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Tuesday, 21 August


Cyclist Finds Lost Baby Raccoon And Carries Him To Safety In Backpack "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Retired police sergeant Dave Ferrell was riding along a bike trail in Florida last week when his ears were struck by the cries of a baby animal in distress.

And he knew he had to help.

Credit: Wikipedia

There, huddled all alone in the middle of the path in front of Ferrell, was a young raccoon screaming out for his mother.

"He was in bad shape laying in the bike trail, flies all over him," Ferrell later wrote on Facebook. "He wasn't long for this world."

Ferrell searched the area in hopes of finding the baby's mom, but she was nowhere to be seen. So, fearing that the little guy would soon perish without intervention, he then loaded up the little raccoon into his backpack and pedaled him to safety.

"I couldn't leave him out there," Ferrell wrote.

Credit: Dave Ferrell/City of Tallahassee Police Department

After making his way back to the trailhead, Ferrell was met by an officer from the Tallahassee Police Department to complete the journey to get the raccoon the help he needed. Throughout the rescue, the frightened baby seemed to sense his rescuer's good intentions.

"He really relaxed and enjoyed the ride in that CamelBak," Ferrell wrote. "He just kind of chilled out back there!"

Before long, the raccoon was placed under the care of Emily Shaw at St. Francis Wildlife Rescue.



Rare snowfall reported in Uruguay "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Brazilian and North American meteorologists both agreed it was snow that was seen falling in parts of Uruguay on Sunday, August 19, 2018. Since Uruguay is located within the temperate zone of the tropic of Capricorn, the country has warm summers and crisp winters...... Read more

One of Omaha's wettest days on record, widespread flash flooding, Nebraska "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

As of 15:00 CDT on August 20, the Eppley Airfield in Omaha, Nebraska received 156.2 mm (6.15 inches) of rain, making it the fourth-wettest day in the city since record-keeping began in 1887. The city's wettest day on record was August 7, 1999, with 164 mm (6.46...... Read more

Typhoon "Soulik" approaching southern Japan, landfall expected in South Korea "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A Very Strong Typhoon "Soulik" is approaching southern Japan and is expected to cause strong winds and drop heavy rain in southern and western parts of the country. According to the JMA, it will pass very close to Kyushu and the Amami islands on the...... Read more

Major damage after two tornadoes rip through North Island, New Zealand "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A large waterspout formed in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand on August 20, 2018, and hit the Ohope Beach just after 17:30 NZST, damaging at least six properties. Ohope is 6 km (3.7 miles) east of Whakatane, North Island. At the same time, on the other side of North...... Read more

Wild-caught timber elephants in Myanmar die earlier than captive-born ones "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

In Myanmar, more than 5,000 elephants have been put to work in the logging industry over the past century, accounting for one of the worlds largest captive elephant populations. They include elephants caught from the wild and tamed, as well as elephants born in captivity. Both the wild-caught and captive-born elephants live, eat and work together, hauling logs by day and foraging in the forest by night. They are also subject to the same rules, including those governing workload, rest periods, retirement age and data recording. But theres a key difference: Myanmars wild-caught timber elephants have higher rates of mortality and shorter life spans than those born in captivity, according to a new study published in Nature Communications. A Myanmar timber elephant hauling a log. Image by Virpi Lummaa. For more than a century, the government of Myanmar (formerly Burma) has maintained detailed records of Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) employed in the timber industry, such as when an elephant was born, whether in the wild or in captivity; its age when it was tamed; and who its parents and offspring are. If the elephant was captured, then the records detailed how it was caught: whether it was part of a herd that had been driven into a stockade, whether it was immobilized by sedation or captured by lasso. By combing through this dataset of 5,150 timber elephants of which 2,072 were captured from the wild between 1951 and 2000, and 3,078 were born in captivity between 1925 and 1999


Venezuela Braces for the Devaluation Storm "IndyWatch Feed War"

Experts foretell heavy use of calculators and perhaps chaos. The nation already is in a miserable state. Inflation is running over 100,000 percent, food and medicine are scarce and citizens are are fleeing by the thousands to neighboring countries. Some have met with violence.

  • A devaluation. A new currency. A strike. A sense of panic
  •  As misery deepens, the president deploys an opaque plan
People display the new 2 and 5 sovereign bolivar banknotes Aug. 20. Photographer: Carlos Becerra/Bloomberg

President Nicolas Maduro picked a Friday evening before a long, holiday weekend to unveil a 95 percent currency devaluation. Over the ensuing three days, Venezuela was calm, even quiet. That figures to change dramatically Tuesday.

Venezuelans may encounter soaring prices even as they negotiate the simultaneous debut of a so-called sovereign bolivar currency that drops five zeros after years of hyperinflation. And on top of it all, opposition politicians and unions are organizing a 24-hour nationwide strike, saying the devaluation will deepen suffering.

The plan as Maduro laid it out was marked by inconsistencies and was short on specifics, suggesting that any attempt to stabilize the economy would start out facing huge credibility problems, Francisco Rodriguez, chief economist of Torino Capital, wrote in a note to clients Monday.

Whatever its reception in international financial circles, the combination of events in the capital city of Caracas foretells heavy use of calculators and perhaps chaos. The nation already is in a miserab...


BearingPoint makes strategic investment in Insignary "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

BearingPoint has made a strategic investment in Insignary. It marks BearingPoints first time investing in an Asian start-up. As part of its Ventures activities, the investment builds on BearingPoints partnership with Insignary, through which they offer managed binary code scanning service in Europe. The funding will enable Insignary to meet the growing demand in the EU, the US and Asia for businesses looking to improve their open-source software (OSS) risk management. Insignarys software-as-a-service (SaaS) and More

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CrowdStrike appoints Paul Shinn as chief legal officer "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

CrowdStrike announced the appointment of Paul Bradley Shinn as chief legal officer. Shinn brings to CrowdStrike more than 20 years of experience as a corporate counsel advising technology companies. Prior to joining CrowdStrike, Shinn was the chief legal officer and senior vice president of Corporate Development for Gigamon, where he drove legal strategy and support across multiple disciplines. Shinn advised management and the Board of Directors at Gigamon on topics including commercial contracts, governance, compliance, More

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NDP MP Refuses to Withdraw from Canada-Israel Interparliamentary Group "IndyWatch Feed War"

Randall Garrison is refusing to heed a call from 200 well-known musicians, academics, trade unionists and NDP members to withdraw from the Canada-Israel Interparliamentary Group (CIIG). To justify his pro-Israel campaigning the Victoria MP has cited that countrys relatively gay friendly policies even as he promotes a bastion of Canadian homophobia.

Garrison is vice-chair of a group that promotes greater friendship and cooperation between the Canadian and Israeli parliaments. As I detailed here, CIIG has organized events with other pro-Israel lobby organizations and the co-chairs of its Israeli counterpart the Israel-Canada Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group are stridently anti-Palestinian.

Garrisons ties to anti-Palestinian lobbying groups goes beyond his role as vice-chair of CIIG. In May Garrison, Liberal MP Marco Mendicino and Conservative MP David Sweet co-sponsored an event with the staunchly anti-Palestinian Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC). Israels Ambassador Nimrod Barkan spoke at the event on Parliament Hill.

That month Garrison also spoke at an event put on by the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) and Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee (CJPAC). The guest of honour was Irwin Cotler who, notes Max Blumenthal, spent his career defending Israeli human rights crimes.

At the NDPs convention in February Garrison was one of the MPs who voted to suppress debate on the most widely supported foreign policy resolution. Endorsed unanimously by the NDP youth convention and by over 25 riding associations, the Palestine Resolution mostly restated official Canadian policy, except that it called for banning settlement products from Canadian markets, and using other forms of diplomatic and economic pressure to end the occupation.

In 2017 Conservative Party Senator Linda Frum, who labeled a Palestinian-Canadian art exhibit at Ottawas city hall ...


Rumores indican que Anglica Rivera volvera a las telenovelas "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Rumores provenientes de un canal con amplia credibilidad en el espectculo indican que sera posible que Anglica Rivera acte prximamente en una telenovela en Estados Unidos   Regeneracin, 20 de agosto de 2018. La Primera Dama de Mxico, Anglica Rivera podra volver prximamente a las telenovelas, segn rumores difundidos por el canal de YouTube Chacaleo, []

La entrada Rumores indican que Anglica Rivera volvera a las telenovelas se public primero en Regeneracin.


Readying Knives: The Mortality of Australian Prime Ministers "IndyWatch Feed War"

The opinion poll prime ministership is a modern Australian disease.  Not only does it suggest an ailing in the Westminster system, but a profound contempt for the democratic sensibility on the part of party representatives, hacks and the industry that supports them.  Prime Ministers are merely the icing, to be whipped off and replaced on going stale.  Little wonder that the Australian politician can never be permitted to be an authentic representative, ever hostage to sentiment and the astrological deceptions of polling.

This conditioning is so total it has even bewitched the journalistic classes, who have also done their best to feed the complex of the short-term prime minister.  Twenty-four hour news tends to do that.  A veteran ABC journalist let it slip on Monday morning that the elections were about the party strategists, the politicians and the polls. It was easy in such an assessment to avoid the Australian voter, whose relevance has declined as the influence of party brokers has risen.

A canon of politics is that support expressed with fervent enthusiasm in the public domain is bound to reverse behind closed doors.  Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has the firm support of numerous members of his front bench, expressed publicly.  This is exactly why he should be worried. Such enthusiasm could be lethal.

Even potential challenger, the one-dimensional oafish Peter Dutton of the Home Affairs portfolio, has claimed Turnbull has his support, though he has left a tantalising morsel for political observers.  If my position changes that is, it gets to a point where I cant accept what the government is proposing or I dont agree then the Westminster system is very clear: you resign your commission, you dont serve in the cabinet.

Finance minister Matthias Cormann has attempted to adopt the nothing to see here approach while giving the Canberra press gallery every reason to presume that something is afoot.  He claims to have heard no talk about conservatives pressing Dutton to mount a challenge to Turnbull.  This, despite four 5.30 morning walks with Dutton, a fellow hardline conservative with whom he keeps on good terms with.  To Sky News, he claimed that, We are both very committed to the success of the Turnbull government and to wining the next election.

Turnbull had done himself no favours.  He remains weak but more to the point, has appeared to be weak.  He took his party to the last federal election and received a thumping which imperiled his majority.  He has been unsuccessful holding the sniping conservatives within his ranks at bay while embarking on an obsessive campaign to wound the opposition leader, Bill Shorten.  The latter aspect of this strategy failed to materialise in the last round of by-elections which saw no Coalition gains, notably in the Queensland seat of Longman.  As Queensland promi...


Nigerian stabbed to death in U.S. by girlfriends ex "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A Nigerian, Taofeek Oluwanishola Anifata, has been stabbed to death by his girlfriends ex at Fort Bend County, Katy, Texas, United States. ToL reports that the suspect, Godson Akran (38), also a Nigerian, has been arrested and presently in police custody after he allegedly stabbed Anifata to death on Thursday in front of his []

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Redadas contra Salvatruchas y Barrio 18 en Chiapas "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Militares y gendarmera recorren Suchiate, Tapachula, Huixtla, Cacahoatn, Tuxtla Chico, entre otros, para detener a la mara en esa zona de Chiapas Regeneracin, 20 de agosto del 2018. En municipios colindantes con Guatemala, se realizan operativos para la localizacin de miembros de las bandas Mara Salvatrucha y Barrio 18, en el territorio chiapaneco. Se trata []

La entrada Redadas contra Salvatruchas y Barrio 18 en Chiapas se public primero en Regeneracin.


Nigeria escapes FIFA ban "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

FG endorses Pinnick as NFF President World football body to monitor situation   Nigeria on Monday escaped the big hammer of the Federation of International Football Association after the Federal Government met all the conditions of the world football body. FIFA in a statement on its website acknowledged that Nigeria had met the condition given []

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Trump, McGahn and Iran-Contras Lessons "IndyWatch Feed War"

I was White House counsel in 1986-87. I cooperated with investigators because Reagan was innocent.

Image may contain: people standing, sky, grass and outdoor



President Trumps detractors see White House counsel Don McGahns cooperation with special counsel Robert Mueller as a breakthrough in Mr. Muellers investigation. From personal experience, I see it as further evidence that the president and his advisers have concluded Mr. Trump has done nothing wrong and has nothing to hide.

I was White House counsel during the Iran-Contra affair, a case in which President Reagan was accused of the unauthorized use of government funds, illegally selling weapons to Iran, trading arms for hostages in violation of longstanding U.S. policies, an illegal coverup, and misleading Congress and the American people. These charges were pressed eagerly by the media and committees of Congress, which was fully controlled by Democrats beginning in 1987. As today, the medialed by the New York Times, the Washington Post and CNNand Democrats in Congress hoped to bring about the impeachment of a Republican president.

