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Thursday, 19 January


Rebecca Solnit: Penis Power "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Hillary Clinton was all that stood between us and a reckless, unstable, ignorant, inane, infinitely vulgar, climate-change-denying white-nationalist misogynist with authoritarian ambitions and kleptocratic plans. A lot of people, particularly white men, could not bear her, and that is as good a reason as any for Trump’s victory. Over and over again, I heard men declare that she had failed to make them vote for her. They saw the loss as hers rather than ours, and they blamed her for it, as though election was a gift they withheld.

Alexander Briant: Oil Industry Corruption "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

‘Eileen’ tells me that the crime ring is making money hand over fist. She is the only one standing up to them. She cannot provide documentation – that would be too risky for her – but she names names. She speaks slowly, deliberately, weighing each word. ‘I am so confident that my words that no one wants to hear will be of good help to you. Please treat this as confidential because no one else has heard what you are hearing now. For the sake of my life and that of my family.’ Feebly, I tell her that I will do my best.

Adam Shatz: Frantz Fanon’s Revolution "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Author of the anti-racist jeremiad Black Skin, White Masks; spokesman for the Algerian Revolution and author of The Wretched of the Earth, the ‘bible’ of decolonisation; inspiration to Third World revolutionaries from the refugee camps of Palestine to the back streets of Tehran and Beirut, Harlem and Oakland; founder, avant la lettre, of post-colonialism; hero to the alienated banlieusards of France, who feel as if the Battle of Algiers never ended, but simply moved to the cités: Frantz Fanon has been remembered in a lot of ways, but almost all of them have foregrounded his advocacy of resistance, especially violent resistance.

Letters "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The letters page from London Review of Books Vol. 39 No. 2 (19 January 2017)

Table of contents "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Table of contents from London Review of Books Vol. 39 No. 2 (19 January 2017)

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Sunday, 15 January


"Turn your grief into positive energy" (By Kate Hannan, about her volunteer work with RAWA) "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

December 12, 2006 -- Courage, hope, determination, steadfastness, devotion, action &.all these radiate from the RAWA members and supporters I met during my stay in Pakistan in October 2006.

RAWA communiqué on Universal Human Rights Day "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

December 10, 2006 -- Five years ago, America and their allies attacked Afghanistan in the name of bringing "Human Rights", "Democracy", and "Freedom" to the war-torn country. The Taliban regime fell and Hamid Karzai's puppet regime, which included the world-known Northern Alliance criminals or as UN envoy Mahmoud Mestri said, "the bandit gangs", took over in the name of a fake democracy.

HRW: Karzai Must Hold Officials Accountable for Past Crimes "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

December 12, 2006 -- President Hamid Karzai should immediately enforce a program to provide truth, reconciliation and accountability for war crimes and major human rights abuses over the past 30 years in Afghanistan, Human Rights Watch said today. The Afghan government should establish a special court to try those responsible, some of whom hold high office, as soon as possible, Human Rights Watch said.

New Taliban Rules Target Afghan Teachers: 2 teachers killed "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

December 9, 2006 -- The Taliban gunmen who murdered two teachers in eastern Afghanistan early Saturday were only following their rules: Teachers receive a warning, then a beating, and if they continue to teach must be killed.

Drug addiction on rise with Afghan kids "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

December 6, 2006 -- Afghanistan is the world's leading producer of opium and heroin, exporting drugs to Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States. But the scale of domestic drug abuse has only recently become apparent. The first nationwide survey on drug use, conducted last year by the Ministry of Counter Narcotics and U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime, found nearly 1 million addicts in this nation of about 30 million people, including 60,000 children under age 15.

Warlords gang-rape a woman in Badakhshan "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

November 29, 2006 -- A local commander and his 11 men gang-rape a 22-year-old woman in Shahre Buzurg district of the northeastern Badakhshan province on Nov.28. The crime took place in the Shah Dasht village, by a local warlord called Mujtaba who belongs to Jamiat-e-Islami Afghanistan led by Burhanuddin Rabbani (now member of the parliament).

100 suicide attemps among women in 8 months in Kandahar "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

November 29, 2006 -- Some 100 women have attempted suicide by committing self-immolation or taking poison during the last eight months in the insurgency-hit southern province of Kandahar, an Afghan human rights watchdog said on Wednesday. "Our data show that at least 64 women have attempted suicide by setting fire to themselves and 36 others have resorted to taking poisons such as rat killers during the past eight months," Najeeba Hashimi, head of women's rights in the Kandahar office of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC), said.

Almost half of all Afghan children not in school - Oxfam "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

November 27, 2006 -- More than half of Afghanistan's children are not going to school because of a shortage of places and teachers, the aid agency Oxfam says. Girls in particular are losing out, with just one in five girls in primary education and one in 20 going to secondary school.

Afghanistan: Behind the burqas "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

November 24, 2006 -- Activist with Afghani organization for womens rights RAWA tells Ynet womens situation in Afghanistan even worse than before American invasion: Rape, kidnapping, murder go unpunished. Without western interference, 9/11 could happen again, warns Sahar Saba

Violence against women on the rise in north of Afghanistan "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

November 16, 2006 -- Sexual abuse, murder and other crimes of different types are increasing in the Northern provinces of Afghanistan and this situation has provoked the intense concerns of human rights and women affairs' activists.

Meena among 60 Asian Heroes of Time Magazine "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

November 13, 2006 -- Meena called the women of Afghanistan sleeping lions, pledging that one day they would awake and roar. In 1977, at the age of 20, she launched the country's first movement for women's rights, calling her group the Revolutionary Association for the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA). Its goals: the restoration of democracy, equality for men and women, social justice, and the separation of religion from the affairs of the state. But in a country mired in tradition and occupied by the Soviet Union, Meena's beliefs were threatening enough to get her assassinated. Ten years after founding RAWA, she was kidnapped and killed; many Afghans held agents of the local communist intelligence agency responsible.

Abuse of Afghan women: 'It was my decision to die. I was getting beaten every day' "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

November 24, 2006 -- Those who should be in the best position to help, women MPs, another supposed sign of the brave new Afghanistan, are themselves facing violence and intimidation. Malalai Joya, at 28 one of Afghanistan's youngest MPs, regularly changes addresses because of death threats. "When I speak in parliament male MPs throw water bottles at me. Some of them shout 'take and rape her'. "Many of the men in power have the same attitude as the Taliban. Women have not been liberated. You want to know how women feel in this country? Look at the rate of suicide," she said.

Afghan Women Commit Suicide by Fire "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

November 18, 2006 -- Blood dripped down the 16-year-old girl's face after another beating by her drug addict husband. Worn down by life's pain, she ran to the kitchen, doused herself with gas from a lamp and struck a match. Desperate to escape domestic violence, forced marriage and hardship, scores of women across Afghanistan each year are committing suicide by fire. While some gains have been made since the fall of the Taliban five years ago, life remains bleak for many Afghan women in the conservative and violence-plagued country, and suicide is a common escape.

Protesters for Jawzjan governor resignation "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

November 16, 2006 -- About 400 residents of the northern Jawzjan province Thursday in a protest rally urged Juma Khan Hamdard to quit his position as governor. Mohammad Rasul, one of the protesters, told Pajhwok Afghan News: "We don't want the governor, he belongs to Hezb-i-Islami party and is also involved in drug-trafficking."

Police rapes a girl in Takhar, Women are sold in Faryab "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

November 7, 2006 -- According to a report from the Northern Province of Takhar, tens of people staged a demonstration to protest rape of a girl by police in the Dasht-e-Qala district of this province. Also it is reported that selling of women has become very common in Faryab province in north of Afghanistan and each woman is sold up to 50,000 Afghanis (around US$1,000).

Sanobar, 11-years-old girl is abducted and raped by warlords (with photos) "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

November 5, 2006 -- Sanobar, an 11-years-old daughter of Gulsha, an Afghan widow, has been abducted, raped and then exchanged with a dog by warlords in Aliabad district of Kondoz province in North of Afghanistan.

WomanKind: No real change for Afghan women "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

October 31, 2006 -- An international women's rights group says guarantees given to Afghan women after the fall of the Taleban in 2001 have not translated into real change. Womankind Worldwide says millions of Afghan women and girls continue to face systematic discrimination and violence in their households and communities.

Social problems behind women's suicide in Helmand "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

October 23, 2006 -- According to Women Affairs Department ill-treatment, domestic disputes and economic problems are behind the increasing incidents of women committing suicide in the southern volatile Helmand province, also known as centre of poppy cultivation. The officials said about 18 to 20 women, most of them young girls, had committed suicide during this year in the province. Of the 20 only four girls took their lives in the last month.

Stone Age still lingers on in Bamyan, many live in caves "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

October 18, 2006 -- Those living in caves near Buddha statue in the central Bamyan province have not enough stuff to offer to their honourable guests at this special day of the year, contrary to people serving their guests with dry fruit and sweets in other parts of the country. Of the total 3,000 caves at sides of Buddha statue, about 300 of the families are living in the caves.

30 killed as two warlords clash in Herat "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

October 18, 2006 -- Fighting between two rival factions has killed about 30 people in Shindand district of the western Herat province of Afghanistan, the provincial police said on Monday.

22 civilians die in southern Afghanistan offensives by NATO "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

October 18, 2006 -- NATO air strikes in southern Afghanistan's Kandahar province killed nine civilians and wounded 11 others Wednesday, the provincial governor said. NATO said an operation was believed to have caused "several" civilian casualties.

Millions face hunger in Afghanistan as drought worsens, warns aid group "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

October 18, 2006 -- 6.5 million people are likely to suffer chronic food insecurity due to the lack of rainfall this year, Christian Aid said.

Severe weather in Honduras claims 4, leaves 6 missing "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A cold front that hit northern Honduras on January 7 and 8, 2017 has claimed the lives of at least 4 people and left another 6 missing. Parts of the north saw as much as 150 mm (5.9 inches) of rain on January 8. Country's disaster management agency (Copeco) said...... Read more »

Shallow M6.1 earthquake hits south of Fiji "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.1 hit Fiji region at 06:11 UTC on January 14, 2017. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). Geoscience Australia is reporting M6.0 at a depth of 0 km. According to the USGS, the epicenter was...... Read more »


Self care Saturday, Revisited: Cleaning out the gunk "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

I pushed myself a little too hard.

Between Thursday and Friday I woke up at 3 AM. I couldn’t fall back to sleep anyway. Knowing “Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best” had been aired, I briefly popped it into Google to see what the internet spewed forth. Obviously I found Sarah Ditum and felt compelled to respond.

Then I picked up some more evidence for another piece I’m doing on the judicial undermining of gender identity laws in the UK, USA, and Canada, and something snapped. Or shattered, perhaps. Like a dropped champagne glass, and suddenly the whole room went silent and turns to face you. All the areas of my brain which usually just bounce information around at a speed and volume that leaves me caught between “hyperfocused” and “disoriented” gave way to a single voice.

You monsters.

A flippant comment on a petition. I know the comment was based on a blatantly false assertion, and still the imagined voice of the commentator filled in the silence. Abominations. You’re all sick.

I’ve been examining a bit too much transphobia, lately, and now those positions are taking root in my head. Even as I know they are wrong.

It’s a feeling I haven’t had since I ended my relationship with my abusive ex, someone who routinely engaged in manipulation and emotional abuse. Like feeling that I suddenly can’t trust my own judgement, despite the great pains I take to fact check.

We know if Trump repeats something enough times to the media that the volume of people who believe him increases. Is this the strategy of trans-antagonists? Can they really repeat it enough times to make even an evidence-based trans feminist crack? It seems my clarity has finally left me, and all I can see is the trail of fog left in trans-antagonistic’s wake.

This is the “hyperbole” as it is often characterized by opponents to trans rights. This debate, that trans people are sane and worthy, ironically eats away at your sanity. Who could possibly retain a flawless psyche against a never-ending undercurrent from every fucking thing you open questioning “HEY YOU? ARE YOU SANE? ARE YOU SURE YOU’RE SANE? ARE YOU REALLY REALLY SURE?”

And it feels like no matter how confidently I answer, I get another round of “ARE YOU REALLY REALLY SURE?”

Imagine if that was all people wanted to talk about. Imagine you liked NASCAR and every day of every year some asshole somewhere on the internet is petitioning the government to intern NASCAR fans in psychiatric hospitals. Imagine the courts stripped your parental custody because they think liking NASCAR is child abuse. Imagine hearing story after story of police raping NASCAR fans. Imagine entire sections of the internet dedicated to both hosting and mocking violent videos of NASCAR...



Robert Steele: Donald Trump’s Future — Over Reince Priebus’s Dead Body… "IndyWatch Feed War"

Robert David STEELE Vivas

As things now stand, Donald Trump will not finish his first term. This will be Donald Trump’s fault — and Reince Priebus’ fault.

I explicitly accuse Reince Priebus of betraying Donald Trump by sacrificing the protection of Donald Trump and the longer-term healing of the country to Preibus’s own vested interests in protecting the short-term triumph of the Republican Party, and the pedophile Establishment of which Preibus is at a minimum an enabler and protector if not an actual participant, not only in relation to the nation-wide pedophilia cabal, but the Wisconsin-based coven that will show the Franklin Scandal in Nebraska to be the teaser that it was.

I explicitly accuse Priebus of favoring the two-party tyranny that hates Donald Trump and controls 30% of the eligible voters, over an Electoral Reform Act that would legitimate Donald Trump with the 26% who voted against him and the 47% who did not vote at all, and in so doing, empower Trump beyond the two-party tyranny, allowing Trump to survive the inevitable demise of the Republican Party.

DOC (10 Pages): Spy Xmas Msg to DT 2.4

For fifteen months since first beginning my support for Donald Trump with my CounterPunch article, Counter-Coup: How Trump Can Win, I have both forecast the depth of the forces arrayed against Trump, and sought to connect with him to point out that he has seven aces in the hole, one of which would wipe out all opposition overnight: an Electoral Reform Act. Such an Act would free Members from their dependency on financial support from the complexes, and empower Trump beyond the 30% of the votes now controlled by the two-party tyranny, ultimately giving Trump more votes from across the 70% now disenfranchises, than the two-party tyranny can muster as one (and make no mistake, there is sti...


Two Rivers Camp Will Fight Trans-Pecos Pipeline "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Above photo: From the Two Rivers Camp Facebook page.

The Society of Native Nations (SNN) has been asked by the Big Bend Defense Coalition of Alpine, TX and the surrounding communities in West Texas to help stop the Trans Pecos Pipeline. SNN has committed to help by starting a camp, which will be open on Dec 30, 2016 to receive Water Protectors. The camp has been named “Two Rivers Camp”, known as “La Junta de los Rios” by the local native communities such as the Jumano, Apache and Conchos People.

The Trans Pecos Pipeline (TPPL) is owned by Kelcy Warren, billionaire and CEO of Energy Transfer Partners, the same company that owns the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota. The TPPL is a fracked gas pipeline that is being built through west Texas. It will go under The Rio Grande River into Mexico where the gas will be exported to various foreign countries. One hundred and forty three (143) miles of this pipeline is considered “intra-state,” which means it requires NO environmental, archaeological, socioeconomic, safety, routing or other studies or impact assessments have to be taken into consideration.
The TPPL will:

1) Go through the Chihuahuan Desert, which is one of the three most
biologically diverse arid regions in the world.

