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Wednesday, 25 November


China Opening “The World’s Biggest Animal Cloning Factory”

Via: Telegraph: The world’s biggest animal “cloning factory” is due to open in China, producing one million calves a year, sniffer dogs and even genetic copies of the family pet. … The factory, which will include a 15,000 square metre laboratory, an animal centre, a gene bank and an exhibition hall, is currently being built […]


Behind Your Holiday Sweet Potato Dish, Hard Work In The Fields Hawaii Public Radio-HPR2

There's an oil painting on one wall in the cluttered room that serves as central headquarters of Burch Farms, a large vegetable grower in Faison, N.C. The painting shows an African-American couple, the woman in a long, plain dress, the man in a homespun shirt.


'Masking' Memories: Thanksgiving In Disguise Hawaii Public Radio-HPR2

These days it seems like the holidays are running together — at least commercially speaking — when Halloween masks start popping up around Labor Day and Christmas trappings are for sale in the stores before Thanksgiving.

In the stores it feels sort of like Hallothankshanachristmasgivingween.

But the jumbling of holidays is not exclusive to contemporary times.


Trying To Build Robust Coalition Against ISIS, Hollande Arrives In Washington Hawaii Public Radio-HPR2

French President François Hollande arrived in Washington on Tuesday to talk to President Obama about building a more robust international coalition to combat the Islamic State.

Hollande is trying to get the big international players — the U.S., Russia and Germany — on the same page.

Hollande will meet with Obama today; with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday and Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday.

On Morning Edition, NPR's Scott Horsley explained that Hollande is trying to bridge a tough divide: the United States and Russia have a fundamentally different view


5 People Shot At Site Of Black Lives Matter Protest In Minneapolis Hawaii Public Radio-HPR2

Five people were injured last night as gunmen opened fire near the site of a Black Lives Matter protest in Minneapolis.

According to a statement posted to the group's Facebook page, the men, whom they call "white supremacists," opened fire after they were asked to leave and were then escorted away from the encampment.

Mark Vancleave of the Minnesota Star Tribune tweeted this video of a protester recounting the event:

Minneapolis police


Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane

Via: Guardian: A furious Vladimir Putin labelled Turkey “accomplices of terrorists” and warned of “serious consequences” after a Turkish F-16 jet shot down a Russian warplane on Tuesday morning, the first time a Nato country and Moscow have exchanged direct fire over the crisis in Syria. Putin, speaking ahead of a meeting with King Abdullah […]



Dominican Republic Issues Warrants Over Fugitive French Pilots

Via: BBC: A judge in the Dominican Republic has issued arrest warrants for three Frenchmen accused of helping two French pilots flee drug convictions. One of the three, Aymeric Chauprade, is an independent right-wing member of the European parliament. The pilots were arrested in 2013 preparing to take off in a plane carrying 26 suitcases […]

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Tuesday, 24 November


DNA ‘Vaccine’ Sterilizes Mice, Could Lead to One-Shot Birth Control

Mice and cats… *wink* Via: Science: Animal birth control could soon be just a shot away: A new injection makes male and female mice infertile by tricking their muscles into producing hormone-blocking antibodies. If the approach works in dogs and cats, researchers say, it could be used to neuter and spay pets and to control […]


A Mother Hangs Her Hopes On A New High School Hawaii Public Radio-HPR2

Last year, when Jann Peña was in eighth grade at a public school and his little brother was in second grade at a charter school, the little brother got more homework.

That was just fine with Jann, an easygoing 14-year-old who passed his ample free time racing cars on his Xbox. But it was unacceptable to the boys' mother, Jovanka Anderson, a Dominican immigrant who wants to give her children a better life than she has.

Without his knowledge, Anderson entered his name into a lottery for a new charter high school in their neighborhood, the impoverished Brownsville section of Brooklyn.


November 25 in history Homepaddock

1034 – Máel Coluim mac Cináeda, King of Scots died. Donnchad, the son of his daughter Bethóc and Crínán of Dunkeld, inherited the throne.

1120 – The White Ship sank in the English Channel, drowning William Adelin, son of Henry I of England.

1177 – Baldwin IV of Jerusalem and Raynald of Chatillon defeated Saladin at the Battle of Montgisard.

1343 – A tsunami, caused by the earthquake in the Tyrrhenian Sea, devastated Naples and the Maritime Republic of Amalfi, among other places.

