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Sunday, 26 November


Farmers Market Wayville "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Adelaide families now have the opportunity buy fresh food directly from producers from all over SA at the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market. The 20,000 strong crowd that turned up for the farmers market which formed the centrepiece of the 'Go Organic Festival' in September in 2005 encouraged the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society (RAHS) to back the foundation of a permanent farmers market by a not-for-profit community organisation. The market opened on October 1st 2006 with a massive crowd of 10,000 shoppers and runs each Sunday (apart from the weeks of the Royal Show) from 9am-1pm.

In the tradition of farmers markets, it is a food market at which both food producers and consumers can get a fair price for food produced in SA and support regional and sustainable land use. The market guarantees that you buy direct from the producer and is known for its strict adherence to the ethics of farmers markets which now number in their thousands worldwide as families seek to avoid overstored food from major retailers who pass on meagre prices to farmers. In Australia, the farmers market movement is represented by the Australian Farmers Market Association and SA's peak body, the SA Farmers Market Association, will soon be launched.

The Adelaide Showground location is superb, with a major bike trail, the Glenelg tram line, a major rail line, numerous bus routes all converging to make it one of the most accessible sites in Adelaide. Parking is also easy and cheap.

120 producers offer their extraordinarily diverse products (everything from oysters to almonds and bread to boysenberries!). It is accessed from the car parks at the Leader Street (southern) end of the Showgrounds.  

Becoming a member brings with it 10% discount on all purchases as well as a right to vote in the management of the market. Details and memberships are available at

The Food Forest is a foundation stallholder at the market and presents a wide range of foods, always including its signature specialty - organically certified pistachio nuts. We are there on alternate weeks (we run short courses on the other weekends).

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IndyWatch World News All Topics Summary Today.

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Thursday, 16 November

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Tuesday, 14 November


U.S. Ambassador to the Dominican Republic: Who Is Robin Bernstein? "IndyWatch Feed"

Its not always what you know, its who you know. Robin Bernstein, nominated October 31, 2017, to be ambassador to the Dominican Republic, claims to speak only basic Spanish. But Bernstein is a founding member of President Donald Trumps Mar-a-Lago club, which apparently qualified her to be the U.S. representative to the Caribbean nation.


Born in 1953, Robin Stein Bernstein is from Bridgeton, New Jersey, and graduated from Bridgeton High School in 1972 after spending her junior year as an exchange student in Paris. She went to American University, graduating with a bachelors degree in Language Area Studies in 1975. In 1981, Bernstein earned an MBA from George Washington University.


Bernstein jumped in to politics, initially as a Democrat. After graduation, she worked for Sen. Henry Scoop Jackson (D-Washington) in his unsuccessful quest for the 1976 presidential nomination. Bernstein then served briefly as a staff assistant for the Joint Congressional Economic Committee led by Sen. Hubert Humphrey (D-Minnesota), before joining the transition team of President-elect Jimmy Carter. She served in the Carter administration as an assistant to Assistant Commerce Secretary Jerry Jasinowski.


Bernstein moved to Palm Beach, Florida, in 1981, initially as a vice president of marketing for a development company. The company soon went under, and Bernstein found work as an administrative assistant to the Palm Beach County Commissioner Ken Spillias.  While there, she took time to work in the 1984 campaign of Florida Governor Reubin Askew for the Democratic presidential nomination. She was also president of the Palm Beach County Young Democrats and Spillias campaign manager in 1982.


In 1984, she married insurance broker Richard Bernstein and began working for his Palm Beach company, Richard S. Bernstein and Associates. She began a campaign of her own, running as a Democrat in 1986 for a seat on the Palm Beach County Commission, but withdrew after becoming pregnant. In 2002, the Bernsteins founded Rizbur, a political consulting company.


Beginning in October 1986, Bernstein switched to the Republican Party, working to persuade traditionally Democratic-leaning Jewish voters to support the GOP.


Bernstein has been a friend of Trumps since 1994. The Bernsteins agency handles insurance for some of the Presidents interests and the couple was invited to Trumps 2005 wedding to Melania. Donald is our Prince Charles, she told the Palm Beach Post at the time. Its a great honor to be invited. He knows so many people that an invitation is a form of acknowledgement. Bernstein was a Trump delegate at the 2016 Republican National Convention and served as one of Trum...


IcedID: Original new banking Trojan emerges "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

IcedID, a new banking Trojan that does not seem to have borrowed code from other similar threats, has entered the financial cybercrime arena. It was first spotted in the wild in September 2017, and it currently targets banks, payment card providers, mobile services providers, payroll, webmail, and ecommerce sites in the US, Canada and the UK. IcedID banking Trojan capabilities IcedID has a modular architecture, and its current capabilities are likely just the beginning. To More


Teledildonics maker Lovense fixes bug to delete recordings of user sessions from phones "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Late last week, a Reddit user took to the popular discussion site to reveal that the app that is used to control remote control sex toys made by Lovense seems to be recording while the vibrator is on. I was going through my phone media to prepare it for a factory reset and came across a .3gp file named tempSoundPlay.3gp in the folder for the App. The file was a FULL audio recording 6 minutes More


Risk assessment: The first step in improving cyber security "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Despite the proliferation of high profile cyber-attacks over the last 18 months, many organisations are still too disorganised in their approach to security. While it is no longer feasible to guarantee 100% protection against a breach, businesses are setting themselves up for a fall by failing to adequately understand and prepare for the risks facing them. PwCs 2018 Information Security Survey, which surveyed more than 9,000 business and technology executives around the world, found that More


Die Aufklrung der Shadowbrokers-Leaks bei der NSA ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Die Aufklrung der Shadowbrokers-Leaks bei der NSA kommt anscheinend nicht voran.

They had operational insight that even most of my fellow operators at T.A.O. did not have, said Mr. Williams, now with Rendition Infosec, a cybersecurity firm he founded. I felt like Id been kicked in the gut. Whoever wrote this either was a well-placed insider or had stolen a lot of operational data.
Das braucht ja auch eine besondere Art von "Patriotismus", seine Cyber-Firma dann nach den CIA-Folterflgen zu benennen. Krass.


Facebook's Billionaire Immortal Overlords, 1885 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

- Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 Good evening, Im still reporting on: Facebook's Billionaire Immortal Overlords, 1885 Synopsis: Good evening, Im still reporting on Big Brother. Sorry, but Ive been on travel for the last 4 days. Have you ever wondered how all the social media titans can be so far left of center that supporting simple, self-governance by we, the people is today seen as an outmoded and destructive cultural fad of the days of yore? Academically, my knee-jerk response was control. Control of the population means maximum profits for them, and some form of slavery for us. I mean, the rule of law was not built for the uber-rich; it was created to protect we, the little people from the tyranny of the uber-rich. The entire concept of representative governance is now threatened by media-approved creations like Antifa and the Deep State ministry of propaganda better known as the NYT, WaPo, CNN-MSNBC axis. Not since the Robber Barrons ruled the East Coast over a century ago, has the rule of law been so completely disregarded as has been the case since the Clintons, Bushs and Obamas came to the Beltway. But understanding how they thought was no more than a theory, unbacked by hard evidence until a few days ago. Last Thursday, the mindset of these noveau-riche, tech-titans was put on shocking display by Tucker Carlson: [insert] For me that answers a lot of questions. And thats why I say that Im still reporting from the one-time free speech capitol of the world. Good day. Support Our Sponsors: - Nobel Gold: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 877-646-5347 - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 - Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - SeaShell Diamond Gallery, Custom Fine Jewelry Made in Hawaii. 808-338-9988; - PrepareWithBill - Food Storage You Can Depend On. 888-756-8727 - Kangen Water, ionized, alkaline water, Call Tom @ 843-729-7837, website: Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States po...


Millions Upon Millions of Americans Have Negative Wealth "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Millions Upon Millions of Americans Have Negative Wealth by Rory The Daily Coin While 3 Americans posses more wealth than 50% of the combined poorest we know learn that 20% of ALL Americans have zero or negative wealth. I...

The post Millions Upon Millions of Americans Have Negative Wealth appeared first on The Daily Coin.


116 Internet Shutdowns Show Why Physical Gold Is Ultimate Protection "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Internet shutdowns (116 in two years) show physical gold is ultimate protection
Number of internet shutdowns increased in 2017 as 30 countries hit by shutdowns
Democratic India experienced 54 internet shutdowns in last two years; Brazil 2
EU country Estonia, a technologically advanced nation, experienced a shutdown
Gallup poll shows Americans more worried about cybercrime than violent crime
Governments use terrorist threat as reason for internet kill switch powers
Own physical coins and bars rather than digital gold on a single platform 

Editor: Mark OByrne

internet shutdown

UNESCO is warning that the number of internet shutdowns is increasing worldwide. According to when reporting data provided by digital rights platform, internet access has been curbed 116 times in 30 countries since January 2016.

Internet shutdown: An intentional disruption of Internet or electronic communications, rendering them inaccessible or effectively unusable, for a specific population or within a location, often to exert control over the flow of information. Access Now.

One question that so many ask when first hearing about bitcoin is what if the internet stops working? Bitcoin and crypto proponents scoff and point out that there is no singular off button i.e. it would be near impossible.

According to father of the internet Tim Berners-Lee, this is true:

The way the internet is designed is very much as a decentralised system. At the moment, because countries connect to each other in lots of different ways, there is no one off switch, there is no central place where you can turn it off.

Try telling that to the one billion plus people in India who have experienced over 54 internet shutdowns in the last two years.

Or those in Egypt who on January 27th 2011 could no longer get online as the government shut down the internet in response to the pre-Arab Spring protests.

Even in the EU, ten years ago technologically advanced Estonia appears to have been a victim of Kremlin-sponsored...


CNN Should Register As Agent Of Capitalism "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Staff of RT - In a linked article, Baraka, a noted black rights activist, wrote that a new McCarthyism in America is being led by centrist and liberal Democrats utilizing the almost comical notion that Russia possesses the power and influence to not only impact elections but also create racial tensions. Baraka also noted that singling out RT there are no other media organizations on the current FARA list not only creates an artificial divide with other media that receive state funding, such as the BBC and Deutsche Welle, but also the domestic mainstream giants. CNN, NYTs, Wash Post should register as agents of capitalism, wrote Baraka. CNN, NYTs, Wash Post should register as agents of capitalism. The Washington Post is owned by Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos, the New York Times by the Ochs-Sulzberger family, and CNN by the multinational giant Time Warner. On Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin promised retaliatory measures following the DOJ decision, likely involving the operations of US media outlets in Russia, but expressed alarm at the growing trend for filtering out unfavorable views. The medias perspective can be challenged, but not by shutting down the media or creating conditions to make it impossible to carry out its professional activities, but by presenting your own perspective, presenting your information to the audience, the Russian leader said during the APEC summit in Vietnam.


I Was a Child: George H.W. Bush Accused of Sexually Assaulting Teen Girl "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

An alleged victim of George H. W. Bush has come forward with claims that he sexually assaulted her as a child and that it was a horrifying experience.


November Patch Tuesday forecast: .NET, Adobe, Firefox and more "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Fall is upon us and the holidays are right around the corner! But before we continue shopping, we need to cover a few security topics for this month. KRACK vulnerability The hot topic right now is the KRACK vulnerability which is named from the Key Reinstallation Attack. This is a vulnerability in the Wi-Fi WPA security protocol which allows a third party to eavesdrop on the information being sent. This can include passwords, credit card More


Yoda: OpenStack and Multi-Cloud Integration "IndyWatch Feed War"

Still lacking assured anonymity, identity, privacy, and security, but interesting.

OpenStack adoption grows into multi-cloud formations

The open source cloud platform sees a rise in unique installations, as well as more integration with commercial clouds.

There is a strong trend to multi-cloud integration among OpenStack users. Close to half, 48 percent, indicate that they also interact with other clouds up from 38 percent a year ago. Amazon Web Services (AWS) remains the most popular cloud interacting with OpenStack deployments, at 48 percent, though this is down from 58 percent a year ago.


Facebooks Billionaire Immortal Overlords (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Facebooks Billionaire Immortal Overlords Video Bill Still Good evening, Im still reporting on Big Brother. Sorry, but Ive been on travel for the last 4 days. Have you ever wondered how all the social media titans can be so...

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Monday, 13 November


Stanford students promote hate and disinformation in claiming Robert Spencer promotes hate and disinformation "IndyWatch Feed War"

Another week has rolled around, and the Stanford Daily is filled with more hit pieces denouncing me, trying to shame the College Republicans into apologizing for inviting me, and above all, trying to keep people from attending my scheduled lecture tomorrow evening. In The Coming of the Third Reich, historian Richard J. Evans explains how, []


#RefugeesGR #Lesvos: Update From Hell "IndyWatch Feed War"

Statement by 105FM, Self-organized radio of Mytilene.


Originally published by 105FM, Self-organized radio of Mytilene Facebook page. Translated by Black Cat.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Read all our reports about refugees in Greece; here.

#RefugeesGR Lesvos: Update From Hell

At this moment in Moria the number of unaccompanied minors has reached 350 in a chaos of 7000 people- with that number increasing daily. The majority of unaccompanied minors sleep on the ground in a central tent. Suicidal incidents occur daily could we understand what this means?

Apart from that, there are thousands of people, families with children, sleeping in summer tents. The southern wind is already becoming stronger....


Unitary Patent (UPC) is Dead to the EPO and ANSERA is Not the Answer as Patent Quality Declines and Talented Staff Leaves "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Of questions

Summary: EPOPIC comes to an end and the EPO does not mention the UPC content in it; ANSERA, in the meantime, raises more questions than it answers and IP Kat makes a formal query

THE quality of patents at the EPO and the USPTO goes in opposite directions. Its almost as though the EPO is mimicking the old (and notorious) USPTO, whereas the USPTO mimics the old (and reputable) EPO. Its bizarre, but we have been pointing this out for about four years now.

Has the EPO run out of competent staff? This morning their official news feed linked to http://localhost:8080/ (geeks will understand why its funny and how it reinforces stereotypes about marketing people) although it was supposed to link to this page (warning: link) about EPOPIC. This focuses a lot on search, e.g.:

Those attending heard how the EPO is increasingly focusing on usability to enable more users to search data efficiently and easily, while ensuring the reliability and correctness of the data.

Its worth noting that even though the UPC was mentioned by the EPO at EPOPIC it was altogether omitted from the summary of it. Curious omission! Perhaps the EPO too knows that unitary/unified/community/EU patent is dead. Were not even too sure what to call it anymore. Too many renames over the years an effort to dodge negative publicity associated with failures. The Unitary Patent aka UP aka UPC (Unified Patent Court) aka UPCA formerly harmonisation or EU patent or Community patent is a great example of names being morphed and new euphemisms being added. That still wasnt enough. Call it whatever, its still a steaming pile of dung and no sane European would want it, except perhaps the few who are patent prosecutors. The dangers associated with the UPC are further increased considering the lousy patents and lousy searches associated with European Patents these...


Observations of Iranian Activities "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The US invasion of Iraq and the defeat of that nation was viewed from Teheran as "God's Intervention" for Iran, which had difficulty handling the Iraqi menace.

There were those of us who tried to make the point back then, but Present Bush (and his friends) would not be deterred. The hubris and zeal that led to the invasion which cost the American nation so much blood and treasure over the past decade and a half can not be under stated. Some forget the situation, but I recall it clearly. I'm not going into details of who or why post September 11, 2001, but I was alarmed by the situation, but I was not alone in this.

Fast forwarding to the present (with a continuing dose of I-told-you-so), the multi-polar nature of the Middle East that includes the Islamic radicalization of Turkey, creates frustration when reading the tea leaves, because it's like ten chameleons making love. Even with a program and a sound understanding of the history of the area and the players, the variables keep it all looking like the Gordian Knot (cut by Alexander-the-Great).