In writing my book about the Reagan presidency, I counted the number of articles about Iran-Contra in the Times and the Post between Nov. 6, 1986, when the scandal became public, and Jan. 31, 1987, when I got tired of counting. In that three-month period, there were 555 stories in the Post and 505 in the Times, an average of more than five a day in each paper. If you think the media frenzy of today is unprecedented, think again.

Under the law in 1986, an independent counsel could be appointed by a special panel of appellate-court judges. Lawrence Walsh, a former prosecutor, took the job. He did not issue his report until 1993, more than six years after his appointment. But Iran-Contra fizzled as a...


Trump warns no concessions to Turkey for pastors release "IndyWatch Feed War"

US president says country making terrible mistake with conditions to free Andrew Brunson

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

The escalating spat with Washington has placed more pressure on the beleaguered Turkish economy, which has seen its currency hit hard in recent weeks Reuters

Demetri Sevastopulo in Washington

US President Donald Trump has warned Turkey that he will not agree to any concessions as his administration raised the pressure on Ankara in an attempt to secure the release of an American pastor who is under house arrest in the country.

In an interview with Reuters, Mr Trump said he would not agree to any demands that Turkey has made as a condition for the release of Andrew Brunson, a North Carolina preacher whose detention since 2016 has sparked a dramatic deterioration in relations between America and Turkey, an important Nato ally.

I think its very sad what Turkey is doing. I think theyre making a terrible mistake. There will be no concessions, Mr Trump told Reuters.

Mr Trump has taken an increasingly assertive stance towards Turkey in recent weeks since the collapse of a preliminary deal to release Mr Brunson. The US has accused the countrys president Recep Tayyip Erdogan of reneging on a deal, saying he released Mr Brunson and placed him under house arrest instead of releasing him outright.

Earlier this month, Mr Trump imposed sanctions on two Turkish cabinet ministers in connection with the Brunson case. The US later raised tariffs on imports of steel and aluminium from the country. Last week, Steven Mnuchin, Treasury secretary, warned that the US would impose more sanctions if Mr Brunson was not released quickly.

The escalating spat with Washington has placed more pressure on the beleaguered Turkish economy, which has seen its currency the lira hit hard in recent weeks. The lira weakened by 1.1 per cent on Monday to TL6.0814 to the dollar. It continued to weaken in evening trading in New York, reaching TL6.0973.

Asked by Reuters if he worried about the knock-on impact on other economies, Mr Trump said: Im not concerned. This is the proper thing to do.

US officials have argued that the Turkish economic problems are fundamentally unrelated to the dispute over Mr Brunson, which has exploded in recent weeks.

Mr Trump told Reuters he expected Mr Erdogan to live up to his word, particularly since the US president had helped convince Israel to free a Turkish woman who had been detained in the country. I got that person out for him. I expect him to let this very innoce...


Abuja building collapse: Rescuers return to site, discover body "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

One more body has been discovered at the site of the collapsed four-storey building at Jabi area of Abuja after rescuers returned to scene. This brought the number of casualty to three. The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister, Malam Muhammad Musa Bello, ordered the rescue team back to site, following a protest by some relatives []

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China Ready To Force Another Ally Away From Taiwan "IndyWatch Feed War"

Taiwan is set to lose its third diplomatic ally this year, a source with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters on Tuesday, amid pressure from China on the remaining nations with diplomatic ties with the island to cut them.

The source, who declined to be identified as he was not authorized to speak to the media, did not name the country. Eighteen countries currently have diplomatic ties with Taiwan.

Image may contain: 1 person

China claims Taiwan as its territory, and says the democratic island has no right to formal ties with any country.

Taiwans Ministry of Foreign Affairs is due to hold a press conference before 0200 GMT.



Court remands 114 IPOB women in prison "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Police, DSS arrest BZF leader, members   A Magistrates Court in Owerri, Imo State yesterday remanded in prison custody 114 pro-Biafra women arrested last Friday by the police during a peaceful procession. The women are said to be members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). Also yesterday, combined operatives of the police and the []

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With leaders like this, no wonder Melbourne has an African gang problem "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

As Melbournes African gang crime wave rampages unabated, politicians and police search for answers. Or, failing that, excuses and blame-shifting. Anything, it seems, other than actually arresting the rioting gangs of criminals. As always, no problem is so urgent or so manifest that politicians wont resort to their favourite avoidance tactic, a good old community [] The post With leaders like this, no wonder Melbourne has an African gang problem appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Dangote, VDMA commence training to build skilled workforce "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Dangote Industries Limited (DIL) and German Equipment Manufacturers Association (VDMA) have formally opened the Trainthe- Trainer (Didactic & Rhetoric) Course (ToT) under the Dangote VDMA Initiative on Technical Education & Vocational Training (TVET). The programme, which took place in Dangote Acadamy Complex, Obajana, Kogi State recently, was a culmination of a project that started on []

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No Peppa Pig at this kinder "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

For kids in the West, kinder is mostly about games, finger-painting and storytime. But at a kindergarten in the worlds largest Islamic nation, it seems the kids are taught less Peppa Pig and more Jalil Jihad. Quote: A kindergarten located within an Indonesian military housing complex has been forced to apologise after dressing its preschoolers [] The post No Peppa Pig at this kinder appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Britain to US, Europe: Go further to counter Russia "IndyWatch Feed War"

New British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt on Tuesday will urge the United States and European countries to do more to call out Russias malign behavior and keep Vladimir Putin in check, notably by implementing tough sanctions.

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

Vladimir Putin

The established rules of international conduct are repeatedly being flouted by major countries like Russia, Hunt was to say in Washington, in his first major policy speech since succeeding Boris Johnson in July.

Such aggressive and malign behavior undermines the international order that keeps us safe, Hunt was to tell an audience at the US Institute of Peace, a nonpartisan think tank, according to excerpts provided by the Foreign Office.

Of course we must engage with Moscow, but we must also be blunt: Russias foreign policy under President Putin has made the world a more dangerous place.

London has blamed the March poisoning in southwestern England of former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia using a Soviet-made nerve agent on Moscow, plunging the two countries into a diplomatic crisis.

A number of Western countries have punished Moscow by expelling Russian diplomats in a coordinated manner, and some have gone further with other punitive measures.

Those come on top on sanctions already in place over Russias annexation of Crimea or Moscows interference in foreign elections, notably in the 2016 presidential vote in the United States.

Hunt, who is to meet on Wednesday with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, will ask Londons allies to do more.

Today, the United Kingdom asks its allies to go further by calling on the European Union to ensure its sanctions against Russia are comprehensive, and that we truly stand shoulder to shoulder with the US, Hunt will say, according to the excerpts.

That means calling out and responding to transgressions with one voice whenever and wherever they occur, from the streets of Salisbury to the fate of Crimea.

The administration of US President Donald Trump has been firm with Moscow, regularly announcing new sanctions over the Skripal case, but that message is sometimes muddied by Trumps willingness to improve ties with Putin.

At his July summit with the Russian leader in Helsinki, Trump appeared to be rather conciliatory towards his counterpart, shortly after raising hackles at a NATO summit in Brussels with his contrarian stance.

That earned the president widespread criticism at home, even angering many...


Kitten 'Too Weak' To Survive Looks So Happy And Healthy Now "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Pippin, along with so many other kittens, was born in an abandoned farmhouse in a terrible hoarding situation in fall 2015. The woman who owned all the cats had been charged with animal hoarding and neglect previously, and had somehow managed to repeat her crimes. Humane Society International (HSI) Canada came in and rescued all of the kittens and cats, many of whom were pregnant. By the time everyone was rescued and all the pregnant cats had given birth, the humane society had 91 cats in its care. 

Unfortunately, many of the kittens were incredibly sick and barely clinging to life when they were rescued and little Pippin was one of them. 

Credit: Liam McConnell

Pippin was among those considered too weak to pull through, Liam McConnell, Pippins new dad, told The Dodo. His condition was terrible. He was severely underweight, weak, filthy and his fur was matted. HSI Canada had to be very gentle with him because of his fragility. 

Credit: Liam McConnell

Despite how sick he was, Pippins rescuers still had hope that he would pull through, and he was placed with one of the rescues foster moms, Sayara Thurston. She cared for Pippin around the clock, and as time passed, little Pippin somehow pulled through. He grew stronger and stronger until he was finally out of the woods and ready to go and find his forever family. 

Not long after he was put up for adoption, McConnell and his girlfriend, Ani Unrau, found out about Pippin through a friend, and immediately knew he was meant to be the newest addition to their family. 


Ambode, Aregbesola Ashafa task Muslims on prayers "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

As Muslims across the globe celebrate the Eid-El-Kabir festival, the Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode and the lawmaker representing the Lagos East Senatorial District, Senator Gbenga Ashafa, have on called on Muslims in Nigeria to pray for the nations steady progress. The duo urged the Muslims to embrace the values of sacrifice, love and []

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Resist Marxism Rallies Confronted and Outnumbered Across US "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Resist Marxism Rallies Confronted and Outnumbered Across US appeared first on It's Going Down.

On August 18th, a handful of demonstrations took place across the US under the banner of the pan-far-Right group, Resist Marxism, which has open connections with neo-Nazi groups and members who attended Unite the Right in Charlottesville. Originally, close to 8 demonstrations were scheduled to take place, all under the banner of opposing the myth of growing Far-Left Violence against Trump supporters. The original Resist Marxism call was inspired by the events Portland on June 30th; a day ironically marked (and celebrated on the Right) by members of the Proud Boys sending several people to the hospital and splitting their heads open.

As the 18th drew closer, one by one, around half of the events were cancelled, event organizers began to engage in a round of infighting and doxxing with each other over non-payment of t-shirts, and someone leaked a series of internal emails to Its Going Down.

By the time that the 18th came around, only several cities still had events planned: Tucson, AZ, Austin, TX, San Jose, CA, Boston, MA, as well as a rally headed by Joey Gibson in Seattle, WA. Like other far-Right and Alt-Right events planned throughout August, these rallies were meant to overwhelm and outnumber antifascists in cities where the Right had a history of pulling big numbers. Across the board, we saw the complete opposite however, as in each case besides San Jose, the far-Right was greatly outnumbered.

Heres a roundup, and be sure to send us your own report backs, here.



Anuncian marcha de familiares de desaparecidos en Tamaulipas "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

En Cd. Victoria, Tamaulipas, familiares de desaparecidos convocaron a movilizacin en el marco del Dia Mundial del Detenido-Desaparecido Regeneracin, 20 de agosto del 2018. Familiares de desaparecidos en Tamaulipas anunciaron una serie de actividades y movilizaciones, con el objetivo de que se agilicen las bsquedas y se detengan las desapariciones. En el marco del Da []

La entrada Anuncian marcha de familiares de desaparecidos en Tamaulipas se public primero en Regeneracin.


Eld-el Kabir: EEDC assures customers of regular power "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Enugu Electricity Distribution PLC (EEDC) yesterday assured electricity consumers within the district of regular power supply during the Eid-El-Kabir public holiday. In a statement signed by Head Communications of the company, Mr. Emeka Eze and made available to journalists in Enugu, EEDC wished its customers a happy experience as they embarked on two-day Sallah []

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Abia to compensate communities hosting Enyimba Economic City "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Abia state Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu has reiterated his administrations commitment to ensure that owners of land in three local councils hosting Enyimba Economic City (EEC) were adequately compensated. Ikpeazu said this yesterday during a meeting in Aba with major stakeholders of Ukwa East, Ukwa West and Ugwunagbo local government areas where the Enyimba Economic []

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Fashola to inaugurate TCN substation, 60MVA power transformer in Akure "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Transmission Company of Nigeria has completed a 30/40MVA 132/33kV transmission substation project in Wudil, Kano State and a brand new 60MVA 132/33kV power transformer in Akure, Ondo State. The transformer and substation project would be officially commissioned by the Minister of Power Works and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola SAN, according to a statement from []

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3rd Mainland Bridge closure: Motorists tasked on alternative routes "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Motorists, comprising both commercial and private vehicle owners have been urged to make use of alternative routes provided during threeday closure of 3rd Mainland Bridge to ensure free flow of traffic in Lagos metropolis. According to Federal Controller of Works in Lagos, Mr. Adedamola Kuti, investigative maintenance test on the Third Mainland Bridge will commence []

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What Will You Do If WWVB Goes Silent? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Buried on page 25 of the 2019 budget proposal for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), under the heading Fundamental Measurement, Quantum Science, and Measurement Dissemination, theres a short entry that has caused plenty of debate and even a fair deal of anger among those in the amateur radio scene:

NIST will discontinue the dissemination of the U.S. time and frequency via the NIST radio stations in Hawaii and Ft. Collins, CO. These radio stations transmit signals that are used to synchronize consumer electronic products like wall clocks, clock radios, and wristwatches, and may be used in other applications like appliances, cameras, and irrigation controllers.