1491 – The siege of Granada, the last Moorish stronghold in Spain, began.

1667 – A deadly earthquake rocked Shemakha in the Caucasus, killing 80,000 people.

1703 – The Great Storm of 1703, the greatest windstorm ever recorded in the southern part of Great Britain, reached its peak intensity. Winds gusted up to 120 mph, and 9,000 people died.

1755 – King Ferdinand VI of Spain granted royal protection to the Beaterio de la Compañia de Jesus, now known as the Congregation of the Religious of the Virgin Mary.

1758 – French and Indian War: British forces captured Fort Duquesne from French control....


California, An Environmental Leader, Eyes A Key Role In Climate Talks Hawaii Public Radio-HPR2

World leaders are scheduled to meet in Paris soon, trying to draft an agreement on how to combat climate change. Among the heads of state, you'll also see California Gov. Jerry Brown, who is spearheading his own international climate movement.

Brown has been on an international diplomatic tour the last few months — all about climate change.

"The world faces an existential threat," he told Canadian leaders in July.

Then, he went to the Vatican. "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap," he said.

And he met with Chinese leaders in September. The reason for all these meetings?

More Women Are Freezing Their Eggs, But Will They Ever Use Them? Hawaii Public Radio-HPR2

If egg freezing once sounded like science fiction, those days are over. Women now hear about it from their friends, their doctors and informational events like Wine and Freeze.

Shady Grove Fertility Center in the Washington, D.C., area hosts Wine and Freeze nights for prospective patients every few months. Fifteen or so women in their 30s gathered at one recently over wine, brownies and sticky buns.

Goodbye, No Child Left Behind Hawaii Public Radio-HPR2

After a long stalemate, a bipartisan team of congressional negotiators has agreed to overhaul the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. The law, currently known as No Child Left Behind, sends roughly $14 billion a year to schools that serve mostly low-income students.

Here's what we know about the rough agreement. First, annual testing — a major feature of NCLB — would remain for grades three through eight and at least once in high school.



Up until now I have always believed that the Labour Party (the Party my Dad tramped the streets for at some personal cost) was prepared to put the security of the country and its citizens above narrow Party political interests.   Clearly I was mistaken and I am angry and all decent New Zealanders should be concerned, very concerned.

Cut to the TV1 news tonight and the sight of Little panning the PM for his comment that our security agencies have a number of persons deemed as high risk under 24 hour surveillance.  The response of Little and his Greens lapdog Shaw was to suggest that Key was deliberately scaremongering on the back of the Paris terror attacks.  This is KDS at its naked worst.

Turn it around.   Don't the New Zealand public have a right to know that those people in our country assessed as posing a danger to our security are being actively monitored.    Is the Little man actually suggesting that individuals assessed as posing a security threat be allowed to roam free unhindered?  I can understand the Greens think that.   They have constantly advocated the dismantling of our security services.    Labour, up until now, took a more responsible line.

Little stands condemned as playing Party politics with our nations security at a time of peril in an attempt to put a hit on John Key.   He's playing a dangerous game.   His over the top rhetoric will be taken to mean that he, and by extension Labour, is soft on how to combat terrorism.    I suspect there will be harsh words excha...


Dotcom’s future now over to judge Your NZ

The Kim Dotcomn (and others) extradition hearing concluded today. It is now up to the judge to make his decision. NZ Herald reports: Kim Dotcom extradition hearing reaches conclusion Now Judge Nevin Dawson has the unenviable task of wading through hundreds of pages of evidence and hours of submissions to make the decision on whether […]


Today’s Trivia Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Welcome to Daily Trivia. There is a game to play here. The photo above relates to one of the items below. The first reader to correctly tell us in the comments what item the photo belongs to, and why, gets bragging rights. Sometimes they are obvious, other times the obvious answer is the decoy. Can […]


Daily Roundup Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

  Sometimes a little bit of Aussie is still allowed to shine through          


Whaleoil Backchat Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Good Evening, Welcome To The Daily Whaleoil Backchat. You don’t have to stay “on topic” in these posts like you do in all others. Feel free to share your own stories, links to other news or catch up with friends. If you haven’t tried it before, signing in to a Disqus account is free, quick, and […]


On suppression Your NZ

There’s been quite a few comments on suppression lately, most trying to compromise this site, but some seem to not understand how suppression works. This is as far as I understand it. Courts can order name suppression up to blanket case suppression. With name suppresssion you can publish details of a case as long as […]