2) Will destroy the delicate ecology on both sides of the border.

3) Go under the Rio Grande. In the event of a leak or an explosion, the
methane from the gas could infiltrate the water aquifer that sits just 50
feet below the Rio Grande

4) IF completed, FRACKING will begin to take place,
This will bring on a whole new set of water contamination issues to a
water source that is already scarce to the area there.

5) The pressure testing of the pipeline ALONE is also going to use millions
of gallons of water.

Energy Transfer Partners (company also behind DAPL) has forcibly taken land from 34 local landowners in the name of eminent domain, a legal process that should only be used to benefit the public. NO ONE in the United States will benefit from this pipeline but Kelcy Warren and his billionaire cronies.



Además del “tortillazo”, Profeco detecta alzas en huevo, frijol, pollo y cerdo "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

El titular de la Profeco, afirmó que en la Ciudad de México se presentaron algunos casos de aumentos injustificados en productos; en tortilla los aumentos se dieron en todo el país.   Regeneración, 14 de enero 2017.- Ernesto Nemer, titular de la Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor (Profeco), aseguró que han detectado incrementos en los precios […]

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RT’s Lizzie Phelan eyewitnesses immediate aftermath of powerful suicide attack in Damascus "IndyWatch Feed War"

A powerful explosion has rocked the Syrian capital, Damascus, killing up to 7 people, Reuters reports, citing state TV. The …

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Terrorist suicide attack in Kafrsouseh area in Damascus "IndyWatch Feed War"

 Filed under: Israel, Israeli crimes, Israeli Occupation Forces, Lone Bear, Syrian Air Defense, Syrian Air Forces, Syrian Arab Army, Syrian …

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r/K selection theory does not justify racism "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Last night I was entertaining myself by reading a few of the angry rants I’m always being sent, and a couple of them led me to a simultaneously familiar and disconcertingly off bit of territory — it was people proudly using Science as a warrant for bigotry. It was weird because they were using terms I knew and that were legitimately part of a scientific discipline, but they were using them in ways that were crazy inappropriate and that revealed they actually didn’t understand the science. There are a surprising number of people who are babbling about r/K selection theory on the internet.

r/K selection theory gets its name from a simplified equation that tries to quantify how quickly a population’s size can change. It reduces the number of parameters that affect the rate of change in population size, N, to just two: r, the maximum growth rate, and K (for carrying capacity), the maximum number of individuals the environment can sustain. It leads to this appealingly trivial equation:

dN/dt = rN(1-N/K)

That seems to fit, intuitively. When you colonize a new environment and your population size is very far from the carrying capacity, your best bet is to be weedy and breed like rabbits…and if two species are in competition, the one that will fill up the environment first is the one that can pump out babies the fastest. If you’re in a stable environment that’s at capacity, r becomes less important — there’s nothing new to exploit, population size isn’t going to change much anymore, so K becomes the dominant factor in defining your population limits. So if you’re a dandelion or a sea urchin, spew out great clouds of cheap zygotes, 99.99% of which will die, but you’ll be able to grab a foothold in any new patch of sea floor or suburban yard that opens up. If you’re an elephant or a blue whale, there are never going to be very many of you in the world, so it’s better to invest more in infant care, so that, while you don’t have many of them, your babies are more likely to survive.

The nice thing about r/K theory was that it was so danged simple…and that was one of the reasons it has long slipped out of favor. Its predictive power was weak, because it went too far and reduced populations to too few parameters. Biology is complex, and species have many more strategies for optimizing their success than just how fast they can make babies. This is not my field, but I saw r/K theory decline rapidly in popularity: in the 70s and 80s, when I took and first started teaching introductory biology courses, it was all over the textbooks; and then it slowly faded away. It was replaced with more complex and more accurate demographic models, and a broader study of life history evolution (you want more, you can read about it in Ecology (pdf), again,...


After Leaking Radiation in New York For DECADES, Indian Point ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ to Finally Close "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

nuclearHighly controversial Indian Point nuclear power plant — located just 25 miles from New York City — will shut down entirely by the spring of 2021.


China Threatens War-Trump Nominee Draws Ill-Advised Line in the Sand "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"



It is the bad cold that won’t go away. It is the disease that has allowed to fester because inattention. And now, the Trump administration is about to begin its four-year term with the potential for not just one war, but two wars. Who’s to blame? It is none other than the greatest fraud and traitor to occupy the White House, the soon-to-be former President Obama. The Russian issue will continue to monitored in other articles. This article will deal exclusively with the China problem which just reached critical mass on Thursday with the confirmation hearing of Rex Tillerson.

Rex Tillerson, Trump’s nominee for the Secretary of State, stated during his confirmation hearing before the US Senate that China must not only stop the construction of artificial islands in the area of repeated disputed South China Sea territorial claims, but that the U.S. should also ban China from occupying these islands.

If Tillerson acted on his threats, Chinese state-owned China Daily said, “it would set a course for devastating confrontation between China and the US.”

I agree with Tillerson’s first set of demands against China, namely, the freedom of the seas principle and having unfettered access to the South China Sea. However, enforcing the banning of the Chinese from the artificial Islands that they have constructed is problematic, both from a diplomatic and a military point of view with regard to the practicality of enforcement.

There’s another thing that really bothers me about Tillerson, he sounds more like a Defense secretary than the secretary of State.

In similar circumstances, I would expect and even want Defense secretary nominee, General Mattis, to talk tough and not show any quarter. However, a secretary of State must have finesse and demonstrate some flexibility. His job is to take a range of options to the President. Further, this narrow approach only allows the Chinese two options, acquiescence and the loss of face, or war, which could be devastating for everyone on the planet. The first variable, loss of face is the stuff that regime change is made of in the communist Chinese culture.  In these confirmation hearings, Tillerson shows no finesse and absolutely zero flexibility.

What Is the Issue in the South China Sea?



Friendly advice "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Given that Dateline London has a large global audience, surely it's now  incumbent on its producers to include at least one pro-Trump US commentator among its cast of regulars from now on? 

It's no good just having Trump-hating US liberals like Michael Goldfarb and Jef McAllister and no Americans whatsoever sympathetic to the incoming US administration. Otherwise, it's just going to be a Trump-bashing echo chamber every week for the next four years - and fun as some people will find that prospect, it's hardly giving BBC viewers a representative range of world opinions. 

People (other than me) are starting to notice, so Dateline urgently needs to mix things up, broaden their spectrum of voices, become less biased. 


30 dead as IS attacks city in east Syria: monitor "IndyWatch Feed War"


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the attack was the 'most violent' assault mounted by IS on the city in more than a year


Incendian piñata de Peña Nieto durante protesta "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

En Morelos, manifestantes contra el gasolinazo incendiaron una piñata de Peña Nieto, y lo nombraron traidor a la patria; preparan amparo colectivo.   Regeneración, 14 de enero 2017.- Frente al portal de la ex hacienda Chinameca ubicada en el municipio de Ayala en Morelos, integrantes de organizaciones sociales de la región oriente de ese estado, […]

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This Gujarat Teenager Signs MOU worth $733,568 For Drones That Detect Land Mines "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

14-Yr-Old Teen Signs MOU worth $733,568 To Produce Drones

A 14-year-old teenager has signed a $733,568 (Rs. 5cr) worth Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the with the Department of Science and Technology, Govern...


We Want Idiots! "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Rick Joyner.

Rick Joyner declared on the most recent episode of his “Prophetic Perspective on Current Events” program that the Common Core educational standards amount to “treason.”

“Common Core goes to a new level of evil,” he said. “I cannot imagine any sane person wanting that garbage to be taught to our kids. Now I will say this boldly: This is treason. Maybe not intentional treason, but it’s ultimate effect, impact, will be to absolutely destroy America, make us incapable of competing or maybe even surviving in the world to come.”

Common Core is “abominable,” Joyner said, which is why he is “so thankful that we have got a president who understands” its dangers, predicting that Trump “will do something to probably help fix it faster than anything else he can do.”

Well yes, Trump is out destroy education, given the whole Betsy de Vos business, but to declare common core as treason? Please.  So what’s it going to be then, no standard at all? No standards for learning, no standards for schooling, no standards for jobs? Destroying America? Oh my yes, why education results in pesky people asking questions! Those meddling kids!

I expect this is about the incredibly bad system of vouchers, so we will end up with little to no public education, and only people with money will be able to actually educate their children. Everyone else? Eh, I’m sure the rethugs want a sea of idiots for a number of reasons. I’d be willing to bet the number of secular homeschoolers is about to increase.

Via Right Wing Watch.


NVIDIA Quietly Updates Vulkan Driver Beta, New Vulkan Extensions "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

NVIDIA this week released updated Vulkan beta drivers for Windows and Linux...


The Lobby P3: An Anti-Semitic Trope "IndyWatch Feed War"

January 12, 2017 In part three of The Lobby, our undercover reporter travels to the Labour Party Conference, revealing how accusations of anti-Semitism by group within Labour targeted Israel critics and saw some investigated.


Revolutionary Precedent: EVERYTHING Cop Owns Is Seized To Pay Back Man He Paralyzed "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Palm Beach, FL — In what could be one of the most effective solutions for excessive force by police, federal marshals seized the personal possessions — from the sofa and lamps to clothing and an iron — of a South Florida deputy who shot a man holding a cell phone, paralyzing him.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputy Adams Lin spotted 19-year-old Dontrell Stephens in a “high-crime area” — the man’s own low-income neighborhood — on September 13, 2013, riding a bicycle in a manner the deputy found suspicious.

Lin stopped the youth, who dismounted the bike with a cell phone in his hand and slowly approached the officer. Just outside the range of dash cam video, the officer shot Stephens four times — claiming he was in fear for his life — but footage and evidence clearly showed the claim to be baseless.

Three of the bullets remain lodged in Stephens’ body, according to the Sun Sentinel — two in his arm and one in his spine, which left him paralyzed and dependent on a wheelchair for mobility.

In a lawsuit against Lin and the sheriff’s office, a jury awarded Stephens over $23.1 million — an amount later slightly lowered to $22.4 million — which, as standard practice, would come straight from the pockets of taxpayers.

Since Florida law places a $200,000 limit on payouts like that awarded to Lin’s victim, the case must go before Florida state legislature — but that may never happen. While the settlement languishes, Stephens’ attorneys demanded Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw to make good on the $200,000 — but he balked and filed an appeal.

U.S. Magistrate Barry Seltzer upheld the $22.4 million verdict in a 40-page decision, writing, as cited by the Palm Beach Post,

“Stephens lost use of his lower extremities, lost control of his bowel, lost control of his bladder, lost his sexual function and suffers constant and severe pain,” adding insight from another case, “Put simply, the enormity of the award is matched by the enormity of the plaintiff’s damages.”


But the judge also understood Lin couldn’t be stripped of all income, considering he has a daughter and family responsibilities.

“In November,” the Sentinel...


ThunderSnow "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Over to Channel 4 News and this tweet from a disgruntled Jon Snow:

I think it's fair to say that the Twitter response hasn't exactly gone his way. Most have pointed out that Donald Trump isn't even in the White House yet and that, consequently, presidential responsibility for Mr Snow's distressing inconvenience lies with a certain Barack Obama. Naturally, some have also accused the Channel 4 News anchor of 'fake news'.

Meanwhile, back at the BBC, this morning's From Our Own Correspondent had a dispatch from the United States and you will surely never in a million years guess what it's starting point was. Oh,, you have guessed! Yes, 'fake news'. (Will every FOOC from the States for the next four years include a mention of 'fake news'?)

Kate Adie's introduction to this quite interesting feature began somewhat defensively:
Journalists - no exception here at the BBC - like to think we're accurate and as impartial as we can be. No one's perfect, but the intention is to provide clear, unbiased news. Not everyone believes that. And a mere glance at the extraordinary and abrasive press conference with Donald Trump, after lurid allegations had been made about the President-elect, had him pouring scorn on some sections of the media. He branded CNN "fake news", adding about the BBC: "That's another beauty". The words 'fake news' peppered his comments. The problem, according to history professor Robert Colls, is that in America in particular it's becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish real, non-partisan news from other things that sound like news.


The Psychology of Soft Slavery "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Rush-Hour-1-by Gary Z. McGee, Staff Writer | Waking Times

“When a public is stressed and confused, a big lie told repeatedly and unchallenged can become accepted truth.” ~George Orwell

The idea of slavery is one of those concepts that has the tendency to be uttered in black and white terms. But slavery is anything but black and white. There are many shades of gray that people tend to neglect, usually out of indifference, but also out of ignorance, or by side-stepping the idea as, “just the way things are.” It was a copout during the times of hard slavery and it’s a copout now, during these times of soft slavery.

Here’s the thing: hard slavery is overt, it’s apparent and self-evident. Nothing is hidden. Who the slave and the master are is very clear. Soft slavery on the other hand, is covert. It is neither apparent, nor self-evident. Everything is hidden behind comfort, apathy, security, convenience, indifference, and the illusion of freedom. Who the slave and the master are is not clear and is typically obscured by an unhealthy hierarchy that leads to public confusion between authority based on fear and authority based on free and transparent leadership, which in turn, can lead to a political cognitive dissonance and the pathetic stance of, “It’s just the way things are.”

The Modern Day House Slave

“History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.” ~Mark Twain

Unfortunately, the spirit of the times under the rule of...


US Intel Agencies Try to Strong-Arm Trump Into War with Russia "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The big shots who run the country are trying to strong-arm ‘the Donald’ into carrying their water so the depredations can continue…

by Mike Whitney

Powerful elites are using the credibility of the US Intelligence agencies to demonize Russia and prepare the country for war. This is the real meaning of the “Russia hacking” story which, as yet, has not produced any hard evidence of Russian complicity.

Last week’s 25-page report, that was released by the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, illustrates to what extent intelligence is being “fixed around the policy”. Just as the CIA generated false information related to Weapons of Mass Destruction to soften public resistance to war with Iraq, so too, the spurious allegations in the DNI’s politically-motivated report are designed to depict Russia as a growing threat to US national security. The timing of the report has less to do with the election of Donald Trump as President than it does with critical developments in Syria where the Russian military has defeated US-proxies in Syria’s industrial hub, Aleppo, rolling back Washington’s 15-year War of Terror and derailing the imperialist plan to control vital resources and pipeline corridors across the Middle East and Central Asia. Russia has become the main obstacle to Washington achieving its strategic vision of pivoting to Asia and maintaining its dominant role into the next century. The Intelligence Community has been coerced into compromising its credibility to incite fear of Russia and to advance the geopolitical ambitions of deep state powerbrokers.

The “Russia hacking” flap shows how far the Intel agencies have veered from their original mandate, which is to impartially gather and analyze information that may be vital to US national security.

As we have seen in the last two weeks, the leaders of these organizations feel free to offer opinions on issues that clearly conflict with those of th...


Yellowstone National Park Starts Capturing Wild Bison—1,300 Expected to be Slaughtered "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Buffalo Field Campaign photo.

Published January 14, 2017

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK – Yellowstone National Park has initiated wild bison capture operations in their Stephens Creek bison trap, and plans to send hundreds to slaughter in coming weeks. Yellowstone asserts that these actions are necessary to appease Montana’s livestock industry which claims wild bison pose a threat. Bison were recently bestowed with the honor of being designated as the United States’ National Mammal.

