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Wednesday, 08 November


Suicide More Common in High-Altitude Counties "IndyWatch Feed"

By Hoehun Ha, Auburn University at Montgomery, The Conversation


Suicide is one of the top 10 causes of death (pdf) in the U.S. In the next 20 years, its expected to cause more than 2 million deaths per year worldwide, ranking 14th in the world as a cause of death.


There are many factors known to affect an individuals risk for suicide. For example, people who are older, male, white, divorced, low-income, isolated or who abuse substances are all at higher risk. Psychiatric illness, mood disorders and lack of social support are also recognized risk factors.


Several studies have demonstrated geographic variations in suicide patterns in the U.S., with higher suicide rates in western states. Our ongoing research expands on those findings, showing that Americans who live in higher-altitude counties are at a higher risk for suicide.


Altitude and health


Increased elevation has been known to have a protective relationship with certain medical illnesses. For example, people who live at higher altitudes are somewhat less likely to die from coronary artery disease or stroke. But increased elevation may also enhance psychological problems, such as panic attacks.


Previous studies have reported a significant association between suicide and altitude. One study showed a strong positive relationship between average state altitude and suicide rate. For example, in Utah, the average geographic altitude is about 6,000 feet, and the rate of suicide is 70 percent higher than average.


Another, similar study showed that higher-altitude states had significantly higher suicide rates than lower-altitude states. Similar findings were observed for both firearm-related and nonfirearm-related suicides.


These studies suggest altitude is a significant risk f...


Assistant Attorney General, National Security Division: Who Is John Demers? "IndyWatch Feed"

President Donald Trump, on September 2, 2017,  nominated a weapons industry attorney to be the next chief of the National Security Division (NSD) of the Department of Justice (DOJ). Created in 2006, NSD consolidates DOJs primary national security functions. A veteran of NSDs early days, John Demers is vice president and assistant general counsel for government operations, and acting head of international government affairs, at Boeing International. If confirmed by the Senate, Demers would succeed John Carlin, who served from March 2013 to October 2016. Upon taking over the National Security Division, Demers will retain more than $1 million in Boeing stock options.


John Charles Demers was born September 21, 1971, in Gubbio, Italy, to Francis J. Demers and Giuseppa P. Demers, who also had two other children, Julie and Mark. John Demers earned a BA in Art History at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1993. He spent two years, from August 1994 to August 1996, at the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse working as special research assistant to its president, former Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare Joseph A. Califano, who is also a Holy Cross alumnus.


Demers earned a JD at Harvard Law School in 1999, and clerked for Judge Diarmuid OScannlain of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit from August 1999 to August 2000. He practiced law as an associate at the law firm of Ropes and Gray in Boston from October 2000 to May 2003.


In June 2003, Demers joined the Department of Justice for the first time, working as an attorney advisor in the Office of Legal Counsel until June 2005, when he left to serve a clerkship with Justice Antonin Scalia from July 2005 to August 2006.


From September 2006 to January 2009, Demers was on the first leadership team at NSD. He served as senior counsel to the assistant attorney general (to September 2007), and then as the deputy assistant attorney general at the Office of Law and Policy from October 2007 to January 2009.


In 2008, Demers helped draft Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act, which allows the National Security Agency (NSA) to collect...


New Amazon S3 encryption and security features introduced "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Amazon Web Services has announced the availability of five new encryption and security features for the Amazon S3 cloud storage service. These include: Default object encryption; Permission Checks; Cross-Region Replication Access Control List Overwrite; Cross-Region Replication with AWS Key Management Service; and A detailed inventory report that can be encrypted, and that includes the encryption status of each object. More on the new features The Default Encryption option makes it possible to mandate that all More


Have you heard about Bitcoin multipliers? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Professedly, they are services that multiply any Bitcoin amount you send them by several times, and return to you the total amount in a mere hours. How do they do that? Supposedly, by taking advantage of bugs in Bitcoin clients and ventures: And why do they do that (and dont take any commission)? Apparently, they believe in the technology and want to see it thrive. Scamming uninformed and greedy users Most users who encounter such More


Lack of proper security solutions is annihilating companies reputations "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Businesses are not meeting consumer expectations around protecting personal information, according to a study conducted by the Ponemon institute across the U.S., U.K., Germany and Australia. Consumer trust 62 percent of consumers have been notified by a company or government agency that their personal information was lost or stolen as a result of one or more data breaches. Of these, 36 percent experienced two or more separate incidents, causing a third of them to sever More


What can musicians and programmers learn from each other? A conversation with Ryan Blunden "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Chris speaks with Ryan Blunden about what programmers and musicians can learn from each other, the affects of music on coding, what genres might be what programming language, computer generated music and much more.


Is trading resilience for business growth a smart strategy? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Not long ago, the probability of a threat materializing was enough to open the IT pocketbook. Today, the mentality has shifted from one of risk prevention to one of risk marginalization. This mindset isnt just held by the CEO, but rather the entire C-suite. As a result, organizations are beginning to shift portions of operational risk accountability to line-of-business leaders. This approach must also tie into Resiliency Operations planning. This shift is understandable. Operational excellence, More


NWS confirms two EF2 tornadoes, including one long-tracked, Indiana / Ohio "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The National Weather Service (NWS) confirmed late Monday, November 6, 2017, two EF2 tornadoes hit western Mercer County, Ohio on November 5. One EF1 tornado was confirmed in Clark County. A warm front provided the focus for Sunday morning thunderstorms that...... Read more

Record-breaking snowfall, low maximum temperatures hit British Columbia "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Environment Canada says the first Arctic front of the season moved across British Columbia on Thursday, November 2, 2017, bringing a blast of cold air, strong winds and the first snowfall of the season. As of early November 7, one person is missing. Cranbrook set a...... Read more

Worst-case scenario: There could be only 30 wild Sumatran rhinos left "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

This is the first article in our four-part series Is Anyone Going to Save the Sumatran Rhino? A new installment will be published daily. WEST JAVA, Indonesia As we sit cross-legged at a restaurant in Java over plates of local delicacies cow brains, avocado juice and dried fish you eat whole Haerudin R. Sadjudin tells me a little about his life. Lanky, weathered, with a welcoming demeanor and an open smile, Haerudin, 62, started studying rhinos  both Indonesian species, the Sumatran and the Javan  in 1975. I tell him hes been doing this job longer than Ive been alive. Haerudin, program manager at local rhino NGO YABI, has had the pleasure of seeing Javan rhinos (Rhinoceros sondaicus) 31 times in the wild. Hes been attacked by them three times, including once when he had to abandon his canoe and cling to a tree. But this isnt what really takes my breath away. Hes actually seen Sumatran rhinos (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis) in the wild  but only once in his 40-plus years of studying the animal. This highlights just how endangered the Sumatran rhino has long been. Already by the 1970s they were virtually impossible to encounter. And today they are so rare, so nearly lost, as to be almost mythical: theyve become like the Tasmanian tiger in the 1920s or Stellars sea cow in the 1760s. The world knows exactly how many Javan rhinos are left: 67, including four calves this year. We know this because of consistent surveys using camera

W460 "IndyWatch Feed War"

Jubeir Says Yemen Missile Launched by Hizbullah as Sabhan Warns Lebanese

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir on Monday announced that the latest missile that was fired at Riyadhs international airport was an Iranian missile, launched by Hizbullah, from territory occupied by the Huthis in Yemen.

We see this as an act of war,


A ms de 2.5 millones de mujeres les han dicho que no deberan estudiar: encuesta "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

En Mxico, 2 millones 562 mil estudiantes de 15 aos o ms, han tenido que escuchar que compaeros o maestros les digan que las mujeres no deberan estudiar.Regeneracin, 7 de noviembre de 2017.- De acuerdo con los datos de la Encuesta Nacional sobre la Dinmica de las Relaciones en los Hogares (Endireh) 2016, en Mxico, []

El post A ms de 2.5 millones de mujeres les han dicho que no deberan estudiar: encuesta apareci primero en Regeneracin.


Seth Rich Update! Donna Brazile Was Scared to Death , 1879 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

- Kangen Water, ionized, alkaline water, Call Tom @ 843-729-7837, website: Good morning, Im still reporting on: Seth Rich Update! Donna Brazile Was Scared to Death , 1879 Synopsis: According to ZeroHedge, the most shocking revelation in Donna Braziles new book, Hacks, was that after Seth Richs murder, she became increasingly paranoid for her own safety. Brazile says she feared possible retribution from those who might blame her for the leaks of Democrat emails leaks which have now been proven to have come - not from overseas or the Russians but from within the DNC building itself because they were downloaded from the DNC servers directly onto a thumb drive. Many researchers believe that Seth Rich was killed as a warning to others from shadowy Deep State actors Brazile knew of within the Clinton campaign. Brazile, youll remember, was at that time the Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee not exactly a small fish in Washington. However, so called top Democrats instructed her not to discuss her concerns with others. Brazile describes her gradual awakening to the scope of the email theft, then the realization that it could have been an inside job, and that brought on mounting anxiety Seth Rich seemed to be the most logical candidate. Blazile describes that she attempted to purge as many of these Deep State figures as she could, but it was like knowing you have rats in the basement. You take measures to get rid of them, but knowing they are there, or have been there, means you never feel truly at peace. According to ZeroHedge: Brazile writes that she was haunted by the still-unsolved murder of Seth Rich and feared for her own life, shutting the blinds to her office window so snipers could not see her and installing surveillance cameras at her home. Brazile says that her big wake-up call concerning the Seth Rich murder occurred when a month after the fact, and President Obamas 55th birthday party in the White House, Susan Rice and former Attorney General Eric Holder separately pulled her aside and quietly urged her to take the Russian hacking seriously. Meaning? Quit talking about Seth Rich. Support Our Sponsors: - Nobel Gold: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 877-646-5347 - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 - Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - SeaShell Diamond Gallery, Custom Fine Jewelry Made in Hawaii. 808-338-9988; - PrepareWithBill - Food Storage You Can Depend On. 888-756-8727 - Kangen Water, ionized, alkaline water, Call Tom @ 843-729-7837, website: Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3Cg...


Confirman que en puestos de la CDMX se venden tacos y gorditas de caballo "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Luego de difundir el estudio, autoridades de la capital del pas confirmaron que puestos venden tacos y gorditas con carne de caballo.Regeneracin, 7 de noviembre de 2017.- Hace poco se dio a conocer un estudio de la organizacin Humane Society International en el que se identifican casos de venta de carne de caballo, como si []

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Donna Brazile Dedicates New Book to Seth Rich , 1881 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

- Nobel Gold: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 877-646-5347 Good morning, Im still reporting on: Donna Brazile Dedicates New Book to Seth Rich , 1881 Synopsis: In her new book, Hacks, former DNC Chair, Donna Brazile, not only lamented the death of her young data center administrator, Seth Rich, she even dedicated her book in part - to him. Rich is one of 6 people mentioned in Braziles dedication. On Sunday, Brazile appeared on ABCs This Week with George Stephanopoulos. When asked to answer her Hillary-Clinton-loving critics, Brazile said: They dont know what it was like to be over the DNC during this hacking. They dont know what its like to bury a child. I did: Seth Rich. Brazile has apparently had an ongoing interest in looking into who killed Rich. Through a spokesman, the Rich family has thanked her for her support: Since Seth was murdered, Donna Brazile has been a great friend to the Rich family and has been extremely supportive of the familys efforts to find Seths killers. Support Our Sponsors: - Nobel Gold: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 877-646-5347 - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 - Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - SeaShell Diamond Gallery, Custom Fine Jewelry Made in Hawaii. 808-338-9988; - PrepareWithBill - Food Storage You Can Depend On. 888-756-8727 - Kangen Water, ionized, alkaline water, Call Tom @ 843-729-7837, website: Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the Still Report, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still: https:/...


Top 5 Top Veterans Stories in Todays News Nov. 07, 2017 - Veterans Today "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

We encourage you to browse our list so that you can take what you want and keep what you need.


Trump's Speech in Japan, 1880 "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Good morning, Im still reporting on: Trump's Speech in Japan, 1880 Synopsis: Support Our Sponsors: Support Our Sponsors: - Nobel Gold: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 877-646-5347 - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 - Trade Genius Academy: Learn the safe, sure way to trade. - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: - SeaShell Diamond Gallery, Custom Fine Jewelry Made in Hawaii. 808-338-9988; - PrepareWithBill - Food Storage You Can Depend On. 888-756-8727 - Kangen Water, ionized, alkaline water, Call Tom @ 843-729-7837, website: Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the Still Report, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still: Consider becoming a cherished sponsor:


Vote today "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Georgia voter sticker

Local elections matter.

Just because the Presidency isnt up for grabs this year doesnt mean you shouldnt vote. Here in Atlanta, were electing a new mayor, several city council members, board of education members, and county commissioners. The mayoral race is national news.

These off-year elections tend to have low turnout, but local offices are important. The people Atlantans (for example) elect today will be making decisions about taxes, infrastructure, the school system, and other important issues for years to come. If youre eligible, please vote.


Tension Mounts As Stun Gun, Police Dogs Used At Sandisfield Pipeline Protest "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Heather Bellow for The Berkshire Eagle - SANDISFIELD On the very day the pipeline company got permission to put its new third line in service here, three anti-pipeline activists were arrested for blocking a road, and witnesses say Massachusetts State Police used a stun gun on one man when he tried to run during an arrest. For the first time since the protests began nearly six months ago, Massachusetts State Police K-9 units were leashed and at the ready, and so was an ambulance as activists formed blockades on either side of Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. headquarters on Beech Plain Road. The man, whom The Eagle has not yet been able to identify, was transferred from a state police cruiser to the ambulance for a medical check roughly 30 minutes after the episode. Though the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Tuesday gave Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. permission to flow gas on Wednesday, the political atmosphere of friendly protests and arrests here is increasingly curdling into one of barely concealed hostility. A group of water protectors, many who had been previously entrenched at Standing Rock, N.D. to fight the Dakota Access Pipeline, are using a more unpredictable and aggressive approach to pipeline resistance than their much-older fellow activists from the Sugar Shack Alliance.


Research Fellowship for a Business Historian, University of Hertfordshire "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

AS: This 12-month job would appear to involve writing a commissioned history of Morrison Construction, a Scottish firm. Im not certain why the money is being routed through a university in England rather than, say, the business history unit at the University of Glasgow. Nevertheless, this could be a great opportunity for a young business historian, especially if this book project could also result in a few papers in ABS-3 and ABS-4 journals.

Research Fellow
University of Hertfordshire School of Humanities
Location: Hertfordshire
Salary: 32,548 to 38,833
Hours: Full Time
Contract Type: Fixed-Term/Contract
Placed on: 31st October 2017
Closes: 16th November 2017
Job Ref: 015559
Salary: 32,548 38,833 pa dependent on relevant skills and experience

Grade: UH7

FTE: This is a full time position working 37 hours per week (1.0 FTE)

Duration of Contract: Fixed Term Contract 2 January 2018 to 31 December 2018

History of Alexander Morrison (Builders) LTD

Qualifications required:

They must hold an undergraduate honours degree at a minimum 2:1 (or equivalent in a relevant discipline) and are likely to have a PhD in History and/or Heritage. They will have experience of conducting oral histories.

Description of research area:

The Fellow will be required to take primary responsibility for researching and writing a history of Alexander Morrison (Builders) Ltd, later Morrison Construction, from its establishment in 1948. The Fellow must be working within the field of twentieth-century business and economic history, broadly conceived, and must have experience of conducting oral history interviews.

Description of the School:

The successful candidate will be based in the History Group, which is located in the School of Humanities. The History Group is one of the most successful History research units in the country, ranked 5th equal out of 83 submissions in REF 2014, and the only History unit in REF 2014 to achieve 100% 4* for Impact. The School provides a rich and supportive research environment, with close collaboration between its subject research groups: History, Philosophy, English Literature, Media and Mass Communications, and English Language and Communication.

Contact Details: Informal enquiries can be made to Dr Anne Murphy, Associate Dean Research, School of Humanities, email: or...


Vietnamese APT32 group is one of the most advanced APTs in the threat landscape "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

According to the incident response firm Volexity, Vietnamese APT32 group is today one of the most advanced APTs in the threat landscape

According to the incident response firm Volexity, the cyber espionage campaigns associated with a group operating out of Vietnam and tracked as tracked as OceanLotus and APT32 have become increasingly sophisticated.

