was finally released from prison.

On December 7, 2017, in Zaragoza, Rodrigo, along with some friends were at a bar where they encountered a well known Nazi, 55 year old Vctor Lanez, a member of fascist group Falange Nacional. After a confrontation outside the bar, the bastard Lanez received a blow to the neck that left him in a vegetative state. Days later, his family decided to disconnect him, alleviating the world from his presence.

Rodrigo was quickly arrested and accused of participating in the death of the bastard. Rodrigo remains incommunicado and isolated without further information regarding the c...


France24: US Climate Scientists Emigrating to France "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Guest essay by Eric Worrall French government broadcaster France24 claims President Macrons offer of fifty grants is luring climate scientists away from the US to work in France. US researchers flock to join Macrons climate change project Latest update : 2017-12-13 Eighteen climate scientists, 13 of them based in the United States, were on Monday


Both genders 'equally prone' to sexual harassment "IndyWatch Feed World"

Amid the raging #Metoo scandal, in which tens of thousands of women across the globe have protested sexual harassment, a Norwegian researcher has come up with a surprising and, possibly, unpopular approach: men and women are equally vulnerable to sexual harassment at work. The Norwegian Institute of Occupational Health (Stami) concluded in an earlier cross-industry survey that both sexes are exposed to harassment in the workplace.


7 Things Youre Not Supposed to Talk About "IndyWatch Feed World"

When seeking guidance, dont ever listen to the tiny-hearted. Be kind to them, heap them with blessing, cajole them, but do not follow their advice. ~Clarissa Pinkola Ests

Despite what we say, most of us would rather remain in our comfort zone and discuss subjects that keep us warm and certain about our lives. We might claim that we think outside the box, or that were able to break our own mental paradigms or stretch our comfort zones, but when it really comes down to it, most of us mindlessly maintain the box and repeatedly think within comfortable yet outdated paradigms.

Thats precisely why it is a good idea to talk about things that were not supposed to talk about. Taboo subjects are usually the best subjects to discuss. Because they usually represent a psychological hang-up in the machinery of the human condition. They are typically a kind of evolutionary speed bump that we must overcome in order to advance as a species. By discussing them, dissecting them, and questioning them, we may discover new ways to break mental paradigms and think outside the box. Indeed, we may even discover a smarter way of being human. As Ray Kurzweil said in The Singularity is Near, Our sole responsibility is to produce something smarter than we are; any problems beyond that are not ours to solve.

1.) Power:

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a mans character, give him power. ~Abraham Lincoln

Generally speaking, power is wealth. It matters little what that wealth represents: money, gold, deer skin, seashells, skill. If any person in any cultural dynamic acquires enough wealth, they have power over others in that culture. What a person does with their power will define his or her character.

If a person lords their power over others then their character is unhealthy, oppressive, limiting, and tyrannical. If a person uses their power to help others then their character is healthy, compassionate, liberating, and prestigious (See #7 on this other list).

The problem with the way most people handle their power today is that they tend to lord it over others due to an outdated survival of the fittest mindset imbedded through cultural conditioning, brainwashing, and propaganda that creates a kind of hoarding mentality. We have forgotten how cooperation must be primary over competition in order to progressively evolve as a species. In short: Weve had the cart of competition in front of the horse of cooperation for too long. Its high time that we discuss and teach each other t...


A Few Questions "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

At this point, the question becomes clearer. Was it the Russians who were meddling with the 2016 elections? 

Or was it the Federal Bureau of Investigation? 

Which is the greater enemy to the American people? 

What to do about it?

Riddle me that one.

The Deep State seems to be coalescing around the FBI at the moment, but we know that they're not the only bad actor. Clearly the FBI picked sides in the presidential election and worked diligently to get Hillary Clinton elected. Deputy Director McCabe's wife got something on the order of $500,000, but what was the pay off to Directors Comey and Mueller?

They clearly didn't have America's best interests at heart. 

Nobody thought that Robert Hanssen, Deputy Director in charge of FBI counterintelligence was a Russian spy, until he was caught. He remained in place for many years, betraying the nation. What if Comey and Mueller were/are on the Russian payroll? At this time and at this point in the development of the investigation, it's more probable than the Democrat alleged Russian collusion on the part of President Trump isn't it?

No, I don't think that Big Jim Comey was/is a Russian spy. But he was at the core of the problem that we have with the deep state. What to do?


World bank to end financing of oil and gas projects after 2019, except for in certain countries "IndyWatch Feed World"

The World Bank will no longer finance upstream oil and gas projects after 2019, apart from certain gas projects in the poorest countries in exceptional circumstances, it said on Tuesday, drawing praise from environmental groups. The announcement came as French President Emmanuel Macron told dozens of world leaders and company executives at a climate summit that they were losing the battle against climate change and needed to react. Comment: Meet Emmanuel Macron: Rothschild banker, Bilderberger, 'anti-Establishment' candidate in French election


Espaa: Comunicado por la Libertad de Rodrigo Lanza "IndyWatch Feed War"


Recibdio en 15.12.17:

Desde diferentes compaeras y amigas de Rodrigo Lanza, unidas por las ideas antifascistas, queremos hacer pblico un comunicado sobre los recientes acontecimientos que han llevado a nuestro compaero a ingresar en prisin.

Tras das de bombardeo meditico, con informaciones falsas y no contrastadas, con el intencionado inters de conseguir una sentencia pblica previa a la declaracin de las partes, hoy por fin hemos conocido la versin de Rodrigo y otros testigos.

La primera verdad oficial ha construdo una versin que poco se ajusta a los hechos sucedidos la noche del jueves, situando a Victor Lanez como una pasiva vctima del odio a la bandera espaola, y a Rodrigo Lanza como un agresor armado, actuando con premeditacin, por la espalda y en grupo.

Esa noche nuestro compaero defendi su vida ante una agresin fascista con arma blanca, se defendi con su cuerpo, no utilizando ninguna barra de hierro ni silln de bici.

Victor Lanez, es un miembro de la extrema derecha aragonesa relacionado tanto con conocidos neonazis como con Falanje Espaola de las Jons, los cuales, le reconocen como miembro de su organizacin y afirman...


PS. Explain This: A Bitcoin Bubble? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Bitcoin, the worlds first decentralized crypto-currency, has become the newest darling of financial markets. But its clearly a risky asset. PS Associate Editor Whitney Arana explains.


The Coast Guard is fighting the drug war by chaining people to boats for months without shelter or toilets "IndyWatch Feed World"

Coast Guard Florida The Coast Guards motto is Semper Paratus, which means, Always Ready. But ready to do what? Their duties are not, as it turns out, limited to such classic Coast Guard activities as rescuing boaters in trouble and guarding American ports.


Chris Marcus: How a Former, Long Time Wall Street Trader Got Red Pilled (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Chris Marcus: How a Former, Long Time Wall Street Trader Got Red Pilled Video Wall St for Main St Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed first time guest, former long time Wall Street equity options trader,...

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SPCA Hires Robots to Scare Away Homeless People, Call the Police "IndyWatch Feed World"

The SPCA is an organization that is supposed to help animals. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has roots that date as far back as 1824, England, and as a front-and-center organization that serves a particular function in society, in this case operating shelters for animals, they are bound to not be of the best moral persuasion.

The San Francisco SPCA recently made headlines after hiring a security robot to scare away homeless people and prevent them from setting up tents near their building.

The robot is a snitch on wheels, using sensors and lasers to monitor an area for criminal activity. It alerts the police if it sees something.

Video of the robot in action recently went viral.