“Bison were recently granted national mammal status by the U.S. Congress because they embody such monumental significance in this country, as a symbol of the wild, untamed land, as the true shapers and stewards of native grasslands and prairie communities, and for their profound cultural importance to many indigenous tribes,” said Stephany Seay of Buffalo Field Campaign. “Yet here we have the supposed care-takers of the country’s last wild, migratory herds shipping them to slaughter to cater to the whims of producers of an invasive species – the domestic cow.”

Bison once roamed most of North America, numbering tens of millions strong. They were nearly driven to extinction in an effort to subjugate Native Peoples and to clear the land for livestock grazing. Yellowstone National Park boasts the last stronghold of continuously wild American buffalo in North America. The roughly 600,000 bison who exist in the country today are largely privately owned and ranched as domestic livestock, or intensively managed on public lands. The migratory wildlife species is ecologically extinct throughout its native range, with Yellowstone and small fractions of neighboring Montana being the last place they continue to survive.

Capture operations at Yellowstone’s Stephens Creek bison trap began Saturday, January 7, 2017. BFC field patrols in the Gardiner Basin report that forty-four wild buffalo are currently being held. Yellowstone and other bison managers plan to slaughter or domesticate — if a controversial quarantine plan is approved — upwards of 1300 wild bison this winter, all in an effort to appease the powerful Montana livestock industry.

Livestock interests claim that wild bi...


UNBELIEVABLE: Congresswoman Says US Government Is Arming ISIS, Introduces Bill To Stop It "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has broken free of the corporate media’s narrative by accusing the United States of funding and arming terror groups al-Qaeda and ISIS.

“If you or I gave money, weapons or support to al-Qaeda or ISIS, we would be thrown in jail,” Gabbard tweeted on Saturday.

Most importantly, however, is her introduction of the “Stop Arming Terrorists Act,” which she presented last Thursday. In her presentation of the bill, Gabbard cited prominent publications such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journalto show that the rebels the U.S. is supporting in Syria are aligned with al-Nusra (which is essentially al-Qaeda in Syria).

She is co-sponsoring the bill with Rep. Thomas Massie, who says the bill “would prohibit the U.S. government from using American taxpayer dollars to provide funding, weapons, training, and intelligence support to terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS, or to countries who are providing direct or indirect support to those same groups.”

These concerns are not conjectures — they can be verified by none other than suspected war criminal Tony Blair. A think tank founded by the former U.K. Prime Minister released a report in 2015 that concluded it was ultimately pointless to make a distinction between the various rebel groups on the ground since the majority of these groups share ISIS’s core belief sys...


What if we’re wrong? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Our esteemed colleague and beloved friend Don Ardell forwarded an interesting exercise he received from his friend, a fellow Robert G. Ingersoll enthusiast. The Great Agnostic was asked what he would do if he passed on and discovered there was indeed a God. The Christian god, of all the possibilities. Ugh.

Q: If you died and somehow found yourself face to face with Jeezus Haploid Christ Incorporated, what would you say to him?

I have to admit my instantaneous reaction was to imagine myself getting right up in his grill and saying FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING FUCK. And not just because I’m a New Yorker and that’s how I greet everybody. It’s probably no secret ’round here that I detest Christianity (though I do not detest all Christians) with the burning passion of ten thousand UY Scuties. Cursing Jeezus out would succinctly convey my feelings perfectly well. But upon further reflection, a more thoughtful (though no less enraged or revolted) reaction might go something like this.

All right, Jeezus. What do you have to say for yourself?

Wait, never mind. If in 2,000 years neither you nor your followers could make one single coherent case for your existence—to say nothing of your much-touted benevolence—I have zero interest in anything you have to say.

See, it is not lost on me that you have a long-running scam whereby you “save” people from yourself. It’s quite the racket: apparently you so despise your own handiwork (humans) that you would unleash upon us the most heinous punishments imaginable for doing exactly what you knew in advance with 100% certainty we would do. Then, when even that wasn’t enough to satisfy your insatiable bloodlust, you came up with the most sadistic punishment ever devised: squirrels. Wait, I mean hell. Hell. Our only alternative to that cruel fate is spending eternity with you, along with the ghostly remains of a lot of shitty people who, inexplicably, think you’re the bee’s knees.

What the fuck is wrong with you? No wonder we atheists took such great comfort in believing that death was merely oblivion. Christ.

And the ticket to gain entry into this perpetual shitshow? We have to actually believe that the sole creator of the entire universe sent his own son (who is also himself) to Earth to sacrifice himself to himself so that he could, finally, forgive humans for being exactly as disappointing to himself as he himself made them. WHAT.

None of this is worthy of respect, much less worship. It is the behavior of a spoiled toddler who throws a tantrum when he doesn’t get his way and then smashes all his own toys.

Now to be fair to you Jeezus, I despise humans too. I reall...


Cooperation Alleged Between Best Buy and the FBI "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The OC Weekly reports on the case United States of America v. Mark A. Rettenmaier in which a California doctor is charged with knowingly possessing child pornography. The defendant came under investigation after he brought his computer to Best Buy's Geek Squad for service. A technician there discovered an image of an unclothed girl (which the defence asserts is not child pornography) in unallocated space of the computer's hard drive.

According to the defence attorney,

[...] records show "FBI and Best Buy made sure that during the period from 2007 to the present, there was always at least one supervisor who was an active informant."

The OC Weekly story says that:

[...] the company's repair technicians routinely searched customers' devices for files that could earn them $500 windfalls as FBI informants.

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


US Military Press Conference: “US Is Ready For WAR In Europe” "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


NATO and US forces have bolstered their military forces on the Russian border, installing anti-ballistic missile systems and equipment in an effort to provoke a nuclear war with Russia.

In response, Russian President Vladimir Putin has deployed anti-aircraft missile systems around Moscow to protect the country from a massive attack.

The S-400 Triumph air defense system is capable of hitting moving US and NATO planes and missiles, and has a range of 400km.

Defense Ministry’s Department of Information and Mass Communication told Interfax: ‘The SAM combat squads of the Moscow Region aerospace forces have put the new S-400 Triumph air defense missile system into service, and have gone on combat duty for the air defense of Moscow and the central industrial region of Russia.

‘The main task of the anti-aircraft missile troops of the Russian Aerospace Forces is air defense and protecting vital state, military, industry and energy facilities, as well as the Armed Forces troops and transport communications, from aerospace attacks.’

The S-400 was designed as a protective mechanism against airstrikes. according to RT.

The US tanks and armored vehicles have started arriving in Poland today as part of the biggest American military reinforcement in Europe for decades, according to the BBC.

Soldiers will carry out exercised in the Baltics as part of their tour as part of the Obama administration’s response to Russia’s intervention in the Ukraine.

Tours will last nine months before troops rotate, but whether or not they will remain under Trump’s regime remains to be seen....


Fellow Travelers. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Most people are aware of Sen. McCarthy’s red scare, the hunt for commies under every rock and pillow, but it wasn’t the only hunt McCarthy engineered, there was the lavender scare also, which yes, Cohn helped out with, in spite of being gay himself. There was a terrible purge of people, many of whom decided to die rather than face decades of abuse, turned backs, and no way to find employment ever again. In 2008, Thomas Mallon wrote Fellow Travelers, a historical fiction which centers on two people living and working during the lavender scare. The choice of title is a laden one. Now the book has become an opera:

You can read all about it at The Advocate.


Anarchists plan to “stop the Trump-Pence regime before it starts” Anarchy begins Jan. 14! "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Radio host Alex Jones acknowledges: This is “a devilish takeover […] it’s a “battle for the Republic.”

WASHINGTON D.C. (INTELLIHUB) — “In the name of humanity we refuse to accept a fascist America,” the group’s slogan reads at the top of their website.

Anarchists from the group Refuse Fascism plan to “take to the streets” on Inauguration Day and “bring D.C. to a halt” after claiming that Donald Trump has “assembled a regime of grave danger.”

The group says that a Trump presidency is “illegitimate” because he dis not win the “popular vote” but rather won the Electoral College which the group claims “is an institution set up in 1787 to protect slavery.”

stop trump flyerVia

Stopping the Trump regime is not “wishful thinking” the group says, claiming a “massive mobilization” could turn it into a “reality.”

The shenanigans are set to begin at 4 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 14 starting at McPherson Square.

We Begin Jan 14 at 4PM… March into the night…every night

Grow in Numbers…

We will be:

First: Hundreds & thousands taking to the streets

Then: Becoming ten and a hundred thousand

Grow each day to become millions across the country

as the week of Jan. 16-20 unfolds…

And with the call for such anarchy, one can only imagine how all of this could quickly spiral out of contro...


5 Signs Something Might Be Going Down on Inauguration Day "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Gordon


The Daily Sheeple

Published on Jan 13, 2017

Signs are coming out everywhere signalling some serious shenanigans might be going down on January 20. Let’s hope it’s all hype. Either way, I have a feeling that this is going to be unlike any inauguration day America has ever seen.



House approves budget measure, opens door to repeal of Obamacare "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Gordon

House approves budget measure, opens door to repeal of Obamacare

13 Jan, 2017

Woman holding an Obama Care sign in front of a medical center in Miami. File photo. © Rhona Wise / AFP
The US House of Representatives has approved a budget measure that opens the door for a repeal of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Getting rid of the healthcare mandate was one of President-elect Donald Trump’s top campaign promises.

The Republican majority advanced the repeal through Concurrent Resolution 3, a reconciliation measure setting budget levels for fiscal years 2018 through 2026. These measures are immune to filibusters, and require only a regular majority to pass. The final vote was 227 in favor to 198 opposed, with only 9 Republicans breaking ranks.

Republicans are making ground fast in the battle to repeal #Obamacare

— RT America (@RT_America) January 13, 2017

The bill has already moved through the Senate, which approved it on Thursday in a 51-48 vote. Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) was the only Republican dissenting.

“My colleagues, this experiment has failed. This law is collapsing as we speak,” House Majority Leader Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) said on Friday during the debate on the House floor. “This is a rescue mission,” he added.

Democrats have criticized the Republicans’ push to repeal Obamacare, saying they have no plan to replace it, and will be effectively depriving millions of Americans of their...


Fellow Travellers "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Warning: this post is kind of long.

I like to avoid psychological terms, because I am skeptical regarding the epistemology of psychology* – but, to simplify the rest of this posting, I am going to freely use a term: “Sociopath”/Sociopathic.

Figure 1: sociopath

Figure 1: sociopath

The term “hacker” has been used and abused in a variety of ways. We could probably decompile our various definitions of the word until it was unusable** and, in fact, there have been various attempts to do that: some people want to define “hackers” as curious technophiles who sometimes stray into places where they don’t belong, led by love of exploration – while others want to associate hacking with cybercrime and the societal costs of their activities. I used to fight that particular war, but it turns out that the word doesn’t matter because it’s being used as a sheltering label or demonizing label by two incompatible agendas: it’s not possible to agree on a definition because neither agenda will accept the other’s definition. So: some hackers are curious and harmless, others are criminal. This is a real problem because the media and the general public hear “hacker” and some of them take the favorable definition and others take the destructive one.

The reason I think that the dichotomy between white-hat hackers and black-hat hackers is bogus is because both roles involve adopting the mindset and methods of the worst role. In order to think like a “good guy” hacker you’ve got to think like the “bad guy” – now we’re down to arguing over the strange quibble I sometimes encounter in online games: “I’m not a bad person, I’m a good person who is role-playing a bad person!” To that, I usually respond that if the role you consistently play is that of a bad person, then you’re probably not role-playing, you’ve just found an excuse to do something that you would probably be doing, anyway, if you hadn’t been able to make up a handy excuse.

That’s why I think it’s going to be useful to be able to employ the term “sociopathic” – the stereotypical sociopath from movies are characters like Amon Goeth in “Schindler’s List” or Alex in “A Clockwork Orange” – they are characters that are so supremely selfish and lacking in empathy that they do things that strike the well-socialized viewer as lacking normal restraint, and a strange combination of predictable in their area of obsession, and unpredictable in other...


[CVE-2016-6814] Apache Groovy Information Disclosure "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Paul King on Jan 14

Severity: Important

Vendor: The Apache Software Foundation

Versions Affected:

* Unsupported Codehaus versions of Groovy from 1.7.0 to 2.4.3
* Apache Groovy 2.4.4 to 2.4.7


Remote execution of untrusted code, DoS


When an application with Groovy on classpath uses standard
Java serialization mechanisms, e.g. to communicate between servers
or to store local data, it is possible for an attacker to...


Valve Developer Andres Rodriguez Lands First Patches Into RADV Vulkan Driver "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Andres Rodriguez, a former AMD engineer who joined Valve back in November to begin working on their Linux efforts, has begun landing commits into Mesa Git for the RADV open-source Radeon Vulkan driver...


Opposing Forces. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

An abandoned U.S. missile base.

An abandoned U.S. missile base.

An abandoned Soviet missile base.

An abandoned Soviet missile base.

Be it the deliberate destruction of something or its sheer neglect, what transgresses is rarely the complete story. I photograph the visual footprints that the human race leaves on the landscape during its march through time. When the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union signaled the end of the Cold War, the holdings of American and Russian nuclear armaments were significantly reduced with many of the supporting facilities being closed and abandoned. All that now remains are decaying reminders of the might once exhibited by two opposing forces heading towards an unimaginable end. Just like time, photography can strip away the extraneous distraction of life to leave a meditative stillness. Sometimes silence speaks the loudest.

Soviet and American Nuclear Missile Bases by Brett Leigh Dicks.


WhatsApp vulnerability could allow Facebook and others to read messages "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A security issue could allow Facebook and other parties to intercept and read the messages you send via WhatsApp.

David Bisson reports.


Foldable gun which looks like iPhone puts Europe police on alert "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Foldable iPhone Gun To Be Released In US, European Police On High Alert

The European Police are on high alert after it received a warning of potential arrival of a 9mm double-barrel gun, similar in design to an iPhone, which could be flooded illegally into the continent when it goes on sale in the US next week.

It is believed that the weapon will be imported to European criminals within days, as officials fight to control the borders amid terror fears followin...


Netflix, Inc.: NFLX Stock Is About to Receive Some Big News "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Stephen Karmazyn

What’s in Store for NFLX Stock?
Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) was up 2.23% by late morning trading on Friday, as analysts project a strong fourth-quarter earnings report to release next week. Expect NFLX stock to see either a boost or slide as the Q4 report will be released after closing on January 18.

NFLX stock has had a pretty good run in 2017 so far. Besides rising by about 6.5% since the year began, the Golden Globes saw Netflix’s new hit show The Crown take home a couple of the awards in two very desirable categories: Best.

The post Netflix, Inc.: NFLX Stock Is About to Receive Some Big News appeared first on Profit Confidential.

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American spies ‘told their Israeli counterparts NOT to share information with Trump because it could end up in Putin’s hands’ "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Steve Watson

American officials told their Israeli counterparts that Moscow could have ‘levers of pressure’ over Trump, it is alleged. Visit Site


[Greece] January 21st 2017: Action Day in solidarity with Revolutionary Struggle "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The poster reads:

“I am a revolutionary, and I have nothing to apologize for.