The NIST stations in Hawaii and Colorado are the home of WWV, WWVH, and WWVB. The oldest of these stations, WWV, has been broadcasting in some form or another since 1920; making it the longest continually operating radio station in the United States. Yet in order to save approximately $6.3 million, these time and frequency standard stations are potentially on the chopping block.

What does that mean for those who dont live and breathe radio? The loss of WWV and WWVH is probably a non-event for anyone outside of the amateur radio world. In fact, most people probably dont know they even exist. Today theyre primarily used as...


Map of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Todays MOTD was suggested by Jane Click on image for a high-res view Indulgence versus Restraint Indulgent cultures will tend to focus more on individual happiness and well being, leisure time is more important and there is greater freedom and personal control.  This is in contrast with restrained cultures where positive emotions are less freely [] The post Map of the day appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Dr Blake Mysteries S03 E07 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Doctor Blake Mysteries is an Australian television series that premiered on ABC TV on 1 February 2013 at 8:30 pm] The series stars Craig McLachlan in the lead role of Doctor Lucien Blake, who returns home to Ballarat, northwest of Melbourne, in the late 1950s to take over his late fathers general medical practice and role as police surgeon after an absence of 30 years. Five series aired as of 2017, with a telemovie scheduled to close the program at the completion of the fifth season.

In October 2017, the Seven Network announced they acquired production rights for 2018. Producers later announced production would be suspended pending outcome of the police investigation of the sexual assault allegations directed at Craig McLachlan. He was cleared of the charges In April 2018, Seven Network announced a series of telemovies including all the present cast except Craig McLachlan



Jim Crows Lasting Legacy At The Ballot Box "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Denying voting rights to people with felony convictions has roots in racist laws.


Falta de respeto fotos de mujer semidesnuda en la UNAM, denuncian alumnos "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

La cuenta no oficial de la Facultad de Contadura de la UNAM exige sancionar a quienes resulten responsables por la falta de respeto a CU, considerada Patrimonio de la Humanidad   Regeneracin, 20 de agosto de 2018.- Autoridades de la Universidad Nacional Autnoma de Mxico (UNAM) no se han pronunciado por la denuncia realizada en []

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Uri Avnery, Israeli Activist for a Palestinian State, Dead at 94 "IndyWatch Feed War"

Uri Avnery, a self-confessed former Jewish terrorist who went on to become Israels best-known peace activist, died in Tel Aviv on Monday, following a stroke. He was 94.

As one of Israels founding generation, Avnery was able to gain the ear of prime ministers, even while he spent decades editing an anti-establishment magazine that was a thorn in their side.

He came to wider attention in 1982 as the first Israeli to meet Yasser Arafat, head of the Palestine Liberation Organisation. At the time, Arafat and the PLO were reviled in Israel and much of the west as terrorists.

Famously, Avnery smuggled himself past the Israeli armys siege lines around Beirut to reach Arafat. The pair were reported to have maintained close ties until the Palestinian leaders much speculated upon death in 2004.

Avnery founded Israels only significant if small peace movement, Gush Shalom, in 1993.

He and his followers tried to build political pressure in Israel and abroad, seeking to convert the lip service paid to a two-state solution in the Oslo peace process into a concrete Palestinian state.

A harsh critic of Benjamin Netanyahus far-right government until the end, Avnery filed his final weekly column two weeks ago, lambasting Israels new Nation-State Basic Law as semi-fascist.

For Israels currently besieged peace bloc, Avnerys passing is a significant blow.

Despite tributes from Israeli opposition politicians on Monday, his voice had long ago become marginalised at home. He was the last major public figure still visibly fighting to bring about a two-state solution.

His unyielding positions in support of an Oslo-style peace had begun to appear to many on the Israeli right and left as obsolete, especially after Donald Trumps ascendancy to the White House. Since then, Israel has barely veiled its intention to annex parts of the West Bank, destroying any hope of a Palestinian state.

Avnery publicly rejected a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on a shared, single state for Israelis and Palestinians.

He also opposed a general boycott of Israel, as advocated by the growing international BDS movement. Gush Shalom, however, did support boycotts restricted to the settlements.

Avnery arrived in what was then British-ruled Palestine in 1933, aged 10, emigrating with his family from Germany as the Nazis rose to power.

At 15, he was an young recruit to the Irgun, an underground Jewish militia the British classified as a terrorist organisation. But increasingly disenchanted with its attacks on Palestinian civilians, he quit a few years later.

Avnery fought with the Haganah later to become the Israel Defence Forces durin...


Recin nacidos habran sido contagiados de peligrosa bacteria en hospital del IMSS en Ecatepec "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Un grupo de ocho bebs permanecen graves luego de ser presuntamente contagiados en el Hospital General de Zona, Clnica 76 del IMSS, Xalostoc, Ecatepec.   Regeneracin, 20 de agosto de 2018.-  Por lo menos ocho bebs permanecen internados en grave estado de salud, luego de ser supuestamente contagiados de una bacteria en el Hospital de []

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Visibilizar feminicidios exigen en Quertaro "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

En Quertaro, feministas y defensoras de las mujeres se movilizaron en la Plaza de Armas para exigir se visibilice el feminicidio como problema social queretano Regeneracin, 20 de agosto del 2018. Activistas feministas de Quertaro exigen sean reconocidas las 68 muertes de mujeres como feminicidios. Los casos han sido puntualmente documentados. La iglesia se suma []

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Conferencia con AMLO subi el rating del canal de Presidencia en unas horas "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

La conferencia conjunta de Pea Nieto con AMLO tuvo, en unas cuantas horas, ms vistas que muchos de los videos de los ltimos meses en el canal de Presidencia en YouTube   Regeneracin, 20 de agosto de 2018. La conferencia de prensa conjunta del presidente electo de Mxico, Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador (AMLO), y el []

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Whaleoil Tip: Share buttons "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Whaleoil Tip for today: Share buttons! You may notice there are some share buttons to your favourite social media platform plus email and print options. Feel free to promote a post with your friends by using that facility. You will find them under the post if you scroll down to the end. In addition, there [] The post Whaleoil Tip: Share buttons appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Signs of Trump-Putin collaboration, starting years before the campaign? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Shane Harris Shane Harris is a staff writer at The Washington Post. He covers intelligence and national security and the Russia investigation. Protesters outside the White House last month give their assessment of President Trumps relationship with Vladimir Putin. (Photo by Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post) Of all the allegations contained in the Steele []



Canberra is just full of Final Solutions "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

When Fraser Anning used the phrase final solution in his maiden speech in parliament, the wave of hysterical outrage he triggered could hardly have been worse if hed taken a steaming dump on the Senate floor while giving the Roman salute, and then wiped his backside with a picture of Anne Frank. Shocking insult! thundered [] The post Canberra is just full of Final Solutions appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


US Indicts Two on Allegations of Spying for Iran on MEK Members in US "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sputnik August 21, 2018 The Justice Department of the United States charged two people with circumventing US sanctions against Iran, discretely working on behalf of Irans government to conduct surveillance on Israeli and Jewish facilities inside the country, and attending MEK events in the US to collect intelligence. The Justice Departments National Security Division []


The Stanford Prison Experiment is Not What We Were Taught "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Recently 994 items including 49 videos and 54 sound recordings were deposited in Zimbardo's online archive at Stanford University. This newly revealed evidence challenges everything that has been taught about the Stanford Prison Experiment.

From the article:

We all know the story of the Stanford Prison Experiment. It has been a staple of introductory psychology textbooks and lectures for nearly fifty years (see Griggs, 2014).

[...] But now, a half century later, dramatic new evidence has emerged that challenges Zimbardo's account. Our textbooks and our lectures will have to be rewritten. The story of what happened in the SPE and why such brutality occurred will have to be retold.

[...] The startling new evidence tells a tale of the experimenters treating the Guards effectively as research assistants. It reveals how disturbed the Prisoners were when Zimbardo told them they could not leave the study. It raises profound intellectual, moral and even legal questions about what went on in that Stanford basement in the summer of 1971.

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Corresponde a los ciudadanos mexicanos evaluar el gobierno de Pea Nieto: AMLO "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Evaluar el desempeo gobierno del presidente Enrique Pea Nieto estar en manos de los ciudadanos mexicanos, seal el presidente electo de Mxico, Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador (AMLO)   Regeneracin, 20 de agosto de 2018. Evaluar el desempeo gobierno del presidente Enrique Pea Nieto estar en manos de los ciudadanos mexicanos, seal el presidente electo de []

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Mxico entre las quince naciones mas contaminantes "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Mxico es el principal emisor de gases efecto invernadero en Amrica Latina. Bioxido de carbono 71% de emisiones en nuestro pas Regeneracin, 20 de agosto del 2018. Mxico se encuentra entre los principales pases que contaminan en el mundo y es el principal emisor de gases de efecto invernadero en Amrica Latina. La proporcin de []

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Avergonzado, papa Francisco pide perdn por sacerdotes pederastas "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Hemos descuidado y abandonado a los pequeos, dijo el papa Francisco luego del escndalo por el encubrimiento del Vaticano ante abusos sexuales de 300 sacerdotes a ms de mil nios en Pensilvania Regeneracin, 20 de agosto de 2018.- Con la intencin de apoyar todas las medidas judiciales que sean necesarias, el papa Francisco pidi perdn []

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Intel Drop: US to Assassinate Brunson as Turkey Ready to Release List of Crimes "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

    Senior editor Gordon Duff, VT Istanbul bureau Chief Nahed Al Husaini, Colonel James Hanke, US Army Special Forces (ret) and former State Department adviser, Dr. Osama Ismail   Introduction: The faceoff between Trump and Erdogan has reached new dimensions.  VT has gained access to the case file against pastor Andrew Craig Brunson, who []


TRUTH JIHAD talks to ex-CIA activist Ray McGovern and April Watters "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In this conversation, I bring up the two biggest shock-and-awe demonstrations of Zionist power in the USAthe Kennedy assassinations and 9/11...


DISTANT DREAM Reverse "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Distant Dream (Poland), Reverse (feat. Stel Andre) from the album It All Starts From Pieces (2017), Instrumental Post rock | Post metal.

Official Distant Dream band links

Similar bands / Sounds like / Influences:

Seeming Emptiness, Captains of Sea and War, Apoa, Microtonner, Exxasens, Russian Circles, Gray Souvenirs, m o ero, Antethic, Callisto, Nyobe, Doomina, Leech, Then They Flew, Sioum, Moonlit Sailor, Nevermind the Name, If These Trees Could Talk, Servants of Silence, Lam, No Respect for Beauty, A Light In The Dark, Maces, Loveless, This Will Destroy You, Oh Hiroshima, This Is Your Captain Speaking, Pray for Sound, Tuber, Calf, Quiet Pliz, Icaro, From Oceans To Autumn, Caspian, We.Own.The. Sky, Isis, Pelican, Red Sparowes, Cult of Luna, Cloudkicker, Minsk, Intronaut, Toundra, Envy, Jesu.

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Winters Dusk In Mistful Abyss (wdima Official Channel)
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Who made Peter Whittall the fall guy? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Its completely natural for families who have lost loved ones to put the blame on someone, anyone in fact. Theyve suffered through no fault of their own and so yes, someone else is to blame, but is that someone Peter Whittall? At the trial following the Pike River disaster where charges were laid under the [] The post Who made Peter Whittall the fall guy? appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.



MPs SALARIES "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The decision by Jacinda Ardern to place a freeze on the salaries of parliamentarians is both smart politics and virtue signalling of the worst kind.

Smart politics because the great unwashed see MPs as enjoying a champagne lifestyle on a champagne income.

The reality is the exact opposite (especially for those MPs holding constituency seats).     MPs  are not well remunerated.    At the bottom end of the scale a backbench MP with no additional responsibilities is paid some $40,000 less per annum than an Auckland GP while, at the other end, the Prime Minister receives some $130,000 less per annum than the Police Commissioner (appointed by her).    

One might of course be tempted to focus on the small number of MPs who would struggle to match what they are receiving in the real world but they are very much in the minority.   Certainly many of the MPs that I work/associate with would command far higher salaries in the market place.

And it's virtue signalling of the worst kind because next year when the Remuneration Authority makes it determination next year it will factor the 3% adjustment foregone into its new determination and, while the PM can bang on as much as she likes about changing the basis on which the determinations are made, the reality is that the Authority is independent of Parliament and that is as it should be.

The alternative is a return to the bad old days when parliamentarians set their own salaries.  That must be avoided.