Trougher thinks we need more taxes Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Over the weekend The Nation ran a story by Torben Akel about whether we needed more taxes to live longer. While most would say ‘Yeah Right’, sadly there’s one person out there that seems to spend all day arguing the need for more taxes to save us from ourselves. To regular readers the name of […]


I think we need to do a little bit more than watch them Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Fairfax reports: Several of the New Zealanders under 24-hour surveillance for links to Islamic State want to commit a terrorist attack on Kiwis, says the Prime Minister. About 40 people are being monitored in New Zealand for their ties to Isis but the most threatening are under constant watch, which means they’re unlikely to be […]


Word of the day Homepaddock

Plutography  – depiction, presentation, or coverage of the rich, particularly the lifestyles they enjoy; the graphic depiction of the lives of the rich, especially as a genre of popular literature, journalism, and broadcasting.

Filed under: language Tagged: plutography ...


Media Party anoints Phil Goff “instant front runner” and “near certain winner” Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Phil Goff is the instant front-runner, if not a near certainty, to be the next mayor of Auckland. He starts the race with more name recognition than any other candidate who has entered this far out from the election in 11 months. He is well known to have been a hard-working, competent Cabinet minister in […]


Told to Leave Grandma Alone. Colin Doesn’t coNZervative

BEWARE. Urban and legal warrior.

BEWARE. Urban and legal warrior. ‘Grandma Quilts,’ a nom de plume, unlike the Dirty politics fabrication and falsehood ‘Mr X.’

After a series of Colon Crag emails, what can only be described as delusional and bizarre missives (to me, to ‘Grandma Quilts,’ to Cameron Slater) –actually described by the latter, i.e. Slater, as “the most bizarre email I’ve ever received”– making demands and threats; Grandma Quilts struck back.  She ‘handbagged’ Colin Craig well and proper. Go girl!  Stand up for your liberty!  Or as Churchill said, In War: Resolution, In Defeat: Defiance…”

In that hand-bagging, Craig was told several times to “LEAVE ME ALONE or I’ll go to the Police!”  Colin did not oblige, replying with more unsolicited ‘legal advice’ to Grandma Quilts, who has done nothing. Colon even titled his missive “NOTICE OF DEFAMATION. (2)” and cc’ed it to his wife?  Couldn’t he just look up from the breakfast table and tell her? You’d think he’d take the hint from Grandma. I suspect Policeman Plod may com...


The Cinderella Effect or as I like to call it ‘SOCKS’ Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Fairfax has an article about ‘The Cinderella Effect’….I call it ‘SOCKS’ [Some Other C*nt’s Kid Syndrome]. It is the same thing. Basically feral scumbags killing off the offspring of the previous sperm donor. Evolutionists trying to understand why stepdads kill at a disproportionate rate say the ‘evil’ step-parent is no fairytale – but a killer […]


Five mining leases approved by Fiji government Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Director of Mineral Resources Malakai Finau

Director of Mineral Resources Malakai Finau

Watisoni Butabua | Fiji Village

Five mining leases have been approved by government.

Director of Mineral Resources Malakai Finau says out of the five, only two are currently operating at the moment and that is the Bua bauxite mine and the Vatukoula Gold mine.

Finau says more than 1 million tonnes of bauxite have been exported so far for Nawailevu.

He says in terms of royalty the department has collected approximately $1.2 million.

He says more than 100 workers have been employed by Aurum Exploration Limited.

The Director for Mineral Resources for the Vatukoula Gold Mine, they have exported about 39 thousand ounce of gold last year.

Finau says they expect similar amounts this year.

He says about 1000 people are currently employed by Vatukoula Gold Mine.

He also says that government has granted mining lease to Canadian Lion One Metals Limited for the Tuvatu Gold mine in Nadi.

Finau says they are in the construction period at the moment.

He says two other mining leases have also been granted to Asia Pacific Resources Limited for the Wainivesi Gold mine in Korovou, Tailevu and Amex Resources Limited for Iron sand mine at the Ba River.