Researchers at Volexity has been tracking the threat actor since May 2017, they observed attacks aimed at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and media, human rights, and civil society organizations.

In May 2017, Volexity identified and started tracking a very sophisticated and extremely widespread mass digital surveillance and attack campaign targeting several Asian nations, the ASEAN organization, and hundreds of individuals and organizations tied to media, human rights and civil society causes. reads the analysis published by Volexity. These attacks are being conducted through numerous strategically compromised websites and have occurred over several high-profile ASEAN summits. Volexity has tied this attack campaign to an advanced persistent threat (APT) group first identified as OceanLotus by SkyEye Labs in 2015.

The researcher compared the hacker group with the dreaded s Russia-linked Turla APT.

APT32 group

The APT32 group, also known as OceanLotus Group, has been active since at least 2012, according to the experts it is a state-sponsored hacking group.

The hackers targeted organizations across multiple industries and foreign governments, dissidents, and journalists.

Since at least 2014, experts at FireEye have observed APT32 targeting foreign corporations with an interest in Vietna...


Ex-wife of Islamic State chief: I only had babies to raise them as killers "IndyWatch Feed War"

Mum-of-five Tania Choudhury has detailed her disturbing radicalisation alongside top militant commander John Georgelas after the September 11 attack on New Yorks Twin Towers Tania Choudhury exposes her experience with racism and her own inner struggles as a youth, followed by her subsequent indoctrinated hatred of the West, her attraction to jihad terror and dreams []


On the verge of catastrophe: Saudi Arabia says Lebanon declared war "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

While Saudi Arabia has long blamed Iran for sowing unrest in the region, this evenings declaration by Saudi Gulf affairs minister Thamer al-Sabhan that Lebanon has declared war against the kingdom is truly a historic first. But perhaps the biggest problem is that international media is currently uncritically spreading the statement, whereas what such a bizarre claim actually warrants is laughter. Thankfully, Nassim Nicholas Taleb sums it up nicely with a basic geography lesson: Either the media is stupid, or Saudi rulers are stupid, or both. Lebanon did not formally declare war and there is no common border.

Still image taken from a video distributed by Yemens pro-Houthi Al Masirah television station, which purports to show the ballistic missile previously launched at Saudi Arabia.

With that in mind, here is the statement currently making headlines as reported by Reuters:

Saudi Arabia said on Monday that Lebanon had declared war...


Weathering Jail and Prison : Tips from Anarchist Prisoners Dane Powell and Joseph Buddenburg "IndyWatch Feed War"

Every song of freedom is born in prison.

Dane Powell, the first of the J20 defendants to be sentenced, just completed his four-month sentence after taking a non-cooperating plea deal in which he pled guilty to two felony charges. During the demonstrations against Trumps inauguration, Dane was filmed risking his freedom to save a child who was brutally attacked by riot police. Dane teamed up with Joseph Buddenburg, another political prisoner serving two years for Conspiracy to Violate the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, to compose the following guide to surviving jail, prison, and transportation between holding facilities. Whether you are preparing for the possibility of doing time yourself, getting ready to support someone else through a sentence, or simply curious to learn more about life inside the prison-industrial complex, read on for a wide range of essential tips.

For perspective on how to weather the process leading up to the verdict, read How to Survive a Felony Trial: Keeping Your Head up through the Worst of It.

Joseph Buddenburg.

Dane Powell, immediately upon his release.

Dane Powell:

When youre facing a possible prison sentence, the anxiety can be overbearing. No person who is in prison knows what lies ahead from one day to the next. It is quite literally a step into the unknown.

When I first got to jail, I kept notes on experiences that might help ease some confusion for my codefendants. I had no idea I would be transported hundreds of miles to the sunshine state over a three-week period.

Roughly a month at Coleman Federal Correctional Institution, I was introduced to Joseph Buddenburg, another political prisoner, who is serving a 24-month sentence. Joseph was originally serving time in California and was sent to the east coast, away from his support, as a form of punishment. I shared this writing project with him and we decided to combine our energy and experiences. Our goal is to give tips and tricks we had to learn the hard way....


DON'T TRY TO BREAK US WE'LL EXPLODE : Der G20 2017 in Hamburg umfassender Bericht und Analyse. "IndyWatch Feed World"


Der G20 Gipfel 2017 provozierte die bislang heftigsten Auseinandersetzungen in Deutschland in diesem Jahrhundert. Wir waren vor Ort und haben kontinuierlich berichtet; in dem Monat, der seitdem vergangen ist, haben wir die Berichte aus Hamburg zusammengebracht und einen komplette Chronologie und Analyse hergestellt. Herausgekommen ist eine epische Geschichte von Staatsgewalt und breitem Widerstand dagegen, welcher auf diesem Level bislang sowohl in den USA wie auch in Nordeuropa kaum beobachtet werden konnte.

In den nchsten Wochen wird dieser Text auch als Broschre erscheinen, die dann kostenlos bei bestellbar sein wird. Zine als PDF runterladen.

Der Hhepunkt der Aktionen Freitag Nacht am Rande der polizeifreien Zone.

Die Kurzversion: Die Polizei versuchte mit roher Gewalt all jene, die gekommen waren um gegen den G20 zu protestieren zu isolieren und zu terrorisieren. Im Lauf der Geschehnisse brachten sie so einen groen Teil der Bevlkerung gegen sich auf und die Stadt geriet auer Kontrolle. Dies ruft uns wieder ins Bewusstsein, dass die wichtigsten Ereignisse an den Rndern von jedem gegebenen Konflikt stattfinden die Verbreitung von Rebellion ist bedeutsamer, als die Aktionen selbsternannter Radikaler. Die Strategie der Polizei unterstreicht wie wichtig altbekannte Zwangsmittel fr die Herrschaft der G20 sind; nichtsdestotrotz konnten wir beobachten wie eine entschlossene Bevlkerung selbst die best-trainierte und ausgerstete Polizei aus-manvrieren kann. Wenn 31.000 militarisierte Polizist_innen, die ihr ganzes Repertoire bis kurz vor tdlicher Gewalt anwenden, nicht in der Lage sind die Ordnung beim wichtigsten und bestgesicherten Ereignis des Jahres in der reichsten Nation Europas aufrecht zu erhalten; dann ist es vielleicht auch wieder vorstellbar, eine Revolution zu denken.

Also mssen wir damit anfangen die Courage all jener die sich gegen den G20 aufgelehnt haben sei dies durch das Organisieren von Demonstrationen, die Unterbringung von Gsten nachdem die Polizei die Camps angriff, durch das Mitlaufen im Black Bloc, durch die medizinische Hilfe fr Opfer von Poli...



So this happened today.

SEOUL President Trump on Tuesday asserted that tougher gun laws would not have stopped the mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, last weekend and in fact hundreds more would have died had another man not been able to neutralize the alleged killer with a gun of his own.

Asked during a news conference here whether he would entertain extreme vetting on guns, Trump appeared irritated by the question and suggested it was not appropriate to talk about in the heart of South Korea.

He then answered by saying if we did what you are suggesting it would have made no difference three days ago. Devin Patrick Kelley opened fire with an assault rifle killing 26 people in a church. Another man, Stephen Willeford, later grabbed his own gun and exchanged fire with Kelley outside the church. Police found Kelley dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound but authorities said Willeford helped stop Kelley and called him a hero."

Trump referred to Willeford as a brave man and said if he had not had a gun, instead of having 26 dead, you would have had hundreds more dead... Its not going to help.
On the subject of Trump's irritation: Remember that he's the president of the United States. Presidents routinely talk about important domestic news stories when they're on overseas trips, especially traumatic events that take multiple lives. Would he have been irritated if there'd been an attack in America by a jihadist over the weekend and he was asked about it?

But here's the illogic of his main argument: He's suggesting that if we had extreme vetting of gun purchasers, Devin Patrick Kelley would have been approved for gun purchases -- and Stephen Willeford wouldn't have. Is that really what he believes? That Kelley, who spent a year in military confinement for assaulting his wife and infant stepson, cracking the child's skull, would have passed the extreme check, but Willeford -- who, as far as we know is completely law-abiding -- wouldn't have?

Therefore, by Trump's logic, extreme vetting is a process potentially riddled with error? Or a process meant to reject everyone, even the deserving?

Or perhaps he believes that Willeford would have failed the check and gone without guns, while Kelley would have failed and gone to the black market. But what evidence do we have that Kelley would have bought guns illegally? He had a bad conduct discharge from the military after being found guilty of domestic violence. He had reason to believe he might fail at least his first background check -- yet he bought...


Fun Idea: Apple Acquires Netflix for $100B "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Why Apple Should Buy Netflix Imagine an all-stock deal valued at $100 billion. Beating Amazon to the punch is worth the price. Bloomberg, November 7, 2017     I try not to give billionaires or corporate managers unsolicited advice on what they should do with their money. Warren Buffett and Apple Inc. both have done rather well

Read More

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How GDPR affects your organization "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The countdown is on and global businesses now have just six months until the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is enforced. A recent study from Trend Micro has found confusion among businesses about the regulations. The survey found wide variation on the definition of State of the Art security among the 1,000 IT decision makers from businesses across the globe: While 30 percent of businesses define it as buying security from an established market leader, More


Leaked Docs Reveal Elites Secret Wealth, Show Queen Made Millions Exploiting Mentally Ill People "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

paradise papersThe Paradise Papers reveal ties between Queen Elizabeth II and businesses that have made millions exploiting poor and mentally ill individuals.


Crate & Barrel forms a partnership with libtard Reese Witherspoon "IndyWatch Feed"

Reese Witherspoon is a Hollyweird libtard that Crate & Barrel has chosen as their new spokesman. From Yahoo: If you adore Reese Witherspoons ladylike taste and live for the modern luxury of Crate & Barrel, then thank your lucky stars, Continue reading


Trump and Putin to meet, expected to talk Syria & N. Korea (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Trump and Putin to meet, expected to talk Syria & N. Korea Video RT Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump are set to meet a second time next week, and are expected to discuss a settlement...

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UK government tsar: Political correctness is allowing Islamic terrorism to flourish "IndyWatch Feed War"

Political correctness is allowing Islamic terrorism to flourish and is fueling the growth of the extreme right-wing, police leaders were warned last night. This ship has long sailed with regards to political correctness. Abhorrent abuses in Islamic states are now evident across the Western world, and are tolerated for fear of being called Islamophobic or []


The Poetry of Flames: The Arson Trials in France : From the Courtroom to the Streets "IndyWatch Feed World"

The police car set on fire in Paris in May 2016.

This report details the trials following the arson of a police car set on fire in May 2016 during the upheaval against the Loi Travail in France, and all the expressions of solidarity that accompanied themincluding a fresh outbreak of arsons against police infrastructure.

Months pass, years pass, yet the situation in France remains unstable as the rhythm of social and political struggles accelerates. The events we will describe here are a consequence of the political situation in France and in Europe as a whole: the repercussions of the 2008 international financial crisis are still noticeable in our daily lives, European governments and their security policies cant contain or palliate the refugee crisis, the ISIS attacks, the State of Emergency, the COP21, increasing disillusionment with traditional political parties, never-ending austerity measures, elections in which the far right is gaining more and more power.

Demonstration against the new Loi Travail (labor law) on September 12, 2017.

Facing this new offensive aimed at making labor conditions and life itself ever...


USA Today chides Texas for 'lax' concealed carry laws despite church shooter's denied permit "IndyWatch Feed World"

USA Today chided Texas for "lax" concealed carry laws after the Sutherland Springs church shooting but the attacker, Devin Kelley, was denied such a permit. Governor Greg Abbott (R) says the attacker was denied a Texas concealed carry permit. USA Today criticized Texas concealed carry laws nonetheless. They pointed to the reduced fees for a permit, effective this year, whereby the price dropped from $14o to $40. The paper reported that a portion of the concealed carry safety course can be done online and that possession of a permit lets the holder carry openly or concealed.


Moss Piglets: First Interstellar Travelers? "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Guest post by David Middleton People are gearing up to spread life from our solar system out into the cosmos. But the first life-forms to make that journey wont be human beings, or even critters most folks would recognize. Instead, scientists plan to send tiny, chubby, pinch-faced tardigrades on the first living journey out past the Oort


Broader Acceptance in the United States That Software Patents Are Worthless, But Element Data Has Just Paid for Some "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Some folks have literally burned their patents

Bin of Software Patents

Summary: The acceptance stage follows the agony of the patents industry, realising that it is incredibly hard to win in a courtroom any cases with software patents (never mind barriers at the USPTO and PTAB)

A software patent may take $50,000 and 10 years to obtain, at which point the technology is obsolete, says this new article (from yesterday). Indeed, software patents are a waste of time and money, more so after Alice (2014). Why is anyone ever willing to pursue these? According to recent rumours, USPTO examiners may soon abolish software patents.

Every computer program is abstract. This means that using words like technical, invention, effect or device (or pseudo-novelly buzzwords like IoT and cloud) wont change the underlying nature.Yesterday we saw another new example of the patent microcosm pretending not to understand that software patents as per Alice as well are abstract and thus pass. Here is what Patently-O wrote:

One of the struggles of the Subject Matter Eligibility test is understanding the definition of the legal term abstract idea. The Supreme Court has used the term abstract in many other areas of law perhaps most pointedly in the area of standing and the requirement of a concrete, non-abstract harm.

Every computer program is abstract. This means that using words like technical, invention, effect or device (or pseudo-novelly buzzwords like IoT and cloud) wont change the underlying nature. Expert witnesses dont care for terms like AI and certainly not over the Internet or on a phone. Theyre beyond all that marketing. They can deconstruct the concepts and it all boils down to algorithms, reducible to mathematics.

Its 2017, so of course sof...


Gulf stocks slide on Saudi-Iran duel "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP/File | An investor monitors shares at the Saudi Stock Exchange in Riyadh

DUBAI (AFP)  Stock markets in energy-rich Gulf states dropped on Tuesday, hit by rising tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran, a royal purge in Saudi Arabia and other regional disputes.

The decline was led by shares in Kuwait and Qatar, where the stock index dropped to its lowest level since March 2011 as the country reels from a five-month-old boycott by neighbouring nations.

Six Gulf bourses ended lower and the Saudi market was down 2.9 percent in afternoon trade at levels last seen more than five months ago.

Sunni-ruled Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran traded accusations after Saudi defence forces on Saturday downed a ballistic missile near Riyadh international airport, reportedly fired by Huthi rebels in Yemen.

Saudi shares were also shaken by the arrest of several leading business figures including billionaire Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal in what the authorities said was an anti-corruption sweep.

Tension and war drums between Saudi Arabia and Iran have caused panic among traders across the Gulf, Kuwaiti financial analyst Ali al-Nimesh said.

We have seen a sell-off wave by investors who are worried that the dispute may develop into a full-fledged war, Nimesh told AFP.

Riyadh accused Iran of supplying missiles to the Huthis in what Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman called a direct military aggression by Tehran.

The Boursa Kuwait index fell 4.4 percent at one point but recovered slightly to end the day down 2.8 percent. Kuwait is also facing an internal political dispute that forced the cabinet to resign last month.

The Qatar Exchange index dropped 1.1 percent to close below the 8,000-point mark for the first time since March 2011.

Since the start of the year, the Qatari bourse has slumped 24 percent, the most in the Gulf, hurt by the regions worst diplomatic crisis in decades.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt on June 5 severed ties with Qatar, accusing it of supporting extremism and being too close to Iran, charges that Doha has denied.

The Qatar bourse has been affected by the withdrawal of some investors, including foreigners, Nimesh said.

The Dubai Financial Market index declined 1.8 percent t...


HITMAN Game of the Year Edition Released For Linux "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Feral Interactive has been off to a busy November with last week releasing F1 2017 for Linux and today delivering same-day support for HITMAN Game of the Year Edition on both macOS and Linux...


Robert Steele: How the Deep State controls social media and digitally assassinates critics #GoogleGestapo Censorship & Crowd-Stalking Made Easy "IndyWatch Feed War"

Robert David STEELE Vivas

How the Deep State controls social media and digitally assassinates critics

#GoogleGestapo Censorship & Crowd-Stalking Made Easy

Robert David Steele

American Herald Tribune

7 November 2017

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (John 8:32)

This is a speculative account based on personal experience and broad reading. In no way is it a substitute for a proper legal discovery process but it could be useful in guiding such a process.