Rescued Circus Lion Can't Stop Cradling His Brand-New Swing "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Sashas former life could be described in one word miserable. She and two other lions, Nena and Kimba, had spent 10 years locked up in tiny wire cages, only being let out to perform for Circo Navarro, the Guatemalan circus company that owned them. But after each performance, the lions were shoved back into their barren cages.

Sasha, Nena and Kimba, who may all be sisters, had their claws removed to make it easier for trainers to handle them. This is an extremely painful procedure that basically amputates their toes at the first knuckle and causes permanent damage. Not only were they declawed, but the lions had to endure endless, brutal training sessions to perform circus tricks.

Credit: ADI

But things were about to change for Sasha, Nena and Kimba. Last year, Guatemala officially banned the practice of using live animals in circuses, which meant that Circo Navarro was now operating illegally. And in June, the team at Animal Defenders International (ADI) negotiated the release of Sasha, Nena and Kimba, as well as two other lions, Tarzan and Tanya, who were owned by a different circus company in Guatemala.

Credit: ADI

With the lions safely in their care, the ADI team got busy building them special enclosures at a temporary rescue center in Guatemala. While waiting for their new homes, the lions were placed in large crates filled with hay and toys. This setup wasnt ideal, but the lions still seemed to love the crates, which were much bigger and more comfortable than the small, barren cages they were accustomed to.


Black Youth Assualted Over Confederate Flag Comment "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

During the Willamette Music Festival, a young man shared his dislike of the Confederate flag. He made the remark when a black Ford pickup drove through the festivals campground waving the flag passed him. He yelled at the three white occupants of the vehicle telling them he did not like their flag. A verbal match []


Desaparecen y aparecen cinco personas en Tierra Blanca, Veracruz "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Las alertas se encendieron por la presunta desaparicin de cinco personas, cuatro jugadores de futbol y una mujer, en el municipio de Tierra Blanca.   Regeneracin, 20 de agosto de 2018.- Un grupo de cinco personas desaparecieron en el municipio de Tierra Blanca, Veracruz, y prendieron las alertas; aunque aparecieron ilesas horas despus, su desaparicin []

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Life insurers liabilities rise to N476bn in 3 years "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

As part of their commitment to underwriting business, life insurance operators steadily grew their liabilities to N476.44 billion within a space of three years from N341.61 billion, New Telegraph has learnt. The details revealed through a report by the Nigerian Insurers Association (NIA), covered the period between 2014 and 2016.     According to the []

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The History of Jihad: A compelling saga of Islamic ascendancy which the West has opposed with cowardice "IndyWatch Feed War"

The History of Jihad: A compelling saga of Islamic ascendancy which the West has opposed with cowardice
Edward Cline is a novelist; I am grateful to him for this detailed and thoughtful review of my new book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, which you can order here. Demand for the book has far exceeded expectations. Currently it is out of stock, but it is being reprinted and will be []


Tucson, AZ: Antifascists Mobilize Large Numbers Against Resist Marxism Rally "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Tucson, AZ: Antifascists Mobilize Large Numbers Against Resist Marxism Rally appeared first on It's Going Down.

Report back from anarchists opposing the Resist Marxism rally in Tucson, Arizona this past weekend.

On 8/18 an Alt-Lite group by the name of Patriot Movement AZ (PMAZ) held their second rally in Tucson in just two weeks. The first rally on 8/4 largely flew under the radar of anti-racist organizing in Tucson, but a few of us went to scout it and found a surprisingly large crowd of fascists, would-be militia members, Trump worshipers, and Alt-Right trolls who crawled out from their internet havens into the Arizona sun.

While it was alarming to see that they had organized a rally of forty or so people and we had failed to meaningfully mobilize against it, this scouting trip produced photos of their use of the proto-Nazi Kekistani flag, which would prove instrumental in our organizing against their rally set for the 18th.

On the morning of the 18th a lot of us were feeling rather nervous, as there had been a litany of threats from PMAZ in the intervening weeks, most of which boiled down to some variation of if any of you antifa tries to get in the way of my free speech and Ill shoot you with one of the many guns Im going to be carrying.

Thankfully, we quickly built up our confidence as the counter protests numbers swelled to maybe two-hundred to two-fifty, easily outnumbering the fascists by at least 4 to 1. A blow-by-blow of everything that happened over the course of the 3 hour event would probably be a bit long, but here are a few key reflections.

As the event got underway, the Tucson Police (TPD) attempted to create a barrier that would separate counter-protesters from the area where the fascists were gathering by about fifty feet away. After the crowd repeatedly went around metal barriers, tore down police tape, and approached the fascists from multiple angles, TPD was forced to tightly encircle the area with metal barriers and line them with cops. Not only did this make the relationship between the police and far-Right organizing clear, it also allowed the crowd to get close enough to disrupt any speeches the fascists tried to make.

It seems like the crowd was able to disobey police orders with ease in part because there were a number of distinct groups that were each able to bring a particular tone to the approach of ignoring police ordersthe block bloc, the clown bloc the marching band, and the circus performers. A representative interaction went something like this: the black bloc is staunchly refusing to move as TPD approac...


Usoro emerges new NBA President "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Paul Usoro, yesterday emerged the new President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) after a keenly contested election. Usoro, who was a major member of the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Sarakis legal team at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), polled 4,509 votes to defeat two other aspirants, Arthur Obi []

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Killings: SARS shuns South-South NHRC inquiry "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) yesterday shunned Federal High Court, Port Harcourt, venue of yesterdays public hearing organized by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on extra judicial killings as none of its operatives appeared before it. 17 petitions forwarded to the Commission by complainants, alleging torture, harassment and killings of loved ones by SARS operatives []

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Kale: Economy out of recession, heading towards sustainable growth "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Nigerias economy is in second stage of recovery, heading towards sustainable growth, Statistician General of the Federation and Chief Executive Officer, National Bureau of Statistics ( NBS) Dr. Yemi Kale declared. His clarification came on heels of reports in the media quoting him as saying Nigeria had yet to emerge from recession. Kale was a []

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NGO donates 160 aprons to market women in Abuja "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

In a bid to promote cleanliness among traders and check health and environmental hazards in the market, an NGO known as Umuada Di-Igbo Mma, on Friday distributed 160 pieces of aprons, at Utako Market, Abuja. The National Coordinator of the Abujabased organisation, Mrs Beauty Ikeaka, said that the initiative was meant to promote a clean []

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FCT gives 72 ex-corps members N9.6m awards "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

About 72 ex-corps members who served in the Federal Capital Territory have been rewarded with the sum of N9.6million. The awardees, who fulfilled their mandatory service year in Batch C 2013 to Batch A 2016, were rewarded for their outstanding services to the nation and humanity . Minister of the Federal Capital Territory,( FCT) Malam []

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Youths urged to shun cultism, Internet fraud "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The younger generations of Nigerians have been advised to desist from indulging in cultism, internet scam and the illicit use of drugs as such destructive practices could jeopardise their future. President, Abuja Newspapers Distributors Association (ANDA), Comrade Orogun, gave the advice recently during the public presentation his book titled, Dangers of Campus Cultism, Drug Abuse []

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Now they are coming for the rest of the plastic "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

It was only ever a matter of time. Having succeeded in banning single-use plastic bags, the rest of the plastic in supermarkets is now in the sights of the environmentalists. While the loss of the outer plastic bags may not be such a problem while all of the food is individually wrapped, the whole debate [] The post Now they are coming for the rest of the plastic appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


European research centre elects PLASU don as member "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A Senior Lecturer at the Department of Psychology, Plateau State University (PLASU), Bokkos, Mr. Ismaila Yakubu has been elected as member of the European Centre for Research Training and Development in the United Kingdom. The confirmation of the don as a member of the research body followed a certificate issued and signed by Prof. Stephen []

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Eid-el-Kabir: Akinlade congratulates Muslims, urges support for Amosun, APC "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Baba Adinni of Yewa land in Ogun State, Hon. Abiodun Akinlade, has felicitated with Muslims in Ogun State on the occasion of the 2018 Eid-el-Kabir celebration, saying that its a season of sharing and sacrifice. Akinlade, who is a leading governorship aspirant in Ogun State on the platform of the ruling All Progressives Congress []

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How Nigeria can generate 36,000MW, by don "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  A don, Professor Sylvester Egwu, has offered advice to the government on how to generate 36, 000 Mega Watts needed to free Nigeria from shackles of epileptic power supply. Egwu gave the advice in a press release made available to New Telegraph in Lagos. He said that the solution to electric power generation, transmission []

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By the hoarders, for the hoarders: Billionaires are incompatible with a democratic society "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

I spent most of the last six years or so helping conduct experiments in science education. To get funding, we had to show evidence supporting our techniques and expectations. During the work we had oversight from both our company and experts at the NSF. This wasnt just making sure that the grant money wasnt being misused, it was also to ensure that the children on whose classrooms we were experimenting were not harmed by our experiments. These students are real people, and their schooling, good or bad, has ripple effects that will last for their entire lives.

Because of that, my team, in addition to being run by people with a solid record in the field, spent a lot of time soliciting the advice of science teachers, both in and out of the schools we were working with. Theres a balance to be found. On the one hand, I know a lot more about climate science than most k-12 teachers. On the other hand, I have no degrees in education, and I have never been a class teacher.

It wouldnt matter if I could recite every climate science paper ever written from memory, because actually teaching a classroom full of children is a completely different area of expertise, and I think theres an strong case to be made that its actually harder than any field of science. Managing dozens of children with developing brains, changing bodies, and home lives ranging from idyllic to abusive is a massive challenge, even without trying to teach them anything, and I dont think our culture really understands that.

Bill Gates, like most people, saw that there were problems with our education system, and decided to use his massive hoard of wealth to try to fix it. I suppose that could have been a good thing, and there were a lot of people who were convinced that it WAS a good thing. The problem is that Gates ignored the people who warned him that his ideas wouldnt work.  In the last few years, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has issued quiet statements indicating that they had just spent billions of dollars to find out that their entire approach was misguided and possibly damaging. Had they actually listened to the people who dedicated their lives to education, they could have spent all that time, money, and manpower actually improving our education system.

But they didnt need to listen to anybody. They didnt need to check in or get approval. Billionaires have no checks and balances on them. Trumps stance of being above the law isnt just because hes in the Oval Office as a billionaire, he comes from a culture of people who...


Stunning NASA Image Lets You Watch the Sun Explode in Real Time "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The surface of the sun is a roiling tangle of magnetism, heat and light, stunning new images reveal.


Light from ancient quasars helps confirm quantum entanglement "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Last year, physicists at MIT, the University of Vienna, and elsewhere provided strong support for quantum entanglement, the seemingly far-out idea that two particles, no matter how distant from each other in space and time, can be inextricably linked, in a way that defies the rules of classical physics.

Take, for instance, two particles sitting on opposite edges of the universe. If they are truly entangled, then according to the theory of quantum mechanics their physical properties should be related in such a way that any measurement made on one particle should instantly convey information about any future measurement outcome of the other particlecorrelations that Einstein skeptically saw as spooky action at a distance.

In the 1960s, the physicist John Bell calculated a theoretical limit beyond which such correlations must have a quantum, rather than a classical, explanation.


Stem cell-loaded hydrogel boosts healing process of aging muscles "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Its an unfortunate fact of life that as we get older, our cells gradually lose the ability to heal themselves. Thankfully, at least one aspect of that might be treatable in the near future, if new work from Georgia Tech pans out. Researchers have developed a hydrogel that holds muscle stem cells, and by injecting this near the site of a muscle injury they can get to work repairing it. The team says the technique could be effective at treating injuries in the elderly and people with muscular dystrophy.


Washington Post hits Trump for strong-arming Erdogan over imprisoned pastor, praises Erdogan as unbowed "IndyWatch Feed War"

Washington Post hits Trump for strong-arming Erdogan over imprisoned pastor, praises Erdogan as unbowed
The Post also wrote: But Erdogans ability to benefit from the crisis has raised questions about whether Trump underestimated the Turkish leader, a nimble tactician who is convinced that Western powers are bent on crippling Turkey because of its status as a strong Muslim nation. It doesnt matter to the Post that Erdogan is busy []


Social Media CensorshipHere Are The Deep Basics "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Jon Rappoport Orchestrated un-creation of the fabric of free speechthis is what were seeing. Several of the biggest conservative/libertarian figures on the NetAlex Jones,...