Goff needs more than slogans and sound bites Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

If Goff aspires to run Auckland better than the incumbent Brown then he has to get his head around the fact that the city is run poorly and that merely talking up aspirational projects is not going to cut the mustard. Auckland is a shambles and the problems are deeply rooted within a culture that […]


National Provident Fund Final Report [Part 81] PNGexposed Blog

NPF Final Report

This is the 81st extract from the National Provident Fund (now known as NASFUND) Commission of Inquiry report. The inquiry was conducted by retired justice Tos Barnett and investigated widespread misuse of member funds. The report recommended action be taken against several high-profile leaders, including former NPF chairman Jimmy Maladina. The report was tabled in Parliament on November 20 by Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare.

Executive Summary Schedule 9 Continued

Mt Tapi Brothers

Mt Tapi Brothers Ltd (MTB) had associations with Mr Skate as it provided security services for the Prime Minister’s residence and family and for some of his Ministers. The telephone contact number MTB provided NPF was one of Mr Skate’s official numbers. Also at a later date, Mr Skate actively intervened on behalf of MTB (see below).

Mt Tapi Brothers Forceful Initial Approach

On February 23, 1999, MTB offered to provide security for all of NPF’s properties. In its initial letter it pointed out its close connections with the Prime Minister and enclosed a draft contract. Mr Fabila received the letter on February 24, 1999 and immediately granted a contract to MTB, in the full knowledge that NPF was contractually bound to Metro and Kress.

On February 26, Mr Fabila wrote to Kress and Metro arbitrarily terminating their contracts as from February 28, enclosing cheques for payments due to that date.

Mr Fabila also wrote to MTB granting a 12-month contract, with a three-month probationary period. He then wrote to Century 21, which was still managing NPF properti...


Brewer on Goff – ‘same old red wine but in a new bottle’ Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Cameron Brewer absolutely slays Phil Goff’s announcement that he is standing for Mayor of Auckland: Auckland mayoral candidate Phil Goff’s political philosophy and policies will be no different to Len Brown’s and in fact probably even more expensive,” says Auckland Councillor for Orakei, Cameron Brewer. “In the past week we’ve learnt the Labour Party is […]


Map of the Day Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Sponsored by What Power Crisis, click here for a special deal for Whale Oil Readers Click here for larger view


Cameron Slater has interview with space aliens admitting Phil was committing galactic treason Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

According to Wrongly Wrongson over on the Daily Blog, Phil Goff winning the mayoralty is a done deal. Goff has announced he’s running for the Auckland Mayoralty – which means he’s won. Goff appeals to the Left, the Centre and the gentrified – Cameron Slater would have to have an interview with space aliens admitting Phil was committing galactic […]



William Titipe Powi contested for Southern Highlands Provincial Seat under Peter O’Neill’s party – People’s National Congress (PNC), in the 2012 election. On the race with him were Joseph Kopol (independent), Vincent Mirupasi (independent), Silvester Harry Komba (independent) and others. They were contesting for the seat left vacant by Anderson Agiru (current Hela Governor). At the end of the final elimination, Powi was declared winner on 27 July 2012 with a total votes of 139, 308.

Before switching code into politics, Powi has been the serving as the Southern Highlands Provincial Administrator for about 10 years. Under his belt as the administrator, he delivered absolutely NOTHING to the province. He only manipulated and controlled all the administrative functions of the provincial government to suit his business and political interest. Development funds were used to pay ghost projects and then diverted into personal account to run election. For instance, during the 2012 election in Southern Highlands, a district administrator in one of the districts in SHP was campaigning for Mr. Powi. His home became another campaign house for his former boss (Powi). Food and money became political platform of winning support. I also heard other districts administrators, education and health bosses plus other divisional heads walking here and there throwing support at the bac...


Dodgy Lawyer suspended for “threats of menace” to another lawyer Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

A COLOURFUL Auckland lawyer found guilty of ‘’disgraceful and dishonourable’ conduct is remaining defiant in the face of a two-month suspension from the profession. The New Zealand Lawyers and Conveyancers Disciplinary Tribunal this month suspended Boon Gunn Hong from practicing as a barrister or solicitor for a period of two months after finding him guilty […]


DOC cleared of any blame in the death of US student in Mount Aspiring National Park Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

THE CONSERVATION Department has been cleared of any blame in the death of an American student who perished after becoming separated from her two flat mates while tramping earlier this year near Wanaka. Allison ‘Ally’ Willen from Akron, Ohio, was on an expedition with her two flatmates on the Gillespie Pass in Mount Aspiring National […]


Cameron Slater Hits Back at C.Craig Bizarro Letter coNZervative

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.24.35 AM[From the wires]. When has Colin Craig NOT learned, that attacking Cameron Slater rather imperiously, which is Colin’s style, would not embroil him in a full-on slap down Western bar fight?  Is he not aware of Whaleoil?  Has he not researched the site, having engaged Cameron Slater in a $650,000 law suit?