Terrorists, criminals, robbers are those who compose the economic and political life; the institutions and governments that, through the memoranda, are waging the most violent, the most heinous attack on the social base in the name of a “way out of the crisis.” Terrorist, criminal, robber is the State and Capital; those whom I fight committed with all my soul to armed struggle, to Revolutionary Struggle; those whom my organization has targeted all these years of our activity.

(…) when the economic and political establishment attacks the social majority in the most merciless way, armed struggle for social revolution is a duty and obligation; because that’s where hope lies and nowhere else. The only hope for a definitive way out of the systemic crisis we are living in this historical period, for a definitive way out of every crisis. It is the only hope towards overturning capitalism, the system that gives birth to crises; the only hope towards overturning the State and Capital.

It is the only hope for an armed counterattack of the social base against a system that crushes them.

It is the only hope towards overthrowing the State and Capital; for Social Revolution.

For a society of economic equality and political freedom for all.”

Pola Roupa

“I am an anarchist, member of the armed revolutionary organization Revolutionary Struggle. The only terrorists are the State and the Capital.”

Konstantina Athanasopoulou

Demonstration in solidarity with Revolutionary Struggle members

Saturday January 21st 2017 at 12:00 in Monastiraki (downtown Athens)





CNN in Trump’s crosshairs "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Steve Watson

CNN is fiercely defending its bombshell report and its reporter. Visit Site


If Anyone ‘Rigged’ the Presidential Election, It Was Goldman Sachs "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

By Carey Wedler of

As the media continues to parrot American intelligence agencies’ as-of-yet unsubstantiated claims that Russia hacked the U.S. election, there is far more evidence to implicate an equally dangerous infiltrator: Goldman Sachs.

The infamous banking company, which was widely implicated in the 2008 economic crash, appears to have come out on top in the most recent U.S. presidential election.

On one hand, Goldman Sachs was hedging its bets on a Hillary Clinton victory. Considering the banking monolith was one of her top donors — and that she received harsh criticism for accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees from the firm — it’s clear the powerful financiers had every intent of influencing the election and politics in general.

When Clinton lost, many Americans celebrated the electoral rebuke of policies past. In contrast to many politicians, Trump aggressively criticized Goldman Sachs on the campaign trail, scolding Clinton for her ties to the company. He also criticized Ted Cruz because his wife worked for Goldman Sachs and because he received loans from the bank. By electing Trump, according to some narratives, the people rejected candidates funded by special interests in direct defiance of the established order.

“I know the guys at Goldman Sachs,” Trump said last February. “They have total, total control over [Cruz]. Just like they have total control over Hillary Clinton,” he claimed, referencing the funding Clinton and Cruz received.

But as much as Trump’s rhetoric reflected the sentiments of millions of Americans  — and though he refused donations from bankers — his actions since clinching the role of commander-in-chief have betrayed his initial position. In fact, before he even won the presidency, Trump was employing Steven Mnunchin, a former Goldman Sachs executive, as his campaign finance chairman.

Trump rewarded Mnunchin for his campaign efforts by...


Uprise / Angry Women. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Laura Murray, ‘Plug It Up’.

UPRISE / ANGRY WOMEN Exhibit artwork, The Untitled Space Gallery, New York – Laura Murray – Plug It Up.

In the wake of Paul Ryan’s promise to defund Planned Parenthood, the current political climate is not promising for women. In response, The Untitled Space art gallery has assembled work by 80 contemporary female artists expressing anger and defiance through their art. Uprise/Angry Women gives women a chance to artistically express their fears and frustrations about the sexist and discriminatory rhetoric brought to light by the impending administration. The show’s curator Indira Cesarine writes, “Right now, more than ever, women need to unify and work together to ensure that our rights, which were fought for with blood and tears for many decades, are not only assured, but continue to progress.”

Cara Deangelis, ‘Donald Trump with a Crown of Roadkill’.

UPRISE / ANGRY WOMEN Exhibit artwork, The Untitled Space Gallery, New York – CARA DEANGELIS- Donald Trump with a Crown of Roadkill.

Lili-White, ‘Winning Personality Target’.

UPRISE / ANGRY WOMEN Exhibit artwork, The Untitled Space Gallery, New York – Lili White “Winning-Personality Target”....


Obama extends national emergency on Iran "IndyWatch Feed War"

Press TV – January 14, 2017 US President Barack Obama has declared the continuation of his country’s national emergency against Iran, claiming that despite full commitment to its nuclear deal with the six world powers, the Islamic Republic still poses “an unusual and extraordinary threat” to America. The outgoing president informed Congress of his decision […]


Kaby Lake HD Graphics 630 Appear To Be Coming Up Short On Linux "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

One would think the graphics of a Core i5 7600K "Kaby Lake" processor would be faster than the Core i5 6600K "Skylake" or even a Core i5 6500, but that's not always the case with the current state of the Linux driver support for the newest-generation Intel hardware.


Armed Cleveland Cop Bit Girlfriend; Caused Car Accident to Keep Her from Leaving – Won’t be Fired "IndyWatch Feed War"

In October of 2015, CopBlock Network Contributor  posted about a Cleveland Policeman, whose (actual) name is Mister Jackson that was involved in a domestic violence incident. Officer Mister Jackson (I know, it’s awkward) was accused of assaulting a woman and then holding her against her will during the incident.

Since that initial report, more details have emerged. Apparently, this woman was one of two girlfriends that Jackson was involved with while “leading a double life.” Not too surprisingly, the genesis of this domestic dispute was the fact that the woman he assaulted had found out about his other, other half. She then confronted him at his other girlfriend’s home.

At some point, during the ensuing argument, Officer Mister Jackson bit the unnamed woman. And for just good measure he was also holding his gun, while in the process biting her on the chest. Then when she tried to flee the house and drive away he attempted to block the driver side door and prevent her from getting in her car.

She managed to thwart that plan by instead entering from the passenger side. Officer Mister Jackson (it’s fun now) then took things up a notch by jumping in the car himself and pulling on the steering wheel as she was attempting to drive away. The end result was that the car ended up crashing into a house.

While Cleveland Police Patrolman’s Association President Steve Loomis was quick to assure everyone that the union wasn’t going to be “rushing to judgment about the incident,” one might think that this would be the last chapter in this guy’s police career and he would have to go back to being referred to as Mr. Mister Jackson again. ...


Explained — What's Up With the WhatsApp 'Backdoor' Story? Feature or Bug! "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

What is a backdoor? By definition: "Backdoor is a feature or defect of a computer system that allows surreptitious unauthorized access to data, " either the backdoor is in encryption algorithm, a server or in an implementation, and doesn't matter whether it has previously been used or not. Yesterday, we published a story based on findings reported by security researcher Tobias Boelter that


The Daily Bird #233. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Blue Jay, click for full size.


© C. Ford.

Saturday, 14 January


Assad linked to Syrian chemical attacks for first time "IndyWatch Feed War"


Investigators have linked Assad and other high-ranking figures to a series of chlorine bomb attacks in 2014-15


The Deep State Goes to War With President-Elect, Using Unverified Claims, as Democrats Cheer "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

By Glenn Greenwald and cross-posted from The Intercept

IN JANUARY 1961, Dwight Eisenhower delivered his farewell address after serving two terms as U.S. president; the five-star general chose to warn Americans of this specific threat to democracy: “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.” That warning was issued prior to the decadelong escalation of the Vietnam War, three more decades of Cold War mania, and the post-9/11 era, all of which radically expanded that unelected faction’s power even further.

This is the faction that is now engaged in open warfare against the duly elected and already widely disliked president-elect, Donald Trump. They are using classic Cold War dirty tactics and the defining ingredients of what has until recently been denounced as “Fake News.”

Their most valuable instrument is the U.S. media, much of which reflexively reveres, serves, believes, and sides with hidden intelligence officials. And Democrats, still reeling from their unexpected and traumatic election loss, as well as a systemic collapse of their party, seemingly divorced further and further from reason with each passing day, are willing — eager — to embrace any claim, cheer any tactic, align with any villain, regardless of how unsupported, tawdry, and damaging those behaviors might be.

The serious dangers posed by a Trump presidency are numerous and manifest. There is a wide array of legitimate and effective tactics for combating those threats: from bipartisan congressional coalitions and constitutional legal challenges to citizen uprisings and sustained and aggressive civil disobedience. All of those strategies have periodically proven themselves effective in times of political crisis or authoritarian overreach.

But cheering for the CIA and its shadowy allies to unilaterally subvert the U.S. election and impose its own policy dictates on the elected president is both warped and self-destructive

Continue reading the article



After Lawsuits and Denial, Pacemaker Vendor Finally Admits its Product is Hackable "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

TechDirt reports:

[The week of January 12,] the FDA was forced to issue a warning, noting that security vulnerabilities in the St. Jude Medical implantable cardiac device and corresponding Merlin@home Transmitter could be a serious problem. It's notable as it's the first time we've seen the government publicly acknowledge this specific type of threat.

The St. Jude Medical Merlin@home Transmitter uses a home monitor to transmit and receive RF signals wirelessly to the pacemaker. But the FDA found that this transmitter was vulnerable to attack, with the press release politely tap dancing around the fact that said vulnerability could be used to kill:

"The FDA has reviewed information concerning potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities associated with St. Jude Medical's Merlin@home Transmitter and has confirmed that these vulnerabilities, if exploited, could allow an unauthorized user, i.e., someone other than the patient's physician, to remotely access a patient's RF-enabled implanted cardiac device by altering the Merlin@home Transmitter. The altered Merlin@home Transmitter could then be used to modify programming commands to the implanted device, which could result in rapid battery depletion and/or administration of inappropriate pacing or shocks."

According to the FDA, they have no evidence of anybody dying because of the vulnerability yet. They're also quick to note that St. Jude Medical issued a patch on January 9 that fixes this vulnerability.

Apparently, the "Move on; nothing to see here" claims were wrong.
University of Michigan Says Flaws That MedSec Reported Aren't That Serious
...and the "Let's look closely at these" lot were right way back when.
US Security Agencies Look at Medical Device Security

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


40 Pictures Taken Before Tragedy Hits "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Photographs are attempts to freeze time; to hold on to memories that we never want to forget. But not all memories are happy, there are tragic ones too. These images portray different moments in history when tragedy unexpectedly came and stole the party.


Facebook users hit with “You are in this video?” malware scam "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Waqas

Until now you must have heard about so many scams involving Facebook Messenger that whenever you see a suspicious chat message sent from other friends on your Facebook profile, you instantly feel alerted. However, there are still innocent Facebook users who fall prey to such scams every other day. The latest scam also uses the […]

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New Benchmark Test Profiles This Weekend: GIMP, Memcached, JPEG Turbo, More OpenCL "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Yesterday I spent a fair amount of time updated some existing test profiles as well as pushing out some new test profiles onto for use by those doing their open-source, cross-platform benchmarking with the Phoronix Test Suite...


Italia - Ricostruire opposizione sociale organizzata dal basso. Costruire un progetto collettivo per l’alternativa libertaria. "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

alternativa02.jpgdocumento del 96° Consiglio dei Delegati di AL/fdca
Renzi è caduto. Le sue politiche no. E’ sempre più urgente recuperare capacità di coalizione e di lotta alla base nei luoghi di lavoro e nel territorio, ri-costruire strumenti e metodi di ampia partecipazione dal basso, forme di solidarietà autogestite, forme di vertenzialità conflittuali che facciano crescere coscienza e progettualità.


Israeli settler group invited to Trump's inauguration, say reports "IndyWatch Feed War"


Turmp has appointed several pro-Israel figures to prominent posts and pledged to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem


Ukraine’s Poroshenko voted Corrupt Politician of the Year "IndyWatch Feed World"

Dutch Corrupt Politician of the Year vote banner

Dutch broadcasting organisation VPRO this week had on online vote on who was the most corrupt politician of the year 2016.

The ‘winner’ was the president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko.

Poroshenko beat other candidates, like President Mauricio Macri of Argentina, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (king of Saudi Arabia), Sigmundur Davið Gunnlaugsson (ex-Prime Minister of Iceland) and Prince Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani (ex-Prime Minister of Qatar).

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Why has holding to individual freedoms become so threatening, (again)? "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.” ~ African Proverb. Beware the Pigs in Charge of The Revolution ! Old major, the leader says, with “the man” gone, the animals would enjoy the abundance the land provides and build a new society based on equality. He says that “the man” […]


Ruminations on the Greatest Mystery Never Solved "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

At the recent JFK Lancer conference in Dallas, WhoWhatWhy Editor-in-Chief Russ Baker spoke to a group dedicated to finding out the full truth behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Though supposedly the matter was settled long ago, most Americans don’t believe the Warren Commission’s hasty, FBI-driven verdict. Nor was that verdict acceptable to the House Select Committee on Assassinations (of the 1970s) which concluded that the president had most likely been killed as a result of a conspiracy, though it failed to resolve the particulars.

Yet, all kinds of people keep trying, at their own expense, to solve the mystery.

“There is a tremendous debt owed to this amazing bunch of people who do this stuff selflessly their whole lives … This may be the greatest revelation out of the whole thing if nothing else, the fundamental goodness, decency, and tenacity” of truth-seeking investigators in the U.S. and around the world, Baker said.

The researchers are certainly tenacious, yet 50 years after the assassination, the murder remains unresolved. Baker points out that the research challenges cannot be blamed simply on a conspiratorial cover-up.

The community of researchers itself is plagued by problems such as sloppiness in its own work, too many marginal books being produced (and certainly too many for a relatively small core of enthusiasts), too many feuds, and too much ego among the “stars”  — all of which diminishes the potential and the high-mindedness of the undertaking.

Baker pointed out that sometimes we interpret an anomaly as a sign of conspiracy when, in fact, it may be a symptom of systemic moral failure within our society and institutions.

“We may just be looking at the dysfunction of our entire society to some extent,” he said. “And so that may also be why the Kennedy case seems so surreal, because a lot of the stuff we’re looking at isn’t part of the assassination plot at all; it’s just a society where many institutions and processes and techniques are not functioning properly.”

“[It’s] a society where criminality and cover-your-behind and go-along-to-get-along and fear and cowardice and not willing to take risks and all these other things, following what you’re told.…To do the Kennedy assassination research, you have to sort of strip all this stuff away to see what’s left. And that’s very hard.”

The challenges of JFK research represents, in a sense, a microcosm of the problems journalists face when doing any kind of important, in-depth investigation, Baker noted. The way to move forward is to “not have a dog in the race” — that is, to have no preferred outcome.

Researchers must follow the f...


Der große Geldmacher für Consultingbuden wie McKinsey ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Der große Geldmacher für Consultingbuden wie McKinsey in großen Firmen ist Compliance. Da kann man noch ordentlich Angst machen, da kann man sich als Hilfe in der Not präsentieren, da kann man mal so richtig schön Bullshitvorschriften machen und einen Bürokratiefetisch ausleben. Vor allem spielt es keine Rolle, ob man ein absoluter Versager ist, der keinerlei Ahnung von gar nichts und Null Erfahrung hat. Perfekt!

Der eine oder andere sah wahrscheinlich schon kommen, was passieren würde, wenn unsere Verteidigungsministerin großflächig McKinsey bei der Bundeswehr ausrollt… Ja richtig! Compliance-Bullshit. Irgendwelche knapp volljährigen Milchbubis erklären gestandenen Generälen irgendwelche Bullshitregeln, die sich extra dafür gerade jemand aus dem Arsch gezogen hat.