A Gangster State "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Craig Murray | August 20, 2018 Max Weber defined a key attribute of a state as holding the monopoly on the legitimate exercise of violence within a given territory. For anybody other than the state to use substantive physical force against you or to imprison you is regarded as an extremely serious crime. The []


Robert Spencer Video: Stanford Student Vows to Physically Fight Zionists on Campus "IndyWatch Feed War"

Robert Spencer Video: Stanford Student Vows to Physically Fight Zionists on Campus
In this new video, I discuss the case of Stanford student Hamzeh Daoud, who made a physical threat to pro-Israel students on campus. He wasnt expelled; he just lost his RA job, while the student press portrayed him as the victim. It was a small example of how much views that dissent from the Leftist []


View from your window "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Where do you think todays photo was taken? Yesterdays photo: Taken in the morning on Davidsons Rd looking towards the Port Hills. NOTE: We prefer photos to be from a window with preferably part of the window in the shot. They do not have to be exotic locations. They can be the view from your kitchen window or [] The post View from your window appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


The Fallacy Of Misplaced Concreteness "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Who am I as a subjective entity, and what is this objective reality in which I operate within? Is there a purpose to it all? People have longed and desired for millennia the answers to these most fundamental of questions about human existence. Not only do people want concrete answers to their existential questions, but []

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Rural round-up "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Anti-glyphosate zealots want ag to use more fuel, chemicals and cut food output Tim Burrow:

Sensationalist headlines about glyphosate have been plastered across media worldwide for the past week.

This followed the decision of a Brazilian court ruled to suspend the registration of glyphosate until national health regulatory agency completes a toxicological re-evaluation which could take a couple of years.

Within days of the that ruling, the Californian Superior Court ruled that Monsanto was liable in a lawsuit filed by a man who alleged the companys glyphosate-based products caused his cancer. . . 

Dedication to fruit industry recognised  Yvonne OHara:

Earnscy Weaver has been a familiar figure in the Central Otago horticultural scene all his life.

His contribution as a consultant, research liaison officer, industry body board member and leader was recognised when he was made a life member of Horticulture New Zealand at its conference last month.

However, he was in the United States talking to orchardists about recent developments with cherries, and will receive the award later.

He was delighted with the honour and was pleased as it also acknowledged the support of his wife Irene and family. . . 

Cookie Time founder Michael Mayell bets on a future of hemp Aimee Shaw:

After 35 years in the biscuit business, Cookie Time founder Michael Mayell is heading in a new food direction: hemp seeds.

The snack food maker turned social entrepreneur is now advocating a future of hemp smoothies and other edibles.

Christchurch-based Mayell founded Cookie Time in 1983, aged 21, and has been on a food journey ever since.

His foray into hemp followed three months of researching the future of food. Hes now hooked. . . 




HPR2622: Raspberry Pi Temperaturator "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Items used Raspberry pi 3 B 0.25 watt resistors Reusable breadboard One Wire thermal probe Various jump wires


Protectionism Abroad and Socialism at Home "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Protectionism Abroad and Socialism at Home

President Trump and Congress should pursue a policy of free markets and free trade for all and bailouts for none.

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Whats Left of RussiagateAre We Down to the 1,000 Paid Trolls? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Mark F. McCarty | Way of the Bern | July 19, 2017 Those who pay attention to what is going onas opposed to passively consuming the obsessions of MSMknow that the Clinton-related material published by Wikileaks emerged from leaks, not hacks. Assange has stated in no uncertain terms that the Russian government was not responsible []


Environment and Conservation Authority stinks to the core "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Can relevant Authorities please investigate the Environment and Conservation Authority? It seems that individuals in this organization are now convinced they are above any laws of the land. So what is happening?

The Minister has now appointed his Own Political Campaigner, Mr Leo to a Consultant Position, giving advice to him on nothing. Mr Leo is consistently in the corridors of CEPA, asking for work that has been done by CEPA Officers, then commenting on it, and handing it in as his own and getting paid between K50,000 to K100,000 + Per Month. His payments are facilitated by Ms Nancy Kavu Revenue Manager. To date, He would have been paid over K1m already for not producing even one pieces of real work. The government is looking for money? Well CEPA is spending!

On the topic of the controversial Ms Nancy. She is the only government officer in the world that has Delloite on contract, to provide to her filing services. She has hidden their filing activities calling it Audit. To Date, Delloite has been preparing the Audit documents since 2016 for financial year 2015. That is preparation for 2.5 years now and being paid over K2mill already for Nil Production. Kavu has also been the subject of 2 investigations. 1 where she was allegedly held up at BSP bank however baystanders have said she just gave the money bag to the so called robbers. The second hold up was where they followed her staff to the carpark of new CEPA office and made away with monies belonging to CEPA. In all over K200,000 lost. She refuses to answer any questions by CEPA HR, refuses to file even a police report and above all, in both cases, refused to report the robberies to Police. What is even more frustrating is that CEPA Management is so incompetent they cannot suspend or sack her. The alternative for Kavu is Nihin Polomon. She manages government warrents. Nihin is a controversial character in CEPA. She has been overpaying and paying invoices multiple times for years, and again, the Managing Director Gunther Joku and Deputy Managing Director Dilu Muguwa and senior management cannot do anything abo...


Hillicon Valley: Trump goes after Twitter, Facebook | House Dems call for Sinclair probe | Apple removes China gambling apps | Cryptocurrencies form self-regulatory group "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Welcome to Hillicon Valley, The Hill's newsletter detailing all you need to know about the tech and cyber news from Capitol Hill to Silicon Valley.Welcome! Follow the cyber team, Olivia Beavers (@olivia_beavers) and Jacqueline Thomsen (@jacq_thomsen...


Arabia Saudita prepara decapitar 50 manifestantes de primavera rabe "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

 75 decapitaciones en lo que va del ao, faltan 50. Esra al-Ghamgam de Arabia Saudita, estuvo tres aos detenida tras primavera rabe, luego ejecutada Regeneracin, 20 de agosto del 2018. En Arabia Saudita se orden la decapitacin de Esra al-Ghamgam quien estuvo detenida durante tres aos, desde el 2015 y finalmente decapitada, por defender la libertad []

La entrada Arabia Saudita prepara decapitar 50 manifestantes de primavera rabe se public primero en Regeneracin.


Politician-owned firm wants 8-mile settlers evicted "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Photo Caption: Ports 2221 Development Association Inc chairman Steven Gideon (center) with executives Willie Kaiano (left) and Gena Monda holding the copy of the eviction letter.

A company with links to a politician from Southern Highlands has issued a 21-day eviction notice to more than 3,500 residents of a proposed suburb in Port Moresby.

The proposed eviction at 8-Mile in Moresby North East would also affect about 300 public servants and private sector employees, 1,000 school children, two (2) schools and five (5) Christian churches.

Just three (3) weeks after the launching of NCD Settlement to Suburb Programme initiated by NCD Govern...


Another Surge of Wildfire Smoke Hits Puget Sound: The Worst on Record "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Folks were surprised how quickly the air quality deteriorated Sunday afternoon, rapidly going from moderate air quality to unhealthy conditions with a profound loss of visibility.     Things improved over night around Seattle, but then went downhill today--with the worst hourly smoke levels on record (back several decades).

Let me show you and explain the fascinating and complex situation we are in.

Here is a plot of the particulate levels (PM2.5) at the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency Duwamish site from last Tuesday to 3 PM today (Monday).   You can see the rapid surge of smoke yesterday afternoon, followed by a sudden fall in yesterday evening.  And then it started rising again this morning, reaching a peak now that is far higher that either yesterday or last week.

In fact, this hourly smoke level is the highest on record at this site (going back roughly two decades) and higher than anything last summer--the plot below is the proof!

Yesterday, as the winds aloft turned northerly and northeasterly, the huge reservoir of smoke in British Columbia and eastern Washington surged southward overhead, but air quality did not decline immediately.



Winn Schwartau Discusses Cyber Security at DEFCON "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Las Vegas, Nevada Winn Schwartau, author and cyber security expert who has been working in information security since 1983, sat down Unicorn Riot at the 26th annual DEFCON hacking conference.

Since the early days of the conference Schwartau has been known for his appearances as the host of the popular game Hacker Jeopardy, and for his provocative, original ideas about security topics which he has described in more than a dozen books and articles. Winn once testified before Congress, saying

An electronic Pearl Harbor is coming.

His first non-fiction book, Information Warfare: Chaos on the Electronic Superhighway, written in the early 90s, introduced the concept of cyberterrorism to the public. He has written many other books regarding cyber-security and recently released a new book titled Analogue Network Security

To learn more about DEFCON, Winn, and what an electronic Pearl Harbor is, watch our interview from DEFCON 26:

In 2002, Winn was honored as a Power Thinker and one of the 50 most powerful people in networking by Network World. In 2007 SC Magazine labeled him one of the Top 5 Security Thinkers, and in 2008 he was voted one of the 25 Most Influential People in the Security Industry by Security Magazine.


Indiana: Muslim gets 15 years for jihad massacre plot, says Im a big teddy bear that got emotional "IndyWatch Feed War"

Indiana: Muslim gets 15 years for jihad massacre plot, says Im a big teddy bear that got emotional
Awwwwww. Crown Point man gets 15 years for spreading information in hopes of planning terror attack in U.S., by Becky Jacobs, Chicago Tribune, August 20, 2018: A Crown Point man who shared information about how to create explosives and poisons in hopes of carrying out an attack in the United States was sentenced to 15 []


Social Media Faces EU Fine If Terror Lingers for an Hour "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

From the BBC.

The European Commission is planning to order websites to delete extremist content on their sites within an hour to avoid the risk of being fined. The regulation would affect Twitter, Facebook and YouTube among others. The crackdown would lead to the EU abandoning its current approach - where the firms self-police - in favour of explicit rules.

The shake-up comes in the wake of high-profile terror attacks across Europe over the past few years.

Julian King, the EU's commissioner for security, told the Financial Times [Subscription required] that the EU would "take stronger action in order to protect our citizens".

The BBC has confirmed the details of the report.

Original Submission

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When virtue signalling goes beyond a joke "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

As the whole world has heard by now  (because the world media has reported on it) Julie Anne Genter got on her bike and rode to the hospital to have her baby induced. It wasnt a real bicycle, of course. It was a bike with a lithium battery. A LITHIUM BATTERY! I thought Greenies were [] The post When virtue signalling goes beyond a joke appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.




President Trump Warns Social Media Giants: Very Dangerous to Police Free Speech "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

President Trump Warns Social Media Giants: Very Dangerous to Police Free Speech

Warning comes as reports claim White House poised to take action.




Citizenship Application Numbers Soar Since 2015 Elections "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The number of U.S. citizenship applications have significantly increased since the 2105 primary election cycle. With the current president spouting his disdain for immigrants during his campaign and since Donald. J. Trump took office the numbers show a large increase in petitions for citizenship. The number of applicants, ages 18 and over, who filed for []


Video from UK: At Speakers Corner, Christian points out multiple versions of Quran, gets death threats "IndyWatch Feed War"

Video from UK: At Speakers Corner, Christian points out multiple versions of Quran, gets death threats
I interview Hatun Tash, a regular at Speakers Corner in London. She reveals that there are 32 different versions of the Quran, and reports that she has received death threats for telling Muslims this at Speakers Corner.


US arrests two Iranians on spying charges "IndyWatch Feed War"


Ahmadreza Doostdar and Majid Ghorbani were both charged with acting as unregistered agents of the Iranian government


Tomorrow! Join Us For a Reddit AMA On Defending Security Researchers From Copyright Law "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Have you ever wanted to talk with the Electronic Frontier Foundation about the risks of talking in public about security issues, especially in connected Internet of Things devices? Tomorrow, you'll get your chance.

Information security has never been more important: now that everything from a car to a voting machine is just a computer in a fancy case, being able to tell the difference between secure systems and insecure ones is a literal life-or-death matter.

But security researchers have never faced more threats. When security researchers divulge flaws in computers, the companies that make those computers are often tempted to shoot the messenger, threatening civil and criminal retaliation against their critics.

Over the course of decades, short-sighted IT companies and federal prosecutors have twisted the law, especially a quasi-copyright law designed to prop up Digital Rights Management (DRM), so that factual disclosures about defects in widely used systems can result in researchers being sued, or even threatened with jail time.

This year, we asked the US Copyright Office and the Librarian of Congress to make a rule clarifying the right of security researchers to discover when devices contain dangerous defects. It's part of a wider project to overturn Section 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act so it can't be abused to suppress legitimate research and speech.

Tomorrow, we'll be hosting a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) from 12-3PM Pacific (3-6PM Eastern); we hope you'll come and discuss the issue with us!


Kaitlin Bennett: I Stand With Infowars And Always Have "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Kaitlin Bennett: I Stand With Infowars And Always Have

The Kent State Come and Take It girl explains why she supports the First Amendment as well as the 2nd.