Mr Slater hits back at Colin’s letter…

“24 November 2015.  9.00am.

“Dear Colin,

“This has to be the most bizarre email I have ever received. 

Firstly there was never an offer to settle from you, just a list of demands with nothing in return.

The irony of you now invoicing me for the “Two of Me” poem (which you origin...


Rural round-up Homepaddock

2016 Zanda McDonald Award Shorlist Announced:

Six of agriculture’s most innovative young professionals have been shortlisted for the 2016 Zanda McDonald Award. The six – three from New Zealand and three from Australia – were selected for their strong leadership skills, being visionary and inspirational within their industry and for clearly demonstrating an unwaivering passion for agriculture.

Dean Rabbidge, 30, is a Southland dairy, beef and sheep farmer from Wyndham currently managing the family farm. Dean is also Vice Chairman of the national Young Farmers Competition and twice a grand finalist.

Erica van Reenen, 31, is an agricultural and environmental consultant with AgFirst, based in Manawatu. Erica is also a trustee of the Te Araroa national walkway from Cape Reinga to Bluff and a Huntaway Festival committee member.

Zach Mounsey, 25, is a dairy farmer and an economist with DairyNZ. He is also Chairman of the Otorohanga Federated Farmers group. Last month, Zach travelled to Argentina; he was selected by the Minister of Primary Industries to represent New Zealand together with Malborough farmer, Doug Avery. . . 

Results Announced for the 2015 Fonterra elections:

Returning Officer Warwick Lampp, of Ltd, has declared the final results of the 2015 elections for the Fonterra Board of Directors, Directors’ Remuneration Committee and Shareholders’ Council.

Shareholders voted to re-el...


Photo Of The Day Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Left for Dead A Mountain Man and a Bear “Left for dead” are three words you never want to follow too closely behind your name. A few other unfortunate, three-word phrases come to mind, like “attacked by grizzly,” “stalked by natives,” and “crawled 200 miles” — and in 1823 fur trapper Hugh Glass tried them all […]


Link Free Hawai`i


See Behind The Scenes Shots Of Our Shows


Click HERE...


Why is John Key doing an Andrew Little? Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Key is an idiot. The All Blacks’ logo is silver and a fern, and that is all.  It has nothing to do with the flag.  He is now desperate and doing stupid stuff that we normally expect to come from the left side of politics. Linking a rugby player’s early death to the design of a new flag […]


Colin Craig Mooning Everyone. New Threats coNZervative

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.24.35 AMThe Colin Craig circus rolls on, and he seems to have new elephants in the menagerie or are they show ponies dressed as elephants?  Colin Crag has/is threatening everyone:  The Civilian, TV3, Russell Norman and the Greens, Jordan Williams, Cameron Slater, Rachel MacGrgeor, me, ex-employees, clients, a grandma that makes quilts, and now, a fresh attack on Cameron Slater.  At last count, I think he was involved in nine or ten separate litigations since winter.

Now from the newswires, THIS, and it gets bizarre.  Having accused various people who’ve never met of being in a cozy conspiracy; of “fabricating baseless and scurrilous allegations;” single-handedly ruining NZ politics with underarm bowling (i.e. criticizing Colin Craig); and denying he had ever written a romantic poem (“Two of Me”) to Rachel MacGregor his employee (not is wife) which he had, he is now invoicing Cameon Slater for the poems use!!!. Yes, Cameron Slater has been invoiced for Colin’s naughty poem! ??? You couldn’t make this stuff up.  Slater published it 15 minutes before Craig resigned as leader (well, sort of resigned) on 19 June 2015.

Here is Craig’s latest weirdo letter-threat (see ‘Grandma Quilts’ stories earlier). They just keep on flowing. It’s kinda odd isn’ it, that its from Centurion Management Services Ltd (???) about a private romantic poem Colin wrote to a younger staff employee who was press secretary for the Conservative Party.  But then, Colin has alw...