Man muss sich das glaube ich vorstellen wie "der Fußboden ist Lava!!" oder "nicht auf ungerade Dielen treten!!"

Ringelpietz mit Anfassen!

Perfekt. Ich begrüße das ausdrücklich. So einen großen Beitrag für die Abrüstung der Bundesrepublik hat seit 1945 niemand sonst geleistet. Schade nur, dass das so viel Steuermittel verplempert. Aber hey, wenn das der Preis des Friedens ist, dann ist das halt so.


SOTT FOCUS: A Tale of Two Dossiers: Putin, Trump and the CIA "IndyWatch Feed World"

As Trump's inauguration day draws nearer, to say that there has been a complete melt-down among the Washington 'elite' (left and right), the back room boys in the "intelligence" agencies and their paid hacks in the US and wider Western media, would be a massive understatement.


There's A New Port Of RISC-V For GCC "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

For those following the progress of the RISC-V open-source and royalty-free processor ISA, a new port of the GNU Compiler Collection for this architecture is now available...


Why the CIA, Dems and Deep State Hate Trump "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Visit our website at Considered by informed insiders’ as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and today’s United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Good morning, I’m still reporting on the invasion. Glenn Greenwald on the CIA & Dems vs Trump Good Morning, I’m still reporting on the invasion. Last night on Fox, Tucker Carlson interviewed Glenn Greenwald on his recent story in The Intercept entitled The Deep State Goes to War with President-Elect, Using Unverified Claims, as Democrats Cheer. Greenwald charged that the recent un-sourced allegations about Donald Trump in Russia is the work of the American intelligence community. Greenwald goes on to state that the Democrats are now desperately supporting any negative dirt on Trump – including unsourced commercially contrived – and flat out fake news - designed to weaken Trump as much as possible before he becomes president. The reason is obvious; once inaugurated, Trump’s cabinet appointees will move swiftly to clean out the intelligence community of folks who have been abusing their power by having their security clearances pulled, thus ending their careers all together. And rightly so. Remember this guy, Dan Gabriel. He was the self-proclaimed ex-CIA operative who worked for Sen. Ted Cruz and engineered the Cruz “win” in the Iowa primary by circulating the false rumor on caucus night that Dr. Ben Carson had dropped out of the race and was throwing his support to Cruz? Let’s face it, every major nation does what it can to support candidates that will be supportive of their nation post-election. That’s been a fact of spying throughout all of human history. However, when a nation’s intelligence agents turn on the president – or, in this case, the president-elect - that is not only clearly illegal, ii may be treasonous as well. That’s why Trump must clean house and the bad guys know it. Therefor they are extending their election fight in support of Hillary Clinton – right up to the minute President Trump is sworn in on the steps of the U.S. Capitol one week from today at high noon. Other writers have called this deep state battle royale for power in United States as essentially a coup d’état attempt – a battle that President Donald Trump is destined to win. Incidentally, Glen Greenwald was the primary reporter responsible for publishing the revelations of whistleblower Edward Snowden on the depth of NSA spying on American citizens. [insert] But I think this goes beyond a battle over Syrian policy. The sordid truth is that President Obama appointed several of his intelligence chiefs who were recent converts to a certain group that is responsible for what I have dubbed “the invasion”. Could it be that these intel chiefs are playing a giant game of distraction – trying to get America to focus on Russia as our next-...


10 Weekend Reads "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Three day weekend is here! Pour yourself a mug of Danish blend coffee, get cozy by the fire, and get ready for a super-sized portion of our long-form weekend reads: • Ray Dalio offers a radical solution to the threat of ‘fake news’ and details life inside Bridgewater (Business Insider) • Ten best papers/books in economic history of the last…

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Syrian Army makes gains close to damaged Damascus water source "IndyWatch Feed War"

  By Leith Fadel – 14/01/2017  The Syrian army and pro-government fighters made advances outside Damascus on Friday, taking control of the town of Bassimah in the Wadi Barada area, reportedly allowing engineers to access faulty water pumping stations.Government engineers were allegedly allowed to enter territory held by militants, according to Rif Dimashq governor, to […]


Blob-less Raspberry Pi Linux Is A Step Closer "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Raspberry Pi single board computer has been an astounding success since its launch nearly five years ago, to the extent that as of last autumn it had sold ten million units with no sign of sales abating. It has delivered an extremely affordable and pretty powerful computer into the hands of hobbyists, youngsters, hackers, engineers and thousands of other groups, and its open-source Raspbian operating system has brought a useful Linux environment to places we might once have thought impossible.

The previous paragraph, we have to admit, is almost true. The Pi has sold a lot, it’s really useful and lots of people use it, but is Raspbian open-source? Not strictly. Because the Broadcom silicon that powers the Pi has a significant amount of proprietary tech that the chipmaker has been unwilling to let us peer too closely at, each and every Raspberry Pi operating system has shipped with a precompiled binary blob containing the proprietary Broadcom code, and of course that’s the bit that isn’t open source. It hasn’t been a problem for most Pi users as it’s understood to be part of the trade-off that enabled the board’s creators to bring it to us at an affordable price back in 2012, but for open-source purists it’s been something of a thorn in the side of the little board from Cambridge.

This is not to say that all is lost on the blob-free Pi front. Aided by a partial pulling back of the curtain of secrecy by Broadcom in 2014, work has quietly been progressing, and we now have the announcement from [Kristina Brooks] that a minimal Linux kernel can boot from her latest open firmware efforts. You won’t be booting a blob-free Raspbian any time soon as there are bugs to fix and USB, DMA, and video hardware has still to receive full support, but it’s a significant step. We won’t pretend to be Broadcom firmware gurus as we’re simply reporting the work, but if it’s your specialty you can find the code in its GitHub repository. Meanwhile, we look forward to future progress on this very interesting project.

We reported on the partial Broadcom release back in 2014. At the time, the Raspberry Pi people offered a prize to the first person running a native Quake III game on their hardware, sadly though they note the competition is closed they haven’t linked to the winning entry.

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FESCo Approves More Feature Changes For Fedora 26 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee (FESCo) approved more features for Fedora 26 at Friday's meeting...


Cardinals, titmice, other birds in New York, USA "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video from New York state in the USA says about itself:

13 January 2017

American Goldfinches, Blue Jays, Northern Cardinals, Tufted Titmice, and Red-bellied Woodpeckers. You name it, we got it!

Watch LIVE at for news, updates, and more information about the pond and its surroundings.

This FeederWatch cam is located in the Treman Bird Feeding Garden at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.


India Pays the Price of Demonetization "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

India Pays the Price of Demonetization by Stratfor Summary The first phase of India’s radical demonetization experiment is over. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made waves in November with his surprise announcement that the country’s 500- and 1,000-rupee notes — 86 percent of the cash in circulation — would be discontinued overnight. Dec. 30 marked the end…

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Pirate Apps Corrupt Kids & Bust Your TV, Industry Warns "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

warezThere are all kinds of strategies aimed at curtailing piracy but in the end it is only a change in human behavior that can really make a difference. Tempting people to do the ‘right thing’ by offering cool services is a nice one but there are other options available.

Writing in the Huffington Post this week, Liz Bales, CEO of The Industry Trust for IP Awareness, asked parents if they were aware of the dangers posed by piracy-enabled set-top boxes – aka Kodi devices with third-party addons.

“Unauthorised apps installed on the boxes and sticks ‘scrape’ content from illegal file-sharing sites, cyber-lockers and streaming sites to download and stream infringing film, TV and sports content,” Bales said.

“In doing so, they expose users to many of the security and safety risks traditionally associated with pirate websites, but deliver these through a much more trusted and social family viewing medium – the television.”

Bales then went on to cite statistics from a new study that reportedly found that 10% of people engaging in this kind of piracy have been exposed to either age-inappropriate or adult content.

TF contacted The Industry Trust hoping to get a look at the full report, but they were only prepared to share a small set of figures due to an exclusivity deal with another publication.

Nevertheless, if we take Bales’ reporting at face value, we still have room for meaningful discussion.

At the core of the issue appears to be pirate services’ lack of adherence to the British Board of Film Classification’s age ratings system when offering up content. For example, films that are only suitable for teenagers can be available to younger children while 18+ content isn’t fenced off from either group.

“What’s most concerning in the research is the tendency for families to engage in Digital TV Piracy, usually through their trusted family TV and, more often than not, leaving children to use the technology on their own,” Bales continued.

“In fact, more than three quarters (79%) of parents who have participated in Digital TV Piracy report that their children are allowed to access unauthorised content unattended, with 7% saying they have actually installed the technology in their children’s bedrooms.”

To the casual reader, this might sound like an apocalypse waiting to happen. Kids, sitting alone in their rooms, huddled around dangerous technology somehow intent on polluting their young minds with violent filth.

To other...


WhatsApp Backdoor allows Hackers to Intercept and Read Your Encrypted Messages "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Important Update — Most Security Experts argued, "It's not a backdoor, rather it’s a feature," but none of them denied the fact that, if required, WhatsApp or a hacker can intercept your end-to-end encrypted chats. Read detailed explanation on arguments in my latest article. Most people believe that end-to-end encryption is the ultimate way to protect your secret communication from snooping,


Air strikes kill 8 people, mostly civilians, in rebel-held Idlib: Syrian monitor "IndyWatch Feed War"


Most of those killed in the Idlib province town of Maarat Masrin were civilians, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said


Donald Trump Blames One Intel Agency for Fake News Smear "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Visit our website at Read The Report: Considered by informed insiders’ as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and today’s United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Good evening, I’m still reporting on Donald Trump Blames One Intel Agency for Fake News Smear Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on Trump. President-Elect Donald Trump, at his 1st news conference since the election, implied that a U.S. intelligence agency may have been the source for what he called “fake news” which both CNN and BuzzFeed reported on yesterday. The so-called intelligence “dossier” from which the story was built, was apparently originally devised by political opponents of Trump’s during the Republican primaries. In a blockbuster report this morning in London’s Daily Mail, Senator John McCain admitted that he has had possession of the smear dossier for several months and turned it over to FBI Director James Comey on December 9. Somehow it ended up a few weeks later being printed in BuzzFeed and reported on CNN, yesterday, despite the fact that it has zero attribution. The story purports that Donald Trump paid Russian prostitutes to perform lewd acts while cameras filmed him watching them when he was in Moscow filming the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant. It seems to this reporter that this would be uncharacteristic of Trump in light of the fact that he has been considering running for president for decades. The story is said to have been initially developed by opposition researchers for an unnamed Republican candidate and fierce political opponent of Trump’s who later sold it to the Clinton campaign’s opposition research team upon dropping out of the race. However both of these political camps, must have felt that the story was so flimsy that it could easily backfire on them – which it now has. Senator McCain admitted today that he was handed the 35-page dossier by a former British ambassador to Russia. McCain says that he passed it on to FBI Director James Comey a month ago to see if he could verify its contents. This morning, President-elect Trump sternly laid out the facts in a blistering indictment of both BuzzFeed and CNN as purveyors of the fake news. At one point in the news conference, a CNN reporter continually tried to wedge questions in to Trump, but Trump said he would not take a CNN question because that network was so dishonest. Trump finally tired of the badgering by the reporter and, in an uncharacteristically heated exchange for a presidential press conference, told him to be polite. The entire press conference is very interesting, however, and we will include it in its entirety – minus a lengthy presentation from an attorney of Trump’s on how the former businessman will separa...


Innocent Rape Victim Thrown in Jail for a Month to Make Sure She’d Testify Against Attacker "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

jailTo ensure their key witness would stick around for the trial, an innocent rape victim was thrown in a jail cell for a month by prosecutors.


So, You Want to Take Out a Drone Swarm "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Russian military looks to countermeasures and electronic warfare as the U.S. military develops robotic swarms


The Psychology of Soft Slavery "IndyWatch Feed War"

“When a public is stressed and confused, a big lie told repeatedly and unchallenged can become accepted truth.” — George Orwell. The idea of slavery is one of those concepts that has the tendency to be uttered in black and white terms. But slavery is anything but black and white. There ...


A Direct Infusion Of Immune Cells Could Fight Cancer "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A new way to treat brain cancer with our own immune cells.

Injecting genetically modified immune cells directly into the brain and spinal fluid has had remarkable effects on a deadly brain cancer

Glioblastoma is a particularly virulent form of brain cancer. Around 20,000 people in the United States are diagnosed each year and the disease typically has poor survival rates. In a new case reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, a man has undergone experimental CAR-T therapy to treat the condition. CAR-T therapy is a branch of immunotherapy, the field taking cancer treatment by storm, and involves infusing genetically modified T cells back into a patient to target cancer cells.

A new hope

50-year-old Richard Grady received the treatment in California, and it involved dripping these specialised cells through a narrow tube into the brain. CAR-T therapy (also called chimeric antigen receptor) involves adding novel receptors on the surface of T cells; allowing them to better recognise and destroy any cancer cells they come across. Grady’s therapy began with surgery to remove 3 larger tumours, and then followed with 6 weekly infusions into the brain.

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Dutch xenophobic PVV party exploiting its employees "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video says about itself:

20 March 2014

A parliamentarian member of the Dutch far-right Freedom Party [PVV] has resigned in protest against a speech made by party leader Geert Wilders.

During the meeting he encouraged supporters to chant racist slogans against Moroccans.

Wilders addressed the meeting:

“So I ask you what do you want in this city more or less Moroccans?”

The crowd chants, “less. less.”

Wilders continues: “We will fix it.”

The crowd laughs.

Ronald van Vliet will keep his seat, but as an independent.

Read more here.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Two former employees of the PVV party in parliament demand from the party compensation of 328,000 and 221,000 euros respectively because they were not payed for years of forced overtime work. The employees were also bullied, the Algemeen Dagblad daily reports, according to court records. There will be a trial on this later this month.

The former employees have sued the PVV separately from each other. They both complain of a too heavy workload, with burnout effect. One of them calls the work culture w...


Darjeeling Forest Officer Files RTI After Bank Refuses Cash For Workers’ Wages "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Going against RBI post-demonetisation guidelines, the SBI branch told the officer that government offices were not allowed more than Rs 24,000 a week in cash.

Ram Prasad Badana in his office in Darjeeling. Credit: Athar Parvaiz

Ram Prasad Badana in his office in Darjeeling. Credit: Athar Parvaiz


Darjeeling: Hundreds of labourers who worked for the Darjeeling Forest Division in October and early November 2016 are yet to receive wages for their work. The divisional forest officer (DFO) of Darjeeling says he was forced to file an RTI application after the local State Bank of India (SBI) officials repeatedly refused to release cash against the cheques issued by his office.

Ram Prasad Badana said his forest division owes as much as Rs 12 lakh to labourers and the payments are overdue.

According to Badana, the Forest Division had hired hundreds of labourers to carry out conservation work for the protection of the wildlife in the Rambick Range of the Darjeeling Forest Division in late October and early November. But the forest department could not pay the workers their dues, since cash wasn’t issued to them by the bank.

“We went to the SBI several times to cash the cheques, but every time the bank officials refused to disburse the money saying they are not authorised to pay more than Rs 24,000 within a week even to the government offices,” Badana said.