War with India not an option, says Pakistan PM "IndyWatch Feed War"

PTI | Updated: Nov 6, 2017, 20:20 IST


  • Kashmir is the core issue with India and until that is resolved, India-Pak relations will remain tense, Abbasi said.
  • He also dismissed any support for an independent Kashmir.
  • Abbasis key message was that the world must acknowledge Pakistan as the country fighting the largest war on terror in the world.

Pakistan's Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. (Reuters File Photo)

Pakistans Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. (Reuters File Photo) . .

LONDON: Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said that war is not an option with India and that only talks can resolve all outstanding issues including Kashmir.

Addressing a conference on Future of Pakistan 2017 at the London School of Economics South Asia Centre here on Saturday, Abbasi described Kashmir as a core issue and said relations with India will remain tense until that is resolved.

Kashmir is the core issue with India. Until that is resolved, Pakistan-India relations will remain tense. We are always open to talks at any level and talks are the way forward. War is not an option, Abbasi said.

Highlighting Indias Cold Start Doctrine among recent developments, Abbasi said Pakistan had a deterrent in place.

We have a deterrent to that (Cold Start Doctrine) but I dont think deterrents where both sides are nuclear powers is a solution to any problem. The only solution is continued talks, the Pakistani leader noted.

He, however, expressed little hope of any significant movement with talks between the countries as both are prepared for elections Pakistan next year and India the year after.

Any expectation of a great initiative is probably misplaced, Abbasi said.



Survival Knife With Fire Starter "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Survival Knife With Fire Starter by Ken Jorgustin Modern Survival Blog A survival knife with a fire starter is a recommended combination by Modern Survival Blog for general applicable carry. Having both a knife and a fire starter will...

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Busted! CNN uses video to make fake news on Trump fish food "blunder" "IndyWatch Feed World"

Left-wing CNN was caught using fake video Monday morning to mock President Trump for following the lead of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with the emptying of a box of fish food into a koi pond. The only thing is that, in order to make Trump look like a rube, the Trump-hating network left out the part about following the Japanese prime minister's lead. UPDATE: This is only CNN's first piece of fake news today. The last-place network also selectively-edited a Trump quote to automakers as a means to "fact check" the president as either dishonest or ignorant. As you will see below, the video in this CNN tweet is a banana, is presented in a way to make Trump look foolish by deceiving news consumers: The event is a photo-op with the American president and Japanese leader. In a wide shot of the two men, both hold separate boxes of fish food as they spoon the food to the hungry koi in the pond below. At right around the 42 second mark, the camera zooms close on Trump. At the 49 second mark you see President Rube simply flip over his box of fish food and dump it out.


Priti pickle "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Criticism of Priti Patel for her holiday was all over the BBC yesterday, even partially eclipsing other  sensational news, and I couldnt help wondering, like esteemed commenter deegee..

whether the BBC was being more antisemitic than was absolutely necessary. 

Needless to say, Tweets praising the merits of James Landale's investigative journalism  have attracted a predictable type of fly.

However, it seems that esteemed commenter Pounce has the low-down on the matter.

It truly was a matter of ministerial code. But did James Landale need to actually slavver over it?


Australia: Imam says that women need to wear hijab so that men can control their sexual urges "IndyWatch Feed War"

A hardline Islamic leader says women need to wear the hijab so men can control their sexual urges. Australian rock band member and convert to Islam, Sheikh Zainadine Johnson puts the responsibility of controlling male sexual predators on women, and he cites the Quran to do so. There are many who still insist (or believe) []


Make Your Own Effigies : A Tactic for Delegitimizing Authority and Rendering Dissent Visible "IndyWatch Feed World"

A burning effigy of Donald Trump.

Fourteen years ago, at the onset of the occupation of Iraq, one CrimethInc. cell set out to break the illusion of jingoistic pro-war unity in their small conservative city. To accomplish this, they built an effigy of George W. Bush and staged boxing matches throughout downtown on Halloween night so everyone could see how much rage and disrespect was felt towards the so-called Commander in Chief. Theatrics like this can delegitimize and demystify the reigning authorities, making it increasingly difficult for them to count on the obedience of the general population. Now, a week ahead of Halloween, we offer this how-to guide from our anarchist cookbook Recipes for Disaster so you can make effigies of your own to deploy against todays tyrants.

Make Your Own Effigies

In the US, effigy-making has a rich radical heritage that stretches back to before the first American Revolution. If you cant actually pummel or set fire to your oppressor, it can be heartening to do so to a surrogate; this is good for morale and helps to make discontent visible. In this regard, the effigy is the opposite of the monument: it serves to demystify and delegitimize the target. Authorities and counter-revolutionaries will do their best to enforce even symbolic respect of their idols, so be sure to deploy your effigy with plenty of supporters around or a plan for escape.

One well-known effigy format is the piata. Filled with candy or other goodies, piatas can be at once radical and festive. Piata-beating is a participatory game that everyone wins. Trump piatas became wildly popular after his racist comments about Mexico. At every public gathering, children of all ages should be smashing away at an effigy of the President of the United States.

Paper mach is one of the best materials for constructing piatas. To make it, heat three parts water and two parts cornstarch until it becomes thick; let it cool a bit, and apply it to newspaper to make it stick together. Set up a wire frame, stretch the wet newspaper over it, let it dry, and repeat until the layers are durable; now you can paint it. Leave a hope in your piata through which to fill it with goodies; that can be the last part you seal up. You can also make piatas out of painted cardboard boxes, in a pinch. In either case, make sure its not too sturdy to break open with a few strong blows.

One doesnt just beat effigies; one may also burn them. The day a war starts or the results of...


From Democracy to Freedom Presentations : In Philadelphia, Richmond, and... "IndyWatch Feed World"

This winter, we will be offering presentations on our new book, From Democracy to Freedom. If you can arrange something for us in your town, university, or elsewhere, please contact us: Below are the details about the next two presentations, coming up this weekend in Philadelphia and Richmond.

Presentation: From Democracy to Freedom

Democracy is the most universal political ideal of our day. George Bush invoked it to justify invading Iraq; Obama congratulated the rebels of Tahrir Square for bringing it to Egypt; Occupy Wall Street claimed to have distilled its pure form. From the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea to the autonomous region of Rojava, practically every government and popular movement calls itself democratic.

And yet it was democracy that brought Donald Trump to power, not to mention Adolf Hitler.

What is democracy, precisely? How can we defend ourselves against democratically-elected tyrants? Is there a difference between government and self-determination, and are there other ways to describe what we are doing together when we make decisions? Drawing on the latest book from the CrimethInc. collective, the presenters will explore these questions and more. Join us for a lively discussion!

Friday, October 27, 7 pm

Wooden Shoe Books

704 South Street

Philadelphia, PA

Click image for PDF

Monday, October 30, 7 pm

Lamplighter Coffee Roasters

26 N. Morris Street

Richmond, VA 23220

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Trump to Rejoice in Grandiosity in Beijing, but will a Hawkish Turn Follow? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Donald Trump is set to arrive in Beijing on November 8 after he stops in Japan and South Korea. Widespread expectations are for an all-smiles, low-substance visit.

  • China is making efforts to not view [Trump] as an other or


Peak Gold Another Sign As Chinese Gold Production Falls 10% "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Gold mining production in China fell by 9.8% in H1 2017 
Decreasing mine supply in worlds largest gold producer and across the globe
GFMS World Gold Survey predicts mine production to contract year-on-year
Peak gold production being seen in Australia, worlds no 2 producer
Peak gold production globally while global gold demand remains robust

Editor Mark OByrne

Gold production in the worlds largest gold producer and buyer fell by nearly 10% in the first half of 2017 in what may be another indication of peak gold.

Chinese mine production registered the largest drop globally to total 207 tonnes in the first half of 2017, down 23 tonnes, or 9.8% year-on-year. In the same period last year the country produced 230 metric tons.China mined production of gold (Wikipedia)

The issue of declining gold supply in China is not expected to improve. The GFMS World Gold Survey expects Chinese gold supply to fall by 14% this year from the 2014 peak. Their latest update explains:

Based on limited updated quarterly production reports and annual production guidance, we expect mine production to contract year-on-year in Q3 2017. We expect losses in China to accelerate as capacity is curtailed further. Industry consensus points to a considerable drop in Chinese mine production for the year as a whole.

This fall in supply could have significant implications for global gold supply given the countrys leading role in the gold market. In 2016 the country produced 453t, 160t or 56% more than the second highest gold producing nation of Australia. It also leads global gold demand, beating India in the last five years.

Click here to read full story on


Jeff Rense: Hitler in Argentina & The US-Hitler Bargain Including NASA (as well as CIA) as a German Preserve "IndyWatch Feed War"

Jeff Rense

The recent release of a JFK document pertaining to Hitler escaping to Argentina has given new life to long-standing but ignored evidence that the US made a pact with the Nazis.

Even Hoover didnt know until 1947. The memo from him ORDERING all efforts to explore the rumors (even then) that he and Mrs. Hitler made it out CEASE IMMEDIATELY is a big sign.

Below is the story, with photographs, as I understand it.

Below is a quick overview of the REAL story, with photographs, as I understand it from Harry Cooper at whose book Hitler In Argentina is of enormous importance.  In fact, Harry first broke this story over 20 years ago.   Here it is in a nutshell

Martin Bormann had HItler and Eva Braun forcibly drugged (AH didnt want to leave the bunker) and had them removed on stretchers.  There were witnesses to this.


THE PURGE: RATS ARE BEING ROUNDED UP (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

THE PURGE: RATS ARE BEING ROUNDED UP Video SGTReport CAN YOU FEEL IT? Big things are happening and NONE of it would be occurring if Hillary Clinton was in the White House. Rats are being rounded up. Video...

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Tuesday, 07 November


Por daos estructurales, 69 escuelas siguen sin clases en Iztapalapa "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Los profesores y padres de familia exigieron a la SEP que d una solucin al problema lo antes posible.Regeneracin, 7 de noviembre de 2017.- En Iztapalapa, 69 escuelas siguen sin reanudar las clases luego de que tuvieron afectaciones por los pasados sismos, inform Roberto Gabriel Lpez, profesor adscrito a la escuela primaria Jos Mara Lafragua []

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New York Times' Fake News "IndyWatch Feed War"

NOV 06, 2017

New York Times Strikes Out Again on Afghanistan

The New York Times building. (Dan DeLuca / Wikimedia)


10 Tuesday AM Reads "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Its election day! I recall one year ago something interesting happened, surprising most people. Lament or celebrate with our morning train reads:  Jeremy Grantham Predicted Two Previous Bubbles. And Now? (Wall Street Journal)  If you think Panama is bad, wait until you hear about Delaware (Quartz)  Finding Art: James Gubbs stock price protest poetry breaks boundaries. JSE

Read More

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Our trust in the CIA "IndyWatch Feed World"

More than a year after the Democrats began blaming Hillary Clinton's campaign problems on Russia, the allegations of massive Kremlin interference in U.S. elections are still based on the "high confidence" - but evidence-free - CIA assertion that Vladimir Putin ordered the hacking of the Democratic National Committee. One cannot imagine a less credible authority than the agency headquartered in Langley, Virginia: an organization specializing in disinformation, mass psychological manipulation, false flag operations, assassination, and regime change. No single entity in modern history, foreign or domestic, has told more lies -- and been caught bloody-handed, during or after the fact -- than the CIA. Only a fool, or a willing accomplice, would believe a word from the CIA's mouth. Yet, the agency has arguable reached the all-time height of its influence over U.S. domestic affairs as the key player in the unfolding decapitation of the U.S. government, while the imperial war machine plays nuclear "chicken" with a range of demonized adversaries. The Mother of All Liars is deemed the arbiter of truth. The CIA first conjures and then ritually deciphers both the crisis in domestic governance (the Russians did it) and the crisis (also Russia-based) of shrinking U.S. influence in the world. That the CIA continues to command such respect and authority, after all these years of ceaseless lying, is testament to the depth of the crisis of legitimacy that wracks U.S. ruling circles at this stage of capitalist decay. Comment: Or is it fear, blackmail and criminal complicity? We are inflicted with the spectacle of the Black political class -- worthless misleaders -- clucking that Russians are the root of escalating white supremacist outrages in the U.S. The Kremlin, supposedly on a social media budget of about a hundred thousand dollars, has replaced (or absorbed) the Republican White Man's Party as the wily villains of U.S. voter suppression, if you believe Atlanta Black Rep. John Lewis. Los Angeles Congresswoman Maxine Waters has forgiven the CIA for bringing crack cocaine to the ghetto; she now blames the Russians for sowing social "dissension," putting Black lives in danger. Waters revels in being called "auntie" by mostly white "liberal" crowds of Democratic "resisters" against Trump, and rants about "the Kremlin Klan " that pulls the strings in the White House, while a majority of her colleagues on the Congressional Black Caucus cast their votes for the Orange Menace's gargantuan war budget -- thus guaranteeing the further gutting of social programs for their constituents.


Police sees same group behind PASOK HQ attack as against Mexican & French embassies "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Greek police sees the urban guerilla group called Revolutionary Self-Defense as  behind the attack at the headquarters of PASOK in downtown Athens on Monday evening. According to athensnewsagency, the suggestion is confirmed by the findings of a ballistic investigation released on Tuesday. (@hellenicpolice) November 7, 2017 Quoting a statement by Greek

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Silvers Sign and USDs Upcoming Reversal "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Silvers Sign and USDs Upcoming Reversal by PRZEMYSAW RADOMSKI , CFA Sunshine Profits Most of technical analysis that one can read about gold and gold stocks is based on these markets alone. This is quite strange given the multitude...

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As Israel and Saudi Arabia adjust to their loss in Syria, we are left asking: 'what's next'? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Facing defeat in the proxy war in Syria, the Israeli-Saudi tandem is planning a new front against Hezbollah, presaged by Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri's sudden resignation, as ex-British diplomat Alastair Crooke explains. It seems that matters are coming to a head in the Middle East. For many states, the coming period will likely prove to be the moment in which they determine their futures - as well as that for the region as a whole. The immediate peg for "crunch time" is Russia's fast-track proposal of a conference to be held in Sochi, with the near-full kaleidoscope of Syrian opposition invited, which, if all goes as planned, might mean 1,000 delegates arriving in Sochi as soon as Nov. 18. The Syrian government has agreed to attend. Of course, when one hears of attendance in these numbers, it suggests that this is not intended as a "sleeves rolled-up" working session, but rather as a meeting in which Russian thoughts will be mooted on the constitution, the system of government, and the place of "minorities" - with a chaser that Russia wants fresh elections pretty darned quick: which is to say, in six months' time. In short, this is to be the "last chance saloon" for opposition figures: come aboard now, or be shut out, in the cold.


Crocodiles, not Stone Age humans, killed animals "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video says about itself:

10 November 2009

Paul Sereno and his team of scientists and artists show us what the world looked like in an age when crocs ate dinosaurs.

By Bruce Bower, 3:16pm, November 6, 2017:

Crocs take a bite out of claims of ancient stone-tool use

Scars left on bones could have come from hungry reptiles instead of Stone Age butchery, researchers say

Recent reports of African and North American animal fossils bearing stone-tool marks from being butchered a remarkably long time ago may be a crock. Make that a croc.

Crocodile bites damage animal bones in virtually the same ways that stone tools do, say paleoanthropologist Yonatan Sahle of the University of Tbingen in Germany and his colleagues. Animal bones allegedly cut up for meat around 3.4 million years ago in East Africa (SN: 9/11/10, p. 8) and around 130,000 years ago in whats now California (SN: 5/27/17, p. 7) come from lakeside and coastal areas. Those are places where crocodiles could have wreaked damage now mistaken for butchery, the scientists report online the week of November 6 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Larger samples of animal fossils, including complete bones from various parts of the body, are needed to begin to tease apart the types of damage caused by stone tools, crocodile bites and trampling of bones by living animals, Sahles team concludes. More experimental work on bone damage caused by big, hungry crocs is...


Nottinghams 3D printed helmet ushers in a new era of natural brain scans "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Room temperature quantum sensors can be mounted directly on the scalp of any subject. This will give us a projected four-fold increase in sensitivity for adults, but the sensitivity could potentially be up to a 15 or 20 fold increase for children or babies.

A 1.6 million collaborative project between scientists at the University of Nottingham and University College London (UCL) is looking to improve the way we map the human brain. Focusing on the development of magnetoencephalography (MEG), researchers have 3D printed a prototype helmet that may yield quadruple the sensitivity of current MEG devices.