Majority of Kiwis want New Zealand involved in dealing to ISIS Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Are you listening John Key? Stop listening to the terrorist huggers in the Maori Party and start listening to your voters. The latest 3 News/Reid Research poll shows a clear majority of voters back New Zealand’s role in the war against Islamic State (IS). But Prime Minister John Key still says he wants to get […]


Political blogs are all about ‘freedom of speech’, except when they are not Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

There seems to be some confusion about what is free speech and what is not free speech. It is a topic often debated. Today I am looking at why political blogs are examples of ‘freedom of speech’ in action but not necessarily in the way that some think they should be. The argument gets complex […]


Trotter on Labour’s coming shuffle of the deck chairs Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Chris Trotter returns to sensibility and explores the shuffling of the deck chairs on the sinking ship Labour. SOMETIME THIS WEEK (the date keeps changing) Andrew Little will announce his Shadow Cabinet reshuffle. The refreshed line-up of senior Opposition spokespeople will be the electorate’s best guide as to who will be doing what in the […]


Subsidies blind producers to market signals Homepaddock

Dairy producers overseas aren’t getting low price signals which have prompted New Zealand farmers to reduce production:

New Zealand dairy farmers’ pay packets continue to be thin because overseas farmers haven’t yet received the price signal to cut milk production on the back of a market glut and low demand, says Rabobank’s top dairy analyst.

“Current global commodity prices in dairy are easily low enough to shut off taps globally. The problem is those low prices have not been passed onto farmers in many regions of the world,” said Tim Hunt, the global agribank’s head dairy strategist on a visit from his New York base.

“(With) these current (GDT) auction results of low US$2000 a tonne, there is no farmer in Europe or the US or Latin America who can make money on that. The problem is that New Zealand farmers are the only ones who are at the moment getting the farmgate signal that reflects that. . . 

New Zealand producers have had the very strong market signal that supply is outstripping demand. The price we’re getting is low, in response to that we’ve cut costs and production.

Subsidies in other parts of the world are protecting farmers from the low prices and blinding them to market signals.

Filed under: business, Farming, food, politics, rural, trade Tagged:...


‘Grandma Quilts’ handbags Colin Craig. coNZervative

412460If you’ve been following along, you’ll know Colin Craig has been threatening a grandma who makes quilts with defamation, which if effected, would be the ninth or tenth suit CC is involved with, since winter.  Catchup here.

106. Craig to Sue Grandma Who makes Quilts (Behind the Scenes of the Colin Craig Catastrophe (20 Nov 2015)


Whaleoil on ‘Grandma Quilts’ (20 Nov.)

Cameron Slater and I have almost minus zero contact (one email of three letters -FYI- and one short phone call, ever) and have crossed swords over his writing style and tone at times, as I have with David Farrar. The latter and I … Continue reading 

Well, she has responded to Craig’s silly threatening letters that masquerade as legal imperatives and told him in no uncertain terms, to LEAVE ME ALONE OR I”LL GO TO THE POLICE.  Good for her.

19 November 2015


Phil Goff admits he’s double dipping, so agrees not to. For all of four weeks Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Once a trougher always a trougher. Phil Goff started his political career in 1981 and for all of the ensuing years bar three of them has lived in a publicly funded trough. Now he is going to spend the next year campaigning to be Mayor of Auckland and you and I are going to pay […]


"Won't someone please think of the childless?" Lindsay Mitchell

So said "libertarian" senator David Leyonhjelm from NSW supporting legislation to remove welfare from parents who won't immunise their children.

The central issue aside, what a difference to NZ discourse:

"To the childless people of Australia, I want to say, on behalf of this Parliament, thank you for being childless.
"You work for more years and become more productive than the rest of Australia. You pay thousands and thousands of dollars more tax than other Australians. You get next to no welfare ...
"But you pay when other people get pregnant, you pay when they give birth, you pay when they stay at home to look after their offspring ..." Senator Leyonhjelm said.
The Liberal Democrat said that he was sorry than instead of receiving thanks, Australians without children were "often ignored, pitied, considered strange, or even thought of as irresponsible".
"For your sake, I hope the children you are forced to support don't end up as juvenile delinquents, and I hope that they get immunised so that you don't end up getting sick. Because you'll pay then, too." 
I suppose the immediate objection is that a "libertarian" senator would not support the state forcing parents to immunise their children. But the state isn't. It is withdrawing other people's money from those who refuse to.