Iran is Open for Business

A shipment of 15,000 tons of Indian wheat aid to Afghanistan arrived on Saturday via Irans Chabahar/Chahbahar port. The shipment left Indias western port of Kandla on 29 October and reached Chabahar on 1 November. It was then transported by trucks to Zaranj, in the Afghan province of Nimruz, which borders Iran. From there, it will travel to Delaram to join the Afghan Ring Road for distribution.

A total of seven shipments are planned to deliver 110,000 tons of wheat in stages between now and the end of January. A second wheat shipment already is at Chabahar. With the...


Volatility of Crypto & Store of Value "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Volatility of Crypto & Store of Value by Junius Matlby volatilityvltild/noun 1. liability to change rapidly and unpredictably, especially for the worse.the succession of new rulers contributed to the volatility of the situation 2. tendency of a substance to evaporate...

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Russia's record wheat harvest sees it replace US as agricultural superpower "IndyWatch Feed World"

The US is being pushed out of the grain market as Russia's bumper wheat harvest has dragged down prices to record lows. Russian agricultural exports are booming thanks to a weaker national currency and massive investment. "We are pushing America aside in some markets, and we are satisfied with this," said Russia's Agriculture Minister Aleksandr Tkachev. This year Russian farmers are expected to harvest the biggest crop in over a century. Russia will produce at least 83 million tons of wheat in the current growing season, according to estimates by The Wall Street Journal.


Berto Jongman: BBC Fabricates Film of Syrian Attack on Children How Trama Simulations Are Taking Over Mainstream Media Reporting (and Supporting False Flag Attacks) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Phi Beta Iota: We must not forget that BBC has been a funded subsidiary of the CIA for some time the lack of integrity across our academic, government, law enforcement, and media institutions is now catastrosphic.

See Also:

Military Moulage Combat Injury Simulation

US Army Medical Simulation Training Center (MSTC)

TraumaMan Computer-Managed Simulators (Includes Sound, Movement, Spurting Blood, Tissue Feel)

Our mission is to create a human mimic so perfect, participants feel truly immersed in every procedural training. Just touch our tissues to feel the difference. Youll see they look, feel, ultrasound, suture and bleed just like human.

Trauma F/X Web Sales Page for Simulators


Bush Family Bashes President Trump for His Brash Courage Cant See Their Passivity Resulted in Criminal and Corrupt Obama Years "IndyWatch Feed"

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Former Bush Presidents Silent on Obama, Friends with Clintons, But Critical of President Trump?  Their Actions Are in Part Why Son and Brother Jeb Got Destroyed!

In a new book coming out soon, former Presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush express their discontent with Americas current President and fellow Republican Donald J. Trump

In surprisingly undiplomatic terms for elder statesmen, George W. Bushand his father, George H.W. Bush, bash President Trump in a soon-to-be released book. While both of the former presidents vowed when they left office not to speak ill of their successors a pledge theyve kept for the most part theres just something about Donald J. Trump that they cant stand.

Bush the elder, 93, was blunt, even crass, calling the president of the United States a fellow Republican a blowhard.

I dont like him,Bush the Old said in May 2016, according to the upcoming book The Last Republicans, written byMark Updegrove. I dont know much about him, but I know hes a blowhard. And Im not too excited about him being a leader. Rather than being motivated by public service,Mr. Bush said, Mr. Trump seemed to be driven by a certain ego.
George the Younger echoed his father, saying, As you know from looking at my family, humility is a certain heritage. Thats what they expect, and were not seeing that in Trump. (Note to truly humble people out there: Its not humble to point out your humility.)

The Bush family may have thought their efforts to submit to Democrats and the mainstream media (MSM) were hu...


Bipolar Britain For Israel But Then Against? "IndyWatch Feed War"


The Jerusalem Post
 NOVEMBER 12, 2017 21:47

We understand that newspapers have to make money and that sensationalism sells.

Benjamin Netanyahu and British Prime Minister Theresa May look at the original Balfour Declaration

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara look at the original Balfour Declaration with British Prime Minister Theresa May, Lord Balfour and Lord Rothschild. (photo credit:KOBI GIDEON/GPO)

Many in Mays Conservative-led government are outspoken in their support of Israel, not just Priti Patel, the UKs former secretary of state for international development.

However, the scandal surrounding Patel, who was forced to resign last week after it came to light that she had met with a number of Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, seems to point to the bipolar nature of Israeli-British ties.

On one hand, the two countries share sensitive intelligence; Britain has purchased hundreds of millions of pounds worth of Israeli weapons systems; and coordination between the militaries of the two countries has reached new heights.

On the other hand, Patels in...


Athens Metro work stoppage and 24h strike, Nov 15-16/2017 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Workers at Athens Metro will launch one more work stoppage, in addition to the planned 24-hour strike. Work stoppage on Wednesday, Nov 15th, will start at 9 p.m. until the end of night shift. 24-hour strike is scheduled for Thursday, Nov 16th. Practically no metro will operate between 9 p.m. Wednesday and 5 a.m. on

The post Athens Metro work stoppage and 24h strike, Nov 15-16/2017 appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


FLASHBACK: America Reloaded: The bizarre story behind the FBI's fake documentary about the Bundy family "IndyWatch Feed World"

Ryan Bundy seemed uneasy as he settled into a white leather chair in a private suite at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. As the eldest son of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who had become a national figure for his armed standoff with U.S. government agents in April 2014, Ryan had quite a story to tell. Eight months had passed since Cliven and hundreds of supporters, including heavily armed militia members, faced off against the federal government in a sandy wash under a highway overpass in the Mojave Desert. Now, here in the comforts of the Bellagio, six documentary filmmakers trained bright lights and high-definition cameras on Ryan. They wanted to ask about the standoff. Wearing a cowboy hat, Ryan fidgeted before the cameras. He had told this story before; that wasn't the reason for his nerves. After all, the Bundy confrontation made national news after armed agents with the Bureau of Land Management seized the Bundy family's cattle following a trespassing dispute and the accumulation of more than $1 million in unpaid grazing fees. But the Bundys, aided by their armed supporters, beat back the government, forcing agents to release the cattle and retreat. Images of armed Bundy supporters with high-powered rifles taking on outgunned BLM agents circulated widely on social media. As a result, the Bundys became a household name, lionized by the right as champions of individual liberty and vilified by the left as anti-government extremists. But something seemed off to Ryan about this interview in the Bellagio. While the family's newfound fame had attracted fresh supporters to their cause, it had also inspired suspicion. With a federal investigation looming, who among these new faces could they really trust? Among the more recent figures in the Bundy orbit was this mysterious documentary film crew. The director, Charles Johnson, was middle-aged, with a silver goatee, slicked-back hair, and a thick southern accent. His assistant, who identified herself as Anna, was tall and blond. A website for their company, Longbow Productions, listed an address in Nashville, Tennessee, but the Bundys could find no previous examples of their work. As the cameras recorded, Ryan's skepticism was plain. At times, his right eye rolled back into his head, the result of a childhood accident that paralyzed half of his face, and his gaze shifted to figures outside the shot. "There's been a lot of red flags in the community about Longbow Productions," one of his companions explained to the film crew. "No bullshit, straight talk. ... It's almost like you're trying to make us incriminate ourselves."


Bug bounty programs and a vulnerability disclosure policy allowed Pentagon fix thousands of flaws "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Bug bounty programs allowed the US agency to receive 2,837 valid bug reports from 650 white hat hackers located in 50 countries around the world.

Bug bounty program Hack the Pentagon launched by the Pentagon in 2016 along with the vulnerability disclosure policy announced nearly one year ago allowed the US agency to receive 2,837 valid bug reports from 650 white hat hackers located in 50 countries around the world.

Great news for U.S. citizens! Over 3,000 valid security vulnerabilities have been resolved with the U.S. Department of Defenses Hack the Pentagon hacker-powered security program. reported the platform used by the US Government to manage the initiatives.

Just over a year ago, following the success of the pilot, we announced the U.S. Department of Defense was expanding its Hack the Pentagon, initiatives. To date, HackerOne and DoD have run bug bounty challenges for Hack the PentagonHack the Army and Hack the Air Force.

The success of the bug bounty programs launched by the UG Government has been undeniable.

The hackers have earned over $300,000 in bounties for their contributions, they reported nearly 500 vulnerabilities in nearly 40 DoD components, more than 100 of the flaws have been rated critical or high severity.

Let me also remind you that the DoD vulnerability disclosure program does not offer any monetary rewards, instead it allows hackers to report security holes without the fear of potential legal consequences.

The list of vulnerabilities includes remote code execution, SQL injection, and authentication bypass issues.



Tribal justice awaits returning Iraqis who joined IS Everything we owned, we sacrificed everything for the people of Iraq. "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP / by Sleimane al-Anbari | No longer anywhere to hide for IS: Iraqi forces and members of the Hashed al-Shaabi advance on Al-Qaim in Anbar province on November 3, 2017
AL-OBEIDI (IRAK) (AFP)  In the unforgiving deserts of Iraq, there is just one way to deal with defeated members of the Islamic State group who try to come home tribal justice.

No pardons are possible among tribes which have agreed among themselves to treat with the utmost severity those members who became jihadists.

As for the families of IS members, many have already fled, fearing reprisals.

The former army commander for operations in the western province of Anbar, where IS once held sway after a sweeping offensive across Syria and Iraq in 2014, told AFP returning jihadists face short shrift.

The Bumahal and the other tribes have agreed to adopt a common stance on the issue, said General Ismail Mehlawi, himself a Bumahal.

In the vast Sunni region where tribal law prevails, the tribes have addressed the thorny question of what to do about any relatives who pledged allegiance to the self-proclaimed IS caliphate.

Theyve all fled to neighbouring Syria, say residents of Al-Obeidi village in the heart of what was the last jihadist bastion in Iraq, which has just been retaken by Iraqi forces.

But if any return or are discovered in the area, they will be treated with severity, Mehlawi said.

No pardon will be possible, said the moustachioed Iraqi whose home was dynamited by members of his own tribe who had joined IS.

We will punish them as prescribed by God so justice is done to the tribesmen who have been wronged during the jihadist occupation.

The cycle of revenge has already begun in Al-Obeidi, said a security official in the Al-Qaim region whose 150,000 inhabitants belong to around half a dozen tribes.

Acts of vengeance

A week ago, Busharji fighters blew up the house of a member of their tribe who had joined IS and who was himself accused of blowing up homes in Al-Obeidi, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Before destroying his home, the tribe shunned him, leaving the former IS man unprotected in a country where tribal law often takes precedence over the law and the courts.

Mohammed al-Mohammedi...


Pandemic Agents Spread by ISIS Drones Will Result In UN Controlled Medical Martial Law (FEMA Camps) "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Pandemic Agents Spread by ISIS Drones Will Result In UN Controlled Medical Martial Law (FEMA Camps)


The United States government is under attack from the Deep State. A coup is underway and a new found strategy is about to be employed. The strategy is called medical martial law and it involves the use of thinly veiled FEMA Camps.

Previously, and as reported on The Common Sense Show the United Nations has been granted the authority to take over policing activities in the event of a national emergency.

From Fox News:

The United States is announcing its support for a set of principles that give a green light for U.N. peacekeeping troops and police to use force to protect civilians in armed conflicts.

U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power told a high-level U.N. meeting Wednesday focusing on the responsibility to protect civilians that the United States was proud and humbled to join 28 other countries that have pledged to abide by the 18 pledges.

U.N. peacekeepers from these 29 countries are now required to act in cases where civilians are in danger.

The Kigali Principles are designed to make sure that civilians are not abandoned by the international community again, she said, recalling how U.N. peacekeepers left Rwanda before the 1994 genocide and Srebrenica before the 1995 massacre.



Senate Commerce Committee Approves Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act (SESTA) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Internet Giants Support SESTA

Tech companies are cheering on a bill that guts internet protections

In a unanimous vote, the Senate Commerce Committee approved the Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act (or SESTA), clearing the way for a full vote by the House and Senate. As Congress wrestles over tax reform and the debt ceiling, it's still unclear when SESTA will reach a larger vote, and it still faces stern opposition from tech policy organizations and even some anti-trafficking groups. But with more than 30 senators already signed on, the bill seems primed to pass whenever it reaches the floor.

The biggest twist has come from the industry itself. After weeks of debate, a string of tech companies and industry groups have come around to supporting SESTA, leaving critics with few allies and narrowing options. It's an unusual stance for the tech industry to take on a bill that some say would strike at some of the internet's most fundamental protections. But as Google and Facebook face mounting pressure for regulation, SESTA increasingly seems like a workable compromise, giving prosecutors a new tool while fending off more onerous regulation. For anyone dealing with user-generated content, the result could be a dangerous new source of legal risk, one that only the largest companies are fully equipped to handle.

Also at EFF and Marketplace. Wikipedia.

SESTA Could Destroy Wikipedia

Wikipedia Warns That SESTA Could Destroy Wikipedia

For many people supporting SESTA, the discussion seems to start and end with "sex trafficking is bad, this bill says it targets sex trafficking and therefore it's good" (and maybe with a t...


If The Saudi Arabia Situation Doesnt Worry You, Youre Not Paying Attention "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

By Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity

While turbulent during the best of times, gigantic waves of change are now sweeping across the Middle East. The magnitude is such that the impact on the global price of oil, as well as world markets, is likely to be enormous.

A dramatic geo-political realignment by Saudi Arabia is in full swing this month. Its upending many decades of established strategic relationships among the worlds superpowers and, in particular, is throwing the Middle East into turmoil.

So much is currently in flux, especially in Saudi Arabia, that nearly anything can happen next. Which is precisely why this volatile situation should command our focused attention at this time.

The main elements currently in play are these:

  • A sudden and intense purging of powerful Saudi insiders (arrests, deaths, & asset seizures)
  • Huge changes in domestic policy and strategy
  • A shift away from the US in all respects (politically, financially and militarily)
  • Deepening ties to China
  • A surprising turn towards Russia (economically and militarily)
  • Increasing cooperation and alignment with Israel (the enemy of my enemy is my friend?)

Taken together, this is tectonic change happening at blazing speed.

That its receiving too little attention in the US press given the implications, is a tip off as to just how big a deal this is as were all familiar by now with how the greater the actual relevance and importance of a development, the less press coverage it receives. This is not a direct conspiracy; its just what happens when your press becomes an organ of the state and other powerful interests. Like a dog trained with daily rewards and punishments, after a while the press needs no further instruction on the house rules.

It does emphasize, however, that to be accurately informed about whats going on, we have to do our own homework. Heres a short primer to help get you started.

A Quick Primer

Unless you study it intensively, Saudi politics are difficult to follow because they are rooted in the drama of a very large and dysfunctional family battling over its immense wealth.  If you think your own family is nuts, multiply the crazy factor by 1,000, sprinkle in a willingness to kill any family members who get in your way, and youll have the right perspective for grasping how Saudi politics operate.

The House of Saud is the ruling royal family of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (hereafter referred to as KSA) and consists of some 15,000 members. The majo...


Stephen E. Arnold: Google Math & Algorithms Not Trustworthy? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Stephen E. Arnold

Google and Search Trust: Math Is Objective, Right?

Trust, however, seems to mean different things to different people. Consider the write up Its Time to Stop Trusting Google Search Already. The write up suggests that people usually trust Google. The main point is that those people should not trust Google.

Phi Beta Iota: There is no question but that Google and its surrogates (YouTube) as  well as its counterparts (Facebook, MeetUp, Twitter) are in the service of the Deep State, both domestically and foreign. They cannot be trusted just as the other segments of society from academia and media to government and non-profit foundations cannot be trusted. Truth and trust are not to be found in the current information environment. That is the civic challenge of the century, and one bearing on whether America will once...