Is that noise being made by the machine? If so, it would seem as if they are trying to scare the mentally ill people who roam the street in particular.

In a densely populated area like San Francisco, it isnt easy for the homeless to find a decent place to sleep. The mentally ill and severely drug addicted roam the streets, as is the scene in many American cities.

Worse, autonomous state protecting robots are being deployed in other places around San Francisco. According to Business Insider, they are used to patrol parking lots, sports arenas, and tech company campuses are now being deployed to keep away homeless people.

Surprisingly the City of San Francisco didnt take kindly to the robotic homeless scarecrows, as they demanded the SF SPCA to remove its robots from the streets or face a fine of up to $1,000 a day.

After that, they took the robots off the street.

A company called Knightscope actually rents out the robots for $7 an hour: less than the cost of hiring a security guard, of course. They serve over 19 clients...


US executed 23 people in 2017, most with mental disabilities, some were innocent, support for the practise is waning "IndyWatch Feed World"

Twenty-three people were executed and 39 sentenced to death in 2017 in the US, one of the few developed countries to still use the death penalty. But executions and death sentences in the US remained at historic lows this year, with only a few counties and states supporting capital punishment, according to an annual report released on Thursday by the Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC). "In the long term, it looks as though death sentences and executions are going to remain low; certainly they are going to remain low compared to the levels a generation ago," said Robert Dunham, the organization's executive director. DPIC provides analysis and tracks data on the death penalty, but does not take a position for or against capital punishment.


One-third of Americans weighed down by overdue debt, study "IndyWatch Feed World"

By many measures, the American economy is booming. Yet that's not always translating into stronger financial health for a large share of US consumers. One-third of Americans are weighed down by overdue debt, meaning their outstanding payments are in arrears and have been handed off to debt collectors, according to new research from The Urban Institute. That's not a healthy situation for households because overdue debt can lower one's credit score, making it harder to finance purchases such as a home or car while also making it more expensive to borrow money. The problem is worse in some regions of the country, especially those where health insurance coverage is sparser, incomes are lower and the share of nonwhite households is higher, according to the Urban Institute's data. Almost one in five households have medical debt in collections, a sign of how many Americans struggle with the cost of health care, including those insurance.


Greece: Update on the Hunger Strike of Revolutionary Struggle Prisoners Pola Roupa and Nikos Maziotis "IndyWatch Feed War"


December 14, 2017

So far, both political prisoners / hunger strikers are in the Korydallos prison hospital. Their health is at a critical point, while the health of Nikos Maziotis is more serious. As they have already stated, they refuse any medical treatment and in practice reject the illegal prosecution order for involuntary hospitalization.

There is no progress in satisfying the request that Nikos Maziotis be released from isolation or the request for the withdrawal of Article 11 from the new fascist provisions to the prison code.

The comrades relentlessly continue their hunger strike until the end.

We informed the 2 hunger strikers about the actions of solidarity that have taken place in Patras, Heraklion, Karditsa, Komotini, Volos etc and the various ways this solidarity has manifested itself (texts, speak-outs, banners, occupations, incendiary actions etc). Strength to all comrades who are in any way expressing their solidarity.

In Athens, on Saturday, 16.12.17 at 16:00 there will be a open mic / speak out in Monastiraki and then a march in solidarity with the hunger strikers and the prisoners struggle against the penitentiary code in general. The march is organized by the Assembly of Solidarity with Struggle of the Prisoners Against the New Prison Code.

We call on all comrades, political collectives, hangouts, squats, assemblies etc to support the march.

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2018 Aston Martin Vantage "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

I love a sexy coupe as much as anyone. And no one makes sexier 2-door car than Aston Martin. And yet, the new Vantage leaves me a bit . . . disappointed. First, the goods: the new Vantage has a 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine cranking out 503 horsepower. Mated to a rear-mounted ZF eight-speed automatic (ugh!)

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Traffic Engineers Epic Fail "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The essay below, which we're including in our annual review of best content from the year (see all of it here) is striking because of its concise and simple message, a message we at Strong Towns have been shouting from the rooftops for almost a decade: Most streets are designed in a way that induces dangerously fast driving (no matter the posted speed limit) and the result is tens of thousands of deaths every year many of those children. As an engineer, Jon Larsen calls out his fellow street design professionals and demands that they change their tact immediately. It's a powerful and important message that every city needs to hear.  - Rachel Quednau

This last week, a junior high student was hit and killed in Syracuse, Utah while crossing the street at a crosswalk in front of his junior high school.

This story hits home to me for two reasons. First, I have a son this same age who I absolutely adore, and I cant imagine how bad it would hurt to lose him, especially in such a senseless way. Second, I believe that my profession (traffic engineering) has failed this young man, his family, his school, his community, and hundreds like them throughout this state and region. Theres no other way to put it: This is failure. Epic failure. Someday as a profession and as a society, we will stop giving lip service to the concept of Zero Fatalities and make real change. Im hoping its sooner than later.

Lets take a look specifically at how we failed in this situation.

Source: Google Earth

Source: Google Earth

There is an elementary school and a junior high school across the street from each other. This street should be one of the safest in the city. But it isnt.

A quick physics lesson: The force of impact from a car increases quadratically with speed. This means that doubling the speed quadruples the force of the impact. The statistics bear this out. A 40 mph street is about 5 times more deadly than at 20 mph street (see chart below).  


President Trump Launches New Space Policy "IndyWatch Feed War"

On Dec.11 US President Donald Trump signed the administration's first space policy directive, which formally directs NASA to focus on returning humans to the moon and preparing to lead to Mars and beyond.


UK government's hysterical claim that Russia swayed Brexit by spending a meagre 97 cents on 3 unrelated Facebook ads "IndyWatch Feed World"

Russian-based operatives placed three adverts on Facebook in the run-up to Britain's 2016 referendum on EU membership, spending just 97 cents to raise the issue of immigration, the social media platform said on Wednesday. People stand in front of a logo at Facebook's headquarters in London, Britain, December 4, 2017. REUTERS/Toby Melville Some British lawmakers have called for an inquiry into whether Russia meddled in Britain's vote to leave the EU after social media platforms said Russian operatives sought to interfere in the U.S. election of Donald Trump. Comment: Behind the Headlines: The Russia Collusion Ruse: Why the US Deep State Hates Russia, Not Trump


The Real Reason Saudi Oil Prices Are Going to Climb 80% "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Oil prices have ben plunging. However, the Saudis hav announced that il will be climbing 80%. This explains a lot of what we are seeing internationally with the BRICS nations. The real story is in the following video.


Study: Babies Born Near Fracking Sites Suffer Health Problems "IndyWatch Feed World"

New research has found that babies born to mothers living up to about 2 miles from a fracking site suffer from poorer health. The adverse health effects are likely due to the pollution produced by [...]


German protests prompt fears of rising anti-Semitism Spectre of German anti-Semitism is beginning to re-emerge "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and outdoor

Protesters hold a placard during the demonstration outside the U.S. embassy against President Donald Trumps decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israels capital in Berlin, Germany, December 8, 2017. Axel Schmidt / Reuters

By Guy Chazan in Berlin
FT (Financial Times)

December 15, 2017
The Holocaust, says Bader, is why I love Hitler.

A 33-year-old Palestinian from the Jarmuk refugee camp near Damascus, he is one of a number of voices quoted in a study released this week which identified widespread anti-Semitism among Arab refugees to Germany.

Others cited in the report, commissioned by the American Jewish Committee, include Gamal, from the Syrian town of Idlib: the former headmaster boasts of owning two copies of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a notorious Tsarist-era forgery alleging a Jewish plot to rule the world.