“We allowed fraud for a long time, fueling our growth” Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

For a bunch of people that can allegedly hack, and program and otherwise have shady connections to Anonymous et al, the people behind the Megaupload conspiracy were remarkably confident they were not under surveillance.  As it is, they’re going to be taking a trip to the USA because they clearly display mens rea. Ms Gordon […]


7Best (Shoes as Birds. 2/7) coNZervative

Originally posted on coNZervative:

Trevor Mallard might like these for drag night at the next Labour party conference.


View original

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Response to’Pro Bono’ Your NZ

A comment made by “Pro Bono’ requires a response. Pete George has let her/”Mike C” roam free here and allowed to make wild statements about people on an almost daily basis. Everyone is allowed to “roam free and allowed to make” statements to a large extent. He posts there is only to be one account […]


Further dumbing-down at RadioLive Lindsay Mitchell

The only remaining reason I listen to RadioLive is disappearing.



‘The Message’ is clear Your NZ

Russell Brown has posted The Message at Public Address, giving an account of sorts of Phil Goff’s launch of his campaign for the Auckland mayoralty. They message he is trying to convey is quite clear. His intro: The announcement of Phil Goff’s intention to seek the Auckland mayoralty yesterday was able and organised. Various important […]


A web log Your NZ

On ‘team Lauda Finem’ and a web of thuggery. ‘Blog’ is derived from ‘web log’. I’ve decided to write an ongoing log of a web of harassment involving a small group of people, most of whom are based in Auckland, New Zealand, who have abused, attacked, victimised and defamed many people. Yesterday two people rang […]


Sexual Violence Petition Kapiti Independent

women mp's protest‘Sign the Petition for Parliament — Now !

 From Marianne at ActionStation! 

When, one after another, women MPs stood in Parliament recently to disclose they were survivors of sexual violence, some people insisted they must have been exaggerating to make a political point.

But the cold, hard reality is that these women represent the statistical norm for women and girls in New Zealand, who are amongst the worst off in the world when it comes to sexual violence. Last year New Zealand was ranked below only sub-Saharan Africa, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe when it comes to rates of sexual violence.[1]

That’s why we are calling on the Government to fully fund specialist sexual violence support services.

Sign the Petition now

Please sign the petition now, we’ll be delivering it tomorrow. 8000 people have already signed, we need to get that number up to 15,000 by tomorrow.

If you are in Wellington, please join us tomorrow for the petition delivery....


Whaleoil General Debate Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

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Quote of the day Homepaddock

If nature has made you for a giver, your hands are born open, and so is your heart; and though there may be times when your hands are empty, your heart is always full, and you can give things out of that–warm things, kind things, sweet things–help and comfort and laughter–and sometimes gay, kind laughter is the best help of all. –  Frances Hodgson Burnett, who was born on this day in 1849.

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Face of the day Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

“Most people know me, but don’t know my story. At the age of 3, I watched my father leave. I attended four different high schools and struggled with dyslexia, making my education more challenging than it is for most. Eventually I left high school without earning a diploma. At the age of 23, my closest […]


Word of the day Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

The word for today is… desultory (adj) – 1. Moving or jumping from one thing to another; disconnected. 2. Occurring randomly or sporadically. Source : The Free Dictionary Etymology : 1580s, “skipping about,” from Latin desultorius “hasty, casual, superficial,” adjective form of desultor “a rider in the circus who jumps from one horse to another […]


Daily Proverb Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Proverbs 23 20Do not carouse with drunkards or feast with gluttons,


Whale Oil connections Your NZ

A week ago a post appeared on Lauda Finem that revealed substantial personal and family information about a regular commenter here, ‘Mike C’. This may have seemed “out of the blue” to some people but it obviously would have taken someone some time to trawl the Internet to source the material. It’s really quite creepy. […]



Fihu manmaleleffa hit na guaha dos na ofisiat na lenguahi para i isla-ta. Unu sen hongga pa'go, sen oppan, ayu i Fino' Ingles. Lao i otro, mas tahdong, mas umaya gui' yan i estorian i isla yan i mismo taotao-na, ayu i Fino' Chamoru. Gi i 1970s, i difunto Paul Bordallo ha chalani i Liheslaturan Guahan para u fama'tinas lai put este na asunto. Sigun ayu na lai, guaha dos na ofisiat na lenguahi. Impottante ayu na bidan-niha, sa' para noskuantos na siklo, i mismo lenguahi-ta ti ma respepeta ni' taotao sanhiyong. Humuyongna, i Chamorro lokkue' (ko'lo'lo'na gi ma'pos na siklo) ti ma agradesi i bali-na i lenguahi, ya despues di i Tiempon Chapones ma yute' i lenguahi, ya ti ma fa'na'gue maolek i halacha na henerasion.