He said that he had already read the guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India to various financial institutions regarding demonetisation. “But when the bank officials repeatedly refused to cash our cheques, I read the guidelines again and found out that the bank officials had actually violated the RBI guidelines,” the DFO said.

“And, ultimately I decided to file an RTI application on December 29, 2016 to the regional manager of SBI in Siliguri (West Bengal) asking him to provide the reasons [for refusing to release the money] in the light of RBI guidelines,” he went on to say.

“We are lucky that we did not have to face a law and order situation after we failed to pay the dues to the labourers. They could have resorted to violence or protest demonstration, but we are thankful to them that they exercised restraint,” Badana said.

In the application, Badana has asked the SBI officials if they have received any direction or circular since November 8, 2016, from the RBI authorities instructing banks to reject government treasury cheques.

“If yes, provide the copy....


Trump's Cyber-Guru Giuliani Runs Ancient 'Easily Hackable Website' "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for Bytram

US president-elect Donald Trump's freshly minted cyber-tsar Rudy Giuliani runs a website with a content management system years out of date and potentially utterly hackable.

Former New York City mayor and Donald loyalist Giuliani was [...] unveiled by Trump's transition team as the future president's cybersecurity adviser – meaning Giuliani will play a crucial role in the defense of America's computer infrastructure., the website for the ex-mayor's eponymous infosec consultancy firm, is powered by a roughly five-year-old build of Joomla! that is packed with vulnerabilities. Some of those bugs can be potentially exploited by miscreants using basic SQL injection techniques to compromise the server.

This seemingly insecure system also has a surprising number of network ports open – from MySQL and anonymous LDAP to a very out-of-date OpenSSH 4.7 that was released in 2007.

[Editor's note: The website in question appears to have been taken down after this story went public.]

Source: The Register

Original Submission

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US Government Spins The Decline In Retail To Keep The Illusion Of A Strong Economy (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

US Government Spins The Decline In Retail To Keep The Illusion Of A Strong Economy Video Consumer confidence declines after the elections. US government and the corporate putting a spin on the holiday season to keep the illusion alive that the economy is still doing well. If the economy is so strong why is store…

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John Bolton and the U.S. Congress: Complicit on israel’s Illegal Settlements; Disdainful on Law "IndyWatch Feed War"

John Bolton and the U.S. Congress: Complicit on Settlements; Disdainful on Law Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton speaking at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland. (Photo: Gage Skidmore) John Bolton and the US Congress have demonstrated their contempt for international law in conveying their implicit support for Israeli settlement expansion. […]


Healing Madness "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

First and foremost, I want to thank Robert Whitaker for his support of my work, and for offering me the opportunity to blog for MIA. It can be quite scary and lonely to step out and away from your field and begin to share your worries about the direction it has gone (and continues to go). To be welcomed into a community of like-minded individuals who share my concerns about the growing madness in psychiatry and the “mental health” universe, is truly a gift. I feel blessed, honored, and humbled to be able to tell you what I have seen, and learned, over the course of my clinical practice. I welcome the opportunity to share my thoughts, and to hear yours, about what we need to do to heal a field gone mad.

I think it best that I tell you a bit about myself, given that this is my first blog. I need to tell you where I have come from, and why I have chosen to leave.

I am a Board-Certified psychiatrist, with my Diplomate Certification from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. I have been in the field of medicine for 35 years, or for the equivalent of my entire adult life. This has been my passion and pursuit forever. I have never taken a break, or even a substantial period of time off, from clinical practice. I have seen patients for therapy, treatment, and care for 35 years.

Along the way I have also written books about integrative healing, been a radio host for a call-in radio show, a columnist for Massage Therapy Journal, a professor, the Medical Director of at least four facilities, and even a Chief Medical Officer (CMO). I have spoken at conferences and training programs all over the world, and have even been the key note speaker at conferences devoted to integrative healing. I was on faculty at the University Of Arizona School Of Medicine in the Center for Integrative Medicine when living in Arizona. And I have practiced throughout the United States, and even for a year and a half as a Senior Medical Consultant in New Zealand. So, I have seen a lot. And it has been a blessing and a curse.

Part of what I have seen, and what has shaken me to my core, is the way the role of psychiatry has changed over time. We psychiatrists are no longer healers, therapists, doctors, and partners in healing. We are now “medication managers.” We don’t treat people, we manage medicines! Today, psychiatrists are meant to see increasing numbers of patients for “assessment” and “standard medication management” sessions. Almost every job posted for a psychiatrist, nationwide, uses the language I have just put in quotations. And I get about ten requests a day to take another one of those jobs.

Let me give you some numbers to put this new world of psychiatry into perspective. I can’t quite believe what I am about to share with you. But my organization (that I will be leaving as of March 4th) keeps track of these numbers, so I am sure they ar...


Video: Mass murderer Breivik trying to spread radical ideology in Norwegian prison – govt lawyers "IndyWatch Feed"

Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik is working on spreading his ideology from prison through dating adverts, according to government lawyers RT LIVE … Via Youtube


The Establishment Is Trying To Steal The Presidency From Trump "IndyWatch Feed"

Reuters reports that 2,700 US troops accompanied by tanks are moving across Poland toward the Russian border. Col. Christopher Norrie, commander of the 3rd Armoured Brigade Combat Team, declared: “The main goal of our mission is deterrence and prevention of threats.” Apparently, the colonel is not sufficiently bright to realize that far from preventing threats, […]



Natl Survey Shows Most Cops Want Pot Legal — But They’ll Keep Arresting You Because It’s Their Job "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

legalMore than 60% of cops surveyed want cannabis to be legal in some form. However, their job requires them to kidnap and cage people for it.


Top Stories This Week (Jan. 9-13, 2017) "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

This was one of our highest traffic weeks ever at Strong Towns. Here's what grabbed the internet's attention:

The Real Reason your City has no Money

by Charles Marohn, January 10, 2017

Problems have solutions. Predicaments have outcomes. We're in a predicament.

Poor Neighborhoods Make the Best Investments

by Charles Marohn, January 11, 2017

We can make low risk, high returning investments in our cities while improving the quality of life for people, particularly those who are not benefiting from the current approach.

A Utah Republican Might Have the Best Urban Transportation Plan

by Charles Marohn, January 9, 2017

Devolution isn't so scary when the alternative is this crazy.

A Big Pot of Money

by Charles Marohn, January 6, 2017

Would a big pot of money for infrastructure make America stronger?

Five Low Cost Ideas to Make Your City Wealthier

by Charles Marohn, January 4, 2017

Improving a city doesn't take a lot of money. It just takes courage.

(Top photo by Johnny Sanphillippo)

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A Lesson from Bhandarkar About the Need to Rein In Historical Fantasies "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

It is unfortunate that even today, as a result of our “extravagant admiration for ancient Hindus” (as Bhandarkar termed it in 1918), many Indian scholars are doing research that does not adhere to strict academic standards.

The Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, which was named after Ramkrishna Bhandarkar. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, which was named after Ramkrishna Bhandarkar. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Ramkrishna Bhandarkar was a towering Indian scholar who has left behind a huge corpus of work in Sanskrit studies, and in the history and culture of India. Pune’s prestigious Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, which was named after him, was founded as a tribute to him in 1917 on his 80th birthday.

Born in Ratnagiri in Konkan in 1837, he studied at Mumbai’s Elphinstone College and later taught Sanskrit there. He was also the first Indian professor of Sanskrit at Pune’s Deccan College. Apart from being an excellent scholar, he was also a committed social reformer.

As a student, in 1853, he joined the Paramhansa Sabha, a secret society founded to oppose the evils of the caste system and regularly spoke in favour of social reforms including those relating to women’s education and widow remarriage. He held that it was the duty of the “true patriot” to “fearlessly expose” the “faults in the character of his people.”

One such fault Bhandarkar wished Indians would get rid of was the absence of a “critical and comparative method of inquiry” in historical research, a...


The inside story of Labour Party’s anti-Semitism saga "IndyWatch Feed War"

The inside story of Labour Party’s anti-Semitism saga #IsraelLobby Footage captured by Al-Jazeera shows process involved in reporting incidents on anti-Semitism in the Labour party Israeli embassy scandal: Jeremy Corbyn demands official inquiry REVEALED: AIPAC’s plans to drag UK into ‘US sphere’ over Israel A still from undercover footage shows the Labour Friends of Israel […]


For Your Enjoyment: Do not attempt to adjust your browser "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Good morning:
Do not attempt to adjust your audio, there is nothing wrong. We have taken control as to bring you this special show. We will return it to you as soon as you are grooving

While Nadéah’s Too Drunk To Fuck cover is certainly amazing, and while it comes fairly close – far closer than most musical acts – to what I would play if I could create my own music, that doesn’t mean it’s the only musical style worth knowing or playing. If I had technical skill, but no musical creativity, I would sure as heck play Bootsy Collins when my friends came over. While Trump is inviting a Bruce Springsteen cover band to play his inaugural, my (imaginary) cover band will be tuning up and tuning in to an entirely different art form: not soulful rock, not even soul, not even simply funk. As amazing as James Brown was without the (original) JBs, as amazing as George Clinton was in his solo work, Bootsy Collins gave the work of those men – and so many others – a kick like no other. Michael Hutchence couldn’t come close to a kick like that. No, as long as you’re going to give me the funk,

you’re going to have to make my funk the P-Funk:

Psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadoloop! That funk is chocolate-covered. Freakin’ habit forming.

Bootsy Collins is a legend in the music industry, and rightfully so. While his frequent collaborator, George Clinton, was also masterfully creative, Bootsy was every bit as instrumental in creating the unique, multi-band community known as the “Parliafunkadelicment Thang” – later shortened to “P-Funk” – and the extraterrestrial brotherhood of whacked-out characters that placed Black folk on top of flying saucers “like it was a Cadillac”. Performing in the metallic-spangly fabric of the day would have overheated me in a minute even without the stage lighting, but Bootsy? Bootsy’s outfits were nearly as outrageously overwrought as Clinton’s, he took fewer costume-change breaks offstage and out of the heat, and he just kept on playing, kept giving up the funk, kept himself cool.

How did he do it? We may never know. This is a man who is so far ahead of the rest of us musically that it seems he doesn’t even know how much we don’t know. To him, the funk is elemental in more than one sense of the word. He can try to describe it, try to educate us, but there’s nothing much...


Commissions "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Something about Christmas reminds Dad that it’s been a year since he last asked where my book is. He has somewhat revised his approach: less interrogation, more befuddled amusement. Thanks Dad.

I told him I had completed some work. Commissions, short stories and the like. He has no interest in the commissions I take up from time to time.  I think he thinks it’s a distraction from the real work. It’s all real work Dad. Every single piece of writing is as good as I can make it. That's how it works.

For a while now, I’ve been invited to write a piece of micro fiction from time to time. How to describe micro fiction?  Writer’s pain wise, it’s about a 7.  When an editor says, 750 words, or 500 words, or 36 tweets, that’s what I deliver.  Or used to. It’s not worth the pain anymore, and I will tell you why.

I would get the final work in, then months later check the publication to discover every time that every other bastard had run over the word limit.  I include myself as a bastard – actually scratch that. I am a nerd. An over-zealous high-achiever who will work my eyeballs thin scouring the page looking for the words to slash to bring me in under my limit.  There are always too many words. There is some pride in finishing, absolutely spot on the word count. But I suspect no one cares.  I figure I would recognize people who can’t keep to the word limit. Their words would trail from their shoe like a piece of toilet paper.

It’s not their fault. The fault is all mine as I am far too invested in the word count.

And then a commission comes along that is really cool.

For example, the splendid edition of Cordite Poetry Review that came out in October 2016.


Exercise for Weekend Warriors Extends Life "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Visit our website at Considered by informed insiders’ as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and today’s United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on Exercise for Weekend Warriors Extends Life Good Morning, I’m still reporting on the benefits of exercise. According to a new study just published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, one or two sessions of moderate-to-vigorous exercise was sufficient to reduce death significantly, from all causes, including cardiovascular disease (CVD) and cancer. The World Health Organization recommends that people aged 18 to 64 should do at least 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity; or 75 minutes a week of vigorous exercise. However, more research was needed to determine the effects on “weekend warrior” exercisers – people who took all of their moderate or vigorous exercise in one or two days on the weekends. A new study was done by lead author Dr. Gary O’Donovan, of Loughborough Univ., in Loughborough, England in collaboration with Harvard University and the University of Sydney. The study surprisingly found that 150 minutes of moderate, or 75 minutes of vigorous activity in one or two sessions per week – like one tennis match – cut the risk of death from all causes, including CVD and cancer by 30% compared to inactive adults. Those who spread their exercise out over more than two days – or exercised more than the recommended minimum got only a small increase in benefit. They were 35% less likely to die of any cause. Previous studies had labeled the weekend warriors as “insufficiently active” however this new data, collected from over 63,000 adults in England and Scotland over an 8-year period – from 1994-2012 – but not analyzed until 2016 – showed that even weekend warrior exercisers derive a significant benefit. The bottom line: any amount of exercise is good for you. The human body was made to work. Sweating out the poisons through the skin probably eliminates toxins that are difficult to get rid of in other ways. I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the “Still Report”, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still: ht......


Nomi Prins: Big Banks Already Failing Stress Tests "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Nomi Prins: Big Banks Already Failing Stress Tests by Craig Wilson Nomi Prins joined Jason Burack on the Wall Street For Main StreetPodcast to discuss the impact of a strong US Dollar on the global economy and what kind of damage it could cause big banks that are already failing stress tests.  Wall Street For Main Street takes on…

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Discerning Alien Disinformation: Part 2 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Hidden nature of alien control, energy harvesting, implants, mind programming, hyper-D manipulation.


We"ve Been Hacking Elections for More Than a Century "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Chilean President Salvador Allende waved to supporters in Santiago a few days after his election in 1970. The car was escorted by General Augusto Pinochet


SYRIA: Syrian Arab Republic Flag Flies Again over the Al Fijah Springs "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By 21wire


21st Century Wire says…

According to a report in Al Masdar News this morning, “the Syrian Arab Army raised the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic over the Al-Fijah Springs on Saturday, marking the first time in 4 years that this site has been under government control”. The now, familiar, corporate media blame-laying upon Syrian President, Bashar Al Assad, has taken on a whole increased fervour since the liberation of Aleppo, their long time raison d’etre for their No Fly Zone demands.

To suggest that the Syrian state would deprive its own people of essential water, the five million inhabitants of Damascus, people steadfastly loyal to their State, their army and her allies, is ridiculous and obscene. However, it is no great surprise to see this level of distortion of truth by the corporate media who have made an art form of such deceit for the last six years of the NATO state dirty war against Syria.

Brandon Turbeville covers the subject of Wadi Barada in his latest article:

“If there were any doubt that the water crisis in Damascus was created by the Western-backed terrorists operating outside the city, the end to that crisis should now dispel the rest of that doubt. This is because the crisis is now over precisely because the Syrian military was able to retake the area.

Indeed, the Syrian military has taken back the Wadi Barada area, forcing the terrorists to leave, surrender, or die so that the experts and specialists can attend to repairing the damaged water system and begin providing clean water for the people of Damascus.