Reading at room temperature

In MEG, sensors capable of detecting the most sensitive magnetic fields emitted by the brain are added close to the scalp. Traditionally, these sensors would require cryogenic cooling (down to 269 degrees) for operation. Nottingham and UCLs MEG device uses the newly invented SERF sensors meaning that they can operate at room temperature and be placed directly on the skin.


Israeli-Saudi Tandem Adjusts to Syria Loss "IndyWatch Feed War"

Israeli-Saudi Tandem Adjusts to Syria Loss



Dutch cities reveal plans on dealing with controversial character Zwarte Piet "IndyWatch Feed World"

As the Netherlands' Sinterklaas celebrations approaches, municipalities are starting to reveal their plans on how they're dealing with controversial character Zwarte Piet. Most of the municipalities are sticking to blackface or dark brown makeup, according to AD's Piet Atlas. Amsterdam and The Hague will have no blackface Piets, with Amsterdam also designing a completely new costume. Utrecht plans mostly Chimney Piets - with faces covered in soot marks - and a few traditional blackface Piets. Rotterdam is keeping its plans secret until the day before the celebration. Amsterdam designed a completely new costume for Sinterklaas' almost 400 Piet helpers this year, the foundation that organizes the celebrations in the Dutch capital SSIA announced on Monday night. The new costumes are based on Spanish noblemen from the 16th century, with bright colors and wigs of dark brown, wavy hair. Amsterdam's Piets will also have a clear Amsterdam stamp - the suits are marked with Andreas Crosses. None of the Piets will have blackface makeup. The new suits are "a means to celebrate the Sinterklaas festival, the most beautiful children's party in the world, in a way that is acceptable for everyone", the SSIA said in a press statement.


Are We Better Than This? "IndyWatch Feed"

Considering that I quit drinking more than three years ago, which was far too early for coping with the electoral disappointment that came last November, I think Ive done a decent job of blotting out the pain or at least cramming it down so deep that I cant find easy access to it. But, even so, I should have known that it is still accessible and that it would be a bad idea to revisit it by looking at Esquires recap.

Yes, I definitely triggered my PTSD by perusing that article. And it made me realize that as hard as we fight against it, the Trump presidency is slowly asserting itself as something normal. It wasnt just that everyone was living in some kind of bubble of denial. Whatever predictive data existed, it overwhelmingly pointed in the direction of Clinton winning the election. The people who were willing to put hope over facts were the ones expecting Trump to win despite the evidence, and despite the election day exit polls that were so bad for Trump that his team had to call Matt Drudge for moral support.

I think the denial was in thinking that the American people would never elect a man like Donald Trump. To believe such a thing was tantamount to slander. We couldnt really be that awful.

And that was the trauma for me. It wasnt that I personally got the election wrong. It wasnt that Obamas legacy would be tarnished and his accomplishments undermined. It wasnt all the policy setbacks that I could see coming. It was what Trumps victory said about my fellow citizens that I found crushing.

And it wasnt just one thing. There were so many aspects that were upsetting. The way Trump talked about people was appalling, whether they were immigrants or minorities or women or Muslims or his political opponents or the reporters covering the campaign. The way Trump acted towards women and minorities throughout his life was transparently immoral. His business dealings were clearly fraudulent, and so were his claims of charity. His personal behavior was lecherous and dishonorable.  His disregard for the truth was stunning.

But it was also his complete lack of preparedness for the job. Making him president was like asking a toddler to defuse a bomb.  No one in their right mind does something like that.

The real disservice is that we werent warned. If the polls had foretold a Trump victory, we would have had some time to adjust our opinions about our fellow citizens and lower our expectations accordingly, but all the indications were that people got it.

Thats why I found this so irritating. It comes from the day after the ele...

Caving In a Senator's Ribs is a Misdemeanor Now? "IndyWatch Feed"

I am confused about why the man who attacked Senator Rand Paul is being charged with fourth-degree assault, which is a misdemeanor. According to Doug Stafford, a senior aide to the Kentucky senator, Paul suffered five broken ribs, three of which were displaced. In addition, he has bruises to his lungs: This type of injury is caused by high velocity severe force. It is not clear exactly how soon he will return to work, as the pain is considerable as is the difficulty in getting around, including flying.

Im not a doctor, but those kind of injuries arent typically sustained in an ordinary fistfight. They seem more consistent with a fall or some kind of vehicular accident. Short of that, maybe a rifle butt or repeated kicking with steel-tipped boots might break and displace ribs. At a minimum this attack seems like a felonious crime, perhaps even attempted murder.

Yet, were not getting a whole lot of detail.

Rene Boucher, 59, a Bowling Green doctor, was arrested Friday and charged with fourth-degree assault after an incident at Pauls home in the gated Rivergreen community just east of Bowling Green.

Boucher, 582 Rivergreen Lane, was released Saturday night from the Warren County Regional Jail on a $7,500 bond, according to online jail records.

The arrest warrant in the case indicates that Paul told police that his neighbor came onto his property and tackled him from behind, forcing him to the ground and causing pain. According to the warrant for Bouchers arrest, Paul had injuries to his face and had trouble breathing due to a rib injury.

Something is not right with this story. I dont doubt that being forcibly tackled from behind could cause some rib and lung injuries, but it sounds more like he was run over by a golf cart.

And then the assailant is a bit odd:

Boucher is a Bowling Green anesthesiologist and pain specialist who developed a product called Therm-a-Vest, a cloth vest partially filled with rice and secured by Velcro straps that is designed to relieve back pain by delivering heat directly to the areas of the back where most pain is felt.

Boucher applied for a patent for the vest in 2003 and has marketed it through the QVC shopping channel.

It almost sounds like Boucher was trying to create a natural client for his QVC product. What would compel an anesthesiologist to attack a U.S. senator? Is he crazy or was he provoked?...

Is Michael Flynn Cooperating? "IndyWatch Feed"

I obviously dont know if its true that Michael Flynn has flipped on Donald Trump, nor do I really know what evidence he could provide if he decided to spill the beans. But I have noticed that hes gone completely quiet. I still see people like Roger Stone and Carter Page mouthing off on a regular basis, but Flynn seems to have vanished.

He faces the prospect of being charged with many of the same crimes that have been leveled against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, but he hasnt been charged with anything so far unless those charges are under seal and we simply dont know about them yet. Thats what happened with George Papadopoulos who was arrested at Washington-Dulles International Airport on July 27 and pled guilty on October 5th. We didnt learn about any of that until the day before Halloween.

One thing to keep in mind is that Flynn was much more of a direct cause of the Russia investigation and the Special Counsel than Manafort. The FBI went to Trump almost as soon as he was inaugurated and told him that his National Security Adviser was a national security risk who was subject to Russian blackmail. Hes probably been the highest priority subject of the counterespionage and counterintelligence investigation from the beginning, both because of his former position as the Director of Defense Intelligence and because he was known to be buddying up to Vladimir Putin and communicating with the Russian ambassador. When Trump put him in charge of our national security, that was a bridge too far for the Intelligence Community, and theyd like to prove that their fears were justified.

So, for all these reasons, it was a little surprising to see Manafort charged before Flynn. And the explanation could be as simple as the fact that Manafort wouldnt cooperate but Flynn did.

I dont expect it to take to much longer before we get some news on this front.



Johnson accused of jeopardising case of Briton in Iran jail "IndyWatch Feed War"


Free Nazanin campaign/AFP/File | Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, an Iranian-British citizen, is being held in Iran on charges of taking part in a sedition movement of protests

LONDON (AFP)  British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson faced calls to quit Tuesday over a slip of the tongue that Iran is now using to partly justify further charges against an Iranian-British national detained in Tehran.

Johnson told a parliamentary committee last week that Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was training journalists in Iran when she was arrested for alleged sedition last year something her employer and her family insist is incorrect.

Zaghari-Ratcliffe appeared in court on Saturday to face further charges, brought in early October, that carry a 16-year jail term.

The Iranian judiciary issued an online article on Sunday saying that Johnsons comments proved that she wasnt on holiday, as claimed, backing the justification for new charges.

A Foreign Office spokesman said Johnsons comments may have been misrepresented and provided no justifiable basis for additional charges.

Johnson was due to call Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Tuesday in a bid to defuse the situation.

Richard Ratcliffe, the detainees husband, told AFP that Johnson made a factual error, and then it felt more ominous on Sunday when that factual error was being used to justify her detention.

He said that Johnsons phone call to his Iranian counterpart was not good enough and that he needed to officially correct the record to send a message to Irans judiciary.

He made a statement in parliament thats being manipulated; another statement in parliament is the natural way of clarifying that.

He added that Saturdays court appearance had left his wife very stressed and upset.

Zaghari-Ratcliffe, who works for the Thomson Reuters Foundation (TRF), the media organisations philanthropic arm, was arrested at Tehran airport on April 3...


Why Bringing A Gun To Church Is A Pretty Good Idea "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A few hours after Sundays horrifying mass shooting in a Sutherland Springs Baptist church, a Fox News host asked the attorney general of Texas, Ken Paxton, As a country, what do we do? How can we get our arms around this and stop this insanity?

The only thing I know, because you cant necessarily keep guns out of the hands of people who are going to violate the law in Texas at least we have the opportunity to have concealed-carry, Paxton answered. And so if its a place where somebody has the ability to carry, theres always the opportunity that gunman will be taken out before he has the opportunity to kill very many people.

This comment, as youd expect, triggered incredulous reactions from gun-control advocates. If theres anything that gets anti-gun types worked up well, anything other than sending thoughts and prayers its the notion that a responsible gun owner can bring down a killer. As Newsweek put it, Paxton was perpetuating a widely held, but deeply discredited theory that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.  Though an incontrovertible truth for many media, its not really a theory, much less deeply discredited. It is a fact that the only real way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, whether that person be in law enforcement or a private citizen.

Much of the coverage of this topic is layered in a scientific veneer. Once you crunch the numbers, they say, self-defense simply isnt worth it. Studies done by the Violence Policy Center and other gun-control friendly groups bolster the idea that, statistically speaking, with a gun you are more likely to cause an accidental death than to stop someone from committing a crime.

First of all, we cant quantify how many would-be mass shooters or random criminals avoid situations where they anticipate guns might be firing back at them. Some of these studies also conflate criminality with accidents. Once a man is menacing his neighbor with a gun, he is engaged in illegal behavior and his actions are no longer unintended. Many of these studies also conflate home gun accidents (sometimes even suicides) with concealed-carry holders the people most likely to stop a shooter outside of the home. It is incredibly rare that those who conceal carry break the law or have accidents, so dealing with them separately undermines the storyline.

If were going to start making unscientific comparisons, though, then I would point out that I cant find...

Microsoft and Its Patent Trolls Pick Up Patents Whilst Attacking GNU/Linux and Dodging Infringement "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Microsoft is asking people to pay them for patents, but they wont say which ones. If a guy walks into a shop and says: Its an unsafe neighbourhood, why dont you pay me 20 bucks and Ill make sure youre okay, thats illegal. Its racketeering.

Mark Shuttleworth


Summary: Microsoft and Intellectual Ventures are still pursuing and picking up patents of defunct operations; at the same time they leverage such patents against Microsofts competition, notably products/services with GNU/Linux

PATENT blackmail and extortion giant Microsoft has been the subject of this site for 11 years (it's our anniversary today). It was the original issue which gave purpose to this site. Microsoft decided to threaten and bully GNU/Linux OEMs, bolstered by a deal it had struck with Novell in November 2006.

We need to keep an eye on this because Microsoft already reproduces its Novell strategy by offering indemnification only to people who pay Microsoft monthly rentsAccording to this mornings blog post from a Microsoft- and trolls-friendly site, Microsoft picks up more patents with which to habitually attack GNU/Linux OEMs. The most recent assignment, it says, recorded one week ago, is Seiko Epsons biggest of 2017 so far. Microsoft looks to be getting 33 US patent rights as part of an overall global package of just under 130 assets. While Microsoft has picked up significant portfolios in the last few years from the likes of Toshiba and LG Electronics, it is not a regular acquirer portfolios from other operating companies; that may be changing, though, as the company expands its patent pick offering to cloud customers through the Azure IP Advantage programme.

It then speaks of Intellectual Ventures (IV), Microsofts biggest patent troll with over 70,000 patents and Microsofts former CTO in sole charge. If this last portfolio is NPE-bound, the blog says. it is not necessarily the first time that Seiko Epson has done a deal with this type of entity (even excepting IP Bridge!). In 2016, the Japanese firm transferred 53 US patents to Intellectuals High-Tech KFT, which IAM reported appears to be an...


No, Joy Reid, A Classical Liberal Is Not A Soft Socialist "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Its always deliciously entertaining when someone in the mainstream media puts her ignorance on full display, just as MSNBC correspondent Joy Reid did with this tweet:

My first reaction was to do some splaining to Reid about the actual definition of classical liberalism, and Ill certainly do that, but theres a greater lesson here than good old-fashioned schooling. Those of us who truly value freedomthe very essence of classical liberalism and the opposite of New Deal economicsneed to take back language the Left has stolen and corrupted.

Words express ideas, and communicating ideas to change minds is essential to maintaining a free republic. When society is in decline, we bring about social change through debate and clash of ideas, not clash of arms. Thats the hope of every classical liberal.

Because of this, using words to formulate ideas is vital. If we allow those who are anti-freedom to define themselves with a word that at its very core is the opposite, then we have allowed language to corrupt minds. People begin to think social policies that are essentially anti-freedom are actually promoting freedom because theyre created and propagated by liberals. Anyone who opposes them must, therefore, be anti-freedom.

Liberalism today is erroneously equated with liberty, progress in human development, freedom from oppression, and tolerance. Nothing could be further from the truth, and at the core liberals know it, which is why they refuse to refer to capitalismthe economic cornerstone of classical liberalismas a liberal system, even though it is the essence of true liberalism.

This is why its so important to correct Reid when she twists the meaning of the term classical liberal. Classical liberalism does not embrace New Deal economicsquite the contrary. Its a philosophy of freedom that values individual liberty, material welfare for all (but through free markets not government intervention), ration...


Why Trump Is Making A Huge Mistake Keeping The Federal Reserve Status Quo "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

President Trump just nominated Jerome Powell, a lawyer and former investment banker, to chair the Federal Reserve. Powells nomination is seen as the safe choice. He is a Fed insider, appointed to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors by Barack Obama in 2012. Powell generally supports the administrations deregulatory agenda for banks, but will stray little from current Fed Chair Janet Yellens monetary policy.

Aside from being the safe choice, Trumps reasons for appointing Powell are quite clear. A more conservative Fed chair might seek to reduce monetary stimulus more quickly and move interest rates higher. A more conservative Fed chair might also seek to raise rates even if inflation remained low, or question the Feds inflation targeting framework altogether.

No modern president steeped in conventional wisdom wants to see interest rates rise too quickly on his or her watch. And Trump has repeatedly expressed his love for low interest rates. The conventional wisdom says low rates are always good for economic activity. As long as inflation remains lowa sign the economy is not overheatingrates can remain low too.

Status Quo Monetary Policy Hurts American Workers

This conventional wisdom is wrong, however, and Powell will likely continue the failed monetary status quo. This means subdued American economic growth, more debt, and slower real wage growth for Americans.

In the last 30 years, median workers real wages have been flat. Since the late 1990s, median real wages have declined. Tax policy, education, and regulation are important for real wage growth, but nothing affects the long-term trajectory of economic growth more than monetary policy.

Yes, low wage growth is partially due to demographics, more single-parent families, and women entering the workforce. But the data also shows flat median incomes since 2000, even when controlling for these other factors. This suggests another factor at play, especially in certain industries.

For example, manufacturing, construction, mining, transportation, and utilities workers have experienced particularly low wage growth since 1980. On the other hand, for professional and business services, finance, health, and education employees, pay growth has been steady. The monetary status quo lies behind much of this wage stagnation. To explain, lets start with some history.

How We Got Into This Mess

Sending the pain of federal budget deficits to future generations. After Lyndon B. Johnsons Great Society and Vietnam War spendi...