Is your CCTV system GDPR compliant? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Organisations are putting themselves at risk of breaching the GDPR because theyre failing to realise that the new regulation covers their CCTV systems and the visual data they collect, according to Andrew Charlesworth, Reader in IT Law at the University of Bristol. CCTV systems and the GDPR Because CCTV systems have been lightly regulated until now, there is a danger that users will not understand their obligations under the new legislation. New IP-based systems can More


Theyre Spending Billions to Chip Our Brains (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Theyre Spending Billions to Chip Our Brains Video TruthStream Media Video Source

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In the UK, drag queens used in nurseries to help 2-year-olds learn about LBGT issues "IndyWatch Feed"

Indoctrinating young UK childrenjust being good little commies. From Daily Mirror: Drag queens are being sent into nurseries to help children embrace their individuality and learn about LGBT tolerance. Call centre worker Tom Canham is the brainchild behind Drag Continue reading


Amnesty slams Syrian regime for crimes against humanity "IndyWatch Feed War"

Amnesty International says the Syrian regime has conducted unlawful sieges aimed at forcing civilians from their homes ahead of reconciliation accords. It accuses Damascus of using surrender or starve tactics.

Ruined street in Aleppo(picture alliance/Zumapress)

The regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad has committed crimes against humanity and war crimes by subjecting cities to unlawful sieges that gave civilians no choice but to give up or die, rights group Amnesty International said on Monday.

In a new report entitled We leave or we die, Amnesty examines four so-called reconciliation agreements between the Syrian government and the armed opposition that were preceded by sieges and unlawful bombardments that forced civilians to live in dire conditions and caused widespread displacements.

The pacts under consideration were concluded in Daraya, Madaya, eastern Aleppo city and the al-Waer neighborhood in Homs city between August 2016 and March 2017.

Over the past five years, the Syrian government and, to a lesser degree, armed opposition groups have enforced sieges on densely populated areas, depriving civilians of food, medicine and other basic necessities in violation of international humanitarian law. Besieged civilians have further endured relentless, unlawful attacks from the ground and the air, the report says.

Read more: Concerns grow about abuses, war crimes in Syria

hospital in Atareb near Aleppo (Reuters/A. Abdullah)Hospitals have been among civilian infrastructure damage in government airstrikes

Crimes against humanity

Amnesty said the forced displacement of civilians, often not carried out for reasons of civilians security or military necessity, amounted to a war crime un...


Taking Your Mom on her first Uber Ride "IndyWatch Feed World"

Uber wants you to take your mom on her first Uber ride and the ad is really nice and so true! Ive had to teach a couple of not so tech-savvy friends how to use Uber and the idea of pressing a button and having somebody pick them up made them both anxious and excited. One of them wouldnt go in at first thinking this was a prank LOL!

Check it out:


The Growth of Marginal Revolution University "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Tyler and I are always pleased to get emails like this:

Dear Prof Alex and Prof Tyler,

I write to express my profound gratitude to you and your team for putting those videos online for the benefit of mankind. I am currently running an Executive MBA at University of Ibadan School of Business in Nigeria. Your videos have been extremely useful to me and lots of my colleagues. Exam comes up tomorrow. I am revising with your videos again. Everything is made simple, easy to understand, remember and apply. I look forward to sharing my exam success story with you in addition to applying the principles to a personal business in the nearest future.

I cant thank you enough.

Ibrahim HAMMED

And here are two from teachers of economics at high schools in the United States:

Dear Profs,

Im an Economics teacher at a public charter school in Mesa, Arizona. I use your videos in my class on a regular basis. My students and I love you. Thank you for all that you do!

Ben Fenton


As a high school Economics teacher, I am constantly trying to make lessons interesting and relevant. Your video series is a terrific resource and I am thankful you have invested your time and resources into making these interesting, understandable, and relevant videos. Please pass along my thanks to anyone associated with your very useful site.

Many thanks,

Bruce Jones, Economics Teacher, Hiram High School

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The Fascists Are Back "IndyWatch Feed"

Look, I don't want to get all high and mighty. I'm mindful that on August 8th, 1925, thirty thousand Ku Klux Klan members marched down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC to vocalize their opposition to our then-stringent immigration policies. So, what we're seeing in Warsaw isn't without precedent here at home:

WARSAWTens of thousands of Poles marched across downtown Warsaw on Saturday, in an independence-day procession organized by a nationalist youth movement that seeks an ethnically pure Poland with fewer Jews or Muslims.

The largely young crowd shot off roman candles and many chanted fatherland, carrying banners that read White Europe, Europe Will Be White and Clean Blood. Some of the marchers flew in from Hungary, Slovakia and Spain and waved flags and symbols that those countries used during their wartime collaboration with Nazi Germany.

A number of people in the crowd said they didnt belong to any neo-fascist or racist organization but didnt see a problem with the overall tone of what has become Polands biggest independence day event.

There are of course nationalists and fascists at this march, said Mateusz, a 27-year-old wrapped in a Polish flag, Im fine with it. Im just happy to be here.

The march, organized by a group called the National Radical Camp, underscores the rightward politics of a growing section of Polish youth. The Radical Camp presents itself as the heir to a 1930s fascist movement of the same name, which fought to rid Poland of Jews in the years just before the Holocaust. A second group, All Polish Youth, also named after an anti-Jewish interwar movement, co-organized it.

Europe's fascist movement had enough support here in the States that even after the war some people were punished for having been "premature" anti-fascists by taking the Second Republic's side in the Spanish Civil War against Francisco Franco's Falangists.

A couple of things about this, though. We know what resulted from the fascist takeover of Europe. The Poles certainly did not fare well. We also got our act together and fought against the fascists. And, when we were done, we started a decades-long process of cleaning our own house while rebuilding the conquered lands in both Europe and Asia so that we wouldn't have to fight again.

So, we may not have purest history, but we can be proud and unashamed of our record. Our leadership put us on the right course.

It's important to remember that the day...

Casual Observation "IndyWatch Feed"

Apparently, the only conspiracy theory Donald Trump has ever heard that he didn't believe is that our intelligence agencies are capable of effecting a change in our government.



Arab League to hold urgent meeting on Iran as Saudis mobilize jet fighters "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The Arab League is set to hold an emergency meeting on Iran at Saudi Arabias request, this according to Reuters and various regional sources, at a moment when Saudi fighter jets may be mobilizing for war in an attempted show of force. Egypt-based Ahram Online also reports further that the meeting will discuss Iranian interference in the region at League headquarters in Cairo, and other early unconfirmed reports indicate the meeting could come as early as next Sunday.

News of the Arab League extraordinary session comes as tensions are at breaking point as regional powers especially Saudi Arabia and Israel talk war against perceived Iranian expansion and domination in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, The Daily Star, citing the Baghdad Post, claims that Saudi Arabia has scrambled its air force for strikes in Lebanon: Reports now state the Royal Saudi Air Force has placed its warplanes on alert to launch strikes as the region sits on a knife edge. The report accompanies undated footage of Saudi F-15s in aerial maneuvers over what is presumably a Saudi airfield.

The Daily Star adds the following accompanying the video:

The kingdom has mobilized its F-15 fighter jet fleet to launch a military operation against the Iranian-backed terrorist militia of Hezbollah in Lebanon, regional news website The Baghdad Post reports.

Saudi Arabia previously accused both Lebanon and Iran of committing an act of wars against it after rebels fired a missile at the King Khalid International Airport in the kingdoms capital of Riyadh.

However unlikely it is that the Saudis would take direct military action against Lebanon, the report reveals the legitimate fears of Lebanese citizens who are increasingly aware that their country has fallen in the crosshairs of an unusual alliance between Saudi Arabia, Isra...


How Many US Soldiers Have Died Fighting Terrorism? "IndyWatch Feed War"

A shot of whiskey left on the grave of a soldier in Arlington cemetery, Virginia. (Photo: Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)A shot of whiskey left on the grave of a soldier in Arlington cemetery, Virginia. (Photo: Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)

Our war on terror begins with al-Qaida, but it does not end there. It will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped, and defeated. President George W. Bush, September 20, 2001.

The war on terror has been raging since al-Qaeda brought down the World Trade Center in New York City in 2001, killing almost 3,000 people. Since that fateful day, America has fought terrorism across the globe. Militarily, the war has been largely successful, defeating jihadi groups and armies alike. But for each victory, a new threat has emerged. Fully 16 years after beginning, the war on terror looks no closer to finishing.

This veterans day weekend, we look at the cost of that war in the lives of American servicemen and women.



On October 7, 2001, Operation Enduring Freedom began. United States jets pounded Taliban positions in Afghanistan, supported by the United Kingdoms Royal Air Force. Other allies including Germany, Turkey, France, the Netherlands and Italy deployed troops and the ...


Israel Is in No Hurry to Do the Saudis Bidding in Lebanon "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Israeli army is not about to cross the border despite the Saudis anger at Iranian meddling and the Syrian drone that Israel shot down in the north

By Amos Harel

Image may contain: 1 person

Hezbollah supporters cheer as they listen to a speech of Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah in a southern suburb of Beirut, Lebanon, November 10, 2017. Bilal Hussein/AP

The first leader to exploit claims that Saudi Arabia is trying to push Israel into a new military confrontation in Lebanon is also the most devoted reader of Israeli and foreign news reports Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah. In a speech broadcast Friday on Lebanese television, Nasrallah claimed that the Saudis had declared war on Lebanon and Hezbollah, and warned Israel not to intervene lest it pay a heavy price.

To viewers in Israel, Nasrallah seemed unusually stressed, and his tone sounded almost plaintive. His concerns about future Israeli moves didnt match his past swaggering declarations in which he described Israeli society as a flimsy spiderweb that would collapse under Arab pressure. It seems the crisis created by the Saudis in Lebanon, with the forced resignation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, caught the Hezbollah chief off guard.

Nasrallah isnt the only leader who seems to have slid into something now over his head. The Saudi gamble is a big one and theres no guarantee that the kingdoms aggressive stance will end in success, despite the enthusiastic support of U.S. President Donald Trump. In a statement, the State Department was much less enthusiastic. It called for Hariri to be restored to his post and warned other countries namely Iran, but also Saudi Arabia not to interfere in Lebanons internal affairs.

The Washington Post has provided extensive details on Hariris resignation; it emerges that Hariri indeed served as a Saudi puppet. The resignation letter was dictated to him at a morning meeting in the royal palace, to which he had been summoned unexpectedly. He was later transferred to a villa in the Ritz-Carlton compound in Riyadh, in which Saudi princes and tycoons are being held following this months purge. There, Hariri is under the surveillance of the Saudi security services.

Israel, other than a public verbal assault on Iran a week ago, isnt commenting on Hariris resignation. No official has responded to accusations that this was a Saudi-Israeli move against Iran and Hezbollah. And no steps have been taken to increase vigilance along the northern border, which would have suggested that the Israel Defense Forces was preparing something.



How Sex Robots Will Annihilate Our Sense Of Reality "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The Age of Sex Robots is upon us. Numerous science fiction authors, with a degree of jittery anticipation, have predicted this development for years. Yet it has not seemed feasible until recently.

The New York Times just ran a substantial profile on the impending rise of virtual reality porn and sex robots, and stirrings of anxious excitement are palpable in other media outlets. A strange and terrible new world is dawning, but lets not cue up Also Sprach Zarathustra quite yet. Far from being a boon dispensed from on high, the impending sex robot revolution threatens to destroy our entire sense of reality.

Unfortunately, a dash of cute therapeutic language can make anything sound borderline acceptable, including sex robots. Sex robot manufacturer Matt McMullen told the Times, Based on our experiences with thousands of clients, people do use them [sex robots] for sex, but there is something more that exists. We focus on companionship There are people who are already lonely, and people who live their lives being alone. They work all day and come home to an empty house. This is just offering an alternative to those types of people. They dont have anyone else.

Isolation Plus Self-Delusion

While Ryan Gosling made a chaste, loving relationship with a sex doll seem mildly charming in Lars and the Real Girl, that was clearly a feat unique to Gosling. The idea of a person attempting to assuage his or her loneliness by holding hands at the movies with a sex robot, feeding bread to ducks in the park with a sex robot, or riding on a Ferris wheel at the county fair with a sex robot, is both sadder and more disturbing than picturing that same person merely sitting alone in a room. It piles self-delusion onto isolation. It somehow makes the loneliness feel more intense by highlighting just how desperate these people are to find companionship.

Try staring into the lifeless eyes of this sex robots bodiless head for a few seconds. Its creepy. This palpable lack of erotic enticement comes from the fact that the sex robot is as alive as a to...


The Adoption Credit Fight Reveals GOPs Tax Plan Isnt Really Reform "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

On Thursday, House Republicans announced they would restore the adoption tax credit that their proposed tax reform bill had initially eliminated. It was a popular move, especially among social conservatives, but the whole discussion should remind us that there are a lot of things in the tax code that have nothing to do with taxes. A proper tax reform bill would address these things. Unfortunately, this one doesnt.

The Government Should Support Adoption

There are some good things about the Republican tax bill, but true tax reform it isnt. While there are some positive changes, the tax bill merely tinkers at the edges of the system that has been in place for decades. In doing so, it misses the chance for real tax reform, the best chance Republicans may get for a while.

It also lets Republicans shoot themselves in the foot by eliminating popular provisions in the tax code. One focus of public ire was section 1102 of the bill, which repealed the adoption tax credit, which grants a tax credit of up to $13,570 per child adopted in that tax year. Similarly, section 1406 repealed the exclusion from income for funds received from an employer that are designated for use in adoption assistance (also up to $13,570).

It provoked the usual finger-pointing from the Left and their typical derision at conservatives who want to ban abortion but not care for children after they are born. Here, the catcalls are not completely without reason. As John McCormack noted in The Weekly Standard last week, the pushback is understandable because the tax credit costs the federal government so little, but the costs of adoption can be enormous for American families. Eventually, the pressure got to them, and they deleted that part of the draft.

Why Is This In the Tax Code?

The focus on the loss of a useful benefit obscures what would be the larger question in a more sweeping tax reform: what does any of this have to do with income taxation? Its a question that you could ask of much of what the Internal Revenue Code covers. Other questions that conservatives should consider, even if none in Congress are willing to do so, are: Should the government be encouraging this at all? And if they should, is this the best way to do it?

To take the second (and easiest) of the three questions first: based on the response from across the political spectrum, it appears that most Americans believe government should encourage adoption. Children need families, and families are willing to open their homes to them. Adopting a child is one of the most selfless, generous, and decent th...


Chinese, Russian cities move closer to visa-free travel "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Both Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping have strongly endorsed people exchanges [Xinhua]

Answering the call for greater intercultural exchanges between citizens of BRICS countries at the last Summit in Xiamen, Chinese and Russian cities are examining ways to establish visa-free travel between them.

On Monday, Chinese local media reported that the authorities were looking to scrap visa requirements between the cities of Heihe in northeast Chinas Heilongjiang Province and Blagoveshchensk, capital of Russias Amur State, which are separated by the Amur or Heilong River.

The new visa-free measure is designed not only to increase exchanges between peoples, boosting cooperation and friendship but also end the hour-long queues tourists from both sides often had to endure along the 750-meter border crossing dividing the two cities.

Both China and Russia have been negotiating a deal to build a bridge over the river.

Authorities from both sides say the bridge is expected to open in 2019 and will greatly enhance transportation of goods and people in the region known as the China-Mongolia-Russia economic corridor.

Currently, people crossing the border have to use river ferries.

The BRICS Post with inputs from Agencies


Turns Out Notre Dame Isnt That Interested In Catholicism Or Religious Liberty After All "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

On occasion, every pundit has to eat her words. Its pretty rare to have to do this within 20 minutes of publication. But thats where I found myself last week, after writing an essay in praise of my alma mater, the University of Notre Dame, congratulating her on the courageous decision to discontinue contraceptive sponsorship in university health plans.

I finished the article on Monday, and woke up Wednesday morning to see it in print. Twenty minutes later, I was reading the disheartening news that the school had just reversed course, agreeing to continue contraceptive coverage as before.