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Reza Aslan claims Israeli officials threatened him, but Shin Bet says Aslans claims have no basis to reality "IndyWatch Feed War"

Reza Aslan claims Israeli officials threatened him, but Shin Bet says Aslans claims have no basis to reality
Cannibal Reza Aslan has somewhat faded from the public eye since he was fired by CNN and exhorted readers in his last book to take the advice of the oldest and most celebrated self-improvement coach, Satan: take a lesson from Adam and Eve and eat the forbidden fruit. Do not fear God. You are God. []


Statement in Support of Cameron Crowley, Alleged to be Hacktivist Vigilance "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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Statement in solidarity with Cameron Crowley, accused of hacking in solidarity with Philando Castile.

Philando Castile was murdered by police officer Jeronimo Yanez on July 6, 2016. On June 16th, 2017, Yanez was acquitted on all charges. Those mourning the loss of Philando Castile, those outraged by the acquittal of Yanez, and those wishing to change or abolish the racist and destructive law enforcement apparatus, stood up, spoke out, and struck back. The most visible examples were the freeway occupations where community members came together to be side by side in their grief and to disrupt business as usual.

Others also rose up across the state, the country, and the world fighting where they stood and adding their voices to the outcry. One such voice was that of the hacktivist, Vigilance. Vigilance disrupted a different highway, the information super highway, by accessing State-run websites. On May 22, 2018, Cameron Crowley was indicted by the US Federal Government, accused of being the hacktivist Vigilance, and charged with Intentional Access to a Protected Computer, Intentional Damage to a Protected Computer, and Aggravated Identity Theft.

While, at this time, we do not if or how Crowley was involved in Vigilances actions, we know the following to be true:

Vigilances bold actions were taken in solidarity with the movement to end police violence. Any time the case is discussed, this struggle should be centered. Damage to a computer or disruption of someones day both pale in comparison to the legacy of police murder.

In early news reports, computer security expert Mark Lanterman confirmed that if Vigilance had malicious intent, the hacks could have been much worse. This suggests that Vigilance was not acting to cause harm, but rather to draw attention to the injustice of Castiles murder and Yanezs acquittal.

-US Code, Section 1030, under which Crowley is charged, is over-broad. The statute equates principled hacktivism with harm-causing ransomeware and cyber-warfare.

In our increasingly computerized world, principled hacktivism including cyber-civil disobedience is an important tool for change whose use will only grow. The consequences for cyber-civil disobedience should be no more severe than those for traditional civil disobedience, and hacktivists should have the support of broader movements for social justice.

We, the undersigned, stand in solidarity with Vigilance....


OMEN Alpha: A DIY 8085-Based Computer "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

[Martin Mal] has put together a sweet little 8085-based single board computer called OMEN. He needed a simple one for educational purposes, and judging by the schematic we think hes succeeded.

Now in its fourth iteration, it has a 32K EEPROM, 32K of memory, one serial and three parallel ports. In the ROM hes put Tiny BASIC and Dave Dunfields MON85 Serial Monitor with Roman Boriks improvements. His early demos include the obligatory blinking LED, playing 8-bit music to a speaker, and also a 7-segment LED display with a hexadecimal keyboard. There is also a system connector which allows you to connect a keyboard, a display, and other peripherals. Of course, you can connect serially at up to 115200 baud, making it very easy to compile some assembly on a PC and use the monitor to paste the hex into the boards memory and run it. Or you can just jump into the Tiny BASIC interpreter and have some nostalgic fun. He demos all this in the video below.

Hes given enough detail for you to make your own and he also has the boards available in kit form on Tindie for a very reasonable price. With some minimal soldering skills, you can be back in the 80s in no time.

Part of [Martins] interest in these vintage computers stems from his having grown up in the 80s in Eastern Europe when it was impossible for him to have a computer of his own. Were glad then that he wrote up his experience with home computers behind the iron curtain as well as the peripherals.



Digital image of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

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Of Ants and Asskicking "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Everybody else on earth will only fight to defend their nation, however, but this is exactly what gung-ho Americans have failed to do, paradoxically, for as they bomb away everywhere, their homeland is raped and disfigured beyond recognition, but I'm no longer appalled by this. A population so meekly clueless deserves its doom.



Quotes of the Day: "'Democratic Socialism' is simply Totalitarianism that allows you the illusion of a voice in the matter. "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

"Democratic socialism ... is not only unachievable but ... to strive for it produces something utterly different - the very destruction of freedom itself."
~ FA Hayek
"Democratic Socialism is simply Totalitarianism that allows you the illusion of a voice in the matter. 
~ A.E. Samaan
"There is no difference between the principles, policies and practical results of socialismand those of any historical or prehistorical tyranny. Socialism is merely democratic absolute monarchythat is, a system of absolutism without a fixed head, open to seizure of power by all comers, by any ruthless climber, opportunist, adventurer, demagogue or thug.
    "When you consider socialism, do not fool yourself about its nature. Remember that there is no such dichotomy as 'human rights' versus 'property rights.' No human rights can exist without property rights. Since material goods are produced by the mind and effort of individual men, and are needed to sustain their lives, if the producer does not own the result of his effort, he does not own his life. To deny property rights means to turn men into property owned by the state. Whoever claims the 'right' to 'redistribute' the wealth produced by others is claiming the 'right' to treat human beings as chattel."
~ Ayn Rand, from her essay The Monument Builders
"There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialismby vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide."
~ Ayn Rand, from her column, Foreign Policy Drains U.S. of Main Weapon
Theoretically, if a 'democratic socialist' regime can be voted in, then it should be able to be voted out. Socialists, however, see things differently, as they view the establishment of a socialist regime to be a social and political 'triumph' that cannot be undone by the whim of voters. The view from socialists is that once a system of state ownership and control has been put into place, anything that would change those arrangements would be illegitimate, reactionary, and fought against at all costs.
~ Bill Anderson, from his post 'The Key Word in "Democratic Socialism" is....


Florida: Muslims, Leftists demand officials resignation for asking if developed societies benefit from more Muslims "IndyWatch Feed War"

Florida: Muslims, Leftists demand officials resignation for asking if developed societies benefit from more Muslims
The question, as always, is lost in the fog of Islamophobia accusations and self-righteous posturing by opportunistic Leftist officials. Joel Greenberg asked: Very simple questionName just ONE society in the developed world that has benefited in ANY WAY from the introduction of more Muslims. Just one. This question is not allowed to be asked. Rasha []



Yeah, that solution will drag Venezuela out of the crap. Not. "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Nicolas Maduro has gone utterly bat-shit crazy, his latest attempt to drive Venezuela into the ground by pegging their currency to a crypto-currency: Quote: Chaos and confusion erupted across Venezuela, and most stores were shuttered on Saturday, after president Nicolas Maduro announced that the government would enact a massive currency devaluation, implement a new minimum [] The post Yeah, that solution will drag Venezuela out of the crap. Not. appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Links 20/8/2018: Flatpaks 1.0 Milestone, New GIMP, New Chinese Distro Releases "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

GNOME bluefish



  • Desktop

    • First time with Linux: 30 installation tales

      The Linux kernel turns another year older on Saturday, August 25. Twenty-six years ago it may have felt to the creator and BDFL Linus Torvalds that Linux would only amount to satisfying the needs of one. But today we know it has changed the lives of many.

      To celebrate, thirty of our readers share what their first Linux distro and installation was like. Some of their stories are magical, some maniacal. And, its no surprise that the tension and passion of these Linux lovers is palpable.

  • Kernel Space

    • RISC-Vs Linux Kernel Support Is Getting Into Good Shape, Userspace Starting To Work

      The RISC-V open-source processor ISA support within the mainline kernel is getting into good shape, just a few releases after this new architecture port was originally added to the Linux Git tree.

      The RISC-V code for Linux 4.19 includes the ISA-mandated timers and first-level interrupt controllers, which are needed to actually get user-space up and running. Besides the RISC-V first-level interrupt controller, Linux 4.19 also adds s...


Truth is not truth? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Donald Trumps lawyer Rudy Giuliani has received much ridicule (again) for a TV interview where he said, Truth isnt truth.

Fair enough. But as a lawyer, you would think he would be able to say what he thinks more clearly and precisely and not in such a way that opens him up for mockery. Unless this is all part of a deliberate plan to deflect attention away from the substantive to trivialities.


La amenaza gobal del Glifosato "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

En los ltimos aos una de las compaas ms controversiales en el mbito del medio ambiente ha sido Monsanto (hoy en manos del grupo Bayer). Particularmente se trata del famoso y polmico herbicida utilizado por esta empresa conocido como Glifosato, producto al cual se le han descubierto una amplia serie de impactos negativos en el cuerpo humano.

Hace unas semanas en Estados Unidos una corte de California sancion a Monsanto con un pago de US$ 290 millones hacia un ciudadano americano. Los jueces determinaron que el demandante, un ex jardinero que utiliz Glifosato durante sus actividades, contrajo el cncer debido a la manipulacin de este producto.

Esta sentencia despert las alarmas en diversos pases. Uno de ellos fue Brasil donde una corte orden hace unas semanas la suspensin de la comercializacin de todos los productos que utilicen Glifosato. Esta decisin judicial fue tomada, incluso en contra de la voluntad del Ministerio de Agricultura brasileo, mientras laAgencia Nacional de Vigilancia Sanitaria (Anvisa) realiza una evaluacin toxicolgica sobre los productos deMonsanto.

Pocos das despus del fallo temporal en Brasil, en Bolivia la Plataforma Bolivia Libre de Transgnicos y Plaguicidas (PBLTP) envi al gobierno de dicho pas una carta solicitando la evaluacin del uso del Glifosato en los cultivos bolivianos. En esta carta adems se pidi que se tome en cuenta el anlisis de la Organizacin Mundial de la Salud (OMS) que considera al producto de Monsanto como un potencial generador de clulas cancergenas.

Preocupacin en aumento

Las sentencias judiciales que se vienen acumulando contra Monsanto, adems de las recomendaciones de la OMS, ha generado que la preocupacin aumente en los ltimos meses. Hace pocas semanas en Estados Unidos se public una investigacin del Environmental Working Group que analiz muestra de mltiples marcas de alimentos procesados para desayuno.

Esta investigacin descubri que en diversos productos de alimentos de marcas conocidas (Cheerios, Quaker) exista una alta cantidad de Glifosato. Son niveles por encima de lo que se puede considerar seguro y en comidas para el desayuno muy populares, declar Alex Temkin, uno de los investigadores de este grupo.

En Per el riesgo no es menor, el pasado fin de semana un informe publicado por el diario La Repblica seal que el Glifosato es el herbicida ms utilizado por los agricultores en este pas. A eso se le suma que la manipulacin del producto no se realiza siguiendo los parmetros de segu...


Dunedin Whaleoil readers: Coffee event "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Hans is keen to organise a gathering of Whaleoil readers in Dunedin on Saturday 1st September. Please contact him by email: dunedinoilers at if you are interested, he will then arrange a meeting place and time.     The post Dunedin Whaleoil readers: Coffee event appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Speaking Truth To Empire: Pakistani Election and US Pakistani relations "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Host Dan Yaseen speaks with Junaid Ahmad about Pakistani Election and US Pakistani relations.


Election Security Bill Without Paper Records and Risk Limiting Audits? No Way. "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Senate is working on a bill to secure election infrastructure against cybersecurity threats, but, unless amended, it will widely miss the mark. The current text of the Secure Elections Act omits the two most effective measures that could secure our elections: paper records and automatic risk limiting audits.

Cybersecurity threats by their very nature can be stealthy and ambiguous. A skillful attack can tamper with voting machines and then delete itself, making it impossible to prove after the fact that an election suffered interference. Paper records ensure that it is possible to detect and quickly correct for such interference. Automatic audits ensure that such detection actually happens.

Paper Records: Many states still use unsafe voting machines that record votes in only one place: overwritable storage devices like a thumb drive or SD card. Our top priority for election security needs to be funding replacements for these machines. Those replacements must provide a paper trail of each and every vote. The most straightforward and efficient way to do so is voter-marked paper ballots combined with optical scanning machines.

Risk Limiting Audits: Besides building a paper trail for each and every vote cast, actually checking that paper trail must become an automatic part of every election. This is made practical by the most important innovation in election security in recent years: risk limiting audits. Done properly, risk limiting audits allow us to achieve high confidence that an election result is correct through the audit of a small, well-chosen sample of ballots. This makes audits cheaper and quicker, allowing them to be part of every election. Regularizing these audits will increase voter confidence in our democratic system.

Three states already require these measures; the other forty-seven should follow suit as quickly as possible. And no federal bill should be without them.

The Senate should restore provisions to the Secure Elections Act supporting paper ballots and risk limiting audits. Without such provisions, EFF opposes the bill.



A New Generation of Artificial Retinas Based on 2-D Materials "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Scientists report they have successfully developed and tested the world's first ultrathin artificial retina that could vastly improve on existing implantable visualization technology for the blind. The flexible device, based on very thin 2-D materials, could someday restore sight to the millions of people with retinal diseases. And with a few modifications, the device could be used to track heart and brain activity.