Bannon: George W. Bush was 'single most destructive president in U.S. history, including James Buchanan' "IndyWatch Feed World"

On Breitbart News Sunday with SiriusXM hosts Joel Pollak and Rebecca Mansour, Breitbart News Executive Chairman Steve Bannon was sharply critical of the Bush family, referring to them as "the last Whigs" because "the Republican Party that they talked about is essentially over." Bannon was referring to the Bush presidents attacking President Donald Trump in a new book, The Last Republicans: Inside the Extraordinary Relationship Between George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush by historian Mark Updegrove. "Listen, I try to be bad cop to President Trump's good cop. He's head of the Republican Party. He tries to stay above the fray. Hopefully I'm there to do the dirty work as his wingman," Bannon said. "What are we talking about? This party is a party made up of workers. It's made up of American workers. It's made of the American middle class. It's got to represent not just their values, but their interests, and it doesn't. The donors, the conservative consultants, the lobbyists, and the politicians they bought in the Republican Party don't represent their interests at all. It's quite shocking," he contended.


The First 3 Phases Of The Downward Slope From Freedom To Communism "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

November 7 marks the centennial of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. There are many reasons beyond the historical to ponder the legacy of communism. Ever since Vladimir Lenin overthrew Russias nascent parliamentary democracy in 1917 to establish a brutal dictatorship, many other nations have fallen for the bait-and-switch scheme called communism, and often labelled socialism.

Communism promises equality but delivers scarcity for all but the elites in its apparatus. It pitches social justice and delivers mass enslavement, widespread misery, social distrust, and severe punishment for all who might dissent. Weve seen these phenomena happen all over the world, in China, North Korea, Southeast Asia, post-World War II Eastern Europe, Cuba, Central America, and perhaps most notably visible today in the starvation and chaos of Venezuela.

During the twentieth centuryand lets remember this is recent historycommunist regimes murdered more than 100 million people. This sort of astounding cruelty is in the very nature of the beast called communism. It happens when too much power gets concentrated into the hands of too few people.

Yet Americans have a sad history of flirting with this disaster and many American elites, from 1930s intellectuals to 1960s radicals, have accepted it completely. Were seeing another revival today: Bernie Sanders is a self-professed socialist, and The New York Times recently ran an article doting on the good old days when communism inspired so many in America.

So, the questions Americans might best ask themselves today are as follows: How might a nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal ever buy into the lies of communism, a system tailor-made for state mass murder? How might a free people ever allow the abolition of a Constitution that guarantees individual rights, the rule of law, due process, and is designed to thwart elites from gaining absolute power over others? Why would anyone, except an advocate of slavery, throw away a document designed from its very inception to abolish slavery in all of its forms?

In a recent article, I sketched out six phases on the road to communism, and summarized the trends in each phase: 1.) Laying the groundwork; 2.) Propaganda; 3.) Agitating...


Why Wont The Nightmare Dream Of Communism Die? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution that set off the long global reign of terror of Communism. (For obscure reasons having to do with the outdated calendar used in Russia at the time, the October Revolution actually happened in November, and the Soviet Union traditionally celebrated it on November 7.) A century of Communism achieved four main results for the people who suffered under it: poverty, oppression, war, and mass death.

Countries taken over by Communists, from China and Russia to Cuba and Venezuela, were either plunged from relative prosperity into starvation or walled off for decades from the growing prosperity of capitalist countriesoften right next door, enjoying all the same benefits of geography and culture. Think of the contrast between East and West Berlin, between Cuba and Chile, between mainland China and Hong Kong, between North and South Korea.

Communist countries have imposed oppressive regimes telling everyone what to read, think, and say. Scientists could be sent to the gulag for teaching unapproved ideas about genetics. Dissidents have been sent to prison camps, tortured, harassed, locked in psychiatric wards, and simply murdered outright. Artists and intellectuals have fled by the hundreds, when they could, seeking asylum in non-Communist countries in search of the freedom to do their work.

Communism fueled dozens of brutal civil wars and insurgencies across the world. A list of countries synonymous with endless warfare during the late twentieth centuryVietnam, Cambodia, Angola, El Salvador, Afghanistan, and so onall have one big thing in common: Communism. As a consequence, the end of the Cold War saw the biggest drop in the number of wars and deaths from war since the end of World War II, along with the creation of dozens of new democracies.

Above all else, the history of Communism is a history of mass-scale horrors: the terror-famine in Ukraine, Stalins show trials and gulags, the mass starvation of Chinas Great Leap Forward, followed by the anarchic terror of the Cultural Revolution, the Killing Fields of Cambodiathose are just the low points in a list that can go on and on. It is estimated that in the past 100 years, Communist regimes killed as many as 100 million people.

Whats With Our Mental Block on History?


Move Over, Kellyanne: Sarah Sanders Is The Lefts New Favorite White House Woman To Cut "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Sarah Huckabee Sanders must be doing something right. Last week, the feisty, no-nonsense White House press secretary was the subject of three unflatteringif not egregiously sexistportrayals from haters on the Left.

Nothing could top the disgraceful bit about Sanders on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. The segment mocks her as an overweight, stupid hillbilly spewing dumb jokes eye-rolling White House reporters must tolerate. The bit really goes off the rails when the Sanders character, played by Aidy Bryant, reenacts Demi Lovatos music video for Confident.

Bryant squeezes into seductive dresses, does some weird, slithering dance on top of a desk while she turns over a picture of her father, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, and ends the montage with Bryant wailing in front of the White House press corps, dressed in a too-tight leather leotard. Can you imagine such a skit about women in the Obama White House?

Michelle Obama was always portrayed by a beautiful actress or cast member, even though it would have been easy to mock the First Ladys athletic frame and how she sometimes towered over her slight husband. Kate McKinnon made Hillary Clinton look much prettier and more put-together than she really is. But once again, the double standards of the same folks who literally wept when Donald Trump was elected a year ago are on full display. Its almost as if they are getting their jollies out over the election without realizing how hypocritical, childish, and witless they look.

A Slightly Chunky Soccer Mom Who Organizes Snacks

That was the first of this weeks low-blows triumvirate. On November 1, the Los Angeles Times posted a column by Pulitzer Prize-winning writer David Horsey, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the right mouthpiece for a truth-twisting president. Not only was it a cup of weak tea about how awful it is for a presidential spokesman to spin and pivot back to central talking points, Horsey took a shot at Sanders looks:

Sarah Huckabee Sanders does not look like the kind of woman Donald Trump would choose as his chief spokesperson. Much like Roger Ailes when he was stocking the Fox News lineup with blond Barbie dolls in short, tight skirts, the president has generally exhibited a preference for sleek beauties with long legs and stiletto heels to represent his interests and act as his arm candy.

Trumps daughter Ivanka and wife Melania are the apotheosis of this type. By comparison, Sanders looks more like a slightly ch...


What You Need To Know About Saudi Arabias Mass Arrests "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Lets talk about some real palace intrigue. On Saturday, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia arrested more than ten princes, four ministers, and dozens of former ministers, including several clerics. That list included the noted billionaire and investor Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, one of the richest men in the world. The move shocked the globe and sent speculations flying.

So whats going on in the House of Saud? This is the latest step in the consolidation of power of the 32-year-old Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. The young crown prince is powerful and highly influential mostly because he has the ear of his father, King Salman. No doubt, the crown prince was instrumental in the kings announcement, just hours before the arrests, of a new anti-corruption committee, which, according to The New York Times, has the right to investigate, arrest, ban from travel, or freeze the assets of anyone it deems corrupt.

Not surprisingly, Mohammad was appointed as the chair of this new committee. Because of how intertwined the enormous Saudi royal family is with the government in Riyadh, the lines between private and public money are fuzzy, making corruption charges easy to conjure.

In addition to the high-profile arrests, the Saudi government closed the airport in Riyadh that is used for private planes preventing any rich family members or allegedly threatening figures from leaving the country and Salman announced he is taking the place of the minister in charge of the Saudi national guard, putting all three of the Saudi armed forces under the de facto control of the crown prince, who is also the minister of defense.

Latest in a Series of Saudi Leadership Upheavals

Although the Saturday night arrests were the largest and most surprising moves to consolidate power, they arent the first, nor are they out of character for the young king-to-be. Mohammad is a relative newcomer to the line of succession. He only became the crown prince in June, taking the place of the former crown prince, Mohammed bin Nayef, Salmans nephew, who has since been under house arrest.

This change represented a major upheaval of the Saudi system of succession and upset many in the Saudi royal family. Since the founding of the kingdom in 1932 by King Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman, also known as Ibn Saud, the throne has gone from brother to brother among Ibn Sauds children (he had 45 sons). When Mohammed bin Nayef was named crown prince in 2015, he was the first prince to become next in line to the throne who was not one of Ibn Sauds sons. However, it kept with the spirit of the tradition in that he is the son of the current kings brother. By redirecting the line of successio...


Top 10 ways to fund the shift to digital business "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

With many options for digital business transformation requiring significant investment, Gartner has identified the top 10 ways to fund the shift to digital business. According to Gartners 2017 CEO survey, 42 percent of CEOs are now taking a digital-first approach to business change or taking digital to the core of their enterprise model. To fund digital initiatives, CEOs indicate that the largest bulk of money comes from self-funding, rather than existing budgets, as they see More


The Saudi Purge and the Rothschild New World Order Part 1 (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The Saudi Purge and the Rothschild New World Order Part 1 Video End Times News Report With news of a purge taking place in Saudi Arabia, it is worth examining the Saudi connection to the Rothschild New World...

The post The Saudi Purge and the Rothschild New World Order Part 1 (Video) appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Hero Who Stopped Texas Gunman: I Couldnt Have Stopped Him Without My AR-15 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The hero who stopped the gunman behind the deadly Texas church massacre said using a high-powered rifle enabled him to end the bloodshed. In an emotional interview with CRTVs Louder With Crowder on Monday, Stephen Willeford described the gunfight and dramatic car chase that ensued to stop the shooter from slaughtering additional churchgoers.

The former National Rifle Association instructor was home Sunday morning when his daughter told Willeford she had heard gunshots from the nearby Baptist church, prompting him to get his AR-15 rifle from his safe and load a magazine. He ran to the church and confronted the alleged shooter, Devin Patrick Kelley, who fired shots at Willeford. While taking cover behind a pickup truck, Willeford fired several shots at the gunman, who sped away in his car.

Willeford ran to a truck stopped at a stop sign and asked the driver to help him to stop Kelley, who had a history of domestic violence and had been kicked out of the military. The two men pursued the gunman, whom officials say wore tactical gear and a bullet-proof vest, down a nearby highway until the vehicle eventually careened off the side of the road. When police arrived, Kelley was found dead on the scene with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head as well as two other gunshot wounds one on his leg and one on his torso. Officials believe the gunman took his own life.

If I had run out of the house with a pistol and faced a bulletproof vest and kevlar and helmets, it might have been futile, Willeford said. I ran out with an AR-15 and thats what he was shooting the place up with.

I hate to politicize that, but thats reality, he added.

Im not hero, Willeford said in an interview with 4029 news. I am not.


Mongoose: Occult Worship, Hollywood, & Collective PSYOP "IndyWatch Feed War"



what if pedophilia and the sexual harassment of women in entertainment is only a symptom and not actually the disease?

Just below the surface, hidden in plain sight in Hollywood is the overwhelming influence of the occult and the esoteric schools of ancient black magic. It has always been present in this industry because those who seek power in our world have long recognized that television, film and music are the most efficient and important roadways into the public psyche and the collective conscience.



Why MLB Should Put A Third Team In New York "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

After this years playoffs and World Series are over, Major League Baseballs franchise owners will discuss, as they have for the last few years, the possibility of expansion. It will have been 20 years since the last round of expansion brought the total number of MLB teams to 30. During that time, the population of the United States has grown by 50 million and the game has reached farther than ever overseas to capture new fans and new players. Expansion could be undertaken without any diminution in talent.

Baseball journalists and pundits have suggested new cities that could support baseball at the highest level. There were familiar names, like Montreal, and perennial candidates, like Portland, Charlotte, and San Antonio. Newer possibilities such as Las Vegas and Mexico City have entered the mix. But the city best-suited for another MLB team is rarely mentioned despite all the demographic, economic, and historical arguments in its favor. Baseball should put a third team in New York.

Baseballs Long History in New York

By the time the sport stratified into major and minor leagues at the start of the twentieth century, New York had representatives from both major leagues, with the Giants and Dodgers in the National League and the Yankees in the American League. In fact, of all the defunct leagues that baseball historians now consider to have been major leagues, only the short-lived Union Association of 1884 lacked at least one team in New York.

In 1957, the last year three teams called New York home, the Yankees were second in the league in attendance, the Dodgers were in the middle of the pack, and the Giants were near the bottom, likely owing to finishing in sixth place two years running. But the owners eyes were all on Milwaukee, as the Braves far outpaced the rest of the league with their fourth straight year of 2,000,000-plus attendance, having relocated there from Boston in 1953. The West looked like the future for baseball, and the Giants and Dodgers lit out for the territory, settling down in San Francisco and Los Angeles, where they remain to this day.

New York felt the loss keenly, and investors began to talk of creating a third major league, the Continental League, with one of its goals to fill the gap in Gotham baseball. Anxious to avoid competition, MLB responded with expansion, including a new National League team in New York, the Mets. The proposed third league died before it was born, but the prospective owners aim was accomplishedof the ten cities slated...


Disney Eyes 21st Century Fox Deal To Create Hollywood Mega Studio "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

CNBC reported Monday that Disney and 21st Century Fox, two of Hollywoods most powerful studios, have held talks about a purchase agreement. Executives at Fox, including CEO James Murdoch, believe the company might be more profitable if it focuses on its TV assets: Fox News, Fox Business, Fox Sports, and the Fox broadcast network. Shedding their other TV assets and their movie studio would allow the streamlined company to compete more effectively.

The Hollywood consequences of this deal cannot be understated. In its acquisition of the 21st Century Fox studio properties, Disney would become a mega-studio. Fox is home to the Avatar movies, Planet of the Apes, Die Hard, Aliens, Deadpool, and perhaps most importantly, the X-Men. With Disneys takeover of Marvel, it secured the rights to Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Avengers, and more, but not the X-Men or Fantastic Four, which were under a separate deal with Fox. Those are classic Marvel brands that Disney would love to have at their disposal.

The Potential For Series and Sequels Would Be Endless

Disney was able to bring Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe recently by making a deal with Sony for the recent Spider-Man: Homecoming, which featured Disney staple Iron Man as well. If they could bring Wolverine, Professor X, Magneto, and the rest of the X-Men into the fold as well as the resurgent and edgy Deadpool, and the in-much-need-of-a-reboot Fantastic Four, the potential storylines, I mean sequels, would be endless.

This is also good news for Star Wars fans. Although Disneys purchase of Lucasfilm several years ago gave them ownership of the Star Wars franchise, and all its future productions, it did not get them the distribution rights of the original 1977 Star Wars film. That has been under the control of 21st Century Fox in perpetuity since Lucas negotiated the contract for the film. This deal would bring that movie back to Lucasfilm and potentially enable Disney to release the original cut of Star Wars: A New Hope, which hasnt been seen in a theater in nearly 40 years.

Not Such a Good Deal for Movie Theaters

This deal may not be good news for movie theaters, though. Disney has made news recently...


Rearranging the Watergate Myth "IndyWatch Feed War"

Rearranging the Watergate Myth



Why We Still Love Agatha Christies Murder On The Orient Express 40 Years After Her Death "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

More than 40 years since her death, Agatha Christie, the Queen of Mystery, remains one of the most beloved authors of all time. Her long career includes more than 80 novels, short story collections, and plays.

In her recent essay, Why Mystery Stories Are the Cure for What Ails Us All, Angelina Stanford argues that readers continue to get lost in mystery novels because they provide a sense of order in the midst of our troubled world. Christies stories have provided justice and meaning for audiences since her first readers discovered her detective tales right after World War I.

We all need something to escape into at a time when everything seems to be spinning out of control, where randomness and chaos and unpredictability reign, a mystery novel offers its readers the great comfort of a predictable patternone that we deeply long for even while we are tempted to mock it. The reader knows the author will present all the relevant facts at the beginning of the story and withhold nothing from the reader.

Perhaps this is why the crime drama is reinvented every fall on network television. In an hour we can see from beginning to end the discovery of the evil deeds to the sentencing of judgment that provides justice. In that way, a good mystery provides what our soul is longing for: good to conquer evil. Christies writing does this for the reader, with an enjoyable journey to the satisfying ending.