For crying out loud, Notre Dame. Cant you leave us time to pat you on the back before sawing off the branch? Now I know how it feels to be the New York Times.

Notre Dame Jukes on Contraception

According to Paul J. Browne, the universitys vice president of communications, there was no flipping or flopping with this decision. The university made a small factual error, then corrected that misinformation. The tortuous logic behind this requires some explanation.

After the initial release of the contraceptive mandate, the Obama administration worked out an accommodation permitting Notre Dame (and other employers with religious objections to contraceptives) to transfer the cost to a third-party provider. Notre Dame had to facilitate the arrangement, however, by filing relevant paperwork.

In a subsequently filed lawsuit, the university argued that this accommodation was inadequate, because the requirement to cooperate with the mandates provisions conflicted with its religious mission. It should be noted that the Catechism of the Catholic Church (quoting the papal encyclical Humanae Vitae) deems artificial contraceptives intrinsically evil.

Now that the Trump administration has relaxed the relevant requirement, it is within Notre Dames power to discontinue the coverage altogether. Alternatively, the school can choose to continue in the status quo that it previously declared unacceptable.

After initially suggesting that it would discontinue the coverage, administrators now claim they simply had no intention of interfering with already established arrangements. They had assumed the third-party providers would discontinue their contraceptive coverage. If they wish to go on providing free contraceptives, thats their choice.

Does that look like a dodge? It is.

Its a Rationalization for...


Why Socialism Is Still Awful Despite Its European Image Makeover "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In light of last Tuesdays 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, conservatives have seized upon the chance to once again condemn supporters of communist ideas. Understandably, many expressed concern over a recent poll that revealed the majority of young Americans would prefer to live in a socialist system rather than a capitalist one.

Why wont the nightmare dream of Communism die? asks a senior writer for The Federalist, Robert Tracinski. The question is a good one. Tracinski is not alone in asking it. National Review, The Weekly Standard, and The Wall Street Journal all asked similar questions this past week. Their arguments all miss a key point: Soviet Union-style communism is not what infatuates young liberal Americans.

The arguments of Ronald Reagans time may still ring true, but progressives cant be bothered to notice. Their new infatuation, in their eyes, is entirely different. Its new, improvedprogressive, to use the perfect word. While conservatives have been busy repudiating outdated communist ideas, the American left has succeeded in selling a new fantasy: the democratic-socialist utopia.

The Left Is Pushing Europe, Not the Soviet Union

Its a European import, although the Canadians have it too. I know about it because I lived in it for 13 years. Its not that conservatives are wrong about socialism. The Soviet Union was without a doubt, a horrific world actor. Likewise, the Venezuelan and North Korean people are certainly struggling because of the idiocies of socialist ideology.

Yet conservatives blindly shoot themselves in the foot by bringing up these examples every time Bernie Sanders says he wants to make something else free. To leftists, Venezuela is like one bad pea in a pot full of bright, clean, and beautiful little socialist peas. These nice peas, where health care and education are seemingly free, have names like Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Canada, and Singapore.
The city I grew up in, Vienna, is a perfect example. On the outside, its a jewel. The clean and elegant streets, the affordable public transportation, the comparatively low crime rates, the free university education, and the single-payer health care all make it a great advertisement for a democratic-socialist advertisement bound to garner the attention of young minds. The quality beer also helps.

Mercer ranks Viennas quality of life consistently as the number one city in the world to live in. Want to know where the first American city ranks? Number 29. Its San Francisco. You may be thinking Maybe the methodology is slanted. Youre probably correct. Still, Vienna and any other western European city are nothing like a city in Venezuela....


Insanity: Teacher faces sack after mistakenly calling trans student 'girl', despite immediate apology "IndyWatch Feed World"

A schoolteacher could be out of a job, suspended for calling a trans pupil by the wrong gender while praising a group of students for a job well done. Mathematics teacher Joshua Sutcliffe, 27, told a group of students that included a teen who identifies as a boy "Well done girls," when he spotted them working hard in class. Sutcliffe said he was then corrected by the student, and apologized immediately. The Oxfordshire teacher was suspended six weeks after the incident, when the student's mother lodged an official complaint. The school has conducted an investigation into the complaints made against Sutcliffe, and he faces a disciplinary hearing this week.


Two Catholic Heavyweights Debate The Value And Limits Of The Free Market "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Just west of Grand Central Station in New York City is a line of prestigious clubs associated with our countrys old, elite colleges. On a rainy Tuesday night, the Princeton Club of New York held a debate hosted by The Kings College between two of the foremost Catholic thinkers in America. R.R. Reno, editor of First Things magazine, and Robert Sirico, head of the Acton Institute, squared off over the question of whether free markets promote human flourishing.

The Princeton club isnt quite what one expects. It doesnt have a dark, wood-paneled, overstuffed armchair dcor, where Bertie Wooster and Gussie Fink-Nottle might be throwing rolls at each other. Rather, it looks like a high-end Danish hotel from the 1990s. The more modern atmosphere was apropos of a very modern discussion about the roles of the Catholic Church and Catholics under the current political and economic environments.

The Two Men Open Their Remarks

In his opening remarks, Reno painted an almost Trumpian and dystopic picture of a world in which global oligarchies, from multinational corporations to non-governmental organizations, are eroding traditional Christian culture. Later in the debate he said he was cautiously pessimistic about the idea that government can change that, and its the best chance.

Some of his proposals included higher taxes on corporations, the wealthy, and Internet companies, as well as a return to Sabbath laws. In the place of super-powerful global market players, he wants more government assistance for small or midsize companies, arguing convincingly that such enterprises create a greater feeling of solidarity in society.

While Reno focused on macroeconomic and political trends, Sirico focused on a microcosm of society, in his case a parish. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, and sounds like it. But his parish is in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he arrived six years ago. When he arrived he found it moribund, far removed from the glory days of the early twentieth century, when Polish workers donated their pennies to fund the beautiful church.

Likewise the parish school, with only 68 kids, was what he called quasi-Catholic. He described attending a seventh-grade dance in what he called a nightclub setting, complete with young girls in slinky dresses. Sirico changed the school dramatically, instituting daily Mass, firing teachers who were uncomfortable with theology, and ending the state-sponsored lunch in favor of parish solutions. The school now has 310 students and the parish is thriving.

If Humans Are Corrupt, How Should We Distribute Power?

As the debate moved on, a lot of agreement emerged about the ills of society and what a healthier spiritual society would loo...


Why Complaints About Paul Ryan Ditching Regular Order Are Political Head Fakes "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Last week, Politico published an article talking about how the Republican House of Representatives under Paul Ryans speakership set a new record for the number of bills approved under closed ruleswhich prohibit members of Congress from offering amendments. Although the Politico story didnt use the term, it echoes the complaints of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) surrounding Obamacare repeal-and-replace legislation this past summer: I want the regular order.

McCains comment invites a question: What exactly constitutes the regular order in Congress? Why do people keep calling for it? And if so many people keep calling for it, why doesnt Congress just restore the regular order already?

Unfortunately, the answers often prove cynics skepticism about Washington. Members of Congress support regular order only as long as it delivers the policy outcomes they desire. The second regular order results in a policy defeat, those who would lose in an open vote attempt to jerry-rig the process to achieve their desired outcomeand those who would win in an open vote complain, and call for a return to regular order. Lather, rinse, repeat.


Politico quoted House Rules Committee Ranking Member Louise Slaughter (D-NY): Under Speaker Ryans leadership, this session of Congress has now become the most closed Congress in history. To call Slaughters complaints about a closed process ironic would put it mildly.

Seven years ago, when she chaired the Rules Committee, Slaughter proposed having the Democratic House enact Obamacare into law without voting on it. The House could merely deem Obamacare approved as a result of passing some other measure.

While the House has repeatedly used this deem-and-pass strategy under both Republican and Democratic majorities, the optics of passing such a massive and prominent piece of legislation using such dodgy procedural shortcuts led Democrats to abandon the gambit, but not before conservative bloggers noted that Slaughter, Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD), and others attacked the deem-and-pass maneuver when Republicans controlled the House in the 2000s.

To sum up: Slaughter was for an open process before she was against an op...


Is The United States History Of Slavery And Racism Worse Other Countries? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

This article is a brief collection of published facts and figures I decided to compile after a conversation with a recent graduate who had studied racism and slavery in several college classes. The facts I cited contradicted everything she had learned from her professors and the books and TV programs they recommended. It sounded as if she and I had studied the histories of two parallel universes.

Her classmates and many other Americans share her beliefs. So I decided to chronicle these facts as a public service, as history is being completely rewritten right before our eyes.

Slavery is an ugly part of our past. In this country, it was inseparable from racism, as almost all U.S. slaves were from Sub-Saharan Africa and almost all slaveholders were whites. Furthermore, many founders of this country, such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, were slaveholders, which some refer to as the original sin of this country.

That original sin, they conclude, makes this country uniquely repulsive among the countries in the world, and render its institutions illegitimate. The purpose of this article is not to offer any opinions on these issues, but to provide a few pertinent historical facts.

Some Basic Numbers about Global Slavery

Historians estimate that the total number of African slaves brought to the Americas was around 11 million. About 5 percent of them ended up in the United States, mostly during the colonial period. A law banning the importation of new slaves was passed during the Jefferson administration and went into effect in 1808, although some illegal smuggling continued. The largest number of the slaves in the transatlantic trade, close to 40 percent, were brought to Brazil. These numbers are estimates, but Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., a prominent Harvard historian, cites similar numbers in an interview with PBS.

The transatlantic voyages were not the only source of the slave trade in the world. According to this BBC article, Muslim traders also exported as many as 17 million slaves to the coast of the Indian Ocean, the Middle East, and North Africa. Muslims also captured Europeans. In Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters, Robert C. Davis estimates that Barbary pirates captured and enslaved more than a million Europeans from Mediterranean countries between 1500 and 1800. Some were kept for ransom; others were sold as galley slaves or sex slaves.

Another source of slaves was Russia and its neighbors. Long before Crimea became a bone of contention between Russia and Ukraine, it was a vassal state of the Ottoman Empire called the Crimean Khanate, populated mostly by the Crimean Ta...


How Neighbors Mobilized To Rescue Women From A Brutal Late-Term Maryland Abortuary "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In 2010, a medical researcher and family man named Andrew Glenn began praying that God would give him a passion to live beyond himself and an opportunity to put that desire into practice. Later that year, news broke that late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart was setting up shop to abort unborn babies 20 weeks old and beyond at a clinic just a mile down the street from Glenns home in Germantown, Md.

Starting in December of 2010, Carhart would fly out to Maryland at the outset of each week to see his patients. In an initial appointment, he would inject the preborn baby with deadly chemicals to induce fetal demise, then follow up with an appointment in the next two days where he would dilate the women and dismember the babies he had killed Monday morning.

The response from Glennnow a father of fiveand other Christians in the area was swift and relentless. He was part of a group that founded the Maryland Coalition for Life, which mobilized 30 area churches and several thousands of volunteers to peacefully pray in front of the clinic for the past seven years. Now Glenn and his fellow pro-lifers in Germantown are celebrating the closure of Carharts clinic on September 27, 2017.

A lot of Christians who had been on the sidelines woke the sleeping dragon, just coming to the realization that late-term abortion was happening in our neighborhood, Glenn said. Multiple denominations, both Catholic and non-Catholic, got involved together. We just prayed and asked God what we could do to stand up and help these women who are faced with unexpected pregnancies and difficult situations.

A Complete Game-Changer

As they flooded the sidewalksparticularly any time patients would be there from Monday morning through Wednesday afternoonthe Coalition soon ran into a pair of obstacles.

First, because the abortion mill was tucked away in a medical complex, sidewalk counselors and prayer teams werent able to come close enough to offer hope to the women going in to end their childrens lives through abortion. Second, when the women they were able to reach responded positively, volunteers would need to send them off-site for follow-up help at a pregnancy center.

In March 2012, an office space opened up right across the way from Carharts clinic. The Coalition seized the opportunity and opened a pregnancy help center in the office, giving them a key strategic beachhead for their life-saving operation. More than 400 women, by the Coalitions count, changed their minds and chose life as a result of the pregnancy center, Germantown Pregnancy Choices.

That was a complete game-changer, Glenn said. Sidewalk counselors were able to be there and talk to women going in for abortion, letting them know, Hey, were across the street. We have access to resources for yo...


UK: Hunt Saboteur Punched in Face by Hunt Supporter "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

from HSA

On Thursday 9th November members of West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs were monitoring the Warwickshire Hunt who were hunting in Birdingbury, Warwickshire. Whilst they were filming the hounds two male hunt supporters approached the saboteurs and became increasingly aggressive. One of them hit one of the cameras before punching a female saboteur in the face. When her back is turned on him he starts shoving her and then pushes her to the ground. When she challenges him about him hitting her he can be heard saying you can hit me if you want, I dont give a f***

Back on the road one hunt supporter apologies and says that should never have happened and then agrees that despite their differences the saboteurs have never been violent towards them.

The Saboteurs then challenge the Warwickshire Hunt senior master Charmaine Green and ask her if she thinks it acceptable to hit women, a female passenger in the back says youre not a woman, youre a monster and thats nothing referring to the blood coming from the saboteurs eye.

A spokesperson for West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs said We were concerned that the hunt were hunting a fox and that the hounds were heading towards a busy main road. Suddenly two hunt supporters approach us and start shouting aggressively before attacking us. It shows what type of people fox hunters are that they think it acceptable for men to attack women, punch them and then shove them over from behind. He latter even admits on camera to what he had done.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: Fox hunting, by its very nature, is a violent activity and it is only a short leap from using violence towards animals to using violence against people. Just like they try to justify their violence towards foxes by vilifying them as pests they try to justify their violence towards sabs by calling th...


Why Would Muslims Be in a Christmas Ad? "IndyWatch Feed War"

A frame from Tesco's 2017 Christmas adA frame from Tescos 2017 Christmas ad (Photo: video screenshot)


A Christmas ad (see below) for a large supermarket chain in the UK that includes a Muslim family garnered strong reactions in the country.

The ad follows a diverse cross section of Brits from same sex couples to Muslims preparing for the holiday by cooking a turkey and opening bon-bons. The scene in question features Muslim women in hijabs greeting each other with gifts as they arrive at someones house for a celebration.

Supermarket giant Tesco who put out the ad responded by saying said it was meant to show how people come together at ChristmasEveryone is welcome at Tesco this Christmas and were proud to celebrate the many ways our customers come together over the festive season.

Clarion Project wants to hear what you think of the ad. Write us your thoughts by clicking here.

The Twitter-sphere #EveryonesWelcome abounded with reactions to the ad ranging from support, incredulity, anger and bigotry including quite a few complaints that if everyones welcome at Tesco, they should provide a halal turkey option!

Speaking on his LBC radio show, anti-extremist Muslim activist Maajid Nawaz had harsh criticism for the complaints he deemed bigoted.

Your real agenda here is you just want a white, nat...


How Philip Hammond can strike a blow for intergenerational fairness in his Budget "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

With the dust beginning to settle on a scandal-focused fortnight in Westminster politics, attention is turning back to the big event looming on the horizon Philip Hammonds first Autumn Budget in 12 days time.

The backdrop looks challenging, with the Chancellor having to deal with the headache of a likely downgrade to the economic forecasts and continued uncertainty on the post-Brexit deal.

But rather this use this to justify a steady as she goes affair, were told it will be a bold and revolutionary Budget. So whats he going to do?

It seems that the revolutionary part could be an attempt to put intergenerational fairness front and centre. Noises suggest that a big offer on house-building will be at the heart of this. And rightly so the rising share of income taken up by housing costs is a major drain on young adults living standards in comparison to their predecessors at the same age. Bold housing offers dont come cheap though, and may require a brave tweak to his fiscal rules.