The researchers are presenting their work today at the 256th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

"This is the first demonstration that you can use few-layer graphene and molybdenum disulfide to successfully fabricate an artificial retina," Nanshu Lu, Ph.D., says. "Although this research is still in its infancy, it is a very exciting starting point for the use of these materials to restore vision," she says, adding that this device could also be implanted elsewhere in the body to monitor heart and brain activities.

[...] Diseases such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and retinitis pigmentosa can damage or destroy retinal tissue, leading to vision loss or complete blindness. There is no cure for many of these diseases, but silicon-based retinal implants have restored a modicum of vision to some individuals. However, Lu says these devices are rigid, flat and fragile, making it hard for them to replicate the natural curvature of the retina. As a result, silicon-based retinal implants often produce blurry or distorted images and can cause long-term strain or damage to surrounding eye tissue, including the optic nerve. Lu, who is at the University of Texas at Austin, and her collaborator Dae-Hyeong Kim, Ph.D., who is at Seoul National University, sought to develop a thinner, more flexible alternative that would better mimic the shape and function of a natural retina.

The researchers used 2-D materials, including graphene and molybdenum disulfide, as well as thin layers of gold, alumina and silicon nitrate to create a flexible, high-density and curved sensor array. The device, which resembles the surface of a flattened soccer ball or icosahedron, conforms to the size and shape of a natural retina without mechanically disturbing it.


Original Submission

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Insight: Water Who Pays? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

RNZ Insight

The pipes under our cities towns and homes deliver not just drinking water they also take away our waste. But local councils, especially those outside the main centres, say they cant afford the upkeep of the pipes they own and struggle to pay for necessary upgrades. As the Government contemplates how to improve drinking, waste and storm water, Local Government reporter Laura Dooney asked local councils what theyd like to see happen.

No doubt there will be conversations and working groups.


Caution this post contains high levels of smug "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Geeze, just how many bikes does one virtue signalling useless list MP need? After seeing yet another Look At Me, Im Better Than You Because I Cycle! picture of your smug Associate Transport Minister this week as she allegedly cycled off to hospital to drop her sprog, (followed closely by a car full of her [] The post Caution this post contains high levels of smug appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


America Just Gave Kevin Spacey a Sobering Taste of His Post-#MeToo Reality "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

kevin spacey jeffrey epstein(ANTIMEDIA)  The #MeToo movement launched nearly a year ago to fight back against sexual harassment in Hollywood and beyond continues to have ramifications. The once beloved actor Kevin Spacey, who was accused of sexual harassment against both teenage boys and men and drew additional backlash for responding to the first allegation by coming out as a []


Trump: It's 'dangerous' when Facebook and Twitter self-regulate content "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

President Donald Trump said on Monday that he believes it's dangerous for companies like Facebook and Twitter to self-regulate content on their platforms, according to an interview with Reuters.I wont mention names but when they take certain...


Why The US Lets Israel Get Away With Murder "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Fifty one years ago, the Israeli military attacked a US Naval vessel and, mysteriously, the President prevented the US military from protecting the people on that ship and the investigation was a sham. We speak with a survivor of that attack, Joe Meadors, about the efforts to expose what happened and why he currently risks his life to save Palestinians. We also cover recent news, including the cancellation of the military parade, the new Iran Action Group announced on the anniversary of the 1953 coup, next steps for North Korea, pipeline successes and an update on wealth inequality.


El 68, precedente de democratizacin en Mxico "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

A diferencia de otros movimientos de la poca, el 68 mexicano fue el ms represivo, no slo en trminos de los ataques de granaderos, gases, sino que implic muchas muertes; despus de ste hubo escepticismo, soledad, miedo pero tambin se alentaban a seguir a participando, seal el doctor Hira Simon Eli de Gortari Rabiela, investigador del Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales de la UNAM.

Para el maestro en Historia por el Colegio de Mxico, el miedo a la participacin poltica ya exista antes del 68, pues en nuestro pas la oposicin no tena lugar. La figura de Gustavo Daz Ordaz era la culminacin de un proceso donde su figura estaba fortalecida con un sistema de partido nico, hegemnico, en el que no haba posibilidades de hacer un contra balance, los otros partidos eran dbiles y disidentes, no estaban reconocidos. Se prohiban todo tipo de expresiones que no estuvieran dentro de las simpatas de los partidos existentes.

El investigador universitario seal que el PRI predominaba de manera absoluta en las cmaras, el rgimen presidencialista era de poder absoluto, desde el da del bazucazo se violent la autonoma universitaria y hubo un rechazo absoluto a la figura del presidente.

Fue tal el golpe psicolgico en todos los participantes y sobrevivientes, que tardaran muchos aos en asimilarlo. Sin embargo, el 68 pugn por la libertad de manifestacin. Antes llegar al Zcalo era inslito y este movimiento finc un precedente en la democratizacin del pas, concluy De Gortari Rabiela.


Este material se comparte con autorizacin de UNAM Global

La entrada El 68, precedente de democratizacin en Mxico aparece primero en Desinformmonos.


Putin-Merkel Summit: Ukraine, Nord Stream 2, Syria, Iran, Sanctions and More "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel met for a summit outside Berlin last weekend. Heres a recap of the event from Strategic Culture

Peter Korzun
Strategic Culture

Russian President Vladimir Putin has wound up his European trip to include the Austrian FMs wedding ceremony and talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The drop-in visit to Austria showed that Putin enjoys good personal relations with the representatives of Europes political beau monde. They see nothing odd in inviting him to social events, such as the wedding of Austrian FM Karin Kneissl, especially if the organizers want to grab the media spotlight.

This was followed by a summit with the German chancellor the second time the two leaders have met in just over three months. The previous meeting took place in the Black Sea city of Sochi in May. The chancellor has visited Russia several times.

The Meseberg Castle talks in Germany were substantive and detailed, as Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has noted, but evidently important enough that few details were made public. For some time the leaders talked tte--tte without interpreters. They compared notes on Ukraine (including the prospects for a UN-sponsored peace mission and the EUs new role of mediator), Syria (and the problems of its reconstruction), the US sanctions on Iran, and the future of the Nord Stream 2 undersea gas-pipeline project.

There were no agreements planned for the meeting, but the America First policy is pushing these two countries that are divided by their different views on international issues toward a closer cooperation. Russia can play a very important role in creating the right conditions under which the Syrian refugees could leave Germany and return home, thus mitigating that pressing problem. Syrias reconstruction is opening up new opportunities for Russian-German cooperation.

President Putin and Chancellor Merkel discussed the idea of a meeting on Syria involving the leaders of France and Turkey as well as Russia and Germany. They agreed to launch new talks under this format. No date for that four-nation summit was set.

Some time ago, such a visit to Germany and Austria was hardly conceivable and any hope of reviving a dialog would have seemed far-fetched. The times are changing, reflecting the need...


Gunts co-leader gives up on reclaiming c*nt "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Green party co-leader Marama Davidson has announced she is giving up swearing in public and put an interesting spin on her bailing out of her campaign to reclaim the word c*nt: Quote: Marama Davidson says she wont need to use the C-word in public again, having made her point. End quote. What was the point? I [] The post Gunts co-leader gives up on reclaiming c*nt appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.



Jacks Walk "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Portage River, Gaspe Peninsula, voyager, all rights reserved

When most people think about the east coast of Canada they think about the ocean, but because of the beautiful Chic Choc Mountains we have here there are also lots of fresh water rivers and streams. This is the Portage River which flows into the Malbaie Salt Marsh before finding the sea. Its a great place to canoe or fish and just happens to be behind Jacks favourite ocean beach, Coin de Banc, making it a great place to rinse saltwater off a tired soggy dog. Ill spare you another photo of an all wet Jack frolicking in the water.


US will not make concessions to Turkey over detained pastor, Trump says "IndyWatch Feed War"


US president tells Reuters he freed Turkish tourist held in Israel at request of Turkey's Erdogan


Sex Work After SESTA/FOSTA: A Discussion With Maggie Mayhem at DEFCON "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

DEFCON 26, Las Vegas According to sex workers rights activist Maggie Mayhem, the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA), and FOSTA, have created a more dangerous environment for sex workers in the United States, driving them back onto the street.

A November 2017 research paper found that the female homicide rate dropped 17% after Craigslist became a platform for erotic services over a decade ago. Recently, in spring of 2018, Craigslist abruptly shut down its Personals sections, fearing backlash from the government after Congress passed the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA). Since the passing of SESTA/FOSTA, many online services have shut down voluntarily out of fear of being charged under the new human trafficking laws. Remaining online services used by sex workers face being shutdown by federal agents at any moment.

During our interview with Maggie Mayhem, she discussed the differences between the criminalization, legalization, and decriminalization of sex work. According to her research, sex workers often face non-consensual medical screenings, targeted harassment of black transgender women, as well as stings that focus on disrupting immigration and migrant workers. Mayhem also talked about enforcement of SESTA/FOSTA is often left to Homeland Security and ICE, which are more interested in punishing, jailing, and deporting victims caught in human trafficking than actually supporting them. Enforcement of this legislation, Mayhem told us, will create greater economic disparity between sex workers, and will ultimately empower pimps and agencies over independent providers. She also discussed the growing dangers faced by sex workers and their supporters under SESTA/FOSTA and creative ways for people to move forward resisting these new laws.

Enforcement of this nature is facilitated by profiling, institutional bias, and broad overreaching policies that fundamentally violate individual human rights.



A pesar de ser acusada de lavado de dinero y delincuencia organizada, Elba Esther Gordillo asegura ser inocente "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Ejercer mi libertad consciente de mi lealtad y mi lugar siempre ha estado y estar del lado de los maestros y maestras de Mxico y de la defensa de la educacin pblica, asegur la ex dirigente del Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educacin (SNTE), Elba Esther Gordillo, quien reapareci pblicamente este lunes tras haber sido liberada de prisin, a pesar de haber sido acusada de lavado de dinero y asociacin delictuosa para robar a los maestros del magisterio.

Fuimos una organizacin fuerte y auto-determinada. Es preciso recuperar el momento y recuperar su fortaleza con grandeza de espritu, pero con contundencia, pues estamos obligados, como trabajadores de la educacin, a protagonizarlo, indic la ex dirigente, quien dej ver que buscar recuperar el liderazgo de la SNTE.

Mientras tanto, a las afueras de la conferencia un grupo de personas se manifest con cartulinas, en las que se lea: Con unos zapatos tuyos mis hijos comen un ao. En tus cirugas plsticas estn nuestras cuotas. Fuera Elba Esther. Tu lugar es la crcel.

Gordillo, quien fue absuelta el pasado 8 de agosto tras cinco aos de crcel y arresto domiciliario, declar que su imagen es producto de una persecucin poltica de acoso, as como de un expediente basado en mentiras y acusaciones falsas. Soy inocente, remat durante una conferencia de prensa en el Hotel Presidente Intercontinental de Mxico, en Polanco.

Asegur que los aos en los que estuvo presa fueron una dura prueba a la que tambin fue sometida su familia, pero adems incluy a los maestros, quienes hacen lo mejor que pueden con las herramientas insuficientes que el gobierno les da.

Vayamos unidos a esta gran hazaa que Mxico nos exige, por nuestros nios y jvenes. Arriba nuestros maestros!, concluy para despus ser vitoreada por los asistentes, que gritaban Elba! Elba!.

Elba Esther Gordillo fue acusada de operacin con recursos de procedencia ilcita, por lo que fue puesta en prisin el 26 de febrero de 2013, y en octubre de ese mismo ao se le agregaron los cargos de defraudacin fiscal y delincuencia organizada.

Sin embargo, el pasado 8 de agosto el juez Miguel ngel Aguilar Lpez, titular del Primer Tribunal Unitario Penal en la Ciudad de Mxico, consider que no haba pruebas suficientes contra Gordillo, por lo que fue absuelta y puesta en libertad.

La entrada A pesar de ser acusada de lavado de dinero y delincuencia organizada, Elba Esther Gordi...


St. Paul Police Release Body Camera Video of Billy Hughes Shooting "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

St. Paul, MN On August 17, 2018, St. Paul Police released body camera footage of officers fatally shooting Billy Hughes on August 5. The footage was released 12 days after the lethal shooting, and is the fastest release of police bodycam footage in Twin Cities history. The unprecedented speed of the footages release comes after quick rallies and marches organized by the Twin Cities indigenous community in support of Billy Hughes, a member of the White Earth nation.

Police body camera footage of the shooting: 

Police released the footage at a press conference overseen by St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell. Chief Axtell began by expressing sympathy for the family, along with police officers and the wider community, saying that he felt that the Hughes family had displayed grace in the face of such a terrible tragedy.