Of course, the mainstream media is doing its best to ignore this story and will likely not be reporting on the fact that it is the Syrian government which is providing the water to the people of Damascus after America’s terrorist rats cut it off nor will it mention that the Syrian government w...

SYRIA: Syrian Arab Republic Flag Flies Again over the Al Fijah Springs "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"



21st Century Wire says…

According to a report in Al Masdar News this morning, “the Syrian Arab Army raised the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic over the Al-Fijah Springs on Saturday, marking the first time in 4 years that this site has been under government control”. The now, familiar, corporate media blame-laying upon Syrian President, Bashar Al Assad, has taken on a whole increased fervour since the liberation of Aleppo, their long time raison d’etre for their No Fly Zone demands. 

To suggest that the Syrian state would deprive its own people of essential water, the five million inhabitants of Damascus, people steadfastly loyal to their State, their army and her allies, is ridiculous and obscene.  However, it is no great surprise to see this level of distortion of truth by the corporate media who have made an art form of such deceit for the last six years of the NATO state dirty war against Syria.

Brandon Turbeville covers the subject of Wadi Barada in his latest article:

“If there were any doubt that the water crisis in Damascus was created by the Western-backed terrorists operating outside the city, the end to that crisis should now dispel the rest of that doubt. This is because the crisis is now over precisely because the Syrian military was able to retake the area.

Indeed, the Syrian military has taken back the Wadi Barada area, forcing the terrorists to leave, surrender, or die so that the experts and specialists can attend to repairing the damaged water system and begin providing clean water for the people of Damascus.

Of course, the mainstream media is doing its best to ignore this story and will likely not be reporting on the fact th...


Did the Adani Group Evade Rs 1,000 Crore in Taxes? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Despite the DRI’s allegations, the government seems strangely reticent about filing a review petition in the Supreme Court that could protect its revenue interests.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Gautam Adani. Credit: PTI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Gautam Adani. Credit: PTI

For more than a decade now, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) has been investigating how a clutch of companies in the Adani Group led by Gautam Adani allegedly evaded taxes and laundered money while trading in cut and polished diamonds and gold jewellery. The DRI, which is an investigative wing of the Department of Revenue in the Ministry of Finance, has issued a number of show-cause notices to firms in the group alleging evasion of taxes to the tune of roughly Rs 1,000 crore. Adani is considered to be close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

While the allegations against the Adani Group have meandered through various tribunals and courts of law, questions are being raised as to whether the Ministry of Finance is deliberately dragging its feet in moving a review petition before the Supreme Court that could safeguard its revenue interests. Four detailed questionnaires were sent by the Economic and Political Weekly (EPW) to (i) finance minister Arun Jaitley and five of his senior officials; (ii) the minister of state for commerce and industry Nirmala Sitharaman and the director general of foreign trade; (iii) law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad; and (iv) Adani himself. These questionnaires were e-mailed and also sent by regular post on November 18, 2016. Whereas spokespersons of Adani and the law minister responded, Jaitley, Sitharaman and officials in their respective ministries did not answer the questions more than a month and a half after these were sent to them.

Here is the story in a nutshell. A set of firms in the Adani Group apparently misused various export incentive schemes through a complex web of front companies located in different parts of the world. These shell companies, which indulged in high-velocity “circular trading” among related corporate entities, were also used to launder money, the DRI has claimed. All the corporate entities were directly or indirectly controlled by, or associated with, Adani Enterprises Limited (AEL), a flagship firm of the Adani Group which was called Adani Exports Limited before 2007. The DRI has alleged that AEL flagrantly misdeclared the...


The Plot To Kill Martin Luther King, Jr. "IndyWatch Feed"

By Phillip F. Nelson January 14, 2017 The Plot to Kill King: The Truth Behind the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. This is an OUTSTANDING book, arguably the best ever compendium of the people, events and documented evidence related to the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Do not let the “1 star” reviews […]


Trump is not a 'legitimate president’, US congressman says "IndyWatch Feed"

US Congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis says Donald Trump is not a “legitimate president” due to the Russian government’s alleged meddling to help Trump defeat Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election. “I don’t see this [Republican] President-elect as a legitimate president,” Lewis, a Democrat from Georgia, said Friday during an interview on […]


Britain’s first pregnant man says he has received death threats "IndyWatch Feed"

The UK’s first pregnant man told British television that he has received death threats from people who don’t understand his situation. Born a woman, Hayden Cross was undergoing hormone treatment when he took a break from transitioning to have a child. Speaking on ITV in his first televised interview, 20-year-old Cross, who is now legally male, […]



Activists Continue to Protest Dam Being Built on Brahmaputra "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Activists had thought they had won when the BJP campaigned on an anti-big dam manifesto, but the new government continues supporting big dams on the Brahmaputra


The Siang river at Pasighat. Credit: Chandan Kumar Duarah

Locals in Arunachal Pradesh are resisting more dam building on Siang, as the Brahmaputra is known in the region. In a recent meeting on ‘Policy Dialogue for Governance of the Brahmaputra River’ held in Itanagar, the capital city of Arunachal Pradesh, in November, anti-dam leaders faced off against state government officials and some experts had who favoured dam building on the Siang.

Known as the Yarlung Zangbo in China, the Brahmaputra enters Arunachal Pradesh near Gelling from where it is known as the Siang. The total length of the Siang River is 294 km until it meets the Dibang and Lohit rivers at Sadia in Assam. Since Assam too is affected, civil society groups and individuals have been opposing the construction of big dams there as well. Their appeals to different authorities not to give environmental clearances for the dams being built in the four districts of Siang, East Siang, Upper Siang and West Siang have gone unheard.

“We will protect our land, and fight for it!”

The Siang People’s Forum (SPF) and Lower Siang Dam Affected Peoples’ Forum (LSDAPF), who have been spearheading the anti-mega dam movement in the Siang valley, had appealed to the previous central government, the United Progressive Alliance (UPA), and also to its chairperson, Sonia Gandhi. They have now appealed to the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), and in a memorandum to the Prakash Javadekar, who was then the minister of environment, forest and climate change (MoEFCC), the SPF declared that the four districts would not compromise on their demand of scrapping all mega dams over the Siang river.

Nonetheless the big dams are still being built. While construction on some has been halted by the courts, others continue. Vijay Taram, an anti-dam activist with the Forum for Siang Dialogue, said, “We are not against small dam and dams on tributaries of Siang”, but “big dams will spoil our lives and livelihood. If completed they will flood all fertile agricultural lands, destroying the flora and fauna of entire Siang belt and displace thousands of people of Siang valley. Tribal men will lose their traditional hunting grounds as well as the link to their culture.”



Evidence The Deep State Wants to Deep Six Us "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Deep State Wants to Deep Six Us What do these pieces of evidence tell you? The United States and Russia each possess enough nuclear weapons to destroy all life on earth many times over. Pentagon officials say the cold war with Russia is for profit and bureaucracy. When there was danger of peace breaking […]


The Stupid War on Cory Booker "IndyWatch Feed"

Did Cory Booker and a bunch of other Democratic senators just vote against importing prescription drugs from Canada? No. No, they didn’t. Here is what they voted against:

SA 178. Ms. KLOBUCHAR (for herself and Mr.
Sanders) submitted an amendment intended to be proposed by her to
the concurrent resolution S. Con. Res. 3, setting forth the
congressional budget for the United States Government for fiscal
year 2017 and setting forth the appropriate budgetary levels for
fiscal years 2018 through 2026; as follows: At the end of title
III, add the following: SEC. 3___. DEFICIT-NEUTRAL RESERVE FUND
IMPORTING DRUGS FROM CANADA. The Chairman of the Committee on the
Budget of the Senate may revise the allocations of a committee or
committees, aggregates, and other appropriate levels in this
resolution for one or more bills, joint resolutions, amendments,
amendments between the Houses, motions, or conference reports
relating to lowering prescription drug prices, including through
the importation of safe and affordable prescription drugs from
Canada by American pharmacists, wholesalers, and individuals with a
valid prescription from a provider licensed to practice in the
United States, by the amounts provided in such legislation for
those purposes, provided that such legislation would not increase
the deficit over either the period of the total of fiscal years
2017 through 2021 or the period of the total of fiscal years 2017
through 2026. ______ 

What they voted against was the above amendment to the Budget reconciliation bill. The Budget reconciliation bill is not a normal bill because it never becomes law. It never goes to the president for signature or veto. What it does is set out the framework for spending money that the committee chairs must work with when legislating and appropriating.

The Klobuchar/Sanders amendment would have given Senator Mike Enzi of Wyoming, the chairman of the Budget Committee, the discretion to pa...

GOP Governors and Reality Clash With Congress on the ACA "IndyWatch Feed"

The governor of Ohio asks some urgently important questions:

“We are now able to provide health insurance to 700,000 people,” said Ohio’s [John] Kasich, who circumvented his state Legislature to enact [Medicaid] expansion in 2013 and who was the sole GOP presidential candidate in 2016 to defend that portion of Obamacare.

“Let’s just say they just got rid of it, didn’t replace it with anything,” he said. “What happens to the 700,000 people? What happens to drug treatment? What happens to mental health counseling? What happens to these people who have very high cholesterol and are victims from a heart attack? What happens to them?”

The answer is that many of them get sicker and a lot of them experience premature death. Countless others will live with the anxiety that they or their loved ones will suffer that fate.

But I have an additional question.

Why did we give these 700,000 people access to health care in the first place? What were we trying to do? Were we trying to lower the quality or increase the price of health care for everyone else? Were we trying to turn this country into a European dystopia? Were we pursuing an ideological jihad against the American Way?

John Kasich is hardly a moderate in most policy areas, but he does understand the moral imperative to make sure the citizens of Ohio don’t needlessly get sick or die. He knows that just on the opioid crisis alone, the state can hardly afford to lose the access to treatment that Obamacare provides.

Paul Ryan ought to know the same things, but he’s paid not to understand them. He’s willing to look a man straight in the face and lie to him about what will happen if they repeal Obamacare and don’t replace it with something that gives people the same or better access to health care.

For decades, our political leaders were unable to come up with any plan to cover people who couldn’t afford or were refused access to health care. That our citizens were constantly getting sick and dying prematurely as a result was considered a crime by Democrats and some kind of Darwinian justice by Republicans. That people were repeatedly denied care that they had every reason to believe they had paid for wasn’t something the GOP particularly cared about. That more and more citizens were priced out of insurance every year by rampant premium inflation wasn’t considered a moral crisis.

So, when the Democrats finally gathered enough political power to address these problems, they came up with the best solution they could given the constrai...

Obama is Still At Work "IndyWatch Feed"

Someone is still at work:


FACT SHEET: President Obama Designates National Monuments Honoring Civil Rights History


In celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, today, President Obama is designating three new national monuments honoring our country’s civil rights history and taking new steps to promote diversity in our national parks and other public lands. Building on the Administration’s commitment to protecting places that are culturally and historically significant and that reflect the story of all Americans, today’s designations will protect historic sites in Alabama and South Carolina that played an important role in American history stretching from the Civil War to the civil rights movement.


The new monuments are the Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument, Freedom Riders National Monument and Reconstruction Era National Monument.


·         Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument: The Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument will protect the historic A.G. Gaston Motel in Birmingham, Alabama, which served at one point as the headquarters for the civil rights campaign led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that helped lead to the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  The monument will also tell the stories associated with other nearby Birmingham historic sites, including the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church– which was the site of a bombing in 1963; and Kelly Ingram Park, where Birmingham Public Safety Commissioner Bull Connor turned hoses and dogs on young civil rights protesters.

·         Freedom Riders National Monument: The Freedom Riders National Monument is located in Anniston, Alabama and contains two sites that help underscore the Freedom Riders’ importance to the civil rights movement.  The monument includes the Greyhound Bus Station where a racially integrated bus of Freedom Riders attempting to test desegregation was attacked in the spring of 1961, and the site where the same bus was firebombed and burned some minutes later.

·         Reconstruction Era National Monument: Located in coastal South Carolina, the new Reconstruction Era National Monument encompasses four sites throughout Beaufort County that tell th...

Donald Trump, Not the CIA, Is the Bad Guy Here "IndyWatch Feed"

Steve M. makes a good point about Glenn Greenwald’s logic.

The intelligence agencies? Greenwald writes,

FOR MONTHS, the CIA, with unprecedented clarity, overtly threw its weight behind Hillary Clinton’s candidacy and sought to defeat Donald Trump.

And that’s a sign that the Deep State is an unbridled force of pure evil? If we accept Greenwald’s premise, it means that the Deep State wasn’t even powerful enough to throw the election to the favorite.

Personally, I don’t agree that there was a lot of clarity about who the CIA preferred in the presidential race, although I readily admit that DCI Brennan is close to the president and probably had a strong preference for Clinton. But the disposition of the CIA as a whole isn’t really my concern here.

I think Steve makes an obvious observation when he notes that Trump’s victory showed that the “Deep State” isn’t as all-powerful as Greenwald would like us all to believe. I mean, assuming the Deep State had a preference for Clinton and tried to do anything at all, they obviously failed.

It’s worth considering the idea that they they really didn’t do anything to help Clinton, which is a statement all by itself. Neutrality is what we expect, and James Comey’s actions at the FBI that appeared to stall Clinton’s momentum at a critical time have outraged Democrats for exactly the reason that it lacked neutrality or balance. But electoral indifference and inaction by the intelligence arm of a state (whether an ostensibly representative state or not) isn’t something that’s common or that should be taken for granted.

If the CIA has some kind of cultural preference, that’s one thing. If they ran operations to help one candidate and hurt another, that’s supposed to be out of bounds. It seems to me that there’s more evidence of pro-Trump sentiment at the FBI (with it’s pro-law enforcement anti-Black Lives Matter culture) than there is of any kind of monolithic pro-Clinton support at the CIA. And the FBI actually, visibly, crippled Clinton’s campaign.

However these things may be, I don’t think the CIA would be wrong to have a preference for Clinton over Trump given Trump’s character and erratic personality and his potential to upend relationships with close allies. If they felt that way, I think it would be evidence of sanity and possibly even patriotism. That doesn’t mean they should put their fingers on the scale, and I’m not convinced they did.

Of course, Gre...

As the Media Clutches Its Pearls About BuzzFeed… "IndyWatch Feed"

Obviously, different rules apply to retired intelligence officers who are working on a private contract basis than apply to active officers of our clandestine services. And, of course, there’s a difference between blowing the cover of an American intelligence officer and that of a British intelligence officer. But the concerns are the same when it comes to the possible harm that will come to that officer or his or her sources.

By revealing the identity of Christopher Steele, the Wall Street Journal has sent him scurrying for a bolt hole. He’s left his cat with a neighbor, sent his family somewhere, and gone to ground. The Telegraph reports that he’s terrified that the Russians will come after him.

But that’s not the only problem. Armed with his identity, it should be a fairly simple matter for the Russians to deconstruct his investigation, figure out who was talking to him, and bring the hammer down on the individuals who were providing him with information.

Marcy Wheeler recently went through his dossier and identified (in rough terms) who these sources were. They included a “senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure with knowledge of intelligence the Kremlin was feeding Trump,” a “former top level Russian intelligence officer still active inside the Kremlin,” an “official close to (former) Presidential Admin Head Sergei Ivanov,” and a “Kremlin source close to Dmitri Medvedev.”