Beyond a welcome housing focus, the Chancellor will likely deploy the classic tools of Budget-building tax and benefit changes. The problem is that while we are very good at assessing tax and welfare choices from the perspectives of rich and poor, we are not at all accustomed to viewing them through a generational lens. Thats been a key task of our ongoing Intergenerational Commission.

Doing so is not as simple as splitting the spoils between young and old either. We should also pay attention to the distribution of outcomes within different generations, on the basis that intra-cohort inequality shows signs of rising. The last thing we want to see is the Chancellor hitting poor pensioners or lavishing tax breaks on rich youngsters in the name of intergenerational fairness. New Resolution Foundation analysis demonstrates how he can avoid this pitfall.

Take the suggestion put to him by one of his MPs to lower the basic rate of income tax for adults under 30 to 15 per cent. While this is clearly very wel...


Iran vs Saudi Arabai: As Middle East Heats Up "IndyWatch Feed War"


Image may contain: 1 person, sky and outdoor

Missiles and a portrait of Irans Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Baharestan Square in Tehran, Iran. (photo credit:NAZANIN TABATABAEE YAZDI/ TIMA VIA REUTERS)

LONGSTANDING rivals have hit a crisis point as tensions continue to escalate. Patience is wearing thin on both sides.

NOVEMBER 13, 2017  11:36AM

THEY have never been the best of friends, and a recent escalation in tensions means Saudi Arabia and Iran are unlikely to become allies anytime soon.

A Yemeni missile attack, the resignation of Lebanons prime minister and a crown prince moving to consolidate his power have all seen tensions flare up across the region once again.

While experts agree the risk of military conflict remains low, there is no doubt the Cold War between Middle East rivals has been heating up for months.

The recent flare-ups are just the start of a long list of incidents between the two powerhouses, whose longstanding rivalry predates the Iranian revolution of 197...


Grcia: A insurreio no pode ser negociada por Panagiotis Argyrou, membro preso da Conspirao das Clulas de Fogo FAI-FRI "IndyWatch Feed War"


A insurreio no pode ser negociada

O tempo a doena da realidade. Na priso, o tempo parece envenenar a atmosfera. O ar engrossa como se estivesse inundado com limalhas de chumbo e todos os dias nossos pulmes so infestados com esse oxignio to txico que pesa sobre ns repetidas vezes, mais a cada dia que passa.

Voc se sente to sobrecarregado que em algum momento voc comea a pensar que cada passo que voc toma, remove um dia da sua vida; cada passo e um dia menos, cada passo e um dia menos.

Durante estes quase 6 anos e meio da minha priso, eu sempre senti como se estivesse matando tantos dias enquanto movia infinitamente para frente e para trs nos tribunais. Eu vi o ritual desprezvel de julgamentos ter lugar em nome da Democracia muitas vezes repetidamente e cada vez que eu me afastei com pacotes de dcadas de frases nas minhas costas.

No entanto, no so apenas as duras sentenas que me impuseram por toda essa brbara burocracia que tem passado vidas na pedra da mina da justia que mais me incomoda, mas tambm o estilo arrogante e auto-justificado dos juzes que executam nossa liberdade enquanto mantendo a iluso de representar algo especial.

Agora, estamos no processo de uma nova srie de provas, ond...


Why Doesnt The Left Give Our Veterans The Respect That They Deserve? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Why Doesnt The Left Give Our Veterans The Respect That They Deserve? By Michael Snyder The Economic Collapse Blog Our veterans deserve the very best, and yet way too often they get the very worst.  The Department of Veteran...

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The JFK Files: New Light on Oswald and Mexico City "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Those with a stake in avoiding the truth about John F. Kennedys assassination want you to believe Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone nut. If you wont accept that, they have a fallback position: Its even worse. He was working for the commies.

That alternative scenario revolves around a purported Oswald trip to Mexico City in the months before Kennedys death, when he allegedly visited Soviet and Cuban missions, met with a handler and sought his escape path to his beloved USSR.

Theres just one problem with this narrative. It probably isnt true.

Twice over the past week-and-a-half, the National Archives posted new documents as mandated by the President John F. Kennedy Records Collection Act of 1992. First came 676 records and then a whopping 13,213 more. While WhoWhatWhys special JFK Records Team has just begun probing this trove for new revelations, preliminary results are intriguing.

Jefferson Morley, author of a just-published biography of the CIAs longtime counterintelligence chief James Angleton, points out a telling code name on an Agency cable dated October 8, 1963. The cable was sent from the Mexico Station Chief, Winston Scott, under the subject heading LCIMPROVE. As first defined by the CIA for the House Committee on Assassinations in 1978, this cryptonym specified counter-espionage involving Soviet intelligence services worldwide. That was Angletons domain, and the Scott cable specifically described contacts between Oswald and Consul Valery Kostikov at the Soviet embassy in Mexico City.

As the CIAs internal 23-page report on Oswalds stay in Mexico (104-10004-10199) puts it: it is believed that [Kostikov] works for Department 13 of the KGB, the Department charged with sabotage and assassinations. This (continued CIA officer GPFLOOR in his internal report from the Mexico Station) was a particularly sinister aspect of OSWALDs dealings with the Soviets in Mexico City. The report was dispatched on December 19, 1963, to C/CI [Counterintelligence] from John Whitten of the Western Hemisphere Division, who initially handled the CIAs investigation in-house.

Surely, James Angleton saw this report, as well as Scotts pre-assassination cable. Yet, more than curiously, the day after Scotts October 8 cable was sent, senior FBI agents removed Oswalds name from a list of persons of interest to the Bureau. Although the FBI had interviewed Oswald on a number of occasions after his return from the USSR in June 1963, suddenly he was no longer deemed worthy of close scrutiny. Had the FBI gotten word from Angletons branch of the CIA?



YouTube Takes Down Terror Ideologue "IndyWatch Feed War"

Al Qaeda idealogue Anwar al-Awlaki. (Photo: Screenshot from video)

YouTube has removed thousands of videos recorded by the late American jihadist ideologue Anwar al-Awlaki, The New York Times reported. American jihadist Anwar al-Awlaki was one of Al Qaedas most prominent English-language ideologues. Six years after his death in a U.S. drone strike in Yemen, he remains the leading jihadist recruiter on the internet, according to the Times.

Until recently, his lectures were available on YouTube. Now that has changed. YouTube has taken down thousands of hours of his talks in a landmark crackdown on radicalization.

The video giant has deployed video recognition software to recognize clips of Awlaki as soon as they are uploaded. Human moderators then delete them before they are viewed.

Its a watershed moment on the question of whether were going to allow the unchecked proliferation of cyberjihad, Mark D. Wallace, the chief executive of the Counter Extremism Project, told the Times. You just dont want to make it easy for people to listen to a guy who wants to harm us.

Anwar al-Awlaki was born in New Mexico to parents from Yemen. He became an Islamic preacher and scholar and gradually became convinced that the United States was waging a war against Islam and Muslims. Although many of his lectures focused on Islamic history and theology, large portions of them incited violence and support for terrorist organizations.

He was placed on the kill list in 2009 and killed in 2011 along with three companions while in Yemen.

The move is the first time a major tech company has specifically targeted the work of an individual radical in this way. 

YouTubes counter-terrorism policies have not just impacted terrorists however. In just one example, last year YouTube...


UK considers diplomatic protection for British woman jailed in Iran "IndyWatch Feed War"


Prime minister's spokesman says move 'one option' being looked at to secure Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe's release from prison in Iran


Transport Ministry plans reduced ticket fares for short journeys in Athens "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Greeces Transportation Minister Christos Spirtzis announced government plans to allow reduced ticket in Athens public transport means for short journeys. According to economic news website, Spirtzis said in an interview it was not fair that someone who travels across Attica pays the same fair as somebody who uses public transport means only for short

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EMEA IT spending to exceed $1 trillion in 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

IT spending in EMEA is projected to total $1 trillion in 2018, an increase of 4.9 percent from estimated spending of $974 billion in 2017, according to the latest forecast by Gartner. EMEA IT spending 2018 forecast (millions of U.S. dollars). Source: Gartner In 2017, however, all categories of IT spending in EMEA underperformed global averages. Currency effects played a big part in the weakness in 2017, and will also contribute to the strength forecast More


Tiny Tensor Brings Machine Deep Learning to Micros "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Weve talked about TensorFlow before Googles deep learning library. Crunching all that data is the province of big computers, not embedded systems, right? Not so fast. [Neil-Tan] and others have been working on uTensor, an implementation that runs on boards that support Mbed-OS 5.6 or higher.

Mbed of course is the embedded framework for ARM, and uTensor requires at least 256K of RAM on the chip and an SD card less than (thats right; less than) 32 GB. If your board of choice doesnt already have an SD card slot, youll need to add one.

The project is under heavy development right now. Youll need to use the command line tools for Mbed and expect to spend a little time fiddling with things. The examples use a Nucleo F767ZI which requires an SD card breakout, but for about $20 it might be worth starting with the same board the developer appears to be using.

Of course, you can install TensorFlow on a Raspberry Pi, too, but thats not really a proper microcontroller. It is really just a function of what your end goal is. It is easy to imagine a robot using an ARM for everything including high-level tasks like object recognition. Thats assuming it has enough horsepower.

By the way, our pocket-sized signal generator project used a K64F board that has an SD card slot and enough memory. That board might be a good target for uTensor.

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UK: Muslim rape gang survivors say the gangs are still abusing girls in Rotherham "IndyWatch Feed War"

Why wouldnt they be? The Quran hasnt changed. It still teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use (cf. its allowance for a man to take captives of the right hand, 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30). The Quran says: O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the []


Federal Prosecutors Are Running Amok "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

By: William L. Anderson

It is hard to know where to begin regarding the charges against Paul Manafort, the former campaign director for Donald Trumps successful presidential bid, but having read the indictments and knowing some background about both the case and the investigation, I cannot say it is exactly a high point of American justice. In fact, when former FBI chief Robert Mueller first was appointed as a special prosecutor to look into the allegations that the Trump campaign conspired with Russia the tilt the election to Trumps favor, I feared his investigation would turn out to be an assault on the Constitution and Mueller has done nothing to dispel those fears.

I have included a link to the actual indictment, and while federal indictments can be a bit mind-numbing to read, nonetheless I have found nothing in it that relates to the original reason the Mueller probe was created: alleged Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. Instead, it is clear that Mueller engaged in a legal fishing expedition against Manafort and found evidence of tax evasion involving income that Manafort made while serving as a lobbyist for the government of Ukraine.

The criminal charges themselves clearly dont match up to the original purpose of the investigation. Writes Judge Andrew Napolitano:

Both were accused of working as foreign agents and failing to report that status to the federal government, using shell corporations to launder income and obstruction of justice by lying to the federal government.

He adds:

The alleged crimes of Manafort and Gates appear to have nothing to do with Trump, nor have they any facial relationship to the Russians. So why were these two indicted by a grand jury hearing evidence about alleged American assistance to Russian interference with the 2016 presidential campaign?

One of the worrisome aspects of the indictments, however, has been Muellers use of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, as filing criminal charges using that law has been done only six times before, according to George Washington University and legal blogger, Jonathan Turley. Manaf...


The Paradise Papers reveal that the Queen is the worst parasite of them all. "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Sourced from Daily Record, written by Annie Brown.

While hardworking Brits have to declare every penny HRH is forgiven for being 'unaware' of where her millions are invested, says columnist Annie Brown.

10million of the Queen's cash is said to have been invested in offshore tax haven funds (Image: AFP)
It should come as no shock that Royal cash has been invested offshore in the unscrupulous sharks of Brighthouse.

There is a fag paper of difference between the parasitical nature of the Royal institution and Brighthouse, who have made millions lending to the poor.


What comes after the widespread exposure of sexual abuse? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

What comes after the widespread exposure of sexual abuse?

By Jon Rappoport

Marshall McLuhan was fond of pointing out that whatever is happening in the present moment is already obsolete. So, in the current exposure of celebrities sexual crimes, what is on the horizon?

It is the further FORMALIZATION of sexual relationships.

For example, this would result in more detailed assurances between two people that they are entering into a consensual arrangement. If that sounds bizarre, it is. Because sex isnt a contract.

Nevertheless, fear of accusations can make it so.

Sex, therefore, will enter into a wider trend of MACHINE connections.

In the same way that Facebook, with its likes, has become a reductionist norm mechanizing social relationships, sex can become a reduced process.

This is not an accident.

Technocracywhich is the leading edge of Globalism, which plans societies according to function and every persons place in a blueprintwill find a greater home in sex. This suits controllers, who want to eliminate spontaneityunpredictable happeningsin favor of organization.

The reasoning will go something like this: Well, you see what occurred when sex was linked with freedom. Abuse and violence. To eliminate the abuse, we have to define and regulate sex. We have to make more rules about it

When sex is reduced to procedure, its eventually easier to promote the act of procreation as something that should take place in a lab or a factory, as Huxley described in Brave New World.

Abuse is made into a wide-ranging generality. Another example: Well, we have a few mentally ill people who are shooting up schools and churches. Therefore, we need to screen the whole population, starting at a very early age, for potential mental disorders. And we need to take away guns from everyone (except determined criminals and the police)

Example: There are twenty confirmed cases of Swine Flu in the world. Therefore, we have to declare this is a global pandemic and immediately vaccinate at least a few hundred million people

A Specific is intentionally ballooned into a massive Generality, new rules are imposed, and Freedom is further gobbled up by Control.

If anyone objects, he is reminded of dangers and abuses, and he is declared an outlier.

This is all part of the craft of propaganda. Operatives ask themselves, What abhorrent event can we use to float a generality that will shrink individual freedom?

Since schools are shrinking students minds to the size of peanuts, these students are vulnerable to all sorts of non-rational arguments. For example: If you op...


Poland Was Disappeared By Germany and Russia More Than Once, Including By Nazi Germany; Poland Opposed Visit By US Neo-Nazi With Kremlin Ties Richard Spencer And Others Who Propagate Ideas That Are Racist, Anti-Semitic And Xenophobic "IndyWatch Feed"

Remember that Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union (Russia) signed the MolotovRibbentrop Pact, the Treaty of Non-aggression between Germany and the USSR, on 23 August 1939 and they jointly invaded Poland. The agreement was in place until Hitler launched an attack on the USSR in Eastern Poland on 22 June 1941 (Operation Barbarossa): Both ethnic Poles and Jewish Poles suffered greatly at the hands of the Nazis, who even wiped Poland from the map, with the help of Russia (USSR).

Prior to 1918, Poland had been partitioned among its neighbours and wiped off the map of Europe for more than 120 years.,Poland-celebrates-Independence-Day


Hard Brexiters Continue Humiliating Theresa May "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

How long will Theresa May serve as a hard Brexiter punching bag?


The Coming Pension Rehabilitation Administration "IndyWatch Feed World"


Remember the S&L Crisis, well welcome to the Pension Crisis. It is becoming well known behind the curtain that we have a global pension crisis. I first reported this event more than 15 years ago. This at the WEC, we had more than 10 major pension funds attending from around the world. The crisis has been set in motion by the lowering of interest rates with the Crash of 2007. This is why the Fed Char Yellon has been talking about the need to normalize interest rates. The crisis in Europe is reaching catastrophic proportions.

In the USA, Senator Sherrod Brown, a Democrat from Ohio, intends to introduce legislation that would allow struggling multiemployer pension funds to borrow from the U.S. Treasury to remain solvent. The proposal being kicked around would create a new office within the Treasury Department called the Pension Rehabilitation Administration (PRA). The funds would come from the sale of Treasury-issued bonds to financial institutions. The pension funds could borrow for 30 years at low-interest rates. One restriction for borrowers is they could not make risky investments. That will mean they must buy government bonds since the government assumes whatever it issues in debt is risk-free, That propaganda is supported by the big accounting firms.