Pay Attention Or Youll Miss the Clues

Christie accomplishes this with straightforward, accessible prose. Her descriptions of characters are superb, and her plots are engaging as a reader tries to sort out the trail of clues she leaves along the way. Although some critics have snubbed Christies work for being too prolific and simplistic, she provides plenty worth a readers time.

In our distracted digital age, a Christie novel demands that readers pay attention and think. The trail of clues is an antidote of sorts for our self-imposed attention deficit. The careful consideration of every character as a suspect forces us to examine personalities and motives helping us pay better attention to the people around us. The answer to the mystery may be elusive until the solution is given to us, but thats part of the fun. Christie believ...


Arash Hampay Will Join #RefugeesGR Hunger Strike on #Lesvos "IndyWatch Feed War"

Yesterday, Arash Hampay published a statement that he will join the hunger strike on Lesvos today.


Image: Arash Hampay. Image by Arash Hampay Facebook profile.

Published by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Read all the Enough is Enough reports about RefugeesGR; here.

Arash Hampay Will Join #RefugeesGR Hunger Strike on Lesvos

Yesterday, Arash Hampay published a statement that he will join the hunger strike on Lesvos today. Earlier this year Arash was one of 4 hunger strikers who fought for the release of 3 refugees from the Moria detention center. After the refugees were released on August 8th, Arash and the other...


Race heats up for zones of influence in Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Yasar Yakis 
Arab News

As the anti-Daesh fight nears an end, the race for zones of influence is flaring up among the big foreign stakeholders, Russia, Iran, the US and Turkey.
The rivalry between the US and Russia is translated into action by racing to re-take the oil-rich provinces from Daesh. The Kurd-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF),  equipped and strongly supported by the US, seized Raqqa from Daesh but has not yet ceded the entire control of the citys administration to the local people. The US may be contemplating handing it over to forces that it may use in the future as a leverage on the Syrian government.
Raqqa is also important because of its proximity to the oil-rich Deir Ezzor province. The SDF, on Oct. 22, seized in this province from Daesh the Al-Omar oilfield, which accounts for around a quarter of Syrias pre-war oil output. With this new seizure, the SDF now controls around 80 percent of Syrias oilfields. Russia-supported Syrian government forces reciprocated by capturing Deir Ezzor.
Kurds have already proclaimed the autonomy of the provinces that they control and have an eye on almost all of the oilfields in these provinces. This is more than a fair share for them. They have to settle for an equitable allocation of oil revenues. Otherwise the oil issue will remain as a source of instability for a long time. The Syrian government is not opposed to the idea of granting them a certain degree of autonomy, but not in all oil-rich provinces, especially the ones where Kurds do not constitute the majority of the population.
The Trump administrations Syria policy is not yet clear. Russia and Iran, as well as the Syrian Kurds, are using this state of indecision to gain as much terrain as possible to be in a stronger position at the negotiation table.
Image result for Iran, Iraq, Syria, Middle east Map
Another rivalry in Syria between the US and Russia is on the Kurdish issue. The Syrian Kurds expect to receive rewards for having cooperated with the US in Raqqa and elsewhere. Having suffered disillusionment in front of the Baghdad government forces, the Iraqi Kurds do not know how the US will handle their cause. Russia is working hard to make the Syrian Kurds part of the democratization process. Kurds will use this rivalry to gain as much terrain as p...


Dozens of blood-soaked starlings found scattered along road in Bad Wildungen, Germany "IndyWatch Feed World"

Eerie pictures show a flock of 46 dead birds scattered along a stretch of road in a quiet German town. The bizarre discovery of the bloodied starlings left residents of the picturesque Bad Wildungen in central Germany stumped. Local media soon jumped on the strange story which included some of the birds squashed flat by traffic. Initially no witnesses came forward and rumours started to swirl that the mysterious winged beasts had fallen suddenly out of the sky. A local resident uploaded the viral images to social media which have been shared thousands of times. The man wrote: "Very mysterious, how could that have happened? Does anyone have any idea?"


Indiana Jones, Economist?! "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

In a stunningly original paper Gojko Barjamovic, Thomas Chaney, Kerem A. Coar, and Ali Hortasu use the gravity model of trade to infer the location of lost cities from Bronze age Assyria! The simplest gravity model makes predictions about trade flows based on the sizes of cities and the distances between them. More complicated models add costs based on geographic barriers. The authors have data from ancient texts on trade flows between all the cities, they know the locations of some of the cities, and they know the geography of the region. Using this data they can invert the gravity model and, triangulating from the known cities, find the lost cities that would best fit the model. In other words, by assuming the model is true the authors can predict where the lost cities should be located. To test the idea the authors pretend that some known cities are lost and amazingly the model is able to accurately rediscover those cities.

Here from the paper is more detail. Each step is an accomplishment and the final product is something completely unexpected. Bravo!

Our first contribution is to extract systematic information on commercial linkages between cities
from ancient texts. To do so, we leverage the fact that the ancient records we study can be transcribed
into the Latin alphabet, allowing all texts to be digitized and parsed. We automatically
isolate, across all records, the tablets which jointly mention at least two cities. We then systematically
read those texts, which requires an intimate knowledge of the cuneiform script and Old
Assyrian dialect of the ancient Akkadian language that the records are written in. Taking individual
source context into account, this analysis relies exclusively upon a subset of records that
explicitly refer to journeys between cities and distinguishes whether the specific journey was undertaken
for the purpose of moving cargo, return journeys, or journeys undertaken for other reasons
(legal, private, etc.).

Our second contribution is to estimate a structural gravity model of ancient trade. We build
a simple Ricardian model of trade. Further imposing that bilateral trade frictions can be summarized
by a power function of geographic distance, our model makes predictions on the number of
transactions between city pairs, which is observed in our data. The model can be estimated solely
on bilateral trade flows and on the geographic location of at least some cities.

Our third contribution is to use our structural gravity...


Israel Set to Block Palestinian Unity "IndyWatch Feed War"

Israel Set to Block Palestinian Unity



Ohio Suing Energy Transfer Partners for Spilling Millions of Gallons of Drilling Fluid "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

from Grist

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has issued the Rover Pipeline 13 violations since its construction began earlier this year, including citations for disposal of diesel fuel near sources that supply drinking water.

Once complete, the pipeline will run 713 miles transporting natural gas from processing plants in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia to markets across the U.S. and Canada. In September, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission allowed construction to resume after it was halted for four months as a result of accrued violations. Days after restarting, the project received its latest citation for leaking wastewater and sediment into a tributary of an eastern Ohio creek.

The states attorney general filed the lawsuit against the pipeline, demanding Rover pay civil penalties of $10,000 per day for each violation. Energy Transfer Partners the Texas-based company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline  is developing Rover. In September, the state EPA said the project already owes $2.3 million in fines and damages.

Energy Transfer Partners claims the suit will not affect its construction timeline. We have worked cooperatively with the Ohio EPA for the past six months to resolve this matter, the company told PBS Newshour. We are therefore disappointed that they have resorted to litigation.


Democrats, Class and Russia-gate Magic "IndyWatch Feed War"

Democrats, Class and Russia-gate Magic



Silicon Valleys great wealth bypasses its working homeless "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Janie Har

The Associated Press

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (AP) In the same affluent, suburban city where Google built its headquarters, Tes Saldana lives in a crowded but tidy camper she parks on the street.

She concedes its not a very nice living situation, but it also is not unusual. Until authorities told them to move, more than a dozen other RVs filled with people who cant afford rent joined Saldana on a tree-lined street in Mountain View, parked between a Target and a luxury apartment complex.

Homeless advocates and city officials say its outrageous that in the shadow of a booming tech economy where young millionaires dine on $15 wood-grilled avocado and think nothing of paying $1,000 for an iPhone X thousands of families cant afford a home. Many of the homeless work regular jobs, in some cases serving the very people whose sky-high net worth is the reason housing has become unaffordable for so many.

Across the street from Saldanas camper, for example, two-bedroom units in the apartment complex start at $3,840, including concierge service. Thats more than she brings home, even in a good month.

Saldana and her three adult sons, who live with her, have looked for less rustic accommodations, but rents are $3,000 a month or more, and most of the available housing is distant. She said it makes more sense to stay in the camper near their jobs and try to save for a brighter future, even if a recent city crackdown chased them from their parking spot.

A man skates past RVs where people live in Silicon Valley. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

We still need to eat, said Saldana, 51. I still want to bring my kids, once in a while, to a movie, to eat out.

She cooks and serves food at two hotels in nearby Palo Alto, jobs that keep her going most days from 5 in the morning until 10 at night. Two of her sons, all in their 20s, work at a bakery and pay $700 toward the RV each month. Theyre all very much aware of the economic disparity in Silicon Valley.

How about for us people who are serving these tech people? Saldana said. We dont get the same paycheck that they do.

Its all part of a growing crisis along the West Coast, where many cities and counties have seen a surge in the number of people living on the str...


Quark Fusion Releases More Energy than Deuterium-Tritium Fusion, but is Unlikely to be Exploited "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A practically useless form of quark fusion releases more energy than deuterium-tritium fusion:

A pair of physicists discovered a new kind of fusion that occurs between quarks and they were so concerned with its power they almost didn't publish the results. [...] "I must admit that when I first realised that such a reaction was possible, I was scared," Marek Karliner of Tel Aviv University told Rafi Letzter at Live Science. "But, luckily, it is a one-trick pony."

[...] If we take deuterium (proton plus a neutron) and add energy to squish it against some tritium (proton plus two neutrons), it will scramble to make helium (two protons and two neutrons). That last neutron runs from the scene of the crime. For your effort, you get 17.6 megaelectron volts and an H-bomb.

Karliner and Letzter calculated the fusing of the charm quarks in the recent LHC discovery would release 12 megaelectron volts. Not bad for two itty-bitty particles. But if we were using another pair of heavy quarks? Bottom quarks, for example? That becomes an astonishing 138 megaelectron volts.

[...] Unlike atoms, bottom quarks can't be shoved into a flask and packed into a shell. They exist for something in the order of a picosecond following atomic wrecks inside particle accelerators, before transforming into the much lighter up quark. That leaves quark bombs and quark fusion drives to science fiction authors, and, thankfully, well out of the hands of rogue nations and terrorist cells.

Just what I needed for my pure fusion weapon design.

Quark-level analogue of nuclear fusion with doubly heavy baryons (DOI: 10.1038/nature24289) (DX)

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


T.b.v. de Ian Buruma cyclus "IndyWatch Feed War"

T.b.v. de Ian Buruma cyclus...

One hundred years after his birth, fifty-seven years after the publication of his seminal essay, Miloszs indictment of the servile intellectual rings truer than ever: his chief characteristic is his fear of thinking for himself.


Austria: Spontaneous Demo Against the Mur Rivers Power Plant Construction "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

from Sans Attendre Demain

translated by Act for Freedom

Monday, October 2, we expressed our rage against the construction site of the power station on the bank of the Mur. Nearly 20 people moved spontaneously and uncontrollably through Graz city centre with a banner reading Bring down the State, not the trees. Several hundred leaflets were given out, traffic was intermittently blocked and fireworks were set off.

After an hour or so, the demonstration dissolved, the banner was hung from a fence of the construction site and everyone had disappeared before the cops arrived at the scene of the demo.

A brief quote from the flyer:

The struggle around the river Mur is only part of the confrontation concerning our surroundings and ultimately our lives. Every attack initiated against authority is a step of irresponsibility. Because it shows that nothing is impossible no matter what they try to make us swallow day after day.

The projects of dominion are rotting and destroying our lives, lets sabotage them together! With all means

Lets destroy power!


In Seoul, Trump calls for North Korea to make a dea "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Associated Press


Donald Trump


Is Saudi Arabia Heading For War With Iran? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Is Saudi Arabia Heading For War With Iran? by Michael Snyder The Economic Collapse Blog Is a major war in the Middle East looming on the horizon?  Most of us living in the western world simply do not realize...

The post Is Saudi Arabia Heading For War With Iran? appeared first on The Daily Coin.


NATO to agree to send more troops to Afghanistan "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: 1 person, suit

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg speaks during an interview in Kabul, Afghanistan September 27, 2017. REUTERS/Mohammad Ismail Reuters

BRUSSELS (Reuters) NATO allies are set to agree on Thursday to increase by some 3,000 personnel the troop levels for the alliances Afghanistan training mission, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said.

About half the additional troops will come from the United States and the other half from non-U.S. NATO allies and partner countries, Stoltenberg said.

We have decided to increase the number of troops to help the Afghans break the stalemate, Stoltenberg told a news conference on Tuesday before a meeting of the alliances defense ministers later this week.

Stoltenberg stressed the soldiers would not have combat roles but would be part of NATOs train, advise and assist mission called Resolute Support.

U.S. Army General John Nicholson, the commander of the Resolute Support mission and of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, called for more troops in February, saying that a few thousand more troops would make a difference in weakening the Taliban and other Islamist militants.

The NATO contribution would take Resolute Support, which is building up Afghanistans army and air force, to around 16,000 troops, up from around 13,000 today, Stoltenberg said.

Under a new strategy announced by U.S. President Donald Trump, U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said in September that more than 3,000 additional U.S. troops will be deployed to Afghanistan.

While NATO officials declined to discuss troop numbers in detail, the expected announcement on Thursday by NATO defense ministers is likely to mean the U.S. troops will be split between the training mission and the U.S.-led counter-terrorism mission in Afghanistan.

(Reporting by Robin Emmott, Editing by Gabriela Baczynska, Larry King)



UK Against Fluoridation "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Unusual take on what is the cause of caries.
Not sure he is right as he dismisses sugar being the main cause. Teeth from skulls dated before sugar had good teeth.


Berlins Only Greeks are tax-evaders exposed: German companies in tax havens "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The Paradise Papers revealed several big German companies and at least 1,000 German private clients incl. an ex Chancellor, parked their money in tax havens. Siemens, Sixt, Bayer are among the companies listed in the leaked documents. Just when everybody was convinced by the year-long campaign of Berlin that only Greeks were tax-evaders have

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EU pushes for tax blacklist after Paradise Papers leak "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP/File / by Alex PIGMAN | EU finance ministers sought to break resistance against creating Europes first ever blacklist of tax havens after new revelations from the Paradise Papers showed how major firms escape tax

BRUSSELS (AFP)  EU finance ministers sought Tuesday to break resistance against creating Europes first ever blacklist of tax havens after new revelations from the Paradise Papers showed how major firms escape tax.

The 28 members of the European Union have struggled for over a year to finalise a list of non-EU tax havens, with smaller countries such as Ireland, Malta and Luxembourg loath to scare off major firms headquartered in their low tax capitals.

Soon-to-quit Britain has also drawn up resistance, hoping to protect the near zero-tax rates offered in several of its dependencies, such as Jersey or the British Virgin Islands, that have been identified in the series of leaks that also include Panama Papers and the Luxleaks scandal.

The island of Jersey, a few kilometres (miles) off the coast of France, was where the latest reports said Apple shifted much of its offshore wealth when Ireland changed its laws under pressure from the EU.

It is important that this list comes out () in 2017, it must be credible and up to the challenge, said EU Economics Affairs Commissioner Pierre Moscovici, who is leading the blacklist effort.

The EU ministers will try to bridge their differences and draw up an official list of unwanted tax havens in December, whittling down an initial list of 92 countries finalised last year.

Sources said EU officials have warned about 60 countries that their tax policies may be problematic and at risk of blacklisting, demanding further information before a November 18 deadline.

Must be sanctioned

EU members have especially struggled to finalise the criteria or consequences for landing on the blacklist, with Frances Bruno Le Maire saying he would propose that countries included should be denied funding from the IMF and World Bank.

Countries that do not respect their commitments in terms of information shared must be sanctioned, said Le Maire, who is also leading an effort to increase tax in Europe on US tech giants such as Google and Apple.

The latest Apple revelations emerged as part of the Paradise Papers released late Sunday by the US-based Inte...


"The Poison Lady" sentenced to death for the murder of three men by cyanide "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Japanese court has sentenced a "Black Widow" who met wealthy partners via dating agencies and poisoned them with cyanide. She kept the poison in a plant pot, and revealed she had killed her husband for spending "millions of yen" on other women. Chisako Kakehi, 70, was sentenced to death for the murder of three men, including her husband, and the attempted murder of another. The men were all in their 70s, Kyoto District Court said on Tuesday, as cited by the local media. "The accused made the victims drink a cyanide compound, with a murderous intention in all four cases," Judge Ayako Nakagawa told the court, NHK reported, as cited by AFP.