The Germans killed the Jews because they were seen as traitors who delivered weapons to the enemies, he is quoted as saying.

Demonstrators wave Palestinian, Turkish and Syrian flags in front of the Brandenburg Gate, next to the US embassy in Berlin on December 8, 2017, (AFP PHOTO / John MACDOUGALL)

Demonstrators wave Palestinian, Turkish and Syrian flags in front of the Brandenburg Gate, next to the US embassy in Berlin on December 8, 2017, (AFP PHOTO / John MACDOUGALL)

The AJC study was released at a time of mounting fears that the long-banished spectre of German anti-Semitism is beginning to re-emerge revived by the influx of more than a million mainly Muslim refugees in 2015-16 and the rise of the Alternative for Germany, the countrys most successful far-right party since 1945.

Theres a concern about what direction German identity might be taking, said Jeremy Issacharoff, Israels ambassador to Berlin, in an interview.

The latest bout of soul-searching came in the aftermath of President Trumps decision earlier this month to recognise Jerusalem a...


Where's the feel-good factor in Turkey's world-beating growth? "IndyWatch Feed War"


President Erdogan has called the rise in GDP a slap in the face of those plotting economically against the country


Robert Barros Tax-Reform Advocacy: A Response "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Robert Barro is a serious and careful economist, but he makes errors in modeling the actual provisions of the Republican tax plan, and he chooses parameters that distort his conclusions substantially upward. Instead of using his insights to defend and promote the GOP tax legislation, Barro should have helped to shape a much better bill.


UK: Traditional depictions of motherhood to be banned from advertising, agency sez 'can lead to mental, physical and social harm' "IndyWatch Feed World"

Cooking, cleaning mums will be banned in advertisements across the UK from next year, following a study which claimed traditional gender roles are "harmful and outdated". The decision to tighten regulation was announced by the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) this week, after a report published in summer identified gender stereotypes in adverts as a driver of inequality between men and women. "Wherever they appear or are reinforced, gender stereotypes can lead to mental, physical and social harm which can limit the potential of groups and individuals," the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) alleged in its study.


Bubble Finance And The Era of No-See-Um Recessions "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Bubble Finance And The Era of No-See-Um Recessions by David Stockman Contra Corner Todays single most dangerous Wall Street meme is that there is no risk of a stock market crash because there is no recession in sight. But that...

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Cop pepper sprays handcuffed man in fit of rage, maces fellow cop as well "IndyWatch Feed World"

Showing how dangerous it can be to be near a raging cop as he doles out street justice, a Bridgeton police officer was hit with pepper spray as his fellow officer tortured a man with the chemical weapon for no reason. According to John Paff, who filed an Open Public Records Act request to obtain body camera footage of the incident, the event occurred at about 5 a.m. at the Riggins service station on West Broad Street, Bridgeton which is across the street from the Cumberland County Courthouse. Two men were in a 1996 Buick that had run out of fuel. The men, who appeared to be intoxicated, told officers that they were waiting for the Riggins station to open so that they could purchase fuel. During an investigation, police discovered an empty whiskey bottle on the floor of the Buick, Paff reported. Initially, instead of arresting the men, the responding officers simply cited the two men and told them to call someone to come get them. The two men were told explicitly not to drive the car. However, because the car was at the pump, Marty Drummond, who was clearly drunk, got in and moved the car to the side of the gas station. This caused the officers to move in for arrest after witnessing him drive drunk.


Julian Assange calls out establishment coup to install Mike Pence as President "IndyWatch Feed World"

In a tweet this morning, WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, made a prescient observation that the ongoing deep state coup against President Trump is an operation by establishment forces to unseat Trump and replace him with Vice President Mike Pence. Assange noted that Trump's political capital has "been openly looted for months now by GOP, CIA, Netanyahu, Goldman Sachs, etc." Essentially, Assange is saying is that the aforementioned stakeholders who want to see Trump gone have played a long-game, whereby they have worked "to extract as many unpopular positions as possible (e.g tax cuts for the super rich), push the resulting political corpse to Mueller & install Mike Pence." This, of course, was done as means of severing Trump from his political base, which largely opposes CIA interventionism, Zionism, and globalist banking cartels. The idea behind it being that when Mueller moves to recommend impeachment, Trump will have strayed so far from the positions that got him elected that there will be a minimal public outcry in his defense.


Recognition of Mentawai tribes marks Indonesias latest piecemeal concession to indigenous groups "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The indigenous inhabitants of Indonesias Mentawai district, a cluster of islands off the southwestern coast of Sumatra, are a step closer to reclaiming their ancestral rights to their land from the state, a development that has been years in the making. The Mentawai district legislature last month passed a regulation that recognizes the regions indigenous communities. It is the latest in a series of local regulations issued throughout Indonesia in the wake of a landmark 2013 Constitutional Court ruling that ended state control of indigenous peoples customary forests. That ruling, though, has not been followed up by national legislation to define who qualifies as indigenous and their rights. The lack of legal certainty has left indigenous groups including, until recently, those of Mentawai vulnerable to abuse and loss of land to more powerful parties, such as the government and mining and plantation companies. With the passage of the district regulation, which the Mentawai tribes had campaigned for since 2015, Indonesia has taken another step forward, albeit at the local level, to restore to its indigenous peoples the right to manage their lands and forests. A forest stream in Indonesias Mentawai district. Photo by Vinolia Ahmad/Mongabay-Indonesia. We have a rich culture, said Saibi Samukop Surkino Sanenek, an indigenous Mentawai elder, in response to the passage of the regulation. We believe that with the regulation we can have a better future and our economy will grow. While the district regulation stops short of defining any specific rights or identifying boundaries


Trey Gowdy Blasts Rod Rosenstein, 1940 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

- PrepareWithBill - Food Storage You Can Depend On. 888-756-8727 Good evening, Im still reporting on: Trey Gowdy Blasts Rod Rosenstein, 1940 Synopsis: South Carolina Republican, Trey Gowdy blasted Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein with wave after wave of sarcasm over the conflict-of-interest-free Special Counsels investigation to determine whether there was any collusion between Donald Trump and Russia. So far nothing has been found that sticks to President Trump, however, mounds if evidence of just such collusion between Hillary Clinton and Russia has surfaced, but there appears to be no interest of either the FBI or the Justice Department to do an honest investigation of that. [insert] Support Our Sponsors: - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - Nobel Gold: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 877-646-5347 - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 - Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - SeaShell Diamond Gallery, Custom Fine Jewelry Made in Hawaii. 808-338-9988; - PrepareWithBill - Food Storage You Can Depend On. 888-756-8727 - Kangen Water, ionized, alkaline water, website: - Rugged Reserves, home of the solar-powered tactical flashlight with a 100% lifetime guarantee. Call 800-621-7902. Website: - - Denas Pair Relief Store - exclusive importers of the Denas PCM 6 portable pain relief device. Call Coach Jimmy at 503-395-4142, or check the website: Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the Still Report, the quintesse...


Philippine National Police Chief Brags About Many Accomplishments in 2017 "IndyWatch Feed War"

Philippine National Police Director General Ronald dela Rosa said the police force had many victories in 2017. He remarked this despite the criticisms over the alleged police abuses in the governments bloody campaign against illegal drugs. File Photo

MANILA, Philippines Philippine National Police Director General Ronald dela Rosa on Friday thanked his fellow cops for supposedly overcoming trials in the service this year.