ISIS hacking targets are US school websites now "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Hacking has now taken a new turn and as reported earlier in the Bloomfields school website hacking, large scale ISIS hacking of US school websites has commenced. This is a point of great concern for nearly 800 US schools. ISIS hacking of US school websites involved posting of an ISIS sponsored YouTube video for about

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Animal Rights Activists Protest Circus Stop in Arizona "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

from US News

The circus has come to Lake Havasu City and animals rights activists showed up with picket signs and slogans outside of the Arizona event.

The protesters wanted to draw attention to the condition of animals at the Havasu Shrine Circus, Todays News Herald reported .

Protesters also cited online videos of animal rights abuses by circus organizations worldwide in their efforts to force animals to perform.

Ringmaster Ariel Steeples disputed allegations against the Havasu Shrine Circus.

Theres good and bad in everything, Steeples said. Much of the footage theyve shown of abuse has been from circuses overseas. All of the animals in this circus are well taken-care-of, and are inspected every month by vets.

 The protest follows the submission of a 2017 Kingman municipal resolution in which the city would resolve to uphold the ethical and humane treatment of animals.

Havasu resident and protester Carolyn Long says animals in many circuses spend most of their lives in cramped cages with barely enough room to turn around.

The elephants are kept in electrified pens and are chained in the trucks while traveling, she added. We shouldnt be treating the most magnificent animals on Earth in this manner. Its unconscionable.



The Antiaging Potential of Mushrooms "IndyWatch Feed World"

Mushrooms may contain unusually high amounts of two antioxidants that some scientists suggest could help fight aging and bolster health, according to a team of Penn State researchers.

Mushrooms are known for their...


US-Turkey: Approaching divorce? "IndyWatch Feed War"

There seems to have been no progress in resolving the growing tangle of political and legal disputes between the two former close allies


Bitcoin Cash Quadruples in 2 Days. Bitcoin Crashes by $35 Bn "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Bitcoin Cash Quadruples in 2 Days. Bitcoin Crashes by $35 Bn by Wolf Richter Wolf Street Peak Crypto Craziness? Im writing this Saturday night, Pacific Time, and cryptos never rest. By Sunday morning, Bitcoin Cash might have soared another...

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Nice Aeon article on biological individuality "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Siphonophores by Ernst Haeckel

By Ernst Haeckel Kunstformen der Natur (1904), plate 17: Siphonophorae (see here, here and here), Public Domain, Link

Derek Skillings from University of Bordeaux/CNRS has a new article at Aeon about biological individuality:

For millennia, naturalists and philosophers have struggled to define the most fundamental units of living systems and to delimit the precise boundaries of the organisms that inhabit our planet. This difficulty is partly a product of the search for a singular theory that can be used to carve up all of the living world at its joints.

Skillings reviews the deep historical roots of the question, touching on the views of Charles Darwin and his grandfather, both Huxleys (T. H. and Julian), Herbert Spencer, and other 19th and early 20th century thinkers, as well as some more recent authors, including Daniel Janzen and Peter Godfrey Smith.

He argues for a pluralistic view:

But my view is that no such unified theory exists; theres no single answer to the question: What parts of the world are a part of you as a biological individual, and what parts are not? Different accounts of individuality pick out different boundaries, like an overlapping Venn diagram drawn on top of a network of biotic interactions. This isnt because of uncertainty or a lack of information; rather, the living world just exists in such a way that we need more than one account of individuality to understand it.



Art of the Deal: Behind Saudi-Lebanon Crisis is Trumps Middle East Peace Project "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire

The recent forced resignation by Lebanese PM Saad Hariri in Riyadh under the influence of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and subsequent threats by Saudi Minister Thamer al-Sadhan against Lebanon and Hezbollah have puzzled analysts as to the motivation behind this seemingly irrational series of events.

While its true Saudi Princes and their Wahhabi order have been slighted by both Shia-based popular mobilization movements role eradicating ISIS from the region Hezbollah in Syria, and by the Hashed al-Shaabi in Iraqi with Arabian Sheikhs having to watch as their Gulf billions invested in the destablization of Syria and Iraq have gone down a blood soaked drain of history in reality, neither Lebanon nor its Hezbollah movement poses any direct threat to the country of Saudi Arabia. So who is directing these events?

Is this Saudi tirade just a case of an unstable young, soon-to-be king in 23 yr-old Mohammed bin Salman, consolidating too much power too soon, or is there more to it? Some analysts have been speculating that maybe Israel is the invisible hand pushing the oil Kingdom to do its bidding in the region as they both share a common enemy in Iran.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah (image,left) also made the claim this week that Saudi Arabia has offered Israel billions of dollars to attack Lebanon on its behalf, as well as accusing the Saudis of strong-arming Lebanese PM to resign on camera. Nasrallah knows that both Tel Aviv and Riyadh (with full US backing) have Hezbollah in mind when any threats are made toward Lebanon, but as Middle East analyst Eisa Ali explained on yesterdays Sunday Wire radio progra...



Unruly GOP Tax Factions Put Senates Tax Plan in Jeopardy "IndyWatch Feed War"


By Sahil Kapur

November 13, 2017, 4:00 AM EST
  • Groups include fiscal skeptics, tax-cut fans and wildcards
  • Senate leaders will have to corral 50 votes quickly to succeed
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnellPhotographer: Al Drago/Bloomberg

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is about to face a legacy-defining test of whether he can keep his unruly caucus in line to deliver President Donald Trumps coveted goal of massive tax cuts in 2017.

He needs 50 of 52 members, and they have a variety of competing demands. Some want to limit new deficits, while others want to deepest tax cut possible; some prioritize family tax breaks while others want to give businesses a boost; some have parochial concerns while others tend to be notoriously difficult to win on major pieces of legislation.

Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn says he wants a floor vote the week of Nov. 27. Thats two weeks away. Here are the factions McConnell and his team have to navigate:

The Fiscal Skeptics

The tax plan going before the Senate Finance Committee Monday would increase the federal deficit by about $1.5 trillion over the next decade before accounting for any economic growth that it might spur. That complicates the plans prospects among some Republicans.

Tennessees Bob Corker, Arizonas Jeff Flake and Oklahomas James Lankford have all warned against fiscal recklessness in the bill....


US Media Resurrecting Dragon of Communism, To Frighten Superstitious American Children "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Stephen Lendman

It infests America like a malignant tumor, exceeding the worst of the post-WW I Red Scare and its repeat following WW II.

Beginning in 1938, House Un-American Activities Committee witch-hunt hearings into alleged disloyalty and subversive activities became headline news.

Starting in the late 1960s, more of the same followed by the renamed House Committee on Internal Security.

Notorious McCarthyism in the 1950s was a demagogic smear campaign against prominent figures, slandering them, ruining careers, even accusing General George Marshall of being soft on communism.

Notable Hollywood figures were blacklisted. McCarthyism was baseless slander, unscrupulous fear-mongering, and political lynchings.

Harvard Law School dean Ervin Griswold once called McCarthy judge, jury, prosecutor, castigator, and press agent, all in one.

Modern-day Russophobia includes a second Cold War, Russia under Vladimir Putin again considered the evil empire, relentless Washington and media Russian bashing, along with endless congressional and special counsel witch-hunt investigations suggesting the worst, revealing nothing.



Trust in Amazon "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

These surveys, via The Verge, are fascinating: Respondents trusted Facebook less than Google, and trust was a primary factor for individuals who abstained from using Facebook overall. Respondents trusted Amazon almost as much as their own bank. Of all the companies named in our survey, respondents were most likely to recommend services from Amazon to their

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Uber and SoftBank Might Finally Have a Deal.But What Does It Mean? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

It's taken Uber four months to perhaps cinch a deal with SoftBank, while the spectacularly loss-making company is no closer to making money.


AMD EPYC SEV, Intel UMIP & More AVX-512 Support Heading To Linux 4.15 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In the x86 realm for linux 4.15 are many exciting feature improvements for newer/future Intel and AMD CPUs...



Five popular programming quotes illustrated "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

I just had this idea to illustrate popular computer quotes for Browserling's nerd comic. I asked my illustrator to do it and here's what we made.

There are two major products that came out of Berkeley: LSD and UNIX.
We do not believe this to be a coincidence.

Quote by J.S.Anderson and S.Aukstakalnis.

BSD Daemon used with permission. (

Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code
will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live.

Quote by John F. Woods.

Computer science is no more about computers than
astronomy is about telescopes.

Quote by Edsger W. Dijkstra.

Lisp isn't a language, it's a building material.

Quote by Alan Kay.

Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.

Quote by Pablo Picasso.

Bonus quote:

Give me the command line and I shall move the world.

Quote by modern day Archimedes.

See you next time!


NGOs present equity approach to unblock climate talks "IndyWatch Feed World"

Stopping the expansion of fossil fuel companies is part of a series of recommendations presented today by over 120 organisations at the UN climate negotiations in Germany.


Theresa Mays ability to deliver Brexit in doubt amid growing threat to her leadership "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Prime Minister must push through her Brexit legislation this week after a torrid 10 days

By Joe Watts Political Editor

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

Theresa May. Credit PA Wire PA Images

The Independent
Theresa Mays ability to deliver Brexit is in doubt amid a growing threat to her leadership and concerns over whether she still has the political clout to govern.

Ms May must this week renew the drive to push her EU withdrawal Bill through the House of Commons, with Tory MPs who backed Remain in the referendum threatening to join forces with Jeremy Corbyns party to impose changes.

But Labour and other opposition parties warned that Ms May no longer has enough authority over the Conservatives to secure the Bills passage, after it emerged some 40 Tory MPs may now be willing to sign a letter of no confidence in her and a note emerged in which two cabinet ministers appear to direct her Brexit policy.

It also follows reports that the EU is preparing for the collapse of Brexit talks and of her Government, which is torn between trying to give more ground in Brexit talks to achieve progress while also maintaining the support of Eurosceptic Tories who want no further compromise.

Labours Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir...


New York Subway Adopts Gender Neutral Announcements "IndyWatch Feed World"

New York Citys Metropolitan Transportation Authority is scrapping all announcements referring to ladies and gentleman and replacing them with gender-neutral phrases. New Yorks subway and bus passengers will now be called passengers,everyone, and riders in [...]


Las Vegas shooting theory: Attempted assassination of Saudi Crown prince? "IndyWatch Feed World"

After the shooting in Las Vegas I made a post which compiled a lot of different videos and testimony about the shooting which strongly suggested

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Lets Talk About The 2018 Wedge-Tailed Eagle! (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Lets Talk About The 2018 Wedge-Tailed Eagle! Video Salivate Metal Video Source

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Fairtrade steps up support for Kenya company in corruption inquiry "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Fairtrade Foundation says it has strengthened standards and increased training for a Kenya flower estate embroiled in a corruption investigation (


BBC journalist deletes tweet about UK's 'corrupt' relationship with Israel "IndyWatch Feed World"

A prominent BBC journalist has deleted a tweet in which a senior Conservative MP can be seen complaining about the British media turning a blind eye to the corrupt relationship that has allowed Israel to "buy access" in Westminster. The tweet was posted by the BBC's Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg on Wednesday while the Scottish journalist was covering the build up to the resignation of Priti Patel. The Secretary of State for International Development had taken part in undisclosed meetings in Israel organised by the powerful Conservative Friends of Israel lobby (CFI) last summer. Kuenssberg's Twitter posts on the day were full of tweets on the Patel story including comments about Number 10 denying the allegation made by the Jewish Chronicle that Prime Minster Theresa May had been made aware of the 12 meetings Patel had had during her "family holiday" in Israel.


Christos Tsakalos: The Point is That People Should not Leave from Prison Dehumanized. "IndyWatch Feed War"

Interview with Christos Tsakalos. Christos is not speaking as an anarchist or as a member of the C.C.F. in this interview but as a member of the Committee of Struggle from Korydallos Prison.


Image by TVXS.

Originally published by TVXS. Translated by Black Cat.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Read all the Enough is Enough reports about Korydallos prison; here.

Christos Tsakalos: The Point is That People Should not Leave from Prison Dehumanized.



Why Its Not Over in Catalonia "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The plan to restore permanent stability to the rebel region now hinges on a knife-edge election.

By Ben Sills, Charles Penty and Esteban Duarte and cross-posted from Bloomberg

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has two piles of problems on his desk, an associate joked: those that have solved themselves and those that will solve themselves if they are given enough time.

Theres already evidence, though, that the would-be nation of Catalonia wont just go away as the most troubling issue facing the country, its economy and Rajoys six-year premiership.

Rajoy held off demands for decisive action during weeks of high drama before seizing control of the region, which accounts for a fifth of Spains economy. The plan to restore permanent stability now hinges on preventing the separatists winning a majority in the Catalan election Rajoy called for Dec. 21. Polls suggest the result will be on a knife edge.

Do I think its a genius political strategy? said Ken Dubin, a political scientist at ISDE law school in Madrid. Its classic Rajoy. Its obvious that the independendistas overplayed a not particularly good hand, but does the Spanish government have any plan at all for if theres a majority for independence?

The brinkmanship culminated in judges jailing Catalonias separatist leaders and a legal, if not complete, victory for Rajoy. Spain was left intact and his authority was renewed as his opponents crumbled. But Rajoy is seeking to limit the fallout rather than addressing the root of the Catalan grievances over the right to determine their own nationhood that have plagued Spanish leaders intermittently for centuries.

The risk is that the fragile peace unravels after next months vote and Spain is engulfed in turmoil again

Continue reading the article


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Syria: US and Russia reach agreement to distance Iran from Golan Heights, no response from Israel "IndyWatch Feed World"

A tank flying the Hezbollah terror group's flag is seen in the Qara area in Syria's Qalamoun region on August 28, 2017.(AFP Photo/Louai Beshara) The United States, Russia and Jordan have reportedly reached an agreement on a ceasefire deal in southern Syria that would include the expulsion of Iranian-backed militias from the border with Israel in the Golan Heights. Comment: 'Brief meeting': Putin and Trump agree 'no military solution to Syrian crisis' Under the agreement apparently inked Saturday, all non-Syrian fighters, including Iranian proxies fighting on behalf of Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime, would be required to leave the border area and eventually Syria, Hebrew media reports said Sunday, citing an American official. According to similar reports in Channel 10 and Israel Radio, the official did not say how far from the border the militias would be removed or under what time frame. In addition to Iran-backed groups, affiliates of both al-Qaeda and the Islamic State group, both of which count foreign fighters among their ranks, operate in Syria near the Israeli border. Comment: Lest we forget the CIA created ISIS and have been supporting them throughout the region: US created ISIS to be a tool for overthrowing Syria's President Assad - leaked Pentagon report Syrians describe horror that CIA-created terrorists brought them Iran's Ayatollah: U.S. created ISIS to sow discord among muslims


European Shares Creep Lower Ahead of Central Bank Speeches "IndyWatch Feed War"

The British pound slipped on a potential leadership challenge in Parliament

 Image may contain: skyscraper, sky and outdoor

European stocks started the week mostly down after closing in the red Friday as investors appeared increasingly concerned over the U.S. tax-overhaul plan.

The Stoxx Europe 600 was 0.3% lower, led by losses in banking and financial services.

Futures pointed to a small opening loss for the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average, after both indexes posted drops last week. In Asia, markets were broadly down.

In currencies, the British pound dropped 0.9% Monday on weekend news that as many as 40 Conservative members of Parliament had agreed to sign a letter of no confidence in Prime Minister Theresa May, eight short of the number needed to trigger a leadership challenge.

Sterling could face further pressure this week, with several Bank of England members set to speak and data on U.K. inflation and retail sales due.

Some investors warned that the disunity within the ruling Conservative party could weigh on Brexit talks and diminish the probability of an extended transitional arrangement....