Those individuals must now hope that they can’t be retroactively connected to Steele or his investigators.

Perhaps the public deserves to know who Christopher Steele is so they can better assess the credibility of his report and, as I said, it is not a crime to reveal his identity. The decision does carry a moral load, however, as the reporters could easily get people killed, including innocent people who are wrongly identified or swept up in an aggressive dragnet.

Steele freely took the risk that this would happen and so did the people who talked to him. It’s important to know, though, that he was apparently one of the driving forces in revealing the extensive corruption at FIFA that resulted in more than a dozen indictments here in the United States for “wire fraud, racketeering, and money laundering.” That corruption was related to Moscow’s successful effort......

Coretta Scott King Opposed Jeff Sessions "IndyWatch Feed"

I don’t know if Coretta Scott King still pulls any water in Congress, but she once did. In fact, she may have been influential enough in 1986 to sink the confirmation of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III to serve as judge in the Southern District of Alabama. She was unable to appear in person to testify against Sessions, so she wrote a long detailed letter to the Judiciary Committee explaining her strident opposition to the idea of giving Sessions a lifetime appointment. The committee chairman, Strom Thurmond, somehow managed not to enter the letter into the congressional record, but that didn’t prevent it from having some influence. In particular, Alabama Senator Howell Heflin surprised the Reagan administration by rescinding his earlier support and voting against Sessions in committee. This effectively sunk Sessions’ confirmation hopes.

For a long time, no one could locate a copy of King’s statement, but Wesley Lowery of the Washington Post has managed to unearth it and you can now read it for yourself.

This all happened a mere eighteen years after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, which is considerably less time than has elapsed since. Maybe there’s no longer a consensus that King’s work had immense almost sacred value and that people like Sessions are an affront to his legacy. But I think Coretta’s testimony should stand, and it should count for much more when considering Sessions for the position of Attorney General of the United States.

I don’t see anything in Sessions’ subsequent record that would have changed her mind about his suitability for a position of such responsibility and I am certain that she would see Sessions as an outright threat to voting rights and the accomplishments of the movement of which she and her husband were such an important part.


Mnuchin Needs to Explain the 19.5% Sale of Rosneft "IndyWatch Feed"

It’s probably not surprising to anyone given what we already knew about Rex Tillerson, but the guy identified in the leaked intelligence report as the man who was holding the Russian opposition research file on Hillary Clinton had nothing but positive things to say about Tillerson and his appointment to be Trump’s Secretary of State. It’s easy to know this because Dmitry Peskov is Vladimir Putin’s official Kremlin spokesman. This would be like Josh Earnest having the job of compiling nasty information on a Russian presidential candidate.

When Tillerson was nominated, Peskov acknowledged that Tillerson had sympathies for Russia but said that they wouldn’t matter, “being secretary of state is very different from leading a company, even a very big one. Therefore any sympathies, so to speak, become secondary.” He further vouched for Tillerson, explaining that he has many contacts with Russian officials in his capacity as CEO of Exxon/Mobil and that he “carries out his duties very professionally.”

It’s true that this leaked report should be read with some heavy skepticism, but it’s also true, as Josh Marshall points out, that the author of the piece is known and respected by the U.S. Intelligence Community, and that many of his points have already checked out.

One piece that I find tantalizing is his prediction that a 19% stake in the Russian energy giant Rosneft would be privatized and made available to Trump or his associates in return for a lifting of economic sanctions.

That piece of raw intelligence was presented on October 18th, and the actual privatization of 19.5% of Rosneft actually took place on December 10th.

The deal, if not its details, was in the works...

Alleged Russian Liaison to Trump Was In News Yesterday Hyping Trump and Talking Trash "IndyWatch Feed"

There’s so much to digest in the leaked intelligence report on Donald Trump’s connections to Vladimir Putin and Russia that I feel like I’m drinking from a firehouse. I want to just throw one quick thing at you. I noticed the following excerpt about an alleged meeting in Prague between Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen and Russian operatives that was supposed to have occurred in late August or possibly the first week in September.

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 11.54.11 PM

I was intrigued at the idea that Putin might utilize a member of the Duma to provide plausible deniability about official communications with the Trump campaign, so I looked to see what I could find about Konstantin Kosachev and whether he was active in talking up Trump and talking down Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Amazingly, I found a TASS article published just yesterday where Kosachev was quite vocally trashing Obama and crowing about the demise of the United States as a global leader and “winner” of the Cold War.

Barack Obama’s efforts to pin the Democratic Party’s defeat in the US presidential election on Russia and its leader indicate the complete failure of Washington’s policy of hegemony, Chairman of Russia’s Federation Council (upper house of parliament) Committee for International Affairs Konstantin Kosachev said.

“Obama’s desperate efforts to pin his defeat on the Russian president just seem to be a banal attempt at settling scores. But in fact this indicates the utter failure of America’s hegemonic policies and more important systemic shifts in global politics rather than Trump’s victory over Clinton,” the Russian senator wrote on his Facebook page.

He went on:

According to Kosachev, during the past 25 years, US presidents have made a number of serious mistakes concerning world politics which lead to global instability. In particular, in the senator’s words, the US considered itself to be a “winner” eligible to impose its will on the world after the Cold War had ended, while it was not ready to build cooperation with its former rivals. “The US and its staunch allies have been plagued by fatal mistakes in a growing number of global scenarios which are becoming more and more unpredictable and devastating,” the Russian senator added.

And then the capper:

“However, the world cannot remain an eternal hostage to America’s...


أوباما الفاسد والجاحد: الديمقراطية إلهة تمر "IndyWatch Feed War"

  يناير 12, 2017 ناصر قنديل – بمعزل عن التباينات في السياسات الداخلية والخارجية بين إدارتي باراك أوباما ودونالد ترامب، وبمعزل عن أي منهما يستوعب أكثر حقائق السياسة الدولية الصاعدة بقوة من حروب العالم والشرق الأوسط خلال ربع قرن من التفرّد الأميركي بحكم العالم، ومَن يستشرف سياسة تنبع من المصالح الحقيقية لأميركا والأميركيين، فإن الرسالة […]


James Oglethorpe & Founding the Colony of Georgia -The Progression of Religious Liberty "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Early in his career, Eugene of Savoy, under the command of Polish King Jan Sobieski, helped defeat 200,000 Muslim Turks on September 11, 1683, thus saving the city of Vienna, Austria. Austrian Prince Eugene of Savoy went on to become one of Europe’s most famous commanders. Savoy helped drive the Turks from Budapest in 1686. […]


Unveiling fraudulent artificialism "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

FakePrez.Con Why the past eight years happened, and what it all means. “I first came to Chicago when I was in my early 20s, still trying to figure out who I was,” President Obama told the nation on Tuesday. After eight years of his presidency, many others are still trying to figure out who, exactly, […]


Astrology Update: Journey to the Center of the Self "IndyWatch Feed World"

January 14th, 2017 By Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone Contributing writers for Wake Up World With the energetic theme for 2017 set in motion by the New Moon in Capricorn (December 29), this week’s Full Moon in Cancer (January 12) marked a huge shift in our emotional reality, which is now noticeably beginning to set in […]


State PKR welcomes exemption order but wants it to be studied "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

PKR Sarawak welcomes the announcement by Second Finance Minister Datuk Johari Abdul Ghani that an exemption order under Section 127 of the Income Tax Act 1967 will be issued to maintain the tax exemption status of religious institutions. Its vice-chairman See Chee How said the party maintained that it was an ambiguous and unpleasant exploit […]


Syrian Army Storming Ayn Khadra Village Northwest Of Damascus (Map, Video) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Click to see the full-size map

Click to see the full-size map

The Syrian army, the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Hezbollah are storming the village of Ayn Khadra in the Wadi Barada area northwest of the Syrian capital of Damascus.

On January 12, government forces liberated from militants the village of Baseemah and on January 13 engineer teams reportedly entered the village of Ayn al-Fijah to work on restoring the water supply line to Damasucs.

However, the Syrian army and its allies still need to expand their control in the region to restore water supplies to the Syrian capital.

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Abang Johari is Sarawak’s new chief minister "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

As had been widely-expected, Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) deputy president Datuk Amar Abang Johari Abang Openg was sworn in today as the sixth Sarawak chief minister. He succeeds Tan Sri Adenan Satem who died of heart failure on Wednesday. Abang Johari took his oath of office before Governor Tun Abdul Taib Mahmud at the […]


Australia’s clean transition to renewable energy – theme for January 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


The whole point of renewable energy is that it is clean. And, for sure, the major fuels – sun and wind – are undoubtedly clean. However, renewable energy does require some components – rare earths – that certainly have a dirty radioactive  history, and may still have a dirty radioactive present.

rare-earths-pollution-ChinaTwo notorious historic examples of pollution from the production of rare earths are the Bukit Merah  project in Malaysia , and China’s project in Inner Mongolia

China i...


Steady Progress Into Fascism? Turkey, a Year After the Peace Petition "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Rudimentarily masked by arguments of counter-terrorism, Turkish society has been put into a straitjacket, with no form of dissent being acceptable.

Demonstrators shout slogans during a protest against a purge of thousands of education staff since an attempted coup in July, in front of the main campus of Istanbul University at Beyazit square in Istanbul, Turkey, November 3, 2016. Credit: Reuters/Osman Orsal

Demonstrators shout slogans during a protest against a purge of thousands of education staff since an attempted coup in July, in front of the main campus of Istanbul University at Beyazit square in Istanbul, Turkey, November 3, 2016. Credit: Reuters/Osman Orsal

One year has passed since 1,128 academics raised their voices for an end to the violence against the Kurdish population in Turkey, demanding an international, independent investigation of the occurrences during the 24-hour curfews declared in Kurdish towns and districts from August 2015 onward. The now well-known ‘peace petition’ had been a reaction to the violence, an outcry against the unbearable way in which the military had taken over towns and districts in the predominantly Kurdish south-eastern provinces of the Turkish state. Children and elderly people had been assassinated on the streets and in their homes, bodies left on the streets, the injured denied medical treatment. Despite the decisive and clear wording accusing the state of committing a massacre and refusing to be party to this crime, the petition was nevertheless a modest form of protest, because all other forms of democratic contestation had already been radically impeded since a suicide bomb attack on a previous attempt to demand peace with a large demonstration on October 10, 2015 in Ankara. A hundred demonstrators from various political factions were killed, hundreds injured and scarred.

Government’s reaction

However, even this comparably simple form of critique was not tolerated by the government. The reaction was a concerted mass smear campaign triggered by the words of the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan leading to arrests, police investigations and ongoing dismissals of scholars. Denouncing the signatories as traitors, as ‘pseudo academics’ who were enemies of the nation, the pro-government media took up Erdogan’s discourse, picturing the signatories individually on their web and print outlets, making them perfect targets for goaded Erdogan-supporters. The homes of a number of signatories were raided in the early morning hours; some were taken into custody on campus and the wave of dismissals commenced, starting with th...


Bioluminescence Better Understood "IndyWatch Feed World"

14505155544_2d3fa95c7c_k-1260x708 (1).jpg

Thanks to Cool Green Science for shedding more light on a topic we have commented on from time to time since starting this platform:

Living Light

What makes some living things glow?


For two weeks each year at the beginning of summer, fireflies light up a portion of Great Smoky Mountains National Park...


See Baggages Allegedly Abandoned By Arik Air At JFK, New York (Pics) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A U.S-based Nigerian, Ayodele, shared these pics of baggages allegedly abandoned at JFK, New York, by Arik Air.. He said he saw the baggages when he went to retrieve his mom's baggage, which they've held for three weeks.. More pics + all he said below..


Boris “the clown” Johnson says UK first in line for USA trade deal. What the idiot doesn’t realise is that means TTIP which would mean the end of the NHS as we know it "IndyWatch Feed War"

Boris Johnson Says Britain ‘First In Line’ For US Trade Deal, Defying Obama’s Pre-Brexit Warning Britain will be “first in line” to negotiate a new trade deal with the US, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has said after talks with President-elect Donald Trump’s team and senior Republicans. Johnson, who once quipped he would not visit parts […]


Foreign and domestic losses: '35 Pages' attack against Trump fails "IndyWatch Feed World"

UPDATED (at end of original) The tale about the fake accusations about Russian influence on the U.S. presidential election becomes more gripping by each day. The are part of a larger war between various groups of the "elites" but also include infighting between U.S. government organizations. We know that there was heavy Ukrainian influence on the side of Clinton in the election and in the current smear campaign against Trump and Russia. But it certainly wasn't Ukraine alone that is behind this. There are more international connections. The "former" desk officer for Russia in the British MI6 Christopher Steele was the one who prepared the 35 pages of obviously false claims about Russian connections with and kompromat against Trump. There are so many inconsistencies in these pages that anyone knowledgeable about the workings in Moscow could immediately identify it as fake. Putin personally started working on Trump five years ago when Trump had no political role or hope whatsoever? A Trump associate met Russian officials in Prague even though he has never been in the Czech Republic? Steele spread the fakes throughout the press corps in Washington DC but no media published them because these were obviously false accusations.


SYRIA: Syrian Arab Republic Flag Flies Again over the Al Fijah Springs "IndyWatch Feed"

21st Century Wire says…
According to a report in Al Masdar News this morning, “the Syrian Arab Army raised the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic over the Al-Fijah Springs on Saturday, marking the first time in 4 years that this site has been under government control”. The now, familiar, corporate media blame-laying upon Syrian President, Bashar Al Assad, has taken on a whole increased fervour since the liberation of Aleppo, their long time raison d’etre for their No Fly Zone demands.
To suggest that the Syrian state would deprive its own people of essential water, the five million inhabitants of


Video: ‘Despite clear unconstitutionality’: Assange ready for extradition if Obama pardons Manning "IndyWatch Feed"

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange would leave his Ecuadorian embassy refuge and accept extradition to the US if whistleblower Chelsea Manning was granted … Via Youtube


Mexican pseudo-left and the anti- gasolinazo protests "IndyWatch Feed"

Mexican pseudo-left and the anti- gasolinazo protests By Eric London 14 January 2017 The explosive spontaneous protests, which broke out across Mexico at the start of the new year in response to the government’s gas subsidy cut, laid bare the discontent shared by broad sections of the population against inequality, corruption, and the rising […]



La comunidad de Suc-Tuc en Campeche decide conformar un autogobierno ante la corrupción y represión de sus autoridades "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

15941001_690919024408604_2504680982688502753_n.jpgEn el municipio de Hopelchén en Campeche, la comunidad de San Franciso Suc-Tuc ha decidido regirse por usos y costumbres. ¿Qué significa esto?, los días 9, 10 y 11 de enero, tras una jornada de históricas asambleas deliberativas, los pobladores eligieron a un Consejo de Gobierno autónomo y a tres representantes que fungirán como tesorero, secretario y comisario, todos ellos, desconcentrados y revocables para la administración que se plantee en futuras asambleas, una diferencia radical de lo que enmarca el viejo orden constitucional.

Ahora, velarán por la gestión autónoma del territorio y la vida social en pos de los intereses comunes, y ya no por los que el Estado-Ayuntamiento siempre ha transformado en negocio y lucro de unos cuantos.



In last Thursday's News and Views from the Nefarium I reported on an interesting story that appeared in three different (and very divergent) venues…

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