In a statement, Dela Rosa said the police force had many victories in 2017. He remarked this despite the criticisms over the alleged police abuses in the governments bloody campaign against illegal drugs.



9th Biomass Pellets Trade & Power "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

"Responding to Japan's Massive Biomass Demand"


New antbird species discovery in Peru "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video says about itself:

20 January 2017

Watch this amazing video from the Cordillera Azul project! You will realize how beautiful is the tropical rainforest in Peru and how its conservation is giving hope to the local populations and helping to tackle climate change.

From Louisiana State University in the USA:

New antbird species discovered in Peru

December 14, 2017

Summary: LSU describes a distinctive new species of antbird from humid montane forest of the Cordillera Azul, Martin Region, Peru.

It was July 10, 2016 when Dan Lane, Fernando Angulo, Jesse Fagan, and I rolled into the coffee-growing town of Flor de Caf in north-central Peru. This town lies in the Cordillera Azul a picturesque series of outlying Andean ridges hardly explored by ornithologists. In fact, the first ornithological inventory in the region was only in 1996, when a team of researchers from the Louisiana State University Museum of Natural Science (LSUMNS), bushwhacked into the extremely remote eastern Cordillera Azul. It was on this expedition that Dan, then a beginning graduate student at LSU, discovered the distinctive Scarlet-banded Barbet (Capito wallacei) on Peak 1538. Now, twenty years later, we were back to see this iconic species, which graces the cover of the Birds of Peru field guide.

Flor de Caf, in the somewhat more accessible western Cordillera Azul, has become the hub for barbet-chasers since LSUMNS associates Todd Mark and Walter Vargas confirmed its presence here in 2011. Thus, we were not surprised to run into another bird watcher, Josh Beck, as we moved our gear into the single guest house in town. Within moments of meeting, Josh began telling us of a strange, ground-walking antbird he had encountered the previous day and documented with a sound recording. We quickly realized that his bird was a species new to science.

Fast-forward a year and a half. Today, December 13, 2017, the...


Will The US Offensive Against Global South Hit South Africa? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Washington is on the full-fledged asymmetrical offensive in the Global (and literal) South, far away from the prying eyes of the international media.

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Debt Rattle December 15 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Gustave Courbet The bathers 1853   Central Banks Want World To Party On As They Remove Punch Bowl (BBG) This Is What Happened To The American Dream Its Not Pretty (MW) The Rude Awakening Of Slumbering Bulls (Roberts) MiFIDs Cautious Start on Bond-Price Rules Shows Lobbying Impact (BBG) Why

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While focus is on North Korea, China continues South China Sea buildup: think tank "IndyWatch Feed War"

By David Brunnstrom


Racist shop owner who pushed with her foot a Roma girl sentenced "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Justice after four years. The woman who pushed away with her foot an accordion playing Roma girl was finally sentenced by a court in Athens. Dimitris Messinis, the photographer who shot the picture in September 2013 , and made the arrogant abuse public, posted on his Facebook account, that the shop owner was finally convicted.

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Disjoint Timer Query Added To Mesa For Reporting Accurate OpenGL Timing Data "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The latest OpenGL extension added to Mesa by Intel developers is the rather new EXT_disjoint_timer_query...


Parsi Women Married Outside Community Can Perform Parents Last Rites, Says Supreme Court "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Earlier, the Supreme Court had said that the law does not sanction the concept of a womans religion getting merged with her husbands faith after an inter-religion marriage.

CAs per the tradition, a Parsi woman loses her religious identity after marriage outside the community and is consequently barred from visiting the Tower of Silence in the event of death of her Parsi family members. Credit: PTI

New Delhi: A Parsi Trust today broke age-old traditions and informed the Supreme Court that it would allow a Parsi woman and her sisters, who have married outside the community, to visit the Tower of Silence and attend prayers in the event of the death of their parents.

A five-judge constitution bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra, which is dealing a legal question whether a Parsi woman loses her religious identity if she marries a man from a different religion, lauded the stand of Valsad Parsi Trust to allow Goolrokh M. Gupta and her married sisters to attend prayer in the temple of fire and the last rites of parents after their death.

The Trust, represented by senior lawyer Gopal Subramanium, said, It is agreed and declared between the petitioner and respondent (trust) that the respondent will, on compassionate grounds, permit the petitioner to attend the funeral prayers (Paldust ceremony) of her parents performed inside the prayer hall of the Bungli (bunglow) of the Tower of Silence complex (Doongerwadi) complex at Valsad.

The Tower is used for funerary purposes by the adherents of the Zoroastrian faith, in which the tradition...


The Cabal Will Push Their Agenda Hard Now & Ramp Up Chaos For The Next Event (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The Cabal Will Push Their Agenda Hard Now & Ramp Up Chaos For The Next Event Video X22 Report FCC votes to repeal net neutrality. Nikki Haley uses fake evidence to convince the world that Iran is behind the...

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MSM Urges Parents To Give 3-Year-Olds Dangerous Drugs For Depression "IndyWatch Feed World"

It looks like Big Pharma will stop at nothing until they manage to get everyone taking their drugs. A recent news story warned that 3-year-olds could be suffering from depression and urged parents to have [...]


Inequality in the Twenty-First Century "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

As inequality continues to deepen worldwide, we do not have the luxury of sticking to the status quo. Unless we confront the inequality challenge head on as we have just begun to do with another existential threat, climate change social cohesion, and especially democracy, will come under growing threat.


AOL Instant Messenger Made Social Media What It Is Today "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Chat is dead. Long live chat!

It's the year 2000, I'm just about eight years old, and it's my first day on AOL Instant Messenger. My fingers move clumsily across the plastic keyboard as I try to type fast enough to keep up with two cousins who are already seasoned AIM pros, sending me rapid-fire missives of excitement in our little online chat room. I'm in Boston and they're in New York, but "omg we can talk all the time!!!!"

We weren't alone in our excitement. First released in 1997, AIM was a popular way for millions of people to communicate throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s, and it helped form Internet culture and communication as we know them today. It's where so many of us became fluent in LOL-ing and emoticons, and caught the itch to stay in constant contact with others no matter where we are.

But in the two decades since its launch, AIM's popularity has dwindled in favor of mobile-focused platforms for communicating, like Facebook, Instagram, and Slack. At its peak in 2001, AIM had 36 million active users; as of this summer, it had just 500,000 unique visitors a month. And so, in early October, Verizon-owned Oath (which comprises AIM's creator, AOL, and Yahoo) announced that on December 15 it would take this giant of the early Internet offline.

A better question is, why did it take 20 years for chat and texting to catch on?

Original Submission

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Ayaan Hirsi Alis Islamophobia: A brand that sells "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Somali-born anti-Islam mouthpiece has praised Saudi Arabia's crown prince for his reforms - while out-Trumping Trump in her calls to ban Muslims


High-Intensity workouts good for memory function (and a lot more) "IndyWatch Feed World"

Researchers have suggested that exercise is "the best preventive drug" for many common ailments, from psychiatric disorders to heart disease, diabetes and cancer.1 Even your risk for age-related hearing loss is reduced through exercise.2 Physical fitness has also been linked to brain health, and is an important adjunct strategy to prevent dementia. In fact, compelling evidence shows that physical exercise helps build a brain that not only resists shrinkage, but increases cognitive abilities3 and creativity. Researchers at Stanford University found that walking can increase creativity up to 60 percent.4,5 Even a casual stroll around your office can be helpful when you're short on solutions. Even more importantly, we now know that exercise promotes a process known as neurogenesis, i.e., your brain's ability to adapt and grow new brain cells, regardless of your age. Exercise also promotes mental health by normalizing insulin resistance and boosting natural "feel good" hormones and neurotransmitters associated with mood control, including endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, glutamate and GABA.