Ya-hu este na video, sa' gi un mas kabales na tano'-ta, siempre taiguihi i fina'tinas yan i nina'huyong i Gobetnamento. Para u fama'tinas todu gi i dos na ofisiat na lenguahin Guahan.



I've been involved in some form or another with the issue of indigenous fishing rights for Chamorros since 2009. I've attended dozens of meetings, worked on dozens of documents and talked to hundreds about the issue. It has been a largely frustrating endeavor, as the issue is so heavily laden with ideology, that even before you have said anything, people, often with little to no thought or information have already determined their response. What is so strange about Bill 160, is the way it seems to avoid or ignore what progress we've made on the issue of indigenous fishing rights, while creating another layer of government, which could conflict with existing layers of government resource management. I'm supposed to write up a response to Bill 160 and the discussion around it, and so I wanted to share some of the recent articles about it.


Contentious public hearing for fisheries conservation legislation
by Sabrina Salas Matanane
November 17, 2015

After the hearing was called off last week,  the controversial Guam Ocean and Fisheries Conservation Act of 2015 finally had its public hearing this morning at the Guam Legislature. Right from the start, Bill 160 ran into some rough waters.

Senator Jim Espaldon said, "If the author felt his original bill was inadequate I...


Social Media – Tuesday Your NZ

24 November 2015 Social Media Watch is an open forum similar to Open Forum where any topic can be introduced, but with a focus on New Zealand blogs and social media. This expands on the aim for Your NZ to be a joint project with the more people contributing and the more variety the better. […]


Open Forum – Tuesday Your NZ

24 November 2015 This post is open to anyone to comment on any topic that isn’t spam, illegal or offensive. All Your NZ posts are open but this one is to encourage you to raise topics that interest you.  Comments worth more exposure may be repeated as posts. Your NZ is a mostly political and […]


Animal Magnetic Sense Comes from Protein That Acts as a Compass

Via: New Scientist: Quick – can you tell where north is? Animals as diverse as sea turtles, birds, worms, butterflies and wolves can, thanks to sensing Earth’s magnetic field. But the magnet-sensing structures inside their cells that allow them to do this have evaded scientists – until now. A team led by Can Xie’s at […]


UW Team Refrigerates Liquids with a Laser for the First Time

Via: University of Washington: The discovery could help industrial users “point cool” tiny areas with a focused point of light. Microprocessors, for instance, might someday use a laser beam to cool specific components in computer chips to prevent overheating and enable more efficient information processing. Scientists could also use a laser beam to precisely cool […]


Physicists Achieve Quantum Entanglement at Room Temperature

Via: SciTechDaily: Previously, scientists have overcome the thermodynamic barrier and achieved macroscopic entanglement in solids and liquids by going to ultra-low temperatures (-270 degrees Celsius) and applying huge magnetic fields (1,000 times larger than that of a typical refrigerator magnet) or using chemical reactions. In the November 20 issue of Science Advances, Klimov and other […]

Monday, 23 November


Pfizer Set to Buy Allergan for More Than $150 Billion

More than $150 billion. Not a typo. Via: Reuters: Pfizer Inc (PFE.N) secured formal board approval on Sunday for its acquisition of Botox maker Allergan Plc (AGN.N) for more than $150 billion, a deal that will create the world’s biggest drug maker, according to people familiar with the matter. The deal, the largest ever in […]


November 24 in history Homepaddock

380 – Theodosius I made his adventus, or formal entry, into Constantinople.

1429 – Joan of Arc unsuccessfully besieged La Charité.

1542 – Battle of Solway Moss: The English army defeated the Scots.

1639 – Jeremiah Horrocks observed the transit of Venus, an event he had predicted.

1642 – Abel Tasman became the first European to discover the island Van Diemen’s Land (later renamed Tasmania).

1806 William Webb Ellis, who is credited with the invention of Rugby, was born (d. 1872).
1815 –  Grace Darling, English heroine, was born (d. 1842).
1849 – Frances Hodgson Burnett, British-born author, was born (d. 1924).

1850 – Danish troops defeated a Schleswig-Holstein force in the Battle of Lottorf.

1859 – Charles Darwin published ...

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