RussiaDidIt: cheap meddling, closet marxists and racial tensions "IndyWatch Feed World"

Are you a western journalist or analyst with an issue you cannot explain? Do your symptoms include an unwillingness to learn anything from history and an unconditional embrace of western exceptionalism? Then we have just the thing for you: RussiaDidIt! Taken in the appropriate dosage, RussiaDidIt can be used for just any issue, small and large, old and new, near and far. Call your local US embassy or EU office and order your RussiaDidIt talking points. Side effects may include total paranoia, loss of credibility and a desire to wear the EU flag as a cape. It seems like all the evils that plague the western world these days have a common cause. Brexit, Catalonia, Trump, racial tensions, the lack of credibility of the EU, all of these have a simple explanation, if we are to believe the mainstream media and pundits: Russia is behind it. And not just Russia, but Putin himself. He must be the busiest villain in history. True journalists like Robert Parry have analysed and exposed the rise of this new McCarthyism, and how uncorroborated, or sometimes outrightly false, allegations gradually become unquestionable facts. (1) In this piece we examine three articles that have different angles of this RussiaDidIt approach. They have the paranoia of Russian meddling in US elections as a background, but everything applies just as well to similar stories about the EU. Inevitably it all ties back to an inability, or unwillingness, to learn anything from history, and this disgusting myth that everyone should look up to the West as a beacon of superior values. We start of course with the ineffable Guardian.


Millennials are the most stressed-out generation. And that's a spiritual problem "IndyWatch Feed World"

Picture this: a pair of English degrees, two restaurant jobs and a combined $80,000 in student loan debt. That's what my husband and I found ourselves with when got married in 2011, at the tail end of the United States' economic recession. At first, it was sort of charming to start our marriage in a hole-in-the-wall apartment, dreaming about all we would do when we were free from debt as we sat on the floor eating scrambled eggs for dinner. But five years later, we've barely made a dent in our loans. And the ever-looming knowledge that we owe somebody that much money is, well, stressful. We're not alone.


The US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) Lets Apple Have Its Way and Refuses to Reassess Design and Software Patents "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If Apple had a monopoly on apples, it would strive to own peaces, too

Some peaces

Summary: In another ongoing case implicating Samsung and Apple the Justices who inadvertently lay the ground for patent law refuse to intervene

Samsung and Apple have several concurrent legal disputes which can wind up with SCOTUS eliminating entire families of patents. As it turns out, however, this case just wasnt to be. SCOTUS refuses to deal with this case which is involving design patents. There was a good aspect to it in 2014 (software patents), namely that of perpetuating Alice rather than overriding it in any way. As The Registers Andrew Silver put it yesterday evening:

Samsung seems to have trouble accepting reality when it comes to a long-running patent spat with Apple.

The US Supreme Court today declined to hear another appeal of a May 2014 verdict awarding Apple $119.6m for Samsungs alleged infringement of software patents including quick links, Reuters reports.

An eight-person jury first sided with Apple in May 2014.


Samsung decided to take its case to the Supreme Court, arguing that there were procedural issues. Evidently the justices disagree.

Ars Technicas Mullin has already covered this too, recalling that patents on smartphone autocorrect and slide to unlock were invalid in light of prior art.

But this one is about design patents, not software patents. And the focus is the level of damages:

News today concerns the second verdict. In 2016, the $120 million verdict was thrown out entirely by a panel of judges on the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which hears all patent appeals. The judges said that...


Not Recommended: THE ITSY BITSY PILGRIM "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Eds. note: American Indians in Children's Literature is pleased to share Allie Jane Bruce's review of The Itsy Bitsy Pilgrim, by Jeffry Burton. Published in 2017 by Little Simon, I agree with Allie--this book is not recommended. --Debbie Reese


The Itsy Bitsy Pilgrim, by Jeffry Burton, Ill. Sanja Rescek. Little Simon.
Reviewed by Allie Jane Bruce



Secession Not Military Intervention Can Help Venezuela "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

By: Jos Nio

Not too long ago, US President Donald Trump made headlines by suggesting a potential military option in Venezuela in the face of the countrys rapidly decaying political situation.

Its undeniable that Venezuela is suffering a humanitarian and economic crisis of unprecedented proportions all thanks to the socialist policies that the country has experimented with over the past two decades. But a military intervention in Venezuela is likely to be costly and damaging to Americans, while disastrous for Venezuelans. 

The Problems with Intervention

The harsh reality is that an intervention in Venezuela is no cure-all for its present dilemma. In fact, it has the potential to make matters worse.

The U.S. has already bungled its interventionist nation-building schemes in Iraq and Afghanistan, spending billions intervening in these countries and concocting every scheme possible to continue its failed nation-building fantasies.

The only situation in which a US military intervention in Venezuela would be justified is if Venezuela committed military aggression against the United States. But the chances of that scenario occurring are very low. The country is in such dire straits that it can barely even feed its own military, let alone coordinate a military invasion of a foreign country.

Even if an intervention consisted of removing Maduro from power, Maduros exit does not guarantee a stable atmosphere for future governments. In fact, the current crisis could devolve into a chaotic civil war, where U.S. troops could get caught in the crossfire between various factions taking advantage of the chaos.

And one must also ask why should U.S. taxpayers be on the hook for "fixing" problems caused by a regime endorsed by the voting majority of Venezuela? 

They not only blundered in electing socialist leaders like Hugo Chvez, but also elected preceding governments that created the adverse...

ProPublica Illinois Q&A: Meet Reporter Jodi S. Cohen "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Jodi Cohen, who came to ProPublica Illinois from the Chicago Tribune, believes journalists can achieve more when collaborating with each other and other newsrooms. In the fifth of a series of Q&As with ProPublica Illinois staffers, Cohen talked with ProPublica Emerging Reporter Andrea Salcedo.

What inspired you to become a journalist?

It started when I was in high school and I had a fabulous English teacher freshman year. Her husband was the adviser of the school newspaper and she said, Hey, I think you might want to try writing for East Side [the newspaper]. So I did. I loved it. They were very influential in my life.

And my mom was an English teacher and she is a really good writer. She always helped me with my writing and encouraged me to try to find my voice in my writing. My mom was my first editor.

What are you interested in investigating with ProPublica Illinois?

Im really excited about everything we can do together. We are a small team, but we all bring different interests and different expertise. One thing I love about ProPublica is the collaboration with other journalists. I do believe that the more we work together, the more we can achieve. Im excited that were already reaching out to partners throughout the state to see what we can do together.

How do you spot a good story?

A lot of it is intuition. You just kind of have this sense of, Oh, thats a good story. People are going to want to read that, or How is it possible that is happening? We have to expose this problem and try to make things better. You try to know which stories people are going to care about or perhaps what they should care about. Theres definitely no formula to spotting a good story. You kind of know it when you see it.

What is the story youre the most proud of?

One of the stories Im most proud of is a series I wrote with two other reporters at the Chicago Tribune, Stacy St. Clair and Tara Malone. We...

Which Microcontroller Is Best Microcontroller? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Lets say youre working on a project, and you need a microcontroller. Which chip do you reach for? Probably the one youre most familiar with, or at least the one whose programmer is hiding away in a corner of your desk. Choosing a microcontroller is a matter of convenience, but it doesnt have to be this way. There are dozens of different ARM cores alone, hundreds of 8051 clones, and weirder stuff including the Cypress PSoC and TIs MSP430. Which one is best? Which microcontroller that costs under a dollar is best? Thats the question [Jay Carlson] tried to answer, and its the best microcontroller shootout weve ever read.

[Jay] put together a monster of a review of a dozen or so microcontrollers that cost no more than a dollar. Included in this review are, from Atmel: the ATtiny1616, ATmega168PB, and the ATSAMD10. From Cypress, the PSoC 4000S. From Freescale, the KE04 and KL03. Holteks HT-66, and the Infineon XMC1100. From Microchip, the PIC16, PIC24, and PIC32. From Nuvoton, the N76, and M051. The NXP LPC811, Renesas RL-78, Sanyo LC87, and Silicon Labs EFM8. STs STM32F0 and STM8. STCMicros STC8, and finally TIs MSP430. If youre keeping score at home, most of these are either ARM or 8051-style cores, but the AVRs and PICs bump up the numbers for proprietary core designs.

This review begins the same as all tech reviews, with a sampling of tech specs. Everything is there, including the amount of RAM to the number of PWM channels. [Jay] is going a bit further with this review and checking out the development environments, compilers, dev tools, and even the performance of different cores in three areas: blinking bits, a biquad filter, and a DMX receiver. Theres an incredible amount of work that went into this, and right now, this is the best resource weve seen for a throwdown of microcontrollers.

With all this data and the experience of going through a dozen different microcontroller platforms, whats [Jay]s takeaway? The STM32F0 is great, the Atmel/Microchip SAM D10 has great performance but youll be relying on some third-party libraries. The pure Microchip parts the PIC16, PIC24, and PIC32 have infinite product lifetimes, a wide range of packages, and a huge community but use a clunky IDE, and expensive compilers. The Cypress PSoC was just okay, and the PSoC5 or PSoC6 would be better. Surprises from this test include the Renesas RL-78 and its high performance, low cost, and the most power-efficient 5V part in the test.

With all that said, whats the best microcontroller? Thats a dumb question, because the best microcontroller will always be the best microcontroller for that application. Or whatever you have sitting around in the parts drawer, we were never quite clear on...


Promessa de Trump de atacar EI com fora dez vezes maior garantia de mais atentados nos EUA "IndyWatch Feed"

This photo released by the St. Charles County Dept. of Corrections in Missouri on Oct. 31, 2017 shows Sayfullah Habibullahevic Saipov.


Saudi News (an update) "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The war to decide who will ultimately call the shots in Islam (and in the Middle East) is beginning in earnest -- in a way that is typical for that part of the world. This brief describes how that is unfolding without providing a back story per se. The Obama Administration favored Iran and the Persian Empire. The Trump Administration favors Saudi Arabia and the Arabs. America First as a concept means that we pick the side that doesn't want to wipe us off the Earth.

Make of that what you will.

Saudi Arabia reported that over the weekend that Saudi ballistic missile defenses successfully intercepted a(n Iranian) ballistic missile fired from northern Yemen over the capital city of Riyadh. The missile, labeled a Burqan 2H, was apparently aimed at the capital citys airport.

The Houthi Defense Ministry confirmed that their forces fired the missile and claimed the attack was a success that shook the Saudi capital. Despite the strike, Saudi officials say the airport remains operating normally.

The missile launched over the weekend was the third missile that targeted facilities around Riyadh. A launch on 6 February and one on 20 March attempted to strike King Salman Airbase southwest of Riyadh. 

Once the Houthis ranged Riyadh itself, the missile threat changed the security environment significantly. For example, Saudi officials might need to develop and practice air raid drills and other civil defense measures. That time has arrived.

On 6 November, Saudi Arabian officials said that the latest missile attack may be considered an act of war by...


Thomas Jefferson comments on fake news "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Thomas Jefferson comments on fake news

By Jon Rappoport

The current campaign, waged by politicians, media leaders, and their social media partners, against independent media, is an act of sheer desperation.

The tonnage of fake news, spewed from the most prestigious media outlets, has cracked its own foundations.

The public is waking up.

So did Thomas Jefferson, more than 200 years ago.

Here is a progression of Jeffersons thoughts, over a 20-year period:

Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost. (28 January 1786)

The basis of our government being the opinion of the people, the very first object should be to keep that right; and were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter. But I should mean that every man should receive those papers and be capable of reading them. (January 16, 1787)

Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. The real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day. . . . I will add, that the man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them; inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods & errors. (June 11, 1807)

There is a grand tradition of fake news, and it has always sprung from the major and official sources.

Todays mainstream reporters, of course, dont want to think about that. They dont want reflect on the long stench-ridden history of their own profession.

They would rather pretend their brethren have always served with honor.

This hoax is understandable. Who would want to enlist in a field where truth is of the utmost importanceand yet has been trampled on without let-up throughout its history?

Every journalism school should post a sign on its front door: WE HAVE ALWAYS LIED.

The pompous, bloated, sold-out politicians and media executives, who are currently sitting in committee hearings bemoaning the incursions of independent news sites, should pause for a moment and realize that the public they are supposedly serving are catching a strong whiff of their deliberations

And they should understand that a natural and growing boycott of mainstream news is well underway.

With your help, the fakers will continue losing.

Its called justice.



Top 10 Torrent Site TorrentDownloads Blocked By Chrome and Firefox "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

While the popularity of torrent sites isnt as strong as it used to be, dozens of millions of people use them on a daily basis.

Content availability is rich and the majority of the main movie, TV show, game and software releases appear on them within minutes, offering speedy and convenient downloads. Nevertheless, things dont always go as smoothly as people might like.

Over the past couple of days that became evident to visitors of TorrentDownloads, one of the Internets most popular torrent sites.

TorrentDownloads usually a reliable and tidy platform

Instead of viewing the rather comprehensive torrent index that made the Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Site lists in 2016 and 2017, visitors receive a warning.

Attackers on may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers or credit cards), Chrome users are warned.

Google Safe Browsing recently detected phishing on Phishing sites pretend to be other websites to trick you.

Chrome warning

People using Firefox also receive a similar warning.

This web page at has been reported as a deceptive site and has been blocked based on your security preferences, the browser warns.

Deceptive sites are designed to trick you into doing something dangerous, like installing software, or revealing your personal information, like passwords, phone numbers or credit cards.

A deeper check on Googles malware advisory service echoes the same information, noting that the site contains harmful content that may trick visitors into sharing personal info or downloading software. Checks carried out with MalwareBytes reveal that service blocking the domain too.

TorrentFreak spoke with the operator of TorrentDownloads who told us that...


Power budgets for computing resources portable and stationary "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A cellphone or tablet is a fanless device. So is the 12 Macbook. That means you can do whatever is possible at any point in time within a TDP of approximately 5W.

Here is the power consumption of my cellphone over a 12h period. The scale on the left is mW, down is discharge, up is recharge (plugged in). Its basically limited to 5W, and that only for short periods of time.

Cellphone power over time. Green bar = plugged in. Yellow bar = Screen on.

These devices also have batteries, and when they are running on batteries, they need to be sleeping most of the time and have their display off. Whenever they are not dark and/or sleeping, they drain the battery, fast.

These two facts are the reason why most people playing Ingress have done so in Fall and Winter, and why they all have cabled up enormous power banks to their equipment.

Thats also why your cellphone used for navigation will reboot after an hour or two of driving, unless you remove the protective bumper and put the holder into the airflow of the dash vent. Also, white device is better than dark device on sunny days on the Autobahn.

Your laptop probably has a fan. Mine does. It is still mostly idle, but it is easily out of the TDP for fanless devices.

This machine is currently drawing 12.1W. The fans are hardly moving.

If I want to test what this machine could use, I could start a game. Most games are busy waiting event loops, that is, they keep the machine as busy as possible, and they are also exercising all the 3D circuitry in the box...


Animal Services removes 30 dead ducks and one dead heron from Woodbine Beach, Toronto "IndyWatch Feed World"

The death of 30 ducks and one heron at Woodbine Beach Sunday morning has the City of Toronto warning dog owners to keep their pets leashed in the area until the cause of death is determined. Toronto Animal Services removed the deceased wildlife and is working on determining the cause of death. Tests will take about two weeks to complete, the City said in a news release. "All dog owners should ensure that dogs are leashed in Woodbine Park, including in the off-leash area, until the cause of death has been determined," the City said. "Dog owners are encouraged to contact their veterinarian if their dog was in the park on Sunday and is experiencing signs of illness." Joanne Ingrassia, a volunteer with the Toronto Wildlife Centre, spent Sunday at Woodbine Beach, searching for surviving ducks to rescue.


Big Chicken Rules Roost in Trump White House "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

How fast is too fast?

A powerful food-industry lobby group is asking the Trump administration to reverse an Obama-era decision that limited speeds on chicken-processing lines. Animal rights advocates and worker activists claim that such a move would be illegal and dangerous, but the trade association has been working hard to ensure its petition is heard and acted upon.

At the heart of the dispute is a rule restricting how many chickens can be processed per minute. The National Chicken Council (NCC) wants the regulation lifted so plants could process 175 chickens per minute, up from 140. Increased line speeds have been linked to higher occupational injury rates among poultry industry workers and increased risk to the consumer from tainted meat.