Democratic Win in Alabama Senate Race Signals Big Trouble for Trump "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

On December 12 Democrat Doug Jones narrowly defeated Judge Roy Moore in a special election to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) to serve as President Donald Trumps attorney general. While on the surface Joness victory signals a turnover of just one seat in the narrowly divided upper chamber, it points to potentially huge possibly fatal consequences for Trumps presidency.


Mainstream media tells parents should give 3-year-old children dangerous drugs for treating depression "IndyWatch Feed World"

Big Pharma's subtle propaganda comes in many forms. Those tuning in to mainstream media programs will be subjected to nightly advertisements, many of which feature highly addictive and dangerous antidepressants. But a recent news story warning that 3-year-olds could be suffering from depression and should be evaluated by doctors shows that the industry will stop at nothing until all Americans are on drugs. NBC's feature story on depression used scare tactics in its title to imply and suggest a national depression crisis among toddlers. "Generation at risk: America's youngest facing mental health crisis," the title reads. While the nation is facing an opiate crisis caused by Big Pharma's highly addictive production and distribution of opiates, one would be hard-pressed to find many Americans who believe the nation's toddlers and children are mentally ill. The article's authors are Kate Snow and Cynthia McFadden. They write: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 1 in 5 American children ages 3 through 17-about 15 million-have a diagnosable mental, emotional or behavioral disorder in a given year. Did you catch that? They are trying to convince readers that children as young as 3 years old suffer from mental illness. The article goes on to claim that the children simply need to be diagnosed in order to be treated, prompting readers with troubled children to consider taking their babies to psychiatrists or medical doctors.


Roger Stone Is Betting on Impeachment "IndyWatch Feed"

Here is something interesting from Vanity Fairs Gabriel Sherman:

One Trump ally is making plans to commercialize Trumps downfall. Longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone told me he is working on a book titled The Unmaking of the President as part of a multi-book deal with Skyhorse Publishing. (Last fall, Skyhorse published Stones campaign account, The Making of the President 2016.) Ive been writing it as we go along, he told me.

Stone said he got the idea to write a book chronicling Trumps removal from office after watching how the White House responded to the Robert Mueller investigation. Its painfully obvious Mueller will bring charges, Stone said. The theory is Mueller will indict him on some process-related matter such as obstruction of justice. The only people who dont seem to know it are Ty Cobb, [John] Dowd, and the president.

I hope its a book I dont have to publish, Stone said of his newest project. I just dont think Trump is being told the truth about how bad things are.

Roger Stone is in a position to know. He represents one leg in the triangle that links the Russian hackers to WikiLeaks and WikiLeaks to the Trump campaign. This was primarily because Stone was using Randy Credico as a cut-out to communicate directly with Julian Assange and get advance notice on what kinds of information the Russians had provided WikiLeaks and also when that information would be released. Stone also communicated with Guccifer 2.0, the fake Romanian hacker the Russians created to throw off suspicion that they were behind the DNC hacks.

Its unclear whether what Roger Stone did was a crime, although he was engaged in a conspiracy to use stolen materials and to help the criminals avoid detection or arrest. I can certainly see how a prosecutor might be able to apply certain statutes in innovative ways to catch Stone in their net. It might be hard to prove that Stone was witting though, sinc...

Is Paul Ryan Going to Resign? "IndyWatch Feed"

Congressional Democrats found themselves in an awkward position after they lost control of the House of Representatives in the 2010 midterms. The problem was compounded when they lost control of the Senate in the 2014 midterms. They had a Democrat in the Oval Office and they wanted to protect him, and that meant in part that they didnt want Congress to become completely dysfunctional. While their ability to control the appropriations process was impaired after 2010, it was almost completely eliminated after 2014. I say almost because they still have some leverage. House Speaker John Boehner could not command enough Republican votes to pass the appropriations bills his caucus created, especially when they had to be melded with more moderate versions that could get around Democratic filibusters in the Senate. Boehner had the same problem raising the debt ceiling. He needed to rely on Democratic votes to keep the government operating and creditworthy.

This created an odd situation in which the Republicans did not pass their own spending bills, and yet they didnt want to give the Democrats much of a say in what would be in those spending bills. The Democrats could have tried to drive a harder bargain, but they were hindered by their desire to make it look like President Obama could govern without chaos. So, they consistently provided votes for bills that did not reflect their values.

This worked for Boehner for a while. He got a better deal that he had any right to expect, and he didnt allow the country to default on its debts or suffer through repeated and protracted shutdowns. But it violated an informal norm called the Hastert Rule. Named after former Speaker Dennis Hastert, the rule stated that no bill would come up for a vote unless a majority of the Republican caucus supported it. But most Republicans were voting against raising the debt ceiling, and most Republicans were voting against their own spending bills. Boehner had no choice but to violate the Hastert Rule repeatedly, and every time that he did he lost a little more support from his own caucus.

It all came to a head in September 2015. By that time, it looked like the only way that he could remain Speaker in 2016 would be if he relied on the same Democratic votes that had been passing his bills for him. And that would have required that Boehner give up on the idea that he was a leader of the Republican caucus in the House and also some kind of power sharing arrangement with the Democrats where they had more say in the appropriations process. I wrote many columns in 2014 and 2015 recommending that Boehner explore that exact course and predicting that he was doomed if he did not. In the end, though, he was too loyal to the GOP to make such a bold move. He decided to...

GOP Has No Ideas Other Than Unpopular Tax Bill "IndyWatch Feed"

The Republicans say they have a tax deal, which I am sure that they do. That doesnt mean that theyll be able to pass it, necessarily, but they have something that they think will have a good shot. Unfortunately, they have to contend with this:

A new Quinnipiac poll finds American voters disapprove of the pending Republican tax plan by a wide margin, 55% to 26%, and 43% say they are less likely to vote for a U.S. Senator or Congressperson who supports the plan.

Key finding: Only 16% of American voters say the tax plan will reduce their taxes, while 44% say it will increase their taxes and 30% say the tax plan will have little impact.

And this:

A new Monmouth poll finds President Trumps job approval at 32% to 56%, the lowest since hes taken office.

The decline in Trumps job rating has come much more from women, currently 24% to 68%, than from men, which is 40% to 44%.

Democrats lead the generic congressional ballot by 15 percentage points, 51% to 36%.

If the Republicans do manage to pass a tax bill, it wont be because 16% of the public thinks it will benefit them. It wont be because 55% of the people oppose the bill. It wont be because a president with a 32% approval rating is demanding it. And it wont really be because of that 15% deficit the GOP is suffering in the generic congressional ballot. It will be because they have no idea what else to do.

And it will be because the Republican donors will close their checkbooks if they dont give them a trillion and a half dollars in tax breaks.

Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.) had been describing the flurry of lobbying from special interests seeking to protect favored tax provisions when a reporter asked if donors are happy with the tax-reform proposal.

My donors are basically saying, Get it done or dont ever call me again, Collins replied.

Over the summer, we saw...

National Review Blames Bannon, Not Trump "IndyWatch Feed"

Over at The Corner, the staff of the National Review seems unanimous in seeing Roy Moores defeat as an irresistible opportunity to say nasty and disrespectful things about Steve Bannon:

David French: Where do we go from here? The answers are obvious. Nominate conservatives with integrity. Retake the seat. Reject the vicious, malicious politics of men like Steve Bannon.