An Early Winner Emerges In Trumps War On Opioids "IndyWatch Feed"

Insurance companies and federal regulators step up to marginalize oxycontin


Police Oversight Ordinance Promised Transparency But Doesnt Fully Deliver "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

When Chicagos new police oversight agency opened in September, city officials pledged a different way of doing business: Misconduct investigations would be transparent and the public would learn the outcomes quickly.

But even as the fledgling agency, the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, or COPA, makes more information available to the public, it also has taken a big step backward in one critical area.

Instead of making its reports public as soon as investigations are completed, as its predecessor did, COPA withholds the ones in which it found an officer at fault until the findings have been vetted by police officials and officers have been notified.

As a result, in its first two months of operation, COPA has yet to publish the results of a single case in which it has ruled against an officer. It could be months, or even longer, before those summary reports which detail the allegations, investigative process, evidence and conclusions are made public.

Sharon Fairley, who recently resigned as head of the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, said she favored a city ordinance that would make the new police oversight agency more transparent. (Charles Rex Arbogast/AP Photo)

The reason? The agency is hamstrung by the ordinance that created it. The law, pushed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, includes specific language preventing the agency from immediately sharing its reports with the public.

Sharon Fairley, who recently resigned as COPAs chief administrator to run for Illinois attorney general, said she objected to that provision in the ordinance, passed by the City Council last year.

But, she said, she was overruled by the citys Law Department.

I felt for transparency purposes we wanted our reports to go out as soon as they were available, Fairley said in a recent interview. That process (will) be delayed by however much tim...

Do you wish more people could hear the Strong Towns message? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The Strong Towns movement transcends the normal answers to the very complex issues that our communities face... That is what it is going to take to bring real change, and that is why I am drawn to and supportive of this movement.
Brian Ludicke, Lancaster, CA

Our Strong Towns events are gaining momentum and size. Years ago I would speak to groups of two and three people and was thrilled someone was interested. Now we routinely present in front of groups of hundreds, even thousands.

Despite this success, one thing remains constant: every time I speak, people come up to me and say, I wish _______  had been here to hear this. For example: "I wish our mayor had heard this message." "I wish our engineer had been part of this conversation." "I wish my good friend from the bakery had heard this." And on and on.

Heres the exciting thing: they can. And with your support this week, they will.

Today we start our fall member drive. We currently have 1,700 members. Our goal is to get to 2000 members to be #2000Strong by the end of the week. Thats an aggressive leap, but we can do it. You can do it.

Join the movement

When you become a member of Strong Towns, you are saying that you want more people to hear the Strong Towns message. You want us to reach more communities, open up more minds and change more hearts. You want more people talking about the need to make our cities, towns and neighborhoods financially strong and resilient.

Chuck Marohn meets with residents in Santa Ana, California for an event earlier this fall (Source: AHOC)

Chuck Marohn meets with residents in Santa Ana, California for an event earlier this fall (Source: AHOC)

When you become a member of Strong Towns, you are helping grow a movement that is changing the way we talk about our places, from Main Street to Wall Street, from the corner cafe to the White House.

Ive been doing a little experiment lately. Ive been asking people how...

Former General Motors Vice Chair Bob Lutz: Kiss the Good Times Goodbye "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Bob Lutz, former General Motors Vice Chair, opines:

It saddens me to say it, but we are approaching the end of the automotive era.

The auto industry is on an accelerating change curve. For hundreds of years, the horse was the prime mover of humans and for the past 120 years it has been the automobile.

Now we are approaching the end of the line for the automobile because travel will be in standardized modules.

The end state will be the fully autonomous module with no capability for the driver to exercise command. You will call for it, it will arrive at your location, you'll get in, input your destination and go to the freeway.
The vehicles, however, will no longer be driven by humans because in 15 to 20 years at the latest human-driven vehicles will be legislated off the highways.

The tipping point will come when 20 to 30 percent of vehicles are fully autonomous. Countries will look at the accident statistics and figure out that human drivers are causing 99.9 percent of the accidents.

Is he right? Is the age of the automobile coming to an end?

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Trump, Brexit and echoes of World War I: Interview with historian Sir Max Hastings "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Q&A with the historian Sir Max Hastings on worrisome parallels with the Great War. Of all the famous things Mark Twain never actually said, perhaps none is repeated more often and with less justification than "history doesn't repeat, but it rhymes." And since the election of Donald Trump as president, history as verse has become a farce: He is Hitler, he is Stalin, he is Mao, he is Caligula, he is Cyrus the Great, he is Pharaoh, he is Joe McCarthy, he is Charles Lindbergh, he is King George III (both the sane and insane versions), he is Julius Caesar, he is Hamlet, he is the Know-Nothing Party, he is Charles Manson, he is Jimmy Carter, he is Andrew Jackson, he is Herbert Hoover, he is Woodrow Wilson, he is -- wait, what: Woodrow Wilson? Seriously? "Ironically," writes Trygve Throntveit in Time, "Trumpism finds ample historical precedents in the immediate and long-term aftermath of U.S. intervention in World War I." He adds that in pledging to "make the world safe for democracy," Wilson was foreshadowing "Trump's make-America-great-and-safe-first foreign policy." Hmmm. I'm not sure I'm sold that the 28th president was the MAGA man of his day. 1 But it's a fresher take than the many uninformed comparisons of Trump to the Republican isolationists who followed Wilson, and thus a contribution to the growing body of journalistic analogies between our present moment and the era of the Great War. You can see the parallels, we are told, in Brexit, the backlash against immigrants in the U.S. and Europe, a radical autocracy in Russia roiling the West with propaganda, the collapse of order in the Middle East, secessionist movements in Europe (Serbia, meet Catalonia), and so on. So, with this Veterans Day marking the centennial of the final year of the War to End All Wars, I decided to hash out which of these supposed historical echoes make sense, and whether lessons learned 100 years ago can help see us through the fraught present. And I was lucky enough to get to do so with Sir Max Hastings. This eminent British historian, newspaper journalist and TV broadcaster has written 26 books (his first, on the radical America of 1968, when he was 23) including one very relevant to this debate: "Catastrophe 1914: Europe Goes to War" in 2013. So, pin a poppy to your lapel and read this lightly edited transcript of our chat:


Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of The Week on BitTorrent 11/13/17 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This week we have four newcomers in our chart.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is the most downloaded movie again.

The data for our weekly download chart is estimated by TorrentFreak, and is for informational and educational reference only. All the movies in the list are Web-DL/Webrip/HDRip/BDrip/DVDrip unless stated otherwise.

RSS feed for the weekly movie download chart.

This weeks most downloaded movies are:
Movie Rank Rank last week Movie name IMDb Rating / Trailer
Most downloaded movies via torrents
1 (1) Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets 6.7 / trailer
2 () The Hitmans Bodyguard 7.0 / trailer
3 (5) 24 Hours to live 5.7 / trailer
4 (9) Thor Ragnarok (HDTS/Cam) ...


Arab League To Hold Urgent Meeting On Iran As Saudis Reportedly Mobilize Fighter Jets "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Arab League is set to hold an emergency meeting on Iran at Saudi Arabia's request, thisaccording to Reuters and various regional sources, at a moment when Saudi fighter jets may be mobilizing for war in an attempted show of force. Egypt-based Ahram Online also reports further that the meeting will discuss "Iranian interference" in the region at League headquarters in Cairo, and other early unconfirmed reports indicate the meeting could come as early as next Sunday.
News of the Arab League extraordinary session comes as tensions are at breaking point as regional powers - especially Saudi Arabia and Israel - talk war against perceived Iranian expansion and domination in the Middle East.
Meanwhile, ...


We Are Likely To See More Vulkan Driver Fixes From Feral "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Feral developer Alex Smith is requesting commit rights to the Mesa code-base...


1,700 Greek doctors work in UKs NHS, number doubled during economic crisis "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The number of Greek doctors who work in the United Kingdom has doubled since the beginning of the economic crisis in 2009. 1,700 of doctors working in UKs National Health System were born in Greece, overwhelming majority of them has also studied in Greece. They hold the second place among EU member states in NHS.

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Die Sddeutsche ber Jenna Abrams, ein Trollaccount ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Die Sddeutsche ber Jenna Abrams, ein Trollaccount der Russen. Money Quote:

Abrams ist ein Produkt der berchtigten Internet Research Agency. Hunderte Menschen arbeiten in einem unscheinbaren Brogebude in Sankt Petersburg. Kein Firmenschild verrt, was hier produziert wird. Der Auftraggeber der meist jungen, oft wenig gebildeten Schichtarbeiter ist der russische Staat. Ihre Mission: Verwirrung im Westen stiften. Sie kommentieren auf europischen Nachrichtenseiten, verbreiten Kreml-Propaganda oder erstellen geflschte ukrainische Webseiten. Und wie seit einigen Monaten bekannt ist, haben sie sich aktiv in den US-Wahlkampf eingemischt.
Also wenn junge, wenig gebildete Schichtarbeiter in Russland so einen Troll in einer Fremdsprache in einer anderen Kulturzone abziehen knnen, dann sollten wir uns echt Sorgen um unsere Konkurrenzfhigkeit auf dem Weltmarkt machen. Was knnen dann erst die geschulten Fachkrfte!?

Hey, wenn da schon eine Sex-Hexenjagd stattfindet, ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Hey, wenn da schon eine Sex-Hexenjagd stattfindet, wieso sollte da nicht auch Mnner aufspringen? Ex-Bodyguard von Mariah Carey bezichtigt sie der sexuellen Belstigung.


Bono and Geldof slam Aung San Suu Kyi as handmaiden to genocide' "IndyWatch Feed World"

Irish musicians Bob Geldof and Bono and other members of rock band U2 have accused Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi of complicity in the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya.


SURPRISE! Senator Dianne Feinstein & Dems Introduce Bill to BAN HUNDREDS of GUNS in America "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Democrats are coming for your guns. And they arent making many exceptions.

Seriously, its true. California senator Dianne Feinstein just released a gun control bill. And, boy, is it a doozy.

Check it out:

From the Washington Examiner:

The bill sponsored by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and other Senate Democrats would make it illegal to sell more than 200 types of semi-automatic weapons as well as magazines holding more than ten rounds of ammunition. The proposal would also ban devices that ramp up firing speed, such as the bump stock used in the Las Vegas shooting last month.

Theres wrongheaded legislation, and theres just wrong legislation. The Feinstein bill is an example of the latter. Just from the looks of it, the bill would ban a huge number of guns on the market, without little exception.


Trans-Pacific Follies: Australia Asleep as Canada Wakes Up "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

It was as dreary as listening to the formulaic assessments of political economy by an unreconstructed Leninist.  But Sunday morning with Steve Ciobo, Australias trade minister, was such an occasion.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, withering away on the branch of false optimism, has been an instrument of deserved suspicion and opprobrium from popular movements across countries suspicious about the paternalistic follies of their governments.  It was precisely opposition to such a proposed agreement, negotiated in total secrecy away from the prying eyes of public interest groups, that fuelled the campaigns of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump during the 2016 US presidential elections.

Even Hillary Clinton, whose husband was a vital figure behind initiating the North American Free Trade Agreement during the 1990s, began to chew some of the anti-free trade cud close to her ignominious defeat.

No free trade faith quite matches the monomania of Australian governments.  Since the 1980s, liberalising and opening the economy has been an unshakeable trajectory, a punishing, stripping dogma that insists that being economically open is liberally good, and closed, parochially bad.

While other states have wised up to the idea that total openness is a recipe for local instability, estrangement, and disaster, the Australian response has been unshakeable: keep borders open and corporations content, except when it comes to refugees who arrive by boat.  As Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull has insisted with staid predictability, the TPP creates rules of the road to match the new economic world in which were living.

For all this, Australias own industries have been supplanted.  Energy and banking oligopolies have been given free rein to operate.  Property prices in Sydney and Melbourne are reaching stratospheric heights, and the current government is promising to partly subsidise what will become one of the worlds largest, and environmentally destructive, of white elephants: the Carmichael coal mine in Queensland.

Most telling of all is that the free traders have no interest in considering data of such irrefutable weight it should put an end to that unfortunately lingering religion.  The US-Australian Free Trade agreement remains a matter of considerable loss to Australia, limiting rather than extending markets and access to Australian producers, and showing the countrys diplomatic crew as inept, ill-informed and, in the final analysis, sycophantic.

None of these points concern the bemused Ciobo. Ideology has already set the tone in this field. When the United States announced, through President Donald J. Trump, that it would have no truck with the TPP, the Australian delegation was left baffled but unmoved.  The remaining states would keep the ship steady.

Now t...


Former U.S. intelligence officials: Trump being played by Putin "IndyWatch Feed War"

. By John Wagner
The Washington Post . Two top former U.S. intelligence officials said Sunday that President Trump is being played by President Vladimir Putin on Russias interference in the 2016 election and accused him of being susceptible to foreign leaders who stroke his ego. . By not confronting the issue directly and not acknowledging to Putin that we know youre responsible for this, I think hes giving Putin a pass, former CIA director John Brennan said on CNNs State of the Union. . I think it demonstrates to Mr. Putin that Donald Trump can be played by foreign leaders who are going to appeal to his ego and try to play upon his insecurities, which is very, very worrisome from a national security standpoint.

Appearing on the same program, former director of national intelligence James R. Clapper Jr. said he agrees with that assessment.

He seems very susceptible to rolling out the red carpet and honor guards and all the trappings and pomp and circumstance that come with the office, and I think that appeals to him, and I think it plays to his insecurities, Clapper said.

Trump told reporters traveling with him in Asia that Putin had assured him at a...


KABOOM! Massive explosion at main Bahrain oil pipeline - Saudi quisling immediately blames Iran for 'terrorist sabotage' (VIDEOS) "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Kingdom of Bahrain has claimed that Friday's explosion on the only pipeline that supplies oil from Saudi Arabia was somehow linked to Iran, opening a new chapter of hostilities between Tehran and the Sunni Gulf states. "The incident was an act of sabotage and a dangerous act of terrorism aimed at harming the higher interests of the nation and the safety of the people," read a statement from Bahrain's interior ministry. "Terrorist acts witnessed by the country in the recent period are carried out through direct contacts and instructions from Iran," the statement claimed. Comment: This is the Bahrainian equivalent of 'Russia did it': the truth is, Bahrain's Sunni minority has been desperately clinging to power since the Arab Spring in 2011. All all the regimes that should have toppled, this is one of them, and it survived thanks only to massive US military support. While Bahrain often blames Iran for backing an insurgency that has plagued the country after authorities suppressed the so-called Arab Spring protests in 2011, Tehran has repeatedly denied any involvement. It also says that it is not behind the latest incident.


Forget the Bogus Republican Reform: Heres What Real Tax Reform Would Look Like "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Forget the Bogus Republican Reform: Heres What Real Tax Reform Would Look Like by Charles Hugh Smith Of Two Minds The point is to end the current system in which billionaires get all the privileges and financial benefits of...

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Drums of Big War Heard in Middle East "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Summing up the recent events in the Middle East leads to the conclusion that the threat of a Saudi-Iranian war is looking increasingly credible as tensions rise in the Middle East.


$43m Bhutan conservation fund announced "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Bhutan government, WWF, donors and partners from around the world are to create a $43 million fundthe first of its kind in Asiato protect Bhutans protected areas.


People Have Become A Sort of Radioactive Waste: Mayak Is Everywhere "IndyWatch Feed"

Mayak is everywhere. Rosatom may be polluting a Mayak near you: by reprocessing spent nuclear fuel from your nearby nuclear power station, by building a nuclear power station that will later send its spent fuel to Russia for reprocessing, or by loading your neighbouring nuclear plant with reprocessed uranium fuel from Mayak. Rosatoms operation in Mayak illustrates that the nuclear industry is not interested in people. After all, 60 years since the disaster the people around Mayak are a sort of radioactive waste. Not just in Russia, but Russias loves to broadcast the problems in the US and elsewhere, whereas Greenpeace and Bellona are among the few who raise the alarm about Russia. Rosatom is owned by the Russian government and answers to President Putin.