Other members of the family called into question Chief Axtells description of Billy Hughes encounter with police. His sister, Melissa Waukazo, said, the Chief must never have swept a day in his life. Sweeping it side to side, and Billy was raising his hand up over his head like the officers had told him, referring to Chief Axtells description of the video in which he said Billy Hughes raises the gun in a sweeping fashion over the two officers before police fired.

We were also able to talk to Billy Hughes cousin, Deana Waukaz, who said, Why did they not announce themselves as police officers? Isnt that a protocol?

She also felt that the officers gassed each other up, referring to how officers yelling at Billy Hughes grew louder as Billy walked out onto the porch.

In the body camera video, officers Vince Adams and Matt Jones were recorded yelling Put your hands up as the door opens onto the unlit porch. Billy walks out as the police continue to yell at him, and he turns to face the police officers. In his right hand he holds the pistol. Both officers continue to yell for him to put his hands up. One officers changes his words to put it down.

Billy raises his right hand as the pistol travels up, barrel towards a police officer, before Hughes hand comes to rest up near his head, the barrel pointed away, with Billy s...


Why the left is promoting paedophilia (again) "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

[...] But while the principled left and some gay activists are baulking at the slide into degeneracy, most are turning a blind eye. More in their ranks are not just sympathisers, but active paedophiles. Leaders in the anti-Trump resistance have been exposed as convicted or self-confessed child molesters. The post Why the left is promoting paedophilia (again) appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Top Ten posts of the week "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

This Monday morning post is to provide you with the links to the top TEN most read posts of the past week so that you can easily catch up on the most interesting and popular posts written by our Whaleoil writers over the past 7 days ( Sunday to Monday). FakeNewshub confirms it wasnt a Nat who [] The post Top Ten posts of the week appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


[$] 3D printing with Atelier "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

During this year's Akademy conference, Lays Rodrigues introduced Atelier, a cross-platform, open-source system that allows users to control their 3D printers. As she stated in her talk abstract, it is "a project with a goal to make the 3D printing world a better place". Read on for an overview of what the Atelier team is up to and what it has accomplished so far.


Wine Staging 3.14 Released With Nearly 900 Patches In Total "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Building off Friday's big Wine 3.14 release is now the adjoining update to Wine-Staging that includes various testing/experimental patches, about 880 in total compared to upstream Wine...




Will TOP use evidence based campaigning? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Gareth Morgan is back in the political game after massive demand from those people who think his money adds a lot to the NZ political scene. Quote: The Opportunities Party (TOP) is back and it has a new leader. Deputy Geoff Simmons will step into the top spot left vacant by Gareth Morgan. Mr [] The post Will TOP use evidence based campaigning? appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Waste tax tackles wrong end of problem "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Green Party wants to increase taxes on waste at landfills.

. . There have been calls to increase the $10 a tonne levy, which applies to only around 11 per cent of waste disposal facilities, to as much as $140 a tonne. The levy in New South Wales for example is more than $A120 a tonne. Sage would not say what she would like to see the levy go up to, saying she wanted to see what the Ministry for the Environment work produced. . . 

This is yet another policy that is long on emotion and short on science.

Reduce, reuse and recycle is the environmental mantra.

Reducing waste in the first place would be a much better strategy than either recycling or higher taxes for disposing of it.

Recycling isnt necessarily a greener option and higher landfill levies would provide an incentive for illegal dumping which would pose far greater environmental problems than disposal in landfills.

A tax would be tackling the wrong end of the waste problem, potentially increasing greenhouse gases and diverting rubbish from landfills without reducing it.


No Ban for Stealing and Theft Terms During Coxs Piracy Liability Trial "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Earlier this year, the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit overturned the $25 million piracy liability verdict against Internet provider Cox.

The panel of three judges concluded that the district court made an error in its jury instruction and ordered a new trial.

This means that music publisher BMG Rights Management and Cox will go head to head again in a new trial, which starts next week. Both parties are working on the final preparations and have filed a series of motions to preclude certain information from the proceedings.

One request, submitted by the Internet provider, stands out as it deals with terminology used to describe copyright infringement. The entire case revolved around Coxs alleged failure to disconnect repeat copyright infringers.

While Cox doesnt deny that copyright infringement is the central issue, it does object to some of the terminologies BMG used during the previous trial.

During the opening statement, BMGs lawyer stated that Cox aided and abetted stealing, illegal conduct, and illegal infringement, among other things. In addition, Cox accuses the lawyer of making other prejudicial statements.

The ISP, therefore, asked the court to ban argumentative statements that prejudice Cox and risk confusing the jury. In addition, terms such as stealing or theft should be prohibited as well.

Cox requests a ruling that requires BMGs counsel to refer to the alleged conduct as an alleged violation of the Copyright laws, alleged infringement of BMGs Copyright rights, or something similar not stealing, theft, or any other related term, the ISP asked.

During the first trial, the court acknowledged that the use of the word stealing by BMGs counsel was inappropriate. At the time, Cox had no reason to believe that BMG would use these characterizations, but thats different now, hence the request.

Based on the existing record, however, Cox now has reason to believe that BMGs counsel will indeed engage in the same improper practice and thus seeks a preemptive order restricting BMGs counsel from doing so, Cox writes.

In an order issued a few days ago, US District Court Judge Liam OGrady doesnt share Coxs concerns. According to the Judge, terms such as stealing and theft are not a major problem.

Specifically, the Court does not find it appropriate to bar BMG from referring to copyright infringement as stealing, theft, or some other related term, as such language is not unduly prej...


Muslim world must unite to help Chinas Uighurs "IndyWatch Feed War"

Hundreds of thousands of people have reportedly been detained in Nazi-style concentration camps, where they are tortured and forced to denounce Islam


What About STEVE? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Thin ribbons of purple and white light, called STEVE, but I'm not sure why, that sometimes appear in the night sky were dubbed a new type of aurora when brought to scientists' attention in 2016. But new research suggests these mysterious streams of light are not an aurora at all but an entirely new celestial phenomenon.

The atmospheric phenomenon 'STEVE' appears as a 
purple and green light ribbon in the sky. Credit: Ryan / Fotolia
Amateur photographers had captured the new phenomenon, called STEVE, on film for decades. But the scientific community only acknowledged STEVE in 2016. When scientists first looked at images.

STEVE, they realized the lights were slightly different than light from typical auroras but were not sure what underlying mechanism was causing them.

In a new study, researchers analyzed a STEVE event in March 2008 to see whether it was produced in a similar manner as the aurora, which happens when showers of charged rain down into Earth's upper atmosphere. The study's results suggest STEVE is produced by a different atmospheric process than the aurora, making it an entirely new type of optical phenomenon.
"Our main conclusion is that STEVE is not an aurora," said Bea Gallardo-Lacourt, a space physicist at the University of Calgary in Canada and lead author of the new study in Geophysical Research Letters, a journal of the American Geophysical Union. "So right now, we know very little about it. And that's the cool thing, because this has been known by photographers for decades. But for the scientists, it's completely unknown."


Nintendo Wii's Guitar/Drums Will Work On The Linux 4.19 Kernel Plus Totem & Surface Dial "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Going back to 2011 there's been a Nintendo Wii remote "Wiimote" driver in the Linux kernel but this unofficial hardware driver hasn't worked with some of the devices that can interface with the Wiimote like devices for Rock Band and Guitar Hero. In 2018, that's now changed with the in-development Linux 4.19 kernel...


This prize will meat your expectations "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

We know you all would like to get your hands on some delicious non-halal Whalemeat ( made from 100% vegetarian animals) so a competition had to be created. If you havent already got a subscription to Whaleoil now is the perfect time to subscribe because ALL subscribers to Whaleoil will go in the draw to win [] The post This prize will meat your expectations appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


NATO Launches Largest War Games to be Staged in Latvia "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Joseph Jankowski NATO has launched the largest war games to take place in Latvia since the country became independent in 1918.  The military games,...


Cryptocurrency exchanges form self-regulatory group "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Cryptocurrency exchanges are forming their own group to help self-regulate their growing industry.The Virtual Commodity Association, announced Monday, includes companies Bitstamp, bitFlyer USA, Bittrex, and Gemini, which was founded by the Winkevoss...


Two Muslim women in Congress: What can they achieve in Washington? "IndyWatch Feed War"


Their presence at Capitol Hill is a statement on its own, experts say


Qu ocurri con el ozono en la Ciudad de Mxico? "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Foto: Cuartoscuro
Desde hace varios aos, la Ciudad de Mxico se ha convertido en un inmenso laboratorio atmosfrico. En particular, a partir del ao 2016 las altas concentraciones de ozono en el rea metropolitana han venido generando situaciones de contingencia que han obligado a las autoridades a realizar registros detallados de numerosos parmetros ambientales y a tomar medidas extraordinarias para proteger a la poblacin. 

Altas concentraciones de ozono causan inflamacin de vas respiratorias, incrementan la frecuencia de ataques de asma y disminuyen la capacidad pulmonar. Los sistemas de monitoreo atmosfrico, combinados con modelos meteorolgicos, pueden en principio ser utilizados para estimar el nmero de contingencias ambientales debidas a este gas.

En enero de 2018 se pronosticaron oficialmente entre diez y quince eventos de este tipo para la Ciudad de Mxico.1 En la prctica, se decret solamente una contingencia (6 de junio) y sta fue levantada de manera casi inmediata.

En un comunicado publicado el 22 de junio de 2018, la Comisin Ambiental de la Megalpolis (CAMe) inform que durante la Temporada de Ozono 2018, que abarc del 15 de febrero al 15 de junio, las concentraciones de este contaminante se mantuvieron en los niveles ms bajos de los ltimos cuatro aos como resultado de las medidas preventivas implementadas, as como por las condiciones meteorolgicas favorables.2 En este contexto, es de inters estudiar con mayor detalle este escenario utilizando datos pblicos referentes a parmetros atmosfricos y a niveles de precursores del ozono.

Si bien un anlisis exhaustivo del tema podra ocupar cientos de pginas, el lector puede realizar ejercicios ilustrativos capaces de configurar un panorama general a partir de los datos disponibles en el sitio web  

Es un hecho bien conocido que factores meteorolgicos tales como la presencia de luz solar, las altas temperaturas, la baja humedad y las bajas velocidades de los vientos favorecen la presencia de altas concentraciones de ozono.3 Al compararse los valores de estos parmetros atmosfricos en das especficos de mayo de 2017 y 2018 se encuentran resultados interesantes.

En el caso del...


House Dem wants probe of White House call to FCC chair over Sinclair-Tribune merger "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A top House Democrat is urging the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) inspector general to look into a phone call that the White House counsel made to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai last month about the now-dead merger between Sinclair Broadcast Group...



New Dawn FM News

The Deputy Speaker and Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Gender Equality, FRANCESCA SEMOSO today announced important decisions made by the committee highlighting human rights as a key business for debate in the Bougainville House of Representatives.
In its meeting today, the Parliamentary Committee on Gender Equality agreed to assume the functions of Human Rights when the Bougainville House of Representatives approves a request to change the Gender Equality Committee to become the Parliamentary Committee on Gender Equality and Human Rights.
When tabling a submission to the committee, FRANCESCA SEMOSO made reference to provisions in the Bougainville constitution on Human Rights which commits both the Executive Government and the Legislature to take actions in addressing Human Rights.



More bad economic news "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The government is denying that there is bad economic news out there. They simply arent listening as more news stories pile up about the state of the economy: Quote: Kiwi investors have lost confidence about seeing increasing returns, with their expectations of term deposits contributing to a recent decline, according to ASB. The latest [] The post More bad economic news appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.



New Dawn FM News

As the referendum day nears Bougainville people continue to fast track negotiations in their communities.
Tomorrow, New Dawn FM will witness reconciliation between former BRA and Resistance Forces in the Haku Constituency.
And on Friday this week, Selau Constituency is preparing for a mass reconciliation at the HANTOA Parish oval.
This is a reconciliation organized by the Selau/Suir Peace and security Committee.





New Dawn FM News
A record number of cocoa farmers have submitted their cocoa beans for a chance to win Gold at this years Bougainville Chocolate Festival.

At the close of entries today, around 100 cocoa farmers and groups from across the region had submitted their 3kilograms of beans for production into chocolate including from remote Nissan island and Torokina.
Festival co-chair and Secretary for Economic Development, STEVEN TSIVELE said that he was delighted at the record level of participation and hoped to see more Chocolate makers at this years festival.
He congratulated cocoa farmers for taking the opportunity to test their beans against international standards.
MR. TSIVELE said that Bougainvilles beans have always been famous in Size Quality and taste.




Church Leaders after meeting President Momis

Church leaders 200818 029



200818Group Photo for the Church leaders at the Buka airport

Church leaders 200818 014

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