Jim Geraghty: There is no reason for any Republican to listen to Steve Bannon on any candidate selection ever again.

Kevin Williamson: So what have Steve Bannon and the rest of the half-bright moneyed dilettantesand their talk-radio and cable-news cheerleadersaccomplished? They didnt even get Alabama!

Jonah Goldberg: The difference is that McConnell wanted nothing to do with Roy Moore for all the obvious reasons and Steve Bannon wanted to take credit for him! He wanted to take credit for Moore when it was clear Moore was a bigot, buffoon, and charlatan, and he wanted to take credit for Moore after Moore was credibly accused of being a child molester and jailbait fetishist. Bannon has an almost unblemished record of picking disastrous candidates on the theory that he knows what hes doing. That theory is wrong.

Michael Brendan Dougherty: My own impressions are more modest. Alabama Republicans spared their party the shame of electing this creep to Congress. In backing Moore, Steve Bannon made a very reasonable betmost of us expected Moore to win even after the revelationsbut he lost this one.

Theodore Kupfer: [Bannons] mission is to find ridiculous candidates and convince voters they are legitimate; for years he has used his highly-trafficked site in an effort to do just that. Yet tonight, his ideal candidate lost a statewide election in Alabama...


Chinese Imports And The Deaths of American Factories "IndyWatch Feed War"


After years of denial, it is now widely known that the opening of the U.S. market to Chinese imports was devastating, inflicting deep and lasting damage to many areas in the U.S. Regions most exposed to competition from China not only lost manufacturing jobs, they saw overall employment decline and never recovered. Areas with higher exposure have also been shown to have more people relying on food stamps and disability payments, more people addicted to opioids, lower rates of marriage, higher rates of political polarization, and higher rates of incarceration.

New research suggests that one of the main reasons the damage has been so deep and lasting is that the jobs lost from Chinese imports were not just from companies downsizing or becoming more efficient but from closing manufacturing plants altogether. The paper by four economists Brian Asquith of the National Bureau of Economic Research and University of California at Irvines Sajana Goswami, David Neumark, and Antonio Rodriguez-Lopez finds that the so-called China shock operated mainly through deaths of establishments.

This makes the job losses from the China shock fundamentally different from other adverse shocks, such as recessions, that can hit the U.S. labor market. In those situations, job losses are primarily from contractions of the n...


Hundreds of Abducted Palestinian Protesters Tortured and Abused "IndyWatch Feed War"

Hundreds of Abducted Palestinian Protesters Tortured and Abused by Stephen Lendman ( Home Stephen Lendman) Torture and abuse of Palestinians is longstanding Israeli practice, children and women treated as abusively as men. America and Israel operate by their own rules, brutalizing detainees during interrogations and detentions, subjecting them to beatings, painful binding and []


US Military wants cyber warriors along with soldiers on the Battlefield "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Cyber warriors and soldiers will fight together on the battlefield, the US Army will soon send its cyber experts to support the conventional army.

The news was reported by officials this week, it confirms the strategic importance of Information warfare in the modern military. Cyber warriors will be engaged in the offensive against enemy computer networks.

The Army is investing in cyber capabilities training a new generation of cyber soldiers at a huge center in southern California.

According to Colonel Robert Ryan, who commands a Hawaii-based combat team, while the Armys mission is generally to attack and destroy, the cyber troops will have a different and crucial role in the battle.

Not everything is destroy. How can I influence by non-kinetic means? How can I reach up and create confusion and gain control? he explained.

The involvement of cyber troops in military operations is not a novelty, cyber warriors have been integrated for six months in infantry units.  Colonel William Hartman of the Armys Cyber Command added that they will tailor operations according to commanders needs.

Hartman didnt reveal details on cyber operations that will be assigned to cyber soldiers, he only referred that they would be involved in information gathering and intelligence.

In August, President Donald Trump ordered the US Military to create a separate cyber warfare command tasked with cyber warfare operations.

President was thinking of a separate command specialized on electronic and online offensive and defensive operations.

This new Unified Combatant Command will strengthen our cyberspace operations and create more opportunities to improve our nations defense, Trump said in a statement.

The elevation of United States Cyber Command demonstrates our increased resolve against cyberspace threats and will help reassure our allies and partners and deter our adversaries.

US cyber warriors have been involved also i...



There has been another death of a "holistic" doctor, Dean Lorich, according to this article found by Mr. S.C. This one, however, is such

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Newly Declassified Documents show Gorbachev WAS Told NATO Wouldnt expand eastward "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Dave Majumdar at the National Interest Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev was given a host of assurances that the NATO alliance would not expand past what was then the East German border in 1990 according to new declassified documents. Russian leaders often complain that the NATO extended an invitation to Hungary, Poland and what was then Czechoslovakia to joint the alliance in 1997 at the Madrid Summit in contravention of assurances offered to the Soviet Union before its 1991 collapse. The alliance has dismissed the notion that such assurances were offered, however, scholars have continued to debate the issue for years. Now, however, newly declassified documents show that Gorbachev did in fact receive assurances that NATO would not expand past East Germany. The documents show that multiple national leaders were considering and rejecting Central and Eastern European membership in NATO as of early 1990 and through 1991, George Washington University National Security Archives researchers Svetlana Savranskaya and Tom Blanton wrote. That discussions of NATO in the context of German unification negotiations in 1990 were not


Im not sure how anyone can be a true Christian and a Zionist "IndyWatch Feed War"

Trump, Pence, Jerusalem: the Christian Zionism connection PAUL ROGERS The political use of a religious vision spells danger for Israel, America, and the world. Pence accompanies Donald Trump as he delivers remarks after he recognized Jerusalem as Israels capital. Oliver Contreras/PA Images. All rights reserved.Donald Trump announced on 6 December that the United States was recognising []


U.S. shows components proving Iran provided missiles fired at Saudi Arabia "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Drone planes and boats from Iran shown as proof of illicit spread of arms to terrorists.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

The presentation comes as the secretary general of the United Nations is scheduled to release a report on Irans lack of compliance with UN Security Council resolutions. Haley says the report describes violation after violation of weapons transfers and ballistic missile activity. Aid from Irans Revolutionary Guard to dangerous militias and terror groups is increasing Its ballistic missiles and advanced weapons are turning up in war zones across the region. Its hard to find a conflict or a terrorist group in the Middle East that does not have Irans fingerprints all over it.

And those fingerprints, according to the display presented for the press today in the hangar, are all over the two ballistic missiles and other weapons. The components all bear marks tying them to manufacturers in Iran. This is proof, according to a DOD report, that Iran is illicitly shipping highly destructive weapons to anti-government forces in Yemen for use against Saudi Arabia and its allies in the Gulf as part of its efforts to sow instability and promote violence throughout the region.

Haley said that the US government had invited representatives from other nations, including the entire UN Security Council, to see the evidence on display...


Stop plastic pollution of oceans "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

This 10 December 2017 BBC David Attenborough video is called The Future Of The Oceans Blue Planet II.

By Peter Frost in Britain:

Thursday, December 14, 2017 16:46

Attenborough catches up with the Morning Star

PETER FROST welcomes David Attenboroughs appeal to stop polluting our oceans with plastic

LIKE many of you I have been enjoying the BBCs Blue Planet II. Some of the strange and unusual creatures that dwell in the depths of the oceans can really blow your mind.

I was particularly delighted that presenter David Attenborough dedicated a large section of the final programme in the series to an appeal and a warning about what we are doing to our oceans.