They were all complaining that their line speeds couldnt go up under the new rule, and he promised them he would figure out a way to raise the line speeds just to give him some time.

The industry tried but failed to get the speed-up approved under the Obama administration. Their chances would appear much better this time around, in light of the Trump administrations pro-industry focus. But the NCC does not want to wait. The trade group is petitioning the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to go around regular notice and comment rulemaking procedures, and bypass the public consultation process in a manner that opponents say would violate the law.

Non-profit consumer rights group Food & Water Watch is one of a handful of advocates that have written to USDA to oppose the move. In a letter to the acting Deputy Under Secretary of Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) at USDA Carmen Rottenberg says granting NCCs petition through the agencys waiver regulations, without public notice and opportunity to comment, would violate the Administrative Procedure Act (APA).

In his letter to USDA, United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) President Marc Perrone says the petition from the NCC clearly poses a dangerous risk to American families. He cites a recent report from the Government Accountability Office which shows that forcing lines to move faster will expose poultry workers to higher rates of injuries and illnesses.



Not so fast "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

I like PLoS ONE. I know a lot of scientists dont. I think theres a niche for what my PhD advisor called bricks: papers that may not be groundbreaking, but present rigorous results that contribute to building a larger structure (he was, BTW, describing one of my papers, and it wasnt a compliment). Its also possible that research that may not be obviously important when its done turns out to have big implications that werent at first obvious. PLoS ONE explicitly aims to ignore the impact of a paper in accepting or rejecting papers, focusing only on the rigor of the results:

PLOS ONE will rigorously peer-review your submissions and publish all papers that are judged to be technically sound. Judgments about the importance of any particular paper are then made after publication by the readership, who are the most qualified to determine what is of interest to them.

But a couple of recent developments are worrying. First, as Ive previously written, a recent article reporting a phylogenetic tree for eukaryotes was published in a form that never should have survived peer review (A cautionary tale on reading phylogenetic trees, PLoS ONE responds). The article contains numerous misinterpretations of the tree, unexplained contradictions in the inferred divergence times, and, most importantly, a choice of outgroup that pretty much invalidates all of the phylogenetic inferences.

I have contacted the editors by Twitter and by email, and so far I havent gotten much more than were looking into it. I am very interested to see what the journal does about this, because, as I said before,

The only thing that separates a high-volume, open access journal like PLoS ONE from the dark underbelly of scholarly publishing is a rigorous peer review process.

Now theres a whole new reason to worry.

Okay, that line above is exactly how far I got before reading the paper Im about to write about. Im leaving it in as a caution against rushing to judgement.

From the abstract, I was ready to castigate PLoS ONE over favoritism bestowed by handling editors on their coauthors. After reading the paper, I dont think it shows that at all.

The paper Im talking about is by Emre Sarigl, David Garcia, Ingo Schol...


Report: Kevin Spacey Enters Same Sex Addiction Rehab Clinic Used by Harvey Weinstein (For 1 Week) "IndyWatch Feed War"

The House of Cards star entered the elite Meadows clinic last week, according to the Daily Mailthe same facility where Harvey Weinstein sought treatment after he had been accused of sexual misconduct by dozens of women.

A representative for Spacey announced last week a statement that the actor was making plans to seek treatment.

Kevin Spacey is taking the time necessary to seek evaluation and treatment, a rep for Spacey said in a statement to Variety. No other information is available at this time.

Last month, Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp claimed Spacey made unwanted sexual advances toward him at a party in New York City in 1986, when Rapp was 14 years old.

Netflix announced last week that Spacey would not be involved in further production of the streaming giants hit political drama House of Cards. The actors character is reportedly being written out of the series. On Friday, talent agency CAA and publicist Staci Wolf severed ties with Spacey.

The Meadows clinic has attracted several celebrities for treatment, including Tiger Woods, Kate Moss, and Selena Gomez. In a safe and nurturing community composed of their peers, men are guided o...


Brick-and-Mortar Meltdown Sinks Property Prices "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Brick-and-Mortar Meltdown Sinks Property Prices by Wolf Richter Wolf Street Other sectors are weak too, but one sector is hot. Commercial real estate prices soared relentlessly for years after the Financial Crisis, to such a degree that the Fed...

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Sen. Rand Paul's attacker may get charged with felony assault due to more serious injuries "IndyWatch Feed World"

The neighbor of US Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) may get charged with felony assault, after Paul was reportedly hospitalized with five broken ribs, three out of alignment. The attack allegedly took place as the senator was at home mowing his lawn. Kentucky State Police Master Trooper Jeremy Hodges said Monday that new developments in Senator Paul's injuries could lead to a felony charge against Rene Boucher, the neighbor who reportedly tackled Paul at his Bowling Green residence on Friday, according to the Washington Post.


"Army of Spies": Weinstein hired former Mossad operatives to silence actresses and reporters making allegations against him "IndyWatch Feed World"

An "army of spies" tried to silence actresses and reporters making allegations against Harvey Weinstein, a report claims. Security firm Black Cube, run by former Mossad operatives, is reported to be involved. The New Yorker magazine revealed that the former Miramax producer hired Black Cube as well as Kroll, one of the world's largest corporate intelligence firms. Their brief was to find out compromising details about the personal lives and sexual histories of the dozens of women and journalists who were in a position to expose him. According to the investigation, Black Cube, which describes itself as "a select group of veterans from the Israeli elite intelligence," repeatedly fished for information on actress Rose McGowan, who publicly accused Weinstein of rape. A female Black Cube operative who went by the alias "Diana Filip" posed as the deputy head for private investment at London wealth management firm Reuben Capital Partner. In this guise she approached McGowan several times, apparently seeking to establish a friendship. During their meetings, "Filip" recorded conversations with the actress.


Extreme Poverty Cut in Half? Only in the Minds of the Capitalists "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

The much-touted fall in extreme poverty is more the result of bad or cherry-picked metrics than real progress.


In defense of the Electric Car part2 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Full disclosure: I own an electric car, and I think they are useful for city transportation. However, having owned one for a decade, I can say that it hasnt been practical or cost-effective. John Hardy believes they are the future, Ill let you, the reader, decide. Anthony Watts The demise of the Western auto industry:


By The Numbers "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

    By The Numbers is a new blog by my friend and colleague Nir Kaissir. He does great work for Bloomberg Gadfly. His approach to high quality multi-asset portfolio management at his firm Unison Advisors is smart and performs well. We have done a few debate columns together one on Active versus Passive, and another

Read More

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#Berlin Nov 8: Demo in Solidarity with #RefugeesGR Hunger Strike in #Athens "IndyWatch Feed War"

Call for a demonstration in solidarity with the hunger strike of refugees in Athens. Scroll down to find the call in English, German, Arabic, Kurdish and Farsi. The demonstration will be on November 8th at 04:00pm (16.00) at the interior ministry (Innenministerium), which is located at the corner of Alt-Moabit/Invalidenstrae/Werfstrae) in Berlin.


Submitted to Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Berlin Nov 8: Demo in Solidarity with #RefugeesGR Hunger Strike in Athens

Scroll down for German, Arabic, Kurdish and Farsi

Demonstration: November 8th at 04:00pm (16.00) at the interior ministry (...


Afghanistan: Talibans flourishing narco-state "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Austin Michael Bodetti. He is an analyst and journalist specializing in Afghanistan and Iraq. He has a comedic email list about the Middle East that you can join here.

Opium Poppy Cultivation in Afghanistan by District Level, 2016

Opium Poppy Cultivation in Afghanistan by District Level, 2016

The Wars on Drugs and on Terror intersect in Afghanistan. The Taliban, which cooperates with al-Qaeda and includes US-labeled terrorist organizations such as the Haqqani N...


Did CNN tell reporters to discredit former DNC interim chair Donna Brazile to protect Hillary Clinton "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Justin Caruso
The Daily Caller

Fox News Tucker Carlson reported Monday that according to sources, CNN had reporters discredit former DNC interim chair Donna Brazile over her revelations that made Hillary Clinton look bad.


Carlson said, According to highly informed sources we spoke tohighly informedtop management at CNN directed its employees to undermine Braziles credibility. Anchors and producers were vocally offended by her attacks on their friends, the Clintons. If youve been watching that channel, you may have noticed CNNs anchors suggesting that Donna Brazile cannot be trusted, precisely because she took part in efforts to break the primaries for Clinton.

Image result for Donna Brazile, photos

The Daily Caller co-founder then played a clip of CNN hosts trying to make Brazile look bad over her sharing a primary debate question with Clintons campaign, which he compared to political talking points.

Tucker also revealed that Brazile will join him on Wednesday to talk more about the DNC.

The former DNC interim chair revealed in Politico last week that the Clinton campaign had a fundraising agreement with the DNC long before it was clear she would be the nominee, a move that many saw as tipping the scales against Sen. Bernie Sanders.




Texas church shooter sent threatening texts to mother-in-law, had no gun license "IndyWatch Feed World"

The suspect who opened fire inside a Texas church, killing 26 people and injuring 20 more did not have a license to carry a gun but had bought four firearms, authorities said. The attack was most likely motivated by domestic trouble, not religion or race. "There was a domestic situation going on within the family and the in-laws," Freeman Martin of the Texas Department of Public Safety told reporters on Monday. The shooter, identified as Devin Patrick Kelley, sent "threatening text messages" to his mother-in-law, Martin said. Kelley's in-laws attended the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas "from time to time," but were not there at the time of the shooting, Wilson County Sheriff Joe Tackitt.


Hackers are now targeting school websites to post content "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Hackers have now turned towards hacking school websites to target the younger generation. Such an attempt was seen in the recent Bloomfield schools website hacking. The Bloomfield schools website hacking took place on Monday at 4AM EST. This hacking involved posting of an ISIS sponsored YouTube video for about two hours. According to the administrating

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Abstracts: Call for Poster Submissions will include poster sessions "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In addition, a small number of posters will be selected for oral presentation. Poster topics should lie within the scope of the conference: Research contributing to the eventual postponement of age-related decline in health, with an emphasis on measures that repair damage rather than slowing its creation. Poster submissions are due on January 15, 2018.

To submit your poster go to.

Undoing Aging will include poster sessions on the first two evenings. If you wish to present a poster, please submit the details on this page. A small number of posters will be selected for oral presentation; those selected should also prepare a poster.

What to submit

The topic of the poster should lie within the scope of the conference: research contributing to the eventual postponement of age-related decline in health, with an emphasis on measures that repair damage rather than slowing its creation.


Norwegian paedophile finally jailed after buying child-like sex doll online "IndyWatch Feed World"

A court in the Norwegian town of Fredrikstad has jailed a local man for six months for purchasing a child-like sex doll online. It's the first such verdict in the country. A 23-year-old man was detained after the customs services discovered a silicon sex doll, looking like a child, in a parcel and informed the police. The doll in question resembled the looks of a girl between 9 and 12 years of age and was priced at around 10,000 Norwegian kroner (more than $1,200). A search at the man's home as part of the investigation also revealed 1,600 photos and 26 videos of child pornography on his computer. During the trial, which began October 30, the defendant acknowledged "both buying the doll and downloading and storing the abusive materials," the lawyers said, as cited by Fredrikstad Bald.


DRI3 v1.1 & DRI3 v1.2 Patches Revised "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Collabora's Louis-Francis Ratt-Boulianne has sent out the latest patches for the X.Org Server and related components for wiring up Direct Rendering Infrastructure 3 (DRI3) v1.1 as well as the newer v1.2 work too...


Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor "IndyWatch Feed"

Esther Schor talking: I was appalled to hear what the senior adviser to President Trump, Stephen Miller, said about this poem, but not surprised. You know, I follow Emma Lazaruss poetry and its use in the public sphere quite closely, and I get Google alerts every time huddled masses is mentioned in the press. So, []


Tucker Carlson Tonight 110617 (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Tucker Carlson Tonight 110617 Video US Great Video Source

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Free pass: Cop arrested for unloading pistol at church parking lot will not go to prison "IndyWatch Feed World"

A 27-year-old deputy was arrested after he admitted to getting drunk and unloading pistols into a Presbyterian church. Instead of being sent to prison for dangerously discharging a firearm in public and putting the lives of innocent people in danger, Somervell County Sheriff's Deputy, William Cox will remain a free man. As the country reels from the horrifying shooting in Sutherland Springs and searches for answers as to why anyone would commit such a brutal mass murder, this former Texas cop proves he is above the law. Last week, Cox was given a sweet plea deal by prosecutors. In exchange for him pleading guilty to the charge of deadly conduct, he was sentenced to five years in prison-all of which was suspended. He was simply put on community supervision and given probation. For shooting up a church, he was also fined $1,500 and will have to report to the jail on weekends for ten days. The incident began on July 13 when officers responded to a 9-1-1 call about a maniac shooting up a church. When police arrived they found Cox drunk in the parking lot, who immediately admitted to the crime.


Re: Security risk of vim swap files "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Matthias Luft on Nov 07

Another approach would be to actually whitelist the file types/patterns
that are delivered by your web servers. We have seen various file types
during testing since a long time that should not have been web served
and compiled a list [1] of those:

.dot files in general. In particular:
.pkcs12 .pfx .p12, .pem, .key, .der, .crt
/^~/ or /~$/


Asteroid 2017 VE flew past Earth at 0.88 LD, a day before discovery "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A newly discovered asteroid designated 2017 VE flew past Earth at 0.88 LD / 0.00227 AU (~339 597 km / 211 009 miles) on November 4, 2017, one day before it was discovered. This is the 46th known asteroid to flyby Earth within 1 lunar distance since the start of the...... Read more


26 migrant teenage girls found dead in Mediterranean Sea "IndyWatch Feed World"

Investigators consider physical and sexual abuse as one of the most likely causes behind the deaths of 26 migrant girls in the Mediterranean. Their bodies were recovered over the weekend in the Mediterranean Sea along a route frequently used by African migrants in search of a better life in Europe. Italian authorities have started an investigation into the deaths of 26 teenage girls, who are believed to be migrants from Niger and Nigeria.


Re: Re: CVE-2017-5123 Linux kernel v4.13 waitid() not calling access_ok() "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by up201407890 on Nov 07

This will be a fast writeup on how I exploited CVE-2017-5123, a Linux
kernel vulnerability in the waitid() syscall for 4.12-4.13, which
gives an attacker a "write-not-what-only-where" primitive, or in other
words, the ability to write "non-controlled" user data to arbitrary
kernel memory.
KASLR is bypassed using memory probing and root obtained via cred
struct spraying and location predictability.

The video...


German users exploit a Twitter bug to post 30,000-character tweet "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Over the weekend, two German Twitter users successfully bypassed the existing character limit by exploiting a Twitter bug and sending a 30,396-character tweet.

Two German Twitter users, Timrasett and HackneyYT, were able to bypass the 280-character limit by posting a 30,000-character Tweet.

Unfortunately, the side effect was that the long tweet caused problems, with some users complaining of crashes.

The social media giant banned the accounts of the two users for a brief period of time but are now back online after they apologized. Twitter removed the original oversize-Tweet composed of 30,396 that can be viewed here.

Twitter bug limitation 35000 characters

According to the The Daily Dot, the German duo exploited a rule Twitter made in 2016 that links would no longer count in the 140-character limit.

So how did they do it? By exploiting a rule Twitter made in 2016 that links would no longer count in the 140-character limit. Yes, this is just one big web address with a URL code hidden deep in the large block of text. You can find it by opening up the tweet and searching for .cc/ reports The Daily Dot.

The experts broke the limitation by formatting a message as a URL with extensive gibberish. Twitter promptly removed it the message and suspended the accounts of the users.



Why Hadrian's Wall is succumbing to erosion after nearly 2,000 years "IndyWatch Feed World"

It was designed to keep out the barbarians but nearly two thousand years after Hadrian's Wall was erected, the structure is finally succumbing to foreign invasion. So many visitors are flocking to the World Heritage Site that the path running alongside it is wearing away, leaving the foundations exposed to the elements and in danger of collapse. The National Trust, which cares for six miles of the wall, claims the attraction has seen a boost in numbers sparked by the weak pound. Yesterday the Trust flew in 35 tonnes of stone by helicopter to repair the 250ft section at Caw Gap, a picturesque dip in the undulating fortification which attracts tens of thousands of walkers every year.

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