From Greenpeace: People have become a sort of radioactive waste.
Blogpost by Jan Haverkamp 29 September, 2017 at 14:30
Those words were spoken to me by the Russian human rights lawyer, Nadezhda Kutepova. For years she, with her NGO, Planet of Hopes, defended people who suffer in one of the most radioactively polluted places on this planet: the area surrounding the nuclear waste and reprocessing complex, Mayak, in Russias Southern Urals. Kutepova continues to stand up for her people from Paris where she has been exiled to because she was no longer safe in her home town. She made the comment when we were discussing the latest radiation measurement findings that Greenpeace published this week.



Skepticon rejects Bolingbrooks bid to host 2018 convention (Fiction) "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Despite secret lobbying efforts from the Bolingbrook Chamber of Commerce, Skepticon officially chose St. Louis as their new host city.

We are disappointed in Skepticons choice, said a source within the Chamber.  We feel that we had a competitive bid, and we feel that Bolingbrook is a great site for any convention.

Skepticon, which describes itself as The largest free skeptic conference in the nation, and possibly the universe, is known for its coverage of both skeptical and social justice issues.  Sources within the Chamber say that winning the Skepticon bid could have been a big boost to tourism in Bolingbrook.

Sure, Skepticon is filled with so-called social justice activists, said another source.  But they would have been our social justice activists, and even the most die-hard social justice activists need to spend money on food and hotels.  We could have made huge profits if wed gotten this convention.  Just look at what it did for Springfield, MO.

Sources within the Skepticon organization said they were flattered by Bolingbrooks bid, but never seriously considered it.

One source, who asked to be called Rose, explained the reasons: Most of us live in Missouri, so Bolingbrook is too far away for us.  Plus, most of the venues in Bolingbrook are too small for us.  The only place that we could hold it in was the Bolingbrook Golf Club, and even the discounted price was too much for us.

The sources said they appreciated Bolingbrooks efforts to make new homes accessible for people with disabilities, but cited other problems with Bolingbrook.  Among them were: a lack of public transportation options from both Chicago airports; a lack of sidewalks in Bolingbrook; and the distance between hotels and nearby restaurants.

Another source, who asked to be called Steve, had harsher words for Bolingbrook:  We could not, in good conscience, go to Bolingbrook. Its mayor not only endorsed Trump but raised money for him as well.  We dont expect our host mayors to be perfect, but (Mayor Roger Claar) is too far from perfect for us to move Skepticon to his community.

Publicly, Skepticon denied ever receiving a bid from the Bolingbrook Chamber:  We have no record of such a bid, and were skeptic...


PHP 7.2 Benchmarks, Performance Of PHP 5.3 To PHP 7.2 On AMD EPYC "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

With PHP 7.2 due for release before month's end and the final release candidate (RC6) already available that in essence is very close to the final build, here are some fresh benchmarks from PHP 5.3 through PHP 7.2 RC6 while using an AMD EPYC Tyan server...


Syrian Army Resumes Operation Against ISIS South Of Mayadin, East Of Sukhna-Deir Ezzor Highway (Map) "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF), led by the Tiger Forces, have resumed their operations against ISIS near Mayadin city. According to pro-government sources, government troops have passed about 30km southeast of it. The SAA and the NDF have also advanced against ISIS and reached the settlements of Bir Duhul and Al-Duhul.

The SAA and the NDF faced little ISIS resistance during their advance because a major part of ISIS members had withdrawn from the desert area. ISIS is now focusing in clashing with government troops in al-Bukamal.

The government advance will put an additional pressure on ISIS members in the border area and would contribute to a joint effort of the SAA and Hezbollah to secure al-Bukamal.

Syrian Army Resumes Operation Against ISIS South Of Mayadin, East Of Sukhna-Deir Ezzor Highway (Map)

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Investigators probe Sam Clovis for Trump knowledge of campaign's Russia dealings "IndyWatch Feed World"

Special counsel Robert Mueller's team has questioned Sam Clovis, co-chairman of President Donald Trump's election campaign, to determine if Trump or top aides knew of the extent of the campaign team's contacts with Russia, two sources familiar with the investigation said on Friday. The focus of the questions put to Clovis by Mueller's team has not been previously reported. "The ultimate question Mueller is after is whether candidate Trump and then President-elect Trump knew of the discussions going on with Russia, and who approved or even directed them," said one source. "That is still just a question."


Anti-Immigration Youths Receive Para-Military Training "IndyWatch Feed War"

Generation Identity at a recent event in the UKGeneration Identity at a recent event in the UK (Photo: Video screenshot)


Young, right-wing European youths are reportedly attending military-style training camps in France, according to Newsweek magazine, which based its report on a newly-released documentary by Britains ITV.

Members of the anti-immigration UK Independent Party also reportedly attended the training camps.

The youth are part of a pan-European movement called Generation Identitaire (Generation Identity) and are dedicated to preserving what they term the ethno-cultural identity of Europe. The group opposes multiculturalism, mass immigration and the Islamization of Europe, according to its talking points.

Although it says its dedicated to non-violence, reporters from ITV who infiltrated the group claim members bragged about receiving para-military training at the camps for two hours a day.

It was really good, one of the trainees allegedly said. We had like a mock demonstration. It was like really realistic because they had like pepper spray, everything. It was really organized.

Members of the group criticized the documentary, calling it fake news and saying that remarks from members were taken out of context.

In a video (see below) responding to the documentary, founder of the group, Martin Sellner, a 28-year-old student activist from Austria, states the group has no secret agenda.

Sellner says the press likes to paint the group as a white supremacist organization, literally Hitler in disguise, yet he claims that the group is not fighting against a certain group of people but against a system. [We] are not advocating a genocidal or people-hating ideology.



Sellner says the group is f...


Security Breach and Spilled Secrets Have Shaken the N.S.A. to Its Core "IndyWatch Feed War"

A serial leak of the agencys cyberweapons has damaged morale, slowed intelligence operations and resulted in hacking attacks on businesses and civilians worldwide.


Credibility of Supreme Court Has Come Under Serious Threat "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The Chief Justice of Indias actions reflect a complete neglect of the rule of law and have put the acceptability and respect the highest court of justice commands in jeopardy.

Supreme Court of India. Credit: Reuters

Supreme Court of India. Credit: Reuters

Chief Justice Warren E. Burger of the US Supreme Court made a profound statement that A sense of confidence in the courts is essential to maintain the fabric of ordered liberty for a fr...


Study: we have the global warming physical process backwards "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology The missing piece of the climate puzzle In classrooms and everyday conversation, explanations of global warming hinge on the greenhouse gas effect. In short, climate depends on the balance between two different kinds of radiation: The Earth absorbs incoming visible light from the sun, called shortwave radiation, and emits


GNU Linux-libre 4.14-gnu Released, Still A Battle Deblobbing Driver Firmware "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Free Software Foundation Latin America team are once again punctual in delivering their updated GNU Linux-libre kernel...


Smog chokes Indian capital as emergency measures fail to bring relief "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: one or more people, sky, bridge and outdoor

A woman walks across a field on a smoggy morning in New Delhi, India, November 13, 2017. REUTERS/Saumya Khandelwal Reuters

NEW DELHI (Reuters) A thick cloud of toxic smog 10 times the recommended limit enveloped Indias capital, New Delhi, on Monday, as government officials struggled to tackle a public health crisis that is well into its second week.

A U.S. embassy measure showed levels of poisonous airborne particles, known as PM 2.5, had reached 498 on Monday afternoon, compared with the upper limit of good quality air at 50.

Indias weather office said rain was forecast over the next three days which could help clear the smog.

Light rainfall is likely in states surrounding Delhi and in Delhi over the next three days, and this could result in a change in wind pattern in the region, Charan Singh, a scientist at India Meteorological Department, told Reuters.

Smog will start to abate starting tomorrow.

But Skymet, Indias only private weather forecaster, said dense smog would continue over Delhi and the surrounding area for at least the next two days.

The Supreme Court is due to hear a petition filed by a New Delhi lawyer to direct government authorities to tackle the intolerable and unbearable air pollution.

The Delhi state government declared a public health emergency last week after pollution levels spiked, a yearly phenomenon blamed on a combination of illegal crop burning in northern states, vehicle exhaust and dust.

Over the weekend, authorities began using fire trucks to spray water in parts of the capital to keep the dust and other air particles down, but it has had little effect.

A senior federal government official said there was little more that could be done.

We can only do this much, and now we will have to wait for rains to clean the atmosphere, said Prashant Gargava, an official at the Central Pollution Control Board.

A man walks through smog near Delhi, India November 13, 2017. REUTERS/Cathal McNaughton

Gargava, who is in charge of monitoring air quality, said Delhis air has been consistently in the hazardous zone, despite measures such as a halt to construction and increasi...


Bill Gates purchases Arizona land to build future smart city "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Bill Gates is developing the City of the Future in Arizona

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, has chosen Arizona to build his future smart city by purchasing a plot of 25,000 acres of land in the south western region of the United States.

The area, which is a 45-minutes drive from west of Phoenix in an area called the West Valley off I-10 near Tonopah, costs $80 million, said Belmont Partners, a real estate investment group based in Arizona who closed the deal for the plot of land from one of Gates investment firms.

The proposed community, planned to spread across 25,000 acres, will be called Belmont, and the goal is to convert the land into its own smart city, according to Belmont Partners.

Belmont will create a forward-thinking community with a communication and infrastructure spine that embraces cutting-edge technology, designed around high-speed digital networks, data centers, new manufacturing technologies and distribution models, autonomous vehicles and autonomous logistics hubs, the group says in a news release.

Of the 25,000 acres, 3,800 acres will be used for office, retail, and commercial space, while another 470 acres will be used for public schools, which would leave enough space for 80,000 residential units.

Comparable in square miles and projected population to Tempe, Arizona, Belmont will transform a raw, blank slate into a purpose-built edge city built around a flexible infrastructure model, Belmont Properties said.

They even added that the future smart city will enjoy tomorrows technologies such as an autonomous vehicle infrastructure, autonomous logistic hubs, and more upon completion of the project.

Arizona Technology Councils Executive Emeritus Ronald Schott said the land Gates company purchased is in a good spot,which is in part due to the proposed I-11 freeway, which would run right through Belmont and connect to Las Vegas.

Bill Gates is known for innovation and those kind of things, and I think he picked the right place, said Schott, which is in part due to the proposed I-11 freeway.

Hes coming to Arizona. Finally Arizonas being recognized for being a place for innovation, Schott added.

As of now, theres no word on when construction of the project will start. This is a developing story and we will keep you updated.

Check out the video below:


The post B......


Notes from the US: Oil and the law "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Freedom Columnist Louis Further rounds up some lesser-known happenings on the other side of the Atlantic. Court win shuts down pipelines There was a judicial victory for environmentalists in the middle of last month. A district court judge in Minnesota ruled that he will allow oil pipeline protesters to present a necessity defence in response


Another Holistic Doctor Found Dead "IndyWatch Feed World"

Dr. Annie Fairbanks, a holistic doctor in Arizona, was found shot dead in her home on Friday along with her husband, 3 year old daughter and 9 month old son. She is the 77th holistic doctor [...]


BREAKING: 77th Holistic Doctor Shot Dead in Her AZ Home with Her Entire Family "IndyWatch Feed World"

Joe Martino, Collective Evolution
Waking Times

Dr. Annie Fairbanks, a holistic doctor practicing out of Arizona, was found shot dead in her home with husband Jason Fairbanks, 3 year old daughter and 9 month old son. This makes the 77th holistic doctor to have been found dead in this way over the past couple of years.

Sgt. Ben Hoster, a spokesman for the Scottsdale Police Department, stated that the police do not believe any other parties are involved. This essentially means there are no suspects and that this is likely a murder-suicide. Even the local paper is calling it that. Oddly, this statement and conclusion was made just hours after the incident took place, hardly giving anyone enough time to make a call like that.

This is an isolated incident, Hoster told reporters during a news conference in the neighbourhood on Friday afternoon.  We do not believe there are any outstanding suspects.

Annie Fairbanks and her 9 month old son. Photo: Facebook.

The family ran a health practice called Macrotherapy, which focused on natural and holistic healing. Its unclear whether or not the practice was employing new or outside the box methods like GcMAF, but further investigations should tell us.

GcMAF (Glycoprotein Macrophage Activating Factor) is a protein made by our body and is pretty much the director of our immune system. Our immune...


Saudi Arabia holds first women's basketball tournament "IndyWatch Feed World"

Manama: Saudi Arabia held its first basketball tournament for women in the Red Sea city of Jeddah on Saturday - a first for the country. University of Business and Technology beat Dar Al Hekma University at a game held in King Abdullah Sports City - attended exclusively by women. "The event demonstrated women's passion for sports and this game undoubtedly gives greater impetus to other events that will increase interest and calls among women to promote the concept of community sports," Leena Al Maeena, Member of the Shura Council and a founding member of the Jeddah United basketball team, said, quoted by Saudi daily Okaz on Sunday. The event, which included other sporting activities, started with an opening match between Jeddah United and Sadad, followed by games by the other six teams in the competition for the title.


Angela Merkels New Germany "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

From welcoming refugees to improving gender equality, German Chancellor Angela Merkels talent at bridging social and political divides has made Germanys transformation into an open society possible. This, not economic policy, has been the greatest achievement of her tenure.


US House of Rep. to vote on giving Amazon $53 billion deal to become main Pentagon supplier "IndyWatch Feed World"

Members of the US House of Representatives and Senate Armed Services committees announced Wednesday that they have reached agreement on the proposed $700 billion National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the annual defense spending bill. This astronomical figure-an $80 billion increase over spending in 2016 and roughly $26 billion more than was requested by President Donald Trump-is a clear signal that the US will expand its ongoing wars around the world and is preparing to engage in far broader conflicts potentially involving North Korea, Iran, Russia, and China. The NDAA will now be voted on by the House of Representatives, where it has been rubber-stamped every year since 1961, before being signed into law by Trump. While reporting by the bourgeois press on the NDAA has been limited overall, a key section of the bill, titled "Procurement Through Commercial E-Commerce Portals," has been almost entirely overlooked. This section establishes the framework whereby Amazon will be able to corner the market for Defense Department procurements worth roughly $53 billion, and its inclusion in the NDAA is a product of the direct links connecting Amazon with the state and military-intelligence apparatus.


Liberals want to change the French language, detractors painted as not keeping up with changing times "IndyWatch Feed World"

Moves to make French more female-friendly have sparked impassioned debate in France, with an appalled Academie Francaise warning of a "mortal danger" to the language of Moliere. At the centre of the debate is the growing use of formulations such as "lecteur.rice.s" for the word "readers" to embrace both genders. Several government ministries, universities and labour unions use so-called "inclusive writing", but it had largely escaped public notice -- until this autumn when it turned up in an elementary school history textbook. The Academie Francaise, the arbiter of the French language which has inducted just eight women since its foundation in 1635, did not mince words. "In the face of this 'inclusive' aberration, the French language finds itself in mortal danger," the body intoned.

Compelled speech madness spreads to France: French language to be 'corrected' with bizarre gender-neutral 'inclusive writing' "IndyWatch Feed World"

Moves to make the French language more female-friendly have sparked impassioned debate in France, with an appalled Academie Francaise warning of a "mortal danger" to the language of Moliere. At the centre of the debate is the growing use of formulations such as "lecteur.rice.s" for the word "readers" to embrace both genders. Several government ministries, universities and labour unions use so-called "inclusive writing", but it had largely escaped public notice -- until this autumn when it turned up in an elementary school history textbook. The Academie Francaise, the arbiter of the French language which has inducted just eight women since its foundation in 1635, did not mince words. "In the face of this 'inclusive' aberration, the French language finds itself in mortal danger," the body intoned.

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