Attenborough told his audience of over 10 million: For me, there was no scene in the Blue Planet II series more heart-rending than as snowflakes settle on the ground, a baby albatross lies dead, its stomach pierced by a plastic toothpick fed to it by its own mother, having mistaken it for healthy food.

Being fed lethal plastic debris is a risk that every young albatross now faces. This one scene symbolises a major problem that today threatens all sea creatures worldwide. P...


Turkeys Erdogan calls on all Islamic states to declare East Jerusalem capital of Palestine "IndyWatch Feed War"

Abbas says no future US role in peace process, threatens to void past agreements   PA president blasts Trumps decision to recognize Israels capital; Turkeys Erdogan calls on all Islamic states to declare East Jerusalem capital of Palestine ed noteeveryone needs to understand something very clearly about all of this. The entire peace process that has []


Bubble Watch: Warning Signs That The Everything Bubble Will Burst in 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Bubble Watch: Warning Signs That The Everything Bubble Will Burst in 2018 by Graham Summers Gains Pains Capital I believe 2018 will be the year inflation arrives. The reason, as Ive noted throughout mid-2017, is that multiple Central Banks,...

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Rohingya rather die than return to oppression and genocide in Myanmar Disease, hunger and misery stalk the Rohingya living in Bangladesh When we go back, they will torture and kill us again. "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP/File / by Annie BANERJI, Redwan AHMED | The worst bouts of violence have subsided but Rohingya continue to flee, the UN says

COXS BAZAR (BANGLADESH) (AFP)  Disease, hunger and misery stalk the Rohingya living in Bangladeshs refugee camps but despite the grinding hardship, few are willing to consider the alternative returning home under a deal struck with Myanmar.The arrangement signed by Myanmar and Bangladesh in November to start repatriating refugees within two months is viewed with deep suspicion and dread by Rohingya still traumatised by the violent expulsion from their homeland.

They make deals, but they wont follow them, said Rohingya refugee Mohammad Syed, who estimated his age at 33.

When we go back, they will torture and kill us again.

Their fear is not misplaced.

Doctors Without Borders said Thursday that at least 6,700 Rohingya were killed in the first month of a Myanmar army crackdown on rebels in Rakhine state that began in August.

The worst bouts of violence have subsided but Rohingya continue to flee, the UN says.

Nearly 650,000 of the Muslim minority have fled across the border into Coxs Bazar district in southeastern Bangladesh since the army campaign began.

The UN rights chief said in December the catalogue of abuses including indiscriminate killings, mass rape and the razing of hundreds of Rohingya villages contained elements of genocide.

Myanmar has consistently denied committing atrocities in Rakhine, saying the crackdown was a proportionate response to the Rohingya militants who attacked police posts on August 25, killing around a dozen officials.

But rights groups say the conditions are not in place to ensure safe, voluntary and dignified returns, and Rohingya sense danger lurking behind Myanmars assurances.

Its a trap. They have given such assurances before, and still made our lives hell, said Rohingya woman Dolu, who goes by one name, in a refugee camp in Coxs Bazar.

I would rather live here. We get food and shelter here, and we can pray freely. We are allowed to live.

Fear of return

The Rohingya have reason to be wary.

The persecuted minority has been the target of past pogroms in Buddhist-majority Myanmar, which does not recognise the group as a...


China Calls for Independent Palestinian State Based on 67 Borders With Capital East Jerusalem "IndyWatch Feed War"

China Calls for Independent Palestinian State Based on 67 Borders With Capital East Jerusalem   HAARETZ China called for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state based on 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital, Xinhua state media reported Thursday. China understands the Islamic countries concern about the status of Jerusalem, a spokesperson for []


Israeli Troops Detain Palestinian Teen Girls at Gunpoint From Ambulance (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed World"

(Sputnik)  An unpleasant video emerged on the internet showing Israeli troops in heavy riot gear violently dragging two Palestinian teenage girls out of a Red Crescent ambulance in the Hebron district in the southern West Bank.

[embedded content]

The amateur video, showing the ongoing clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli security forces following Washingtons decision to recognize the multiethnic and multi-confessional city of Jerusalem as Israels capital, captured two Israeli troops walking up to the open door of an ambulance parked in the street.

With medics looking on helplessly from the front seats, the heavily-armed soldiers attempt to violently pull the young women out of the ambulance. As they resist and begin screaming, one soldier calls for backup as the other climbs into the vehicle. About a half-dozen more troops show up to pull the girls out.

An eyewitness from the scene told Palestinian news agency Maan that the teens were handed off to female Israeli soldiers, who handcuffed the girls and detained them.

The girls identities, and the charges under which they were detained, remain unknown.

The video footage caused outrage on social media.

President Donald Trumps decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital has sparked widespread protests among Palestinians and across the Middle East, and condemnation from around the world, including from Washingtons European allies. Trumps decision, which envisions relocating the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in six-months time, led the Palestinian political and militant group Hamas to declare an intifada, while Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas warned Wednesday that if the decision wasnt reversed, Palestine would withdraw from all previous agreements with Israel.

Originally published by Sputnik

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USA - Activists seeking ban on fluoride in water "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

BOSTON Activists are pressuring the state to ban the practice of adding fluoride compounds to public drinking water, saying it amounts to mass-medicating without public consent.
A proposal that went before a legislative panel on Monday would outlaw the practice. Filed by Sen. Barbara LItalien, D-Andover, on behalf of a constituent, it would end a decades-old public health campaign aimed at preventing tooth decay.
Medical mandates like this are politics pretending to be science, said Karen Spencer, a Gloucester activist who is involved with anti-fluoridation campaigns. No government has the right to put something into our water supplies that harms peoples health. Its immoral.
Spencer, one of several people who supported the ban during the hearing on Monday, said studies are increasingly linking negative health impacts such as gastrointestinal ailments, thyroid disorders, kidney diseases and even autism to adding fluoride to the water.
But Dr. John Fisher, a Salem dentist and a trustee of the Massachusetts Dental Society, said the health benefits are indisputable.................


In Nigeria: Trumps Jerusalem statement boils into rivalry, suspicion, supremacy, oppression, provocation, unwarranted attacks and other sentiments "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


Read more at:

Several Muslim groups and organizations have condemned the United States President, Donald Trumps recent declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The development drew the ire of world leaders, eminent religious leaders and Muslims world-over.

Protesting against the declaration, thousands of Muslims last Sunday gathered at the Dawah Centre of The Muslim Congress (TMC), Ijesha, Lagos recently, carrying placards with different inscriptions such as free Palestine, end Gaza siege, end Al-Aqsa blockade, where leaders of different Islamic organizations addressed a world press conference to vent their anger.

Other Muslims groups were The Muslim Awareness International (MAI), The Muslim Students Society of Nigeria, MSSN Lagos zone. In the same vein, The Companion and National Council of Muslim Youths, NACOMYO also issued separate statements to condemn the development.

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing and suit

With Vice President Mike Pence looking on, US President Donald Trump gives a statement on Jerusalem, during which he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House in Washington, US, December 6, 2017. (photo credit: REUTERS/KEVIN LAMARQUE)

TRUMP Earlier, after a third day of violence and protests in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, there were condemnation by no fewer than 22 countries, including close US allies. To some of them, Trumps will further deepen the crisis in the region.

However, Trump has faced fierce criticism for his decision around the world recently. The Arab League after hours of talks in Cairo, backed by a number of US allies, including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, kicked,resolving that: The US had withdrawn itself as a sponsor and broker of any possible Israeli-Palestinian peace process through its decision.

Trumps move might deepen tension, ignite anger and capable of plunging the region into more violence and chaos. They also resolved that a request would be made for the UN Security Council to condemn the move. At an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council last Friday, the US found itself isolated, with the other 14 members all condemning Trumps declaration.

In Nigeria, the Amir, The Muslim Congress, (TMC) Dr Lukman...


Kim Dotcoms Extradition Battle Suffers High Court Setback "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In 2012, file-hosting site Megaupload was shut down by the United States government and founder Kim Dotcom and his associates were arrested in New Zealand.

Ever since, the US government has sought to extradite Dotcom on several counts including copyright infringement, racketeering, and money laundering. Dotcom has fought them every single step of the way.

One of the key areas of conflict has been the validity of the search warrants used to raid his Coatesville home on January 20, 2012. The fight has been meticulous and lengthy but in 2014, following appeals to lower courts, the Supreme Court finally dismissed Dotcoms appeals that the search warrants werent valid.

Following a three-month hearing, the District Court later found that Dotcom was eligible for extradition. Dotcom appealed again but in February 2017 the High Court ruled that the entrepreneur could indeed be transferred to the United States.

Dotcom subsequently appealed the High Court decision to the Court of Appeal, a hearing that will go ahead in February 2018. Last summer, the Megaupload founder also attacked the underpinnings of the extradition process by filing an eight-point statement of claim for judicial review. This morning the High Court handed down its decision and it looks like bad news for Dotcom

The causes of action presented by the Megaupload founder were varied but began by targeting the validity of the arrest warrants used in January 2012 and by extension every subsequent process, including the extradition effort itself.

Accordingly, the relief sought includes orders that the extradition proceeding be quashed or set aside and that Mr Dotcom be discharged, the ruling reads.

However, the Court describes this argument as an abuse of process, noting that the Supreme Court has already upheld the validity of the search warrants and a High Court ruling confirmed the District Courts finding that Dotcom is eligible for extradition, a process that will soon head to the Court of Appeal.

But Dotcoms arguments continued, with attacks on the validity of search warrants and a request to quash them and return all property seized under their authority. Another point asserted that a US request to seize Dotcoms assets in New Zealand was invalid because no extraditable offense had been committed.

Unfortunately for Dotcom, none of...


Frestonia and Me "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

A former resident writes on their experience of the Free and Independent State of Frestonia, a unique 1977 rebellion in Kensington and Chelsea by a community which today is under threat from Londons rampant gentrification monster. Last month marked the 40th Anniversary of The Free and Independent State of Frestonia and as we celebrated, we


The Insurrectionary Campus: A Strategy Proposal "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post The Insurrectionary Campus: A Strategy Proposal appeared first on It's Going Down.

Someone stands on a table and yells, This is now occupied. And thats how it begins. 

Q. Libet, Pre-Occupied: The Logic of Occupation.


We know by now that fascists are targeting universities as recruiting sites and as places to make ideologies of racial, gender, and economic domination respectable (see this and this). Both liberals and conservatives are rushing to ensure that universities give fascists protected, well-funded platforms. What is the task of Antifa on college campuses? How can we be effective in combating the fascist creep?

Antifas powerful disruptions of fascist speakers help point the way. But that essential tactic has limits. It is often defensive, which leaves the university waiting for its next fascist cooption. What if the university could be more than a site to be defended? Can the struggle for campuses be not just reactive but transformative  wrenching universities out of the hands of fascists and liberals to make them sites of revolutionary power? Weve seen glimpses of this possibility in the insurrections at the New School in 2008, at NYU in 2009, and throughout the wave of campus occupations in California in 2009 and 2010 -themselves reminders of the earthquake of student and worker struggle in May 68.

As a member of the Radical Education Department, part of the on-campus Antifa struggle, I offer the following: a strategy proposal for the experimental, insurrectionary seizing of campu...


Bases 2017 Ireland Awakens the Dark Journalist "IndyWatch Feed World"


Daniel Liszt
Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt is an Independent Investigative Reporter and Documentary Filmmaker who coined the term "Dark Journalism" to introduce crucial areas of research and investigation that the mainstream media refuses to touch. The innovative subjects he covers include: The Black Budget, Missing Trillions, Deep State, Breakaway Civilization, Secret Space Program, Esoteric Mysteries, UFOs, GMOs Chemtrails and more! During his career as an investigative reporter he has interviewed many of the premier names in the field, such as Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer, Bestselling Author Jim Marrs, Emmy award winning reporter Linda Moulton Howe, Former US Assistant Housing Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts, Ancient Mysteries researcher Graham Hancock, Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph Farrell and more. His YouTube channel has reached over Five Million Views and his weekly show exposing the Deep State on GStar Satellite Radio reaches a wide international audience.
The Real Secret Space Program & The Missing Trillions
Since NASA Hacker Gary Mackinnon revealed his discovery of the existence of an Off-world Officerss list, the possibility of a Secret Space Program has been explored by expert researchers.
Through his exclusive interviews with Former US HUD Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts...


"The Stubborn Little Bird" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"The Stubborn Little Bird"

"There was a stubborn little bird who refused to fly south with the others when winter came. Soon it snowed, and the little bird, freezing, tried to start flying south. Instead, he froze and fell into a barnyard, where a passing cow crapped on him. The warmth of the crap revived him and he began singing joyously. A nearby cat heard the singing and promptly dug him out and ate him. 
The moral of the story is:
Not everyone who craps on you is your enemy.
Not everyone who gets you out of the crap is your friend.
And if you're warm and happy in a pile of crap, keep your mouth shut."
- Author Unknown


Theresa May applauded by her European counterparts EU leaders prepare to move Brexit talks on to trade "IndyWatch Feed War"

THE leaders of the remaining 27 European Union members are poised to announce they are pleased that sufficient progress has been made in Brexit talks and we can now move on to the second phase.

PUBLISHED: 08:03, Fri, Dec 15, 2017 | UPDATED: 09:12, Fri, Dec 15, 2017

Juncker: Its up to the UK public and government if they leave EU

Theresa May has flown back to London after last nights talks, leaving the EU27 leaders to vote on whether or not to allow Brexit talks to move onto the next stage.The Prime Minister was applauded by her European counterparts at a Brussels dinner last night after German Chancellor Angela Merkel thanked her for her efforts in Brexit talks.

The EU still wants more detail from Britain about her vision for the end state of Brexit talks but trade talks now appear to be on the horizon.

EU leaders have started to arrive at the summit this morning and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker was among the first to speak to reports.

Speaking about Mays round of applause last night, he said: Some of us thought, including me, that she did make big efforts...


Top Ten Reasons to Oppose Water Fluoridation "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

IAOMT LogoReason #1 to Oppose Water Fluoridation: Fluoridation is a violation of the individuals right to informed consent to medication.  Within a community water supply, fluoride is being added to the water of everyone, even if some people do not want it and still others do not even know about the fluoride being added to the water or about its health risks.  Informed consumer consent is needed for water fluoridation, especially because of the alarming lack of safety for this chemical and its health risks.
Reason #2 to Oppose Water Fluoridation: Fluoride is not an essential nutrient. Fluoride is not a required component for human growth and development. In fact, fluoride has been recognized as one of 12 industrial chemicals known to cause developmental neurotoxicity in human beingsResearchers have repeatedly ...


VIDEO: Alex Jones Shilling With Breitbarts Aaron Klien "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Yet another biased propaganda piece coming out of Infowars. Has anyone noticed that Alex Jones has really been stepping up his Zionist shilling as of late? This interview took place on 12/13/2017.


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